Dusty & Cam Thursday August 9, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 9th
Dusty and Cam discuss Felix Hernandez’s struggles and the possibility of him being bounced from the rotation permanently, plus in our Textual Relations we ask whether the NCAA is going in the right direction with the new rules they just added to college hoops, and why aren’t they also applying them to football?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the mornings. Me yeah. To me. Yeah. Really love of god. Jerry patients who does Dinara still. Czar for like yeah I mean I don't think so cool parents and NFL veteran Sam clearly Mitt. Waiting for you an apology on 1080 for a short time for him and he was good. Law. Hey happy Thursday's tee is the ninth of August. 9 of August which means. Pre season football here is a Thursday. It's a Thursday. Full slate of games while also also a slate twelve. Gains to 44 teams in action today pre season football. Do you feel like football welcoming and everybody this morning on Thursday of pre season football league gets you excited. And all those I got a bunch of friends. Yesterday. On the Facebook's. Trying to argue that pre season football is a waste of time button. What say you blew it would say you why did they feel that I think I think or at the point now where. Major League Baseball spring training scenes. Kind of like just a bunch a guys turnaround and some cactus league stuff and then down down in Florida. Tree in the it would it would be called the orange league grapefruit grapefruit league. However. Basketball is like he was the nobody can easily until losses just a wasted time football season football pre season. What is the optimal way. To make sure that the NFL's gonna get better with pre season it is it is four games too much if you're if you're a hall of fame team sometimes you don't play five and waste of time and on waste of time I used to really think it was a waste of time I really did I had even when I played it was a base in time as I've gotten older. And started to appreciate football understand it I think there's a happy medium I think it's too. To three. But I also think it's really important for ninety guys on a roster every chance to make your team. Because if you go right into regular season and never have a pre season game please explain to me how you can understand your debt. The emphasis not it's not going to be possible and and game reps are not practice reps as much as everybody wants to say so pre season does serve a little bit of value I don't know office for. I think it's probably too. Yeah I don't really care how many games they play. I'm just glad I'll be able to turn on the TV and watch a football game tonight. And I am I'm using Hispanic and I mean is it agitating because somebody that doesn't have season tickets and never has bought season figures to NFL franchise if any what do you out there that do that. Is it absentee union to pay full price for a pre season game an idea chance to watch starters play as you really need to get holder that'd make me a really had frustrating can you imagine a ducks game where or duck season ticket package where there were two games. Oh wait that's like would tell them and a know where the starters played three minutes well yeah order you know oil and expose the media CS games you play. But they don't they actually have now for that flex. Flex to get priced guy I'd seen that yes a lot of schools are coming out with a they're saying he had this game we're we're sorry we're gonna story a bone here and we're not gonna go ahead and charge you full price these. You can get in these games are relatively cheap I'm actually looking we are making fun of oh are making fun. We're making note. Of the fact that in front. It's Oregon State for southern Utah had tickets for six dollars and you know the remote door makes funny is I don't think well they're wow yikes get the school was not selling them for six dollars gene known. The price that you can get in the door at new airfield in Buffalo, New York tonight for the Panthers and bills announced on stub hub I don't. 20/20 850. Lower. Two dollars. No. You cited here price is right this to be tracked its three bucks three dollars you can get in the door super million users bills for three boxes those you complain that it's too expensive to go to a game. Bears dangle he can get in for nine. Bucks dolphins five dollars and browns giants six Bucs and Panthers bills is that in buffalo or in Carolina. But buffalo. A senior from third table and then go in the game for two dollars and right you'll rams or even six dollars nine dollars heard Tynes Packers I mean. Yet you can get in the door for pretty cheap at these. At these pre season games they'll be really interesting to see we shouldn't do this social experiment bunker at the stance of the debt. Regular season week one lowest prices on tickets species is pitted then. I think that's when we go the excitement and we talked about the excitement of the ball being back. I think getting in the door for three bucks in buffalo does you a little bit about the excitement for these camps double talking. Or about pre season games but I I think I think figure eighty costs or. Evaluating players in the pre season does does hold value. The bills that are in those that don't know that veterans going in football hate it and even those he that are that are around that they did their hovering around. The cut line. They know. As you that's what's cool book hard knocks and you'll see this year every year every year it's great about football they'll be a guy one or two I would say probably ten. That are around football that you go who is this person and they'll just pop out. From nowhere in pre season mixing those are great career path that's what the pre season does freeze those either complain about or don't want it okay that's fine but it's not is it hurting you. But it's helping the players is up on those young players yet there is one thing about those games you're talking about and. You'll be able to now sees some of those guys who are gonna redshirt this year in you probably won't see very much. A in pac twelve play you seals guys playing against you know southern Utah for organ state or who. For or against Portland State that's makes you not register rules so great deals for games is a guy Greg easily lead to play early in the year they're gonna get that action you can go. Well we have some to look forward to in the future or you'll be going you'll be cringing going who. You know give it either way you mean it you get better with time yeah I mean you're gonna have a chance to get those reps and game wraps. Or unlike anything in sports especially with football you can not sit and proxy get a scrimmage is. But just deem wraps the speed of it it just it's you can't replicate we were tied it we talked a lot about it last year when. When pressed him Burmeister got thrown into the fire for organ in Justin Herbert new wind down you know. And we're like that's a tough thing to do he knows it isn't true freshman get thrown in those games imply. Oh Mara crystal ball says something get a day that kind of stuck out to me and he said. You know he acknowledged ends like look. I dare any of you guys to sit there and in get thrown into a game as a freshman when years plus he's kind of soaking things and you were thinking you're probably gonna ranger but speed backing him up and never seen game action all year long and then you get thrown in as a starter. He said that Burmeister comprehension of the offense and he is. Kind of command of the huddle and cut a wide net and don't have also commandos being on the field. In the guys on the field. Disappointed different amendments so disappointing. You just you really wanna huddle. I really love the heart that there is not. Where's the camaraderie. In the spread you miss your friends camp idea who is holding here and it is idle. It is well handles that real guy and where I just gotta let me tell you guys something burn those either never huddled before. There is more stuff said in a huddle like sixty stack monster but there are more things send enough model. That if you had a microphone. It was yeah. Yes you're the current current. Your right to anchors I do you have all their Imus. There are more things said in a model that he be able microphones you dude it's must see TV. It is the most fun it is the most exit and then when guys come back in the Holland who's. Each from him now. Bugger you throw me the if you're not gonna throw me the ball bugger you know we called them Boogaard that was mark own part also was his name we called bugger and he Buick Open. They're saying I don't McDonnell is it's just there's no connection. Cause I don't know what State's old today I am still fascinate us or not yes sure I don't know if I am I think you NFL teams hope. Sometimes. There's not a lot they do huddle lot a lot widest call it's not going words no camaraderie. Well also because like in the NFL you give us a play call from Mike Martz. Okay. Solo right east 975. Now I'm sorry 939. You can you do in the numbers don't matter people don't really care and technically our opponent is really means when the board yesterday it's all it's all fast everybody else and 939 and then how many censor this in his heels who told you under direct yesterday you were rocking a play on your shirt yet despite two when I was assured the dusty gave me at pigskin apparel. Big C a local company Dana football shirts merit. Yet that is. That that is something though that again college football now plays are like called Reno. And then guys know I don't and that's what it is instead of everything he said so makes it a lot easier to call that claim in Indiana tell you need to huddle get out of verbiage yet out no I'm John coach in this year and I I'm learning and I'm doing more more with the spread and I'm getting I'm kind of getting into you know I'm not disrespecting them sans a different world for me. Because he just literally go hole IE and everybody goes. We have quotes and do my whole life I assured on any Indian affiliates out of necessity. About a lot of times you know it's the highest level I mean if your banker you wouldn't just say you know one dollar. Now he needs on the decimal points infractions and all these other things in interest rates. It's anyone teachers don't want an owner and you know college football's little remedial the NFL is that it's okay were talking only leveled knowledge and that did best title as the replacements reviews calories. Then the best guy. Guy in the huddle you know would also would fix fix college football they allowed the damn microphone to going to the college football quarterback's helmet why Jack crap like that in the signals we we wouldn't see the wind socks on the sideline signals mean messed around. We can getter who with well we don't toward that there's a state mourn Todd Graham stealing signs blown. That that's got to be one thing wise coastal also free to put a microphone in the helmet of the cornerbacks what's what's that you give me the main reason costs to mode to. Really I took this as if you are now one point did in their like you would be unfair for. You know middle of the country's state university who has no funding is so when southern southern Utah shows up is it unfair to walk in oxen stadium in CA par early writing out in front of everybody to you know knowing that you want and does to those players as I don't hear that unfair crap guess let's also heard a 38. Facility. You know retention pay ninety does that into the microphones gonna make a difference. A question for you though why can't all of the players have a micro had so I think it's her idea because it's too expensive no you know but. Offensive linemen don't near a microphone. They don't need him on the headset noted. This they'd be like. Whose food they need an ear piece they do need to micro design it might have been an idea just would be the finest thing ever given how much would those ear pieces just be used for position coaches screaming at their receivers their time they're running back now in the offensive coordinator is the only instruction beeper scolding you are a moron. You. Are right let's get this thing gonna. He and I remember was just like yesterday. No they don't get it seed. Thank you for you on Dustin you're not there Roy no he didn't say that one guy says cam the camaraderie is at the end zone after ninety yards. I don't get it doesn't get that that's the celebration. And I can't and I realized that sense celebrations are who are great. But the huddles where it's all it's where it all began with als yes we're all begins. I guess I agree with that media's handling double. We were on hand holding hope of the wrongly handled things a little. The other is because I don't lawyers. And thirty sway enough never understood my gloves why you needed to hold my hand I don't know either keep connection to connect an internal wedge. Like to hand holding there. Sure. Difference. A death. And as in sports history 1936 Jesse Owens makes history at the Berlin Olympics winning his fourth gold medal in track and field. Which they world record setting four by a 100 relay. By teen USA. Many started to Hitler and if you do it on the Olympics and she did take that Hitler and again. That happened 1936. Are coming up next and Dinara. Up in Seattle Scott service is not guaranteeing one of the franchise's best players a spot the next semi takes the field 615 on the fan. I know. Michael. How hot let's go to my favorite words. Not being naughty why. No. Kind of a it means a little bit of everything I mean she can be. You can view little fuel dirty. Yahoo! to view little you reacted just ahead you can be a little. Little frisky I'm kind of a you can be a bad boy and one bad girl. All. No it's not he is nobody that's why it isn't not nearly as good as good word sure he had good were they really sisters and most most better than what. It's much better not most better in the business better pay the only way use moist is when you're describing cage other than that. A shared with an ounce and. A gay it is six to anyone on your Thursday morning dusty here came clear on with you. A few weeks there Hernandez has struggled. He has struggled as of late in really all season long when you look at he is. Last three starts especially. He's given up seven runs to around seven runs that would be sixteen runs in three outings or Felix Hernandez. He is not picked up a winning decision. In his last five starts on the mound for the Seattle Mariners in his ERA. Is a rotation worst five point 73. Of the four regular starters. All season long for the Mariners James Faxon Marta Gonzales. Mike Lee confusion and as few says the worst by a mile. Starting Yi are rant on and when you throw Wade LeBlanc in there he's got a 381. Felix says is really struggled the Newton. Missing his spots missing velocity or view though. As based on their is like skeleton. And Scott service is saying there's no guarantees that he'll be on the mound come Sunday his next scheduled start against disastrous. Its allies say yesterday too I was really could I was just disappointed because of all the years it would Felix was able to do and and keys. He's just three sub point his career where I think it's it's a dead arm I mean thirteen years in the league and it's not like he's an old man he's 32. Mean there are guys that are 32 in this league think about Bartolo Cologne who he went up against. And Bartolo out pitch him Bartel 44 years old is Felix just for some reason at this point and I know. I've heard a lot of things about Felix about what he's how he his body and he's not a big work out guy. K he he does then he's never been a big guy that goes in the way German trains like here he's he's. You can look at him he's slightly bill I mean he's a good size man or he's 63 to 25. We don't look at him as like a physical specimen so is not work out guy. You know he likes his party's he enjoys his food he likes a few beverages he's and he's a classic baseball pitcher who's been given a gift. From a young age and had 32 his arm is gone too. It's it you know when you when you get an arm like a like like Greg Maddux but you find a way to still be a pitcher that's what makes an amazing thing you hear a thing about guys like Jamie Moyer who all the way to 847. For gosh sakes and get 49 he's Christopher Philly. They found ways to locate mean there are ways you can be an effective pitcher don't have to have velocity there 1997 nowadays however. It just feels like his arm is gone. Well he's thrown 2626. Innings it's a lot of and his current he's never really been hurt I mean he's had big injuries I had a major injury. But now yeah. Well I mean you look at it he's last year here at low last year used banged up and he had Adam loved to hear his backlash here is that what it was. Ailments where he had sixteen starts but he has had no less in his career. Then 25 starts outside of the 2017 season bud. When you look at it there's meaning natural regression in your in Felix Hernandez's career is like those career arcs that we're. Though in the sterile air that would go up down and then peaked back up. That it doesn't happen with a guy like Felix Hernandez in this era baseball because the fact that he is guns since he turned what thirty herb. He's ninth and thirtieth 303132. Is 32 years 32 years old ya since he turned thirty back into his 2016. On and that's when his numbers started dipping and his innings pitched in his starts started dipping so. This shouldn't be like a massive surprise cheated to mariner fans buddy does seem sad that. He gave the Mariners also are so many good seasons incredible seasons an incredible career best Felix Hernandez had. Where he gave thirteen EC years of nothing. In return from the Seattle Mariners. Yeah I mean his some of his better years were 2009 where he went nineteen and five Armenia also had fifteen and six and 2014. And eighteen and nine and 2015. It had a 3.5 three. It's just it just it's so what the discouraging part of have always been a mariner fan is watching watching guys who are in their prime. Be wasted Ettinger she junior in his prime. They Alex Rodriguez left some of these players that have gone and you just you look at -- how many great mariners have gone on to great things Randy Johnson I mean angle. All on and on and on and on and on. An issue and I see this I go man you know what. I wouldn't doubt Felix gets treated. His cap numbers big in the off season or if he gets release or some way they pay him pay him out right and he goes to a contender and goes to a I don't know goes somewhere and finds a way to be a great pitcher again I just this that's the most discouraging part of watching this and and seen America or stumble now and their eleven and seven since the our camps our 7-Eleven in the sense he also bring to speeding away. Here's my question. Okay. So you go Felix a struggle on you doesn't have what he used to have where they go yeah. You know what what okay Wyndham what's the answer is it safe Felix Hernandez leads rotation in do you know harassed or Maris. I who's ever reaching your shaking your head across the dog I mean does as does likely move up I mean some of these guys are don's also block. Some OK so how are you saying you and you move him back I think he's a moderate to trade I think either trades with leak I think that he boot moves back if if you're gonna do anything with Felix. I got him put him in the bullpen went away and he's never come out of the bullpen why would you give. Just bump him into that situation you wouldn't do that to the guy. So you do you would somehow some way Amy you can do it's got service. Has just like you said he said. I don't know if he's gonna get his next start pool maybe you give him a week off. And see if he can recover and move him back in the rotation because right now we made was aims Paxson is the true number one Alia. Has been since the start of the year. I mean you really he really has been and he's. Dominating right now Vizio 351 ERA best on on the roster. And here's the pitchers at a started outside if there are chasing guys Christian Bergman. Who started two games. As 397 ERA breast Flores in two starts. Gave up eleven earned runs. Has nearing its ten you know he's down in and I think he's Intel are now run SE alias. Who started one game. As 280 ADR and in an aerial Miranda. Who started one game this season with a 18. Though ER I mean none of those answers really seem like they're. Exponentially better than what Felix Hernandez has right now that's Ian that's question that's got service tier two putt don't have it it's CI and you and I. Both know. There's enough offense in Major League Baseball right now to be competitive that there is not enough all the pitching. In teams that wanna make runs and the Mariners don't have that. Mean they have a they have in a leap closer. No question. They haven't. Some decent pricing decent bullpen. Decent. You know that for the starting pitching is he's is lacking I don't know our question are what the biggest issue is if your gonna win a title you're gonna find ways to get look why. Tell you right now why Boston so good because only they just hit the crap out of baseball but they're pitching is a leak. If you don't have three call he starters you're not doing anything in Major League Baseball. Noting. Well I do in. Cash remember they had then was it. 2000. Was like 20112012. When their rotation. Was. They they had Felix Hernandez Michael Pineda Jason Vargas was. What's his face in there saucy look I saw she was there. Member when they had pitching them and they know what happens they. I mean that is kind of been the story Felix Hernandez's career where to now he's at a point. Where. They have been hitting but he just doesn't have a lesson I was taken as sad a sad is he may go down as one of the best mariners of all time. He's definitely the best pitcher since you Randy Johnson left town. And you know it's looking like this is the end for Felix Hernandez Scott service saying that Sunday's scheduled start against Houston Astros which is a pivotal series for. Seattle they've got a four game set the search tonight in Houston. It Felix and a schedule start. Opposite Dallas cycle is in jeopardy no guarantees and are doozies still beats on the bump. In Houston. Are right the NCAA tried to fix the college basketball mayhem in the right direction. He is but a sports center. Widespread text easy. That's a message to what number did you. Two or. Niners yeah. Five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life popping. No it was Gordon's judge does know it's 553 o'clock messaging data rates may apply just play my number. There he goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on ten may be the brain of that person actually say that also asked the. 55305. That is the better you today Tex lines. Big changes coming in college basketball yesterday. The NCAA announced that they are committed to making some big changes. Across the board. In college bask on the lake and the end FBI investigation into NCAA basketball sweeping changes made including. I schooled athletes in basketball to make frequent can't does visits starting after their sophomore year. A high school so entering your junior year that summer vacation you can start taking. Official visits to schools and more of them so around the around the age of fifteen and sixteen right down. On to that and help make informed decisions about going pro now. That's a good when we needed dumping it out on you keep reading because that was a very good question they're taking those agents must go through certification through an NCAA program and with standards for behavior and crop consequences for Annan. Violations. So they're gonna be setting up of an arm. To use stop any. Wiesel agents. On. And then student athletes will be able to participate in the NBA draft and return to school if undrafted. Pending future action from the NBA and the players association. So easy no enter the draft. It's gonna drier air raids into the app and in on draft day if you go on drafting you can say Michael take backs. I'm going back to school when there isn't that one doesn't bother me as much. Now when I think is there that would make it easier because it's more opportunity for for people to go back to school plays because they got bad information or. Look there's only two rounds and you know you don't foreigners who declares. My biggest question out of this is you mentioned your second one police players can get any to come out icicle who labels and a leaked. Well it's like we should ask who is who is gonna sit there who's good who's the evaluation committee. College NBA. Agents. AA you people I have the answer I know that so share with me because I am the most curious of who these experts are. That are gonna be a labeling these young people the league and now murmur of the word elite how much I hate the word elite yeah. I'd sunny should ask that because there's an eye that is all the organization. That is tasked with doing this. According to Ager in words now Steve ESPN. Was blind sided by the timing and the changes in the NCAA is announcement blind sighted because it's supposed to be USA basketball disposed to target those he leads prospects are safe they're clean USA about anger USA basketball. Said wait one. USA basketball not consultant now and any of these. And changes and they said oh we don't have the infrastructure. The people that time. To be doing this in evaluating this so 52 A went sheer ego. Know the years you don't ask Volek knelt down there had the money resources. Or time so the NC QA decided to make a rule and security go it's your job you guys figured out his word not gonna do it and a who's gonna do it now that leads up to who. Well agents now agents are gonna have the ability on USA USA basketball said no we on the NBA to do this what do innings Sunday DOT MBA is gonna tell you wonder why NBA when eaten. Now we're not gonna do either you know is gonna end up doing and is agents and agents are gonna say these kids early you know what else is gonna do it a recruiting service to 47 sports. Is gonna end up same these kids early a star is going to believe we're gonna have guys that sit on radio talk about this guy's a leak when you have no credibility to start saying who's a leader who is an elite yeah that's exactly what this is gonna turn into so. Who. Here you go. I think that was what does he fix what was wrong with college basketball from the first question I think world where we go with that. I think that this is a big step in a step in the right direction of course with all things NCAA the execution is horrible. This I mean how do you make no role and say these guys are gonna take care of it without talk of the guys you're gonna take care it. How did you put the world does that make sense we do you know the DNC due to a does this because they are are faction of people. That are are ones on the outside they are. They're the middleman a sports yeah he too is the middleman of sports who collects your agency check. New day CBS writes a billion dollar check you for March Madness football rights bull mining. Selection committee sits in a room and they are middlemen who go. You decide to give us the money that's exactly what they're doing here they're saying you figured out will put an arbitrary reader throws that you'll see that sticks right what is that. There are couple different services. Made somewhat muted the NFL uses that guess specifically in in giving the draft valuations that from guys in their junior year and gone and reached out for. They're gonna have to develop something like that but it'll it'll have to be in house right. You don't have to being conjunction with the NCA AUS and about eight or that it is USA basketball really is the NBA PNC to way he's gonna do that's probably the two entities that have billions of dollars in coming in annually going to be the NBA and college basketball white kid why would the NCAA. Said that they're going to do is. They're pursuing an agreement with apparel companies on expectations for accountability and transparency. Regarding their involvement in use an NCAA basketball. Full transparent why would it only business here is my fear word again why would a billion dollar business be transparent to me. Eight and CT weigh about whether they think the players good are not well and it their reason for that is because they're gonna try and strong arm athletic directors. University presidents and chancellors are as well because one of their things that they're gonna be doing. Is they are going to be holding. Universities. In administrators more accountable in NCAA violations the day they may be pace a bunch of changes. Here are that they're investigative. Branch. Of the NCAA. They're saying that is right now the NCAA all they can deal is. It doesn't matter what. ESPN. Where USA today or Yahoo! Sports are reports. It doesn't even matter what like the accreditation board for universities like in the EU and North Carolina case Wendy the board of accreditation of all university said. They were in gross violation. It doesn't matter what those reports say are now all that matters with the NCAA is that. Face to face interviews with investigators slogged and they're saying that now we can use whatever we want legally. Or otherwise that are you today Tex I want you guys ask ask yourself this does this help. With the scandal college basketball does it help. Making it earlier full is this the transparency that's the start of with the NC two a means to do. Is it. Going down the road because they're also adding. Stiffer penalties longer suspensions longer postseason bans all that stuff or is it doing the right thing and as this Dexter says on the buried today text on 55305. What about football players. 643 on the fan. I thought I think your family today Texan Lang and. This Texas says universities have no business being involved and it. You leads athletic development leave it till leagues and academies to deal. So is it to that texture in my don't assume we're talking about the incident blazing new sweeping changes. In talking about how they're going to allow kids to hire agents. And the drafting college basketball you don't get drafted come back. And I think that's X are saying is that. In neat who determines who is you leave. If it is the agents. Then just say okay fine the agents can then do it I think the NCAA is is trying to wipe there hands clean of it. In saying. RA to a third if these one and done don't wanna be here. We will take them. In so what's gonna happen is Denny onus will be on the end NBA to make the G league that is something. That's relevant that is something that is truly developmental. Because it will win you're talking about these quote unquote. All right so fine if they don't wanna go to college don't send them to college send them to the G league and anchor making don't make their money there. And that's that's going to be the most difficult point dopey when does and says I don't know if this well or not because it's so nebulous. Who did it and to be a winner here and there are a bit early big words dust. Who determines who's a lead its objective one source says an athlete is a five star one says it's a three star. When your murky subjective policies it opens a door for sleaze bags to manipulate. And maneuver around them. I agree that because you're not gonna change the sleaze bags in the dirt balls and the guys are just there to scam off these young people for money remember they're the middlemen. Of sports. That's part of how it works. But who is who's the evaluation process. And where does that process start. One that's in the NCAA botched this. Is that. Dave Dave put it on USA Basque one use a bustle like way what they had no idea in day I have something to you what you sediment at Texas. These sleazy back. Already exists. That is our breaking news this morning. Is that those people who pray on on the on neat quote unquote B lead athletes and in yet they are already there are the same people that bought call your phone. Rank him do except for they shall docile their face they'll show their face they'll make a website. Bill have a runner. They'll still tell you that they can get your kid a scholarship. Just CU either pay them money. Or find a way to put a pie in the sky idea that they can get you drafted or injured Q paid he debt. It's all it is it is it's it's stinks and in the NC QA just did there. I my hands as bad radio but from the sounds of it is wiping your hands on it and put it off on all the youth culture in sync shear but. I don't blame them for doing that. There's no other way to do it ended just cut to really just been a bait to boot on the official there saying. That we're gonna hold coaches more accountable if you were and it started true investigation. In investigative arm of the NCAA. We're gonna hold university presidents and chancellors athletic directors accountable because of the scenes things that we talked about and with the Urban Meyer stuff earlier this week. Who's the most and powerful man in Ohio State University wants her room it's Urban Meyer right that's same thing because if you look across the country still. So we take a non football school the probably basketball school ranked. Will it then it's Roy Williams who runs the show it gave North Carolina to Bill Self that runs and Kansas it's Rick Pitino what global. In so what they're gonna do now is hold university presidents and chancellors accountable saying okay it's no longer just the just the head coaches who bought some line. Yeah you're on the line to you you're gonna be held accountable for it I think that the NCAA is heart was in the right spot. In this and I do I like these changes a lot I think all of them are actually really good. Did you sit there on the surface and look at and go yeah that will be a good improvement would I don't have a problem with is that. Why are you doing this in football too. Because if we we think that four balls and just this clean sport that they don't have these issues as well. Know the difference is is that high school players don't go to the NFL. They dump that's the only difference between the two. When this happens which in my lifetime we will CA high school athlete go to the NFL I guarantee you. It will happen did you seize ion Williamson. Is it Williams I'm sorry William wins and now he's now 68 to 65 listed at duke and the dude is a monster. Literal monster. There are some kids that I've seen at the academy in Florida that I am G academy. Kids that are 68345. You don't think that some of these young men and eighteen will just say it. Why not. What's a heck and you've only got NFL team would just put you on the roster could jump practice squad maybe get you there. It will happen it would get its not its delegates then because I used to see why I was still watch the what was the Dili group that came to it to Nike campus the open. And I went out there went oh my gosh dreams never looked like this. In you to. Bodies are changing athletes are getting bigger kids are faster there there there specifically. Folk scene on how to train. It will creep into football. Well Michael Williams in Marie Claire tried to leave after their sophomore year. Of college. And they couldn't. So I mean they think that can't happen until the NFL allows right but nice but I think that. Where you may be on to something is if the access Fowler the American alliance of America is a ball if you're a if they catch on him. And I think say you may see kids say I don't need to go to college I'll go play in one of those legalities dad you know those the exit fellas my college wrecked. And then and then my middle ground in then you'll see them menos the NFL doesn't wanna change their rule three years out of high school boom they have it. They'll play any excess Feller DA asked for three years and then here they are the only problem is. A lot of these other at least allow. For three cheers for football now. What is the fix this thing is this is I guess man I I don't wanna contradict what I'm. Really trying to make the point is. It's a step in the right direction I don't pick you DNC to waste trying to separate itself from making decisions and yeah it's trying to be the true. The solid. Beat your head of sports which is the best. One. Of the behavior to take all of these individually which is the best change that the NCAA is making for college basketball. 55305. Betty today Tex signed but he said that's plus coming up next our throwback Thursday. It's back to school shopping time folks. Are best and worst fashion trends is our throwback Thursday. But come on max's hot and cool 6225 on the fan.