Dusty & Cam Thursday August 9, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 9th
Dusty and Cam discuss what’s Hot & Cool in the world of sports, Andrew Luck’s return to game action against the Seahawks after a 585-day layoff, and for our Throwback Thursday we ask you for the most memorable and regrettable fashion trends you followed.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right things since 1952. The latest rage for kids is driving the entire neighborhoods grazing is caught doesn't you jam in the morning I'm like well. We just Sierra yeah. An NFL veteran Jim Leland. All dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I think it's bad it's gonna go away it's not going away it's right include lots. And easy things. 55305. And you did this sex on him. We've got a great sexual relations already coming in lot of fashion mistakes. A lot of fashion hits that have happened it's back to school time did is. Is your wife getting. A little. Upset. At the fact that the back to school shopping stuff is out and in this summer's near having been thought about yet. Your wife doesn't know you I don't know you don't care you all you care about this you I don't care selfish. You know I Arizona I do I do some of the shopping I handled the shoes and choose eight TC we got an email from a cool apparel place or we can go hang out there and buy some stuff you know there. India's there is simply store. I went we got the first trip won't be going there I've all go there to stuff from me really need cheer new husky stuff there. They don't Hammond and say oh yeah dude. In the night when you're that Leinart it's not till the end of next year the start to 2019. And now. There in the morning is very comfortable pair of Adidas shorts and an agrarian comfortable with that. Bunker you would've like an endorsement of some anywhere you could eliminate pain yeah he's doing it yeah I don't know what a trader. Coming up this hour we do have our throw back Thursday back to school shopping regrettable and best fashion trends. From your youth also we as an NFL conversation. Preceding 1024 games in action. Our Tony fourteens and action tonight. Plus. Aaron Rodgers as another hot take ends so does Alvin come Mara about what he went through in the pre draft process. New York Yankees was gonna draft him. Apparently so. On top of next area a lot of college football soccer about anonymous coaches with in the pac twelve. Dish on their opponents are rivals we'll give you some of the best round. The northwest schools including what teams descend about the organ dikes. Plus it's our interns the final day injured Christian you know worried Christians gonna come iron knock it out of the park he had is he skis in your awesome along here. Working behind the scenes. In who we are going TU put in figuring our on the final day we're gonna do it before he heads back to Arizona state university in her pitchforks. Hot chicks and I mean that's going to be the cars are losing their shirts and my wife used to tell me it was her favorite road trip. I said it was my favorite road trip but even the girl said the dudes with their shirts off on the class and their Jeep it's not mean she's she's not an idiot she knew that. Although it was a high school movie I've met Diego and Arizona State Islam like can't buy me low every. Yup the white Chevrolet. Yeah I just this cycle in my mind. That's that I envisioned going there is only talking I keeps going to school with are getting strapped tank tops or new sure know assured Fleischer ever take a mix the junior revenge of the nerds and no we are filled in Tucson by the way editors almost airs users yet most of us can't buy me love is somewhere in the desert and then in an inning with Phoenix. Yeah summer maybe that's why I think they'll and a Adams the Adam's Adam's Adam's Adam's are actually. Sleeping through this before you know it did exactly did you would be great for red down like. Alter alternate uniforms mullah is if every team war in uniform. Inspired by a film from their campus by the way like Arizona DV Adam's Adam's very good. But I Kean university of origin would be labor college scholarship and I mean you could do it like it that's Dana bow. All of the pactel campuses that there's probably I don't know what Billie do for sleepless in Seattle owns our uniforms opponent but. I don't know he ninety's here it would be fun guys course in the by the way there maintenance anybody else believe that John Goodman was the head coach routine that had twelve players at practice all that's the TV chef coat still. Twelve player are you know there was twelve they cut it I'm denying this show coach Chad. The Rico since. In 98 guys that played and their quarterback played and Minnesota state like 99 years but it still true but this actually in the movie they were out. Getting ready for practice with. Nine guys we'll yet. Division one college. It lives around them they really care about the academics in and that class lot of guys had classes that day. You know or do they were loaded up on Monday Wednesday. On their clerical. Skis and how cool let's get to it it's seven a sixth. The White Sox. What's odd and why is it cool. Good that's spotting and cool wind gusting in jail on your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great story. Compelling and Rick. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you won't have to wait a. It's feel and how that's the boys of Murray hill Little League great here in our own backyard. Right in beaver ten. They represented the state of organ in the west regional baseball tournament. Is that down in San Bernardino still isn't San Bernardino. They beat Washington seven to three yesterday with Seattle eliminating west Seattle. And mean Murray hill little leaguers and put up a five spot in the second inning and cruised to victory today. There in the semi finals. A noon first pitch against Montana. Or Idaho seems I know I know is pretty good so good luck to you. But Murray hill oh are very helpless tomorrow sorry you played Marlon good luck to you guys yet they play the winner of Montana. Or Idaho. Are either of those states powerhouses of baseball I don't know about. Really Montana about. I don't know combined. Basically you're asking you what there's one good neighborhood and either of those isn't exactly where you're asking well. You know and then think about maybe in my house has got to win the northwest region really Montana a lot of a lot of areas they don't play high school baseball they have like clubs baseball because they're buried in two feet of snow until May seem impressive. You know indoors to really hard to play. You have them. Sure yeah. I'm nick Sabin said Jalen hurts rhetoric won't hurt these starting quarterback battle in Alabama. On that means is too is gonna start regardless strategy let's. He's a better is now would mean resort personal thing no matter like what June Hurd said in during the coaching staff under the bus does and does not affect his status as the starting quarterback and that's because he's not going to be. He wasn't going to be how's it feel to have two national championship winning quarterbacks on the same roster. It's a good thing to have the good problem meanwhile LSU's I'm looking for one since Matt Flynn Stephen LeRoy and war ever. Yeah. Tommy Fleetwood had a good showing at Carnoustie at the open he finished twelve. Earning 154000. Dollars the only problem is that the wired that money to be wrong Tommy Fleetwood there's a fifty year old pro from Florida named Tommy Fleetwood. He had the money Wired News county check his bank account and said wait once we work. I saw the screen shot out of it where he took gave. Picture of his mobile app and just above it. The thirteenth with a thirteen dollar charge from Wal-Mart armor. And they don't know I learned since 2000 dollar was at 155 whatever. Special deposit there should be kept it well. Yeah how does that work exactly I mean you are going Thursday and here in your favor and you get to keep them unhappy is that's ever happened where you've got to keep the bank error on to say in the game a novel no I'm just wondering is that never have been anyone you know whatever had a good here in my favor lately you notice that he can reach out to us into every legal though he is so many wires you money. Do you have to give it back if they did it. Accent only because they. Just a DV money thinks so I don't know didn't give a feeling. Did you do he's delist you did nothing nefarious biggest cities here it's in your banking lawyers in your possession to possession is 910s of off just a return to pretend that the banks filmmakers with money transfer spot one that this is the there are royal and ancient roots. Stick it to them. DC would dummy we would said. Let him know. Police say. He ended up saying I honestly I wouldn't know if that money is and I count her not to execute growth you have communities like he'd been held goal of that being put it. No you don't know I usually let the sun and keep a 100000 dollars in bond now I dream to do it a hobby doesn't recognize that it's gone and then you know number one reason why I know but will be broke by the end you sentences. He says it's entirely clear lead changes elect him and have led many have a 150000. Dollars all of that we I was not be cool. For the other Tommy Fleetwood and as long as he's gonna donated somewhere but how good is it on the life to know that. If a 151000. Dollars shows that in your account you like. Vegas say. Would never noticed we feel like you know what 150000 dollars I'm glad the other publicly with Kathy. Meanwhile the PGA championship. Is under way at Valerie evening in saint Louis Missouri. Well of course I never played in all the good athlete most of courses and in Saint Louis I never got a chance to flee their climb. Just never had time to do that on but yes good good track beautiful track. The rumor on the streets word on the streets that is in rain in there and so has the caddies and golfers are sane man they're gonna dominate this course editing and eighteen under is gonna get well not Tiger Woods he's three over through two. The incident for a third. Meanwhile Ryan fox. He's two under through nine team here at two under through seven Jimmy Walter also at two under Ryder Cup captain. Into net. Other guys. On the course right now. Phil Mickelson is even along with Jason Day and Rory McIlroy. Dustin Johnson Bubba Watson Sergio Garcia Jordan's feet dale tee off later this afternoon. Where does this rank in your majors rankings last laughs there's ranked last night including close your eyes mile island is here. It's good one but it's but it's the water maker is not is not as. Nine aces to get it. Green jacket I almost like the players is more significant I agree I did a mighty U. I did you have they should be used to major could fit. That we settled back at Purdue districts golf did not look at us all the world's problems that. She thought were good. Warming is putting stroke. Plus that's cool film was the biggest trophy the light. Wanamaker trophy Wanamaker yeah. That I thought you said no what do burger I don't know wanna make is that I don't wanna make currency waterbed or go on record I don't know you gotta say quick. But it is the biggest of the major trophies I guess indeed if you square footage be viewed the green jacket but yet he too little and that's compared with these. Pinch the yardage. The mass death and with the on this how big topic don't we play I'm Brock got a bad shoulder not within that claret jug small. It is the Europeans. Have crappy trophies. Mean the claret jug is cool but the World Cup is like a horrible thing. Wimbledon is fantastic you complaint I got to know but I be eaten steak guff that sucker every single day how many Wimbledon says ruff Roger Federer one yeah and by that we were you put those that. A bunch of seven Jimmy giant wall in your house and hang played three just having. His Thanksgiving busy sit and serve and on his no then wins this is what I'm talking in Bahrain here if you're Roger Federer. And you of one neat. Wimbledon title 12345678. Times here that some thought please. What you do. Is you invite seven of your best rivals over sir and you served dinner and good on your Wimbledon slave -- real rivals I was thinking like Thanksgiving Christmas you have ever known however we get to know you don't I don't Marty in the now serve them up now and they're eating their thing you have all this great food on there and then they just sit there and look when they get done with their meal. Or. How about the seven guys you beat in each meal this is placed pawn. The plate from that year good control job though like he beats Nadal in 2000. Twelve or whatever. And Nadal is eating and analysts and he gets 2012 Wimbledon played president needs craft shop leave. That's Sunday in Palmer odds. Yeah rods go about techcrunch job. And that's cool it's cool for some baseball showing great. Mayor said the night not so they couldn't lose are no they did lose last night Terry. Politics. Thus 117. To the Rangers with. And meanwhile the Oakland Athletics one. Again they win three did you and you mentioned this that earth earlier this morning about one run games. And the Mariners. Cooling off mariners have cooling off foot beat Oakland a's are now 22. In feeds in one run games they lead the majors now. In in that you know been the Mariners are between fourteen which is good demeanor been wondering games. But this is what happens is that teams tend to regress back to demean when it comes to those one run games and right now Oakland this time. Can they keep this up and how long can they do it. I'm doing the right time we'll find out but. As it stands right now the Mariners are three games back of BA's for the second and final wildcard spot. I'd be mariners opened up before games sat in this is huge for Seattle of four game set against. Beat Houston Astros this two day the Yankees. Davey. 73 so that lead out on. Over Oakland is now four games and mariners are Jason and they're reeling their chasing is still has a chance maybe there's a way that they can make a run but right now. Oakland a's are looking solid in Houston is as solid as anybody as we step out well. As solid as anybody except for the Boston Red Sox to predict 81 and 34 at 105 win over Toronto they're just crushing teams. They're crushing teams camp meeting though will out of them good. Good for baseball. Yeah I guess it's this. I cannot really got. We talked about this in the injury report that this is huge for USC. A starting into linebacker outside linebacker rather reporter Gus and will undergo surgery to repair meniscus tear in his left knee. He's got two to five weeks fell lower end of that injury. Could keep him out of the season opener against. UNLV. If you look at if it's up to five weeks said he's out so he could miss UNLV. Stanford at Texas. Very good. You think they're good. You're doing your best defense plays you don't have a quarterback right now. Who has proven anything you've you'll be starting likely a freshman quarterback clean BT Daniel here's what I know about USC. Death is never a problem. In his never been a problem. However fell after Pete Carroll left to penalize yet but it's not a soccer be a problem they'll have plenty of players they can do that but it does he had significant when you lose when your best defensive player certainly. That's a time good the band is threads about hairy needing eagle and more than thirty charts in Portland in think everyone into it on area local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the trains pre season football give them away actually some story lines tonight. I especially. Up in Seattle. And what Darren Rogers as some that say about the CBS dusting cam on the fan. Twelve pre season NFL games tonight. Including Seahawks and colts right here. On 1080 the fan. I think your coverage starts at five. That was a question. But doesn't mean mayor is right on that the eating you up to you the 7 o'clock kick. Right here on the fans so primetime oh lead from three to five. And in this story lines including in that game right there where Andrew Luck will finally return. After 500 in how many days fire and earn 36 something like I think a 5585585. Days off. That a year and a half. There are third the it all anyway January of 2017 as last time he's your football I think is January 12013. Or seventeenth 2013 again. That was the last time he threw a football and it's going to be actually see no one. This is throwing motion look any different than what that first it's going to be like. And then on top they get the Seahawks and revamped defense getting their one or two series sent. What is the running game look like I'm intrigued for referred. In week one pre season football period true read I have did you know the line is one minus one if you're betting on pre season football you have a problem man. And then. We talking about. Do you ever problem. It's gambling it's legal now it is not hear any of the gambling problems you're betting on pre season football. Because as to how many series will start display. Wow week one. I would bet. Series and a half. And half. The Tiki on the middle of the series most of just say OK you die young and. You get like gay you might get two series. Or one oil I have somewhere in there use your Russell Wilson you're getting one. Some of the other guys that need it you really think it's starting quarterback does a starting cornerback mean to a pre season start. Some might Russell Wilson now. Sorting things about someone like Andrew Luck who obviously has coming up this huge layoff he's schedule to play the entire first quarter's net too much for him considering. The damaged goods he's Dowd is shoulder. He needs some perhaps he's a little bit around Syria they're saying he's implant a whole first quarter in the united in this quarterbacks that are going to be. A lot of quarterbacks that are coming off an injury that are going to be flying them. Indeed Shawn Watson there in Houston coming up the ACL how much Sunday give him you know who won't be playing curse implants or nick folds. Well those guys banged up. Coach is depends really doesn't mean who you need to see some of these young players join me to see baker mayfield all right deceit. The issue is did you see the report out of the New York Jets coming out whether they can trade treaty Teddy bear Bridgewater. She is now on the trading block their opening getting rid of him. The other there's a lot of good quarterback questions that will be very interest in the pre season game numero you know which storyline as this pre simian in May not. Come out tonight led. They do easing will play out here and you're going to be following the most is training camp goes on as we head into the regular season we have. You know Andrew Luck in JJ watt saying he finally feels back from from his injury. The bears the in the rookie quarterbacks mean baker may feel given number one and two picks like tonight on the NFL network. And the browns and giants it doesn't baker may feel Lincecum Barclay. And it then you have you know seemed Arnold. Josh Rosen and Josh Allen Everett now. Is listen to Colin yesterday and he he city at his sources are telling him that the cardinals are in love with Josh Rosen. A key is doing everything right I'm very interested to see how he does. And what. Sam Bradford jerseys gonna look like as he sitting there holding the clipboard. Because I believe after what what you say meaning it's a Sam Rivers not going to be the starter after the after the month of September. But I don't think that's interesting to meet the Broncos are kind of a little bit interest. What's it will what's intriguing and I just beat me that I have seen him yet there's a little bit of interest in their bid that division is all interstate. Very much so Jon Gruden to come out and said football's under attack in a big article yesterday saying that football's under attack. Again we I've gone through my issues with that does tell his coaching style from anyone again junger and has not talked to Cleo Mac in fact he hasn't talked a lot of guys. But it does it matter junger in old school. He's been a little bit feisty little bit bitter but he had to set a different tone there that's pretty cool that division. Is extremely interstate. Well and then you have keenly charges finally stay healthy and looks like no as guys can drop like flies in saint air LA and lose their starting tight editors loser one of their corn Ers offensive lineman huge swing it really diligent and now you have the chiefs are also. Mean yeah I resent a great job yet Patrick my homeless say you've got a guy that took Alex Smith's job. Never threw a pass in a regular season but he did they did a nice we got to got to come in good. Back to homes and did the gunslinger. The next Brett Favre. Our a year ago they says and thanks for this live. You see there's so many quarterbacks stories this year I am. I'm out out of control just thinking about what the quarterback stories are going to be death and achieve surgery went well and also. You've got so many teams that feel like they are set but has so many questions in that same regard like how many of these teams have drafted a quarterback. In the last couple of years and all the sudden you're sending your line are right they feel like they're sad they're moving for they had the future. But we have no idea how long that's gonna last four and if these don't pan out we may see another run on quarterbacks where. You know guys like Justin Herbert Andrew Locke had Missouri they're gonna be. Highly touted draft prospects that teens are gonna wanna be moving up four in the drafting going again because they winced on their quarterbacks election. Good. I'm happy I'm happy hour here. Always on global seed almost isn't all season NFL network browns giants at five following now when you get cowboys and niners. At 7 o'clock do we settled junior upload the loss. If he does start. Is oh we also loses that tenuous situation here he's gonna start these freeze is a games so if he starts and makes a throw in this game or hands the ball I was just play the first series at least he gets the L colleague started did you even though you make it and EU the L well he doesn't get to the fifth inning in and then what's the what's the minimum what do you think they give gives your honoring our games don't count toward your record. Can turn images of an amateur records were talking about just what do you Grassley are touting him as the guy never loses yet in games that matter you can let it matter to win the game and when you play by using import. You know don't win games nobody wins buck does somebody wins I you don't usually get matters you don't play to win them. Are you nuts right now. No that's a fan take out as a fan boys take no they don't play freeze its games to win some big play better and our locker room at the end window when you don't win out what you just roll hero Jimmy. I don't know locker rooms games have you been in in the end and solve those coaching staffs and when they're down I'm totally just arguing his heart and thought they needed are taking it Syriana is looking for any reason. The butt heads with anybody know eyebrow I'm honestly the it there's not a lot of coaches that I think it's a huge deal. But it's kind of important. I don't win but that's behind is staying healthy and getting guys wraps and seen what you have answered in 2000 let me just say this in after 2001. Kate when the rams lost to the patriots. They went oh and four in the pre season. Owned four and up missing the playoffs and Mike Martz got stopped hole in the entire season. Or four was a pretty addictive indicative attitude of what that team was in the mouse back. But you definitely don't wanna get your butt handed to you you don't mind losing by a touchdown or field goal BC 38 to three game watch how irritated those coaches on our. Leave you I believe they care about that but I insane when you don't have your ones playing the majority of the game you're not gonna be as upset as you would be if you're ones went out there any game that mattered and got their but it yet did and the patriots ghost opinion did this opinion didn't they go from one is just like reader opinion may Andrea Davis won in victory in the pre season and then went eighteen and one's the regular season. He they looked horrible the priciest personal it's a game you don't play games just arbitrary the play games those guys still wanna win especially guys that are down on the depth chart they wanna win a guy comes in wins the game in the end at four string quarterback trying to make spot Ers wide receiver makes a pick. That might get him a practice squad. Almost one eyewitness care I'm just saying the exact really had no I didn't say guys don't care. As of today don't care about winning the game the coaches and. Kim's gonna have a New Year's and doc into thinking you got me right absolutely no sense let's you know stop. Okay. Let's break throw back Thursday. School shopping season regrettable. And best fashion trends in your youth. Now's buck with sports that are. I throwback Thursday dude every day every week at this time. 730 day we go to the way back machine the best and worst. Fashion trends of your back to school shopping. In the do you have anything that is. Alternately regrettable from your use send shopping in back to school shopping yet is willing Illini like to take everybody back to 19. 1984. And 19851984. Back to school shopping meant going to the emporium which is the local pouring them in gaining the shrink to fit Levi's. Just in case that you'd love it that your mommy do you stand ears like in measure you. No you stood there because you guessed if it goes when the member to strengthen its. You hope to that is shrink to fit would shrink to fit and then you put the iron on patches and new rule money be all right. That was my favorite part so that nobody. The best part about school shopping was. The catalog. The catalog shopping. Those of you that won't know you won't appreciate catalog shopping Bucs certainly won't appreciate catalog shopping but those you that are out there remember where your mom Thelma is but certainly let him because they are exactly the same page doesn't say here are your version that does your appreciate it blocks are certainly won't appreciate it. Because your from California Wii shop from catalogs in California. You set they're your mom thumb through. The cataloged the Sears catalog in chief pick something now hoping that it would look good for you and then you got it in the mail right. That's how. That's how shopping was this hot dogs by the way I loved catalog shopping Lowell singled east then yes sorry that you read and then magazines this totally catalog just made his catalog shopping but it's not the Sears catalog shopping where. You had a thumb through and then yeah your mom got TD the turquoise breaking out T shirt the dad has a mesh. Mesh. Vision they were does mean you had like bad hole YE 85 finished I Richard I actually have this picture. Does my school pictures shot. Break and now and it didn't mean breakout was its it was break and now with the black. Multi parachute pants with lot of pockets yet put stuff in yes I have that don't mind they cargo and slash pears you can. He yet cargo ones were bad those to whom but the pairs champions in their likes machine a little bit late shift. And you never want pockets some are born in 85 right 4084 yes 484 and seeding we're in full swing with those they started to get a little grand G is you worry you but in I was the heyday. And of that. Mean it was and they were like. When you were near the break it out Turco is teachers. And then you were with out a sure underneath and I got a really bad burned I love this dude with a fifth. Five other visit. Better you today Tex signed worst mid 1990s wide leg jeans and chain mall it's. I never had a chain wal let but my goodness I saw plenty of them in my day and it's it's a tier of do you think it seemed that I wells and in three TU one. Hey I have a chain wallet still text is about a deepening artery comes on the attorney Jay wallet man that's one of the Larry in my view the Jeff fox review might be your redneck of your dog your water both from a change. And this textures as you Herman the NFL tiger for enhancement ground somehow thought I love does. It was a bills fan when I moved out of the house they still had like six pairs unaware and a circle zubin zimbalist and just Wilcox has those on a daily rotation yeah. In. But here's a here is a pet peeve of mine and they are zoo does not Zoubek has people called zoo that is the peg their bore at ambush Zubov. Do it is in other exhibits we had the creator of the month he sense and repairs are way yes view and Ramon I love it I do you remember the pairs of pants and hyper color yes yours from the squires. That is the shot. You don't ever this flyers shot know the way job in general town. Feels pearl. The real town I had a hyper color shirt but you know I have hyper color anyone in my desk the body glove hyper color you are hitter so we know the your hyper color pits I was ninety means feud kids don't hit and you were written to European and that it here got a letter. It. It's sick London. And also I took cells on here yeah there is no worst. Pinkish cells with prostitutes is behind dozens are hurt it in the kind of went hand in hand it happened. Yeah I happen it's. It's regrettable but at the time you look back on the patient was I think and but then you think. Not as awesome she know I he was the look back to I was for being a U. Bull cut kid too then short with frosted tips you'll say the short frosted tips was actually upgrade over the guys. Wait a minute here and he undercut book oh yeah board did they put the mesh hat on UN pulled the tips through and frost them. No in my mother did that forming. Probably do is you can do public know Iowa Iowa that would go to go to long's drugstore and get your heads out highlighting Kitna. And kids bring it home although I bought our zip CF. You big dogs teach your dog you know big dog just made me think of big Johnson T shirts go to the beach she needed to answer the big Jensen teachers lives in is it to see said teacher job did can I sue on the air. What big Johnson's bar. Poker for a quicker in the rear. Yeah that's what they Dugard said there and play poker in the broader in the front and union leader Laker reenact the bar drink in the back of our. In the nineties seventh graders wearing those two. And decorators. Earlier in depth look at Israel's dream shirts. Teachers look there what are you doing you know one of my when my best back to school shopping experiences as my brother and I. This is our. Our first like. Trial run by our parents and giving us responsibility. In this Edison mall with a 150 dollars in a brother and I each pride. A pair of socks a pair of jeans TT shirts and then about seven boxes of baseball cards up. The best and you get them back to school money and you had zero did little to what the deal are a parent like why should in no world RE they were like hey man we know we needed. Are we got these guards this is an investment into teacher and you know and I still have them still have those cards went to sell on way to the right time. Still that await that rate time. It's the suites glee oh home. Thanks for OK in the back pocket this switch blade coma as a kid need in wanna scrutiny gets his wish. Wisely insiders yen the switch it couldn T turned into switch lately yo kid in high school now is a dangerous does Dana child you know 55305. Best and worst of your back to school shopping. The sink him on the fan. He would deal. Spreading fake news on Twitter. With Tom Brady. Empty thought as of him with fifteen Walsh. A fifth and you know but I teed Tom Brady passed he pride of sorts while. In fact Kim might have been playing with him when he was wearing a chance wallet yeah. While we're chain wallet if I had damage money as packed her around. To think who's carrying all that money is simple is it legal brief TX game checks and is that. Since big trio of chain wallets especially if it's a big dad changed wallet. Chain while elect thick member dad wallets Yahoo!'s huge but it would be on a change. You seen any Domtar to examine you I don't know dad is just giant in all it's everything in their maybe like once in my family in the old mid. This whole thing of pictures of all around the memory accordion full generally carried pictures of your feeling in your wallet and yeah. There are multiple like plastics Lee athletic player Wallin got wet in the. Oh. Yeah there and they stick on each other guy you'd you'd grab another dudes. Pictures out of his ball careful way wanna shoot grab another do you picture out of his law and putting your wall and then pretended that girl was your girlfriend your other friends that in no work. We Agnes. Bill that's a girlfriend or girlfriend that he knows a lot to do what then explains a lot in Islam it. Here's a vast. Rayon but now I'm sure it's in new football cleats and Keith and geared for a smell of new football. Moses knew issues yet but that's my favorite smell we talked about the yet where you mentioned its mobile times new issues. It's easier foot locker. Finish finish line my god is I'm not a pinstripe jockey working over there at the footlocker. This fine man I wore my techies who led blue shirt. Like a professional. And mountain. You know what I like someone said oh my god might Charlotte hornets starter jacket yes the team's starter jackets were fire that's got to be indeed on the best because I had I had quite a bunch of started jackets I still have all my starter jackets and Nebraska's starter jacket hornet's Minnesota state screaming Eagles. Had dad pay obviously patriots. This started jackets where they were the wrong song and they're especially good if you go on from an expansion team because they're using colors like teal purple or in a way out and let it Billy the best starter jackets are the satin ones. Then in May become like satin but not ones. I have my classics comic once again or that or go anywhere that more anywhere more anymore. Could you date X line I'm one of four girls. And our last name was in is Johnson our parents bought his big Johnson shirts I'm the oldest and I was eleven. Apple Earl and T shirt for you right now. You win. That is who live out in your daughter walked into parents fifth grade within a big Johnson featured on. Her since then the clouds. And. Mrs. Smith going. Selling. That's a wonderful circular one today cut mr. and mrs. Johnson's and you're you're an urge you urge you realize you say your daughter to school with a drying and they. Young man with an erection on. I. A one got to be the ads. And another worse Johnson's landscaping. And Collison Chris. When it's time to turn up the little bush. Be better if he can deliver that without laughing I couldn't it's been so long since I've seen the shirts are between out my favor when I'm party dinner affair between two out. So sorry and lost track has a bad finish in. And a eleven year old girls and big Johnson T shirts I have I've regrettable one here. Terrell way pants and shooting shirts like shooting shirts were I think that wearing college yet jays are you wearing college basketball warm ups was like in a fashioned in Casey basketball game never broke out. And you weren't stairways out of the house Dan man. Yes. Interrogating my middle school they had to start and I Friday and boxers. We're shorts underneath. Shorts my middle school may well hold on he's absolutely horrible boxers because then girls thought it was really funny to Grassley and military away and then run through the quad. And there's a guy chase who. He was wearing just his boxers and a girl ran to her classroom with his pants and he had to go to his class. Justin has bought the least he had bothered inaudible yet he wasn't or wasn't you know going cowboy for the principle said that the and that you need where basketball shorts underneath your Airways if you wanna archer with school. Yeah now we've yet this text in a darned. A little. Ax to grind here vesta is the band's screen tees and my kids love gun and sure. Had to turn it inside out too bad but here's the outskirts do you remember going to cons again at T shirt on now is awesome via. Have you been to a concert recently no they don't summoning yes they do they do. Fifty bucks you'd shut your mouth they're like forty shots hitting metal fly dollars reviewing calls at two bucks to make and a now Sears if then you know that first shot. Sung by Matt Moore and he says Zia fifty bucks for teacher right here in need making fun of it yeah is he there is a picture of said that somebody took from tackle more concert where is his now Michael Moore. Concert tour teacher for 45 dollars. Is anybody paying fifty bucks for Carlo I winter you know into their church cut aid concert is there like forty bucks those view that and went to Pearl Jam last night. Open Safeco if you made it I know soon quit he was up there and no please tell me what those Pearl Jam T shirts were gone for if you buy one if you loved it or not. Okay and the question for you India Korea to break. Could have gone to that pro Jim concert I think you go. You know Pearl Jam fan are you in. New line and owner let alone. Lou we're no I am Honolulu. Earlier we relive a moment. But I ask is that it it's such short notice that there is like one thing I can do now is to go to the concert. And then come and do the show this morning your plan would have gone home to like 2:30 in the morning cruelty and now presumably what he's thinking. Pearl Jam hiding it and invited tonight in getting new agreement and now I can and and we're mirror room I didn't immediately regretted Mary you should. That's their first question how long like years and we'll Malone I don't know I've got to bail on Hall & Oates tickets tonight those on disappointed. They still going to the plate emote tonight. You know train them both he view of these. Who knew very little I saw him in the Biloxi casino in 2010. 2001. And out as a little man who's who's shorter Paul Simon John Oates. John Oates is small and too is just on and on November seem Pope John Oates is very little a teammate prince of a giant. To a man the guitar he was playing Daryl hall and that's very very large on the tip Jon Huntsman. Even the guitar looked like he was plain the Chilo. Ex head hits the whoever did this. OK. Mortgage there of actors at Boston College took on this anonymous coaches dish on the pac 1277. On offend.