Dusty & Cam Thursday July 12, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, July 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss the Blazers out-bidding themselves for Jusuf Nurkic and how that might actually be okay, plus in our Textual Relations, could a new lawsuit against the ‘morally bankrupt’ NCAA actually hurt them this time?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results. Dustin Harris the offensive line get your rest. And jammed Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. Yeah. The morning happy Thursday. Dade Julia and the twelfth of July. 2018. Hope that great Saturday morning in Newser surviving the heat wave. Time in jail on comfortable calling that yes it's pretty comfortable outside I thought that was great. Yeah this you know nice hovered right around nine dean nice. It's mostly a little bit toast here today toast your weekend and why don't we start with weather is that. You know I says it will lay the great it's great conversation starter it is I said this before the ultimate stop and chat conversation is. One of my power rankings for the stop and chat conversation. The random or the person you haven't seen that you don't know their name which time to pull names on the street upon us all I'll know you by face hey you. Moldova. I don't know who you are a couple of hours and others are literally never heard that name before I'm on the society felt good you remember where you do it's the lit. Come you're not assigned to you we've discussed this yesterday I've seen some signs held up as the united hold all the seeds so Jerry and needs the girl. Can't remember her name. And it's it was named with he was told by Cramer. That the girl's name remind. Was a female anatomy Ryan with a female anatomy. And he couldn't figure out who was in the giver music food you. And finally we Jesus you don't know my name and he goes move. And no yeah. It's. Bells and Delores who wow. So as they started off anyway. Odds are W we'll know this they truly love that episode it's one of the better can be like if I was power ranking the stopping jets. My number one power rank would go. Traffic that would be my first power rank stop and Chad Eaton blitz especially this month it'll be a good one boy that traffic number two power ranking would then be. The weather certainly. Then then is my number three power ranking kids. Mount Holly K adds other kids doing your gut and my four for power raking. Plus job. Works good work we're good. We're still works great elsewhere go forward on four right by hand and finally the last one and and the five is just. Family his family in general hagee out and I am how's that I was there either tell us and I doubt is my power ranking of the ultimate stopping tread if you get me in the stop bit jet and I rank you you might just call me on say. Why don't you powering 35 you went right into the family Kerry's visit number one really quick to do it just get traffic is finally got a number one let's get him out of the way here real quick here number one. You guys okay original last segment by ourselves here. Really her because we've booked about we booked into my life and I offensives like who's this we we could do that I did not lose in the our flights to you Reno we're going to the American century championships the celebrity golf Canada and in Tahoe you know I know I'm very familiar with that. And our flight leaves at 1015 you going for a reason. Well just got these are out of milk as the Houston Astros are going to be some of the Astros jet ski yes the after the and disclose an hour now. No we're just going down actually we're going down for her we got a honeymoon on. Any ever any weak rule since they have only been married anyway there is so high profile or you get an anniversary Saturday night I did you just add a wife. It did. And then we're going down a bunch of friends in no kids to top so is this going to Tahoe and there's like oh wait well early book your fly out here and we're prepared we're prepared for traffic traffic get in happening graphical lose some Canadian looking at the traffic in. I don't know if I'm going to be able to make it to the airport by 1015 days I just leave early. You see on your rundown that there's nothing slated for 83845. Wages leave at 830 I mean those and win those and to. I don't go obviously ongoing ever nobody cares. Now memories here this. I and then OK so number three very kids. Are going to be pentagon Q how do I is that this guy I mean how good is the power ranking you gotta go to bring real courage one more that you missed I think in you guys I would imagine get this all the time because your sports soon personalities it's too easy to game last night. We think in the blazers you know are what are you what are you how the ducks going to be this season Huskies in me this season yeah it's on court that'll give us sports he won houses that allows the team doing and what's you know in my power rank gives up those Mets. V the ultimate sports the sports question. You get it. This has caused armory story like Tom Brady will you get that don't get a lot of data I don't really data on that on November there was not a summary years ago. Still don't know he's not on my speed dial. I think that and I know the family who was I saw the fairly plain dodge ball on their Montana retreat house that they have a yet there's also video that he was escaping the pass rush of his son and so now he's had a million this year. Right that was surrogate now. We can't do that in the past stresses can end on infer let's just sums it this Palin is trying to show some of their. And it is a is a brief family tradition that is well they show their affection you know what they'll do. Can't connect goods get awkward. And now. No we didn't Amare I would that I may think everything is OK analyze the RJ is with Maine RJU worth everybody you know that episode. Look. Let's get it female anatomy you guys with Molder what is Moeller rhyme with all the bowl. More than not a good name. No but I think that and there's probably some hipster kid named Mulva somewhere out there probably you know. Well Gaylord Fokker Newton. Yet they actually had to do the research I'm not only that tended to find a family the Canadian family Nadine famine and again north of the border. And it took awhile was the strained his real name that you guys are aware of what you went to school with grown upper something something like that like he gave her slander. First and last or first whatever. Is there on the that a good idea doubts him. Now I don't know my motto with a failing whose last name was Trout and they named their kids broke rainbow lake. No lol that was a real family. Fishing they have to look I'm in I guess don't they like this thank you that in just like to making their kid really is I knew where it is because the last kid named duels or the last name brown Trout section brown you know alternative scenario you're the entered. Bruno there their two boys and a girl to girl as a rainbow Trout rainbow Trout fish and in view is bringing out here gig drive it's who grew. Again I thought I was like thirty years ago you'd rather sooner or both I do dressing room between them. Arguing Jesse under the Subaru. Notes it was either grass are compact suvs are great partners I'm just saying it's that stereotype well hey but by the lake camp thinks your terrible driver went the worse on the road and so this is of interest and yet. Was the air. Known why. I am we're talking Subaru is Mike why don't back ever and as you know you don't know I know it is you grew drag do you think Sue Bird drivers are the worst other on an ideal Prius you guessed it nine Prius is my power ranked two and he and then I go. I go to my fail safe episode of television for gonna compare. Portly India where they all three Subaru drivers come to the stop sign together like no you don't know who you going to use the ultimate. Or cold grip Portland thing to do for our people or three to stay at a four way stop no no it's your turn don't know it's your turn known Uga Uga Uga Uga Uga. As were dealing with here. This is pretty bad we have named Mike hunt at Walton high school guy went to school at his name is on the wrestling records billboard there is. That's. I'm pretty unfair got to send I'm gonna be your main course the NASCAR driver famous Dick Trickle from Dick in oracle in him. Heist left had to turn actor's name with Harry Carey floor and and of the tennis. Tennis and it. These are bad now and go to school with anybody like that night they had namesake in that word. I guess honey some planning. When he last names have to think up a meant to sit on this throughout. I mean I had some pretty LA US Jamie's wife and Europe annually Hickey items are excited to arena Hickey yeah. If he can acts immoral or more common yeah Mike come here. What if this text might look on the air or hum hum HUMM. Might come Mike. On them. He has on youth baseball like. I don't know if it's this way up here but the leading coaches are sport responsible for reporting. The highlights to what the local newspapers that does that happen around here you know I had a coach rose thirteen. Who you would always give credit to one player on the other team who are the losing team and he would make up a name like that for the sunlight hitting yes only be like you know Mike rocks doubled fur you know Piedmont today. That is horrible it eases. After he gives us a decent he does he shouldn't have to assert he just made up names aura that sounded bad when you read them out I'm getting a clear picture what kind of coach you. Our code bloat is Bart Simpson is what he is calling up and moves remotes tavern. In my remember it was just like yesterday. I get to Oakland today in 1979. And then this date to the infamous. Disco demolition night was held I Kaminsky park. In Chicago. Local radio DJ Steve dull hated Disco so much. He'd told all of his fans bring it Disco record to Kaminsky and we well blow them up in center field and a. During the game. During the White Sox game and ended up happening was thousands of fans bride Disco records. They blew a hole in the turf at Kaminsky park and then thousands of fans flooded the field. In the White Sox are forced to you. Forfeit the next day for the bad idea great idea okay we need more promotions like that. Don't get the parking bats there be tame him we need more. Al lane they should minor league ish and promotions are based on news and talk about attendance being down you see how many people into the Marlins game last night picture. Did you know point in 5000 was 5000 announced attendance on. And you think gay Disco demolition didn't bring him off roads being more Bob games yes you do. Then the Marlins games and by the way that is announced attendance meaning this season tickets that they sold more than people don't go to the game because they suck. Dared those tickets were accounted for in that so early or Droid talking relic 2002. Probably maybe I don't think it's the Cleveland Indians of the Major League. Yeah your tendency is read will move the team but. Every time we win we peel a section if Derek Jeter were to blow up a piece of that stupid statue in center field every game but let's start don't I studied I thought he got that taken I don't know we gotta say does this city said no well here's CDs city owns the stadium true because they threw leased and so they consider that statue you. A public welcome Bart public art. You can't be that big we will we have pigs here in Portland they let us. That's EA cows sometime else million illegal sources little statues that they have in the downtown tiny horses that tent they have. Another house through music. Pigs cows whatever thoughts and and then also on this day in sports history 1993 K Griffey junior. Made a first is the first person to hit the warehouse. Camden yards I remember where was when he hit the warehouse in summer my graduating year a little watching that. That was memorable. Very much etched in my brain. Now the shot warehouse went backwards hat mind you is he did it a moon shot as it working. All right that's today in sports history five factories terrified that is the better you'd today text line. And coming up next the blazers outbid themselves three Yusuf Nur kitsch. Did anybody offer him a contract. Dusting him on the fan. I'd sixth nineteen dusty here Cancun with the exactly well ESPN does his winners and loses a time when it does a window rock blues. And it within that team disguised restricted free agents. In the Portland trailblazers were among the teams are named in restricted free agency kind of on up to be determined not a winner or loser. And within that. It was a Sunday a blazer fans are familiar of. This is dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 love sale on. Well. Well. It is just just it is exit in. But it is some bullies and become familiar than a mile Shane. But are you okay and there are you are you drunk is anti producing non yet totally absent at six when he and I met him on the wrong malice. Saloons. And. We're trying to get audio for some told there was there Reynolds got the old white or rebels never again there are it's well the blazers. Apparently outbid themselves three sister or kitsch but. Lo goes on to add that in May not be is that as people think. And four years in 48 million dollars the low says there is no serious competition for markets with only four million guaranteed. In year four of his four year deal on the surface there resemble it resembles. Denver bailing out Mason glumly with a three year 41 million dollar deal when calmly had nowhere else to turn. Portland could have played hardball and Darren markets to take one year qualifying offer scenario which would have led him in that unrestricted free agency and when he 182019. On. So the blazers do it again Evan Turner. Miers under no heartless. Now he says circuits out beating themselves for another player of. Of the group of who you mentioned I will say this. Yusuf is the most productive member of that group no doubt about it on his numbers are not in that twelve and a half million dollars went in and I think he set to make eleven point one this year. Is his cap number. It's not that bad I mean when I look at what the production of what he's been able to do. He's younger so yeah I don't I don't fuel is spent about this in no surprises because my prediction was just last week is that this offer was already on the table. In the winter last year. And I thought that probably the number was whatever that number is like okay. Will stick to whatever we offered you we know there's not much out there. World will stick to that Manuel Shea over pays dealer pays to keep is talent here no doubt Portland is stuck in that for the rest of their days here you're gonna overpaid to keep your town. Well and I think it is a little bit unfair to say that you know it to turn that NT ye you outbid your selves. You with going towards markets in giving him the steal because. I believe that that is what is a fair market. Fair market value for a guy who is. Not a perimeter oriented big in the NBA I know you're looking at twelve to fifteen million is probably way you have to pay your starting setter in the NBA news of circuits is starting setter. On one logos on tab though in I think that this is a key part of it is. You know the blazers didn't do what they did with Evan Turner and and Meyers Leonard. In my heart goes to an extent is that you acts this is a tradable contract with Dane and partially guaranteed fourth year. And the fact that it is aid because it is very tradable asset in use of new orchids is contract because of the fact they you can get a full midlevel exception. Indeed it would be enticing to teams. If you wanna go on make a move with you since circuits to get a full mid mid level exception in return for him. And they would wanna take on his deal because. In the fourth year you can basically cut bait and let him go in that deal so tough. Although the blazers did has serious competition they did something annual she did something really Smart here you lock up your senator for at least four years if you want him. It's a reasonable number. And it is something that is tradable in the event you say how we need to move on we wanna move on from music heritage and they have the ability and he did that now. And you when you think about starting centers in the league look good Houston's having to deal with with Clint Capellan what they're asking for he's asking for a hundred million plus he's turned down reportedly 8595. Million and all these senators are looking out there looking at Andre Drummond deal. In 2016 Horry got 121 million dollars. Who ya Audrey Drummond got 121 million dollars this is kind of what when you're gonna run into his it'd 2016 we talked about it about those numbers are. Over inflated because the 24 million dollar jump in the cap so you're looking at use of circuits is. You kind of bombarded new let me add it and that's that's what we're gonna look at it as twelve and a half 1000011 point one this year with incentive based with a options. In the thirty year stumps are in the fourth year. Yes I think that this is although you and I guess he's had no competition you outbid your cells. It used to circuits wouldn't have been happy returning to Portland for something less right can can we agree with that with what we know Wagner in. He now how. He is the level of play in Denver in their willingness to move all off of of him and all in on junkets was. Because he says circuits kind of was like you guys don't respect me I don't feel like I'm getting a fair shake here and so we kind of turned it off we see an easy sender it just kind of up and down member mad America's inured you want. Well memory a punch in the face tells uncertain playing what he is one of those guys say he's kind of a roller coaster C don't pay him between million dollars. But EU paying him enough to keep them happy here and it's a reasonable and fair contracts that the blazers gave up to him. This they like it. OK so when you'd like when everybody hears us say when you tease something like and yeah like we knew there segment state outbid themselves is that considered in negative. Point of view of what you're dealing with in Portland or is it just part of Howell. You have to be able and I mentioned again about him to keep your talent lies he's not a negative outbid yourself when you have production to keep your guy you know productive. The value yeah. And I mean that's that's you got that. This is comes down to again more we always say easy how to spend the money that's in your cap yes to get to that what salary cap for that's not a problem anymore with Portland right. Or we're gonna mention these bad contracts and everybody really has some teams have some bad contracts you look at some of the everybody's got back concert the force of the blazers have three. Yet in here's the thing that like people want. Don't want their GM to play the hardball stance ago the hardball stance like maybe Danny Ainge does and then there's X in this expectation that. Guys will come near team like boogie dozens dead to Golden State because it happens once or twice here right. They and one thing that is different is that the blazers aren't in this championship winning window like Golden State is. And they do not have a litany of assets like the Boston Celtics do Jordanians can sit there and making go. I find if you're not gonna be long to come here like to do with Marcus mare now if you Nolan to stay here fur and button below market value. Then we'll just move on because we have plenty of assets that we can get a good player and you didn't keep. Ed Davis and a four and a half points are four point four million act has cirrus I do wonder. How much Damian Miller had to say regarding use of in this situation if he was in his ear or how much dame is part of this. Is he part of constructing this roster with with the information given to not not just new assays you've been talking again. You would think is a star of this team he would say you're here get rid of Ed Davis junior and find a way to not give use if any money so you really don't want anybody bill says screen above the three point line. You have no big body out there. What do you want. I would I would think because everytime I see there is a good relationship I would say. Dame plays better with with Yusuf on the floor because he's got a big body that can bounce off of but then you look at how the playoffs went against the pelicans and it just they both got kind of stumbled. You know I think there's something to what you're saying here in that. When you look into everything that Damian Miller has said about Ed Davis. It is then he is one of my best friends in the league he is a great teammate we're gonna miss him in the locker room. Right. I mean in there with decent circuits it has everything that he in his ability and what he can do on the floor. And what he can do on the floor is leaps and bounds above what Ed Davis can dip this sex is only two million more than Myers bargain. I don't think that. We can look at it as Meyers Leonard as a measuring stick you know of of what the bargain should be you know I think that when you look at that you go. Okay that kind of highlights what miers under its contract clause in with this signing again and be able to keep you assists and. And a part of this and Lenny did Dave Disco why I need to look at the stats but I would bet that the blazers are one of the youngest teams because the oldest player team is Evan Turner 29. This team doesn't have anybody. On thirty years old. At all on these writing her in the fifth its third youngest roster in the NBA this past is soul but third youngest. But full of experience and acting and when you look at that I think the other two worthy. Bulls. And may be vhawks. Two really bad for enterprises. Yeah right now currently. Currently really got I think last year was the now I wanna say is the balls in the hot everybody's getting to me the veterans we know veterans when and he could see that Houston's gonna go old and then there's this some older players out their but this. This is a positive for the blazers they have young talent on their team. They're not old that's for sure no they're not no they're not ending you know that's what Neil assay has been preaching and it's infuriating a lot of people. Rare art career arc of her career arc but if there's one thing that has been consistent it is that all these guys are on the same career arc as one another. But yet Zach Lowe is saying that there's no serious competition for America. Four years 48 million. Aided they did find a way though when year kind of dating against your selves. Unlike in 2016 more money is being handed out like teen Indy. The Portland trailblazers were able to get a deal that was fair and or ditch. Very fair to the team and low points out in this article agents around the league. Take notice when you give a fair deal to a player and don't try to play hardball with them if you don't have to. In the orange big trailblazers didn't know she did right by everybody in new you circuit cheer for four years but a very tradable contract. As low points out. Right five factories your five that is the better you today Tex on. We have a lawsuit. Against the NCAA. But this one isn't for money does that mean he can seriously changed how the NCAA works here's bucked the sport center. Widespread text easy. That's a message of what number did you call. Two or. Niner five. Six I can't hear you drilling off and like him I learned there we have all of my life I think. The most cordless techsters now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to leave. Overtaxed. A steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that well today. I've 55305. Fans are signs of those are listening last segment. For tiger does blazers third youngest team in the NBA and now with the sun. They were behind at 24 point nine years old last year these they were the third youngest team in the NBA. Philly. At 24 point seven so like they're just as young as the Philadelphia 76ers are. If we don't you think of them as his children grass right exactly it's. And then he Phoenix Suns at 24 point five years old and so when they were within like half the year. Of total roster and then you'd. Take into consideration increase Simons is eighteen years old yet the dose of reality isn't it. This year though I I mention humanize did see Atlantic is projected to be the youngest team in the NBA this year. 43 and a half years old average age of their roster twenty arena half if so I mean it's like the blazers are you a very young team in the NBA. On her and that a lot of other wealthy young men as look at that. Yes it is seen a lot of very wealthy young men on that roster RA speaking of young men that actually are not off the at all. On a host of the 2000 to 2013 a global. On basketball team. Is suing the NCAA. It's blended leading to charges the most out standing players and between thirteen final four Luke Hancock. Who is saying. I want my most outstanding player back. I want my national championship back in the players saying we want our national championship back that the NCAA vacated. And there calling the NCAA aim morally bankrupt organization. In their lawsuit they're not seeking money. In the sauce at all they want. Is for the courts to rule that the NCAA cannot take away. They're 2013. National title. Could this be something that changes the way that the NCAA governance. Because what does the NCAA do except for just take away when's now. Here what's her value. I know it's important not that stupid to turn tell you the NC two a doesn't have some sort of it it it's it's a necessary evil. In a sense because we have sports fans don't give it any credit and we don't we look at it as a money grab I I personally feel that the NC two way. Has evolved so much into just a 88 I feel like it's a nonprofit that is collects checks to meet that's what it feels like but it is for profit. Billions of dollars in March Madness billions of dollars but it talks about football. And then a college football selection committee that chooses for that and then it and then a governor and governing body. There has so many. Hypocrisy is built into would you cannot do this yet you can do this every sport has this. Yet I can't go to the league for here one and done rule but then baseball space for three football transfer rule. Baseball basketball other transfer rules there's so much hypocrisy and then we gonna come down to a final decision. Or group of men are like glug we don't want money here. We don't want to speak you're not gonna take away my MVP you're not gonna take away my national championship and tell me that it's gone. I don't know what the NC two ways power is anymore I feel like they are they're wielding a stick. Just like in the the The Wizard of Oz the man behind the curtain and nobody believes in insist all fake. Well we have that feeling because. That's what they did I mean what's amateurism and their Richards is a lion the university North Carolina and their academic scandal Miami paying players global. And did the brothel. And the payment of players right how many times do we see these things where. The NCAA as I can well yeah okay we'll connect the Penn State they came down harshly on Penn State. Four there were people convicted. Of covering up child sex abuse on their campus in the NCAA is that that while we kind of came down to our room yet. The US is vacated wins USC's title. Norm vacated wins exactly. Where they need to break that bush lost everything USC was terrible or gonna take a way that we're gonna pretend that's not real. Yet Baylor is fine Miller's fine no problems here is the arbitrary. And. Rulings at the NCAA throws down I think our our big issue with it in the reason that this may be. Kind of one of those landmark and sweeping changes lawsuits is because these players are asking for money from the NCAA correct. They're not suing for anything except for the NCAA is right to take away the one thing that they deal. That they feel is a powerful move on their part which is vacation of wins taking titles away. Do you think it's possible mentally for us as fans. To separate the competition of the game. From the reality of what it takes to get there and do it in the let me explain that that doesn't make sense to you. Jail blazers were incredible era of basketball correct very yes what are these us what what they did on the court. Was played great basketball and they may and they were they proved it certainly. Mean that all of you that loved blazer basketball understood that this it was going to BA type of person that's going to get to that level. Wearer and I've always asked this question two are you able to separate what it takes to get to that level. I'm not condone mean the actions of what the blazers did or the actions of what pool basketball did to get. And a 2013 national champion K the dirty nest the scumbag yes that goes into college sports the amateurism. But at some point you was a fan. Maybe you think of I just wanna watch the game and can't I can't I have the ability to separate. What it takes to get their because everyone wants to pretend. That is just not in everything's easy right that is everything and it's it's it is smoke and mirrors I know that I know they can I live the inside of it. The Cheney separated like can I appreciate the 2013 team for their talent of what they were able to do if your rules man and separate what it was to get there because this is no money grab brightness is just the ability to say. I'm a champion what value does it do. Well I enter kind of highlight what you're saying. Every loan every year Kentucky has best recruiting class and caused thus aren't there and figured duke they won one national title. Under John Calipari. It then it's where you can tell Alltel or it's a no really hard thing to get there everybody goes all Alabama should be the best team constable. Well we don't understand the work that it takes to get to that. Point to win. It is that's hard to separate that's why these geysers are filing a lawsuit there is as liked it we worked our butts off all what it would. You think's gonna happen is is somebody from the NC two a gonna show up with a briefcase and say. I want to bring you mirroring Jameer shirt Jameer Jersey. Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy intake of pride they gonna take that from you know they can never take that away threat it's the recognition of knowing that on Wikipedia. That it will save vacated all the rest of your days and not that does get on your skin a little bit if you think about it especially maybe if you're one of the guys that didn't do any thing. Or anything but. You're not going after money here gives me a little bit of all right I'm starting to understand it a little more guys than for guys that. Luke Hancock it's walking into the KFC yum senator. And looking up into the rafters in not seeing that banner that. You know indie not being able to go back 2030 years from now and when you tell your kids about the fact that you won a national championship a global. And then you'd taken to a game in their like daddy wire all these final four banners up here what about your years there you know in its exact is the reason why. In fact he is asking for money is one thing. What also I think is interesting is that it's a Luke Hancock in only four other players on the saucer. Because if you're not asking for money. What are you gonna have to truth. You're gonna have to prove that you were one of the guys in a you're treated unfairly. Because you were one of the guys and beginning the brothels you were one of the guys getting the payments from little bold plan that team. In adding that that may be something that. Is there if they have teeth to that argument then the NCAA may be looking at themselves going. How in the world do we enforce if we can't take away what is our. It's our ace in the hole which is vacating wins your tax at 55305. The better you today tax line. Oh get to some of your feedback next 644 on the sand. There really. You know early and listen to the sun hung it. Wade took me a second I just needed to see the yellow the yellow lifeguard truck. Joined on the side yeah slow motion knows the yellow lifeguard truck in that way or another I've not been wrestling him Anderson. I'm a truck guy. You know Pam Anderson never did it for me. And that is have a yes and glee yes and did have a Brunette so agreement. Half. Hop fan are you kidding me Jason Burnett he's huge in Germany and he just mete out the huge in the world. He's he was on top of the the Berlin Wall with the winning I mean. Yeah she did Germany is big then so he he likes to take partial credit for that wall coming down with his I've been looking for freedom musical song in yeah. I don't know if you can play claim that there had so Harvey didn't just sell this is went down at vortex. On your. He did this show is probably. The biggest it world show I mean at the time they would it still carries more weight than I think any other show in history. They watch the you have no idea how big the show was internationally. It was massive. And they were Nagin I don't know if we should call it the most. What did you just say the most important in the biggest show and even though knowing what I saw him about it how late in the day catcher he said most impact. Cool yeah I capture the thing is that the tackle at all. Most popular. We talked about personal pride magazine personified. What it was to be a Californian. And then you had the world stage of the half. He is a monster this show was massive. Worldwide is more popular outside the US than it was in and get down there and dare we kid did meet there now we're talking now are talking peace. And I. 553 terrified that is the better you today text line. On this Dick says the downside to the little lawsuit as are talking about the four players and Luke Hancock and the most outstanding player from the 2013 NCAA tournament. Are suing the NCAA not for money but just for their title back. Says the downside the sauce do is that with all the parties in hookers I'm not sure and they're gonna garnered the sympathy card. There's some play any of other situations were college athletes actually. Actually gets screwed out of things over BS NCAA rules from. But this is one that is saying a national title. These guys and we did nothing wrong why are we being punished for and they want the courts to say the NCAA can wield the power of vacating wins and diminishing our our. You asked the question to an all I'll bring an end. If if DNC to to it was to lose something like this now I don't know what judge or what court where they filed. And that that if there was a judge and made this decision in new USC could go back here to be other things go back. What's left for the NC QA to govern. Help me figure that out what grounds of control do they have any more I. But I believe in my heart that we are so we're going to see in the next ten years. Did not only in dissolving of the two NC two way that we know now. It will be some sort of just some sort of guys or people that just sitting there and in force may be. I'm trying to figure out down to it really is basic rules. Mean basic rules that's all they're going to enforce of how the leagues are run. Via like in the actual framework of but hey we are governing body have. If conferences there. We don't we don't really punish now. All we do is we sit there and we say these are the rules of football may have been and they run it even the AFC EA really does more in the coaches association as more and making rules for football I would bet the Dayton you know they turn into turn of directors. Without ever tournament performance at the thought they are than they pretend that they're gonna be rule enforcers like mark. Mark emirates gonna stand up with his. You know salty salty here and he's gonna say we are here and proud to be able to announce that reinforce that no he didn't you win four slots. What did you enforce. You were told by the info might not only the conferences and the president said you're okay with enforcing this because you made to check with them first because their writing you checks. Yeah this is and this could be pay a pretty into actual case when you look at the how the NCAA operates moving forward. Because even if that is gone in the NCAA does I think you're right and they just turn into you. Really turn amid directors that take money from football money from basketball in name push it towards rolling softball baseball. And they distribute that money more evenly across the board. It's amateurism. What it is it's the dissolving of amateurism. And it's been happening what's been happening but it's crossing and it's getting further and further away and what do we want TNT two radio anymore. What do what do we really respect to the ante to name one thing you respect that DNC to a dose. Is there anything at all they gave they provide opportunities for young people do they all they don't provide its. Would begin purpose I won't provide that they have you do it doesn't do anything but they provide the platform of governance to you and make sure all the sports are under one umbrella. Right because the without the NCAA. Who would then where kind of are the conference is just individual entities. Like DNA I is completely separate from the NCAA correct and with the pac twelve. The completely and operate under a completely different set of rules in the big twelve and the SEC in the ACC. I don't I I don't know but what I'm trying to get to added to the corps does is a deal sure third umbrella. Yes or turn amid directors. Yes they are but this is where it comes down to weed the NCAA if you take away this power I think what the NCAA should do. Is not hope try to hold the kids as accountable as they do you. They need to hold the adults like him more accountable. So instead of ripping away title from Luke Hancock gore Zhi Jiang team Henderson Steven van trees and Mike Mara like. They have an athletic kids are suing. EU then our governing athletic directors conference commissioners. And head coaches. I always believe you need a rules enforcers he certainly need. A gavel. Two to be able to put down on some of these teams they need to answer to things there's need to be something that the answer to. The amateurism is one of the things that I think will die and it will go away and schools and understand that they'll. They walk the sort to evolve into many professional organizations. However there still needs to be some governing body there's still needs to be somebody that you. You call up I don't and that's I'm saying is they checked the adults not taking away championships like this and today. And then suspend. Coaches eighties conference commissioners are not doing their jobs. Right instead of punishing kids in vacating wins and insane you're ineligible because. Of this adult not and are running their school properly. Because that's the promise that their enforcement is strictly on the kids and none of it is on the adults. Yeah he's done. I know I have a I had I don't know if I have hatred anymore or lack of lack of faith and with the NC two is doing I don't have the fix none of us really do. I know what I'm saying is that if they win this lawsuit that's all I'll have because they can't take those away from the kids ever and ever since the E. A. SPORTS neo Manning case and looking at really what the NT two is done in their ability to make money off the young players and and for now that we seeded. Boomers mounts a revenue and and what it's done it's given me no faith in what DNC to A does I really don't feel led. Anything they do. Is is in the up and ups I don't know it's it's rotated around Brett reed and is rotated around she revenue it's rotated around. Tournament and end advertising money I know and that we all know it's. I want to pretend that it's a necessary evil that's what it is that's all they are. Is is a group of guys and in ladies that are sitting in a boardroom directing where money goes. 55305. The better you today tax on coming up next hour that's endured gets in and Arthur X Thursday today first concert. They you ever win two we brought it up earlier in the week we're gonna hammered home in our throwback Thursday starts an immense and eighty bucking gets and music together fur would your first concert the coming up next hottest sports stores today hot and cool on the fan.