Dusty & Cam Friday August 10, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Friday, August 10th
Dusty and Cam take a trip through Buck’s weekend “Would You Rather?” with topics ranging from tornados made of fire to herds of wandering goats, plus we discuss the Mariners’ decision to send Felix to the bullpen, the Cam Newton vs Kelvin Benjamin beef, plus a beef between a Florida man and his neighbor as we get set for the weekend.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. What this is dusty and jam morning okay ripple through at a basketball we just share your wounds. And jammed Cleveland its key bills both homes still is. Rules on more importance of great skill dusty in jam in the morning Chris I did not show the bar. On 1080 go stand. Our number three is not working for the weekend though set. In that Holmes stretch this hour you hear about Donny and may chills viewed. Why the days just. Railroaded their chances of making post season. India's drivers is abundant in the time we've all been waiting for. Right now except that we Dan ward your other book nasty woody got force. RA Joseph and we have five categories for you or would you rather this week we have DE not so convenient inconvenienced or. And goats gone wild. Oh yeah we have that natural disasters from. Yeah what's your fantasy. OK and we got a puppy love. True or star. I don't think yeah go ahead mr. Harris one guy got whilst. Had me at all this I think I know this is the go ahead but yet you may see years may have seen this story as it actually came from Boise. But there was a goat rental company you've heard these. What's of their guilds got loose in Boise so they about a hundred of them roaming the streets and in people's yards doing whatever cleanup they felt like. So to beat question here is. Would you rather have to corral a hundred goats by yourself. Or just let one of them live inside your house for a week. Oh I'm gonna crowd a hundred goats buyers so hopefully yeah. My take some time. Yeah I don't care. You know how long a week is a good deal for a while that goes secretly worried every Mandy area it when they mean everything they need everything bad. If they combined deleted and slow it can take you days to corral a hundred yards I don't know I just. And they have a strategy it'd take this animosity that it would take you months and apparently didn't say how I had to cure all of them did you. I did not need in taking days there was corral those hundred go but it taking literally monster and it'd be placed everything that dealt with Dana right there would be Fuller. For a while. You need a lot of guilty you know. So you guys are corral and indoor feel like to go I didn't say anything and I don't know I just I'm going to beat her medical care these are very hypothetical. Yeah I'm gonna go out if you we didn't increase came in noted guilt murder and never hurt to go. Like you go to noted no hater do you. Bug with what's your fantasy. All right so there is a man who we see this occasionally. In the fantasy football world that there's a guy who lost his fantasy league. And here is his buddies who had him wearing a dress on the side of the high way in holding a sign that says I don't need money I just suck it. So the question here if we're splitting up this punishment. Would you rather let your friends rescue for a week or would you rather let them write assigned to put around your neck for we cannot explain and add that embarrassed me. And let him dress me. I have friends that are vile. Pig and NATO are rude. They don't Wear this sign publicly for a week and you can't explain that it's not true or you lost that ends. And no stipulations on that signs him. Lets you know four letter words of swear words on you can't keep he would be like Volcker but they would every well my our creative is also I'm still going that let them dressy I'm with a close it's close. Yeah I think that in the same boat I don't wanna leave it in the the lines of a male friends that are with a dad here when the dads kids dole and he may be kid wears sandwich board says I'm with these. That's him. Yet there's a fit as he leaves or they may elude the winner of picket test too for the loser is an old Michael Scott are you kidding me yeah usually be they're. Places you can't see that people get like unicorn is my little pony. You know. Mr. hair as he has not soaking meeting convenience stores natural disasters or popular it's. I'll go on NASA convenience convenience stores or 500 Alex. Well this news is pretty gross this state of Florida man where is this one's always are but he was banned from 8711. And he was out about it just in Saint Petersburg so he came in at. With a plot gets containing human feces in the air and that he had fished out of a port of letting your lines dumped it all over the store. That gets letter on a straw hat and a do rag which had total estimated value to 48 dollars to be responsible for that. But in addition he was charged with trespassing criminal mischief it's. Is he was still in GAO eluded 300 or Vaughn because he couldn't idiots. Would you rather. Via all the look for trespassing a prim and criminal mischief and spent a night in jail or would you rather be the attendant and asked do cleanup fees. Of bodies get. I'll go for the night in jail. Humanity begins that's the thing is that some. Like minimum wage employees get NBC was sitting by any kind of going. And then no ma'am I did pick up those tortured so I don't want anything. Part of my record not currently out on a lot of I don't wanna do that I I I've put on behalf of ensued I'm not gonna doubt no problems due to vacuum. Some some Lysol and regular Blakey. Do you like bill Marines at a Japanese is actually third straight. I'm doing them a game close and that's about. Me today. Does candy bar that was that was the British preview wasn't real they're with the with the blue sky you that's the other thing is that it was. About four bodies of the blues blues I was in the he has good stuff. Do you lose their us. Natural. Disasters. Okay so this it was creepy I haven't seen this before. This was in Britain they were firefighters who. About fighting a fire in the created a fire NATO have you seen before we know we're Bay's lead as it is these tornadoes solo in a row owning a fire so it's a tornado acquired him from. Which just admit it looks this was in Lester sure. England but my question is would you rather encountering fire NATO. Our special essentially take gay and random. Natural disaster that you have a voice. I want any part of fire and fires are cool but it is. Right in us and NATO fires Haas. Differs from this is straight. NASA. It's all any natural disasters so it can be if Peter Graves the meter is way her to. Months I've moved out of luck I know blood specimen all the fires now on the side in him and Californians look all that it's crazy seeing now. NATO is. And natural disaster we get fired its is Lee combined natural gas and I first kind of a happy man today show our fire NATO I am not a change is becoming IC a lot about how they are you certain native to this like configure our day. He could throw a cal on fire at. You yeah everything on fire endorse these house is on fire coming at you I series are hard to read through here guys who. Man young just a natural disaster which is the worst natural disasters all of them that are out there which running scared about it. That's a tough for the release of I'm not that scared of Europe and I'm not that's getting thinner like there's two tornadoes scare me so much Maurer who can. You know letting him go to Syria is a tornado you don't get a chance and an earthquake Owen really scares me to imagine not living here yeah clearly. He tsunami. BC all are equally terrifying well it's doubtful that the you don't really feel here is going to see aftermath of it from coming across a large body of water. But a tsunami is a wall of water they eat you can't run I think it's volcanic eruption scares him because if you look at what it does to that at. Asked to disguise the oxygen in Indy all of it was a call they. That that cloud. Of hot gas and after just incinerating everything in there you can't its gates as you can escape an earthquake. You can hide from a tornado or not hiding from volcanic eruption. The last one is puppy love. What we have here as you know we have a puppy homeless in yesterday. She licks herself before immediately jumping in my left licking my face in which is dug around listening and clearing him. You know that's not true country actually not really handsome until Saturday it's like a eighty get E. Coli is there anything yet it's not it's not really cleaner hold on no. Anything that links but he's not cleaner Pena or how it drives me crazy when I watch people what they're really interface. It's gross. Yes so I guess I was the victim of day yesterday but then we went picked up a couple friends in the airport last night and the dog was so excited to see the friend. But she peed all over them so all in question here is would you rather have a dog lead you in the face after licking yourself down or. She looked to a restaurant for dinner looking like competing itself because the dog Pete on your feet. They figure moss be out from pre pre. K so cap he's the worst we worst. Doug B but other not only for that dad dad with the a puppy the puppy the feeling kids. Adorable he. Ever faced. Yeah I'm already telling you on the mound here. Now on the face that is it an off with the there's no your nowadays I that is totally not true pumpkin is two different places did have him familiar else. Yeah they don't dug down. But I Barney did you mean in the second. Needed to be exploding all over my pants and a look like I peed myself and I don't feed my kids up from daycare. In the good night I need. I like Julianna instead PE pee your pants and its ability to a go dog days. It's like. Yeah it's a mud differing opinion I'm around him did. He. Well that's a new bug Benin say it's good onion back I mean it's a chance to answer as opposed. By five series your five in the better use today Tex. Jim Newton verse Kelvin Benji didn't stop last night. Before pre season number one people are saying TM owns killed inning killed and owned and what the heck happened there eager to know the fans. I eighteen. And Friday morning arresting him. Kind of a. Segue here is you posed a question to me and I went to the question. I am I it's a sports related question all Q I have I have a wanna compare something that baseball does and I think it's strange. But it's not strange but it's one of the things that baseball does soul Robertson can nose bent out suspension her act because of potential drugs. Potential for us he'd violated my performance enhancing drugs clock he's on his way back. Do you find it funny when you really think into this than me and whole stay with me here. With the basketball. Lets you LeBron James is out for a month with an injury okay. LeBron. N a goad to. The G league in player budget geely keep practices and comes right back to bestow. Al do you find it strange that baseball's always bend. Robbins ago last night hit a homer for the ever sucks which is beating their low level a ball. Robin income 24 million dollar a year guy Robinson Cano needed to go to gets a rehab shots. That eight ball now I know this is always happened but can you imagine if any other sports did do this. I guess football did it or anything of guy coming off injury your media right back to your top level performance do you think that top level players. In other sports and should have low level development before they're ready come back to their league levels that it is. He is based so hard that is hitting a baseball set to I think I know that but but we think of this and think about that I mean the millions and into millions of dollars invested in these players. And these guys are going and playing with guys are making fewer teen boxed in in in per Diem Edberg. What I'm also busy thinking about though that baseball does something you need to know others were does that. They're Robinson can isn't eligible. To return to the big leagues until next week anyway us. But yet he can play Minor League Baseball right now like I and that's a bag and its Major League Baseball so this is a commit the bigs but it's still special based guys professional baseball but cannot play in Major League Baseball it's August or teens yet he's old jewelry to return. This week to Minor League Baseball which I think that's bizarre is that. Why in so that's why Major League teams do is because it like well we have the time and he can do that. I guess we should just get in his actor canned because it beat you with us the day that he's able to return to the Mariners he just like the NBA and NFL but imagine gets. Like a rehab rehab start for Andrew Luck going down and laying in the ex FL for Lori you have start. No no I know it's it but it's so strange how baseball can do stuff like that it is. I mean the benefit the NFL is just a different beast because they don't have anywhere to put guys period. Younger but we're talking about yours star player here all star or Lional. There really deemed going with a leading getting a couple of reps in his geely not a gonna happen. Plus you league teams so far away. From India Tina though is an arbitrary thought and think of pretty good on pension and interest and because I'm looking forward is rousing welcome back complete first base and try to tick. A Ryan Healy spot but it's McNabb is he's playing while we gonna do take me can't figure out of the lineup we can do. So where worry before. Can no went away with its first week. Who's on first and and wordy when Robbie you put it third he put him at first we get wrapped whose DH and right now. Nelson Nelson Cruz Alyeska yet but you know. At the Gasol to have to get too many as a rake in the ball security and in a few Hernandez's spot because these guys pitch. United and more reasonable benefit to a officially juve did you know during the third inning made the walk of shame out to the bullpen that is how weird. Because Scott service apparently told him before the game in Felix is accepting Emily told told Scott here's the news. Music injured go to an adult but her what services and wanted you this error can't we all see it. With this primary is over five is last five starts have been her rent studio. It is back. But in the anywhere in the third inning was the weird part is I eat these guys are trends like. Hey Jane. One lead on king you're now the bishop the the walk to gagged bro you there. Is I think it's knows this I think his pride I discount he's. Written it. Not for your pride. What's you're very rifles your superstar pitcher and suddenly it's gone in the ace of a franchise for fourteen years you were a Cy Young winner you're one of the most dominant pitchers in all of baseball. In now our own. You're relegated the ball to we think of 398. Are starts not one bullpen appear is there an example you can think of a guy who's 32 years old. Where his career arc is done. A lot of guy is I know but I buck might think of this guy for Washington I lawyer yet Tim Lincecum thing you who came right to mind where you just out of nowhere it went. Done and he did marry he did go to the bowl and for a little bit and it was just over avenue it did didn't take it didn't it didn't end well and that's why feel like this Felix thing is not gonna end well the thing about Felix's. He had so many more innings than Lincecum. True oh yeah. I mean my gas dispute a broken when he was younger to a news eighteenth. I took in a manner can rest easy because the aides have officially torpedoed their chances. And in Dallas seasonal I would have they acquired Fernando Rodney oh it was I had. They're little they're allowed him pitch yeah he's right. Now. Those he's going to be bodies don't totally new EU moves and so this coming out anyway but. That's he is it for the Irish. For her IDC 38 years old is that I giving them or play out of one good year to hit anybody else horrible. In the Bowen aero side that does he still did a bone marrow I think so is he should only Ayala Runnels and anymore. He closed and for Arizona. He's an naral and he's 41 no but I got knowing he would he's 41 years old. Is it a bit of a journey in the last couple years yeah. I got a views BO with a fastball through mid ninety's and still have room says Bartolo. And well yes he has done a few times in his earth. Bartolo is a cat he's got nine high he's hands can be hanging around for ever ever. Well that's Felix he's using he's get fat get more weight behind you pitch I think is Felix ever found the weight room he might be able to extend his career he. And you don't think he lets an I in fact I don't think Felix is ever lifted. I think he might condition and do some things some fitness thing but I don't think he's ever. Maria if you looked at Felix and go that's a specimen. Like yawning. Just anything physically aiming you kind of look at some guys are gifted he just kind of want it as you get older I think he wanna. He deftly wanna take fitness and health in two and to keep the extent. You may extend your career as sure. I would price trend that. And that's. Body maintenance man are you may Nancy and this is why young players get it it's still hard to find like. Guys like LeBron James he star. His body maintenance in his mid twenties right where is he was really starting to commit money to. Extend his or out like Damian Miller DNC gimmick called Steve this is great things that. Big music they commit so much time and energy to their maintaining. Their body. For the long run that a lot of young athletes miss it because they just one you know lived that life in kennel and on the edge and it takes years off your man. He'll maintain this much camp are we get to the brawl that only happened it did not. It Kelvin jock or killed and then training camp written. Much ado about not and. What delays today. Volleyball insurance hi do. Take your shorts I did. You notice how these championship back in bigger than ever. Prices of shorter than ever heard the news and everybody. I'm Doug and everybody and I pockets out now everybody's ass pockets out. Not gonna do so I'm ivy head to the fear here in the next few days. I'm an easy George there. C.s in your words. Last year I was blown away because Pearl Jam was back in Oz blown away with a my flannel wraps that are going on out there in ninety degrees rapid and flannel. George are back. Duchscherer back. All right let's get to the name of the fight hey you're right. The fair. Is one of the best people watching. Places of all time intent I loved it people watch and now low fares I YouTube. Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin. Kill imagining called came in this earlier this year's that'd saying that he was she'd had. Accurate quarterback his whole career that's why on it out under a guy's numbers have been better they knowledgeable quarter wrecked yet said canyon obviously sucks. As. As fate would have it the bills and the Panthers played each other in pre season game numero noodle strange yesterday. And Kelvin Benjamin was in their targeted Thomas Davis signed back in the area I can and out laughed and haven't again time. And this time for the game no I I was. It was the Thomas Davis cubism or Kim Newton Tim Thomas Davis the yeah in deaths occur in batteries so Thomas Davis in the in Kelvin Benjamin are talking up comes canyon like strolling over this dumb little smirk on a status. And each is getting tell mid may and looks at and ignores them starts looking back at Thomas Davis. And then he ate. Kim didn't shoes shoes and Zimbabwe grown man no way his own team you love can shoot him is given the go. Oh yeah I did earlier I saw this is given the I got this and who wow. This is is something else. And actually broke it down and get up really late video breakdown of body language hand placement. The in Iraq and at this point Kelvin Benjamin. Points to the stand over the visitors sideline in gives them like big get out of here man I don't wanna talk to humans aren't you and then this walks away from canyon. Kim and puts his hands behind his back. And starts falling Kelvin Benjamin around the field like a little puffy dog. Now that to use points of view on this OKM own Kelvin and I don't as he would known up to it and then the other set of it is Kelvin Benjamin. He'd he'd punks Cam Newton Mikey said he went in he doesn't respect him so he just didn't talk to the locker out there. What did you think of that. Counter I I nobody first of all nobody wins an argument. Is just to be with two sides. I thought this was. It was just like a guy I don't like he'll. I'd like Kelvin Benjamin is made it very clear that he does not like quick Cam Newton was is a leader and as a quarterback. Kim cannot handle that never would camp did you see the video of him not too long ago. He went after the young man that heckled him the elderly young married and you don't kid well I nosy and we have these kids kid abusing young men. Kit he how would after the king cam a sensitive there's it's what he has he is he's sensitive he's worried he listens to the noise. In Kellen Benjamin made it quite clear there was no win I look at this is like to use as I don't want you around dude. Even if I said at the media I'm not afraid to tell you your face in and it's like Kelvin Benjamin with. Shook his hand and tried to bro hug him and tried to pretend like we're nosing man not only party do you what's wrong with not liking somebody. I don't think there's anything I don't look like somebody. In order your your at the same profession and you Izard that there have to be a mutual respect among the strain where if I don't like you. I don't need to respect yet no wonder your round it's it's it's no skin off my back so who won that nobody wants. Well I think is funny and surprising about all of this that happen is that. Like obviously. Kelvin Benjamin didn't need to say those things about him and you can just move on in you know not. And not just Rasheed at a guy in your buffalo is being buffalo now you need any command that Whitey but he didn't need to say that. Well because he's in buffalo that why would why would he need to say that he's in buffalo he has a new quarterback OK maybe he feels is accurate what always easily Lauren what's up with bringing up the past. Tell them Kelvin Benjamin had a problem. What was his biggest problem while he was in Carolina weight weight issues. He got a lot of crap for that in it started with cam the complaints and issues and then when he got hurt what happened to the Carolina Panthers. They went to the Super Bowl without him. Kelvin Benjamin is butter Cam Newton is also see bro we didn't need you but hurt. And there is some tension there scene that's why that's right about Stewart that's like Kelvin management dean that's I think he didn't need to say it in LA right but Cam Newton also. He comes up in his little smug look on his face like. He didn't want to everything he's wanted to squash me no we didn't and why them tear Clinton why does he need to squash it like. Just go ahead and in live with it I thought that cam going up to him made it look like Kelvin was in his head. In my opinion that to even acknowledge the situation if he tried to like. Come up giving you a minute I don't know what that was I thought cam was beauty stick his hand out it looked like he stuck his hand out a very small amount. And Venezuela known she'd handed he doesn't like him annoying if in view it as fun. Mean though I enjoy this I think football needs more of these because I love a good argument I love getting hate hate. In these little petty beats. That's what makes the NBA populous. I don't mean to like Q the unwritten rules of baseball that's moser had been talked about thing in in baseball is did any little. This agreement that they have football I don't. We are we have a living delirious mindset that we need every remains to go along. In you don't need to get along you can be respectful of each other. You know in a sense that disagree don't like each others find Jane you don't mean to get along this section says you can say whatever you want about someone but you better be able to say to man's face or your being a little BULU has a 10% drop rate as a wide receiver. So he should work on that before talking trash about an MBP. That text on the better you know today I don't know what Kelvin said to him but why not shaking his hand that's essentially to his face and only party and a and given in the point gain and wanna like get out there he's been eating shy away from that yeah. Have a feeling that those two had had it out before. No disagreement. Gerri have a guy that you really didn't like playing with. You know today's call now ordered in your mail somebody just had wanted no part of and you don't jive with them like you just not. Not on the same level you know I've publicly says and mine was mean but dad's yeah it was exiting it will of course it was in -- me don't mean of all areas see he was one of one of the few and I guarantee you there's your wedding. Keep. There was probably few Buell is felt that way about me and probably been robbing people listen I feel that way about now get over it. Kids and I think cameras as he's one of those sensitive dude it doesn't like act I want to play this audio. This is Donny. And beast that he has with his and neighbor Mitchell. And then I want all of your feedback on a lettuce seed in over the break on to get your initial reaction before we had to break. But I want you did to let me know. We senate here. In their feud. I'm Donny biker and I am here to report a violation of statute of limitations to courts haven't I found the paperwork that I want this on the record this is where my bank is still may not cam I'm from mark map I it's been impounded and this bill does that ramp so I want the spice to reimburse me for all that Lamberth a tank. It's my boat that got my this now and some that's Abbott's late and it you don't impounded about. All the calls my neighbor to the Norris toed the homeowners association Matt Barrett was a mass slower. Well so sure why it may adult. What is left at lap stock in his neighborhood yet you Larry the city Carol. I'll say it rat just nice house Iraq just icing Carson casinos becomes ever call scissor kick is just certain break it's Friday arteries might wanna limit their social must or Jeb the truck camper in the winter and in the Summers one have a substantial scanners specials first avenue can happen but I angels have wings and she flew out of the relationship about a couple air mattresses about camera still got a has America's that's how hot she gets embarrassed sort of god. They and I got a patty Fargas and that's it and some quiet before we broke that she was eaten jingles platinum estimated their bags back so this came in handy because it was comic in Trenton. Nobody's caught us not just tell him that she was so immense that this is our national. Apparently asked our turn to step in stands in the grizzlies don't put hard on your bug zapper appetite Bard's back on again or if Michael. One of the best comedy skits that are record third Donnie baker. He's got his boat rammed by the way is is bullied up against a shelf. Our guys shed small shed next step. Sixth. This is not real. This. The guys building himself complaining when you know and you do wonder. If it is or any illusions that it clearly cabin cabins and hit his karate ardent critic Roddick that's O. The call audio artery carotid artery. Current predicament isn't in there it. Tell me you just stand up please Donnie baker verse Mitchell. He's adamant. A price a lot of attitude it's out did Steen Tim unfinished. Man right across to me his arms. Pulled it. There's going to be a but there was going to be a mid mid show fight night is more at buckles saying he looked he looked at me. He's terrified of letting there scared I was out you greatest. And not allowed to view the you know earlier it is. I know we would talk about it all day. Keep him in the carotid artery in the carotid artery. Still feeling you didn't hit it here greeting like hello period. And ready artery Danny baker apparently is. I'm Bob and Tom shelf beside on the ten year. Donnie of course source. Symbian arc when we like to marry you seek out. If you look what was it called stabbings Jack Staten Canada's DeVon cabin yeah. The boom boom room and it elect a woman as early was angels angels he just flew right another early in the red mountain. Sixteen NB Uga might lose Nabisco needed them mad Mac picked. Up at war. That's hilarious. A knife in him we knew much video dike that made that boat ramp to think for peace is the plywood. But it to play on the ground looks like some eleven year old kids summer project to build a missile at a ski ramp persona and it's it's really app as you know. It'll work. My dad did this he gave Muehlegg a tool kit that it would Chastain. Oh Bob the Builder on you know now and is again just to stack of would host and has like seven. It is like nails hammers screwdrivers Stephanie cool thank goal billion figured out build something yeah go figure it out and just kill myself in my friend several times but we we made you sick jobs some sick jumps in after the go carts weeks congress that if motorcycle as part of me in the eye on Ike. Yeah memories were about safety now I don't say teach me the helmets knee jumping Buren jumping your bike. Yeah oh yeah you know guerrilla slam title bars or I got I've tried to read it really was right to really onetime middle school there and nobody was around nobody was at home I'll buy myself. As right night really crashed handlebars went through my thigh. Elected to handlebars turns out are you stabbed into my thigh. In which probably like I pay say like half inch deep in his like a perfect circle a little hole punch went right in my interview I. And I don't Rambo that thing. There's a huge hit Texan guy holding my leg hobbling young and your artery dragging my bike. And they called my and my mom at home and she's thank. Do I need to come home from that is I know I'm leading a whole lot that answer you like I had just a comic he gets worse and loops and I remember just eating profusely not the first time I think at home by myself like oh boy do I deal. Rihanna on the about the injuries turned out okay battle wounds I have started there I showed T abetted them. Air Canada nothing they imagine like to use your hand of our own writing leader. You're the did you go to the rubber grips on the outside. You know you have to live unless he got a bike accident injury. So Lance Armstrong an injury. He Mobley an imminent and indeed in the race he should be the greatest fighting greater. Of all time on record best friends he fell into a barbed wire fence when he learning how to ride a bike at age four Kweisi riding bikes around bar wireless side by his neighborhood and you know it was a good side borrowers fences I don't know. It was totally my neighbor he was my sister and his soon. In the Kansas. Anyhow the razor wire it was near like you know form but then he's raised in a prison if you know three is now Salem but the point is he's now 33 he still cannot write a bike. Wow really that is he's like when he was four is like I'm done with this I'm not running back on and a problem. By the age he was ready to Heath ought to be too far behind so he kind of has never and I are doing there are now we can give him crap for decades. He's called scan out yet so he feels from all get up like when he picked. You're riding a bike like I take watching Star Wars and and is committed to not wanting you get that done Islam and and he's doing that with. Riding a bike while so what does he do when he has kids and his kids on mourner at a by Jesus like GAAP. We've asked if there's one out with your words like you your mom is your worst bike injured on yet. Other NASDAQ and going over the handlebars knocking out the wind and you. I tried to jump days. Eighth whole. Of lower basement they what they days they had had a garage that was a daylight garage. You know that the ramp that goes down into the garage at the door in the bottom. Well I tried to jump the width of it. Didn't make it. And face planted into the garage door knocked myself out cold. I'd start to laugh yet knowing had to baby sitter woke me up I was lane on the picnic table. And I was getting I had water being patted on my face. And she goes you. Right do it. Giving the joke it of course she did an inmate gets a coach Ed death out and. You heard a bike. Kids here at a bank. I love this. A lot of people know we just have. And I just have accidents rollerblading ramp ups if you. Jump invites. Indeed and we after a bag Thursday next we issued by jumping and average it's Clinton are released on the bike now is a better. And our leads to my early speech question we. Why do the and in spice up the high bar in them and blank are you saying that for years like the mountain night saying that for years. It seems like issued beat the other way around they don't think girls who threw eggs are the more I don't know crap. Reckon manageable it's like get. It. Estee I've problem. Yes you do. All right and next their thought Garrett an Indian integrators for DB seven primetime does against super have a great weekend we'll see money right here on Tinny to defend.