Dusty & Cam interview with Phil Steele 7-11-18

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, July 11th
College football guru Phil Steele joins Dusty and Cam to discuss his top 25 rankings as well as the Pac-12 landscape, new coaches in the conference, and an emphasis on the teams in the Pacific Northwest.

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Every year this same muscle. I don't or any college football sand. It is the bill Steele college football preview magazine. It is he knows it must in depth look at college football that any fan can get to end we are lucky enough to have Phil Steele joining us now. Good morning how you do a you know I am doing great how much you gentlemen this morning. Think we'll get the sun shining and where discounting download the days and weeks until college football season is is finally here and I've picked up the Bible. This week. And as I've been going through and I've been reading it you know there's a there's a couple of things that as the home of the docs for sin here now is reading open. I couldn't help but looking yurt in yours you know positional rankings and looking how your sorting out the conference in the nation as a whole. I is there's something with this organ ducks team that and may be a transition from. What we're used to know as it being led by the running backs they had some good defense of backs but. I was really an offensive heavy team and as a look at the you know rankings this year. Could we see this organ ducks team kind of lean non. The defense a little bit more than years' past. Talk quite possibly although the offense could be quite good and you know off virtually every in the number twelve offense blog and the country. Just in the Herbert QB if you can stay healthy all year. Should be remarkable but focusing on that defense say about number 31 rated defense supply and number four at number fourteen subtle linebackers led by Troy guy who is. One of the best and more under rated linebackers in the entire country. And the secondary number nineteen coming into the season so where no court over the team which coach Chris ball this spring. After sharing practitioners should say you are problems impressed with the the players in the level of the deep announced. And really when you look at Oregon this year. They could be a sleeper in the Norris because they host both Washington and Stanford as we know lots of seeding could be a pretty tough place to put. Absolutely know you mentioned you get a chance of talks with all these coaches. And EU talked with Mario crystal ball at length about his roster and his team for this year. What's your sense of Chris while he had exceed a good run at Florida international before. How do you feel he'll fit as a power five coach at at a program like organ. You know I think he will prevent a little of the fact that he spent some time in Alabama I thought he did a tremendous job as a head coach should just forger national affects you startled me you're Leo what he was dead SI you. And then that this year talk to a monitor that's almost displeased with the bowl performance because I was. I noticed delegate game but you know see I get the feeling that he's gonna get this thing Roland Roland at DeWitt says organist and do a good job recruiting. He's saying yeah guy that demands a lot which I like a lot warning of a head coach at is like to have them. As you know like the background Alec what he has accomplished where he's been these students gonna do great job with the ducks. You know we would get remembered tougher stretches during his team's season and you look at organs and you've got Ed pretty good one with Washington Washington State Arizona UCLA. But where do you see kind of the swing portion of this season coming in maybe those swing games they could push organ from. Being a just a bull team to you that sleeper team and contender in the north division. Yeah I've decked goes touched or what September 22 homer against Stanford factor particulates are separate now Stanford does have some levels of an experience that some areas in the early enough in the year. To maybe take advantage of that particular slowdown. Parties law of that diabetic production ever released each other tech game and that would beat each speak first started just the first signal that this could be some special event in like the fact that they give that he had ducks get up by the week before Washington. And Washington is coming off simply employing their seventh straight week. Haven't traveled lots of stadium. In Vegas right now the ducks are ten point underdog I don't live now we have met three point underdog in that game. And then the the other two key games I think this season. At Arizona. These and I that think they have a shot at that one and then adds EU target Utah's one of those teams that nobody's really talking about but he. If Gregg harper won't much depicted the organic. Which is a tougher schedule than what USC yes. Phil Steele is our guest says college football's a preview Phil steele's college football preview so as covered as a whole fill its last year there actual misses out on the college football playoff it it brings in for new coaches with Kevin some Jonathan Smith to killing Herman Edwards. In your opinion which coach has the most upside going into this or will be disrupt her. Of maybe you the south or the north are kind of the run like you had Washington it ranks very high it. In your pre she's right he's which which team do you think is gonna have the best run in the pac twelve as a new coach. While Monica Mario Chris Wallace a new head coach. And that's why it's only a ball game last year and then I would say. He's together comes out with the best record this year so our the new head coaches to. But I think crucible got a chance word you know pull ups that are too initiative they're the most points I haven't dog in Indian shares on 45. So I think organist and have the best record of all the new head coaches this year. Milieu with whistle how you greeted wash in and their ability to make a run what about their schedule sets up for you thought was potentially done to feed and you're gonna face Auburn on the road. I think that's one of the games that sets the tone for the entire conference who. What about their schedule you mentioned haven't played organ on the road after seven. When you think they're strong enough to make it through and go undefeated. Yeah I'd that I give a slight edge in Becky amenity if they can get past Auburn in the Oprah earned and as you pointed out on the road it's Austria neutral site that's who department neutral site but I think when you look at Washington this year. So best team knickers Peterson's put on Ethiopia that Boise State or Washington. They have a quarterback in chief Browning who two years ago through 43 touchdown passes now last year he had a blow every -- and expectations are very are firm and only nineteen touchdown passes on the year he did only have five interceptions but I think we'll CJ brown and look more like the sixteen GIG chronic they've got miles gaskins they're running back whose hit 313 hundred Eric worst seasons. Like gossip supply and every hit that number thirteen in the country and defensively they are style that's Sempra. My priorities usually put a little more weight on the defense I have missed a number five defense in the country with our number eleven. DB each member last year they lost 32 round draft picks up the secondary issue taken while they're really gonna drop for the past few rankings and they get dropped. All the way down the number eighteen. It's still pretty good now basically everybody back and have secondary epic you're gonna be just as good as C. The 2016. Secondary and while the schedules that easy it's really manageable not that I got to make in the playoffs what. They what they lose to Auburn in the Oprah that one might be out of the box is if you have an undefeated Georgia and undefeated Alabama played in the SEC title game. Absolutely sure that Mikey did over Washington abortion a loss SEC member Robert at cherry the year so very important gamer not a box. You know Oregon State fans coming out in the last year there were high hopes of going noble and obviously disappointed with day. One and eleven season and living you rank ninth existing categories nine units on in each conference and organ citizen but I twelfth place and all but two where the strengths of this beavers team heading into Tony eighteen. I'd like this mean that from my players I think give them a shot. There's very little depth and Bono urging the coach met. This is clearly rebuilding project for this season I would have to say. May be that this strings to the team media is. It would be offensive line perhaps or returning starters upfront. And that got decent size and new and you look at the the five surge on the offensive line to get through 3300 plus pounders. They've got the veteran quarterback NG gluten used to tell until at least he's got some our talent he's an accurate quarterback and we'll see if he can say now the wind it chapped. And then you know you take a look at our tedious pierce that there are running back spot but. He overall talent that he clearly to me in my mind they're the twelfth Christine. In the pac twelve this year and that's that's a joke since let them get them turnaround but. I think if your beeper king and you should have a little bit of patience this season. So you have kind of the big twelve maybe be the team looking out this year reason why is it because of maybe the talent leaving. Oklahoman CNET changer Revere thing that because college football dusty and I talk about this all the time what are the SEC dominate Tino the team that wanted to and even when their own division. So you look at this thing go is the big twelve in that shift of it may be a talent lacking throughout the entire conference. No I knew techie here so one thing I think unified differ watched the big twelve this year you know what's been known as service officer of conference. This year there's no only a couple of big time quarterbacks come on back and there's a lot of talent come back and defense which surprised me the average big twelve game was in the scored like five to 125 to seven points less than they did last year it's gonna beat. Little abort abort defense in the big twelve and the main reside in pick and make the playoffs as I just think it's so up in year thirst 162. Making a case to win the big twelve this year. Which means you might have an Oklahoma team that. Could be playing in the big twelve title game but with a couple of losses that took place TCU this year. That play out West Virginia they get taxes in Dallas I would states never easy keen. I like that talent Oklahoma enhanced especially surrounding their new quarterback Cullen Murray. They haven't heard five or index in the country number five and before receivers number five offensive line. Don't have a dominating defense and they were pretty tough schedule sides just I think the big twelve as one of those were they just beat themselves up a little bit and that's gonna keep government can flush. Yelled Phil one massive relief to go do we were talking about the sister clay Helms doesn't feel like the guy that today USC needs. Is this sit a season where he's doesn't have quarterback that has proven he loses seemed Arnold. Is this another year where the pac twelve may get knocked down a paid because one of the most dominant programs in USC is in. Peaking at the right time. Well I think you're gonna find a good quarterback and second BC and Arnold this year but between think Daniel sincere to me now street these guys were. We are very calibrated and pocket sized air strike everything a lot there's talent throughout I think you're gonna have one of the better defense as the US he's put on the field arboretum number nine the reason I don't have you receive higher in the polls there to play at Stanford have connections at Utah three tough games but that. Likely Elton I think he's doing a good job there and I think that when you look at USC this year. There might pick to win the pac twelve south detector that fact twelve title game so it's think it's going to be as much of it down near UC fans think it's going to be I. Five teams in the Phil steele's a top 25 pre season Washington Stanford Oregon and USC. And you to you do you had a there's potential Washington could play all five of those teams plus. Auburn who you have ranked in there. You have a dead dead pac twelve in Washington at fourth in the country. I'm you talked about it camel little bit but is this year the pac twelve gets in weather is in is it just Washington or nobody. Pot and to me that's how it looks like this year at that precautions get the best shot at being 01 loss team at the end of the year. Place and populist Peterson's best team he's put on the field that'll leave them my number five defense in the country. They also have whenever you break it off parts of the I think he gets a special teams to come together and Vijay brought the plane that 2016. Format think Washington is clearly. The pectoral stretch got to make the playoffs this year. Phil Steele Phil steele's college football preview magazine go pick it up it's in the stores or. Eking unit on line as well Phil thank you so much for your time appreciate it. They guys I always enjoy Taka football what you.