Dusty & Cam Monday April 23rd, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, April 23rd
Dusty and Cam discuss which Blazers are part of the problem and which are part of the solution moving forward with more reaction from Neil Olshey and C.J. McCollum, plus, what are the Mariners doing with Ichiro, and does Derek Jeter know what tanking is?

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Just inherit the offensive line can rest. And Jim Cleveland home downgraded soccer. Dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. All right here we go folks. And giving you a little bit of extra time on this because it is important that we get to it. We had to Neil Shea who speak to all of us yesterday to the media to the masses. About this blazers roster this blazers season in the direction that the franchises going to go. From here. We asked you earlier. What do you wanna see. And it seemed like a lot of people wanted sweeping changes. Whether it is with Neil chase some wanted changes tees Terry Stotts and child wanted changes to the roster. I will say that it was refreshing to finally see very fewer stops is the problem. But. It seemed like everybody said bear are sweeping changes that need to happen. Except for Neil Shea yesterday take a listen. Well you know Lester was gonna take sweeping changes because we got we got. Swept by Golden State the first round all the warmest overreacted and then Golden State went on to sweep you talk. And suites San Antonio. And basically get a win in five without breaking a sweat against the evil. And every over react so well let's feel a little bit measured in our reaction. To the fact that we ended up against a tough match up with the best two way player in the NBA having a career series. Drew is healthy and he played phenomenal basketball. It happens. But again this this idea of you know civic. We are or where these go once you reach it just ten days ago. Where we're today they're the ones you know bouncing off the walls in the Mota senator will be the third seed for the first time since 19992000. So it's our job Joseph to be measured and not overreact because when you overreacted when you make mistakes. Nobody thinks this roster is a finished product. Everybody understands it is a work in progress. But it's a work in progress. But real relative to people that back in December were complaining you weren't even gonna make the playoffs mirror purgatory we weren't gonna make the playoffs and we weren't gonna pick high enough and right that that was the rallying cry. Then it was oh my god wall they're gonna blow the third seed because they're gonna lose all these games on their auditing your home court advantage over reacted to that. And you know what. The series goes six or seven if game one goes differently. When we have the ball down one like who knows where the series goes but it didn't but again. You don't take four games and overreact. And diminish what you accomplish over 82 games. The foundation has built during the regular season. There are always expect extraneous factors that go into a playoff series and look we're the first ones out so this will be. Heightened. And they'll be over and over amount of attention. Paid to this series until other teams start going out and then they'll all need sweeping changes. You'll see he's a radio show he talks at all much. What is his press conference. Gosh it is bower he does he know he means his own he needs is on podcast teensy Jake and get together and do wine podcast. Big talk about how. Overreaction. In over read only way you measure a talented team is in the playoffs. That's. This in the NBA. There's the first season and then there's this season that really matters that's the playoff season there is no other measurement in the in the NBA the NBA is doing this to us. This is Adam silver. Folks I mean lay did you really believe that anybody is stupid enough to say a work in progress. In progress. Well what are we work in Prague for how many playoff wins in the blazers have a the last five years. In the last five years and and a first round made out of her out because of what. Well they needed out of the first round. They made out for ya and they had a couple significant things have happened to a woman lost her two best players are the clippers other than that. This is what it is work in progress has already been shown to me that playoff basketball. Is when you achieved in the EU measure up with a other teams. Don't. The excuse that the fact is you can't own that you're disappointed or frustrated is the thing that I understand he's not going to do now is that's not his personality. But to lie. And just sit there and say that yes your polishing something that we all know is an efficient. You know and here's the thing is that the sex says is the man wrong please tell me where he's wrong here's where. But that's now he's deflecting to. The fact that they lost to the pelican at their Los Golden State in not taking ownership of that they got swept by the New Orleans pelicans. Blazer fans word going nuts when they lost and today when they got that three seed ten days ago. But ten days ago it was. We sat here. And he should radar tech side because. It doesn't mat ten days but we're still get Tex that this does not mean that the blazers are a win like a championship contending team. In Western Conference contending team they have significant holes we knew that going in during the thirteen game winning streak. Blasted for saying that they embraced this tried changing the blazers are here but it didn't they got swept by the pelicans not. The warriors and all of us are frustrated at and it's fair to because all of us are gonna live in the moment of sane and brace the moment of what it is the blazers are doing. But I wanted to say this is a clear cut thing when you listen to it. Listen to his response. This is not somebody that does not here and have eyes and ears everywhere absolute this man is so concerned about public perception. That the confidence level she doesn't even have confidence in his own decisions because what he said was world you guys blazer fans ten days ago. It's a brand new O'Shea. Short for fanatic what does a fan's job to do. Cheered and get excited over wins and I do so now you're putting yourself on the same level as the fans same what do you want fans to do meal. What are you excited for. Don't you want your fans in the Mota senator cheering during when things are good and in ten days ago you want and I'll call up of people that were cheering because they're nodding your level they're not a general manager there or not somebody's was calm cool collected and understand the darts or to get thrown at you. When you don't perform with the roster you know. You were sensitive. You are worried about your own job which you should be. In and you need to be defensive but when you start calling out fans and press and media and say they're not your level. It's condescending it's down talking and that somebody that's not confident in their jobs he wants. And apathetic fan base odd doesn't care pros don't do this guys pro general mannered you don't do this well here is the sensitive guys do it. He wants apathy from the fan base in that only. Is I ago while they lost. Now when it what happens when you get the three c.'s view heighten your expectations. The blazers are in their fan base are sick and tired of being stuck in Iraq the first. First round bounces and when they do you make its sector on its because Gerald Henderson breaks his hand. On our area embraced the hand of Chris Paul did his rock solid guns. And Blake Griffin goes down right like it they want. To beat eighteen and beat them legitimately last time they did that was against the Houston Rockets were to dean in Willard yes eight point 92. Prayer that he it was answered K but here's the problem in this is why people are upset have a right to be upset. Matt Moore. Who is on the each act HP basketball. He works for I believe the action network the gambling sat down. He did this is his tweet all the blazers generated the most unguarded spot up shots per game of any team in the NBA playoffs. They shot 36 damn percent on them. Each unguarded so they have been most unguarded looks of any team in the NBA thus far. Based shot 36%. On on those shots right. That is why people are upset. That data bank that pelican said. Damian Miller CJ McCollum. Rid taking guys away anybody else beat us. In the blazers can do they shot 36%. On unguarded attempts that she in that series. That's a problem. In blazer fans. Are if are frustrated now. And they have a right to be frustrated like it when he points out though I like the tempered kind of expectations like look last year we ran into a juggernaut K. True there in new juggernaut an old state issue you didn't. This year you random nor your what's your excuse this year we'll and that's the thing is that it's a work in progress G Keane work in progress. In that five year window vacuum that is something that blazer fans are sick of hearing. Is when is the product and to be finished. Will visit. Both were eight years in with his his tenure well I Aden now what what what have you achieved since the first time mile she got here. To be here we are now are the blazers better off than when Neil OC took over in when he is now you have to ask yourself that yes there are. Yes there are dead and and you got to give him credit where credit is due on that they are better. Now. Than they were when he got here. Cell. I will say let's get to that. That's up to it's up to everyone's personal opinion we don't think they are. But guess that I was in sheer when he first got here. Yeah survival and only taking the bigger the time that I've been able to watch what blazer basketball is really. Early dove into it it was starting in 2014. And I'm I'm in that window now of of seeing something that's being very repetitive. It is very. Very repetitive and that is the Yankees and that's what's not sitting well fans you know who were sitting here we're going what is the guy's supposed to say. When it what it blood is this guy supposed to send. I I think that this is the same thing over and over again as it is a work in progress and there are glaring holes that need to be addressed I'd like a little bit of ownership just a small amount of ownership and maybe. Maybe something to say this is this is not where. Where I would like to see this team and there are going to be some things that we meaning to do they just a small amount of insurgents that is such condescending. Talked down. Trying to be the man in the room which your Sparta and everybody okay we know you're smarter than everybody great thank you great. In this what is gonna be the change this text says O'Shea. The mission S Neil whether you'd rather BS three seeding get swept are being a seven seed in making it to the conference finals. Because he said that an 82 game season earlier replay of the audio and 82 game season is more indicative of what they are then a four game play out series. And if you get to the playoffs and you scratch and claw your way and it doesn't matter its where you're standing at the end of the year. Isn't that it yeah I mean night as they sing you know the 116 game regular season schedule is more important. Then. Is in the giants make you run from the wild card in win the World Series. No reason is by that and blazer fans are mine and I'll bind at this morning. He hears. There's one more piece of audio. Al what do you want to cede the change the Wii a lot more from Neal in this involves what the changes may be moving forward for Portland. In it involves loses O'Shea on the salary cap issues. That are problem here in Portland they've been that pronounced problem here in Portland and where the blazers may go from here plus. Solution. Or part of the problem. It is 812 on the thing. Right 55305. And that's attacks on Neil O'Shea speech yesterday Scott blazer fans on bother. And I think this is a decent one from. From Buick does is. How to say this is not good enough have to be better we have to be better in we well as a professional GM. And that is where that was James says it did defensiveness. That Neil Shea has when defending what this roster is. I don't like. They go to bat for your guys I do like that and appreciate that about Mueller checked. But. Don't pretend like world com. He does in we'd eat yeah and he also tells everybody. That it's if you if you ever noticed something that's it's clear is that you don't wanna be around negative people I understand. Right I can value that a bunch in negative things will bring to bring the ship down. But it's it's the fact is that when you can realize. The mistakes and some of the things you can have you can be honest with somebody I'm. He's not target on us to us and that's the part that that is so bother some but maybe he feels like I don't have to and if you wanna feel that way. You know proud no problems whether it but it's gonna reflect on what you do with your organization based on how you perform in the plate. Offs to the point of what. Use how I feel about this blazers team. In kind of that idea of with the way Neal she is talking to us and about us. The blaze at the fourth highest payroll in the NBA right. According tees spot track. In NBA salaries. They are twenty million dollars over the cap. Can. Here's Neal O'Shea in discussing. The salary cap issues that the blazers have. Few people get caught up in financial restrictions first all half the league. Is act or will be in the right Sean position on smiling any sort of type in casinos the salary cap so half the league is projected to be in the salary cap next year. It's a result of the caps like from two years ago increased spending that's a witness but. You know. There's a million ways to gold team and I think every gets caught up on thinking they're some magic solution. Because you have cap room where you have an exception or Uga. That's not necessarily true. If you look at how many teams got better this year because of trade. Or draft related moves vs teams that got a free agent to come into their cap room. The teams that did the former improved greater than the teams that just signed a free agent. So works. Yes. He says he known not all of summer tree but none not all of these cap it's in being in the luxury tax are created equal because. The blazers are in need a bunch with the Washington Wizards the Oklahoma City Thunder the Golden State Warriors in the Cleveland Cavaliers. They're very similar to the Washington Wizards in air fan base inhabited the salary cap listed there rat but they've got Bradley deal John Wall. In Maher Singler tot Otto Porter. And Kelly over his finger Lori now but tell you very it was a find in the diamond is it's a tough roster you are sitting there in right now there's this is where the blazer fans have issues that. K Evan Turner. This creating guy seventeen million next year eighteen million it's when he nineteen Alfred comedian is to steal of this thing at six point 99 dollars for next year. But Marreese heartless gets paid eleven million dollars next year eleven and half million dollars and 2019 Meyers Leonard gets paid ten and a half million dollars next year in eleven point two million dollars in the year after that. And that is bad in all wherein lies the issue here is that. It's not the blazes are over the cat has fans and carrots is double bad contracts it's where those bad contracts. Naked and inability to move them one. And choose to bring anybody else and he matches like trades in having assets and things like that totally agree 110%. But who's Biden the bullet on Myers Leonard's. Won the four million dollars season or 23 million dollars remaining on his cell nobody nobody you know he's gonna do it. Nobody in baton that's the frustrating part and that's why. People are upset about the salary cap issues is not your pain dame your pain CJ and you'd be willing to pay Yusuf Nur ditch. It's that. Yes these contracts are here king you move in if if they can move any of those deals as does proceed bad contracts. This fan base who don't know you know how. You know how he uses the word assets what are your assets for the team. If you have guys that are overpaid and you don't have draft picks. What assets do you have to be personal. That's how I asked the question meaning makes it out to sound like okay we're in good position of the draft is how you manufacture and how you build through the draft. I I believe that. I can trust that the process. Just when you overpay and now that your have no ability. Or zero. Ability to make any free agent moves that's what it becomes a little bit frustrating yes because you can add some veteran pieces Evan Turner's was to be a veteran piece that you had. Who's the best veteran that's been on the blazers what they're no longer on the roster. They're gone. Guys like Wesley Matthews Dona invest in the guy that doesn't view part of it means some of these guys the veterans that have been here that you're now moved. On from all right I mean if they don't word they don't work your best tensions are Damien malignancy chemicals. And that is. I'm all right Dane. Yes CJ McCollum. He navy and of those assets you're talking about maybe where what you get in return you might be that I like CJ. And I think sieges in nice player but sometimes it takes giving up a nice player. In throwing in when those Myers contracts or whatever and you get some nice players in return but it gives you a bit more flexibility as well they do you have trade exception to. I part of the solution. Part of the problem uncle buck is going to you pose some questions to us about. The solution or the problem. The music in the background. Guns at the. I heartily as worse yet. So. Part of the solution or part of the problem we're looking at the key pieces in the blazers organization or at least pieces that could potentially be on the move. I wanna know if you guys think they should be part of the foregoing forward or not. So we'll start with who carries in play along at that the employees in Texas yeah absolutely Texas on the text line. First we'll go with his Terry Stotts part of the solution or part of the problem. A part of the solution the united and I do not believe Terry Stotts part of the problem mentioned this tweet earlier for an now more. The action sports network. The blazers had more unguarded shots than any other team in the NBA so far they've shot 36% he gets guys open he puts him in a good spot to succeed their defense is good team defense. He gets his guys to buy an idea nobly Terry Stotts for an. Highest also think solution I love everything he does I the only thing I'd like to see is more up tempo but if you have a roster the guys who can't finish out of the front. And get out and run that's not his fault. So yes part of the solution. Aren't so maybe a little trickier. Neil shape. Men. This is a tough one because. Mikey gets defensive. He did that frame it very well I think he's drafted well dean Miller siege in a coma thing that comes will be a nice player. And I think he keeps his job. But with all of that said I think that part of the problem is then and then nasty and you need a little streak a nasty union got blazers roster doesn't have a salsa problem. I also think part of the problem and I think you'll see we'll have his job as long as he wants. Here in Portland I don't I don't I think that he and Paul Allen have a good relationship I I could be off base but I think that's too. The only thing I'd like to see is is that if if we're never gonna change his personality would he be willing to understand and listen to other people in the organization. In ticketed car that I can have help I can bring in an assistant GM Mike and find somebody on the outside. Special assistant or even someway. Somehow somebody. What are you willing to do to listen to on the outside. This excerpt from incensed at the contracts injured after bad negotiating skills anyone think that he does is. If he drafts a guy he sticks by that guy and he wants a guide to. He's successful so he looks better obviously from any hangs on and animals is far too. Myers he's like a stock broker that hangs on to a stock too long and as it keeps falling keeps falling keeps throwing more money and holding onto it till it's rock bottom. All right so so Neil had this to say we're gonna move onto a couple reagents he had this to say about the upcoming creative class on his squad. That we can't really hear you don't to we can't discuss free agency I mean look he's restricted free agent and the normal handle that when free agency starts. But you know he's not the only restricted free agent on the roster you know that's restricted. Shabazz is restricted you know heads on restricted so we've got we got some you know some guys who got to deal with internally humbled like a civil handled. So we have some guys we need to talk about speaking of near future on that one. Yes starting you would start their referring to in her kitchen so we use of America it's part of the problem part of the solution. A solution. They had a big uptick defensively. I think he stays if the numbers right because it's the big goodwill the good things that he is somebody goes to high. Plays can't match because they're inside I could give. Uses or if I could give use of Meyer's contract that would take it all day long. The key is depth is depth that the blazers need he size he has those types ability to develop as a young player. That's a blazer dean is is big guys that come off the bench or even be a big body defender so yeah part of the solution. Our help up pat on a ten. CNN this is thing is I don't think that pack content is part of the problem. But I also don't think that he's part of the definition either it's I think he's got a no man's land yet if they were able to keep him honest and a low contract Hank Yankee packed content around. Because he's one of those chemistry guys that. That or she likes. Chemistry your difference maker I tiny difference makers and unfortunately you're in the performance based business nice guys are good good guys good locker room those things. And I wish pat all the luck in the world I'd really do but. You've got to be a difference maker out on the court if I did I just haven't seen that part yet insistently. Yeah Casey when he's on. Nannies funnel. But is this is Larry every single player on this roster outside Damon CJ well even CJ hasn't looked that this is a rollercoaster. So real quick before we get to Damon CJ. Shabazz Napier and Ed Davis solution problem Ed Davis solutions solutions solutions Ed Davey is that his nation yup. Right there with it should Baz to mean. He did not shoot well enough down the stretch we needed him the open shots he let go and he brings a good. Little bit a toughness he's he's just under said the blazers don't need small guards anymore we don't need undersized. Guards and he is undersized and so I would say part of the problem as soon as they appeared to mean is pack on them. Not part of problem. Probably not part of the solution. Guys in eleven Tim. So speaking of undersized guards CJ McCollum was asked about being the focal point with Damon whether they can be contenders together here's what seed you had to say. I think. You know for one people have to write about something so I think that's a good native to find knees left and you lose money into the playoffs but. You have to be realistic. When Nelson then. The best team in the NBA the last two years. Seven injury when team has tainted before senator Ewing team. And a team who lost what one game they lost one game in the playoffs and yourself. If that's the case. You know the other fifteen teeth he didn't even decent some serious changes as well not just with the back of woods or teams since. So we need to change I think everybody's it to try to figure out ways to improve but. Tino is 49 games is great we would like to achieve more and in the post season we did investor reality put. I think about it season in the Booth would like to. In the last five straight trips to the playoffs who like to be competitive you know against. I guess and the top two teams in the NBA and would like to gain because he's would like to advance in post season but it doesn't happen that way all the time. So obviously we need to improve in different ways to get better but. I don't necessarily think you know strategies. You know wanna make those type addressing changes but everybody has a right to their own opinion. And you have to respect that you have to agree with you can't respect people's opinion. And here you have to respect people's opinions you know even after drew them. Pay IA. So I think I know where you guys are on Damian Miller being part of the solution those CJ McCollum part of the problem part of the solution. A day it is CJ called himself this on Twitter he called himself. He called himself a lion. In airing his beef went during his beef with with Jason quick for NBC sports northwest about a tweet about doing that he called himself alliance. All right. That's if you want intensify your that I I got no problems believing yourself that I don't mean CG you gotta believe yourself you be great player. Nothing nothing wrong with that at all. Is CJ. A difference maker all star quality that can lead this team and help. Put pressure off Paul pressure off the Damien lowered. I've seen enough. For just in my Leggett said he said you know I'm too respected not my perspective. I respect him as a player it's part of the problem. I think one of the problems with this roster is you were physically allied. And I think that's. CJ McCollum is probably. One of the most tradable assets at this team has. Seat becomes a very good player in the in very good player CS bowls would be very valuable. On a yes on eight contending team in the NBA and he is wanted him. I don't think it will happen but I think that he is one of the guys that EA could trade him. And they can get a lot and return netting one of the problems that this team is your backcourt. Defense because. I mean you did defender heartless good defender. Near kitsch good defender those three guys and in their versatility to have. In the difference in this team becoming a top ten defense of team now number one interior. Defense in the NBA again. You can get by Saudi Nino or being a great good defender you need one more again listen when guys talk about things. And Clinton worry about things you can't control from the past. Talk about the future. Really like him a guy like this I'd I'd like to control man I like sieges game as that it not. That's gonna do it for problem or solution I'm all right he Beckham and in 55305. There is a lot of man lot of feedback coming in on this will put a bow on it. Coming up next applause got the baseball talk that we need to get to. I thought IP 05 that is pantex signed. Kissing game with young. You mentioned TJ is. Line quote the line close Sedona the most evil deeds in game of rounds according then north plains atom. It is they mean is it common phrase that. You know lines down. The line zone to. Concern themselves with sheep sheep and lions I thought it was wolves. No lines to animals and she lines dude I have referred to myself as an alpha before. And I don't. I mean that's because I've just I can be had a de under head most at times and I turn and kind of thinking in the wall and just not really think age is kind of blew. There's a meathead factor sometimes do but when I think of lions. For me I think of leaders. I think of guys that. Want the ball. Want to close. Into it it's a tough trait to it's in eight in confidence is great. You should be you should be confident I mean that it what's realistic is is that. Call yourself a lion and that's fine just be prepared for the criticism. Yeah I think he may be reading into it a little bit further than most people are but this has happened before dusty it's not like it's small army I mean you need to reiterating calls himself this multiple times this isn't something that he said oh yes this is not something that just pops up I'm never seemed apt this is mean you do your you're trying to sell something to somebody. Right. Arm I don't know man I don't know it's it's a whole deal later fans. Pretty worked up this morning you know and it. Saying the mailman makes good points. CJ in the noble senate. Ice is what I can't figure out is why everyone on the blaze just keeps talking about Golden State last time I checked we lost to the pelicans. Now an incredible last year because you bring up that ten game losing streak in the playoffs if you lost you lost six and Honda. Golden State but people are upset about the four real loss to the kids. Visit this wasn't the conversation last year and did. After getting swept by the New Orleans pelicans and it was the gold sewers disasters. Eight seed old state good. Guess huddled there was good. But. Pelicans are sweeping Golden State the next round can tell you that much you know and that's an I think experience brace brace yourself. New Orleans. Doesn't match up as favorably with Golden State shocking I know. But. They could get house if Seth Curry comes back in is is old self if they can get a house in blaze. Tentative feel much worse about it I think they're gonna go into the series a lot of confidence showed us I don't think it's a bad thing he's a walk through. I don't know that. They're young Eagles say when series on tucked in baseball. They'll ends. And not the not the diapers. Ichiro is still a mariner what are they doing if you're mayor Marion blazer fan a bad weekend for you did and what are they do and won the series. The two victory. Yeah but. Dade designated yeah Heredia. Her radiant here's what I think they're doing it for Dayton put him down to which miners and they keep. Ichiro on the date the he doesn't play yeah you're keeping Ichiro for the first quarter of the season exceed idiom forty games probably you're gonna get a chance not to be assigning get on out here there's a little bit of a sendoff may be. Kind of like what they did with Ken Griffey junior they brought him back for his. Farewell season I don't think he makes it through the season because you're you need roster spots but they at least get him maybe through corder. Because what is he really offering is he great locker room guy. No. Nobody you have a roster that's good enough to like compete right now and he's now one of those players it's good enough to compete it'll change things are gonna give it to. And that sucks shirt bears fans haven't watched them. She's eager. There are over five hour. Mean really there in third in that should be the frustrating part well there is there another 11 and 9 I am. Feeling pretty good about where I'm at right now and yes she said now you should that you should also wanna keep. A decent little player who got in the game that I was out before down Ichiro did. And it there are bring in any Ichiro to pinch hit against the Astros last win Thursday now. They brought in May there's. There's tons spoken rules of baseball that you need to do with these types of players that you could send off the samurai sendoff. Mr. chairman mariner blazer and cheese and malaise sucks and sports are. Mariners over 500 yet Patrick my whole re worried about you know after only gets on a future with Ford to and I can understand your blazer anger right now but Wu. Rudy got to argue the mayors and chiefs than being just thank you you take like the last oh I don't know seventeen years of the Mariners sending deacon. Have a good case I remember him now while you're a little beat up about it living. Yeah that all you got about baseball eggs when it on the Mims right now as that was your baseball hot take for the day now. I Derek Jeter audio for tomorrow that we can play who could he's taken a lot of heat. So I defend their Jeter. I'm a little bit I know what he's doing Iran knows what he's doing but he's not articulating it there'll. Yeah that's. Oh. I that's our debt it's a hard pill to swallow though if you're looking at the Marlins and he's saying that they're not tanking yet they treated their four best players. Where I can mean. Odyssey just beyond should the people who can't admit it because and he be in trouble. Yet the problems with the language there at the same thing that Adam silver was having with all the NBA guys even if it guys are clearly doing it they don't wanna say that they're doing it but they can't. Say that they are even though are knows. Well the Astros are pretty clear what they were doing. Baxter and I mean it's a Smart move the thing about it is that Jeter tried to sell it at the beginning. And that no we're here to compete right now and now people are looking at the product going or not and he's still trying to say returning to the bucket. Just down. In market down. We will hear how many times the Astros have tanked to success from I'm gonna say the over under this year will be twenty. For what about at times you say the Astros have tanked and name now successful. It will be happy to take over under a medal I can't take you over under kiss he won't remember it but were already were already past probably five or what is he started baseball season than if I say the 76ers did at the cubs did that. I mean Madonna. And and you're not gonna say the seven sixers with a 'cause you're gonna say these semester school yet but they're the defending World Series champions so you're talking congratulations I'm glad I'm I'm I'm happy for that that it worked. One a kid and I'll go back one more year or two in Chicago Cubs at it and I wording wants. In once and all these great franchise that tank and all the smallest gain in all this thanking his Reese is the key to success I get that I get it Beaumont know what my point is is that how many. How many times. It's just this market down boxes and said I'm just hey I embraced Al wholehearted embrace it. Well. It worked. For it and worked it did not work. Incredulous. That worked. Where it was awesome gradually since you saw some the new year some of the team so congratulations. To congratulations. You rarely uttered I know I does that mean it's like yeah every time someone mentions tanking. It's like foods the end all solution it's not the solution. Eight morbid the baseball in baseball if you're owners are willing to pony at the dollar if you don't have the dells like Derek Jeter. They don't have the money to compete by paying a Red Sox or yankees salary. They just don't have that money and so are the Dodgers they can't compete financially that's what he'd do. You do you try to find a shortcut in the short cut is through hell which is tanking. I don't I don't believe the tanking is that is the philosophy. But philosophy. Just don't think finding a way to lose and quit is the philosophy now being strategic and using your analytics and understand if you can underplayed. Players by having a great scouting department and doing it that way I believe a lot of great franchises do that Boston does that cardinals do it. You know the Dodgers do it they don't do that with tanking they do it really good strategy good front office good farm systems taking isn't always the solution it's an. Option. It's enough on this appeared broke TO like I mean it there's no broke Indy or there's no broke professional sports franchises but if your income. Well he does show that. You're not willing to you paid the salary your ownership is not willing to pay the salaries but I did not broke the Miami Marlins. It was in question whether or not they cried as he's done let's move on let's get on the stuff that Null or not and do that they had days they didn't know it's in question whether they had the financial backing to even purchase the team to let alone run it with they've. 200 million dollar pay grade. The other its indexer and the Mariners suspend correct that a money. Has nothing is as good with good people Smart people understanding how to develop know we'll tell doubt about it tanking doesn't you gotta have Smart. Smart people in leadership roles. Understanding and and and seen that talent and how good they can become. Losing the hell is a culture. That's target culture to be around enough. Well. But they do what you have to do is yet that direction with that and what all these good franchises dues that go this route. They bring up their young talent that they compile in the minors while they're taking they bring them all up together. Develop and build and together bring them up to the bigs at the same time to where they learn how to win. And if you look at way at the cubs were doing with the right Red Sox are doing I know nothing I was only minutes ago NASA bullied know what they brought them up through the minor league systems. Together so when Jake got a lot of championships they win. There's lots of ways this can it cap. Losing is just a bad Coulter sure is not good. Now. Now and Iowa last time I checked when you say the word tanking. Nobody thinks that that's a good thing. It's that it's not. Taking the yields daily drag it today no we don't write the word is formed you're trying to get a high draft pick though it it's it just is this. Now this idea you don't like it. I now. Does mean it doesn't work. But factories or by dusty cam on the pin. Tied 5505. And excellent I get a story from Australia here. You see at twelve year old boy. He asked his parents the go to Bali. And he stole his mom's credit card booked a flight from Australia to Bali. And left for two weeks without telling anybody. And they ended up. Tracking him down after his parents says wait a minute how did he get away with stealing his mom's credit cards so okay so he's twelve year old kid apparently in Australia. All you have to do is have a student ID and a passport to travel. Along even if you're twelfth. He got new and argue with his mom does it sounds like a brat away. Got his mom's like no you can't go to ball so humid in stole her credit card when she doesn't like at night. But his flights to ball only. Tricked his grandmother somehow Indy giving him his passport and city is going to school. Took off and rain around in Bali from march 8 through march 17. In his his idea was checked. One time the entire time even checked into a hotel by saying his sister would be their later. Sounds very it sounds fishy to me. Yeah. But. On that lines I did see the mom that left her five children home all under the age of twelve and took off to Europe for I don't know a month. She got in trouble also for that well where it meets a pair used to putting on and his decidedly the kids at home. Said the uncles coming over a few days but said I am out of here Obama's gonna go off to Europe. For month. The that is eating its own worst thing yes she got in trouble for that double machine at a prison. Prison yes. Yes I how many Q I'm not I'm not getting is any judge or five kids under twelve yeah that's a little risky I don't think I'm being facetious here she's probably going to be in trouble. Elena she got prison and we'll hopefully they have a father somewhere around the can crap lumber something that's nuts. The lunacy. Reviewer crazy but crazy people out. The balls on this kid next to your mom's credit card slide. Another come on we're all guilty of going in dad's all of that dollar to get these Laffy taffy that if you I. It's actually kind of impressively pulled it off him as impressive with the credit card bill. Pool deck Kevin McCallister didn't do that yes he didn't play dean might be the greatest credit card fraud of all time well hold on now. He did it by necessity. He didn't actively at the end of Canadian actively like try to get away from his fame. Now it was all on purpose it had to be solved part of the shoe. 55305. That is stand Texan I tell you can interact with this. Nine station where dirt it's great to be alive from noon to three Isaak ensue from retail seven. They'll be breaking down all of deep lasers postseason audio. Thank you for the feedback any interaction today. And next that was there were with college hour from nine to noon will be back tomorrow 6:9 AM has been dusting him. 1080 doesn't it.