Dusty & Cam Thursday August 16, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 16th
Dusty and Cam re-visit Jalen Ramsey's comments slamming most of the QBs in the NFL, Buffalo's Josh Allen responds to Ramsey, and a discussion about whether or not these comments would fly in other league, plus John Bladholm of Stan Brock's Black & Gold to discuss charity events throughout the country and in the Pacific Northwest.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results and dusty narrow the offensive line can rest. And Tim Cleveland. I'm downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning and 1080. Oh yeah. I'm now number three dusty here king in Cleveland with him. Yeah we got to get on that are coming and I mean my goodness. How did we forget. Like it. Being in your twenties and in Jillian Chandler's apartment across all from Rachel and Monica. On friends that's a great one at some point though you got to be living with the chicken and duck. That's cool. I know it I'd do it day dinner. There are several long block a this year Portland really real friends. Like a real life friends. Deal going on. Space agencies there's been people a traitor recreate that. A lot of oh yeah well yes my brother that has a way to creepy relationship with the sister and they sit on each had two laps back and India. You know to send friends. Monica sits on Ross is still out your age or lost hijack this discussion to only do they usually get a match for an event. Weird. Or really how often does your sister's in your lap well let's see Ray Lewis said he still kisses all his kids on the mouth Cain does it is is Andre in the mouth. I don't know. Yeah we do Ross yes. Molly tournament yes when and I can't. I'm gonna go ahead and that would stop this now I was disaster you know I have my only opportunity to Oman air Ross's does speak you have the opportunity in your twenties to be able to recreate the friends atmosphere would you do it on yes. Yes. And we also. Yeah I mean it sang out cubby house. Sinks smelly cat. You remember the episode of friends where Ross's first yes or Monica's first kiss was Ross. Yeah but I also rose sports. I you know move on from now on. But I would pull their record on that in a log cabin from coach who log caveats and knows it could steal favorite shows you sent a treehouse ended. The horse again and now we're going to different well your tree houses most was for in the Stanley Robinson islamists. Are it's Doggett all right does sports the sport this thing. On. We talked about their sexual relations Jalen Ramsey rips almost every quarterback in the NFL from. And he left a few loud including Alex Smith then Torre forbidden 2430. Approximately. Can he doubled its on a couple of teams. It's because he did Joseph Flacco and Lamar Jack this is stuff like that. I nickles think Carson once Soviet probably twentieth the 32 NFL teams. And gave an honest assessment in his mind of what he thought and each quarterback unit muted mad that. UST good question. In that dizzy and felt like office. Like we if you're Roger Goodell. In your city backing year's theme about well how you feel about this. In GA winner Randy comes out and he just starts eve bashes. Some of the 32 starters they generally calls guys overrated. Do you dignity he has any sort of negative stance on this from Jim Ramsey or is he eaten enough. You know I asked that question because I wanted to know from fans it makes him things more interesting now. Pro football talk just came out with their ESPN analysis on the decline. Of ESPN and Monday Night Football on some of the things in the number one show is actually Sunday Night Football on NBC and Sunday Night Football the biggest show. Of all the shows in the NFL in I would probably safe to say will be the biggest show again this year. So. Is is news all news good canoes with a Geary campaign you know what I mean because the NFL looks at this and says. We don't need distractions of garbage distractions which are guys I'm problems upfield drug issues issues that are negatively impacted. This is a competitive stance this is one of those were all of Omar totaling your fingers going. Please demon and give it weir is the goods that we are the stuff that we can talk about that causes back and forth controversy but makes it fun controversy banter the NFL needs more fun banter that's what this is. There are their dudes out there and you love football are Haiti nests. Urge is I rate that this guy can be cocky in the end donating think they win a couple playoff games Els mega Super Bowl and now this is the team you're gonna have. 18 years saying in Jacksonville better watch themselves the Jacksonville is oh you want are about overrated pump the brakes on Jacksonville. Because last year they a lot of kisses in their schedule. Didn't face Andrew Luck they're gonna face him twice been face to Shawn Watson they're gonna face him joyous times in a one Daria one of the times. Bill lost. On the road on the road Tennessee they got Marcus Murray go to they lost him. I mean come on some of these games at Tennessee or I'm sorry that Jacksonville one and then they lost to San Francisco. To. And so you know hole hold back a little bit did just a little bit too much now currency Jacksonville's a crown to make it all the way to Super Bowl. But he did say last year before as he's never really lasted and that they would be a suitable team and mayor couple plays away from it. You know AC championship game made all the way there. Give him credit I do but a whole hold on they're not gone fourteen into here a couple of the guys that he called out have responded to the criticisms. Of June Ramsey including. The quarterback of the New York Giants who is. O'Dell Beckham makes him was his critique of Eli Manning it was the most it was most Eli Manning response ever. Then moved who. Like he didn't know who it was he knows it's there in the guy who is the target of the first win this whole thing came out. You know I've religious reports as we don't have time to read the GQ article article because it was released at like 8 o'clock our time. Pacific this GQ article went public. Will end in the first acts or was about how he called Josh Allen trash. And set our understand what they're thinking was that paid their due never beat anybody was terrible against big schools when he is that. Wyoming in he never won a big gain well Josh Reed and Z was asked about it in the is the first time he even heard about it once he got off the practice field yesterday. Chris I've heard of that sun. And he's got a much saying is not my teammate it's time you know I don't don't bother me that you feel. No I've heard there's. And the players at different things Casey did it pretty I don't care no it doesn't bother me one bit. I care about my teammates and my teammates think of me out when asked Obama filled LTE on child with football games and it's gonna be the best quarterback in the Simpson as possible. It was different about this time in this era now is that what Josh Allen just said he cares now c'mon. You care you listen you can tell the tone of his voice I can hear where he was half. I don't care if it's the same reason the baker mayfield. Wasn't listening to Colin count all the naysayers him as a guy I don't really care. You do it it's human nature to care Tokai to a minute now if it bothers you need gives you motivation. And do without but it did there was never this kind of Anixter. In the league is in in and I've been out since 06 but there was never the kind of comments back and forth the guys publicly. That there are now. There is there's never been more of an outside voice for these players. You talked a lot of crap on the field and it would stay on the field and me died. I'd again like it up for our podcasts of just quotes and lines coming from guys that was just EU week he was ruthless. Ruthless and why they never played public wise it's a different now than being because and now it's it's it's interesting for everybody to know. You wanna know how the sausage is made. As a fan you wanna know what it's like to be in the locker room do you wanna know when when Antonio Bob Brown. Runs is. FaceBook feed in the locker room post celebration. And as walker you know much crappy took for that veterans who do travel commute is Eric GAAP. Where we have a little bit of a break between reality and the fan's perspective can we have a gap there just occasionally. I think that's exactly why the NFL loves it does because they may write open up the door so much you're right that this is why the NFL likes this because. One and it is it's the interest in markets the entertainment aspect of the game something that a lot of these players have also saw. It was successful for guys like Dion in Michael Irvin in those outspoken guys and of the year earlier generation exerted themselves and make themselves on a platform. No Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens and Randy Mott. They're still coaches LC sing but they're still coaches in the league right now there is and that includes Tom Coughlin is not a coach but he's the general manager president. Of the Jacksonville Jaguars and you seem their fight yet. You guys fight they're still fight Bill Belichick sexually deviant. Mean got frustrated and then Tom Brady comes out this week on WEEI and says we're in lockstep we think together. We respect each others are great working relationship you're never gonna get anything more than that now. Tom Coughlin I guarantee you right now he is flaming hot at this. Yes he's old schools commence in now and Q do you like teams that Lecce in. That's the question why can't Intel only deal I like players that you can we and we see hard knocks teams now. Do you also like the fact that these Harden our teams are uses the crappy teams but it when the good teams two good teams aren't gonna let TN. He aux are guillotine and no. Picture target only chin. Resume have to. Indeed that's what the end of that's quite interesting works in the NFL's because Roger Goodell license because it's eighteen that has not been interesting. And it is made them interesting and relevant from the Cleveland Browns. Need to be existing somehow someway C give them behind the scenes that the rams needed that. And they needed that win Neary in moving to LA they got it though. The NFL's doing everything they can become. Still and stay. Worldwide. Relevant because they have to how news in the cycle that makes them look like the ultimate gladiator sport okay. Asked if there's one thing they said about Josh Allen's response that I wanna ask you about the it bothering him. Taking it personally is something that we discussed earlier but. Josh Jones response he highlighted something. Very unique we'll discuss it X 814 on the fan. And yeah we're talking about just sound Zealander and these kind of news. This attack on every quarterback Italy you think you crossed a couple guys. But Josh sounds response he said oh yeah you definitely do take it personally young and is it eight because I believe it is possible TU. Not care one do in Ramsey beings but still take it personally you know but I believe Josh always like I don't care what Jalen ramseys thinks. But you can still take that criticism of being trashed personally. You know like I don't I I think that. Boy you can kind of happened bolt weighs in that regard. To where you sit there and you is that the most as a motivating factor you don't give a rip about what do and Ramsey says San. And you don't here's a personal experience example of of what it was like OK so I was a young goofy. Personal taker. In my career and I had a little bit of that so when the saints didn't wanna we saw I mean I left and then landed at going to the rams I got interviewed. In game now can you imagine this interview how it goes into this year's news cycle compared to what it was then. We are playing the saints I came out and said I'm going to beat I hope we beat the tar. Out of the New Orleans Saints that was quoted and I said if I get close you can look this article up it is right there. I sit if I get close to the sideline I might take out Jim has. Can you amend lasting up at a kiss your Coke classic and I know that the did the immaturity and of the what it is when you're here to want easing you have a little bit of bitterness and ended that's the difference of a football player sinking like jailer ingested the same stuff. Can you imagine if that was said in today's news cycle by a player. The year ago take out one of the coaches knew I'd be in it would not only who to be massive headline. It would be crossing NFL and sweeps him moments and it would just it would turn out to be on every talk show every news but that's the difference of how we embrace it. Did I take it personally Jim has that was an absolute. For his stomping on Terry Bradshaw as head without a helmet on. That's Jim the Eagles Hillary's a bills linebacker yet as a classic I got stories about Jim has an all day long. Gentlemen radio. This is this is what. Maybe it's podcast I don't know. This is what it's like to be in the league now these guys do listen they care that there's bring answer back and forth he mean to tell me that when Vontae is burst perfect opened up his mouth. And then suddenly couple Steelers take your personal mixing knows he shots coming in and out. Guys take it personal now. But you still not to care will be guys says the original example. Cam Newton went up to. He's got onto a lot of mole hill and I don't Shelton resident gonna do a lot of people are recently what else eligible Weis did Kelvin Benjamin say in the news. Dad he wasn't a good quarter it is and you think Cam Newton said what do Camby and say when he first was asked about his do you or if he brush it off that if you didn't take it personal why did he go up to him and shoe off everybody around him and Tom Davis and C get away from me while trying to shake hands. And then follow around like little puppy dolls around that and then give an I whatever did you you know it you do take it when one young dudes. Were all Brothers. No matter how you look at it were all Brothers in the league and when your brother stab in the back man you're gonna take your personal. The up and there was I thought the most glowing review was Matt Stafford you straight. He straight. And that's of glowing reviewing this thing because Stanford story gets bashed but he's a nice is pretty pretty good. And a inning Carson whence did Shawn Watson teacher MVPs does this also tell us where June and he won't be playing. Who what he hits free agency seemed to edit OK we have the NBA we know he's saying both of you wanna go to this team reps is that we also do. Look I've question for you with that comment by mr. hare. Did you in your right mind. Ever think Richard term would strap on and look. And you see across from him a 49ers uniform. In your right mind at the time when you knew it was happening did you ever say there's no way. I would accept the factor Richard Sherman is part of this organization. Oh I still haven't accepted the fact bingo NASA does he do Ramsey would turn and go right up there to the bills they are pretty full forty million. And when a year he'd be right there tomorrow. See I think with Richard Sherman now the guy he hated is gone all the team guys he hated from there are gone but the fans are gone. And now you know people don't forget it and forget it but doesn't forget it's soccer forget. Announce that's a great point out in any NBA when you said did I imagine this in the NBA. I can't imagine in the NBA because this happens all the time every interview anybody does it's like oh someone says they they like a player or they like a city like oh that's relaxes stood. Then the whole CJ McCollum thing. I did the ring chasing I never do that Edmund you know I never go to a place various championships in and plan that memoirs generally accepted due to come here to give me you know and live if Kevin Durant are Klay Thompson very among greener staff courier like K. On a coach boring day Jack along the scope of course Leonard like suddenly likes the rain. You know the you'd call you gonna call him what. Garbage you know gonna call in. It disgusting discussed and will be discussed some really harsh words CJ yeah disgusting that's like the way you feel about. With the food do you despise. And field cancer discussed chats if you cats and analyzing and I don't know there is no unity no they're not. You can told you this story before a nice crisp. Now they're just garlic flavored pickle. Is fan tablets. Now goes back to Ricky show were heady don't know whether our Amazon and we indeed the whole jar of pickles and during the Jews in two minutes I can do are real and pickles for me read up relish. In the U problem. Well done. I was glad he spicy pickles growth low growth low dollar Merrill temporal have promoted peddler corporal. This well pickles will make me feel like any development. Just. Noticed when Dallas. He would downs that I know you're really you're really worried about that guys. Anyway our premiere elite typical the growth Steve Meehan. Because addressed yet in the NBA LeBron its main Stevenson are teammates now's the extra points out actually that lacy was blown in his ears. Eight non in the first round last year now also in their burrows. Who were all for the common goal weld just wait tell. And Lance ness is a free throw late in the game and LeBron present under the bosnians and in his buddy picture in the locker master the game going and the I don't think is a time out should. It gone. Gay gone. Our rights. Richard German doctors are yourself Richard Sherman NFC championship game gives an interception face sentencing day of the Super Bowl what are you do it all gonna celebrate you know kind of things that I I am still against him mentally it's like what do you don't free lately. And a wait wait a team by ear as a well I don't know what goes right you know lower 25 Scarlett Jerry Kelly is a mystery among green ends up on another team I'm gonna hate him till. Yen load that idea. Barea fan is that and is pride the best at this. We'll just. You'll sit there and is Kevin Durant. Bay just a rare to Kevin Durant. After they blew that lead in name and in the Western Conference finals and he comes into my view bro he's the love the Richard Sherman gonna happen and them I will say that seven to rant is like the bay area's fourth favorite warrior. Ever like stepped clay injury among more for him because he's yeah and and believes it's Kevin Durant he's is it I'd tell clamor on leave because they can't afford them into view he moves Atlanta. You know become a new favorite. But it's very comfortable ties there I'm gossip about I don't know except sue with open arms. Yeah double over here look at in my hands is count the rings my I don't have our. Off. She looming demise is his favorite team in him knowing yet. Aides Megan any and all I go with Indian terrible we're in the heyday right now booked this weeded out more than anybody. He's he went as far as to say I'm sorry yeah my heating Tonys are good for radio here stuck up his hand really is fingernails with the with the palms. Away from him. And showed rings and a there's he gets on which there are there's no rings on your hands. And he looked at both of them you can put another one behind your back I. Still only go on hand there are. Still now I know he's adding you know or shine it's a war itself a 49 Ers. Hold them up. He. Hired. Are not very. Inane answers and don't apologize fork is every famous and wannabe in your spot you know. Blazer fan will become insufferable and say when a title and we'll all embrace it were trying to look for me I'm trying drive Jennifer. I had yesterday a company and guest John Glenn home black and gold fishing derby which shows seem brock's event which we round out last year is an awesome event. It's coming up is right around the corner we'll talk to him about that and had to get things that. They're doing. Good right now but the sports and age thirty. On your Thursday morning dusty here in Cleveland we're joined in studio by John Black home. Do it good friend of the show because he helps us out any days you're everywhere man. You are everywhere from alternates to set under any really get to are just average and everything. Stress and strata or on the yeah. Yeah this in last you to be black angled fishing derby seem brock's big event that he doesn't he's been putting on for years. And we went into it and you get as saying this is going to be awesome and when we came out. Would we were not disappointed. It was going to be cooler events. I am ever been to in my life from the night before when you guys had a crawfish boil. And helicopter land on a piece of property that we shall not name your name but don't know whose it is and it's coming back is there like crazy aren't. With Downey spot primal closer and closer okay I'm but I like things are off their roped UN has also generated internally you guys know you know I mean that's it. You use looped. Death. You know lucky to be in the event business for thirty years. Where your computer Jacobson for tornadoes and and you see a lot of great things but that a lot of nice people do for others and this event in Stan and I got together. Tom just loved respected what he's done in his career for others and especially and his time at West Point. We didn't quite honestly don't know how good it was going to be so we probably embellish it a little bit. But that helicopter landing with ward green berets one of them that had been seriously injured in Afghanistan. And carried down the Fred good or red white and blue when he is one good arm and he missed his mouth and is good arm to raise that there was not a dry eye in the place and and literally it changed. He changed the event to some that I I never been part of before. Yeah NN all the benefits go to. The USO. And it goes right brains yeah get a green beret foundation and it goes back to church because you mentioned Stan brock's connection with west when his head football coach at West Point. And is it all goes back to you military servicemen and women and their families. And and that is why when you mention that and the raising of the flag like it gives me chills again just think you know about it. And then the next day when you show up and it's a you have the fishing derby you see the men and women the service members there. In there impala and the votes in these people are are all out there. But going out early in the morning it's pitch black out and they go out in their fish and all day long in Canada stories that you hear coming off the votes and from all the people it was an awesome event and you guys are from 28 votes coming now Columbia and. With how it would sell about twelve last year missile 28 this year we're gonna capita forty. It's it's literally like a golf tournament on the water you know you think about it but the first place prizes. 20000 dollars second thing is price and thousands of big fish which find out cut where is five pound cut fast straight arm a variety of happened pretty quick wasn't it will yet he still tell me about it every day so if you'd like to be on your show yet on you know first fishy there I was 33 pounds fled. He does does was sure and it was the first fishy ever cut. Nobody knows. Now Hillary dusty it's like yeah I agree hey don't wait can be tough to work Korea knows it isn't using view that you did the inspiration behind it was Wednesday I was at West Point has seen on the LC duty on that football team and his quarterback was killed in the line of duty has left tackle and right tackle lost. A leg on he became very close with Seth Neiman. Who came here last year on his one leg. And give a speech about you know what minimum needed to defend the freedoms we have every day and so stand was visiting him in the hospital. And stand had a saying that hey it's far from the heart give back in there and these. This guy's OK coach I need you back in there and back over defending our country in stands like now in South Park from her heart is pretty close surely die only cheer you what you said you would do in the more so. I stand is just men ever and can jump on that guys back he does a lot for others. You as so that event is coming back on September 11. 99 in nine tenths so last year I think it was appropriate that it was on 9/11. How we brought in coach Bobby Knight and I'm not sure coach and I knew he was here. Viewers who claimed to character has. Get a lot say he did yeah he did guarantees by a fire on from a now fighting get a chance to holy cow he still trying to sell player odds for him yeah we saw the chair though that he signed for 500 bucks and he throws before he's. Where he signed it he can't throw anything and I'd heard that Q and now I'm Kelly put them in a share it. Now put dom. Stands rain in a two star general and we're working on a couple other celebrities to come in and partake. And yet the night before joining at a black stand Brock black and gold website. And then you can click on the northwest into at the event is all about the video of the helicopter landing. Is on merit and were working potentially on me. PT boat landing so maybe we have people come from going to land sea and air this year it's been amazing. But up up my bun league is coming to the dinner yeah it's tree fruits and low and you guys will be there. Are you kidding me to have us who will be there the last series of the guys this Jeffs came up from the world yeah never the original never stand tell me the we're gonna bring up the entire. He is history there no doubt that happened but then you guys made eight. A full kitchen. Outside yeah so stand has become friends and loved the top Shasta and enormous consumes her for thirteen years and you do this in and then it happens in New Orleans yet do the same same event. Totally different event and you're down in the south the by noon it's a whole different I had no idea I went this year tomorrow you are around. Who you the act crazy different thing but he had they did I mean alligator last year and how the chief Kim and it was. Stunning am Pacific seafood to do is a strong partner and they provide all the protein. The Safeway Safeway foundation is heavily involved in. He a lot of people we we do with less Schwab standard TV and appliance. Union bank a lot of top dogs support this event and just keeps getting bigger bigger. Well you also are part of the less rob golf tournament which is coming up next month as well. And that is another one. You RE involved with a lot of great charities and causes in the work they've done stand Broxton obviously. On degree 'cause of the men and women's services he Maurice Lucas foundation in in their golf term is that they have their Heritage Foundation also yeah. Era in now the less Schwab golf tournament with that is lines for life is late with their benefiting. And that's coming up right on the corner to yes some involved in a lot of it is because I'm cheap I guess. Saw com. Yet though the lines for life is is you're not going big hurry you're gonna yeah you're a GR BI chief park. Is it's clay it's very close to me. That you don't know lines for life is that the deal with suicide prevention I think they took 85000. Calls last year hurdles they have used line where they actually coaching teaching. Young young students to pick up the art you know that to get the phone when some on the other hand this is struggling. On they. And unfortunately. And it's become a bigger bigger issue or at least it's it's kind of like divorce was in the old days that knowing a divorce but. Now Ireland's talking about mental illness and suicide prevention so. I met Jordan through Joey Harrington in and Jordan today I wanna start an event. And I sit here is the perfect time to time and with a great community partner and my Schwab as we all know I mean that companies sitting with them. They're just giving giving give and so the idea is is it starting next week you can go to any local less Schwab. Tire dealer darn dealership or store make a donation and we got these very very cool. I hope they're very cool is my idea if not then. Since we're on the fence on whether or not. By their age higher stress ball you know and their idea to make a five dollar donation you get one of these cool tire stress balls because life is stressful and no matter who you are. And then Jordan is going to be yard our celebrity host determine his blog is I mean September 21 Friday out of the reserve. I'm you can go to lines like to learn more about the golf tournament were almost sold out we price of one may be to force him to go and then were sold out and every first place winner gets a set of tires. Every second place winner gets a popcorn machine. Yeah rest the total less a year again I swap deal yeah day out so we're trying to change it up it would it's been a long. Time terminated and they do a great they've they do an amazing job and ages today had we taken maybe notch it up a little bit and pop from machines and tires was mosaic pattern. And now seeming now doesn't me think less rock free popcorn and a great first debt and greater people. That's as good a case you I have a couple questions. Four you abouts. Organizing. Fishing tournaments yeah golf tournaments yet with golf tournaments. As an organizer how infuriating. Is handicapped ledgers from. Office. Poison back in the trademark challenged as we can almost write the names on the trophy before the tournament started you have three groups that there was you know. The hero is and it's amazing there are people prior with the most resources that were literally did you need the trophy that bad. So that's infuriating. And eighteen Yemeni team that is you know you deal every tournament. You know it's India it's such a game of honor. You know so it's it's a struggle it's you don't add down at the Nigerian Harrington some and we guide. And his battle abandoned. Chris McAlister who I love plated Arizona and played a Baltimore. I mean that guy comes in. There's an eighteen and he rips it down the middle on trust me I know last time I played was two years ago that that Arizona one and I went really Chris yeah but you know ID three because well. These you revved up and about what because shine LA it's on this team and everyone just loves shot on the Oslo oh my gosh she's one of the greatest you can ever class act that. Yes so I'd say that last minute changes are tough. You know we have green barn events which is the company I share with the team will lunged. It takes a team so cherry has a great staff and Jordan has good people around them like it's literally the people around here to make the event successful end. Keep you off the edge feed vision and the stress you all also outside to prove. Mining town of them yeah I'll bring in my all right John glad home. If you want to learn more on black and golden days seem rocks black single website. Blacking gold. It's just stem brock's black and gold and then when you get there just click on the northwest there are a couple of tickets left for the dinner affair which you guys will be June yeah credit will be yeah I'm. And then need less Schwab that golf tournament for lines for life you may have a couple of spots filled it available for that are ATA will sell and it's it's at the end of September and missiles on every year round but. Go check allowance for life going to alleged fraud story make a donation. I've bounced five box or even make it two dollar donation but it everything counts a we need to have. The bigger call center unfortunately and more people to answer the phones so thank you for the sport. In LA at any time you say your cheap I'm. I think they come evening did you do array. End yeah actually care about the united charity sale mean lines for life in and all of what all three of the big partners that brock's black angled because they're all good Joey does Joey Harrington as an amazing thing inferred cares at least they're just keep them instead of there are he has his big shot off this weekend so go check out the Joey Harrington Family Foundation site. It's three restaurants three wines and champagnes three desserts it's. Stunning and amazing farm in some the best food for the value confined. John Bledel thinks of the salmon really appreciate it thank you guys I would put them on show Digisette for the day on the stand next 847. Sorry we have good news bad news video on first. Bad news. Bad news. And today goes down as a earmarking history of a weird day but whispered it is sweet nothing in our ear that was surprising. His with a black. To learn from the Twitter verse that's. Elvis Presley Babe Ruth and Aretha Franklin all passed away on the same day August 16 and as the Tweeter pointed out that would be the king of rock the queen of soul in the sultan of swat on passing on the same day Prejean queen of soul Aretha Franklin died in threes. Are easy reason. So that's the bad news. As that is. You like the good news terror. Is that our very own injury and never make of the recording show with Internet like which will not be on the 1080 the fan tonight. He had. While not he his wife who participated had a child look into the world of Jordan and Robin. Neck graduate since ice changes now mama and baby are healthy and naymick is. He's due journalist you know support mode they usually are very healthy individuals you know journalists. People for media forums there. You know an X hair looked good in the pictures you posted so I say he didn't look really good is your dealers already. So congratulations to dynamic family. We are very happy for you. More bad news that means there will be no returning shows Internet make tonight as he is being a dad. So congrats congrats to them. If you missed any of our show. Lessor tires podcast 1080 the fan. Dot com listen to it we had on black hole mom you just heard him he's a really interesting did. We talked a lot about Jordan Ramsey ripping quarterbacks. Throwback Thursday it was. What do favors today because the thought of all the old homes TV homes and families you on a bulletin you know final answer we said a lot of them on here. That leverage is coming to mind which is the one. That you would wanna live and TV home. Or family you know I'm tornado Ricky Schroeder in the silver spoons now did you mansion number one answer Ron. After our discussions I gotta go jets and all futuristic stuff you know who. Urgent no Jay it came down to mediated between the Jetsons and. And oh I forgot CPB's play house to his. Car at birth. Yeah. But I'm going with this little place called the south fork ranch. Dealing. Mansion. From Dallas oilman archived on the oil and oh I did the recap don't forget we started with I'm trying to. I think yeah yeah yeah we added CJ McCollum. He was in in the show today with I'm trying Jennifer and I unveiled some. Pretty risque tweets from Jennifer herself I read the full receives in the colon. Plug taco delight 1980s like that Jon delight John DIE. And Jennifer Williams. Apparently she treated that she's an info and it's hard to participate in good mate and the options are flaky rail for her struggles. Panache is an instant instant celebrity in I'm trying Jennifer's blazers. Knew hash tag. Well in the Marlins suck nervously. Bug itself today I'm tomorrow's Friday. Is and where will we be it will be out at the pump agrees Portland open your windows could put up bent out of pumpkin ridge beta is 6 and I am come join us. Next is heard is gone Garn and an Indian to breeders' break through some friends out lesbian soup have a great Thursday receive friend read here on the fan.