Dusty & Cam Monday August 20, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, August 20th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, plus Doug Pederson has a decision to make about Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, AJ McCarron's injury may open the door for Buffalo rookie Josh Allen, the Seahawks struggle in their second preseason game, and your "Case of the Mondays" as we kick off the week.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and stamina morning's. Oh yeah. From the yeah. Really loved golf. Kerry patient we've just Dinara still. Czar for like yeah yeah. Isn't cool here in an NFL veteran can clearly meant. Me waiting for you in the parking on 1080s showtime and then. Yeah. Now another until. Dusty air camp Leland that you as beautiful Monday morning. Iron. Properly or any coaches in college football's going to be a heck of a deal as we go down of the line here. Because of Nick Saban is overrated too is properly rated. In college football on the coaching hierarchy while more on that. I coming up this hour roles ever kiss the Mondays by factories verified that you today tech's nine cent is cent a moral way. We are you got a couple good ones. And coming in content heavy while a lot and a felt shattered. This ally right now and it's so I don't. The Red Sox. Know. When Todd and why is it couldn't. Good at spotting and cool web Dustin in jail on your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great story. Compelling and rich. Hillary heating and cooling. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you won't have to wait until. Dollar homes Tony force said an important over the week and contracts are in the works to have the university of war again. And jolt G open up the 20/20 two season in Atlanta in nice neutral site game between Indian. You Georgia are playing Oregon in Atlanta. There's no they don't might be 5050 split right down the middle is still easy you know eventually when LA gets that stadium will get these gains pac twelve will come out there. But until Las Vegas added I want yellow isn't LA look no way when this happens and until that happens which is not until two when he took me do it. Any further. You know attract well we're gonna be heading east and down on it's your future road trip Brady as Ike. We know Oregon played. LSU. In new Calloway kick off classic. Imminent Oregon State played down there it's like when organ played LSU. In this stadium is they think ninety miles the Baton Rouge drag from Dallas or whatever now. And that's Houston but it's still really close it's not a very does that they can drive doesn't LSU yeah and they did. In droves in Europe were you at that game but I was. It is I'd buddies that went to that that said it is like 401 LSU oh yeah it was it felt like he was. USS and got an all right more one yen neutral site on the road when he played SEC team. No that's good WW reality in two weeks here we have been having a very clearly think that they Hillary seventy's it'll be 8020 that's my predictions are. Organ plays Georgia had. In Missoula Montana. No lend more fans. Because that's legal and it was still Georgia. And because that may be the place where it's too expensive the site from Atlanta on the you know and that mattered if you don't train. In the army's loaded that midnight train that this and from Georgia. Perfect. So whoever is early. Featuring. I'd love to take a train these leave on Thursday evening and head to a game get one of those cars like Bakley Babe Ruth had the backing his drink your way into the fun of the game until you therein. How awesome would that be ride the rails like a hobo. And the none genocide and hop and on the back cavalier tailgate in a little stick with the little handkerchief on the phone no that would be fun though a few weird like take an Amtrak we could do a show on there. Amtrak I'm guess I'm talking the custom training. Are there more derailed trains your total keep getting kind of old school I wanna steam engine train I. Perfect. They UCLA dealt a big blow yesterday starting linebacker Josh woods ruled out for the year with a knee injury. How important is this injury. We all know how much of the stick in the mud Chip Kelly is live injuries and he said this is a big one. And he sent thoughts and prayers to Josh woods is awful which is weird. Now we've had USC lost their starting middle linebacker now you have UCLA losing their middle linebacker. In practice. Talk about practice practice man things are about practice injuries injuries injuries. Well. The wind chill foods poorly no split open came to a close yesterday out at pumpkin ridge golf club. Some GA in making Web.Com tour history. At pumpkin ridge. With his win at eighteen under par he became the first player to lead the money list the entire season. Book ending his season with a win in the Bahamas at the very beginning. And ended the regular season with that went out of pumpkin ridge when he died tour cards were handed out. Yesterday. We discussed on Friday morning should Dierker Ernst and ended up actually at 36 hole record at the link of the Portland open. He needed a win to secure his tour card. In the final two days he finished two over par finished twelve under. He'll have to go through the playoffs most heartbreaking unknown Kevin Doherty. He's from California Sprint's Rickie Fowler golf and Oklahoma State. Missed it Chia. On that in a mean it rolled within an inch of that path that would have given him his tour card. Instead he ended up on the eighteenth green with tears in his eyes it's hard hard to understand that we think about four rounds of golf. You're just it's like one putt go in one extra shot one thing and comes down the last one in chief and now. That's experience images but. Although that is sad news the good news is is that. Kevin Doherty missed his tour. Missed his tour card but somebody else would have gone there's taken away. And it had been Hank Levy go to medio down. Who from Orlando Florida who ended up getting his tour card the 25 funneled through and make. For you think hammering at one paying one dollar salary and one good story for every can't get it drove. We're tour card or two or I'm still went online I think this Edmonds in the mountain. And that's cool it's it's cool Major League Baseball scoreboard from today so. You on talk about manners no violence I've had the answer is either good. Well yesterday the Mariners ended up. Losing to the Bill Ayers doesn't get obliterated in two games twelve to one B a twelve to one and they lost eleven wanna game one and then snuck in game obviously on a on a balk they wanna block there's a block off. It was him the buck off this bill is wrong with a Mong the among where we've got to do it guys in the dodgers' lead the league in home runs you know why. Because they hit the ball a lot terrible rap out of the ball launching as a good one by launching exit exit below exit deal he's as good yeah. I'm also to add insult to injury. The game was ended on an immaculate inning. Nine pitches. Three strikeouts through the Mariners and neck game. They say three net gains back. The Houston Astros in the AL west. Or forty halfback at Houston. Who is now one game up on the days of with a 94 win. And they ended up dropping two of three to the athletics and then heading into yesterday AL west was. Even Stevens there. There at three to have back to mariners are of the Oakland Athletics and a final wildcard spot. Of pivotal matchup coming up for the Mariners this week as they start the week. Against the Houston Astros could decide their fate their seat I will stand by my prediction that if the Mariners are are not within four games by September the start of the month of September it is going to be. Another missed year. So there's that's kind of optimism that is on this and I mean remaining us there filming him. And then I read off. Good news brilliant cal boroughs out there cowboys guard Zach Martin avoided this year as on Saturday as an MRI revealed. Some positive news no structural damage hyper extension of Disney you like we'll play the rest of the pre season. They do you hope to get him back for week one of the regular season now would be in massive injury. For the cowboys if you were to go down yet just hyper extension so that's. Mean these kids two and half weeks off for the ravens don't get those money for. All right that's what's on gold as Reggie diet every heating and cooling more than thirty trucks in Berlin in May go real one until it on area local trains comfort specialists. It's hard to stop a train. Carson wedge return is a lot AJ McCarron goes out and guess what second chances they can still happen some thirteen on the fan. You know kind of do the same thing you know was when it was Carson nick or nick person. It's so we're we're still still evaluating. But. This is all part of the process and plans that we've established or Fort Carson moved forward. Doug Peterson head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson once clear every turn eleven on eleven yesterday. Hey that's the extent cleared to return to eleven on eleven and team and not cleared to play in games hell's the difference there's a big difference but get. Yes it is this is a big step in his recovery. Sure it is but it is indeed an insignificant step when it comes down to you will it be. The determining factor in him playing week one because think about this. You what practice two weeks before you playing your first pre season game is not about right in that timetable there. Practice two weeks then you have your first pre season game. And then you have four of those before you play any regular season game and he's needing your ready are essentially let me help turn cancer around six weeks I mean that's as he's -- look at your your pre season is a good six weeks and then you get ready for that grind of the sixteen week so essentially what they're saying is that he's cleared for 1111 so this is where his two weeks both for any pre season game would even start. So then you'd probably say he's probably got a couple weeks after that to win he would be ready to go which would put him week three about said the regular season. I don't know she's just over nine months mean just or me were talking December 10 now we know how quickly that surgery happened so were a little over nine months a full recovery. And the question was it can't handle what you gotta get back out there and start targeting after the reports are his legs are strong. His velocity is back everything that there is is so available sup. Deal for Thursday's view. Is he goes back. Of course he's got another year of strength training can imagine those guys when Timmy we saw Andrew Luck at all he did was lift weights and mean look like a linebacker and you got done you know there. So take care everybody in. They need him win that's the best question for the Philadelphia Eagles wind they need him. Is seems possible it would be nice to have him. Be nice to have. What do you think as though he and just stepping in getting the first team reps and split them 5050 to Naples right away which sending that they're doing in. I mean I did they you wanna get him in with the first team but. Are you also at the same times and they're going man we need to prepare to have nick pulls a bright now because he's the Carson went to still so limited in what he does. Why not decide him with the twos for now until he is. A little bit more ready to go I don't think Doug Peterson ever wavered off the fact that Carson Wentz is the sheriff and he is the starter. Now he's the guy he's ever I don't think it's ever been in question nick falls seems to think that it yeah. He knows it. I don't think big falls has a problem with that either. Because he would have asked for trade he would he would have been one of the guys and remember all the stories about nick foals and you get to hear during the Super Bowl. What it was like to be him and his Fam she is not one of those guys that's going to be checked me out I want to release I want mine and he's not I mean he did you just clearly he is a team guy got a Super Bowl championship would mean he'd just he would just sit back and wait. And NC when the next opportunity will arrive. While one of those guys said it wants to be a starter is Josh Allen their rookie in buffalo and looks like he's gonna get his. Chance to take over the starting Raines for the time being. As Jimmy can find out the hairline fracture of his collarbone and I heard today and I heard that's. One draft and analysis. Superstar. Mean this is it comes down to creed do when milk piper gives you an outline of football is he understands it from Josh sounds perspective he came on he said today. If the bills start Josh Allen of either of you would be the worst thing they've ever done in the history of their franchise. Now that's out of acclaim that it and we're talking about the Buffalo Bills Syria I think when they he means in court Iraqis that this kid is not even close to ready. And so you have to certainly computer and yes the five interceptions to this to the LA chargers Nate and Pete doesn't get a Biederman so ready to play. They should be big qualifier there. In the first half there. Big indeed your man did that in the first half hour using the Borough mean AJ McCarron goes down without fracturing so you know that's even if it's a hairline fracture. That's six weeks it having seal later if you're sitting there in your way. Top ten pick is still a guy that you're at third string right now. Visited should not say something about buffalo and Josh Allen if you east's top ten pick he's quarterback a union he's third string on your team. Right now when you starter goes out he's not that guy even stepping out. Well member would Jalen Ramsey said about just talent trash never won a big game ever call it's never beat anybody into the game. So. Now you're playing against the best in the world. Do you wanna see him thrown to the wolves or don't wanna just give him Redskins game reps. There's no simulation and game reps game reps for the ultimate thing you can be their practice reps practice reps are good scrimmage reps are good. Live game routes are are just you cannot replace those and experience. Did you simplify the offense enough could the Buffalo Bills really protect him and really simplified down to let him not make those mistakes on the regular season man you don't have a chance in the regular season and that says your defense is and I mean it do you think of Buffalo's defense in defense in defense of team yes they made the playoffs is the first time since 1999. But it doesn't matter. I think it very good defensive team certainly earning good defense but are you winning that division with Josh Allen. Island now. You win that division is anybody. No Kazaa breakers are gonna win that division in exactly. So I think that would be it a bed doubt be a big concern to me like I'm all for sitting at quarterback who's a rookie letting him learn furrier. But the fact that he would be third string behind need to in peer. At this point that below concerning a from Buffalo Bills then for a Cleveland though they got Louis bright spot. Josh Gordon announced his return over the weekend and her friend his mental. And physical health. Assessment and break. He was in his alcohol and drug treatment program that he's in he needs some time to step back a look at that his reception was. Glowing by everybody. In ninth we hear a lot of people say. All second chances are done in the NFL now Josh Gordon is the prime example that you can get a second chance is long here contrite. And EU accept blame for what you do mean you've written off as a guy who never understand never get it. I think that either the reception he got from people. Com on social media Dunn dean media I that was awesome to see that guys make an effort at it and people understand it. If you didn't look like he did or had the talent he did what what would he what would he be doing. With the NFL. When he mean if he didn't have the physical tools in the gifts that he had what with the league party Dundee. Are they would have cycled in out already. But isn't that everybody in the league. Not everybody. Not always there's guys to get chances that are just because they're I mean I've I've played with guys that are good not great athletes that would just started my college with found ways to stay in the leak. Found ways because they knew somebody and they had this in the can be a backup and they can look at that I mean there's backup quarterbacks that I played with that would even started 4 eastern Washington. I mean they're they're really really not that good. But they knew somebody your new coach of the total bush put. That's the difference for this when you're a freak mutant athlete and that's what he is he's a free commute Napoli how many more chances does he deserve the league will tell you when your done they will. Always lets you know but the public won't always in the public is telling it doesn't care nano bed in that's the thing I'm talking about is that the public has even been given him a second chance to people complain until nobody gets a second chance anymore not know about seven chances people that accept blame men are contrite with that they need tend to get a second chance that's a Josh Gordon has done and I did I guy. Credit for owning it in a time where not a lot of people do owned and aired faults and there are BS and Josh Gordon. Eight if you look at the when the weight people feel by Josh Gordon. They aid everybody let's say he blew a chance he's saying I blew it and now I'm trying everything I can work my way back in his own it. Yeah and so that dollars in positive sign to see or the weekend and I can't wait to watch the hard knocks episode on his return and that probably won't be this week's episode. Either the Seahawks had there. Second pre season game and boy it was that a little shaking you mentioned backup quarterbacks around the league. There's a report that they tried to give up a lot to get Indies back up. Wants a little video here ground. Lilly classic. On that blames for them yesterday the Mets in the Phillies played in the second annual Little League classic where they take too big league teams. Plop them in Williamsport New York Knicks led the minor league stadium there. That is cool man vague you had the entire. Pitching rotation for the Mets who mourn the starters. They ended up. Going up and sitting in the stands at all the little leaguers in their uniforms. Out there but I am watching some redneck innovation at it's finest. Did you see the locals. Logo belts and no I was looking at some of that I've been looking at some of the players sit in the stands teaching guys throw curve balls. Yeah no kindergarten was doing all that he isn't mood doing hand gestures and showing how to go to the end that was cool idea on the locals as do local V locals Henri treating this that dusty underscore here and maybe one of the best things I've seen all today. On you got these rednecks sellers into it they put ups and scaffolding behind the right center fence ice in you tell veil on the property directly behind is an old Ricky Barnes. And I Major League game so they put up scaffolding. And they're up there in their lawn chairs at their cooler beer originated there's video of then just clearing out branches before they ask. Before the game started. And it would have been just parked it right behind their own Beers free ticket to the game man. America. Did take advantage of whatever opportunity got. Isn't scab and only heard around the house. It's a beard. Any more some baseball it's worth reading because he's only 2300 tickets. 23 and a hundred seats and I don't think he easing of all the little leaguers and their families take up a lot of those tickets serves tough ticket again honestly sort. Especially of them most of your shirts don't have sleeps in a home is. That was these guys is rocking out party Ian. In the in the right senator. Hub bleachers and that they created and self made bleachers yeah that's right. Would you think of the Seahawks 2414 lost the chargers we du pre season little shaky. The awful word for Seattle does not agree on offense still try to wonder what would. Coach Schottenheimer is is trying to I mean remember. This is pre season football so you're not game planning so they've been installing have been putting in the plays. They want the verbiage is different languages different all the things you're gonna see an info boring on the freezes all led those pre campaign install. You're not gonna see a lot of the sexy kind of offense a year expecting. It was more about the defense that I was looking now think worst the depth you right now that we're in the Danny got shredded shop offensively I think a lot of the people creating it criticizing critiquing the offense. In the ball in between it twice fantastic parents couldn't finish it should they got down instead the ten yard line often. But if you look at it Monday alum about Brian Schottenheimer offense that ease allowing Russell Wilson to take more shots. And I mean we year look at that we did too pretty deep ones. On in that game Medea 46 yarder. Even they're letting was Russell Wilson take shots but that right side of the offensive line. Still big concern on is specially when you had to put ricin there and at right guard. In a study right tackle I think I think German Jermaine affinity is on borrowed time Lori I think that is a lot that's a miss borrowed time will be in theater kid they're consistently saying that he's done a beat that guy right tackle they have to say that because they've put that kind of high draft choice on him I can't. Unless I come out of nowhere this year and sharpens up and really has a really big big time sophomore season. I don't do that as a major liability in my opinion you get Russell Wilson killed when you got to see him he got there's a couple there and pass rushes and by the way the chargers and can they get to them. They can get to the court reg is gives anybody they're in the real bed. As everybody's buying stock or my pick for winning their division as everybody's buying stock in need chiefs and the raiders. The chargers just sat there one game out of the playoffs last year and getting better. And I don't know many are reverend Philip Rivers may have his run this year they're NN near the end it is and ended his career they're going to be dang good Ingram. And then boasts obviously on it but that passers they are stinking guts but the defense though you mentioned the holes in the death there. That secondary looks. Pretty thin without Earl Thomas roaming boats and mean Earl Thomas does so much I know that the Seahawks have always been able to develop guys that we didn't know we never knew Earl Thomas was we didn't know cam chance there was we had no idea that a fifth round pick from from Stanford would turn into Richard Sherman and of course Brandon brown arming these guys this is what happens so can the Seahawks recreate lightening in a bottle again with some of these new players. And see some of that. Time will tell C but we did we don't have the kind of patience and Pete Carroll at 66 years old. We'd we do know we didn't know literal Thomas was on the news and all American and he was he was like does not sell America on come to believe our volume Lazio and until that first round pick. You know he was that guide you were expecting in without him. You're seeing how glaring those holes have banned. I mean he's that even as the linchpin of that thing to where. He's like from a guy that was to expendable. And with Richard Germany came to if you remember world came in lawyer Malloy was still on the team in and I remember talking to lowers India this kid's going to be legit he just needs more time to develop and understand it. And of course Earl Thomas is a major injuries but he is a center fielders gives anybody that's played the game with his size and speed in ground. Closing ability that's what he has you know without him back there I don't know if he feels like he wants to lead this crop of guys that he's got no connection to. If the money's not right well and not bad game in the secondary in the way they load to aid maybe the biggest thing that forces the hand of Seattle did to move him in May be not. Be so hard lined on the offer is that they're making and we all know in these sorts of things happen. What could be is that the best offer that they were hurt and they were gonna get for Earl Thomas may already be in the rear being near. I don't fits in the rear view him I don't I don't think so. No I don't I think there's going to be some desperate team out there and somebody's gonna need to move and somebody's going to be willing to give it fitted navy Seattle. Right now I think Seattle's biggest concern notes that sounds strange and a defense but their backup quarterback situation. In the dollar and without Russell Wilson in the game it's crickets. It's bad it's really bad right now and there's a report on the heels of that Dag game that. These Seattle Seahawks suffered a second round pick to Indianapolis. For Jacoby percent. And it is they got read rebuffed on that offer but Austin Davis and Alex would do in the next do you mr. McGill. On in Oslo no he's not only does a great name again is agreement you should go on the do I suddenly got him ago. But our Austin Davis and Alex and got those guys. Armed backup quarterbacks in the film and they're going to be in trouble Brussels and ever gets hurt and we Jermaine said he as we're talking about a right tackle him Russell Wilson. How many more years can he take hits like that I don't know who he keeps take care of his body. He can't he can't I don't I think you're gonna see you're gonna see the way what they did was shot or did with the jets with Mark Sanchez. Which is keeping him in the pocket more and getting the ball. You see him get out of it. Quicker you're gonna see more fullback running the football directly led Russell Wilson extend those plays like last year that was terrifying. Yeah primer remember the play vs Arizona on Monday nine errors Sunday night game we spun around put. I don't know if we're gonna see all those now I know there all of your Seahawks fans and what he does so well and we need those kind of plays out but how you live and die on that there's no way you can does nobody designs plays. For play extension. You walk around the corner go. Here let's hold the ball for ten seconds and see what happens and that's the scariest thing about Russell Wilson is that he'd that's not who he's been ever. Is a test of all did it on your hands quickly. In. You're gonna have to read you're guaranteed several dogs if you need tricks here. Meaning in the water. That worry you today consider I don't I don't know item and I wouldn't argue this is its football man you're gonna get hurt these. Liberal who had to encounter and need retraining him. Don't doubt that he evolution of becoming only quarterback that's right big Russell Wilson takes that tier one. Alternate step what he becomes a top five in he is in my tier one Russell Wilson is my tier one but he's got to compete. With the top top top guys and what separates him and why Aaron Rodgers so good. Because accuracy. Ability to get the ball out of his hands quickly that's the one thing that I would like to see Russell Wilson develop is a faster out of his hand ball who's a guy that is extended plays. Firs first hand clears and his crew now turned into a pocket passer like that what Brett Favre. Number afar was me he he would run around like violated league mutant out there does all over the place sling and it but when you got into it though when he's young now he's still got the ball out quick and was boom boom boom Jesse's in the West Coast offense and had to you what's the number one thing that coach's quarterback coaches coordinators all tell young quarterbacks that. Every time they get the league. This is what happens to them. Because in college what can you do you hold the ball and you can't hold the ball in the league Johnny man's now you can't he cannot hold the ball. You don't have that kind of time guys are too fast everybody's fast and just in college football game in time to separate all the make him make if you guys mr. rotate. You don't know they don't continue to separate and he's gotten away with it to this point in his career and this lawyer mcdonalds asked you last year and messed up his ankle beef. Night by five to Asia I'm not great. For the Seattle Seahawks to start pre season especially game number two moving the ball offensively defense in depth is the issue. Moving forward and that backup quarterback position. Especially our time to fire up. Jason hello. Monday's what's bothering you 55305. That is Betty today Tex signed dusting cam on the fans. Everyone's favorite decade. It. Sounds like someone has a case. Could you have to go. And I'll listen enough. A case of the Mondays and part of Dustin jam in the morning sounds like somebody's gotta he's the mood. And 1080 yeah. Hole. And 5530. Find that he'd better you today tax line once grinding your gears. On this. Monday morning. Checks coming in five factories your five buried today tech signed. Two days hangover after a body's letting getting old so not selling coming in hot nanny to. Self inflicted these two day hangovers brutal and there comes a time where you experience it for the first time in. We say it often like growing I never doing it again. But after. After the first we can and may every single year. When I go down for football alumni golf tournament. Get dark. And there's a there's a good run right guy and I don't have monitoring Jenna I don't feel well until Wednesday. So it's actually they got four or five day hangover who at that means the news is doesn't sound good at all not known socket. This textures says faith love waking up to a flat tire this is number two in one month. Who give a bad neighbors a land near Al hello. They've begun an uneven wield its cars on the flat okay. I'm never understood this would you would you go what they're out of out of your neighbor three irritated theory is notice. No knife and now I've never understood tire slashes that was an Illinois and another option in this Hewitt and not to damage is now just how high would you do it why tires slashed years I've never understood it. What goes into the thought process of entire slasher to jilted lover. I echo now it's not because it can do is being idiot you know get his number really gonna get them. Premiere client there. Rely on the same vein of what keen someone's aren't right again don't understand that no it's it's garbage Biden people do it. Especially arraignments. You know of course the rain and proceed uneven now can't clear ending this segment standing up what is your chase the Monday's. I got a little rambunctious at practice this weekend it's either did some. You know we did downstairs come out of stands little bit he still got it still got it and then you know your fine and then all of a sudden you wake up the good old man moments though. Ago I goal a goal. And rightly issue. Will slower example I don't know while muscle is I think it's the Claude. Handy during the quad groin the hip flexor is all that it's all in that area to soar. You know that old man soreness. Your old dude I'd hate mail in my mind I this funny all lineup again and as a Texas thing to do the deal and spot. Say fire the law a high school kids would probably kick my butt who thinks so I make you rethink your one play and you have and you. I don't think I have a clue you don't have one plane tomorrow I've been I've been dead you said day you have one play and you have me hitting the ground and then carrying stretchers and now you do not have one plane violently you have half a play. I had a I can get kind of there's one thing I can go back if I could view Mike it's now. Long snapper site it's now such a good gig to have again in their throw a dart back there and trot my way down the field and step off the Lal they'd try and down that's how you get cut nine. Now yet and you fly down there you can we you know what's great about you can hit the senator he Morse the greatest thing. When I was playing man they could just knock your backside over to get hit to the top and helmet from and they get it was awful they'd line right over the top EU and east. Meets him and he killed here. I had this case the money is coming in my wife would agree with this is does DM. Sugar ants in my house sides in battling those little bastards for over a month now that multiple exterminators up of these little cramped Penske is. Coming up bolt upstairs and downstairs I'm tired of it. Those things are knowing. We got I've could be it's everywhere in the house home defense. In ortho home defense. Sprayed ourselves actually works pretty good and it worst pretty good keep them now and yet to do it every couple months or some. But can't really get rid of him he's got to find out where they come in and out in spray around there. In and if they're finding new AND that are harmless this is freaky looking at this line of ants everywhere now they're not harmless they're just very very annoying in that someone that's doing harm June and my wife's mental state she breaks out of rants can handle spider. Can handle anything really ants. Send her over the edge who really yeah. She hates answer the passion. Andy Stern is to tell you there's nothing you can do a lot of amnesia is moving him around there's billions of them on earth and they just. They live underground you can't really Garrett and he's got to hope peaking contain him enough. It sock. But do you have any. Be a tough we can in the Buckley household we lost our family dog over the last attend the last week so that was he's ill know about the poppies poppies fine. Seven year old Bullmastiff had to get put down dissent that's big dog to answer that is getting dark. Has big doubt issues about 95 pounds. Let's sucks but concern here about that yet it's rough but we've got a couple other dogs are keeping us happy for the time being on the Don. The dog family over them. Here we are teachers start to come and mean wake in burly dude just kids to schedule for school yeah teachers handy is sending back. Gone back to school today on public schools teaches there and she went back to work first day today she got out solid teachers. In back to the grind yell you kids that have been going to bed at 103011. And stand up sleep in until ten all the sudden if you don't get into that every team those first weeks he's that you zombie. And I guarantee that teachers are looking to kids are just zombies for the first two weeks I used to refused to do that before the last week of what now this is my last week Bremer and then sure enough the first week was just miserable you're talking fortified our different wake up time. Hand. Guy the left my keys in my girlfriend's car this morning she leaves thirty minutes before me works 45 minutes away no chance she can come back. Let's figure murmuring to work you don't have a spare set of keys when a tip despair is that it might reaching here does everybody have two sets maybe she has the other set. She I don't know a's guessing. You know let my wife thinks that it's a good idea for the other person to have the spare key on their tearing off as she wants me to have despairing deputies spare key to her car on Mike hearing went whoever said that's a good idea that's my point. Is that no that's not a good you won it at home. Because what good does it do you if you lose your key and I haven't. In I'm not with you yet it's only good appeared there's a third key that stays at home. They're means to be a third on the grassy Knoll somewhere somewhere in the house that's a lockbox Musharraf there. Yeah well it that doesn't make any sense to me I don't know man groups are not with him I didn't I know with her not you know and change anything carrying it no no periods indicted she thinks that that's a way to go about it Mike no that's not me no way that makes any sense at all whatsoever in zero. Just fix everything so and the mailman. Spending all my two week vacation money replacing my transmission and having to sit at home all eyes and the skis you drive a forward cheerful wait. Sam I just guessed that it alleged I don't know mailed us home he'll try to mail struggle is this I hear my sorry you gotta tell me what you drive so we know. Why are you taking shots at fort had a Ford I don't have problems not insist on my car fixed itself which is called rivalry mark. In the car and the car business here eager for your Chevy guys kind of how it works in you know that. You're Ford family. Yeah and I'm not opposed to chevys and them okay I'm no problem societies. If they make gay card banking Guinea from point eight obtained way to be always had a great job on the fence would you like you do liken it to get the car. I'd probably sit on the fence of callers here right. And not sitting here at holy smokes. At a dusty hair on the fence yet again but that the yes. Yeah as ski and this is the big captain fence rider. You have no idea the loyalty to your brand. You stay with the brand loyal brand. Aaron Rome. Have fun with. Heeding your car I don't hear a car or just him no way you'll be loyal. If fish. PU and UN Dunston says he's going back Jordan in night shift again 6 PM to 6 AM. Oh see you listen listen here at home and thanks Essen is good having you I don't get times out. 55305. That is the better use today. Tax on god next overrated underrated coach is the pac twelve leads the charge in one of these categories which one isn't testing cam on the fans.