Dusty & Cam Monday May 21, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Monday, May 21st
Dusty and Cam re-visit our Textual Relations question of whether a franchise needs to suffer before its fan base can appreciate success, plus a pitcher you've never heard of is throwing the ball harder than anyone in MLB history, and where do we think Bryce Harper is going to be playing next year?

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Just inherit the offensive line can rest. And Jim Cleveland home downgraded soccer. Dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 hello yeah. Our guys inside I think he's a nice case of the Mondays that are really good really. Pentagon here I think we're we're hitting our stride in our case of the Mondays this guy chimes in that this is the case of the Mondays. My wife and I scheduled our first trip in fifteen years on a vacation without our kids don't lie. And the big island is blown itself up. Now vast. Is the epitome of our case of the Mondays there to get for going to visit volcano fifteen. Years year lag beautiful sunny oh like. Go under the. Island of as grumpy old men c'mon on the last segment of the old man looks like Jurassic Park got their man yet does that's scary scary it's terrifying now he's now the law does it mean the only ocean so it's creating some sort of toxic gases yeah. Spat is bad news bears or their need you but that it lets us all be this be realistic those islands are formed because of the volcano's. Sold oh. That is also true is gonna be a little dangerous to live there yeah. Are but tell us about the time your dad was on the Bay Bridge before collapsed. And yet he was. Driving home from work 89 it was a little after 6 PM it was the day after his birthday. And he won I mean he said he didn't feel anything he was listening. To the giants and a's game on the radio their game one of the World Series. And basically all the car stopped on the bridge itself he couldn't feel so everyone stop for a little while. No I was going anywhere and they saw motorcyclist drive back against traffic the other direction. With all wild eyed and he thought that was wrong and then people started running by his car back towards the city. So once there are people running he knew there something really wrong and he didn't follow the group he went. Like a salmon up the stream to go check out what a big deal is up there and it was a break in the. Paper. He's lucky. Yeah lucky is specially like. We use see everybody going went ahead and venture to guess at IBC to go with those people going at elect how long was he stepped their four. Ours are ours so that he had to leave this car so what happened is a lot of people abandoned their cars to run back to the city so the people who were left had to kind of move everyone else's cars off to the side believes those people who had to say let your keys in the car Malone did some of them didn't know we're just trying to create enough room. The people on the bridge could actually turn their cars around in and drive back but that's a hours that's acts. That's scary deal was I Stephanie Derry Maine at Stephanie just gotten over the bridge and then she turnaround at home. It's not happen my mum was terrified because she thought he's in the city could be under rubble who knows and my dad made it to a guy with a car phone in time like the one all back in the day. The center called the and the guy Dave who let him use the phone call home was named Steven lucky. Well look at that them. Cellphones intervention that's right a game. We're talking about it early in the show and it's it's actually what I think is pretty inching conversation of do you go Las Vegas golden knights fans need to you suffer. In order TU. Before they went a championship concern to see in the cup finals year won just 220 east eight days ago. They played their first game as a professional sports franchise and they will be waiting for the winner of the. What capitals lightning series in the Eastern Conference. Purchased it yet beach do you need to suffer. In order to make this in order to. Appreciate your championships. And I look at. Can I bounce one off the end relate this to Maryland really quick here because I think it that it does and what Vegas is in. Is Vegas is in a situation where Pete some people said they don't deserve is a team it is a market that is a transplant city they have no real roots its day. Actually really small town when you consider most of the population there is either seasonal. Not from there and their economies based on. Tourism that's it and so they're all these questions about it just as when the blazers became a franchise in 1970. People like Portland organ. They don't deserve a basketball team when they think it over and basketball some as you know small peanuts that. But in 77. It was Davies was seven years after they'd. Became a franchise that's a lot longer than what Vegas is going to but it was the first your BA BA NBA merger. And the reason why Portland won a championship is because they got guys. Night buries Lucas from the ABA. In made their team from a decent team to a world champion. And you think of like what that world championship did in that first year BA BA and BA merger. That made blazer fans for life that built a connection with this city of a young franchise. Dad just completely roped in Portland in you see it now Vegas could have that with hockey of all places in the middle of the desert. In a hockey franchise I it's great for sports I think more. Professional sports leagues should set their expansion teams up for success. Than failure which is what a lot of undue. I don't think it's possible understand that if the team's gonna gel like that that's not you can't orchestrate that that's there's it's not bad it's luck it's just that sometimes there is. There is I don't assays is like higher power you all. Higher power. But it's a combination of personalities and understanding that their plane because they don't cure. They're not expected to win there's a freedom to and have you ever played golf we haven't played for like six months and you go out you shoot like a score ego seat. So why shouldn't put it all very much in play four more rounds in a row. Exe you know you're expecting yourself. To shoot 82 ranked 83 and is kind of what I think Vegas is playing like they're playing with house money no pun intended because they're from Vegas totally funny. But that's just kind of what it works. Right at it they're putting with a chip to I saw a call from one of the players that they call themselves. The golden misfits. Because. A saintly they're the guys that didn't get protected by their other previous grid sizes so they field. All individually besides the guys are drafted or signed as free agents kind of feel a little bit of disrespect that. But here's one thing that in the NHL did that you know they can call themselves it will miss its consumer protected. But the NHL took from like forwards goalies and defend had to change the number you can yet they gave the golden knights won more. Players that they could pick frog. From every single team across the league which is the NHL finally took a step back and they said. Why are we making these franchises. And beat terrible in it really is that what gives that fan base anything to root for. We saw that the NFL did this with the Panthers and jaguars ran. And if Houston. Vein changed it for Houston they protect they they allowed teams to protect more players when used thing Kaymer around than they did for Jacksonville and Carolina because. No I remember that Tony was only one of that he coming from Jacksonville and that is shoulder is feeling but wasn't a guy that was huge ol' Perot got. That's sent to Houston yeah they mean some of those guys were in Houston right away with a caller started. With the David Barnett on me on pick and they just to kind of floundered for quite awhile. William because. Woman Carolina and Jacksonville camp. They act and they had the right away they have less per players protected that they can go on and pulled from Dan in Houston came they made it a little bit tougher for the expansion franchise. When used to give up they do it means you since the have been number one overall pick them and they got some decent players but. They made it tougher than those two franchises. The NHL went. Let some success which. That may not bode well for Seattle if gold knights go and they when this thing because then the NHL can say. Does little bit too easy or go back to the way it wasn't given some fear in Seattle gets journalist you don't steam yeah. That this button but I I don't. Think the fans or fan bases should suffer. However when you win something so quickly does that skew you're. Your value of of how easy it is to do. You need to have appreciate it more you need to have a few years is there a number of years you need to either be bad. Or do you feel like you have to work for anointing is as I I will tell you I'd rather make a dollar all day long working for the haven't given to me because this is it's a mile mentality did to each their own you know you wanna win the lottery that's fine but that's like I can't live by. Wanting to have someone give me money. Same thing in sports I I don't know if I can sit there and say I'm given an opportunity. I have to earn it and that's even as a fan it does feel cool when your team goes through the trials and tribulations in the new earned that championship. And that's it it doesn't it it just feels really good yeah leave like yes. And that there is something T deck going through those lean years being horrible. And then having some neat being close or be on the press or just being almost they are dismissing it. And then the next you're getting it done I mean if you're Seahawks fan you just missy. A few years before a year before and Atlanta with a field goal but you were ready in many prime he went at the next year it does make it taste a little better. When its union yeah but I think it's also paid a brilliant thing for a professional sports league to you. Rope in a fan base early instead of having them. Be terrible for the past decade or decade you know broken him in being good. Is way different than actually winning this up in the first year this would be also know this is something that blow. This is something that we. Haven't seen before I mean they could win this team just in saint Louis blues did this in 68 that. Or mention again that was the entire Western Conference was an expansion team so everybody was an expansion team back then. Did their doing it with and as these texts are putting out like Marc-Andre Fleury. Did I don't know a lot of hockey players names I know mark under flood areas because he's one. Two Stanley cups before as it is a goaltender. At least 33 years old and Indies ago so these guys are considered washed up there. And give their front office can to consume and I made trades at the deadline when they were like oh man were not. That patent. You know it's great for sports it is on this text has nothing fancy does suffer but the players were a bunch of guys that. The teams didn't care if it day Lawson I think they deserve it but definitely not hands. I agree that inward to what you said you made d.s point of like do you stand sit there and anything about this disease they should do it every year. I think it being hockey Indian Las Vegas there may be some of that just because. I don't think there it is there is a rich tradition of hockey fan done in Las Vegas. Excuse basketball or football or he'd be even baseball but they're more mainstreaming you know how hard it is to get there and stay on top. There may be an element of not a lot of fans know the history of hockey and how truly difficult it can be. And that's the most violent scene played Vegas two are exceeds mean Washington because Washington it's been in this. Cycle forever. Right size five threes terrified that is in Texas and while moron to fans need to suffer. But coming up next. My Major League Baseball has got to really interesting things happening right now and over the weekend. This fastest pitcher baseball's ever seen dusting camp. OK. Okay. Big to anyone monument in morning dusty air can't lose this news. Fellow baseball talk about you see this guy Jordan gifts but the cardinals. Jordan tax relief pitcher. Became. Went their believed there and we do believe he is the hardest throwing pitcher ever. Nuys reading in an article that cast that that's correct yes by stack casting and annex is a few other ones damn Brooks. Who and does Brooks baseball. He has been kind of analyzing pictures and his velocity. This Jordan hicks kids velocity he had two pitches. Hit at 105 miles per hour. Yesterday he also touched a hundred in forward to other times. The scary part about Ian though is that you don't really. You don't know where it's Dolan. He has little of Rick wild things on an M. Where it he'll hit the dirt I mean do three balls three and a 104 plus mile an hour pitches got past the catcher which I don't really blame them because of less. Your gloves just sit there. You have no idea where things down as so fast. So that's Wii is what's the fastest you've ever. I've faced 98. And 9798. That's that's what I saw that was. I remember fifteen at the second baseman and I know it's really given that. Today it just Ginn in off year I was lives in which they saw on all those things which are soccer's and they and he just threw 9697. And maybe wasn't that at the time with guns were all seen that be could see the guns behind everybody's are sitting there and I. You know you just gotta get your foot down start timing you better get it down and getting going right away I don't know how to get it down verses 105. Is anybody face and not the way that mean you just you gotta start swing and when he's. When his hand is that it is right there I mean that's it there's no way you can read that ball coming out of his hand. This is the so that Brooks baseball they're saying that the 105 married in that game Brooks is a guy dean he's an analyst Scott that. He takes this stuff so the immediate gun Reid was a 105 right now he's saying that his initial readings which the day actually take some more time to break down. Where that that 105 mile an hour pitch was actually 106. Point one miles per hour. And this he said. The velocity on that pitch. Idea record in beer it be under red six point one miles per got an incredible record and I I've said this before I've told you there's a great documentary called fastball which actually. Breaks down who they think is the hardest thrower of all time is Nolan Ryan hitting one on nine. Is what they're. When they do their testing in DC because you know and now when we wouldn't they used to test the speed the speed was at the plate. Now it's right out of hand it's literally it's like a yard out of the and is worthy test the full velocity with a gun gets it. So of course the ball's gonna slow down as it reaches the plate it's physics but still. That is everywhere talk about athletes that can pick and changed the way you play in and change how baseball is these athletes are frightening. Li strong and you could see him just his mean his legs a shoulders his arms baseball players. Have never looked like this over an entire roster the bad guys freedom anomalies. But not pictures like that they just don't give bill like that. Well I and we talked about how strikeouts are up will one of the reasons for that is in just because guys are swinging more for the fences. So. 373 pitchers have thrown at least 54 seam fastballs this season. And on 985%. Of them. Average nine Indian above ninety miles an hour in about 95%. Of pitchers in baseball. Throw. Overnight average over ninety miles now here's the stat for honesty that is read. No it's incredible incredible did you know that 80% of all Major League ball pitches or are fastballs. In baseball. Well if you'll try when he I first heard yeah afterwards so existing in general. If you're gonna get guys out you're getting guys out would your fastball I mean your curveball and change are aware veer off speed pitches. It doesn't matter Bartolo Cologne is still pitching in this league at age 44 because he can throw 95 mile an hour fastball with movement. These guys now throw 104 with movement. Yeah and general was Chapman is 67 he so far down the mound by the time he releases that yeah it's like he's drawn from Little League field. 123. Of those trainer in 73. Throw an average fastball is 95 miles per hour or more there. And there are five rookies in baseball that averaged ninety miles an hour. Or higher on their fast so what are we I rookies. Not so remember remember now. During during the steroids era. We didn't have plane flew. Well TV. Later this on every team. We didn't see it we saw couple. He's our guys tickets were hard but not like this not to level yeah so I ask you are athletes just more more talented. Are they physically more prepared. Are they taking more time to become strong in one aspect is throwing hard. Though they are they asked to come in we don't see flame throwers those guys go 910 innings although James Paxson when he was Joost up. When he got his no no he's had a hundred in the ninth inning if that's just that's it's adrenaline. But guys like this you can come in and throw 105. Well here's here's where I think it is like the human hasn't evolved that much in this bag. Fifteen years tried to Wear know that ability and has not drugs but what has evolved is the way they elicit pitching. Ninety drugs it's but don't wait you look at pitching they don't draw a if you just take it Tampa rays for example what they reduce his Sergio Romo this weekend. Wary G day he came nannies. He's guy's been a closer he's been a reliever. It picked him for what one in two thirds of an inning. As a starter and then they send to the bench. Baseball's becoming specialized to the point where if you were gonna be is starting pitcher where you're gonna make two bigs you had to have three pitches right. I mean you had to have three now it's if you do one thing really well. Perfect will get today or give us an inning or two and data's okay they've refined it dubbed role of pitchers to where. Okay letter ripped give us a hundred give us is many hundred mile an hour pitches you can possibly get out of your arm that will take yet. Taking Al Aldridge on the bench and will seen a couple of days. I get when the does that mean that guy comes in you'll you'll you can touch a hundred if he wants Sunnis have been little really closer for the Mariners but some of these guys look like linebackers what is it. Is it that they are going in to the old approach of what I say cut and Nolan Ryan is your coming in your golden balls out rank my arm is coming in and I know I got thirty pitches. Where I got 25 ever even if I can cap out around whatever your number is if it's an inning and a half for you gotta come in middle relief and you got to get three guys out. What are you gonna do Osce and another couple days throw heart. You don't need to do I mean there isn't specifics is I don't mean to locate when I throw 105 locate 105. URO that that is that. I mean bought. Well I mean the comedic edge this ball 105 well the problem with that and is that he struck a guy out yesterday. Any got on. He would hit Demi because Somalia after the jobs that you are as a drop third strike Evita the lord's going can you trust him in high leverage situation and a one run game late in the game enough. Arnold you're gonna ask a middle reliever got to do that good Camille but so what do what's his ceiling is he just always a middle orally or in months of one of the ominous scary guy out I mean the three hitters up you know Bryce Harper's upbringing to get an out the world of baseball as we know it now. That's OK he can have a role yet he can have a career doing that it she'll pitched as long as his arm stays in contact with the shoulder. He depicts as long as he wants. Mr. We have some else happened yesterday as pretty cool and that's brought up one soda. You may go and during his one soda once told he is in nineteen world. Who becomes Mike Rizzo their GM's third nineteen year old prospect. To be brought up because. They've got so many injuries in their outfield that it's ridiculous you have. Adam means out Brian good wins out Victor Robles their top prospect is out rough field bar tees Batista. Had knee surgery and then. On Saturday Howie Kendrick ruptures Achilles. That's five outfielders that they have out. In so result brought up this ninety year old kid who joins Justin Upton and Bryce Harper has been a 319 year old that he's brought up. What do you think of this though Rizzo was dots on it are he believes that if you Russia guided the majors. You can break them in mentally and they can have a massive setbacks but he said quote if he complained. You comply. In his thought process is. If this kid's gonna be a superstar. No matter what happens with him. He's gonna find a way to be good and so they're bringing out in nineteen knowing you could set this kid back a few years. Or he's gonna be a superstar. There. Do you go down that road. Okay. So. And since nineteen year old prospect in the national organization. If five injuries and their outfield that they brought up soda Mike Rizzo the GM says that. He believes that you can break a prospect mental mentally and really set him back. If you bring them up too early but he also believes that if you're good you're good and you'll if your superstar. You'll find a way to thrive even at nineteen. The two other guys he's done this with. Seemed to be okay Justin Upton and Bryce Harper. Soto becomes the third but he becomes one that. He's kind of forced an action he's only played Major League or professional baseball for a month. Single leg went up to double A now boom here is. Knew we never know how they're gonna turn out they all could some guys could be clinger junior easily come out here eighteen years old and you just pop and he does know something. You have to trust your judgment. Of the type the kid I think it I think it is you got to recognize the guy is ready or not I don't. I don't have that secret sauce knowledge but you can tell if somebody's confident in me you know with Bryce Harper's ready. You can see it. It's almost like he was born and bred to play baseball and no matter what nothing's gonna get in his way but this also seems as if he could BA reach. Maybe add a desperate time for Washington. To put these guys in front of a Bryce Harper who's hitting free agency is getting to be getting like half of a billion dollars in saying look we have talent. To come and join you because Robles is their top prospect he's an outfielder. This one Soto is the number two prospect he's outfielder as well they're probably sit there on. If this kid drives may be gives Brice a reason to stick around because we're not just aging town where young and we could be. Yeah I don't know his mentality I'm gonna say that his Bryce Harper on what she wants to do he will certainly break the bank come freeagent time. I don't know who's gonna pay him if it's half a billion dollars that his contract could reach I mean that's. There's very attainable you'll fear you'll see a lot of teams that'll who's really realistically gonna pay him the Yankees are gonna in Mimi it's only did the Yankees would. Honestly. With the Yankees go after Bryce Harper in Giancarlo Stanton and Aron judge. Yes you really think so if they could do it they would do an inning. What why would you have a billion dollar payroll. Yeah all rights I AKS. Guys I mean I'm not somebody and you will never happen think no I know that but I'm not saying it wouldn't happen but it just seems unrealistic. Why I don't know. I don't know I just feel like Bryce Harper is not the guy that wants to go share the limelight without hey Bryce Harper is a dude he is saying. Comb my hair I wanna choke a guy in the dugout. That's not a guy that I'd see him sharing it with judge engined cargo that is dealt but here's the thing about the Yankees. They're not. Paying their roster that much money you I know there it is a rookie contracts right now they and their payroll is a 160 million this is a franchise that's used to being over. A hundred or 200 million dollar sign Bryce Harper do tenure. 500 million dollar deal area judge is gonna be ups and she's gonna get that much money to. Well you have a billion dollars in two players yeah yeah Danielle yeah it may. Not gonna say that it wouldn't happen. Be bad for baseball you know there's there's teams that are dealing today I mean you concede that cubs willing to do at the Dodgers. The Yankees. Packed the angels might be London do it have Trout a Tunney and harboring your lineup. And he waited a heck of a way to play baseball well he's going to big market wherever he's gonna go he's gonna go or he's a big markets like a eliminates a lot of those teams. That are fringe teams. I can just see that I don't see him going to an upstart exactly go to Kansas city's not gonna go in and what does he go to Tampa. Now I'm sorry does he go to Miami you need is Derek Jeter throw a boatload of money at him and say you gonna be ours for the future and now we don't know. The names that is the cities that just meant named are not small markets so I toys that they are laying you're sick I'm liberal big markets. Seattle as the tenth highest payroll in baseball. Give because Robinson kanell and end Nelson Cruz or soak up all of nobody can take eleven million dollars off of that that bogs it down a bit you know. You know those guys rolled Robby is a matter time. Good guys who then great. You're geysers very high priced are priced old players. Yeah well Felix too. That's another let's not act like Felix's piano advancement. But I think it's inching a look at. The idea you could there risking kind of break in this guy mentally to possibly show off for Bryce Harper yeah and T you just see if paying. Are we ready to move on from him or do they need to make a half million dollar offer. To trying to keep that and try to keep the morale because he you're gonna find out whether this kid has what it takes that. To win so if he doesn't have and you're like oh boy. Then you have to give in nomad bidding and in on the. So it's let's let's imagine that this young man is nineteen years old so he's probably be human plane. High intensity baseball since he uses nine years old who's gonna go on that I'm ever Bryce Harper tell and tell the story about his first home run in the Little League. On a 200 foot field. At age seven. Did your 7UP. That's so wing if you're one of those guys is separate yourself you know who that guy is that dude on your team he's just a dude from whatever you see him. So this kid is obviously dude and I say he's not ready but he's proud of him playing pretty competitive baseball for a long time. And when it. When your general manager head coach is let's go. There might be forced yeah this. This is going to be a little startling to you. So it Soto it once that does nineteen years old. When he was. Born. The Arizona Diamondbacks. In Tampa Bay Rays were already teams he becomes the first Major League Baseball player. To his entire life day. He's the first one ever in the the 2002001. Sitting in three. But yeah he's becomes the first Major League Baseball player. Do you have the Diamondbacks and raise as added professionals franchises it's a beautiful Arizona colors and also Adrian Beltre. Had debuted in need Major League Baseball are told Cologne was still 25. It. And three spend interest and then later there he spends on the scale. For that pretty cold up all right so we have the return. Johnny football. And he has to compete against undocks dusting him on the fan. Our ice. Gave 48 giant and Dow is gonna be Hamilton tiger cats and then this. Reads out help talk about organ connections left and right. Johnny Phillip Paul made his come back announced on Twitter and minster grand and he announced that he's gonna have again. Reality show or some then via bar stool sports create he did he signed with Parcells sports saga. Yeah and as part of this deal he's gonna. Have his comeback show eighties. Gonna place the Hilton tiger camps. The tiger cats but he's got some competition in front of him yeah bogey you know their cuts by June Jones from the pride no pride of Portland and you to grant. And then played at Portland State. June Jones is saying not so fast the Johnny football being our starter right now Johnny Mitt at Jain and though is third string behind. Jeremiah muscle late for lack org in quarterback from. End. Former Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams is their to. So the almost. Over organ cornerback Johnny man's now is behind two former Morgan look at that you think he beats him out within by the time. The season starts I can't believe German missile is supplying I would I said that I asked how old he was as it is like thirty. Not displaying the starting apparent that we know he's 29 there. And that'll never would guess that Sonoma. Inverted Adams I did not know was there he did not know that he hasn't been for burial and he was in Montreal last year okay for a bit. If and now he's in Hamilton but I appreciate Johnny men's does do business. And I appreciate him going back because how many times we hear guys Tim Tebow. Who always say I just wanna pledged one up you need to play now wanna be a quarterback and I anywhere that wants to Demetrius when quarterback that's an eye on India and not outside in. Yeah yeah. In what it means cells do what is he saying no I'd I'd really did just wanna play quarterback and wanna I want an opportunity to Platt. It's always taxing going in doing it we hear guys say it all the time but they won't wanna go to Canada. And what we haven't seen a CF dollar reclamation. Since Flutie. Mean mourn the and then Flutie in. Yeah I can't think of anybody else thought my head and act at quarterback. Well there's been players that have done it but yeah I mean it's the opportunities are gonna be there now with the alliance football league and see in the XFL so the guys are gonna get better chances. To play but right now. If you're in second tier football chief of police on a place where these guys can go. And get time and a lot of them can get more time early in prior to training camp they get there and did dumb with their seasons earlier but yeah I mean if if if your journeyman so where else would you ago. It assigned one of these bad franchises wait a whole other season and wait for next year's play in the alliance is nobody signing me up in the league right now you're not getting called Hewitt disposed bill our roster. You know dirty beyond one. Oh speaking of the alliance appalling. Did you see who was announces the coach of the Phoenix team. Did not is your boy where's Mike Martz made it now though darn it Rick Neuheisel all. All slinky Ricky Rick Neuheisel is the head coach of the American alliance ago. Team in a brick in Phoenix and is vests sleeve was behalf. And you can plot downing a a down payment. On season tickets for next year for the low low price of sixty dot politics it's where they plane than doubles the name IAA will get a link at the new renovated in the most animated. In case some of the stadium can't get the college kids together on Saturday with what makes people think they're gonna go to an American allies spring it's good weather. It's going to be MIT been too high on all they'll start and fed you remember the star right after the Super Bowl so it's going to be beautiful. Weathered I have something for ya. Forward and we are gonna talk about this tomorrow but I wanted to plant the seed with you and our listeners out there. Did you see let the new argue with the news complaint is on football kickoff times. For what for the illegally via check in college football no. Can. Tease me anonymous saying he out and girls they are gonna do anything no I want you to think about this target. What's the big difference between the south in the last year. Because there is a revolt among college fans about noon kicks. And back east in the south and back east they hate noon kicks. You know at their lobbying for who are more drinking time now you'll know what they want. Instead of noon kicks they want earlier cast don't know 10 AM they want 888 PM kicks. They would rather play at 8 PM. Then at noon great that's fine but I would hold on I ask events. Careful what you wish for in the pac twelve. Why do we clamor for more noon texts. Would you rather have on the antics. In trade that for the 730 and 745 because they're not claiming for bank pectoral fins complained about 730 start times. They want 8 PM start times back east and in May want to do it. Rid of the noon kickoff is do we have this you have this I have try to visit multiple conferences is that the south as and it doesn't he's got to see hands these are fans and people that are covering the team. And it was a commerce Indy staples with having back in force because Todd stands very big athletic director at Georgia Tech formally of organ state remember. He was having a question and answer with a bunch of fans any set I understand your concerns. But we can't control public are kicked times ansari were playing at noon in there is a big revolt affect. And I think you'd be perfect because that means that now 5 o'clock games or East Coast games for us. And then at 3 o'clock games are now 12 o'clock games that's perfect. If they don't like that that perfect made no they don't know that's that's the whole thing I'm talking about. Date may repeat thank. It time zones are back. This is up the words that's tomorrow at and what you want in there it's set it to get easy thing to talk to think about they hated. All right up next earth on Garn and an Indian to 33 straight B seven friends out guys can sit back Tuesday 69 and this is investing can have a great Monday. Keep it right here on 108000.