Dusty & Cam Monday May 21, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, May 21st
Dusty and Cam discuss whether Cavs-Celtics is a better than Warriors-Rockets after a 41-point blowout in Oakland, and with Vegas heading to the Stanley Cup Final does a fan base need to suffer before it can appreciate success?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning. Never about money for us it was about husband gets a system. That system that killed the human spirit. Stand so we're does Dinara have had the old bulls. And NFL veterans and Cleveland. And Tenet feels. Morning happy Monday a beautiful. Day in the rose city looking outside this guy is that the sun is out. I was known as sin as we're driving in this morning mr. Cleveland. Says are you start to come up. Whom. In Jamaica on Jamaica on no it's no higher various. It was his hearing myself talk and you know schooled by the time a year is eating go to bed when it's still light in the can wake up when it's like. And it that's rare for us and alike on event and it's late I I would sleep around I think ninth. It's yours yours thirty users went. 930 I don't remember I fills me with something with my iPad in my face. And then I woke up today. And allow for over four world five and this right now he's seal this and so that's that's why I love this I mean here I really did takes invective in the style of kid you just you just. You need less darkness and life in these were the best times when your kid and it was just basically hey. Year curfew will need time to be homeless in the sun went down you know like our I. That means I although I was not thirty yet did you when you were as you became a team. RO. Sting and keep forgetting where were part though. Did you stay up and watch sports center to like 1 in the morning yeah. Yeah it had to baseball clips. Yet do you you guys and that's where you go I place fallen you've got a news and you know what actually Angel and I notice this over the over the weekend. Sports senator we've talked about this briefly the sports center seems to be reverting back to the good old days where. Now it's corny but I loved it to sports it's the corny one liners it's more highlights. And they're just trying to pack in as many highlights is they can't. They still shy of the features down your throw which are. I don't mean teachers not only the exposes that and it all those but they're doing more and more of the job just giving you highlights giving you funny one liners that they're trying to to roll in there. I think for too long and they. Went away from being funny about sports and they went far too serious at that. I think we're starting to see ESP and get back to the good old days of sports and are we have every little bit of comedy. In there because. Wheat exports to seersucker a little bit let's make it light again and I think they're doing a good job all. And I. I wanna take sports serious all the time. Its discount Alan you know although this weekend was full and those you Arthur I and I don't know if you did the same thing I did not. I think the only time I spent inside my house was sleepy. It was beautiful. The northwest is incredible when the weather's nice is really nice it was get stuff done outside it was baseball games it was just everything and by the way. But our effort there was money last week with the official from nine year old sleep over party without all those girls. Lord. Did that now I'm I'm wondering. Worse you know the girls are OK what girls are are are way better listeners than boys are less I'm close I don't know about you that you notice that when your daughter that's true is your son is young. But the girls sleep over is just a little higher pitched. I that is the thing I hate his take on girls. Higher pitched to have that many girls in your house a one time with a big sleepover party still voices his through there and flea bags enjoyed they've played sports out on nine they had cupcakes it was great good. It get him outside did they let our royal wedding. We did not wake up early and watch the royal wedding. Anybody listening watched the royal where he. You'll know pride in watching you royal wedding. But I did see someone say that the queen looked like she was ready for Seahawks color Russian London yes she was in line greens she were lime green in blue. Knew Lou it was a whole deal so was the whole idea make a Berlin ought to I don't know anything all I saw as one clip and go with Prince Harry. His wife and that's it a solid clip for some on the Internet they have ended it was sheer volume of that Geller. Now deserves so this so the queen's is this chose to go off sets and she does she wanted to do your own thing. Out of your royal wedding breakdown Korea idea. Yes there's a lot of people that watch it though I I saw the real big celebs that were there. Then he Serena Williams there is Serena Williams when he's friends with with. Maybe with him you know with meg Marco I think that's what is the other of the bride and I believe George Clooney was there always that I did see the jury went out there and I didn't understand Mike. How it baked Clooney lets your connection here man you're like thirty to forty years older than you know I think they Clooney's wife or girlfriend is friends with mega Markel was 37. I did see this the royal wedding. Came in eight. In need top fifty US broadcasts at 28 team. Number one still remains the Super Bowl. With a 103 million viewers the Davis who ruled it's overtaken by the royal weddings than they were all picked yet number two is the State of the Union Address which is basically every year yet because it's on. Every single network you know we can't hide from it and then the AFC championship game the NFC championship game the ball the NFC divisional the AFC divisional the NFC wildcard. And then the royal wedding. Barely edging out big college football championship game. In in the United States this year 29 point two million Americans. Watched the royal wedding at the butt crack of done. Now you can argue this you can't tell me that we here as Americans are not interested in in the royals. As short as proof right there. Geno you say it's not that not that big a deal it's certainly bigger deal to somebody. As I said you'll be surprised yeah says of the fact that it knocked off the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in the college football championship game are royals but here's where here's where it gets the little ski week. This state of the union multiple networks the royal wedding was on every single channel as well. So it's like people half your forced to watch it because it's the only thing on your television. From like. Nine hours ago they had coverage edit. So I mean if you look at if you look at our sports. All of those games that of data is read off those are all just on one channel and one channel only. And that college football on doesn't even include the may cast that ESP and us that's just the main ESPN channel. Where the game is. So sports still rains bringing nor the first. Like an actual television show is no. I don't know if you leaving guess what did he was killers I've no idea now it's known I don't know I don't the bachelor bachelorette right nope. It's not a cycle finale isn't known notes this year to sign it as I'm not this year ideal this year becomes in twelfth. This is us on NBC and never once yeah are they got that Super Bowl bounce though there on after the super bullish yet. Seven years million people. Watched this is us. After this approvals. So they yell knowledge is power ego and I now. Are right row letting. Checked out finalists that things talked about the same room as I sub parts if you let it didn't think would want to watch said that word. Tweeting and they lied about it. Or face booking passionately cares. No they do care 292 people. Care and 12920 million billion I'm doing golf with a guy and Sunday's that I thought we declared our independence we didn't have to care about and that's the other thing as quickly as attacks says. A sub care about royal wedding since 91776. Well how about how about this there's always a great way to. Again baseball finds a way to do it cranked when they came out the baseball schedule. They did not know that the royal wedding would be on that weekend did you see who was flying each other this weekend. In the most fitting of baseball match ups now. The royals. On the way the Yankees I got and this on the weekend that a royal. Mary's a Yankee them. Baseball and that finds it waited way writing your heart to find a way to Angolan. And I remember was just like yesterday. Hey how about this are today in sports history speaking of based on 1943 the White Sox in Washington senators played the fastest nine inning game and American League history. It took 89 minutes. Which if you take that her out. That is one point seven minutes per out. That's faster than my Little League games say a minute I'm married and her little bit more. OK so their words twelve. Extra batters K because there's nine hits. No locks three. And nine it's wanting three hits together twelve additional matters to 64 total batters in the game. And in the 10 and for the senators which means each at bat. Lasted less than a minute on average. Because he's yet to take there's time in between innings sure for the teams take the field. Average better less than a minute. In that game or throw strikes first ball fastball let's get it and go. That idea what they did they bunt everything was a bunt. Once it he had in the first Qaeda but had about this I did every redundant. But there was it like they're amazing thing about that you had 64 total batters in a game. And it was 89 mini game in between innings you know incredible. I don't know if that's that would be good recipe your batters before they can be great for baseball he got it done that quickly just means that it's a really bad day for profits. Yeah won nothing from them a salad and the best thing ever. Alright Zach coming up on today's show we will be discussed seeing NBA playoffs outlined a it's an NFL news notes including. Let us see FL action case the money as we at 745. In. Odd this goes back to the Vegas goldeneye spontaneity to the Stanley Cup does a fan base need to suffer before making get in on the winning. Does seem camp coming up next though what we have is the east really a better series than the last blowouts galore. And the conference finals of the NBA playoffs at six while on the fan. But five degrees here but that is the thing intact signed. Good client on the George Clooney at the royal wedding on the tax I'm. Doesn't matter if George Clooney does anybody it's George freaking funny. Does anybody lives a better life in Hollywood and George Clooney are now. He's an analyst. Ever couldn't be unless it's like even higher than analysts he just did it again. The royalties above and a list that he lives even like in Milan on whole lake and he'd. He just sit there and halls and his money as hot chicks everywhere. Nobody really like Clooney is just Clooney he's he flies under the radar he seem when he wants to be seen. He escapes when he wants to he's got a great life man named spots that the road looking like a editor Clooney. The only your superstar you just your superstar sure is sure is our eyes I guess we have to talk about it. Doing and a and we do the NBA playoffs are here. We're in the conference finals. This is been bad in we've kind of all seeing it's been a slog the first round was the most exciting round of the NBA playoff sector on socked. Now here we are in the conference finals and we were thinking all right this thing's gonna get up is going Gilda better. Well it's historically bad in we have got average margin of victories 24 point four points per game. The closest game through these conference finals where we have now had what's five games we'd six games played. The closest games and thirteen point margin of victory. Yeah in fact this year as the largest. Separation amount this year 24 point. Oh on average 24. Points. Now last year the was nineteen year before was nineteen so here we are seeing a 24 point margin of victory average. What what what do you say. We're waiting for supposedly the Western Conference to be the NBA finals with Houston Golden State in what what is this Boston Cleveland series I. I have I'm not it's not that I'm baffled every time I try to figure out what separates two teams how the same team can act like. The differences. Between one game to the next from one city to the next I know there's game plan changes that happened with Cleveland and how they changed with putting Tristan Thompson in. And some of the things they're doing was starting dance and that was supposed to change without fear take out Al Horford I know that there's little game plan things but to really seen that kind of separation of efforts. It's seven games I mean how can you get seven quality basketball games I don't think it's ever possible now. You know there is this idea day in and really it is. Now these series or sing in the NBA is we have teams that if you happen on a night and the reliance of the three ball the reliance of distance shooting if you don't have a you know it's not just gonna. On this and come back around for you and a lot of times in these games and against these. A match ups but what we're seeing now is. On one hand it's brilliant in the other hand it it's infuriating as a fan because. When your team realizes that they don't have it it's like they don't want to exert or show their hand to something that may cost them a game on the road right. I think what we're seeing in the busing cavs series. Is definitely that and what we saw last and a 41 point two robbing that the warriors put on the rockets it is do we make this adjustment now. In making a game closer now we're still not gonna win. Or do we save it and then we turn the tides in the next game because it's a seven game series and that's how we feel we have to win this thing. I think if you watch NBA basketball every time we watch a regular season basketball game what does the first order mean. Now I feel out process can what are we doing second quarter ounce Kenny interesting. Third quarter usually there's a separation fourth quarter within the last seven minutes we finally get effort like the full effort of okay were out the clothes. I'm starting to think down the NBA in the playoffs. That the first first few games of the series. This is what we get we get 12345. Games 1234 and five are kind of like the first quarter of the NBA regular season it's just the kind of well if we don't get it. Well fine and we don't Abbott will this won't stretch it out nobody wants to play. For five games because I think you I think you've been on an exit they just don't have the energy level and then second of all they go right. All right we lost this one we know we got three more until there is a sense of urgency that's why say. Football means more because it's more interest in wall because it's a one and done you have an option to take a playoff you know have an option for. But I'm not trying to compare the sports I'm just saying where were out now with the NBA is that. Guys aren't as motivated until they know it's either 23. Wherever they're out in game six and seven that's when we see real basketball. Hopefully we get that's an eight hopefully and that's the thing that is its mark on one hand but on the other hand it's infuriating as a fan a spectator to watch. Is that on interest it doesn't matter if he'd Willie what we used to see is guys would try and fight to lose by five and right. But doesn't make any difference yet you'd still lose by thirty lose by 44 you know it's still a loss a loss is a Los others by five or by forty. So what we're seeing is these guys go on while we're not gonna have it's night. All right live to play another day and that is what makes these first. 34 games a truce blog is that you don't have any reason to be watching these games because. They're rolling over like they know it just as well as we do I mean James Harden last that was a prime example of that like Mike and Tony kept him in the game in the fourth quarter for far longer than he should have different wasn't even trying to seize like. Whatever we're losing an announcer in what we used to see is guys. Have that pride on the line where you didn't want to game to get that. In the Eastern Conference what we have is a young team that hasn't played well on the road throughout the playoffs period in in Boston. And they got beat by thirty points. To team that in game one they did that to Cleveland and I'm like they're thinking is man. We just got a steal one in here as you after the games like we needed to get punched in the face and hopefully that's a wake up call for us. Well congratulations. You just had everybody turn off their TVs midway through the third quarter because they said. This isn't worth my time anymore and I actually thanked them for that because it was beautiful evening on Saturday night and I got. Into a that I know I'm gonna be honest I guys. Only follow it via my phone that's the only interest in part about these games is. Are we can was beautiful and it's ill policy care more in sports and and stuff like that that it is hard to care about this. When you watch these games and it's infuriating because you get to see guys. Right in front of you said it they don't care you and you could pick it up into picking up emotionally concealing their energy levels if it doesn't hit. It's kind of like that pride thing I mean where is the pride in basketball early in series I bet we see it's. I'm hoping my fingers crossed that we see it later in the series but if you see now. If Houston just figured out that a 41 point deficit is the worst drubbing they've ever had and it's the greatest separation. Appoints a gold states ever done in the playoffs. You mean to tell me that this team is 41 points better known. Houston. How how is that even I that that means this. It's it's hard to manufacture in my mind to sit there and say that one team is clearly 41 points better it's just an effort yelled what is don't care. Weigh in here is my question like everything that we're Todd as a competitor. Is that. You don't roll over but the way that a lot of these teens use these games is that. Hey. If you lose by forty car it's not a soul crushing loss. Like it is it's not ages means that they had an on that night because we lose by. Three points that's soul crushing that says they beat us at that juvenile crime is that candidate does that change its thinking kind of dangerous because. What happens at these teams and they get drug into deep water and they have those bosses well. I guess I asked this question maybe you can answer and I think of it too. If you're a basketball fan and you're watching these games do you believe your team can come back if they can't shoot now is basketball set up now. Where you can't hand check he can't be physical you can't do anything that causes a little bit of altercation because that referees the fans and leak. Have controlled the game too were announcing no touch league well they fund league with where if you get. Breathed on did you see LeBron James get dunk mr. Duncan got briefed. Literally breathed on and got a foul in those tiger on your shoulder if your team right now on the playoffs and you cannot make a shot outside the three point line or mid. Policy twenty feet. You will not win a basketball game because you're not allowed to play defense be physical than go to the hoop anymore you can't. Did that the league is set up now where in less you can shoot three unless you can shoot perimeter wise it. Almost on the edge of three you can't go to the basket and play our defense he can't you won't it won't work or. That's what I wonder what will happen when the when the pendulum swings back. Because or will it ever swing back here or is the game just going to be damage were relying on the three point shot to where the evolution of Illinois now and every person that's watching. That's gonna on their way to the league senators are shooting. Big men are shooting guards are everybody is a shooter. You have to learn how to shoot two B. Relevant because we're all emulating what these. Big men or don't you mean nobody is playing back to the basket basketball Manassas the way the game is is change so ya I think you. Think you're right we're not gonna see teams if you can't shoot. You give up and quit just like what Boston did. Just like with Houston Texas says the only to fix this is dates the lane series model but. In basketball you'd you don't get really eight trees sense of who the better team isn't in just like a one game. Series like maybe I would be a five game series I went down I think I mean here's the hard part here. Super teams are ruining basketball super teams and all this cap stuff for ruining basketball. Although it's because there are joining together of the homegrown lakers were your drafted there. You know the types of where your building through the draft these freeagent buddies get together a U. Is what is brewing basketball. Yeah and the only way it is stopped what we're seeing right now is the creation of more of them. There or the elimination of all of them are idea that need to add another ten teams in the NBA. I'm just guy knowing that. And I know I know it's an extreme point of view but I just them look at are gone. It it what else do you do you just create more teams outweigh one team can dominate warring in your salary cap starts to spread so thin you can't afford these guys. I and I think vote you would see though is more teams would try to suck sued dominate the draft then troop. Mean because that's what we're seeing now is that there's not really affects the way that teams affixed at Philly yeah. Is you just sit there you go fine if we take you view them now we're gonna go for we're gonna look at that five year window in five years. We are gonna have enough young guys where were gonna be at our back up on top. And so bad it will last forever you'll say can't last and that's like tanking is again is such a big issue in the NBA is because there's a lot of teams that. Two years ago from like two to three years ago to now are sitting there are looking at a going if we can't compete with them. Then win is the end of their window and that's where we wanna be peaking is that the end of their window. Do you think the NBA has become so much in friendly players league that now the players have taken over to the point where. You watch the league and you get to see that it is all about players and that's what leagues are. But usually baseball NFL and NBA but the players control the MBA so much and too aware this is the result. This is what we get. EA out but I think but I know you have to ask yourself is this enjoyable basketball did what your watching right now. Is it. You could say that that would be it should have the same effect in in the world of baseball to Dow because baseball's World Series was incredible boy yeah I'm mark I know that's why and it's the count her art to your point because and baseball you do not have his salary cap you have 200 million dollar contracts give would jump Carlos Sanwa mixed 124 million dollars. You have Bryce Harper is frog and assign a half billion dollar deal. In that it isn't the case in the game of baseball so your philosophy which could be a potential with time I'd agree with you is uncapped and enact it. And you and stop with the equal trades things stop with all this equality thing and let the team spend what they want and it either way whatever way we find. What are we can see that the knicks of the highest prize valued team they wanna spend 400 million dollars on the payroll go spend it see if that actually work at Sears where let it happen here's the NBA needs to you. D.'s it is Major League Baseball has developmental system ranked in UK and that's how that's that's because if you're on cap basketball. Cities like Portland would be so suckered how to answer that for sure we'll because they don't have a dull metal league like if you're just hand cut with the guys that you have on your roster right now like what makes baseball work is that you can develop and grow guys. To come through your system and it gives those the smaller markets a chance to also is a numbers don't always do a mean look there's only 500 MBA players there's. Thousands and thousands of baseball players yeah he just don't how it's not up reliant on 69 at giants don't grow on trees. 562. Baseman are everywhere in this world well yet in these though that's easier in basically not as reliant on just a few guys in Idaho that I'm capping basketball would be. The horrible. Because of that reason why is it good now. What is that like all those two games horrible to secure portables. AA it's not good right now law hey look at it this way maybe Neil O'Shea. Is onto something here. Because in two years. Is when her kind of Golden State's contracts are all coming up there and they won't be able to resent everybody can Stefano Seth Curry's can be making forty million dollars a year. So. Like you when you when I was just talking about these teams are looking at these windows and saying winning is gold and say it's gonna close. Maybe meals they have it and that all along that this is when he's gonna open up his window. Venture arm completely Dinah but hope springs eternal. Aren't. Conference finals sock you have. Boston Cleveland tonight. 530 tip. On I believe ESPN. Coming up next the Las Vegas golden knights it's aging team in the Stanley Cup final does their fan base need to suffer before they can win at all. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number to call 20. Niners yeah. 56. I can't hear you trailing off and like him and I learned there we've fallen from a lot yeah. Always cordless Dexter is now it's 5530 sly message in generates may apply to just play my comfort. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 59305. That is. It and Tex signs as the air can't live in the the F. Las Vegas goldeneye and punched their tickets. To the Stanley Cup final with a 21 win over Winnipeg. That'd take the Western Conference finals four games to one which mean is. This first time in professional sports in North America since 1968. That. In expansion franchise will play for championship but there's caveat to that. So little misleading because Saint Louis is first team to do it in 68. That every team in the Western Conference was an expansion franchise in 1968 so. The other guys in the county falls. This is like the modern and traditional expansion franchise comes in it's the only time this happened. Where they will be playing for championship in their first. Year of existence so the most the finest part of about this win and seen them go is looking at the people that have put. Down money that have gambled on this team to win. The Stanley Cup and potentially what it was of equal what did you say it was 500 to one nods. At the beginning of the year and there is one man dubbed the largest bat. Plunk down in Vegas was a sixty dollar bad at 500 to one odds which means that's it there's a guy. Who is not who can and cash Indy 300000. Dollar ticket. If they win at all. What's the hedge strategy there my cash. Now got to put something on the other side to make sure you come out something right. I mean I guess what you would do is you can get in for a hefty payday where you go whatever it takes to win like a 100000 dollars back I guess would that be. So that yet so I'm wondering who you gonna win 200000. Or you gonna when you're trying to okay I see we are saying what it would make you come away with something on her idea there. Because and in its sixty dollar bet it's not hard to heads that one. And to actually come out with some and they you're looking at a 300000 dollar pay day. And they're probably going to be underdogs and in the next series does it teetered played Tampa they'd be underdogs yeah I I heard this morning they'd be underdogs if they play temple will be favorites if they play Washington. Yeah I think the heads is is you just. You let it ride man. You don't put anything on the an army what do what's what's the value in that so well walking away with 300000 or what it was zero yet because if you hedge your bet. You could be locked in a way with a six figure. Paid Dayton no matter what happens. If you put enough money down on the favorites yeah. How much are you gonna have to put down that's the key is either way you're probably gonna find a way to lose. Mean that's the thing isn't either way now you literally cannot lose it's like five or no idea I know looks like well has his -- I know I understand the odds but commuted sixty bucks you put it down the beginning of the year what more. Now the you know your edit it feels like you're doing investment. Since our yet know exactly what you'd that's why you hedge your bet and now you're gonna heads is how much you have to put down in the two billion that's the. Arsenic do you want to win just like 101000 dollars he won in like a 100000 dollars. Or do you think that 300000 dollars you can come out you could easily come out with three and other stuff on us I'm not not I'm not up on. On the betting lines and all those things. I Psycho I could care less about that so on all means an ounce of that of the gambling industry may have been a 600 dollar bet. Because Darren Lavelle said that the guy could win 300000 dollars. Is is about that. I got it from rebel he said it is. As these dollar veteran followers know 300000 dollars that he can went yes that would still be nice to matter what you're gonna do. I would like to win that money. But did question though we have upon us now though. Is that this is Vegas man this is an expansion franchise I think this is one of the greatest of stories that we've seen in sports in quite some time. This is an expansion for Intel as the beginning of the year. They made it clear we are building for the future we're not looking to win in year one that they're in the Stanley Cup final. But my question to you as a long suffering Seattle Mariners fan. Who's never won a world championship why not the only sports fan out there that's been long suffering but I'll answer for you know quote I mean may just you always used to. Like to anybody that's been a fan of team that's never won a sports championship. I did there's some odd I would venture to guess a majority of Portland TrailBlazer fans. Don't know what it's like for your team to ever win a championship. In order to appreciated team be to that question is being asked of the Las Vegas golden knights. 55 threes or five Zantac signed. Dusting him on the fan. Examine its NA. Have to suffer as a sports fan before you can appreciate championships. And some people that are asked that question as Las Vegas gold knights are four wins away. From sand hoisting the Stanley Cup. What do you think cam do you need to suffer. Before he can win this is an expansion franchise first year 227. Days after their first game. Ever played the Las Vegas golden knights will be. Entering the Stanley Cup final 227 days. That's amazing to think about I honestly. I can't sit there and tell you that you should suffer. Because there's a lot of quick winners in this city in today's world. A lot of like I need to win now poignant there's no patients in sports anymore and there really isn't yeah there's Kara. And but as a fan as a true face it how many Vegas nights true fans are there. You're not even your your talk about wet behind the years you just slid out of mom's womb. You don't even have there's nothing for him I hear I hear that all the gear is being sold out everywhere so I'm Tanya. It in my opinion the Vegas nights I've nothing to do with the Las Vegas right now you're just a hockey fan. Your fan of hockey's I don't know how all of Vegas bunch of bigots speak and people can sit down there and sued George Tim. Yeah it's not yet because these guys came from everywhere. No this takes as I grow up in Vegas that we had there under all this year's about a professional sports team I'd rather have a bad team for all those years have been no team. Vegas has furnace and they have kind of an always looked at as like this little Brothers city where LT can't have. You can't have a professional sports team because you're just a bunch of transplants. You're not a real big city everything that you guys make is on tourism and it's not thing. About a local economy your local economy is everybody else coming in there there won't be sustainability your support for a professional team. And that's always been the thought of Vegas and they've come out they sold out there. Season tickets. What a year and a half in advance of even an announcement. Of the team coming. And then once in Teaneck CK and they supported it and it just benefit of the fact that their really. Really good in year one and there's passion there and they won eighteen. Desperately. Well they're gonna have potential to have a championship in year one. We're gonna crown them already are we. But it looks that way other than you feel like the planet's have a line of they'd be underdogs if according to the oddsmakers. They would be underdogs if when if Tampa Bay beats. Washington there's this suffering thing I don't know what it is I mean what is what is the what's the fair amount of time to suffer. Well and CI I've always I'm always here in new year your masters fan you vendor World Series now you've won a World Series. I have I got my ring yet you have your ring your fanned them as one who's not gradualism and a battle and again. Nobody has nothing to it but trophies all lined a program is bleary hey that's the oil know we didn't and to Q any time in 20101 time but born on third thinks he had to triple BC all IA guys and 49ers fan growing up well I'm 49 early eighty the other older and reshape the eighties matters. When I get I younger than 85 niners Vieira was Iowa I would have been ten years all. Well I'm the first one and then enough and until I was like thirty or did you really wanna starts telling me about how you are not privileged to live in the Bay Area B is I am now you've been your entire career not my entire well first of my entire life but yeah that's trying to pick that career is living my life career and sports yeah in theory go OK from birth when you come out would you know how bad the warriors were I don't first you know what I don't know I don't you wanna bother with the conversation of what is back then how about how about have. There's going to be a time when in phantom that you look at and go how long is too long to suffer. Whatever it is when you're all three of your major sports have Super Bowl champs. You don't Eric your your conversation as it's done it's give you your your done if you've done it the last twenty years. Or 25. And miss him. I think he just ran by and wanna take a tenth if you've done now squirrel dog you've done that. Then you're your your mouth zipped I'll see myself out there can judge you just a brutal out especially all three of championships right. I I think that this is actually it can be a double edged sword for the Las Vegas golden knights in the NHL because this sector brings up a good point as Seahawks fans in the eighties their championship with something had waited for and appreciated by some grew up watching them. In the playoffs and winning it all he thinks it should be easy. Don't see in that it there is an element of that it like year one. Especially when your told at the beginning has analyzed it in you mentioned that there's a lot of hockey novices in Las Vegas right now. Sure and they were delegates the pinnacle hockey there we're told is beginning to temper your expectations. This team is not going to be good. We don't want them to begin were building for the future and they're like well. Stanley Cup final let's do this but. It is easy it can also go the other way independent and swing the other way because. You in the in today's climate. Of immediate SATA sacks and one right now how many young fans are they roping in that they are gonna build a bond with. And they don't have that connection that will stay. Even during the bad years. Because they got a taste of literally death and you get bad taste early in it that's what sports are you build that connection to where you can't let go of it that's why we have our favorite teams. It is part of it is view how bone in your backyard. But he Fuhrman a sports fan of the team you find some did you gravitate towards and you lock onto it in this run this year can be that in year one for the right school. If we're gonna talk about patients who were suffering or anything you don't know futures and there are kids that were born in Boston year 2000 and it seemed nothing but. Super Bowls World Series. And in a needles I don't spoilt. We got because they were born in the white. You're really wanted to stop talking area fan now he needs you Stabenow in by inter need to step out and now step away from the Mike in step away from this conversation and and let the ones that suffer but they understand the value of the championship. Or zero Boston dental no. Stay loyal or you and your forty year drought for the warriors own indeed for the giants in the. All of this mean feels let me fill enemy knows that that small violent moments. Just like in northern Californians start trying to justify how long they had two weeks. Now since from I Tina let I don't think that's just northern California though because you see Boston fans don't do that though they don't do that Tia. Blew them. 00 easygoing and people don't argue that Yankee fan does Yankee fan if you've been good. And we had our uterus like yeah yeah yeah I don't hear lynch lives is like we saw. It's just a few years ago yeah. Yet they know bid lynch is great is like that's more Yankee fan and then then mouse like people leave us he Texan five I do easier five is that okay. I've Vinny he Dan. I appreciate every single one I've watched and there's they are very level headed fan out there. For the most part it's not then I think it's great for hockey and I think it's great for two Las Vegas golden knights signed me up there she uniforms hideous. Let's. Yeah I don't think so yeah analyze what's that. Rue gold. Gold it read in kind of the golden knights will duo. But I just don't know that it wouldn't be the the nature Royce nights no I don't but I don't like dead his own idea from sorry aren't. It's a little logo school. I get at us. Cnet's senior Darius has no that is exactly a Mets fan you saw 86. 55 I have 95. Wild card game. Divisional series sorry division I consider felt like nothing I don't it's so been so long ago that said that's all I have. That's all. I half. These seminal moments. 95. In divisional round mariners history is a double in the division double in the divisional. There let's go ahead and lose to ease the Indians it's not fun anymore. But it will be some day there was a walk off this weekend see that it bigger it's one bomb. I dizzying Sakura. I did see the walk off that. As part of my hot and cool we Lanier preempt do you need to suffer. In order to win a championship. The Vegas golden knights are asking that question about. Themselves. To get our hot and cool we've got. Three big commitments in the docks a big win on the PGA to work plus a man BAA in NFL news and notes testing came on the fan.