Dusty & Cam Friday August 10, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, August 10th
Dusty and Cam discuss what’s Hot & Cool in the world of sports, plus the possibility of Dez Bryant joining the Browns, Oregon football’s questionable decision to sign a 3-game deal with Boise State but could be keeping their defensive coordinator for the long haul, and we consider whether the Seahawks have a deal with Skynet after asking for patrons’ fingerprints.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about us against the system this system that killed the human. Stands for so we're dusty era and had the old bulls. Now want. Then NFL veteran can do them. On 108 innocent. And I don't have a 2:1 year Friday morning dusty Herrick came clean on. On top of next hour we can would you rather plus. We have audio. Two neighbors. They're having quite the confrontation. And he I don't believe you've heard as have you heard this idea yet I've not. But I know but yes because ascended to dock him. Names name is Johnny. He's none too happy with his neighbor Mitchell's room. Is this this is like the guy that low is an upset neighbor type things that's the I feel chemical is time we deal with. How do you feel McCoy is a B one way of putting it and it's just like the crazy angry guy people on and if you could just imagine. An angry resident of Florida upset with his neighbor over. Something kind of petty it's probably all the things you can imagine via. I glad I love a good neighbor war mountain where you're gonna get it and Manila is our friend Donny tells his neighbor Mitchell this is war right now. It is pretty good it's great audio. And hills Cindy just when you Friday the right way coming at this hour though we will discuss the Seahawks and their partnership with sky net. In stadium vetting as well. Annan and then. The organ docs. Little news out of Eugene a sign of optimism for organs defense in Jim Leavitt. And they did the thing that we have been pleading teams in the pectoral to stop doing. And they did it for the long home bred now right yeah. It's 705. Yeah I'd side picks. Okay. When Todd and why is it cool. Guard spot and cool wind gusting in jail on your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great story. Compelling and rich. I Hillary heating and cooling. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you. Have to wait until. Me. Man did it issues those guys push and it is we didn't have the audio out there. All right very what is not right now is NEC in any mass exodus and happening ads the university organs track team. They're upset than the year but grandstands and yes and yes and no. No there are some big moves yesterday. As 202. All American distance runners deep have just announced that they were gonna leave. The organ next programming join the University of Washington after indeed Powell. And today head coaching job there and then there's it. There's two more that could be joining on a lowly. Burden JD rains burger and then meanwhile teenagers sending mixed dance event. Defense controversial controversial trash talk to you have to. In and said mass exodus well there's only three both on there's four overs for now know that is more than I just read you don't know when you dub to follow the distance coach. And then a world class sprinter. And you receive Morgan star Lauren rain Williams. Has transferred to USC wow. What's going on yeah. Noble idea organs the center of track I why would you please I'd own it well they stop when a national championship I Internet I think they're mad about the field. I think they're married Hayward field is gonna get rid torn down and they're gonna put up faith. Let's just review. No this doubt it there anymore but you know and I'd like to highlight in this. This isn't all that rare. But we never talked about it because all we talked about is the very few tree answers that are happening college football and college fast enough in relation. Transfers across college sports happening and usually happens without penalty through other so it's gonna save these guys who'd be immediately available. To compete for their new school yeah it's the bears know yards to sit out a year is ridiculous ridiculous how football does in basketball a ridiculous the NCAA is arbitrary rules odds less sports' continuing new moneymaking sports of different sets of rules. You're going to this is not cool. Wake Forest. Assistant basketball coach. Daniel Jones. Turned himself in. In New York City after any because he's arrested and charged with third degree assault. Over the weekend aren't Thursday night neo fight. Well. He and a horrified what happened was he's leaving a bar and apparently there is a man who knocked on his. His car window and tried to get in because he got as the uber ride. A somebody with Jones. Apparently got into a scuffle with the guy and in the in Jones ended up punching him with the guy hit his head in high. Holy cool Ryan Indiana big eight did Joseph Jones knocked the guy out in the this high. And gives a gay guess an altercation that was. Already under way and then something happened he punched in the guy hit his head on the Astro dot. And he's been I don't know why he's only been charged with their degree assault. Wait hours assistant basketball series. Bill Jones I'm telling him Thursday and I'm very good avenue pork filled. No I know there's a lot of you people out there that had good experiences. But nothing good happens after midnight and I. It's scary zero it's awful. It's awful. Well. Let's head out you better leave saint Louis Missouri big PGA championship. He bastard child of all of teenagers. The last sources wet soft and moist. And uncomfortable feeling on family scores are going to be quite high nota begay said. He doesn't believe they'll get to twenty under this weekend. Just the lane eighteen is definitely feasible the leader right now is Gary Woodland. Seven on here. On the tournament he shot a 64 yesterday he's one under today through four holes. Brandon stone and Kim kissed her one stroke back Rickie Fowler tees up that. I think at 11 o'clock our time he is so do. He's due to my for a major I want him to win he is the news Sergio Garcia right now just all the talent in the world young. Superstar. This kid's gotta find a way. To get into the winner's circle when it comes to major looks when he got him he's only won four tournaments of the pro I don't. But I always can always been there are always competitive he never wins and wildly popular. Wildly evening there. Rickie Fowler he's got the look he's got. Everything again be Sergio. We Sergio won a lot of tournaments he just had Major League got a dollar rosary he's got a close he's got to find a way to not be so erratic. Coming down the stretch finest. I'm Ricky father's career earnings on the PGA tour and that may explain it because. Back in the day like those guys in the end Arnie Jack and even need to talk to Peter Jacobson. Who who came in 98 tail end of his career was right when those first started this surge and it brining you don't win tournaments but if you're going to be in making a living on the tour. He's 24 all time within yes. 24 all time received 2.3 million. Hired. 32000033. Million dollars current war. Did it and he's only motivate more times I'm motivation. Ever 2014 he finished in the top five and all four majors tiger wood 212 million others like eight point five million dollar gap between him Phil Mickelson 87 is speaking at tiger and Phil tiger and even seventeen he tees off at 10:48 this morning who changed the shirt made a big difference good. Like guys like. Gary Patterson at TCU death Phil Mickelson three over. Not many kids in those cool new shirts as the host did you see his commercial death it is. Me wonder Daryn are relatively senior reporter on this he said that by that commercial being played over and over again. As a people were mocking him as a 2.5 million dollars. Intrigued at Greg's incredible companies were pictures. Combined one. If you knew god. Think about getting one from just dancing around the dodging golf balls. Felix is way if you don't offend old classic just out there is dodging balls. Sure early. I know I can dance better than Phil Mickelson I just know it. I think she can do I know it that you can't. Thought being mariners. It's dumb dull Paul it Justin Verlander. And Justin Verlander threw a fit and got ejecting he quit all my mind but I've heard it didn't and in this looks now like his Davis gonna get any better. He made it through two innings gave up seven hits in six earned every hockey and loved the cycle in the first inning. Bielsa all the different guys give a baby. A three spot. In the first 83 spot in the second in aging and said okay enough is enough mariners getting much needed win V6 of the Houston Astros with Opel. It is helpful that's because the Oakland days have refused to lose I had a night off but. Hey you get down when you make up a half game in the standings. And right now the Mariners. Still in the thick of it you know you've they're sitting. What is it and just three back for four games back. And enough green half frame. With this full game picture and a half two and a half games back. That final wild card spot and they need every single game making get beat New York Yankees. They got to win 73 of the range. Why does it seem like every team in playoff contention right now that needs wins is just playing arrangements and getting them Taylor playing the Rangers to did you see what Gian Carlo did last night though we don't I don't those these young Carlo I know. He hits. In this is weird now woods is kind of stats who follow last night. The highest below third inning home run this year yeah I was in a hundred in 2121. Point 57 resigned. I sought ways to exit below ice does that that said the week fifteen. Hardest hit balls. Over the last decade so they're really bad day they have all men. Ground air and judging NG Carlos Stanton and this just became one of your worst days I have had in quite some time speaking events. Okay. No this isn't this is relevant here quicker. Foul ball almost reached the television broadcast that the Mariners Astros game last night. They've since that audio was from the play by play guy who got here is. Computers matched. Order a laptop screen broken Dina sands. Had that happen to him this year as well. And we didn't have idea he handled it went in the net up for the Booth in the Booth guys need a net everybody needs and at these days. An immediate. Yeah. I'm not real hot. Let's talk about NFL pre season scores from a night ago sorry relevant but how to local performances ending that or do you. Ryan all for the Chicago Bears he had nine carries for 95 yards and a mysterious death leading rusher in Chicago. Can young Varner is seeing Carolina and he did not have a great night she carries for negative one yards. Markets Mario two for 342 yards and a touchdown on his lone driver tonight the benefits inefficiency and and everything over twenty yards a completion. And then John Maine and struggled three for thirteen sixteen yards. Zero touchdowns. This is even one in his engine plane with him. That history the rams sat Jerryd God's. They said Todd Gurley greening coz it's every bit on the can see you. Is it all and also on the union fumbled but he recovered it. Did you like the titans in unions I did guided to a big big time improvement great governor of Tennessee. He got rid of that light blue good for you. Get a cute upgrade we could tell you see it actually gain mode you know I was gonna sit alike helmets like dance like at all. That's a ton colon present on the fan by air heating and cooling more than thirty trucks in Portland in Vancouver you wanna to wait on area a year look. Well trained comfort specialists it's hard to stop a train. Ride to the Cleveland Browns have the best receiving corps in the NFL later this week dimension. Some sixteen on the fan. Right up on Pixar and sand. Aren't. I'd be thinking Mark Green kicks him on it yet. Thriller rendering picking your friends and your viewers viewers since the month high as far better than nine dad's. Individual. Eric. Try to kid and thunder cats and one show well I'm glad. Now as opposed production dropping and as an ad lib a line from became one of the best lines in the movie you don't know what else I read this actually just this week. You know it other famous movie line was ad lib denied in the script. Jobs. In the debate nuclear really you know Adler that's like the iconic line you. So is the human body that. Suppose that oh I can't think of another loan for Karate Kid and the question for in May seem silly wax on wax off but it beaten and answer mr. And questioned and they sound silly but when you think about it could be true. The browns have the best receiving corps in the NFL by the end of the week. Overall. Yes oh ice I see Richard on the right be somebody entertaining yeah last night during the browns. Bills. Earned the browns giants game. Dez Bryant was tweeting starting my visits next week and come into Landis seen mister Dorsey. Talk about the Cleveland Browns and John Dorsey early this week John Dorsey said. He'd have Dez Bryant in next week if he returns a phone call you were returning of our calls. Eighties and remembering other guys in there apparently that call out in the fact that Tyrod Taylor baker mayfield looked good. It does right could be going to Cleveland. Well he's gonna visit Cleveland. But would he go to Cleveland is everybody's healthy include this thing about these the starting three Josh Gordon when he comes back and Kate then you're gonna have. It could be Dez Bryant. It is and Jarvis Lander. As it. Yeah I. And don't forget about the guy who had two touchdowns last night easier to put David in Joker. The tight end well and angry nasty your fourth receiver also is Antonio Calloway FU. And get a rehab and just for 87 yards and a touchdown last night the rookie out of Florida but. Physically. Looking at that group that group that's rivaling led member what Detroit tried to do right. When they know. What I said was Detroit trying to do it would be actually better execution of that Detroit did because they just drafted for Sears having a better example is it better example is hold on to your hold on your pants Bok because he wanna might want and it's into a little tighter. Watch the 49ers had my rookie year. Was pretty good with Terrell Owens Jerry Rice and JJ stokes. Back kind of trio. Brent Jones the tide and they nutria aren't miners and on towards him I can't remember and I'm BA Jessica Simpson's husband. At the time her job airshow in our Johnson. Alone yeah I think and Jose second husband not Nicklaus CA company is she had not just just to. There is Eric Johnson Jessica Simpson's altogether yes Julia very much together. Hearn religious dated. Probably I think that's the key he found out that it's just not that. Tell Marty was known is to inefficiency is taken them as you can of deceit but anyway. I would say that's good to be can be the best comparison I can think of is that 49ers trio was monsters. I don't want to admit that Cleveland may be tough track the they want why they're doing a promise I would seasons but they are on the right track it seems they arm Boettcher from being the worst. Ever. How do you think Joseph Thomas feels about this. Well he's going to be salty if they make the playoffs. Think his entire career days socked shiny and the best offensive lineman in the NFL you one of my favorite things that Joseph thomas' on this year's when he was asked on the radio pro I can't remember what radio program he was on. Or TV and he he described every starting quarterback that he played with. And have like a one word and he said the name of the court recchi give you one word answer. The great leader. Or two murdered. Formula One quick thought on all 21 all 221. Of quarterbacks in. That's socks. And that's a tough spot to be in man. He he'll be a hall of Famer doesn't really suck yeah I did I this. Now he's a wealthy man hall of famers can be great analyst for like you just yelled at box for like two days in a row about winning being your most important thing you'll know don't you. It'd be and then once you re they finally win. That would set your man but he did everything to win it. He can't control ten other people and a coaching staff and general manager and owner I don't forget wanted to win but we had a point is that that would just knowing it is finally get over the hump when you retire in your life. Really don't trust me dude I showed up to when a team won a Super Bowl and a team miss the suit I get it I know what would like to show up to a Super Bowl winning organization going Super Bowl. Yeah yeah there. Aren't. 55 series your five better you today Texan we still has an NFL must get to you including Cam Newton against Kelvin Benjamin. And loyal Mac and it in the raiders. This seemingly more and more like is this goes on could trade a clue Mac happen. With the Oakland Raiders but coming up next. The ducks do something that we've been pleading for pac twelve teams to stop doing. And great news. For the defense. I have no we back to your finds but he today Texans can this take you back you on goes against our alarm when you give buckshot out did your rejoinder us. And nails. Yeah we can do good ones Bucky you're gonna make you can you do us a favor maker listeners a favor make him a favor here. Make a playlist like this for our rejoinder is get Julia adjust modify a lot of five. DNC. Yeah kids I mean it's just. A quality kin you kin title it buck wild do you handle. I'm getting lucky in buggy with a bucket while millions and to implement. I'm just somebody you immediately think of when the song comes on the I guess there's is like all I know this person. Now I don't. Yeah well I do it again every day every day evening again. I do you have got. You know the guys who segment raised a little bit Tulsa. On that boat and mountains go back to 1982. Well in Romans. Back pin high definitely gonna high school I was so close. So cola. Fifty pounds and five inches and I did it broke as I needed to pronounce five inches is that's all that answers Jesus. Wait what. That is now and get into that dude don't you dare try to set me up and it's attracted to him. Knowing and not gonna take debate our identity you. We're seaboard and it's something that. Have we been pleading with actual teams to stop doing you know. Announced yesterday it was a three game agreement. With Boise State University all away. I know what its aid to throw line and these are presumably these that is all you imagine if all along they're on the road all their road rash. In in Boise State. You know starting at 224. He hit and that we enter a couple years that although there's been violated two things that we've been pleading for what year is a positive. It is 2018. That. So at least that's six years away it's not like thirteen years away almost two recurring cycles. You know. So an eighth greater will be able to play Boise State at a outs and stadium. Over under markers will still coach. In tweet reform in the Arctic that you think that will take that. Six years the church. Debbie good tenure that would be really good thing here it's a recite gave recruiting sack on the plus two yeah yes or very doable. All right well. So the ducks host Boise State in 224 and 20/20 six. They go on the road to Boise in 2005. As a mountain west team. Yeah now again actual going on the road. To his lower conference. But the best team in that conference. And that is the problem Heath you know in this is the fact nobody in any other conference does this we talked about this he had this could be akin to. Ohio State going and playing Akron on the road or Alabama going to Memphis. Yes odds are better compares in my mind is Alabama going on the road to play Memphis in last year UCLA went to mend this Stanford went to San Diego's get a sense. In Arizona State where they play cool orange state goes to Reno to play Nevada this year and it is something that it's time Temi what is this what is the benefit of the in this isn't it India did what this highlights is it's not just an organ prom but this is a pact will issue what is the benefit. Of going on the road in playing in non power five school. What do you get is that the two home games that you get to play there because I don't see the benefit those. Either I don't know what it does but it it's it's doing a solid to another conference trying to get their revenue shares up the means. The road all the time to you guys that's not fair bit do you get the same amount of money to the same round of television coverage I've I've seen it until I mean added it's this has been going off for quite some time. Is it a good call if you're an organ team and into warnings were five you're undefeated. Or your day gonna get that situation in your gun. Go okay were gone into a buzz saw early in the season on the road. Why did you do it yeah for what what will the country think from what does the country think when it the voting when the college football playoff committee. Or maybe it was a close game going into the fourth quarter you know what they're gonna say all comp system. Can do it on the road it can do an owner and yeah. I I look at the the benefit. And it and I think he beat deep potential. Disruption etiquette cause she bit the pac twelve. Outweighs any benefit of getting two home games because I do believe that if you to go add head in schedule here since. Instead of ways it's eight way different. It EU and gold on the road and play that game because you know what you're still played a power high school. It in you can lean on that. Do you do there is nothing that the in my mind this is my personal opinion that going to bring Boise State doesn't achieve that much if you beat don't. But he also hackable lot if you lose. And I hear my Syrian probably why I think with the pactel is dealing with the is that. There's just over a 130 thinkers 133. Division one football teams in FB yes. I think that pac twelve currently as it's as it's structured. Struggles. To create a pry you birdie from other teams across the country diskette. And I think that the pac twelve a sitting crossed and looking to other team like a Kansas looking to other teams in the twelve the Big Ten dole now remember. The lower teams in every conference what are their perception of lower team cause Ohio State went and said it will take a power by team on the come to Oregon State come on the road with us. No problem they're not call on of UCLA. Certainly not call a Morgan to come out and showed up on the road. The pac twelve right now has no respect when it comes to scheduling with athletic departments across the country and power far. Even the lower tier power dive teams are not going to schedule packed posting. I think that the price or either look at Adam going. Well. Enough. Don't think that they want to you know what in east Carolina do it shirt you wanna go on the road east Carolina may not be a thing is that if you're gonna play one of these schools at least dude in a recruit referring verb. Picked example right recruiting ground might not fertile recruiting ground perfect example of what worked for 18 am. And Justin Wilcox went on the road. Come up really quick and now those are things you can do. But it. As doesn't make any sense you have to go east west the east you can't go. North yeah well this text or how about this if they deserve to go into the college football playoff they shouldn't be blue links in scared of Boise State. And it that's it that's opinion though is that like. Yet Boise State. Has built a great reputation and agree program. But it's largely did nothing on the back of beating pac twelve teams there in getting neck credibility beg them to the Fiesta Bowl and got the recruits in the door and he really did mean Chris Peterson built that thing from scratch and needed a great job in their coaching in this did not bat. You should become an hour at the very good job of a following up yet but at this point the pac twelve needs to ask itself. Does it ban if it us or hurt us more to play mountain west schools on the route. In need and the answer 100%. Is it doesn't benefit a subtle and I'll I'll give or state this and I think they. Zurich credit be it is a very good program it carries a lot of weight when it comes to equality when asked Washington State has some of the teams have found ways. Two to face above Boise State team the company stomp a hole and in the go wow why is this team so good while they they've built something there and they are considered. A really good squad and I mean that is not this isn't a knock man could Boise State handle at the back. Handle their own in the twelfth you dang right they could rise Todd does. I I have you know I knew I would say boy you stay in a heartbeat over over Colorado. Mara really good in and that's that's not fair does to throw cholera under the bus and sense but but Busch east it is done I have. In the last few years. And this is just of those situations where maybe the pack for team gets involved are I don't know what it does for your not gonna get a shift were teens are jumping in has just it just doesn't have the kind of kind of school that can guillotine and the actual look at what the other two program when it comes to research and things like that. The other two programs that have made this job. Have done exceptionally well TCU Utah duck. Aren't the big twelve and the pac twelve and those two teams have done exceptionally well and in Boise State and no doubt would. But. The pac twelve the same way. We look at the mountain west no benefit all risk. Not as much as the dead at the mound the last the not to that extent CC I would bet yes. Well SEC's not afraid of scheduling a tackle team. As long as it's on a neutral crowned or. In SE CT in that at. Malia and I didn't think you look gets it there have been SEC schools have on the US gets a unanimous and it came dole or again sure inadequate Texas well Kansas knocked out but it would target SEC teams with the SEC does at the pact will doesn't do maybe I got a games of their like our team is in Baghdad here we're gonna step away from this. Because this year. Down Auburn is united go head on with the with Washington next secured the ducks opened up with Auburn in Arlington and you don't would have SEC team is not going to do an SEC conference they're not gonna send. They're not gonna send a Kentucky. No longer the ruins of the play yet to organ there never. Never gonna do. Now there when he would come close to allowing it in that is caught in that that's a whole basis of this competition it is a conference that protects itself so. But you have themselves after a better than any other conference aren't. By factory a five but he today Tex and something that is a bright spot for the organ next security. Possibly 32022. When I mean subindex defense. Will do that briefly next in that it did do this yeah Seahawks have in agreement was kind of some 44 with. OK. I. This is does do and examine the morning on 1080 Israel and kidney broker dealer index defense. Are there potentially used to come. Jim Leavitt has a clause in his contract that says. He can leave for one program and one program homeland. And that program is Kansas State. Somehow Kansas stayed signed Bill Snyder to a contract extension through 20/20 two when he will be. 82 years old from the end is digital bits until able wanted to skim a two year deal and get an eight. Because this you know his son is being there as yours I think the problem can I give an internal problem. Yeah Bill Snyder wants his son to take over the program Alia the probe but everybody knows they want Lebanon's so there it's like. And we say good bye to the icon more but then there's Jim this waiting their coach Leavitt is waiting see the you know this is gonna have eventually. An entity. Bills are going no it's not in the mood for ever to mimic the crypt keeper out there and a prop him up to soon get great. Who are angry tweet yesterday said you know we're gonna have the first weekend at Bernie's moment in college football. Putts hearing Bill Snyder on the sidelines but if they didn't want him to be around they would and have signed him to a contract it's not the point they feel obligated. If he can't get tired came out of retirement brought the team back and it looks. Just that he he helped. Bring stability back to Kansas State. They were a joke before he out there he left briefly big turning to wedge again now they're back to relevancy he is the only reason why they're very very loyal with that and it 3.5 million dollars. That is not seeming college football when it comes to coaching. It is good news for the docs so. You know Jim money you wanna keep him around on you can't there's great defense coordinator who would that be one heck of a way to do it. Un I saw something possibly disturbing or really cool you tell me is this can very convenient. Or is this a deal with sky and at the Seattle Seahawks after. The Seahawks. Having new feature act games. I saw this Viet and Aron Revell. You you fingerprint scan. Add to game and a little kiosk in a verifies a year 21 years old. And basically it's a faster way to get beer games. It's it's twenty age verification. Bride to buy clear via your fingerprint he has to give your fingerprint teams and but. You get to the beer line faster as century. The other clippers and other data collecting is that convenience. This guy and telling what you do your animals that are seeking your view you know you're the gym and a chip in them that they read it to your kids to do what Lee and why wait. Would you ever would you go would you put your bumper and down we do it on your phone. In an edited and don't tell me that Apple's not collecting now detailed look at that picture. It and it that you gave the guys that he's already diggers down and it's his fingerprint you know what I've given up on worried about this crap because he wit there's an enough people out there enough data collection out there they know everything they want forgot six. Click on one add to that scene you know your entire social media feed it in and everything you have now is this and it's spam to that one ads are yeah. In LC get my beer faster they allowed to enforce especially because right with like a passport your fingerprints are Arif around out there and actually. You can't own Miette. Why would you theory to try and why would you. Here's my whole thing in a field and comfortable of Jeff Bezos listening to all my conversations that he wants to you through. Urged Beijing wants billion dollar grant you his. Echo. Moon but at the same time. I'm not doing anything it should be worried. And him now like the people that are really worried about like oh yeah this fingerprint gonna be able to find you. What are you running from. It's great question but you're still only be worried about that if you if he in the evening and you commit a series. Pine for a good at that age old debate dove like the whole like Big Brother listening in my one side is always like will be above in the high it's no problem in the other sides like board writes I don't like ice and apple the Melissa exactly right I want my beer for faster if this gets me my beer faster is this Dexter says. Give reminder that. Yeah yeah working in the banking investments in fingerprints have been taken so many times give me happy your Caesar. After cards are you eat you sit there you vote done. Beer in yesterday we might fifteen rocks we were talking yesterday about. Waltz on change and bad fashion things by the way I controlled them. Really meant. Well but our our our discussion yesterday why not a certainty shirt mine of war and now she. All doing away with this sort of the big Johnson tees now New Hampshire she got upset they owe us a comment on. She and hypersensitive on the human hyper Kosher me really only and a Aaron elated she turned as it's getting your your fault you're anti Israel and Syriana mountaineers she never she gave me the WT. Are really gave me. A phone down. You mellow it'll be in my app. Apple pay whatever doesn't you wanna do my fingerprint you put something under my skin a bit and lets the convenience of getting my food or beer faster so I don't miss the action in. I'm on there really shouldn't have that guy walking up and on the house on. Yeah yeah. They should have gusty delivering all the food like on an out just I've done this is what I want to read his side there he just delivers it to you do. You know. I agree though that speaking of convenience. For the first time ever need the tubes. Wait one. I'll likened banks and yeah Millie every chair has its little tube sake worker at NGOs are. No brought it up it's like the Jetsons and into the tubes everywhere and then. OK also weighed in stadium betting for the first time MetLife stadium New Jersey passed there's gambling raw laws in drafting pounced on it. And to bring the browns giants game in that license it's in New Jersey not New York fans were able to look I bet the game. On the phones. Lows that also. That is a Leon says there are some and adds convenience for so was your first ever in the film you partake in this. In stadium batting via. Not her pre season game you can see you heard my feelings on pre season football betting yesterday with art but if I got no game yeah okay. Because it artists are you are you that intense and gamma ever going to be new Yorker listening arguing that intense and am because I know there's. Fluctuation odds you can bet on every quarter and everything you need to change things. Would that make the game more interest in they view it in a stadium you can see things that you don't see on TV or that Vegas can't account for fast enough. But you can see guys injured you can see guys that Indian only severity even injuring gag whole bowl pounce on that on either way Eli Manning gets hurt in the first order in my crazy to think that this industry just open up a whole new job. Action of people that are in game. August makers tell ya ya gonna be at every location in. Every sporting event everywhere now because every game is on delay if I see Eli Manning gets hurt. And in the giants game in the first quarter years I knew I hit the under right then and there are boom it's before they can even see it happen on TV. Revolutionary. Revolutionary. Our 55305. That is the better you today tax on. Coming up next. We have our weak end would you rather also next hour it will introduce you to Donnie in Mitchell's you'd. It's a AZ. Plus he gets an NFL in the baseball king Felix is reign is over but it's always awkward often offense extremely entertaining that we can would you rather or is next on fan.