Dirt & Sprague Wednesday July 11th, 2018 Hour 3

Dirt & Sprague
Wednesday, July 11th
The guys wonder who is the best WR in the NFL right now, Swag has another installment of Stat or Story, and what actor despite his or her later success will always be their first memorable TV role in your mind.

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Pay its break here really appreciate you listening about to get some podcast excellence is presented by less Schwab tires doing the right thing since 1952. Yes. You can bonus loophole then yeah. We all owe a debt. It's like Italy turned out to be this whole different other person this is durden spray and form an hour tonight the he didn't fall guys under his neighbors. And I know she's. Of botulism it was NB -- Johnson and Brendan spring or maybe she can hang out of the year and a hundred actually shoot certain. You know when she's sleeping agent isn't knows what she's so what you really like you. Things are still the blue ridge Christian Brando an awful dangerous goal durden spray guns and maybe he's about. It's. Yeah. Our own land is David Bayliss job marlin scored six. 1080 the fans absolutely beautiful unsigned. The bill boat coming Arellano wanna be on that note. Getting a bunch or rentals right up the the river right by the Ross island bridge and go rent a boat ran around any answer these little ones are not cast and I. A bad thing to do not. And it's a good data beyond dance launch its roster as being 96 to Osgood did swim some across the river slide early Hank who that's a good point you gotta pick a hot day that yeah I'm open later in August I. There's a lot of groups we need to jump through to actually make this happen case and they haven't Selig is followed. Well I heard that a Dan it's. We need to make sure the city we've now. We are contact the city for that I guess the ice six so really. I you know just do it. Not unless you've there's trespassing stuff who knows we need we need to do a little homework. Yeah I'm not trying to get out of the Afghan we have why should whenever your vote is that we go along with you to make sure you're okay. We should bring a little barbecue or so we can deal the sign that little island leader Barbeque you know. How a couple of hot dogs bring a cooler in the boat tail. Make sure he's he's well rewarded for them they really need to see if the Portland spirit wants to us sponsor Shana just you guys up out there on the spirit doing the show. Not a bad idea OK outlasted TD question and I'm not gonna do until the end of the segment and wanna be completely derailed some of all off and after a couple of minutes will be just at a story here. And ten minutes does have some rays stadium news to get to. But there is an article to our audience VMware they asked all of their insiders are NFL insiders. On who would be best wide receiver in the National Football League is. Right now let's see 123. Eve for fire and six in six different insiders vote on this season five of the six. Picked Antonio Brown the only one who did and it was Dominic Foxworth of the undefeated. They need to go down Beckham. Yeah I don't yeah I've I've given my two cents on O'Dell amazing talent I wouldn't take him to be the best. They do bring up a really good point in this article because they include Dioner Hopkins loop Julio Jones. O'Dell and obviously Antonio Brown younger Hopkins is the biggest question mark here. When he had to Shawn Watson last year in seven games yup he cut seven touchdowns he he eclipsed. Any anywhere close that he'd ever be accomplished that kind of easy feat he. So if Watson can stay healthy. You wonder if he is good we'll start putting up stats that even go past where he's already put up. You do have to get Antonio Brown this he might be the best receiver he has had a benefit of having big band. Oh Delis had Eli but he's also dealt with some kind of crappy Eli. Yeah he miss crappy U I last year when he got hurt last yeah that's on sale and then Julio Jones I mean Matt Ryan is pretty good quarterback but allowed you'll put on tape and pointed out. Clearly jones' made really good catches on throws that probably the you know should've being completions and so Julio Jones helps Matt Ryan just maybe just as much as Matt Ryans helped Julio. That that as a mean to be taking anything away from me Antonio Brown. But of all their situations he has had the best one a quarterback. Yet this way you mentioned the numbers with Hopkins and what he did last year and considering Ab how bad his quarterback play has been. Since 2015. Since the start of this dead 2015 season. Hopkins is fifth in the NFL on receptions third in the NFL in receiving yards and third in the NFL in receiving touchdowns. And that's pretty remarkable because outside of what 67 game stretch of dish Tom Watson. Lazy is that trashed or until yes it's been that bad yet he still puts up numbers somewhat get a find out what he can't be I do think though. Overreacting maybe to a seven game stretch in saying he is the best at that wide receiver league I wouldn't quite go that far. We might have different answers after this year. I'm surprised Julio Jones and get a single vote is the best wide receiver in the NFL I ads actually Ryan devoting I did and ending guy in terms of consistency. Army's only that her really one year in his career 2013. Is the only year he's played single digit games. In his last four years he's played 15161416. Every single year outside of his rookie season he's played thirteen games. He's gone over a thousand yards and the only when he didn't he was a rookie played thirteen games and he had 959. Yards he was 41 yards away from dual led. Eight catches a ton of touchdowns every year is average is great in you to look at in 1516 yards per catch. Offer Julio Jones the size of the strength that he has I'd ally and close is edu is brown yours and then how close is Jung Julio Jones to me I think is the best wide receiver in the NFL really I know that said I did it said. I mean there's a right or wrong answer there you know I mean Thomas guys about silly you do whenever a conversation like this is not to say Antonio Brown's not as good I think Antonio Brown is the best. Athlete of all these guys. If I the most dynamic athlete perch in so many different ways. But I've just got to pick a wide receiver to go out there and I've done a guy lined up on every Sunday go catch the ball make plays from a I would take Leo Jones. Now it's hard not to go ground given what he has been doing the last what is it three. For years now M Pittsburg. The dynamic play making on special teams. And then being taken off that and in these kind of dominating the way to. He was in the MVP conversation last year was it 15100 yards and nine touchdowns lesser ever to -- nine yards receiving per game and nine I know quarterbacks get most the attention you and receivers put up big yards but I thought last year was an example. Were Antonio Brown. Meant more to Big Ben then big been the other way. You know you obviously have to give him the ball no doubt but how many plays Antonio Brown. Snap off catching a five yard out. Or a four yard slant in and then turn up against sixteen yards or seventeen yard right right so fast so elusive so dynamic. But. You might be right I don't know if there really is a wrong answer here stats don't have to be the end all be all for people they are for some. They don't have to be because he took Dioner Hopkins and let's see let's say you give him Tom Brady. Or you give him Aaron Rodgers. What are his stats looking like for 34 years are they close yet Antonio Brown in his that's way for people. Them. I think it's it was a fun article the read because Antonio Brown seems to be a runaway. Blade. We kind of forget at times when you take career quarterback. You know that's that's a difference for a lot of players tell even take one who I'd only he's in the conversation with this group. But we know Wii's phenomenal. Taken AJ green. He's played with Danny don't in his whole career Diaz and any dons had some decent seasons but he's not on that tear that. Is gonna help sexual part in help you be a part of that list again I don't think he is of the skill level of that easy. But even a guy like that has has the opportunity p.s are the better quarterback to put a bigger numbers. And maybe be in the conversation for some. What are the numbers are teachers that have to use look innocent of these guys because Antonio Brown enters touchdowns as an eminently comes close to middle wide receiver position yearning you're out and that's true Leo Jones relax behind him. Is only a one year his career double digit touchdowns I was in year two he had ten Julio Julio and in three of the last four years Antonio Brown is a double digits in touch adds. I'd be curious to look up the number of red zone targets that each of bomber given right. And that's why I look at who Leo's numbers last night as you're watching some falcons games it was almost like a Jimmy Graham situation in Seattle where you Yonder did to that why not throw the ball and Jimmy Graham and senator you are like what are you doing. Is the biggest tight end only cannot jump in blob up to a make plays. And they thought I started to do that last year he missed the memory he missed that catching missed was a distant the rams the playoff he did point it was if it was a silly. I was again they lost in Philly he dropped dolls are playoff loss was against the rams know they beat the rams. They beat the rams in LA and and sort of silly and they lost that close game in the divisional round that's why are on the show me and that's what's memory right there but it only happened three touchdowns of an embed begs the question of how many reds on to burgers did you get to only finish with three touchdowns and he played sixteen games in 14100 yards sixteen yards per completion will there thereof as it was kind of funky lashing out saarc once they lost Kyle Shanahan had teachers that goes up but it's funny ideas get put out an article about best wide receivers in the league. Almost all of them both free Antonio Brown it's hard to disagree there's no. No beef dairies have phenomenal wide receiver is Nancy that C 12345. Straight years over a thousand yards. In the lawless one and a bunch is 12100 yards and he had 2016. As I mentioned three last four years. A double digits in touchdowns they're all monsters O'Dell is is a little bit of a head case we know that yeah. Is Antonio the most exciting to watch yes I did to I think yeah I there's not a you know that's close joking catch on with one hand your game great. You get the ball Antonio Brown five yards in let him see what he can do while. 100% if it is wild OK let's get your favorite segments favorite segments that are story next on offense or. And number. It's 6127. Students and 50% of which. So that's 7000. Murray the news ladies and gentlemen we've got your attention I've just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story be hazardous to health. It's based on all back for prowess is inadmissible in case you didn't know this news never story on monumental. Cold wind turbine sprayed it on Jenny and then you may. That's ever setters story dialed into a stadium update in Tampa also a teeny question I have one last Don as such is that an outside game logs I just a good look at it targets not to throw the ball. And this goes back as these are key Asian and Matt Ryan because houses possible. Last year Julio Jones let me add these up 12. 345678. Clearly Jones at eight games that he played and then eight and eighty degrees guys reasons half the season he had less than ten targets per earn opera but in those eight games. Two and half of the games last season they can throw the ball on ten diamond three targets five target six targets. That was the year prior. I didn't look down up and I was just curious he turned to Antonio Brown the only Antonio brown and less seen ten targets. He had three. And he only played in fourteen games so eleven of the fourteen games Antonio Brown played in they gave him at least ten looks per. All our audience and give him eighteen targets for our team target's thirteen targets was there was a conversation at one point in his vision thrown the damn ball right let your play maker make a play. There was a conversation a one point is integral and that was having such a great season. They were wondering if he was getting tired at the inning games because it is and was told also yeah getting gathers a balance there are now you got you wanna get Antonio round ball I get that's what I would want on my god that it's inexcusable to have less than ten targets per game. Half of the season to Julio Jones it's hard not to take Antonio Brown you know one listener thinks it's not even a conversation but another listener brings a the decent point. Who do you pick you have to pick one. Is a brown and it's not even closer you have to consider going with a big 64. 230 monster that can run and jump the waited to him Jones now. And that's right and. I'm wolf we're gonna stick with your wide receiver theme here to start on your first number 101500. Visit the total number of receiving yards for Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown so foreigners NFL career. Or is it the amount of US dollars that was paid a for a bottle of Genesis single malt whisky at auction making it the most expensive bottle of whiskey sold by a new distillery. But the story here I didn't see the story when I'm gonna go story and say he's not quite a ten K yet the dominant dominant all my dirt on this lemon is saying I believe he's had probably six seasons and a thousand yards. And I in the NFL for ten years Yale he is there raise a little bit older and how long he's been leading I know he's thirty years old. Know that. This is a good chance he has been league curve so IBM but I would committee and a half I don't ask he'll roll over over a thousand he's not quiet intense there's no way is it 101000. Currently wide receiver Antonio Brown fifth among active receivers 9910. Yards sounds about right yeah he's ninety yards short of 101000 so to get there should get there in his first what's an all time record. I don't know what Jerry's. Entries that active leading active is a Larry FitzGerald as he's around 151000. No all of this comes to us from the spirits business is dot com. A new distillery in England. I'm making single malt whiskey. And not Scotland not Ireland but this is actual English whiskey. Somebody at auction of their very first bottling called Genesis. Paid the equivalent of 101500. Dollar. That's. 41 of its initial. Bottling there were 99 bottles folks produced. It's show so yes this is a unique hits at the world record it was the most expensive bottled from a brand new distillery. Auction. So that English trying to get in on the game must be nice and Ted Ted Wells said says it and I cannot be able to import everything when the breaks it is all done and you start making their own good news it's. Next Barack speaking to. Other had a little trouble at that right now you have to Diebler stepping down and Lehman didn't Braxton has not gone smoothly from an element is not consummated Lebanon for the smooth breaks it your next number. 2024020240. Is at the total number of field goals attempted by Carmelo Anthony during his NBA career. Attempted deals like we're ten to shy 101000 shy of that number is if I take it out or is it the value in rupees. Of all of the paper bills eaten by a rat who was found dead inside an ATM at the state bacon are you bring us one nice honest I that is EMI you realize I did she did the did that. I'm an eagle summit in a story on this one. When I wanted to tune with other stat to be different. It's the stat. Carmelo Anthony has shot over twenty thou the F 20000 to forty field goal attempts. I know he's a shooting under 50% 'cause he hasn't made 101000 attack that was 9000 gears now to look ablaze Amylin his career shall percentages. But I know this comes to us a courtesy of the Huffington Post. Employees at a bank in. Two ensued Kia India. Found that our rat got into the ATM there at the branch ham and 8191000. But in rupees. There was 500 group in 2000 ruby bills. That it didn't shoot to shreds. And so yeah when they came to discover it. They couldn't figure out what was going on but then. Yeah mr. Brad dad was he just didn't wrap and a dead inside. A BA TNT was shot in there hey Italy adds Adelaide I don't know nine. Long bunch of money and I am going to go day to shoot them all to shreds with. The red and entered the ATM through a small hole that was there for the cables. That connected it so. They're gonna have to bigger had to shore that up 1000 rupees. Is fourteen dollars and 54 cents American. New. How much time you deal ruby now a lot of roofing replacement Palin Melo is career feel percentage 4444%. And and finally last number fourteen point seven. Fourteen point seven is that these scoring average for the blazers second round draft pick Gary Trent juniors so forth through three games at Vegas summer legs. Or is it the late in feet of a sixty year old crocodile. That wildlife Rangers finally captured in Australia at nearly a decade after first spotting it it is the largest captured crocodile. The area. I'm probably be wrong here I mean he's averaging thirteen and some change how many ghost story you went story trifecta. Last almost that old sorry that and I got that right yeah and I wanna go story though I feel like Mitt commented a stat until I think gators gana be bigger and that. Stat is the Gator bit your tell me I got the whole thing right yeah Gary Trent averaging fourteen point seven points so far. A fifteen point four guy five speaks. Those comes to us the story go up by a fox for teens is city TV guest. I in northern Australia. They captured 813 hundred pounds fifteen and a half foot crocodile estimated to be over sixty years old. They said he was first discovered in the area some now eight or nine years ago. And tonight even though the other saltwater crocodiles are on the northwest territory. And but they want to obviously keep them away from. Areas that are traffic to by humans on a regular basis but they yes even though they can get up to over seventeen feet long this is the largest. Ever captured mountain in the Katherine river. In so they will. Transported to a crock. Form up there in the area. But yet they first spotted this thing in 2010. And they have tried not isolated to prevent it from quote interacting with humans. Agree I could be mechanical problem and go yeah you know what I do wanna bring dinosaurs back from yet it's terrifying. Aero followed creepy man so I treated. The link to the store discuss how pictures a little video footage there if you wanna see this bad boy. And what's you know before you go deciding to. You know go to Australia give. The video of the crocodile that's blocking it is wallow around like a cross like up in my big golf course path or something and people are filming in the coming up things look like it was. 25 feet yeah long gave eight feet wide amuses mammoth with K speaking of capturing and not to elect had a seven animals do you guys this story this week of the lions cities the poachers decided that was kickass called. Karma that's Collins Jessica hidden jungle justice yes. Yet he's three poachers broke in and they were trying to poach a rhino and and act compact alliance Solomon said actually were hungry. In your morons and aide Alastair caskets of those lines I did enjoy. I'm. Address a park is doing this drastic park started off as a movie that scared the crap idea about being eaten in chased by terrifying animals. And I just saw last week it's it's really bad. They have now switched the narrative now they're making humans which I guess humans kinda always were OK you can root for the dinosaur now to eat somebody. They used to have that was some characters on the old ones like some of the bad guys family lawyer being eaten up the toilet was funny and human being Yemeni guy is running around steal stuff you'll I see after -- not bad guys you know now they're gonna killing kids there they're opening doors and down the raptors are good guys. Two thoughts on this big reason is that drawing god decided to take everything in the world that can kill you and stick it in Australia yet to shade that stay away from countries like that that's why like Illinois not get up there. And that accent and it was an X. Yeah not a Kennedy their feet and somebody did we do need to keep this and it's really appoint him as having etiquette career stats on this segment because his money's on Sprague for being right more often. It's shenanigans that is until lawn and I did I had them tonight at the last one Ron I got the second one right from the time the first one. Yeah I'm a one until I'm into one facts after I guess we have a higher percentage stuff enough my memories are keeping track next week next week it begins to career numbers we piled up. Bring in on okay good sadder story. Al will get to an update on the Tammany arrays of ballpark situation also I do not a TV question asked and everything and others would one guy lately. Yeah what TV character. Could you not ever see past their initial famous character. But indicted tried to gonna have a career in acting. But every time you saw on our guys thought did not find it you are so oneself. 99% of friends cast. I'm tired I did that actually like have legitimate acting careers because I don't know legged Chandler ever gonna do anything outside of friends. Actually quite a bit OK but it was a bad idea nobody can buy it does is considered like Cramer tried like one quick detective show when it was camped out right away in ninety didn't actually end up having a legitimate acting career but Elaine Bennis Hanna is she's you know. Held a career and she's been able to overcome it she just beat cancer and ice Killen and also which look did you not because I got one it's like he's in a lot of stuff now like you see in trailers and I edges I can't get past it I'll take that is we'll talk about that and the rays ballpark situation expo treasures. Stay on Saturday night. I'm gonna be unethical fast. And saying that you pickle on down at Lucent Technologies are feminists and if the pick this. And now that one's anachronistic and advised now that was the wrong pick him. Well if you come out there puts me on Saturday. Right now failed to put a packet tickets to the pickles on game I you can join me in a fan this Saturday starting at six for pickle fast featuring live music. Fifty plus spears a baseball game and a limited edition vinyl giveaway. For all the details visit Portland pickles baseball. Dot com collar number. 45032. Final 1080 what's more likely to happen come hang out lesbian that all facets that quote unquote celebrity. Pickle guy. Do you give booted. Cheered or no reason I don't well however I yet when I was initially tell I was going out there I thought I was throwing the first pitch half. Tonight or not but I don't if it's pickle fastened there's all these different things going on there's no way that I on the main attraction empirical test they're gonna have bigger attraction if you're giving away a final. You're gonna have lively music in the fifty plus Beers on tap you don't leave me biggest name I am like the eighth biggest attraction empirical fast and also does the pickle fanned traditionally attract a lot of our listeners is it a broad spectrum of people so. If you know your reactions to give scooter do you have no reaction at all I think are preyed easy favorites here. People pending in funny Michael jokes and I appreciate I kind of kind of started that they get a tickle it okay. You don't. Get with the baseball raised a funeral at. So the reason I ask this question of the integrative you're wondering what is and you missed it I asked a question of what TV character. And I'm thinking of people that have gone on to have careers. Ignited some people failed flame out because they can't get away from now role. Something getting guys that that have gone on and had careers that you just can never look past that in the original TV character that they were I know we're going and I I agree a 1000%. And I had to pick somebody else and riders if you're gonna accept my guy so we didn't have the same guy has been actually talked about his reform and I was looking up for the TV during a commercial break awhile back in another. Prejean came on for the new Jack Ryan adding it's an Amazon show. And it is Jim how apart from the office for me it's sagged Jim Chris and ski yet it whatever the hell is nanny annoy his name is he's jumper right eye is John Kaczynski John prison ski I can I that's I'm not trying to GM. I'm not buying it now and I even say this because he's had I think successful movies I did not see the Ben Ghazi one but he was like a soldier in that movie. I heard great things about it is scary and a quiet place scary Lou that he did it'll be out on dvd probably a month arts and guitar are pretty good things and I'm wanna CIA has happened yet so it's he's act she's having a good acting career and people are moving on but I some. Do it are people moving on now I think a handful of listeners are the better you today Tex and agree with me there. Oh I think more now he revealed to a yes I think a lot of people would go and yeah I can understand what you're saying Lullabot and it Jim. Right go talk to Pam and we have actually multiple office characters like Dwight was one that was taxes then he's in a movie coming out make a lid on yeah I'm a terrible shark movie but there are releases August and no people jumping on a shark movie in August had like shark NATO and cedars. Yet he's he's a good one to. I agree a 1000%. I will never be able to disconnect the office with him. I'll give you one that that will never be able to how of a lengthy career outside of his TV character and he's actually done a lot of projects if you look at design DB I'm kind name all fizzle. How about the guy who plays Jesse pink pin him breaking bad. Erin Malone. He will never escape that character for me that's pretty good will also you'll always be Jesse pink men in my mind from breaking back he had the immediate bump from that shell needed that need for speed movie where your life and it's paying terrible there was a lot of money behind it there was trailers all over the place it was supposed to be a big deal on that movie flopped he did the exodus gods and kings movie he was an Allen do terrible movie that was where they paint it white people is egyptians. That was. The wrong direction to go from key gained. And central intelligence he's got a Rowland now one. I'd I'd just. It's unfortunate because I'm ready supremely talented but. You're always gonna be Jesse paint many from breaking bad are go back doors for me it's Ted Danson has always Sam Malone from hours that's a really good and even. I am a great acting career I'm so glad and odds are a million thanks and but he is good and he's great. Every time I watch them is like him alone and but what about Curb Your Enthusiasm. He's a character of himself yeah but he's just he's always taken CME he CM Malone was key Kirstie Alley able to break away from that for you. Because Hillary has seemed to me that job Harrelson dad broke out of it yet here's CL a kiss Sheen did dad what was that look who's talking. Well vapid what we were it was a Victoria's clot I don't know some remember that one yet see I don't. Yeah I don't associate her I would be more Shelley Long yes. Was she didn't have a corona has seen its amenities that girl scout news the incidents from other stuff how about. You know I I'd I would. And I sent her Kramer obviously I think programmers agree and I look flame down immediately this lack Pakistan's it went on and made a bunch of spoiled but I should resist. Was that done black moving. But he's done a bunch of stuff on Broadway too yeah shallow Hal shallow Hal that was about it for him when he entail a minute detail and a movie yeah. Bob sag it comes here like once a year and we always have them in studio eight seemed super nice and gray brave guy so great guy. I never say this to his pay is tied to. Hard to break away from Danny tanner it's funny that some people can break out of things to come because this is a good point from American ones and saying SP gonna bring you back about Bryan Cranston being a guy that's broken out of multiple roles yet the down mentally and knock him in the middle and then also he's already moved on kind of from Walter White will give this to cause you have to remember a time and place. Sign filled. Had. Like eighty million viewers there last episode he took some crazy like that he was actually only in like five episodes but that character break away from my Tim Motley. As the dentist. In the Malcolm in the Middle seats here it's now an obvious he's a main character in that show right in that listeners right broke out and went to now he's doing movies again and easier now is who's. Let my body Spencer Tyson meat Rudy. Sean Aston what was she was in duties he was in duties but he was he on lord of the crease he was young and believes that Lord of the Rings and I was also just the season to a stranger things. And see that one. End at 51 eight so we Jude's what would you just gonna play out the steroids. With these great day that role would you chalk it up to talent or kind of lock. I think it's a combination of both. I'm not saying John Krzyzewski is not a talented actor he is a talented actor but not as dances talented actor but not as talented as Steve Corel. Yen in the Correll had done movies before he did the office. Lowell I I don't see did I think he just did the one movie the Bruce almighty after the office he did forty year old virgin. When did they do little miss sunshine that I was hearing arraf hearing the out he was big when that movie I was I was six or seven now. But even he it took can lead this couple a serious roles to break out of the comedic angle because he was in the big short which he was great map Debbie. And Emma was the wrestling movie where he's like the crazy coach fox something fox hundrer fox pass then fox mound whatever the hell was let's see. Little miss sunshine scrolling trolling. So he had a bunch of bit parts. Bruce almighty in 03 was his probably his first box office. And in the office. I can find it. Mean that show's star ad that had to have come out the office started in 05 little miss sunshine was 2006. OK so about a year afterwards so close down. And I'm forty old virgin was the same year it started so he kind of got a going right what he was on obviously India The Daily Show before that to gaffe some of the name ones we have to accident or Al Bundy. Even with modern family they can't look past ditzy that's a good one but I've been able to break away from I've been able to separate the Al Bundy got careless a third he was. He was in the last season of the west wing as a potential. Presidential old. Candidate that was serious role then yeah so it was way different from everything he did. What else really had a few Keanu Reeves they took me years of lesser matrix because I guess he was bill intended. Back at what else did we get Stacey and Shane Falco and you talk at a best this is what are the movie but yeah I'm out of what you see him in these Islamist Scheffler. AC Slater Mario Lopez and they had that's agility always had days are. Slater I have John Ridder will always be Jack trooper John Ritter fast company well but let me go back to the Mario Lopez which one of those characters from that show went on and was anything else more talk costs lower Watson didn't he did in. Was it NYPD blue later honored I was and a cop so he had the lawyers show the cops show he'd become move but he's still see zags in India in the orange and a and it literally did it big he'd get a big Tiffany amber it's decent at other stuff yeah but this is what we're saying is even when they went on to do other stuff don't you still see the out you know who they were. And I still see here is Kelly to Powell ski in nets Zack Slater Monday that a few times and analog station on apparently at a Morris sorry he's in a new line is Jim Parsons apparently he's in a new movie that's coming out. A Big Bang thirty Michelle would say national lunacy he's still Denny's there may even have a show about young Sheldon now. All I CNN have a hard time breaking out Sheldon but he's he made a million dollars an episode I he's yeah he's he's mega money and they you'll be okay now who is the best one. And nowhere against him but who's the best one to break out of did it actually got rid of a big time character. Who is way Harrelson you know it's got to be up there went on Aniston. Jennifer Aniston's guy on our career got better yeah after Rachel. Yeah woody and Aniston might be the the two best it's going to be hard to find Jim there could be some old timers may be that and she you know shows a long time ago people that got out of their character Bryant. That's not easy to do. Carol O'Connor moved on from Archie Bunker you know. I can't think of anybody else. That's an that's an out of someone timeout. Yeah Harry Potter is a good one from B rod to Dan Daniel Radcliffe kid he's always going to be Harry Potter owner Jerry potter he is the eye you're never gonna move on from that and expect. Amedisys. Does he get them on every audition it probably does that was a funny scene and some comedy movie where the Drake oh character was like hang in Allen thumb and I think they're all hi Caroline may begin the Greek or something they're late to me a break Dijjer Draco. Well I had urgent basis and moving there and yeah I was asked at this was thinking about that gem from the office and not find an other Jack brand doesn't like. A good TV show OK let's close out with a an update on the Tampa Bay Rays is they think they got a new stadium deal. But I mean let's not get our hopes next on the fans. It teaches you an adventure here in the final segment since a hazard coming up top of the hour. I do you have any raised stadiums story rated ago. I also have a combo weird news headline news and I can hold those okay. You know Bruce Willis is a good one I forgot about moonlighting. Yeah to break out of it and he got die hard in 88. And correct me if I'm run I believe the first major thing for Harrison Ford is Han Solo. Nen then the resonate in a major before it has that came out before Indiana Jones. Yet console Jones as the eighties and at first our skin around what seventy yes 77 for me send and then it was Jack Ryan and almost Tom Clancy movies that's prime. If forge a deal until a look at it could have been easy to get typecast as Hans solo after that big Star Wars wise Robin Williams. In marching Mindy able to break out of that but I mean EI asked that question are some of these people just more talented. Is it a break is it you know script of a movie what have you how American graffiti Touche he was an American graffiti before that. Here's a Ford I believe yeah I was wondering if you did TV show I'd forgot my American graffiti. Or right not to be show Loko and dear to them amount. Was say Ron Williams supremely talented I mean that is like there's a no brainer on that one that's sheer talent right right. My most talented dude of all time yeah American graffiti cannot 1973. And the first hours cannot 1977. Radio. And and. When dead. As he establishes a relationship with Lucas on Beatty then the next Star Wars came on AD in in the first Indiana Jones came on 81. Out and they needed another I think about that like six year stretch for him. Where he did the in my the first Star Wars and 77 the next hour hours an eighty. Raiders lost art in 81 the next Star Wars and 83 the next Indiana Jones and 84 war was he married during that stretch. I don't knowledge I didn't end and it was anyone's mind was come and Ryan yeah the Jack Ryan movies he started in the eighties. Dear lord. And guys get anywhere with a lot of money. Yeah okay let's get to this this I sought a sort of on a side day 'cause there's a lot of folks down in Tampa that are yet knowledge Jack because they have these new rendering. And again harder now they want to plan a snow globe. Yeah what the hell that design is is terrible. But people make you know as I got there you go and he might be staying all not so fast this is a snippet from the SI article let me read a real quick. Hillsborough County responsible for as much as half a billion dollars with their new proposal. They're thinking they're gonna get 500 million from privately finance and 500 million Friday and a portion of that from the ownership group. The rest of the 500 millions gonna have to come from public dollars fentanyl a fueled by the way I don't think there's a chance and now they have on the show and yet from the public they've got local governments already trying to trim their budget for 201980. Money for transportation. They're looking at spending cuts of upwards of 31 million dollars in the coming years. I think the most controversial part of the whole thing is not them getting money. From the public it's the renderings they drew people let the game if they did and I noticed that resembles stadiums and these teams come from facial for the World Series hero and I show it is a game. Who lizards really mean those are Yankee fans there I yankees must be in town mean sealant reasoning out of hand. You know it's just as a friend showed today 'cause now that's not come mod cubs is that tied the game. Abby Baez. There and Faneca and a fan interaction many of them on. Already up to miss alleged rubbed tires podcasts and it is NI com is where you can find it which we did out out there and Spragan ads hitting the fan as well thanks to be a part of our Wednesday everybody assumes a hazard number one. Edition is next you're listening to 1080 the fan.