Dusty & Cam Monday May 21, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, May 21st
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool including Oregon Football recruiting and former Oregon golfer Aaron Wise, plus the Warriors destroy the Rockets, and our "Case of the Mondays" takes a deep dive into back waxing and childhood injuries.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. Who. This is dusty and jam in the morning they rippled through. It's at a basketball we're just here. And Jim Leland. Its skills both running skills. School's. Girls on one boyfriends got great skills. Dusty can jam in the morning bridging I didn't trump show the oh intimidating goes sale and an hour an hour numbered seed does seeing him happy Monday morning team. This text here retirement Vegas gold knights us our. And in. In order to you appreciated championship in this text says Las Vegas native and I don't understand the bond that was created with the team in community that was formed. After the dot. October 1 or I don't underestimates yes that was formed after the October 1. Tragedy the golden knights. Help Las Vegas start to healing process and that bond grew with each win in the season that comes from Ike so it tiger about the and knows dead concert shooting their from the visit the Treasure Island hotel was where is that there. In net charging it really was it was a big rallying. Crying. Was started by the biggest gold knights are memory immediately after that. You know the golden knights were the franchise out is doing fundraisers and bringing people in and you know it bringing in the families in those affected by it almost immediately after an embracing them and embracing the community. And that is also one thing that is is critical let's come out of tragedy is is if they were to win button you know because the Astros have a little bit of that with hurricane Harvey. And then they were in the World Series we saw. The saints do it after. The same or better got hurt in Georgia or Katrina sorry and then you saw after 9/11 the Yankees. In the World Series could mean you see these types things happen. All the time it's it's a weird way that sports can be a rallying point in the team's kind of put it on their shoulders did to communities try and the right not right we see no glossy school nights actually. Off a lot of critical story though on the Las Vegas golden knights. Winning. In in the Stanley Cup final. A lot more on that coming up this hour we also have guts and NFL news and notes that we need to get to the return of Johnny football. A case of the Mondays coming up at 745. As well plus there's a guy who. Is aflame torn Major League Baseball. And he has zero control will discuss him right now it's 704. Yeah it's not just. What Todd and why is it couldn't be a good day. Hot and cool move just content on your morning dose of positive but he ripped from the headlines great story compelling and real. Hillary any. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you. It's pretty cool and yes. K aid trio of commitments for the organ ducks football team over the weekend they picked up gradually transferred Dallas. War Mac. Who ahead from Alabama. Chief Jean as a graduate answered two years of life for the ducks big offensive lineman. Who Mario crystal recruited to Alabama. He had getting hurt last year he's got tears to play. With the ducks also you big time recruits for the class of 2019. Nation's number one and all purpose back Shonn dollars. And picking need ducks. Over Washington USC Florida State a bunch of. Others I don't know what an all purpose back means but I know that he's a great athlete and think that means he can kick returner. He's a runner he can catch the ball out of the backfield is now every high school kid is. All purpose yeah identity resound like prose style and dual threat quarterback but. The owner of running back we have a running back then that's kind of what they are as far as I'm concerned they're probably the best athletes on the team and that's but the big bigger. Great name though. Yeah it's a good question. I don't know but his teammate at mater Dei high school I Jeremiah rebel. Is the nation's number six cornerback. In heels so big to deduct so three big big gobs Dorgan the ball over the weekend they're calling it the Kelly flock out as elegant oops well. Auto theft that wind their way done in according to our lead formation for victory alt com. We're gonna see more more high school buddies and now is these major teams these high schools start going together yeah. But also does to you guys also played at Rancho Cucamonga before going team a modern day apparently. And they were teammates at Thomas Kean junior Indians and red. And friends of those two are currently on the organ roster. The markers like line Mario Cristobal and it won't win or again. Kind of popped in nearly 2000. It was organs connection with the in the cell. In northern California. That kind of built go with the talent. Absolutely you view. So three pick up for the ducks over the weekend on there. Side seeing him. How about a friend of the program. Also former doctor from the Web.Com and when co foods Portland open. Participants scary why he's. It Mario Aron wise we had no idea yet there and it's I call him a friend and he nearly as cities in Cali staffer. We've got visas what does that mean I just means he's he's part of the Callaway family stuff he likes those. He went to Callaway staff yeah he won a prestigious tournament over the leak in the Byron Nelson which I mean Hank. He would say PGA tour victory but that's kind of the big one of those guys coming up at the unofficial agent players championship. Heading into yesterday's final round he hit 49 of 54 greens he is a man on fire. Greens and regulation wise. He ends up winning the Byron Nelson at age 21. He joins a short list and guys just recently that it. Mean you think of winning eight attorney and under 22 here's guys that have done it Rory McIlroy Jordan's beat Tiger Woods. And it about. Four others that have won under the age of 2010 young crop of Americans can play in your open to see some like I qualified. For the Ryder Cup that puts him right there for a dart about coming out of the gate get the chance that that was. Pretty cool to see him this come out and his demeanor he's very. He's varies. Can still play their stoic and not really know his game known except Regis thank you I wouldn't. Workmen like who is that how we describe it yeah he just dropped the ball sixty excellent Canon is what I do yeah I think he went bogey free in his final round. Gradually to home. Pretty big win for him I was like it when guys that come in studio do yes. It always sure. Yeah I cam here like here like when Pauly Shore does what is Pauly Shore Dunn's team does in life too good of he just does life. It and does need this does desert like better. I dropped out when. Your drive plug on another fun. Whole different level. Which was 'cause the and what's his desk in an area. February. That's cool it's cool other mariners could hit Francisco area on yesterday. Facilities. He got one hit off. He was dynamite for the tigers he gave up one hit in eight innings for the tigers in the end. But based do Shonn Greene coming in out of the bullpen gave up a two run shot in the eighteen bigger in the bottom of the ninth. That's where gene cigarette and then sykora came up in the eleven RBIs saying on. You wouldn't know up and three to do I have a hot. Take for you mariner fans out there right now. This gene shooter it's the Dora. And Mitch hamburger trades might go down as the greatest trade in mariner history now I know the Randy Johnson trade was pretty good now that's not reactionary none. Well it might be a little reactionary to a foot could it be these guys are good they're good they help the team. How they're solid starters and mariners win it as good as anybody for his team. Maybe that's where I'm going faith. My expectations are way down Randy Johnson trade from the Expos was those big trade group about engaged I'm in other mariners trade that is that's better. They've these guy's gonna win the World Series that will be TVM. If they go on to win the World Series. But the you're fired today. Anything short of that phase sure of that bad trade below. What we do have a landmark in Major League Baseball though as yesterday. We saw the Yankees in the asterisk in which means in the month of may a DH he's an Astros during the Red Sox through 30 June 15. There are three teams in Major League Baseball. Then have thirty wins before the month of may is over. But we're not even in June yet. And on the cusp of winning thirty games to get the Mariners are 2719. Nothing to shake a stick gaps. The Braves are 28 and seventeen been no lock key brewers I to a red hot start again or 2819 as well. We could see it up to five teams sixteens. With thirty wins before the month of June. The National League has since some catching up to do them. Yeah it feels like everybody in American League is good. And the National League is good. Received differently in good let's not act like the White Sox and royals are dead. But you know they were you always measure on your top. From the top down. Yes in the top of the AL right now is pretty self well you have injuries are plaguing the nationals the Braves and t.'s lineup that would. Well everybody in the nationals outfielders hurt. Thank you mean need Dan there ruptured Achilles goes down in the in the outfield this this past weekend away. And which made one so down we'll talk about a little bit later he got called up ninety eagle and many of the Dodgers who are injury riddled the giants. Have had a bunch of injuries as well watch out of the Dodgers in the nationals find the rhythm although find a way to come to find a way. Because it's the brewers braves and the kind of float remember last year. The brewers series started hot in there is I go watch after the brewers and then. That it happened baseball on September. We'll see these good teams or separating themselves out and we've seen the Marlins. Careened actor. They're back to being. It's I'm not really got. Boy floods not. Is the Golden State Warriors shooting again the biggest win in their franchise's. Playoff history. Went down last night. In the Western Conference finals that's what's gotten cool on the band fronted by air heating cooling more than. Thirty trucks in Portland and make everyone have to wait on aerial look of train comfort specialists it's hard to stop a train. Staff curry. Not injured anymore. 713 on the fan. I 553 easier by that is and Exxon and. We and it's you're having a spirited conversation here insufferable. Because. Bucky is. But is saying that genome Bay Area fan. You guys have been beaten down insufferable. As it texture says don't let these a holes shoot down various titles are near aides have been an organ since 2009 before then. Only sports highlights were the warriors in a seven Jonathan Sanchez no hitter losing World Series game seven and TERRELL OWENS knows. Never experience happenings like it in 2010 after. The first went 2012 and fourteen were just isn't rolling don't even get me started on the 2015 warriors such a magical day. Just because you're wrong. I were younger and haven't had. In a minute ago I don't it's not even worth had to suffer like the Huskies in Seattle doesn't diminish the impact on our lives Oakland is about to lose all of sports teams and for them. Two is the worries breaks my heart eleven die in the Bay Area teams and a hat and sure you do. Reassure used do they hate lets enjoy this ride while it happens you know as two birds San Diego. Fan you know two birds up without one yeah it happens a lot now. I mean that's a fan bases did that's why fan base that's why that's experiences because. If you go to Boston and the same way Diaw in the patriots don't win the Super Bowl disagree but okay how wide. Why do you disagree I don't disagree Boston fans are exact same way they don't win a championship every year. I do is disagree with the kind of the kind of fan you have to you have a blue collar tough Boston northeast fan there is no tough fan. In in its northern California is a tough hand it's a different type of mentality of as a person because of the way they say it is like. Well we suffered nobody says you suffered in Boston but I waited a win they sock. That's the difference in the per it's the insufferable -- feel sorry for you holiday oh here the bid Bosnian dingle we went through the curse. Now we're just gonna brother in every single time we can't because we entered a curse like Kia you're curse was eighty years you've won three World Series cents but so we have to have been jerks to have suffered. That's not about being a jerk it's about being insufferable I try to pretend that you actually feel sorry I honestly we're gonna feel sorry for you right now I don't fruit. I don't think that any. There's any difference between red sock in Boston fan there in Jimmy Joyce handled M Bay Area fan and I think they are all the same. The only one that I'll say is different. Is the Laker fan because. I made a Laker fans eat clearance pretty arrogant what are and they can be even when they're bad idea like get beyond that thank. Boston standing in Bay Area fan in Yankee fan it's like. When their team sucks the world is falling blow it up we need big changes were better in this when lakers suck. Don't like we're still the greatest franchise Everton and no. Yes yeah right I'm you're Tara that's the thing is. Is that I I am most invested in the mariners' of any sports franchise in the world for me. And so when I look at other franchises and other people their cities and they strike to sell mean. That there are suffering or they suffered through five years. You'd that's the part write go duke. You just don't understand that but you have no concept of what it's like to be at lifelong fan and the highlight yeah is a divisional round double. It was a great doubled out and that's my point so when I this sympathy factor in the or is rounding third empathy for me goes. And just you know it's you everybody's approachable face when they start that argument you know they don't have it San Diego fan and I were right lockstep with the each other. San Diego fan clippers fans were right there I'm with Tia I don't think you and abuse clippers. But you know what I'm sand where they're together in lockstep and you crybaby why he's forty niner fans think your and your Bay Area fans like that because you got championships of digging. I just don't know you'll appreciate. I don't meant it is it's hard fit them. Al the thing I'm never gonna lose it and America forever I held Vegas golden Knight fans turns and he insufferable. Pitcher Steve because. They deserve if they win a cup they do deserve it. He does speaking out fan base is overreacting and acting crazy German amber and stuff curry was hurt so bad and he was just wasn't right knees done last ever gonna be the same play. And can't shoot anymore and they deploy it on that last week that he has he has a couple of off shooting nights and all the sudden. F Kerry uttered this ticket and other two is crisp ball to physical now no I didn't hear that it is and everything was hurt it was after. That's what realize that this thirty's not right. I'm happy to report is staffed curry back to healthy. Looks great 85% of what he said it. But he's back to healthy 35 points on thirteen actually three shooting last night and the warriors. Get the biggest win in. Franchise playoff history sixty you know don't. A 41 point one hand could board over the Houston Rockets the best team in the NBA in the regular season. Got beat by 41 in the western. Conference finals. Yeah and what there's no nothing else to report we don't need anything else. Well James Harden had another one of those game hazard he looks likes he maybe was now home to later he Mike Cuellar leads to something in nineteen. Or he just isn't trying on defense is kind of I finally get TV folks. That's your league MVP athletic rate growth rate. Example of how it is to compete when your team's not doing good here's the thing quit is they you're looking at a warriors team that. We'll talk time when you watch the Discovery Channel and you watch the lions and how led that the Collison and he's talking about how they play with their food like they're chase now on the gazelle. And they'd like that to be Australian but that's just to let every narrator of those shows is like and you know in Africa. It's a narrator of the show tomorrow I got it I was with him here with the it could be a South Africa activity shares Africa. But they ripped out the lion today gazelle is thrown in the and it is talent Lipper on the toy with that and that's the warriors do in the playoffs. They ruthlessly chief. Well did you see last time I died I've followed it via app because last night the league game one they stole home court. They made a statement they won game two there like we are still home court get. We're gonna go back common we that we hold serve and we're not we side game three they turned back on again they're they're playing with their shooter right now. They are in that is why it. The gold sewers or add Steve Kerr knows that these guys have played so many playoff games. That they don't need. To have these games where they need to show this night in. In night out is just one of those things that. That's what they do in the rockets just roll over recording their coach. We didn't switch open the team we dim box all far resisted every you know one thing led to another. Song I actually. I mean you can do that these guys Gaza tonight and we still might not want me much for gentler well we didn't make shots early we turned it over I'm just. It was not a very good day more let's play a lot better on Tuesday. I can tell you from former competitive athlete edits your called soft that is the worst thing anybody could see you as an athlete. Soft. The worst. Doesn't get any name something else. Loser. Now I'm company losing teams who is it now been a three and thirteen no I like Israel you are a loser fight you to the death. Bill I can still lose I can't control that a team sport individually OK that's fine. But if you're called soft. Over. Over. That hurts now and so I know that as they are showtime that they've been called soft zones now. James Harden their leader he's been called soft several times here Mike did Tony's teams historically have been called our soft in the playoffs. In last night yet kinda saw that mentality after the third quarter when. You saw bone steak come out and staff curry started turning it on third. In the aid dropped 34. It is okay gonna pack and then we're done because they'd they'd tried to fight in the second quarter. And they held them off a little bit and we're trying to wiggle their way out of that hole the third quarter came and that's and a soft comes and what you do it to I don't know not a no idea they just quit because they felt that they didn't have their shooting night it and have their energy level. And certainly the players kind of felt the same one. Yeah well Chris Paul. This is now this comes back TOR we gonna sit there and in blame many of these on Chris Paul or James Hardy news Paul after the game on just not happening. 2222. Right there in the first and then went to 3120. Coaches right. Lou we ought to be better think. You know we've we've got to come on more aggressive always let them hit first. I mean I was struck in the screens and artists suspect that in. I mean we've we know that we're out of basking in transition and not taken a while at the net and tonight we take the ball up in that. In nineteen turnovers that's kind of characteristic of us and we knew we don't get you know very games from them being back here at home that we just got regretted. He. Guides he's got to be better man needed all the things are on their toes I think they kind of feel that day indeed did you get that feeling at all it debt. That game last night but there is is little spring of hope. That just got bowed out of Dallas in the and you heard a different you heard a different tone out of Golden State after game one it was hey we came near London steal game one. We wanted to do it and then you saw they let their foot off the guessing game to you last night the warriors weren't talking about. Hey we're just happy to have this it was now organ and turn it on game we want this to be the gentleman sweep we let honored our foot off the gas in the candy that. And that sounded like Timmy the team that has defeated mentally defeated. They understand that they played a really good game in game two. But what just happened to us tonight why it just that we gave we didn't know chance. Up 22 suddenly it's gone to 31 in the game is over Chris Paul just said the game was over in the first quarter ever out. That's it. He was quite clear that the game was over in the first quarter and in no matter how you wanna look at it because they scored 22 points Houston did in the first quarter after that. Done. And there is a sense I mean. I ask you this question after game two you. How many more performances are you gonna get out of PJ Tucker. Eric Gordon and Trevor Ariza like they got game to. Every got consistently until today they don't that's what they needed if you're gonna beat this Golden State team and last night if they would have gotten that. You know 80% shooting from those three guys like they got in game two. Then so are you don't lose by 41 instead. Use by twenty right there. I mean I figured that's where your they could gather best night ever and they still would have been beat and there is the big difference between Golden State. And kind of everybody else right now and that's over on the collision course out run game to you a blowout game I game three a blowout. Game four. If you could see the worst of James Harden if that game four starts spiraling out of control because he saw last year in elimination game. We seen it before that's why he's not an MVP in my opinion. It is not. Because he's no leader he's not a true leader after all the leader that frantic he had a NE is easily and their one year he didn't have biggest games it seems like he does this belt well he melting melt in the Western Conference finals two years ago. Where he was on the bench. He melts and under pressure. He's a front runner he's played matador defense out there not even share it turns on living all my time now let's not act like that's anything you why are people surprised by not surprised I Rihanna brutally I'm saying is their reiterated in big moments. Now in the playoffs on Livingston Shaun Livingston's knee is like 53 years old made him look like a remedial little child out there with no effort. That is not this is one great players. Superstar status and he didn't have a bigger defender but his effort just isn't exactly you're right superstar status elevation which is MVP status elevation. Those guys elevate in the best moments in big games. We haven't seen him elevated all I mean Chris Paul made him an excuse in game seven vs Utah's like he's under the weather not impressed I think love BC is. No you you guys are completely correct with the Bill Livingston stuff losing garbage time when we talked on this earlier. That's my pride he doesn't he was in the game that's state that's no surprise that we live event. I mean you we saw the warriors do it in in game two we see these Celtics did it. On Saturday night we saw the cavaliers do it in game one of these grounds out like this is what like these guys are in these games they're like man. Well we're gonna lose anyway don't don't compare any of those guys to two James or but art has not had a signature moment. Stepped Curry's had signaled I don't know how unique imagine taking it in nick are escalating into something bigger and tell you about in these games and their glut that's what guys do in the NBA. It's a heartening like. Oh I know this is nothing new for James Harden now like to what you're saying and get out there and you know that's the point. Is like bill don't they did none of these computer on the glory should play hard. They don't that's what dates that common thread that received wide we see the average margin of victories 24 points per game and these. Conference finals. I don't I don't look at it that way if I'm look at it individually I've seen stepped curry Kevin Durant. Those guys make plays when they need to win games I have not seen James Harden do it in a superstar moments in the playoffs a winning counts in a championship moment I've watched LeBron do it I've never seen James Harden step up to the plate in the playoffs when he needs to all those other guys that are quitting yeah. Least they can he not say as some nine enjoyed. But at least they've had a moment. Yeah hasn't been one yet well I'm cerner reports as I don't think you're ever gonna see that out of James Harden anybody anywhere it's a challenge for him. That's richer. Do you think he cares that that challenges out there though like this is legit and I don't as I don't know I I don't I don't doubt I don't know. I found a seat I don't think he cares one. Picture actually. If it if you're. It is it's hard to watch. All right and several NFL. We've got a return to the gridiron. And it could we be seeing the best humanitarian football. Rights NBA. Stuff people people hunt on about theme it is frustrating. Very different. This is not enjoyable. Tonight I like interest in sports I like calling a little bit of drama. Yeah we talked about this early excitement if you missed any this year check it out unless shall tires podcast at 1080 defend dot com. You and Dustan mentions on that we're talking about earlier that's also symptom of of being a seven game series is when you give him getting blown out they'd rather. Does save energy for the next game Darian we talked about telling her. Where you sit there you're like gas. Don't have to 90 well and that's not what we used to see teams scratch claw fight. To lose by five. Instead of like another one let's play poses by forty today and then will win by 22 are. Zooming does it mean that seven game series don't really matter. Intel you're in game seven well as they say. Series doesn't start till somebody wins on the road. But that message obviously didn't get through the warriors are to the rockets because it's with a got another shot at it was just see what happens yeah. Do you think that is short on down to five game series would make it better though. There's more sense of urgency there and that's a debts is not a pipe dream no abuse after Olympic kind of money ego but realistically probably got it would be make or interest. And would you do would the last eighteen months if you were to expand the playoffs. Expand the class the shortened series thanks. Also go maybe to 1010 playoff teams. And on out we're pretty sure gambling that will be ten. I don't get him I don't know but yet do AA had DC have a twenty team playoff field and then you ago. You know. He's Whittle it down from their. Testify so regulars even it even more relevant than it needs to be sure I'm OK with that I would rather see more playoff basketball and less regular season valuable tardy irrelevant yeah that's my poignant take out ten games and make the playoffs start to really. Big start in May orders are in March and then you could have an NBA finals the best of seven that everything's testified they don't instigate make your money in due to talent. I mean. I it is at a fixed it having more but but they at least say that and at the same time the conference semi finals in the Eastern Conference finals and I saw the other terrible. Aren't. Well on to bigger and better things more can be able to fix the NBA playoffs. Today. I don't think that's gonna happen for a us. I did see something now because we've got time to get into our NFL stuff will mall put a pin and it. I saw one of the greatest. In I think he may be and you favor Twitter follow you never Ron Paul. He was the head coach at Mississippi State baseball team coach and it's not ringing a bell. If you saw him you'll be you'd recognizes face because he's a legend legendary Mississippi State baseball coach and I think you is that. A Georgia as well correct key is on Twitter now and he's just turn to start to figure out everything. On Twitter. In cells. And he his tweets are getting me. Did the facilities arms race in the SEC baseball is in full swing but most people don't know that we started it back in Mississippi State in 1978. We are the first SEC school to get a tar on our field and everybody else followed. But the tar pits because. It's from charge to multi million dollar stadiums via. Our game sure has come along way so that was his first throwback Thursday nights his most recent one is my favorite has a picture of ink that's. This throwback Thursdays two and I got thrown out of the game at Arkansas for arguing balls and strikes. I once. Was tossed in the umpire told me to go where he couldn't see me anymore so naturally I wouldn't stint on home plate asylum. Was triggered. With quality. I there's I mean I'm Johnny baseball's the only sport that gives you those kind of things that mean that chance. The heckling the way you talk the umpires the sensitivity. And I still tell you the best tackle ever heard was when my manager. In summer baseball. Got so mad at the umpire he stood ran right out held the held his mouth out today. And lie in it was like yeah he's got hosed you guys yet you're gonna bounce that pretty glee got bounced. We need day and who is the guy in baseball right now though because we had a good run. Of managers that would get tossed. In like you know Lou Piniella Bobby Cox and throw a fit while they're doing it. We don't have any of those guys trying to. So who's who has alienated managers they're saying they're soft we need Ozzie Guillen back. To get this top group. Oh Ozzie gave us some good ones he is a dumpster fire lover wouldn't mind the union is Lloyd McClendon who was with the Mariners yeah it was little salty stole the base one point salon. That kid and another link you just. Just a little tank go there plugging Tito he's to have a few TO nobody cared Conan would get tossed. Eight we need one of those guys back in baseball because those manager blow outs in the slog of a Major League Baseball season. They make it worth it. You know and to have a little bit has something to talk about when that guy sees ball striking doesn't like Newsnight tasker so creative and I needed Don Zimmer when he is ever just run and out they're just red faced and yeah. And I am one and Jim really searching him licking and down off of the list of all the manage a baseball. I don't know who that guy is anymore. But the old salty bastard is the guy in baseball that and it fits and that's more or taken out all the way everything's just he not allowed to be that way anymore you gotta be patient. Going to be cerebral. Long long haul. Ever forbid he would angry in June every every every group in the wild card though you need that I would go I agree with you is. Need to you don't see it in. Basketball they never really have been those guys they just chirp at the officials and they always have. Football you still the coach really hasn't changed much mean they dressed down the officials more than anybody. But baseball we've seen like this big shift in how the managers act in and react towards the empires I for one wanna go back to the old school on this. Blow it up. All right five factories are probably do it every Monday at this time case. What is bugging you on this Monday morning dusting cam on the fan. Everyone's favorite and you can't. Monday and a few. It sounds like someone has a case. Could you have to complain about. Don't lovely picturesque Zuma. A case of the Mondays part of Dustin jam in the morning some blood some is not a case of the moon. 11088. Of round. Hi I'm 305 that is the fans next time dusty here came in the U. Oh we're looking at some a list of managers the most. Injections. Bucky and found that. Ron garden higher tiger I don't know if many people now the former twins managers now the tigers manager. Ron Guidant garden higher is the active leader in ejection 73 total. And he is. Quite a ways behind the all time ejection leaders were a manager Bobby Cox. Who is almost ejection and in injected an entire season over his career he hit a 161. Injections in his career. He could find for injection I'd easily give for the managers and on the well yet you probably do what you mean I showed the word come in second inning I still I've still sort of semi fault infrared it. Yeah I don't know but hey you tweet it we're talking about the dying breed and its gotta be there. Mean goatee as 61. And Clint Hurdle with fifty. Objections I got and I got a couple guys that I think are the leaders to become those old curmudgeon that get ejected. On one is Joseph Maddon but he's too nice. Then you have Terry Francona Ron garden higher. And I'll go off this Wenatchee. This one maybe a little bit sneaky on the guy news okay become that guy that becomes the old man to get rejected a lot. Let me throw Buck Showalter it's. His teams really bad he may just start doing it to get toaster Baltimore. In a buck. But who once. Issued an intentional walk with the bases loaded seeing. Strategies don't have to do that strategy. Are at 55305. I anybody any case the Monday is that. I mean other than cam rating in my championship parades and raise taxes and championship raid I just called idea. Called out a Bay Area fan it was trying to sell me that the ads and to feel sorry for him Sam ninth inning alive but you play no blow his mean Bay Area champion and an unknown well what is mean no no known. No. Will ones but yeah you wish you were ten years old when an a team won a championship. Do you think you can appreciated as much as when your tennis and yes I remember everything when I was ten and there are emirate but I don't I wasn't like a super fan I was like interest in ninja turtles and I remember when the Seahawks made it to the NFC AFC championship game and lost the Miami where he had no that's what I read what I remembered I think 83. The more fond memories that I have. Is about when the blazers were losing in the finals if you know that to blazers losses in the files and as a kid. Those. Are the ones that out as night. Those in the senate hurt the most yeah because they're just your soul in messes kid yeah and no love it those word. Better then the successes. That at some teams that have you know because you you can appreciate it when you're ten because that's like when you can find that as your moment they you like fallen month but with the team. All right 55305. So nobody's really got anything that they and it's bothered and I had it makes cents. Well. No I can't figure one out I'm trying to sound if trying to make it up I'm not gonna to sell one's out of nowhere because they have a great weekend for. Great weather and they have got an odd one I go it well I'm going on vacation as you guys now and so. Last night. I had my back waxed that was late your line. Way. What you yup you know you just admitted that there aren't yet I mean that's fine but black I wanna know why you're getting your back waxed or you are you self conscious about your belt. There and abilities it's not like it's a full sweater vest situation going on their blood going to the beach site where we are going to Turks and caicos what's a million in the Caribbean. Okay so are you worried with the with the locals are gonna don't know you know particularly Mike opens like I think we should do this and I Mike okay highly indeed this year on the back that needs to be well I don't know that she would apply the while. This game oh when she shape it has it been a grows back stronger he shaven again on this evil he won't cry if she is this. I described she's got a C and collect his. The money that is my shirt feels weird today. All of a little slippery. And like I grant you more and in buck in this is but may be in this in some weird stuff here none on with well you're less then two. And that'll let you honey honey what do you put the camp on time. I went now so let us know my searches feels funny there really weird. It's like grabbing the back in my back panel I get to steam and you wash that lax off they want. It has been. All she seem a little perturbed by this I don't understand all the interests I'm interested in that into how this comes up and who sparked it. The cover you know how it came up in the closet and you said at her best friend waxes her husband's back. So she's like Erica does it for Ricky made a low real. I was one of those if she does it for that than you've got to do yeah and I'm like tools sure if you wanted to try that's fine. What I just kind of numbers that. You reverse that thought a plane and pick it up to put them yet you don't sand. Well what you have does the gated area. Miami kids kids these kids that is Friday show because my little man had a hand foot and mouth when you need actually put your kid in the vast. My idea of and indeed this stuff senator bigotry and then via. So we did go through the hole he Stanford melting and they need Saturday. Brigade played in the morning of course. My daughter's plane like that we'll stopper in your siding glass door the wood down here to tell device we stellar do not play with it. Who we do you know how many times you need to tell if she's dancing around playing whack hit decider reflect. First ER trip in a locking beat three weeks ago. The group with a four year old and a locking do I never heard of that before Jeff out it's slower down. They wanna slow down then it is you know hurt even worse at age she's gonna hurt it more. So now I got a four year old and a locking duties trying to convince the she doesn't needed and I got a dead one year old that hand foot mouth thank. You to have another kid who told us they told me kids were great idea. Did you use your cam solution yet have another one you know if you don't be as important. This you'd be like you'll be distracted with the other kids that's my fly at three so Italy from her in defense of his own struggles but trust me zone defense is like now. You just can't get beat down and the injuries get worse. Yeah I words in that. To think you're kidding you'll you did your parent isn't that the word and her bike on the handlebars with no helmets on a got a little bit of all right when you gave your friend handle Barak got roller blade next thing going down bomb went down hill -- stitches in my side right on the front of the handlebars of that was cool night Q he hit the brakes in the kids' files and face plant in asphalt. As on. I'd five factories here if I get ignored this morning this early due preacher checked on my garbage strike find I have a crack ran. Tire change primarily that's the worst bear was not as bad as the woke up to a toddler picking on my chest X we got that's pretty standard though I was crossing the I five bridge city there was a stalled dump truck. 501. Marty so you know that was a case of the Mondays when your truck. Full of whatever dumped. Poll dead on the bridge is that not fear. Way is your card dying or stalling on a bridge somewhere anytime I'm stuck in traffic that's our fridge I go is this in the big ones gonna happen yup I and I am happy bridge. Good lord that things gonna incinerate indigo told dusty as my dad was on the Bay Bridge when it broke in as an early network of terrified him. Wait he's dead okay. He's on the hook but he walked up and saw the break as he was a quarter mile away from. I guess I'll be able okay what do you do at that point you will you so every time now we've got out of that we have to break we have to stop here because that's a whole thing. This doesn't add another to send us your case of the Mondays 553 your five what's bothering you on this Monday dusty cam on the fan.