Dusty & Cam Thursday August 9, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, August 9th
Dusty and Cam continue to discuss the best and (mostly) worst fashion trends from our past, plus some of the questions surrounding Oregon football this season, and Intern Christian joins the show to talk about his summer, heading back to ASU, and the hottest of NBA hot takes.  

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This. These dusty and can not say should we really slams us you say well yeah our weather permitting new dusty and time again. Sam yeah and I almost feel if I told myself good days relief groups had a a steal and jam in the morning on ten you love. Oh yeah all. Damn. Did batting. Pretty isn't great. Fashion trends here. But it needed a text box I tolerance. Word had all lovely says no it's his best I'm sorry ass Reebok parks is bounces Latin worst. Pump up bras. Or severed as. I mean I don't think that's changed much. Now. Telecom did an Olympic if I did it at a I have no idea. And can no I I'd I going to I'd. Do this do shopping thing I going to victory secrets browse you know that is your idea I I did this mean there's nothing more awkward than doing that though because I wanna have you know. I never had a pair of Reebok pumps and then makes me sad. I never did either because there was one kid that bought them and I can remember it it was in 1990s. Ended boom and kid in my entire school and I think we have 800 people are school 780 years so much that. They were 185. Dollars in 1990 and I remember him showing up to school with them on. Didn't play basketball just an average Joseph walked in with those shoes everybody knew he was by the end of the day and our school. Mumia. Yeah it's cloudy and 85 dollars right which is why I really an all out album that's how much as they cause of the reverend they have like normal off brands that did him do so I had a pair of cheap as the work but they had palms on the stick side yet they were not nearly as. Oh wow. You know cheated on bush and we're leg during a browns here in Oregon. But in back of the day everybody that lived in your news somebody that we're ten Nike's. Rise so do they you you found a way to get it in the employee's story in that Cisco whale is yes you had a guy who knew a guy AIT and T in there and so just everybody. You believe this town it's amazing to locker around. In you believe there's northwestern state of organ he locker and how many different variety of shoes are on people's feet because in Portland. There's like you look at that three big shoe brands Nike ideas in Tivo. That's a bowel mall you see on him with the dogs. Yeah they T all of them with socks including the divas. And yes they hit just to answer your question Ametek fine. The genes were inside the tongue. He could see the pump. Yeah oh and a half until he had to go and it was a big realizes there is your status item Maria it was a human. Zen stone hammer pants coming in via. There is a big radio show host in this building is actually on the air right now who just text mes I don't know how or why he's listening. The hit well until we can listen this time grew. Her but he says it. Parachute pants and now always yours as well yeah I mean pairs of hands multiple zippers all my homework went home inside Mike let's. Sir say I just form every homer rehearsals sheets of paper fully good. I got back I've got yeah. Thought it all might want or can put them in my hands and went home but I think he's got the studio looking in they guy who just it's it's it. And he agrees with you now but a little generic saying hey. But the whole Ricky is Doug why would you need to back there's those in his backpack and I went to school okay. You carry your trapper keeper here's a good and upper nineties he's doing about it trapper keepers are great via zipper or velcro peachy. Inside the trapper keeper. Geez the athletic BT's. I edit the name is it zipper of oak. Are you kill me is that he's always velcro goes is of basking she's on guess it now to weigh two lines of Perot is an economy to. I had a friend and in college team in college who. Said the gay went to transit anything in dehydrated and imprint. And she is hiding now he's said. Appeal the second peachy make a reason why. Thank well. Yet you are really dehydrated. And those that like who have deep gold winner take that one does not know my first pitch. She wears the Chip Kelly hydration chart. Could it ain't right. Here's another one from the ninety. Guess overalls. Do you guys. In girls mostly girls but guys when where overall slowing down no guys now girls yes I remember guys I mean guys know my way a record ever strap once you're low you got ammonia recorded crisscross to do in the hole backwards overall thing and REIT and those guys wage Tina. You have remained. Acid washed jeans Haiti tuxedo has to be Miller's. LA gear. And I lied us there is only our lights use multiple multiple shoelaces that was Shaq steel multiple shoelaces OK I remember when I like in elementary school British knights were banned for our own elementary school because of the connection what's the and a he is like that's right below got enough for ordinary member of my dad going to have any fifth graders in a country elementary yeah they are things that a it is. Time back to the O priced concert apparel giving data that he and his wife doing Jay-Z and beyoncé concert. And she came home with a 65 dollar and tossing never reward why you see the accident title when you go to concerts. When you let Ali you're not going on out and you don't. Greek. Wrestling going get a bigger. At the blazer gags like buying a beer for your entire row. I don't know this falls under investor worst. Fashion trends leather feel the Fanny pack. Don't remember them. Under feet remember seeing an accident or royal Sheila Louis who feel as big. You know there you tonight's Eastern Europe both Fanny pack two big foot for wrestlers. You keep steroids so much clear is going to be quick thought on accessible. In fact come back in verse it's no Santa no I don't. Did Google Cheney taxed in 20 you mean he's trying to lead that revolution now we've had this discussion before. I'd rather where Fanny packs in a verse or satchel the Sony as a white painter pants as out of things for you know it's not widely vice. Did you why leave us helping and they've ruled them up bottom. Oldham over into the three rolls to keep tight that the bottom no wonder he didn't have girlfriends in twin and then I alternative. But all tourney in my chuck Taylor is with the red intercourse. I'll write down one read on the right Terkel it's always read on the right Terkel is on the left that says look and a half right bull what about it and dig it evening you have a brand new pared some sailor whose religion never never together always alternate colors. Correct. Regrettable and Beaumont Clement. Bum real off gas well. Calvin Klein trend Stewart ran had a CK shirt CK and well CB camp and what's your first cloned speaking in CTO KC KB one as gay embrace her. Excuse. Timbers I have no idea what that's cause after it. I'll my dad at age eight and 789 he always are in my stocking every Christmas some skin Greece. And how great 78 eraser what does that amber are you and why did you need it usually eating her. After he just his own name now I just felt led BT wanna do my dad was Gingrich or god is like blue route. Brute it's got improved putting is to make sure it's the after shave and you have to give you slack and armed who feel her. Good. And then it was in my first one actually really perch. I did was and they do Carre noir. Move. Document and rocket and we'll spurs T yeah there is in this is that they did there come in now cool water. Collider is big polo cola was baked my vs Lagerfeld. Is my dad's a smell of blue that my dad did some like a cowboy John I smell like an old man. Content because and as a child. I got bull head because it was from the Pacific underwear shocker is that serve companies or red number to the Michael Jordan bring yet all right Jordan brand we're. The big selling there was baseball brand let the baseball it was part of this now well that's right I mean old spy con a -- now beefing animal spikes does anybody dig do a lot of people where loans still and how the Cologne industry during its due and it's got to be doing well smells are important. Smells again it got an eye ball for Christmas last year begin mr. Berger XP expensive. I know is against Miranda got I do I got my wife in Laura I got my momma Christmas present stuff called poison. Was fragrance. Before bolting to get your money are clearly did spits into the high air and anger and you are able to slow down really. It is important is it for Christmas again we my girls got me some called obsession. Session so the clintons are walking around in poisoned skin razor in his session. When Holland is your friends say he's a much are you when noon. And a yeah adage goes made another appearance on the line. That's got to be the worst fashion trend of I had Altera the 2.3 inch leg opening of course she did this year bock a cad cousins in the Bay Area. And elders I don't think I'll dress like idiots like an idiot the and we didn't mean did that Bay Area was a whole another thing. Mean it had a whole thing going on there. Our. Aren't a lot of people oh I well. Gonna do is hit below this one window for pressure ambivalent Louisville I had bad boy club sticker on that car. With just aren't you in the knows he's guy flexing guy for X the bad guy flex in bad boy club. I was a bad boy did you also have Kelvin. In on the Ford logo. I think not now at indigo. But that's a good one no it was in both your shirt in badly club about the Cologne that gravity from writing season. Newsroom. I five countries if I let get to maybe talks in college football. In some of these text or getting in all. Do you see you members as he wasn't just a brand but Becky dean of SS was everywhere. That was like. It Dow suburban graffiti is licensed CDC was. I'd done what anonymous coaches are saying about their rivals in the pac twelve dusty came on the fans. One learn. Ever lucky jeans. Nice you have. You know I saw happens you have be tricky year. A member luckier still that he's like remembering Levi's they're still here that brands they're never gonna lead you. Thanking Nike. Levis. And yeah I don't own a pair of nice. To him and hear it in semifinal win but influence in not only know. Mary America you don't have access problem I don't really does the debt they genes. But be impair a pair of peak autumn so maybe it is really nice thing and okay. Syria all coming up at the end this segment I'm excited for this Asia. And next segment is stay tuned because intern Christian. Pitchforks Europe in the error is a CD zinni can Cronkite school of journalism ranked denied it is Alter what you have Bonser. We'll talk. And he isn't he Cronkite school of journalism. He will be joining this trade program he's been working behind the scenes. A nicer ways India and he bleeped out that hold Jarvis and everything else I believe was a lot of leaves out believes creeps in sweets but other than that. I think he's gone snaps here. But we will have him on as we give him a farewell as he's gonna drive down T. Drag down to Arizona State history is clear in Tempe Arizona where I heard it's not hot at all no it's kind of the desert I cash. This is switcher weathered graduate they have. Now that he's come enjoy our show and you have the update sitting in for back so Garrity six minutes from now. And on sports does something in maybe this Rihanna I love and I don't know how they get their its access and who all talking to. But they have. And a segment area article every single year. Where it's called pac twelve coaches talk anonymously about conference foes for 28. And they get somebody. That goes on collects anonymous quotes from all of the coaches around conference. About other teams. And I think this is I first inning is brilliant. Because you getting more real approach of what it is and you get to see kind of what coaches feel. About the other schools and in the conference. So I want to Larry he'd look at northwest schools and we have Pamela this and others. Engage your fee on. Our R&D think there. The target or kind of missed the boat on some of these things and let's start with organ. Willie tiger put things on a better past and uncertain how much. Of what he set up on offense will carry over and Mario crystal ball it's hard to talk about them not met in the injuries on offense last year they could attic. Completely different season on the back end and helped carry the defense through injuries just really showed how thin it. Yeah I think that that's I think that's that's really good now excellent I don't think we realized what happened to happen organ on until this. We sent started losing games a lot of games it's recruiting pure and simple you know is the lifeblood of what we deal if you are now recruiting you're not getting better. Who in just one year with market they struggled to get players. Like chipped in this his staff did. Okay mean green at 300 and that's that's that's a blanket statement when you say recruiting is the lifeblood mean everybody understands that. But the depth issues certainly certainly it caught up organ very quickly. And let's see here. Undated is. Scrolling yeah. All the time in coaching changes if they can take a big step. If they bill. The Indo belittle their momentum. How does she think it out like day they do have. They got a lot of guys returning but. Even buying is and you with having your third coach in three years to these of course juniors and seniors that Richard cycle without saying I think. I think it's it really does the importance of having stability because the emotions of a different position coach moving. Hearing this journey and other speed charity going from Willie Taggart speech for Marco for XP so Mario crystal ball speed. All these types of guys come in and out if you're a freshman with Marco for each and your Powell a redshirt junior. What you've been through. You've been through three head coaches man and you wanna tell me they hear to believe anybody right now you can be Richards awful yeah I mean so that's again you BG drew junior Richard sophomore. That that is that's a big deal. It is a really big deal because stability and understandings the same guys who were do we hear your comfortably here at different different. Terminology is all the things that are gonna be in agree Indiana and is that's important. Don zombies are downs on the ducks also the just in Herbert thing I they're a lot team that. ELO people are scratching their heads in Conn cornerback clots week. Because I think a lot of people say it's thing about drew lock Patton Missouri. Is just not very good and Justin Herbert it's going to be you know a lot of buzz is season goes and so on. Yeah most definitely I mean there's there's rumblings that he's a top ten pick and I it's a that program could have hired a more but this is organ stay out of it that program could hired a more perfect person for the job it's just they Jonathan Smith is a great offense in my years. He's an alarm he knows what it takes to win he knows what the people. At what those people look for in what they oath for what they'll need to get behind. He's in three young guy a tireless worker and a guy he's invested in that program from Leo are these are a lot more eight we need to think about this yet. Think of how I we are on and on and organ and hello we are an organ state and then when I every d.s it's kind of sounds like there are people not to. Now high on board in the similar ones on organ state. Jonathan Smith bringing Mike Riley with him means they wanna close the ranks maybe I'll work but very in a division that's only getting tougher. They need teen night Andy who you gonna be on offense. Howry and aid recruit when recruit defense we've got Nike money against you in state and national title contenders in the division. In Allen's old a negative of him on the distance as I think it's a benefit or organ stay in the short term that Smith and Riley. Are natives and considered the area home while Oregon lost coastal Florida school and replaced him with and their Florida guy and you've got a former walk on your head coach behind you could sell that and high schools and state. You you can you can sell it to hear an organ but the view that understand and everybody does is it. The lifeblood is outside of organ in you can get seem keeps some good local Allen and and that's that's important but you're right that's been in my opinion. It's an advantage to have a little bit more of a local. Connection. I just for the fans for for maybe some of the players in ninety these are from opposing coaches now here's one in Amman and knowing you're on spinning do you do you side with this coach. You watch the tape and they have players you concede talent I think a lot of it has to do with the lack of to us between players and coaches Gary Anderson did. Just leave for no reason. There's an internal strife there. And that's Jonathan Smith will make the biggest difference he'll get everyone on the same page players coaches administration yet no question. There was a there was there was no buying anymore. There's some there's no belief in in coach Anderson and I know and we did not know that but even the staff the internal to turmoil. The frustration that can disconnect it happens you could have the best. Most athletic group produced but you know I'm by hand over to what you lose the locker room it's over. And the sad thing is that they looked like DT last year. Dad didn't have that talent that they're talking. You know like when you watch T feel like in care. Gosh where where's that town ailment that does come from by hand dipped in you you watching guys ego. Individual he could see some good efforts that as a whole their pennants is doing there'll think now looking out for me Rite Aid during that secret last year. Those are interesting quotes from from coaches about all the programs that on. We need you are kind of what they're saying about Washington Washington State and you get a much of the same feeling to give you an honest look. And impression of how these coaches feel a fur or end it's all about from what does coach this is and we're saying. Do they buy into a third coach in three years. Can they get their national recurring back up and get those started to turnaround because you have a quarterback that's there do you. This is I. Roster right now that think we got another guy that's. You know he's he's not from. He's short timer he's he's not a West Coast guys not a guy in the south I mean I had I'm just thinking as a question who do you think there anybody out there that are. That are thinking a little bit and an N I don't know coach Chris Moore personally I believe that. He always wanna believe somebody's a 100% he season one may he's wanted to be a head coach sounds cute he got five million that F idea. And in this in light. The whole he's not around here saying the I don't know why I always try it and don't know it I know Urban Meyer from Ohio where he won national titles that at Florida in musical to Utah before that I do my oldest go back to my connects to lose you know Don James and RP but he was how tied to no connection at all the eighth to Seattle what's. You know can I mean this happens. And this is part of what would they find their home in Big Dig their roots in a matter your from Timbuktu. Yeah well what is interesting here is that. A floor can disperse them. You know that's how little Jagger know that's that's all that is may be something their buddy up with Mario Chris on what he's been able to sell on the fact he stay. And he said I don't wanna go anywhere I think that goes along with those guys. All right five factories terrified the better you today Tex lines. On or we will be joined by our intern Christian who we bid farewell to. First he he has an update. Filling in for bock here's Chris with sports center. I C 36. Thursday morning dusty here Cancun we are joined by injured Christian. I hate golf I thought content golf clap does a great update man Marie. By you wanna turn as Mike on me or are you doing better than bug you know I go ahead. Thank you are free (%expletive) just below is interest and we nurses into the oh absolutely you're terrified him Yahoo! will. I've been practicing all summer for it you know fraud three over there have been now practicing out there now we are doing and yeah I have been taking naps yet. I'm Hindu I've been practicing updates and this morning have been pretty TO podcast for buck and I'm working on yep it's already ago. Now. Attrition you've done a good job is our interns and then you've done a lot of good job getting audio in doing Promos and stuff Chris income they're already had four. At fives. By fifteen on the dot fifteen. On the dot every this right there man I just was not consistent. I it a little bit but you know you get used to it after awhile via net and you know you don't sue oh I. See when I went to I classes at issue early in the morning and get downtown you have to fight through traffic and find a spot to park downtown for free. So I had to leave my house at 6 AM every morning just to make sure I got a call at night 8 o'clock classy I'll help these live Tempe. Oh intent be in the my classes are down by list if you have you been downtown Phoenix and a my classes are down by the professional there aren't just a country the so. It's like it's normally like a 1015 minute drive. When there's no traffic no traffic it's like 3045 minute drive. Plus there's no parking downtown so struggles of the young college student I don't wanna pay if you know eight dollars a yard like. Yeah I get a bike carrier it's only a 115100. Guys Christian nice challenge actually it's only a 105 with thunderstorms and colleagues solved. Yes indeed it is like this is not about that they're actually on a cold front right now who. Do you like Jaycee. Oh I love it yeah on the Cronkite school's incredible. The best part about it you're gonna say the chronic disease drawn guns and everything that I cool. It's an honor senior in college it was inside here come on I don't want to hear about the economy is okay it's hot it's hot down there in more ways than ones are in the lungs like about our. Oh yeah there's a lot of good things to look ultimately when you know the football games you and. You know today is you cheerleaders on the sideline marriages this old man and Internet helps distract. From what's going on on the field he would run as that is you fumbles and exactly the best especially since I got there noon in wind Jalen strong left you mean my first yours after he got draft in the NFL it. And so. ASU's football team has been. As you like to say camera garb uncle okay to assist you sort you college if you're gonna rank some of the team or just rank sports word is college football rank for you. I'd put it Saito NBA first and really NFL's second and my college football there why all the because. On the other I'm of the mindset I like to watch the best of the best compete check and it doesn't get any better than the professional level mom and I love. College football I love watching organ state football by. You know they've been kind of irrelevant the last couple years now would come last year bureau and so. I've I mean I was saints fan in the NFL need they've done well last couple years and. And another organ person with a random team he's a fan of in the NFL I love it oh yeah and I don't want to I don't. I don't classify myself as a Seattle fan we know that's not the only it. And who dat executive and yeah baby there. Not right they tune you bring ten being number one year needless fan you hinted that jesuit treasury Seles in your hate texts and right now on T five I think if I then use a text central I'm also here am I mean he would wait went we also Miami Heat fan where wit I a serious and growing Ron what is this is I feel I feel like this is gig going everywhere and Alonzo Mourning so it is a zero LA. But one of the for money suddenly I ever watched was Dwyane Wade mark I'm Kath and wait what one of the first let players I. Smiling at all I feel all the. I started watching we yes they're watching basketball the first NBA finals series I watched was the pistons lakers like in complete entire Vietnam and so those are right around Thomas are watching sports the first Super Bowl I remember watching was. The patriots Eagles Super Bowl. Well so I kinda gives you an idea of how long I've been watching sports just right around that area I grew up watching I'm number two English premiere league soccer actually. Now my dad's from England sedan to the soccer coach at jesuit thanks guys fired up with a huge soccer background. Now okay. But you do like the blazers right oh yeah I love the glasses Meade just loved heap more aria well. Well I guys so I had the opportunity when I was in high school so we did jesuit has GCC. Well just like a student run broadcasting club. And I had the opportunity with on my good friends to interview Erik Spoelstra and using tourist season alumni okay. And I was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had so such as this you dislike the heat because the connection with with that I get that connection yet their Spoelstra Andrews and Dwyane Wade young lawyer I think they got. But for the lasers and you got to cut it yeah each of them does a blazing hot take cam and I believe everybody except for Dane is untouchable. What's your take I think everyone on the blazers should be traded. Or let go surfers are Collins and Anthony son's case why slightly to me and in in less than thirty seconds why. Because you're not gonna meet any of the teams in the NBA currently with this current construction of the roster any NBA teams here are going to be Golden State Houston. LA Boston. Toronto and us Philadelphia and you talked. Oh yeah I you can mean assume is the third seed last year Christian but they got swept out of the playoffs. Have yet or is it that so are you get rid of all your talent your taking me 76ers approach correct so to are you okay orderly process is zero let me ask you this that you a fan of tanking. Do you think tanking Israel giving its credible or do you think he should just homegrown. Your talent. Well I agent. See the problem with that is right now Portland's being sold false hope. They're being sold on a team that plagued the city of Portland. Thinks is gonna contend for an NBA championship. But they're not. Golden state Golden State's far above and but can speak on this that. Gone State's far and above the best team in the league in Portland's so far away I think even if they added like why Leonard to this current roster they still win the your kind of rings or nothing type mentality either didn't get the ring I hear they're in the ring battle word you're nothing deep playoff for an OK but they haven't won the last time. That they made it deeper on an hourly qualify the second round and getting doused by Golden State in five games as a deeper on yes. This is one thing to me you know that and I there are people I feel like yet known I'm getting rid of everybody except for game. Perry is not including Damon's except for Zach columns. But anger people let's say. Dog when title. This did is. That's were streaming down and Julian Dolan went. My thing is not going to title get as close as you dams hand because Hugh fan base can leave you mean eight and we had a real. Way your team can leave you because your owner also has known next of kin it will probably sell the team in the next five years than wall where you. You do without a team kids you know while I can speak to that has enormous sonics fan since so be careful what you are. Or will no I mean it's good to be careful what you wish for when you say you wanna got a team and you don't want anything good to think of it. Euro one horse town here right yeah you're one horse town you don't have baseball you don't have NFL you know earning a fall back on. You alienate your roster not only alienate your fan base mixing no you know how fast teams up and leave nowadays. Yeah in LA this section buried today texas' Kevin Durant agrees with Christian on the blazers and title hostess SE Gemma column undated is on the pull up. Podcast yeah he's a DG isn't gonna win a title. I would need now to mold and let they've been let the guys at the top deal at the top. I just and he one of these close is key and at this time when that thing blows up there because. You know that's a hard part about the in the air right now is that it seems like the lakers are lining up to take that spot. You know once with the warriors can't afford it anymore come from and that's discouraging part is that there's these teams that are already lining up in jockeying for that position. I think the blazer and a tough position right now especially with their contract situation to improve the roster you know if you can't compete you just move on as our works. All I mean geared. What are you gonna near you scan it if you as a fan of this team he's gonna be content with making the first round and losing. Losing the first round I mean they're kind of like that mid 2000 Atlanta Hawks team where they were kind of stuck in no man's land. Like right in the middle of the drastically there right now they're good player then that's your aren't good enough to your competing. In the conference finals or final. Basketball purgatory now. I think bill getting to a conference finals. And death to be the goal right now in their long ways away from that though to everybody's point. Christian good job no boy. And safe drive back to you Arizona. Yep I'm I'm ready to go I've got the radio dot com app downloaded radio cowboy he's fanned the deaths and new camera ordinary realist thing. Z radio you know and already out of Q did all right. Will put a bow on the show Digisette for the damage hand. Becoming the next 846. Okay. Maybe you. Minimum. They're all good. Her turn things gonna talk about them lord spare her. And you go to the concert the other listen we go a bit less than they the companion dvd did you probably see me and oh many nights a big in the news these leaders to show us she shows you shows pills and on the text lines and they went last night they're going to Holland knows tonight and then they're going back to Seattle for pearl gym again and yes that's a that is city. That's run there you. And moon. And. Don't don't pitch any better as the reason for the ninety's music and then all sales. Everything. And its stock decreed. Hit an entire show were we proved it by every group visits on but it every Bay Area soundly any better. I. We talked about something earlier today. Who is. To wanna go taller or shorter among them who shorter. John notes or Paul Simon. This is a close race John most. I'm also gonna say John it's. Bogeyed. There is the dean button here neared things not working to stimulate a third did you that. And it's. Qualify you get your right to know John outs and a this towering five than four inches. And is telling then a five foot three inch Paul Simon thanks so it's you know a close and so it's just battle of the little guys. If you never CNET. Go watch the music video T you can call me Al. Where Chevy Chase and Paul Simon. Are in music video together it's just those TO. Chevy Chase is six foot 46 arm of the effort Paul Simon five foot three and it it is. She looks like he's about ten inches or you realize how much afoot in NH is until you see those. It's incredible and uses smaller people. You don't know they change their artistic ability now doesn't OK and jamming out on a guitar. Okay incher saints' best music duo of all time Simon and Garfunkel Milli Vanilli 5359. Dark dark dark uncles live nine guys. Menu looks tall compared to Paul Simon of on the stage. Do you think his entire career Paul sends accident playing ukulele probably stick to the guitar and I'll tell you what I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what man eater was the boy it is that song still gives me that mood here she comes she's a million euros he's kind of my Monterey and life. What is that. What is an indicator. Those you go to Mary know what do many curious I'm married yeah were all married. Beat your soul. That's a mean thing to do that that you can take over. As some men will say they take half in. Love at the divorce meant. They will after men out there and some men take after you. I don't equal here. It. We're just simple. I found this. There has an arrest made in need break in he's got for us Grice on this B seventeen year old idiot. Girl girl found with or induction shoes did Jordan's that were believed to be stolen so don't lose those places stuff. No see he did this place is championship rings. But they say 50000 dollars or did she used football helmets in our work were taken in the unbelievable the united wow unbelievable. You did you have a camera though. Yeah right. Yes some of this user sales for sale online Smart criminals morons were. Tips poured in down face us in grand suffers from not getting get away with it hey let's put it on eBay last year and Lincoln Nebraska where it. Think forty criminals are idiots who don't know much. I have a nexus there college are nine and an industry during this break three to five prime time in five until whenever it's over Seahawks. Full season cover Braylon Alicea Friday right here on Canadian fans.