Dusty & Cam Monday August 20, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, August 20th
Dusty and Cam re-visit our Textual Relations and the debate of whether or not Nick Saban is overrated, plus three of the nation's most underrated coaches reside in the Pac-12, and what the conference should do and needs to do to change both the local and national perception. 

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. The latest read age Smart kids is driving entire neighborhoods grazing is column does in jam in the morning like well. We just era where you want. And I'm still veteran Jim Leland. Wall. Dusty and jet in the morning you know and 1080 I think it's added kind of go away it's not gonna take it right include less. And he's been since. I. I size 30 file that is he'd better ye who today text line. We're now getting home remedies for getting rid us. Getting rid of ants. And to get rid of two here in advance all over the place borax and sugar on cotton balls plays everywhere. Publishing grants that the master your walls you know that's terrible thing to think about. Disgusting I know I'd rather Vance and in rats. And mice. Yup we all know long they do is stated though that does or read rip at an answer actually easier irritant in mice and. No Heisman no easy rats in my freezer get rid of the Nantes. Yeah I'd mice my last department if not he's getting rid of them in in the apartment yeah we will also we lived above restaurant who. The scary and we had a than I thought we had that really wet win over the last winner after a bunch of dry ones then all the rats and mice nests in the local park got a got flooded and many took to the building. That's a fine. Now thank you. Rats in nicer grossed an answer just annoying their test what do its deal. The beat is they pollinate their flour to make a colony. You watch a movie against the maker colony if any means what do they do for us Illinois we need do for the world besides it's to be past. They lift things like 500 times there wait yes there are critical or credible catch him by the way these ants aren't that big a deal. What you guys they had down south you'd like bend the fire and all the fire ants idea I've been carrier had your had that experience were bidding goal few it was in Texas it was brutal it is terrifying they have huge mounds in your yard and nowhere yacht scary K those are scared he's answering. And very annoying. All they're here are forced to annoy people. ABs area it's more valuable the east beat white. These K let me rephrase that didn't close walk sounds question no it's not know there's money ease there's honey bees that are very important that pollinate the. Bonkers. Ans not so much in but the big and I appreciate it. Why I don't know because they're so strong and ended up they do some cool stuff and they always stand line and they marched to. The order you nick crazy how they all stay in the line in the U define the track pack. It do its gates courage incredible considering that their last real microscopic it is somewhat impressive isn't impressive you don't want to ground the ultimate teamwork and a follow the leader. There'll dates and a on people around. And everything for their own or 2021 woman who. Sort of eased into what their bees it's true you know. Right 5305. Betty today Tex and we're talking about how in their sexual relations at. How there's a coach out there are actually couple coaches that vote in Nick Saban as one of the most overrated coaches in college football the reasoning for one of the cuts is that he's a cheater. And he only has the best recruiting class every year how many and if everybody had we'd all be good. On which is a pretty stupid way to put that because recruiting is part of being a head coach. A Willie Taggart gene Franklin we're number one on that one. In two respectively T want. In the most overrated coaches by their peers but the underrated coaches in college football. Is actually dominated by the pac twelve. This is from their peers according CBS sports the most underrated coaching college football. Is it tied between David shot Stanford. And Chris Peterson of Washington. Both of them garnering 12% of the vote in Florida's Dan Moline. Along with Pat Fitzgerald of northwestern in Kyle Willingham. Tied for third at 8% of the vote so three of the top five. The most underrated coaches in all of college hope resides in the pactel comfort if you were. Think it ever criteria. Or couple couple things you look forward that says rated verses underrated. Because there's certainly no middle ground I think of football coaching purgatory is where you never wanna be just like you don't mean purgatory when it comes your competition. Or when your plane like. Known blazers basketball anyway. So what I'm saying is is that there are certain things that you look for what makes you underrated and overrated is because you've taken a team. Like a twelve team doesn't get the same types of recruits that it SEC team. And you can sometimes compete with them or you win game or you be relevant nationally. What what what are what are criteria is that you use all u.'s recruiting. Also you playing well in big games played well in big games when you need to. And developing and I think personally that when you can develop NFL talent. And you and he secretly. Mean you start to see more and more of those schools guys in the league and you look at it what you mean how are those guys translate to the NFL so much better the nets coaches guys. You know does that make sense stuff I'm developing quarterbacks and I'm can cornerbacks are really good in the league the last time there's been a great US seek or rack. A Carson Palmer and opted been quite awhile. Not Matt Barkley not Mark Sanchez. Not John David duty so ya will hopefully see one coming down there with Sam Arnold. But has been a huge gap but they always is how quarterbacks. Always kind of funny that if you look on if you think about that. USC I think a lot of teams would love to have one quarterback every problem every eighteen years BA massive hit in the NFL I Carson Palmer and then potentially send Arnold and exit it is still hard to pump out quarterbacks that are stars in the NFL. No we don't get enough credit for for what it is like one in every eighteen years it's because Mark Sanchez John David but he Matt Barkley didn't Matt Barkley didn't pan out. That's why people get upset if I ask you this. Hardest job in sports in the world most difficult job. In sports to be good out not just great or early two or talking to being good at hardest job in the world. In sports. Court and I would say hitting in baseball. Being hitter there's only 32 mayors are only 32 in the world yeah. And by the time you're done there's only six that are better elite and there's probably another ten to twelve that are better quality you're good yeah. That to me don't think it mean that in the drop off is so severe it like you once you get to write mean QB like sixteen or eighteen in the league if your fan of those other twelve easier to be terrified. And exactly right and there is also a case it was harder to winning college football without a quarterback. Or is it more impressive that guys like putt keep pumping out quarterbacks in the NF. Herder would say that harder to win about with Al quarterbacks out in the lead Korda without even beat cornerback play like a transcendent NFL tight. So like more than the you can just looked Alabama with the last time they got to transcended exactly talented quarterback low last year maybe we know he's a fresh reasons I'm so we have no idea what I'm going to be. But at least one good throw he's something special what he has that talent that's been like. He dated the SEC is largely done I was quarterbacks that haven't been that great in when you do having great cornerback country dare Dutton like Tim Tebow. Who is dominant Cam Newton at the cause of Camden yet these guys lol. Yeah it shows head and shoulders how much they are above the game. But then you have like big greatest dynasties and it lets guys that have bam a bangs and that's about it Greg McIlroy is what do you look for when you see though those so when I asked this question what what are what are the some of the what are the signs that you look for from a great coach. That will be a guy that that says I'm properly rated them overrated I'm underrated. Mean is there something that you look for immediately is that the way they talk is that the way they. They develop their talent is it how they they hold a room is at some of the things you look for I think third. You do it it's kind of like you just know what when you see it will yet it gets an impossible question answer because of the fact and it's a different. On each. Case by case basis like each program you can take a coach and he's it'll work at Stanford and David shot does. Would David shot does will it work. Elsewhere the same way that he does. No I think and that's part of it is like having the awareness of what the programs like Gary Anderson. He had no idea. What it was what it took to be to head coach an organ state what it takes to win in a place like Corvallis the people they have to attract there. To become that type of program and had deal winners and rag at night. It Willie Taggart I doubt he really truly understood kind of what it meant what it took to win at a place like the university mortgage. Now that may work at Florida State I don't know. But each university so much different then day and every other spot. You don't think there're couple things that when you see that makes agree coach. Now I mean it is that can commanding of around the there's a lot of guys who can do that there are terrible at a I think its attention to detail now. Not everybody's really good at that organization organization in a routine and attention to detail you say organization or routine archive all similar they plan. The other very similar most coaches are super hyper detailed in outsourcing which you make to that level what separates. And we well. Mean a lot of things separate and why is did show different why is David shot perfect for Stanford. Because he is a Smart guy who went there that understands. The university understands that type of person that goes to Stanford. And what he's at one Jim Harbaugh did a good job of perfecting your recruiting him. Formula. To evaluate talent for Stanford. And he was a big part of that to always tell the NFL turns into a little bit of a copycat only because a lot of coaches will say watch the last four weeks the game plan that looking your game plan in the same same plays are in. From the week's two prior because you don't go for more than four games back that's kind of how you do in the game plan. Coaches that are copycats are always looking to evolve and change. You know coach McCarthy a Green Bay turns over his staff every two years to get more inner Jackson because they're not set in stone. In worried about their buddies they're wearing trying to develop. Men underneath I look for great coaches when I make accommodation I look at somebody like an Andy Reid who has. More coaches out of one super balls. Outside of him. Then on then underneath his staffers got this never got a Super Bowl and he's developed talent underneath him. That's all I separate agree coach when those coaches that your coaching wits. End up getting head coaching jobs in their successful that is a huge huge turn to why they're great Nick Saban is he developing great coaches. He's gonna get a chance to see wanna Tennessee certainly wanna Georgia more and more coming from under his tree we. Again Jeremy Pruitt he's gad take Kirby Smart Mario crystal ball is one as his guys as well monster tree. Because we've we forget how long Nick Saban has the has been around the sink what does this say though about the pac twelve. That three of the five coaches by their peers are considered underrated 815 on the fan. I thought I'd see your family is say. That three of the top five most underrated coaches in the country according to their peers. Are out of the pac twelve David shock Chris Peterson tied for first in the coaches. Voting on this how Willingham. Was tied for third. With. Dan Moline and Pat Fitzgerald and the only other coaches so blunt in the Big Ten. And one from the SEC three from the pac twelve. This question came in. Are you today text line. Chip Kelly overrated. I don't think we know. Because I think at the time he coached org and he was a revolutionary as far as the things he was doing with a hurried up in the spread and now we have to teams in the country you're running something similar not the same thing. But everyone has learned. If they had to defend against it which before people had struggles with so all the interest to deceive you reinvents himself and all of his system still works at all. It's Hee-Won is not overrated he might be now we don't know his offenses are still be in the NFL now. He had not sustainable only because disarm the depth on the depth you know he wasn't running weight training college in the NFL either know and he didn't have all those. Extra bodies on defense to row. Aid in earlier I'm sure. The other thing too was everybody in the league is very very good defense you only have to play in college football you play you play twelve games you play four good defenses. For came the NFL you play sixteen good defense. That's isn't that it's it's just a little bit different. You're right because I think when Nick Saban changed his mentality. When make a great coach when your overrated as and when you beats rests on your morals and you go lose spread thing you know these kids hurry up offense and then when mixing you know what's Nick Saban doing. This branded as having an Israeli and O'Neal has an on order background and our stuff so what will Chip Kelly do now that everybody's running the same thing will he reinvent will be changed I think that will be a big time. It'll be it'll be one of those light bulb moments forum yeah. I mean. And I don't know but Chip Kelly is not overrated because of what he was able to DO. At a org and was nothing short of amazing. Mean his record kinda speaks for itself on what he was able to do with the docs I. I tend to think that Nick Saban I'm sorry that the Chip Kelly is going to how of one of those. It is not fit for although he said I didn't feel like I loved college I was felt like there was this chip killing thing it said. Commented for college I want to go to the NFL and in the end Saban said the same thing can chip Kelly's perfectly built for the for college football he hates her hurting. You know made that's a big difference knicks saint. Loves rigor he loves the self loves it loves or loves a neat you know when he was hired at Alabama. On he said. On a flight from Miami attitude tusk whose he has you know he just got the best damn recruiter in the country. And date it turns out he actually is the best hamburger in the country noise Aspen. But if you look at it and what makes the pac twelve. Mean what do we say would anything to the pac twelve knowing that. You not only have the David shot Chris Petersen how winning him but it Chip Kelly as well and there's no teams that are supposed to be in the college football playoff record in the Vegas odds they were left on a college football playoff last year room. Mean there's good coaching here we know that. Great coaching great coaching no numbers and that's it it's a gins NGOs. Yeah I just how many how many division one guys came out of the state of organ last year at just under ten. You do I think you're not on you may be and then like five they Washington I think had sixteen. Yeah. Maybe a little bit more than that I mean I'm quoting here in my beast in my rear a sixteen to eighteen. Maybe a little bit. California has sixteen and one school. Yeah so you're either their numbers are are as staggering as he dean they would before being aid. Stayed as -- don't we don't have the luxury of the numbers we don't and were to spread out. So kids have to you have to really really really dig down and get those recruits from. From the islands yet to get from Southern California so the coaches can be great and the money's good here it's West Coast money. The West Coast money does not go like Tuscaloosa money in SEC money Jim bow official tell Leah you watched Texas seeing him. Texas a and M the next five years well how I believe a college football playoff run. Not also get a national championship but they will be in the hot. Yeah well they if they're not. Ill be that test at Kenya by championship they're trying to do it certainly are it's not just these Sony five million dollar contract that they gave to Jim both Fisher it's and gay. Did the massive renovation at Kyle field. They're trying to do everything with uniforms and facilities they can imagine they have the highest paid staff and all the SEC coming in this year and what's their biggest thing that got golf formally on the there on the good side of the SEC. Ian there in the SEC last switches not good not what may well. Because they have to go against LSU Alabama and Auburn every single year what that that's my point is that there are on the good side so if they do get through that. They're feeling they can crews. Yeah and that's the date that is going to be a big issue there is that can you buy a national championship or. Do you actually just need to being a place where you have a bunch of dudes that you can take from. Because the wind has a mean who is our last. National title winner. That has not been from a talent rich state. In college football in college football Malia. Altogether a talent rich state I mean it's. I can't I mean you got to look at it to mean Clemson it's not like I think of clams and have here in the south may I understand that but you're not arrogant mean it's just. It's not it's so difficult. Soda there was less than we've had in northern. National championship. Game or team win at Ohio State. Yet I mean I guess it can be Sydor to cold weather team to finish their season you know that's Ohio State. Sub and if you look at it. We're talking about that West Coast kind of then the number of blue chip prospects around. So yes Florida with 65. Texas has 44. And as is the last year by the Latin California had 48 Georgia had forty. Ohio had twelve Louisiana had twelve North Carolina Pennsylvania each had told Tennessee it's eleven Alabama with ten. On Nanette does your top does the top ten schools in the country as far as blue Jude last Saturday's blue prospects and recruits. When you get organ had seven. In they were tied with like. New issue again. And then you have in us to take Oklahoma in you have to be within Mike over reaching distance of of those blue chips states or you're not gonna get and look how many. Louisiana. Tennessee Alabama they are not densely populated populated states they're just in a place. Where they've got an immense amount of talent all concentrated. And they got blue chip they are great football players summit. Imagine if you could drive around within two hours of Wear your hat and be able to recruit. Can you imagine the difference between what organ has city where they have to get on planes to recruit and very to have you just get new car now. Changes everything. Now that would be. And out BA game you're talking a high school coaches every single week you're gone out seen them in between a practice you're gone and there's just it's just makes life. So much easier. Yup and then if we're talking about that UK teams from calorie it's areas our last national champs have been Alabama Clemson. Alabama Ohio State Florida State Alabama. Auburn Alabama Florida LSU Florida Texas USC LSU Ohio State Miami Oklahoma Oklahoma in 2000. That's probably at that's as north as you get to know that no that's probably the last team to win a national championship. That was not from what we consider rate talent rich state. It's in the year 2000 the Oklahoma Sooners to think of it mean we just read them all off T it's it's all mean Ohio teams you know how. Highly in Ohio the northern team is or a detour pretty hot bed up you know they have. One today great recruiting base and a fertile recruiting base in the state of Ohio so do you hear that outsourcing do you hear that does that discourage it pac twelve is. Out here those of us that love the football and to get to see him meanwhile how how. How close you have to be the FD just like in an anabolic catch everybody in this hour. Warm weather sports we talk about baseball being a warm weather sport but the Yankees are great they're cold I mean that's this is different. Here organ state is a dominant program now in College Baseball that they have the luxury of having year round baseball here. Not less he got a dome in an ice field house no. Now so why not Q why can't the pac twelve figure that out with football. Why is James NGOs it is gyms and does that we get that done if you wanna go back even further. After that. Then against the Florida State Tennessee and you have Nebraska roads through breast is rounds in the restaurant. But. And that Washington 91. It's you it's all concentrated the south wins football championships. You need deeds to do it that's life. We have this congress is a good year can be. Getting to a New Year's Day six game New Year's six game ranked absolutely we don't see it that way it's either you get to the college football playoff or your season was a let down. For Washington USC for or against. For her in assuming Stanford two and in the near future it'll be a let down for UCLA Chip Kelly is as good as what they're paying him to be. And then they'd think about the. I don't I'm so tired of hearing you see if anybody gives you silly excuses or what they don't house. Come on I mean as he now you have Chip Kelly. Your facilities are fantastic here in Southern California your facilities are better than USC you're just not USC. Yeah I mean you know you give you should have no problem you don't have history and tradition accuracy but you have a campus that is actually. In a better location US seizes. If people know led the south part of the disease I can't this is called Compton now you pick in now. It say it's in a tough spot a year UCLA you have all those built in advantages there. Our five factories your Bible gives a semi your feedback on this because. It is chime in on the Betty today Tex signed five factories here five Reynolds boat was sports and there. I 55305. That is getting it takes and we're talking about these good coaches and you know pac twelve is one place has. Great coaching on the CBS sports article that has underrated coaches in college football voted on by the coaches three in the top five coming. From the pac twelve leader type not overrated going coach said Nick Saban is overrated. His coaching trees pretty impressive he is guides mark Antonio Jim though Fisher. Jim tackle Wayne. Will must champ. Jason Garrett Josh McDaniels Doug NASA Meyer pat Shermer Kirby Smart Lane Kiffin might barking deer to -- injured and Ireland and no one. I don't known now on. But he's got a pretty good list of great coach is on his coaching tree that. Having great coaches. And not the people to execute is kind of in the story of the pac twelve pac ten pac gave his net. Mean look at Bill Walsh at Stanford. They are good. How when he pitched national championships Bill Walsh went. What's different when your recruiting at Stanford that's good I will argue till I'm blue in the face. Larry Scott. And chancellors and everybody that formed the pac ten and then moved into the pac twelve when you brought. Utah meaning you brought Colorado you had a chance to set this conference up. Excuse me pause for dramatic effect. Get a chance to set this conference up for major success. In it when it formed Q you did. In you missed the boat and the reason why he missed the boat is because she did not set this conference up for success based upon. Howell is scheduled games and how you take care of the conference first. You worried about the outside perception you worried about the marketing aspect you worried about making this. These the Friday night games. You worried about making sure that you had the prime time 8 o'clock 730 start she worried about letting everybody in the country know. That hey they were out here. They were out here when you know what who'd people who do know the ones that are out here they do know is really good they understand what's teams are good. He know what the other conferences did. The Big Ten the SEC in the ACC they loaded up they took care of each other. And they said we're not gonna schedule crap games were not gonna try to put ourselves in bad situations we're gonna upgrade our coaches. We're gonna focus on two and now kids from organ in Washington. Go to SEC teams switch when I. It was never happening. It was never happening in net never you get one or T get a Jonathan. Dorms are you get a couple other guys it would go through Olmsted Jonathan Stewart because he was in a Carolina but he nightly for the ducks but what I mentioned is is that. You re very rare to get a kid that would jump ship and leave and now you get guys that jump. To the big tent to the SEC in economies and never would have left never. And so this conference has done so much about worried about public perception and being relevant Lee. Nationally. Instead of same were going to be insular. And we're gonna make our great teams are great coaches were gonna focus on on developing that and we're gonna really be protective instead of holding on to this. This this I don't know what it is UB just. If it drives me insane to think about how you're so worried about. The outside perception it's like that those people the aura to the party with in their dressing themselves up all the time they're so worried about what they look like. Instead of actually trying to fix your crappy advancements. Let Ned that sixth. That's the problem with the tacked onto we've talked about this the like the home in home series. With Dayton unless schools are destined never happen right in net instead doesn't happen in other conferences. Idea if they do it there's a reason why thank. The only reason lie. Eighteen would go down play Florida Atlantic or Central Florida is because they wanna get this foothold in recruiting wise in a place where they wouldn't be playing otherwise thank. You don't need to go to San Diego State if you're Stanford because you're in the state of California already. Right you there's no reason to do you can recruit selling California in just fine. Because you go to and you play in LA every single year again you don't need to be playing these games and there's no. There's no reason for organ to go to Wyoming ending go to Boise State. Do you know that I believe that if an SEC team like Texas a and M Texas a and M in the next five years I say will make runs. In the national championship in what they're going to do his schedule like Alabama. They're gonna have eight games are gonna have a bye week in week ten a plane the citadel or whoever they play with or they've played the sisters of the poorly in southern university and cheer you would know whoever they do and you know what were going to do out here in the pac twelve. And our radio stations up and down the conference were gonna go well. No play Notre Dame. And and were playing back to back road games on the road at 8 o'clock at night one on a Friday and another one on a Saturday and worked cost me a look how much harder we do with our. Any note everybody's gonna say come December. We can do we do. Nobody cared nobody disappointed that the conferences and cared because football playoff committee does not care. They care do you play for really tough games during the year jail for four give me four and then show me about seven more. Better better games it keep you in the conversation. Winnable games if you don't get their pac twelve that's what's gonna change its only thing that needs to change. Any knowledge there is a coverage aspect of this that that hits the pac told to you that doesn't get discussed enough is that. The pac twelve is covered even locally with the negative light like win. Or again is playing Indian win Washington hosted a Rutgers last year Inman they're hosting Portland State won Portland State comes down on May play organ stay in Oregon. In a B nobody's in the stands nobody shown up in the SEC you know people don't go to those games either like the southern game for Alabama. That's not India sellout folks. I get it there more debt won't be a packed house. In Tuscaloosa but they don't care but. Out here to be covered that are can't sell the seats here. But in the south it's like that knowledge this is more about a win than it is selling out the stadium because well aside every other game. And it seem like it's it bank the schools that I have to have been doing this slight by bringing in these games that are winnable games that help you go global and help you yelled. Climb in the latter in the college football hierarchy. How many times do we see or we gonna see this season where were targeting you and I are gonna have the same conversation we're gonna have. A fox sports analyst Joseph clapped every week on. On Fridays at 730 and were gonna get into this back and forth conversation and how many times do you think right now. We're gonna bring up the fact that scheduling is the most important thing in college shall. Well and also winning big games is important to like is this texture point seven but he today attacks on. Going one inane bulls don't help no it doesn't always a no I don't write it also doesn't help we need did. It's slapped in need not big nonconference games like if Washington got two big goes down that Dallas and they get dumped by Auburn be horrible for the power and a half. Currently and a you know if they good and a Nagin stumped. The horrible for the pact W absolutely would be it'll be horrible attack told the I didn't set the conference of for well thanks for coming in the USC goes to Texas and they get slapped around by Tom Herman scoop on the road that not will not be good for the actual conference. It won't be good when Michigan State rolls and Arizona State in invade delayed beat down on some levels. Not good for the pac twelve eggs he got to win those games any other winnable games and pactel struggled amble because. A lot of like last year with Washington. Top team didn't have a shot in a crack at one of those gray. Teams we hear in the pac twelve is fans and as administrators and as as football fans we called on to meaningless. Bullet points. Meaningless bullet points like pride full the too much pride. All overly overly excited about things that make no sense have no value in the national conversation college football. All that matters is scheduling and wins and making sure you're in that conversation at the end of the year the only way to do that. Is to take care of yourself first we need to do better and I just don't think Larry Scott is our leader. I'd say to his face or whenever any problem whether it but this is what I look at it starts with the leadership and comes all the way down. So does and you know. 55305. Betty today Tex and apparently irony here's some Letterman Meyerson. And Ohio State and do or die for the Adams does seem camel fan. I guess apparently we're gonna find out done soon about Urban Meyer in his days at and I state. What's your prediction. My prediction is that they don't do anything bad eyes. Hope they would accurate and I think gold don't come out with some self enforced. Rule changes. Were there coaching staff will determine whether we're gonna have a bull banned by the end of the regular season. Now an alias two games and I say don't know doable and this year I think there's gonna be some fines. Speakers are going to be some financial things that they donate to create some sort of had double that's gonna happen no I I believe that they're gonna do something but I do. There's in it I mean there's no way your Urban Meyers get fired I don't and you lose his job is no way I think you should I think we're gonna find out that he maybe didn't. Did what the contract said he was supposed to do and runner up a line and that. Might not be up morally for most people but contractually might be enough to keep Gene Smith is trying to go on that goes. Because it younger and Meyer will know point the finger up and he'll be like don't disagree with I said to him. And they're gonna run off the athletic director Greg PRD has you drumming up once and I'd put this through direct channels that are on you they can't beat because they could fire him for lying to the media but they're gonna. Guys we've got five days five hours. In nine minutes until the kickoff to the college football season count college tour games officially get under way to thirty. Pacific time. On Saturday UMass and do you Cain. Everybody's really fired up orders Duquesne. Yep. You Matt's plays do Taylor had his. I wanna save Phillippe our owners say Pennsylvania but I don't know limited all fact check that for geno could pent the state of Pennsylvania leads. In NFL hall of famers EA. A year nation that that's crazy. Dan Marino's. They're everywhere Franco Harris. The center of football. You really is. In California they're tuned and number two and nobody did think Pennsylvania thank you need I go into California is a Pittsburgh Pittsburgh because of so I'm not Philadelphia Billy. It's Pittsburg and self less act monster TV that I know why they filmed all the right moves during cold months. There are mustard president. The famous game ready brake anymore due to break. Nobody breaks the huddle that's that your who lost art mariners had a pivotal series. I was just looking at this soul. Ninety here from Jeff pass and the Yahoo! Sports. He's broken down the toughest remaining schedules by all of the teams in the playoff hunt right now again according to pass their eleven teams still a playoff chances. And he ranked this toughest schedules one through eleven. Mariners come in third. I'm not only behind the the Arizona Diamondbacks. In Atlanta Braves at the toughest schedule in baseball teeth there average when percent of opponents is. 500. On they had eighteen of their 37 games are at home but 23 of their final 37 games are against teams at the final. And or better record here they're gonna turn it and a source they're gonna turn it starts tonight. Because they have to Houston Astros tonight we swept them last time bro yeah. And in mid they'd. Yes they did they mariners didn't sweep the Astros did I love these games they basically count for double and that's the cool thing about playing your division ever endured visually seventeen times or whatever is if you can make up -- around even if you struggled a little bit celery you can play your way out of absolutely but they if they don't Obama another sweep and now they have seven wins against the Astros only their right where they need to be on him on a wholesale TV is still not back for the Houston Astros who led the second worst wind prisons of the last ten game does Georgia reared its. And George springer is back so. Springer's back pregnancy back Correia is back his back knee LT they'd be back in dire full strength. My name now back for this series do you think he makes back for the series. Multi day observation probably not street you know set he just had his first rehab. The game yesterday. But it is if Steve Mears gets left in this line. That's a big ones bedding kiss and devises a way BA's are playing right now he's won six of their last stage. In and the Rangers. For the next three. Yet eighteen he series and in about ten days band. Tonight guys you stand on August 30. Against the Oakland days. But I always ten days really find out the faster and easier Mariner's. The intense term future notices out. Did you ever kiss F rating. Stirred do you in the math and all this thing stuff. That's why it's fun now but then football season starts and we'll forget all about it and don't get into Georgia mariner fans. It was around I think he really that upset about it no yeah I am I've been waiting wait another year. What if that be awesome. That we wouldn't because they sweep your Astros your suggests delve beyond us. If they want you don't care aster is a World Series and he's settling and settling us a love for the Astor as you go back to class and another World Series. Ides of the a's don't make it an idea that. This again I make there in college are now an Indian industry leader in straight through December and tell us as consumers have a great Manila CDs are ready on the fans.