Dusty & Cam Friday August 10, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, August 10th
Dusty and Cam discuss the Seahawks’ first preseason game as rookie Rashaad Penny struggles but Shaquem Griffin impresses, and considering the nearly full slate of games we saw Thursday, we ask for your biggest overreactions of the preseason in our Textual Relations.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning and those who really knew each other. Accuse us it's easy to pop up maybe even born previous games. It's just Kara. And the man who accept an impermissible teriyaki benefits as a college all American damn good looking at. Why does anybody in the world ever read anything. Hebrew. Dusty and M in the morning on 1080 votes. And the morning happy Friday AT we made aids and last day of the work with a tenth of August. In the first day that we can come back and we did say there was football being played a lot of it yesterday. Feel good feel good about that. Plus he's spent a week you know lose a lot these are waiting in this game you know patients and coaches always said patience and those good things come to those all those crap fast things that people tell Leah. It easier earnings come to those that way then is that crap yeah and is. Or maybe not maybe that does 2 things I am a good example to be with a weight patience is virtue of patience is there's a lot of things patience is good. What I want it now and we got our football we get 1201. And him out but it is good enough for me not to me now on and now the but let's wait for it what's that thing do you like to wait for the most. We don't tell me traffic here's my. Stopping Jim. You know the six you like to wait for my minor legal anywhere like to wait for any oh I like to wait for ribs. No I don't these dyke the part of the actual interaction with making and the food. In enjoying. The time in designing it in putting that I I like that title early of some or the ribs are already ready does not guilty of known not as exciting for me. I enjoy the cake process of eating their adds a lot more than the UH for them you know. I'm with you though on the a labor of love grilling thing now I like that. And that's Psycho when you build something with the hands yeah in every time every single person yeah. Here's your building that in new age guys patient's right to see him process have been all happening but isn't that is not the same places a football team it's Joseph are you beat me to its. It's kind of just like football the practices I did did not like practices. I lose Thursday and Friday practices but I did not like Tuesday and Wednesday practices I'm sorry did have a big college football NFL Wednesday Thursday cracks awful. But some within their reward there's always the chaos then so what's the payoff for this week forest dusty. And chaos in. Pre season overreaction and he can off maybe three season over reactions. In got it all figured out. I did on there always and I know exactly what's gonna happen this year. What bronze in the plastic okay. You sure I okay canceled which he. It's red notes read because I read guy yet have a red right I know that I can explain my stand I I I'm allergic to dogs. In my son played with a dog last night. Use that allergic yeah I grabbed one of the towels they used last night. Ha with the dog and I grabbed it on the way out and got in my hand and I wiped my face instantly your exact allergic to dogs I'm mellow with cats yeah. And so it's the god are in in the nicest like okay. No one of those things it's weird that's weird let no it's not weird because a lot of people have that the dander it's whatever that is but it visits India to enter yes or at the Dana. And their dander and while I'm sorry to hear about looks like it hurts your love cats too free in eight chance we mean it is all cats though. Mean it's a cool Uma. Came up do you. Cool cool boomers do you know I don't know all pumas are Colmes I think I'll be pretty scared it would only on an intimate lions are counts the UK lions. Tigers know. Now the U tonight I was going wild at demo I think I would hate all made a jaguar. No it's a domestic cats. Lower domestic cats because. Here's what I don't like is people like love cats there's so great no they're not. No they're not they're selfish. There have been studies that have been done saying that cats recognize voices they just opt not to listen to you. Am I dead as they did convenient to have their mean they're selfish. And then cat owners on a hit to it that that's because they're so Smart and independent and they don't do anything cool. I've met some corners do I've met some pretty cool cats before. But they're never the ones that everyone says my cat is cool it's the one on the street. Where comes up tees they get what's gone on Larry Dillon and then discount gives you met talking to have you guys you've befriended farewell Alley Katz Erica. They just come on up laying out give you little will be giving you a leg rub it and body you know not named in what also had me you want an ally that's because they want something from me I kept rolling nice and they want some from the dual French. Did they just want I don't mind cats I don't I don't mind jets. I do you like cats and dogs evenly is that fair boom there's some really fence writing. Yeah I think that's one of the got to pick one side or the other I do I don't I don't have that I don't have that dead your burning desire to pick once I mean yeah you definitely like both I think you've got to be either a cat person or dog per Simon I'm your animal person. Is that fair. Mean again I like all animals that are your worse not mine or is that it lets the two dogs think you'll you had to know pat Steve. I have children. And here all the parents out there you know that's the kids ski ski Connecticut talk. Gotta get cat deduct mom dad the skill what we're gonna get when an Indian name is giving great to have so much fun you know millions of taking care of the animals. Parents. I don't want anymore kids because that's would have a puppy your cat or anything like it's like having another child magnetic cat scratches your leather couch. And dogs. Are good it is crap all over your yard. So I'm like other people's animals that I can hang out with play with enjoy. And then we found them but think being a league best part of being like manner locals and us for being a grandparent. Grandparents he just send them back should see why is that that's perfect they like you kids are great no or not. I'd take under you know it's Urbana. We're gonna go and leave it right there with Tia type factories verify that is the better you today. Tax on. And we have dog people is guess is guys who hate cats are insecure facts facts. So dusty. Why is that. Why is that a fact I don't know who asked and I analysts like they're I don't know I don't know why that is what is what we insecure when you say insecure guys are not really confident. Yeah I don't know I have no idea why why that would be my cat would determine security shaming us for not liking catch you guys let's go back although around you got called out by psychologist this. Mean you both you guys the techsters are psychologists now men and just called out proven you have to facts you have to like thunder cats thunder gnawed. I check do love the thunder cats I love the Jetsons cartoon you know is a great tat. It's cures for a loop before high school playoff game in football we play that can be high school via near the can be cougars. Who locked in their visitors locker room. And it took us a couple minutes day didn't let this once again their logo that was painted on the walls was the tender kiss got. Realize that illegal that's trademarks like wait a minute you can't do that these as a defender cats do that isn't we're screwed guys. Go begins at thunder cans and expect to win. But it gets we're great that's a really good mascot named a thunder cats. Utilities and all this fictional like originally like the bearcats and the bearcats. We're Louisiana Monroe warhawks more it's a war hawk in. That's a hawk flying down with. Screaming. Word chance I don't know who's our hockey in battle and it is when it when it and I don't know what fox amnesty or locks on his. Now that know the cost of up but if you're looking for like this screaming Eagles preaching zone and that eagles' third to. Eagle sounds are very distinct you know you hear an eagle yeah but talks are different. Louder. And not it's a bird print. Now training Eagles and hawks for war would be something. Attacking Hough well the sea hawk flies out of the game in certain pocket and I think he attacks and even if he's flying around school. Or the bald eagle the detective James passed it on opening day remember it out on tag and he stood like a true maple. They asked the tree Canadians are afraid mill nothing. In pretty not all right let's get today's show sexual relations today. Let's keep your biggest over reactions. Screw heaven knows even keel let's give it. Biggest overreaction from pre season's First Lady games that happened yesterday we had 24 teams in action twelve games. I'll talk about the Seahawks and the colts. We have some other NFL news the acquisition that could make. The Cleveland Browns. Have one of the best units in all of football. College football notes is all we can would you rather at 8 o'clock a little bit a Major League Baseball let's get this show owned a row. In my remember was just like yesterday. 1973. On this date in. In sports history. Arnold Palmer missed the cut at the PGA championship. For the first time in his career. He'd successfully made the cut eighteen creepiest times its pages are AP. All right team one of the best drinks ever made. And Arnold Palmer room hammering sound I didn't Google buys miss Nona golf bias lead team nominate Hillary beverage it's it is deemed it. It's all at the best ever may I said one of the best I didn't say the best I said one of the best drinks. Ever created with the namesake you go Michael you downwind so Shirley Temple Roy Rogers Arnold Palmer there Palmer as the Arnold polar beat those other two does it really is. John David does not mean you know. Former John Daly an alcoholic beverage will. Yeah that does mean ended it I mean he dates at the Arnold Palmer and instead it turned it. I. And knowing now. And here I did you take into the blues side here's the problem here. I have seen John Daly is with vodka. I have seen them when urban and tequila way narrows its two virtual one visit him they're it's the get drunk during Argo vodka. Well it is too he's so I guess it is. And then it has like a lit cigarette like you know how you get on bloody Mary is of it at the bottom bloody marries you get dead the toothpick with Paul led the vanishing son name him the John Daly finishing is a T think that this lit cigarette on him. She's in it with a Diet Coke that's not talking about. All right Seahawks colts. About the new look offense for these Seattle Seahawks what did we see. I yesterday the base. And some surprise performances 613 on the fan. Right it is. You know. Whatever you had a wonders I'll go there but everything how to you know song yeah. Every every every brand had a theme song every TV show at a theme song cartoon had a theme song now insist everything has a Moochie what happened and this isn't Moret hashed some things in music her are cyclical you know and I wonder when we're gonna give back to The Who. Electric guitar thing that video you know and name one more time. You know nonsense so it banjo. It sounds like yours your your media critic he would know. A little guitar I can't improve on that theme but I would like to hear your electric guitar sound and in my electric guitar and it's it's and called in air guitar. Well nobody then you know really really I don't know I don't know sound you can know it does this day just says what. More bird noises from him momma stick to the birds of prey noises and you stick to the musical instruments. Yeah. When is that gonna come back down when his son had a lot in the eighties you know like the Martinique fly India terrorists from back to the teacher when he blows at the speaker docks. Laboratories slightly down favorite guitar riff. To. Do you have a favorite. Dubai. Does Van Halen eruption cam absolutely did this very well done I have no idea and and I think and now and then go to and you and here at any point in your life okay. Okay and C Cox colts last night he was done enough fox well and if you were listening you heard it right here on 1080 the fan. Did you see anything in that first. First series where the starters were out there Russell's in my gut T series. Under his belt. Darrell doubled. Gone in comes Brian Schottenheimer. You see anything that was drastically different in the Seahawks attack trying to remake tweet that I that I said yesterday he gets Russia to some degree in English that. The tidy group in the rookie will this lead or do you want zero giving me yeah baby around buoyed slightly by. And and. Can now what does that tell you don't make it now let's be honest here on to be dead. Dude serious this morning. I was I liked what I saw you know what I liked what I saw is because. I felt like old known as it old school football but. Brian Schottenheimer who was known for his time with the jets and he really was with the rams and how he designs offense is very simple. K what I saw last year was a lot of zone read formations and that's what made Marshawn Lynch so good and that's what made. The DE RPO with Russell Wilson but what I saw last night was I formation. I sobbed backs heels at six I saw things that were different I saw tied in play action I saw true play action and a few things. Where you know Russell Wilson can do outside the pocket cave that that it dimming his his past. For the touchdown. Fantastic that's classic Russell Wilson. But there was a simplifying. Of ma'am blocking schemes would I saw the offensive line where there wasn't a zone scheme of confusion. There was aggressiveness coming off the football. But the date this is Audrey also packaged basis what this is. In what we do best in what we want to do best is what you seem pre season game one and two all of those things he just said. I mean it does look it looks like it's easier for the backs. It looks like it's easy for the offensive line to pick up and in doing cell that'll open up that deep play action game for Russell Wilson. Simplification. Of offense can be be it can be it can be very beneficial sometimes it can be a weak the weak point if you're if you're guys are not talented. That that can be explained just by like this. The greatest show on turf was designed to create speed but it was also very very complicated. Extremely company complicated because of the depths the angles the moves the shifts all the for the play even started. Sometimes though with the Seahawks where at their best I believe early 2013 fourteen and fifteen. There offense was simple. And that's kind of what I saw a little bit now I'm not gonna jump the shark here insert tell me that it's gonna be the greatest thing you've ever seen it but I think simplification in the pre season is exactly. What you wanna see from every team you wanna see base offenses yet and both teams last night were in their base. In back to something that to Brady Henderson the ES PNC Cox reporter told us on Wednesday. That I think is true when you when you look at it the next steps for Russell Wilson he is. Still getting used in the ball out quick there are few test trees hold on his old Tucson they sold. But you saw that in the routes were a lot quicker and quicker develop and Russell Wilson he's he's Russell Wilson and it's the first pre season game you take all that out. It will be an evolution in that regard. That was one of my biggest criticisms of watching last night cal watching Austin Davis and Alex Agassi would come. Gal I kicking his name in McAfee scan on the they both the biggest concern of quarterbacks all the time NFL. High school collegiate league. Don't hold the football. There's dirt is sometimes you're just not good enough to be able to make a play everyone wants to us create these plays with their feet all the time. That's in that's a rare talent sometimes it's better to get rid of the football. That's what Tom Brady is the best in the world and the best ever because he never holds the football it's gone no matter what there's options. I think doubt will be something you see moving forward with the Seahawks is that Brian Schottenheimer is gonna have to give Russell Wilson. Quicker options so he doesn't get his backside blown off can't. Rashad penny sees anything that stuck out TO. Eight carries sixteen yards in the mean Aminu could I person. Like Mike Davis I mean I go I think decrease Carson might that's a really good three. Group. Mean I'd skit it's good there I mean cups couple guys are bigger. They're faster. I think it's going to be committee. Can be committee of running back. Acts and a indeed got. Penny in the first round you're looking at him and looking at him to be a little bit of no more of our course and what you've had in the past but. I did look as if in now. He's their big he's going to be their godly M Davis saying Carson can negated a big load as well. Ed you did say those tight ends you and you're not joking no I'm not when you say that tight ends actually looked good because. Will this Lee who is more of blocking tight end at Washington he had a couple big catches nick and that also. Did you notice that catches staffer will this link college known every ball that it was targeted him. Zero drops. Really yeah. In the story is as will turn he was defense of Lyman. And he was out warming up in that inning and early game when he was that he. Coaches can be by the way you can catch all okay. You interest tight end thing that's why he kept number ninety eggs he was defense alignment and but when the Seahawks are at their best who was the tight end it made the biggest difference on the outside for them to you remember him. Name quiz start it would disease. Now Jack. You know Miller now. Their biggest point is they haven't had anybody that can set the edge and both nicked in net and now with will this lead they'll be able to set he adds a little bit better than anybody has done. In the past has Jimmy Graham was never gonna do that okay that's not what Luke Wilson was going to be. So now what they are give back to basics style of offense and they can play actually get those guys. Little bit down the field in the red zone those are what tight ends were meant to be they're not meant to be. The big guys that are in the slot all the time in this kind of offense. Can we also out of this game just start measuring should Klinger fined for his whole fame jacket. First fourth place four tackles. Led the team with nine tackles he made the same just by doing that fifth round pick me to think. Yeah he was pretty good isn't he made the team. You know you I was browsing Twitter Cammie this comment 2000 browsing Twitter. Eyesight small tweet by yourself. What was you were we to doubt by the kickoff when I looked weird why was he did it look weird when you look we are and where they are just lining up. All on the ball and win their kicker runs up nobody did you think it made a difference in safety. No no. I didn't exist now own bed didn't do anything and your family walk either Intel. But through you cannot start the engagement from the front line of the kickoff return group until the balls actually clocked. So everybody else has a running start I can just make this certainly does no sense. Point passing makes sense that all know sever aid title and weird he wanted to. Our line up have no ten yard ruled in line within ten yards and then they just. Starting gauging within a ten yard window consider running backwards running backers running backwards in treaty more more separation. So now suddenly your impact insist that the made no difference to me now. But I still think. In the yeah I'm just so you say everybody running Ford with the kicker at the ball and and in the grand scheme of things when you don't when you're not able to block anybody. Until the ball is caught everybody's still running at full speeding crashing into each other. So it also weird watching two kickers that in aggregate are both. 85 years of kicking yeah. 85 yeah focus a massive jackass he's going to be forty end. Of course Adam Vinatieri is 45. Yet they've been around like they've been around forever 85 years a kickers I didn't realize that but yeah. And Lotta years violating since birth that's what Michael kickers because you're either. Born kicker it's not looking good for Portland pickles owner John Ryan Hamlin backed that yeah things kids. I have Beaumont and India has 6100. Here's the other thing. Cheap it is cheap in these are rookie via in Colorado beyond our roster in. Within minutes yes just not see via. Let's make our big bold proclamations biggest overreaction from the first slate of pre season games. Boy there's a lot of them to pick from 55305. Is the better you today tech's nine years buck with sports and. Widespread text easy. That's the message of what number. Two or. Diners and five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and like him I learned there we have all of my life popping. Don't cordless Dexter is now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go into. We're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1080 delivery of that person actually stayed out today. Aside 5305. That is the better you today text line. We did have an ejection last night in the Seahawks and colts in DC that Marco Thomas. Went helmet to helmet yeah. On the Seahawks receiver. And was ejected from the game see you later. But downwind did seem like it was a and is a pretty heartfelt moment now and he can deal for no reason and you know. That may be one of the over reactions that we get from week one of the pre season is that. The helmet to helmet rule. I I think in two games I watch we've had to call so far when he NFL said that this was who wouldn't likely not be enforced all that often. Across the landscape when they went back and they reviewed it. We've already seen a handful of games have the helmet to helmet rule. Imposed but we wanna get your biggest over reactions from the first slate of pre season games 55. 305 the better you today Tex on this textured just has it right away and he says. The Cleveland Browns sixteen and now. The New York Giants. Only sixteen. Bingo but it's no overreaction right off the bat. My first overreaction. The ravens. Super Bowl champs. Hope riddled yeah that's pretty bold 33 to seven navy the rams Joseph Flacco. Loses his starting job week one. So Lamar Jackson death. Why why not. Tell me what Joseph Flacco as the on the last three years I don't know. He's been hurt. He's overthrown some pretty wide open receivers. He's managed some great games. You're making my point completely. C think Lamar Jackson seven of eighteen for 219 yards and a and a great touchdown scramble. Okay is that enough right in the Ramsey didn't play. Jared got Todd Gurley branding could and I can sue every horizontal and our segment right now and her reaction hi hello I overreaction owns. Man there well 55305. He'd better use today. Tex and homer overreacting Christian McCaffery offensive player of the year error that comes from. He got was that six of the first nine. Touches of the game which Anderson McCaffrey and for the Carolina Panthers Eagles would be a great I art we need to look to step up but maybe you find this one. Most touches NFL season by one player. Nasal receptions and Carrey's yes I am very curious because I think if there's anybody in the league that could. Be somebody that takes that crown that would be cursor McCaffery. Yeah especially with the Noah Levy on delta player but yet that's on same and you gotta be a guy catches the ball eighty may be runs 300. You know some like Scott that's a lot it's a lot of touches living you have you have norv Turner's offenses correct art this is dwelling Carolina where. It's going to be checked down to the back in get the ball out quickly to McCaffrey just can't. When Neal did that in this record may be set this year I guess I'm saying and you're gonna get somebody gets a. Lot a lot of such as subtle as for him OK so. Number one James wilder who played in the eighty mother he had 492. Touches in a season that was in 84. More recently Larry Johnson did it in 2006 he had 457. So that was the north forty short wilder. With Seymour recently and you got Eddie George had 453 and 2000 it would do dollars and 451 in 20020. It doesn't look like they're really anything real there's is the notice how there's a trend in how running backs and backs and how these guys are now going multi small type position backs but. It's a committee of guys. Does it touched players in round probably under 400 now so let me on bell had the most last season and that was good for 36 all time if 406 touch just. I'll see in that is under amazing and what's the difference and work dios Christian McCaffery yeah Christine McCaffrey won't be able to do that has he's not a 300 carry. Back you know meaning that he daft to in order to get to this list he got dead 300 and cherries and hundreds of two catches. Crazy. This dog the they have the status of targets and touches. You know that's that's another thing to it is always have to be catches targets. Because that that is one of those things if you think about how many guys are are the ones that are the most heavy heavy heavy blow. Lee used. In our office is targets also he can be skewed stat. Because that's a tough 12 billion Newton and understand because what does a target meaning to be screen pass to be dropped passing a B ball thrown over the head any point in time. Even even special teams you know it's part return that's a target all the things your part of being your talking and. Workload in in the NFL for running backs and that's that's one of the things he said to you look at with just rushing. In. As a whole. If you look at must attempts last year in the NFL it was lady on bell who had 321. Rushing attempt I mean outs he was the only back in the NFL. To reach the 300 touch mark the definition of a bill command and if you wanna go back -- can go live back to 2002 regular season. In 2002 you. There were 12345678. 99 running backs. Had over 300 carries in 20021. In 2017. And makes it so much harder to beat two BM LS but we knew he Chris McCaffery he could. Death he'd probably will be the league leader this year in those touches especially. On it with flakes John Bell situation. In Pittsburgh. But you have day. Over reaction from pre season slate with bluntly obviously Jimmy her clothes never losing never gonna lose I knew we were gonna get that and board did in the 6 o'clock update in winging Jimmy garage below. He went a 93 for 63 for 634. Yards here get a Kabul really nice third under live 333 things on his one drive and the 49ers going for perfection this year. They're gonna go for. Would be 23 you know pre season and regular season and for six he hit 500 last night there are he's used the series hall of Famer now. I'm surprised nobody is Texas and on the better you today Tex signed. Rookie of the year baker may feels. Lot of bad lock gate in baker may feel so that's going to be interesting because Tyrod Taylor a year. Perfect last night are Taylor's perfect five for 53 touchdown any team that is and I was done. Baker's gonna have to unseat Tyrod firsts the Kyra looks. Okay and this is the amazing thing. Is that we know a because they said they want to let baker mayfield sit growing when he's ready to take that job. He can take it. Bigger may feel goes the last thing goes eleven for twenty throws a couple of touchdowns to inner twelve yards. And everybody says he'd put this guy in right now in its like. The right thing to do especially when you have a guy who who asked those classes talent is probably eleven citizen not. Well it is too. Mean you got to have those mean that's that's the part of that. What they did last night with those two cornerbacks perfect it's gonna create so cool much attention now towards Cleveland because he also. When David and Joker. Who gave them two touches and two touchdowns mean it's a great. Quote unquote only give you my bias again you gotta have tied in the can run down the middle and they certainly did they found great throws to both those guys but you know here's a kid that. That to your advantage of of every throw targeted at him via a sense. So it is just a sense tight ends. You know who else is a is Sweden talk about this when hard knocks came out but he is a star in the making of hard knocks and he's quarterback for the Cleveland Browns. The cornerback named borrow again. Grogan he's forever though his name is brilliant road back. Brody I wrote back there rookie out of eastern Michigan is how long is that named in around brogue and I think his parents made it out yes there's no way I've never heard the name Brit that's why it's like hotel it is the last name of Rogen it's probably like. He and his dad this is the names where his dad's name is Brian is mom's name is bad his brother's name is bill. And then they're like we like to low Ginn but all our names start with DD. Well you know he's going to be narrow again now where he's can change one little more we're gonna go borrow again and ready for this. Broken or old Brody and is a surname originating in Ireland Anglo sized from the original old broad gains. Number of game ha is a girl hair but that's a last name. It was true surely won't order product of broad game broke gain that is like no it again hair product and I also like no muscle no no doubt on how he would give you the ability to smash beer cans on your head without scarring yen's surge so wrong on this. Broke game. In May shared packs bigger and it makes you chest hair fallout from that that's a broad gained as. The sick for a ability to shot again multiple Beers and still coherently form a sentence. Now now now now no movement now I don't know if they have broad game could do that people would buy it. Amid a guy named Bergen a few years ago on. Project does managing it is a little guy. Little broke in that broken. 55305. Biggest over reactions. From one night one in the NFL 644 on the fan. I don't know all women are pre season no overreaction. As you did so yesterday. Yesterday block and I got into anybody's heated disagreement and discussion keyed it was very heated. And here we are mentioning and I was mentioning in bug goes. Known carriers. About the pre season coaches don't care the players don't care. It's meaningless what's the point my in my pair phrasing a little bit yeah my duties changed quite a bit since yesterday white sands is huge overreaction is the first update out of buck's mouth was. Did you grow up was still undefeated since Indian rule. Little early. They've but nobody cares for septic. I brought a piece of audio today for needed to to to listen to a coach. Who doesn't care about the pre season so Jimmy favored take a listen and see if this guy you know this guy is and let me know if he's if he cares about pre season. Picture Nicholas Bill Belichick and coach receives a football's not about winning or losing what you hope to get out of her staff. Obligated pretty much everything better just. Like enough and an area. It's the deceased good situation football scoring at the end and happy anyway. Yeah but 38 seconds a good football. It got a lot to get going on good look at Zagat collected by it and care. I'm so important when I heard that first question. I was in and I studies in the bag now winning is important. Does he need prep this question and I'm. Things got really important in the pre season you're Jack plus Bill Belichick and coach this is the football's not about winning or losing USC. Are you nuts at a. And what happened in the second half of the patriots game. And go to their role they world. Yeah. If a better because the coach when in a half times that you guys are gonna lay out that garbage like that you'll all be out of a job and guess he decided start running the football playing better. The New England Patriots so to if your question Bucky yes they care can. I wasn't signaling air you're saying we knew nobody in here losses don't matter. TU. In general gave you asked the coach what's more important this priest you know you come out of it healthy. Or that you win what are they gonna set did you just hear the guy talk. If you I gave it to sing don't I don't have to answer the question you relative to visual or at least you gave the choice would you rather come out of this game healthy. Oral win the football game we'll cut nobody adds nobody ever asked that question I'd say priority number one of pre season is health not winning. No we don't ever block every game. Is health every game is now every game is winning does that's like that's like it's. It's the exact same thing he of course you can't predict health you can't nobody is gonna get a hand the only guys got hurt yesterday across the NFL's knots but a win it was important you play your starters the whole time on them what do you play the game for. You play this game for reps that's a whole point. So you don't if you just go out there and get some reps know you know you don't you let you get everyone's a run you see how different units played together. Europe evaluating specific guys in your letting your players he already know or could not get hurt Hannah question okay. And legitimate question here. How much do you gays game plan. And for pre season none. None. You might get five seconds of film. But nobody implants because everything's base you know base defense base offense at your base package that you put in. Usually the first couple weeks or your your play call sheet is going to be down to docs I I would say basically. Here you're looking at. Under fifty play. With that being said. Like. Both of what you guys are saying is right in that might win the game starts. Of course it's important to win. Of course it is. But to a bucks saying is that. Book is that you money not saying anything you wanna execs talk up and execute ways you do well as if it really like it's leading into the game is all about winning the game plan but once again starts. Auto in China they don't do this is gig Golan. Did you see last thing you know the biggest over reaction that I would say as giants fan did you see the first experts take on Barkley is did you scene when they went to the picture of him standing on the silent with active with his helmet strapped. Everything he was like. Cool off by that I mean you could just see the Jews wanting to just lose out of his ears how much it meant to him to be out there. That is it is it is. It's just it's hard to quantify. For those and I'm going to pull the I played card on you because yes every texture I did play for it unless you step off the sideline in that white line there is never a moment reveal a computer so that important. It means. Everything. Do your jobs on the line and everything everything is on the line at any points out for a lot of those guys who play in the second half as well. Are right. 55305. That is a better you today text on this a reaction jobless go eight neat Jerry Jones give Jaycee Dugard is ten year contract. But other. I think that's a ten year extension probably turn. And you get beat junger knicks Angie when Jordan not an over reaction Jim Davis Webb shouldn't be allowed within 500 feet of a football. Let me find that game I had that box score pulled up here real quick does the giants'. Brown's game Davis Webb went 920 TO for seventy yards last night against the Cleveland Browns he looked. Rattled. Indecisive. It was ugly for Davis led the second year quarterback at a cap. Two good thing they got. Low ladder that kid from Richmond write them to back Kabila. Back to the future. Yes. Also on the Indian Betty today Tex I'm at 553 easier five are over reactions from Weaver and the Buffalo Bills will throw the most interceptions ever. By one team in a season. Josh now Josh Allen easier to the football again another watching another rookie hold on to the football and tried to run the his running backwards ever held other than Fran targets and north now let's not forget either that. For some reason Nathan and Peter mens still has a job in buffalo you death. How ninety's that there's 96 jobs in the NFL that will. Allow you to make a lot of money and be there in case you needed that there are 96 jobs. And let's see 32 number starters the rest or insurance. Yummy insurance people out there make a lot of money because it's just in case. That's exactly what number to a number three in Nathan Pearman is insurance. And he's cheap insurance. Can wean. Revisit the game against the chargers last year in which he started sections in lines wind was awful he made six of fourteen with his what's his QBR. Is oozes with history mean in that game is played 517 point nine QBR was point three. A word he made it hard to do he completed six passes to his own team five tended chargers sent. And I guess that's got a job man I wrote targets. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. I had 553 sheriff I will get some more of your own reactions from pre season nine number one but coming up next hour we've got. Could be Cleveland Browns be on a collision course with the best receiving corps in the NFL. At may not be an overreaction. Campers Kelvin two point down into college football talked. Is there a sign that Jim Leavitt may be in an organ for the long haul. Plus are off the rails involves the Seattle CXC hot seat next Seattle Seahawks possibly. In cahoots with Scott net. Testing came on the fan.