Dusty & Cam Thursday July 12, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, July 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss what’s Hot & Cool in the world of sports, Jean Segura gets into the All-Star game, and in our “Throwback Thursday” we get discuss the first concerts you ever went to.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how hard it. About how hard creek. Thought we'd dusty narrow an NFL veteran champ Cleveland the vice interior. You say. On ten AB. And. I coming up this hour we have our throwback Thursdays first concert say human TU. He gets in good omens are becoming an on the better you today tax on 55305. Also in the show we got that jags going all in on that. Defense. In players really get fired up about their matting Madden ratings. That's a big deal to them yes it is easy knowing your many ratings for that and I did my best rating was I wanna say 2000. 2000 range. On now I just on our there's a whole website for it yeah there's a whole website for will we'll go through all of your men ratings and see how you improved in decline of your career where did I decline. I think you heard the dukes they are near the other day that one of the years and that he was the third worst player in the game night sketch for handling fee. They like schools and he was in the game you're gonna get that drugs and I I really gave me a matter no more than most people can fire broke out the old Sega. The classic Sega Nintendo PlayStation. And let my killing K check this out and schemes really. The dad. What is this. Went butter yeah tell it avoided days like we're in good chance simply use your dad your dad dad's really slowed could get hands thanking you remember win. I think of Reggie White was the scene sizes Merrill Hodge in the game no I don't care just the same sorry you were all the same size. It's frustrating you know look like a tackle except for green tech mobile like John they've done Bo Jackson was. Somehow bigger than everybody else on the field and rightfully so though. Our right to so we got direct Thursday coming up this hour we got mad ratings jags. And some NFL chatter right now it's not an uncool. Rewards tied it. It's Todd and why is it cool. Guard spot and cool when Dustin camp on your morning dose of positive but you ripped from the headlines great story. Compelling and rich. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you won't have to wait under. And. Is the bronze honeymoon over an LN. Already. Well the artist who painted in year old husband in Venice Beach. Has already taken it down. He's already paid it over the meaning after it's been vandalized twice in three days. But because there's idiots no matter ID do you mean to tell me you're gonna go to a city the city of angels and everybody's gonna love you and embrace you know you know it he says the artist said. I have voice stayed away from religion and politics. And now I'm gonna stay away from religion politics sport and anyone against Kobe perhaps as the because like. This Kobe fans out there today refused soon if that LeBron James editing Coby and tonight that he needs even on the lakers are like now he's nothing. He's not keen about lay down Kobe still the king the Kobe is super for Independence Day. They really are. Feel like arbor day right here on Twitter on us in LA Kobe is better than LeBron. He's bigger his human championship yet after just burst your best. They just refuse the idea that he's doing it LT. Kobe Bryant is not as good in dominant player as LeBron James Michael Jordan going no Kobe's number one and always will be a low blow and we'll. Also did you see that it appears that. LeBron James media company just a week after showing up in it is LA and LeBron James is moving company has sold at age comedy two Paramount. And he's in talks for starring NN. It's a comedy. And he's gonna be what train wreck was last when he had a major role in. You don't think it's all about business you're running businesses and out on this is basketball and you want to win a championship and LA. He'd only when it's ever won championships with three different teams I like that idea this become an actor in shows gives women in the pool. This is in addition to LeBron is making Avery do you have a house party. Speaks to him to. And spaceship. You really need to make every bit of her house party. Semi cool new reboots. Clearly I like reboot sometimes. Hey good recruits. I remember you not being on board with no stream movies there's some bad invents a battery business because no Dusan doesn't just. I enjoyed and I enjoyed a couple good ones like you know there's always a good name one of I like the Karate Kid wants. We Will Smith did yes I did death for Jackie Chan never sought a horrible movie you thought it was horrible thought it was almost nothing was our. I think you forcing no I'm not I mean all you ask me beyond that I know of any honesty and Dolan who Gene Smith is in real life slaves. 99. So early is early. Thank apparently nobody wants Isiah Thomas played defensively saying hey. A return to Boston. Zany he's gonna do it again he's he's no Siena poll number on the NBA I don't know him. Know what is Isiah thomas' market now in the Anemia that hip injury leaving Cleveland LA didn't work out either place injury. Done 59 guards or maybe given him something at 59 there's an MVP candidate I know please shooter. We're a long way over the moment he says that we could back up the Brinks truck yeah we do yes we are. Isiah has been that you look he was a second round pick to give back in Nevada has the right earned everything he's done. In the league this is these small man they can't play defense he's a liability out there there's just nothing. Furthermore says but they don't get Isiah Thomas says they may get Marcus Smart and discounts and nobody has the money to spend on them and so apparently there are reports that he's willing to return to Boston for under fifteen million dollars a year which is. The going rate for a player of market smarts from caliber so. So weird for other money dried up really quick in that captured in. You're you're due. Ranges didn't have to spend a little down. We'll. I had let's talk some Major League Baseball mariners say it's jumped out to a three nothing lead against the angels for a second straight night at this time. They slammed the door shot. Blanket the angels marine. And back in their winning ways that's good to hear the Mariners. David preakness please fill in for injured mikes and he knows he went beyond first career home run. In that game and Jeanne Seaver had an army had double and mariners win three nothing they are now 1535 on the year and that's pretty powerful roster that the angels have a hole into a crusade honestly that's a good thing. 1535. Anything. It is the record currently. My coming Americans merit to set it. I wonder how you got that. I got to because they can't believe it half the time here today days guys. They have what four games left before the all star break 62. Games he's got to go 500 and dollars and you really get a sixty win team. Hitting the all star break their streak games back east and you lost in the east last night eight to three. And you have the Red Sox at 65 in 29. And mumbled the Yankees pulled down a little bit they're 1631. On this season Jason Boston yes they are going to be tough thing to do you also we discussed this yesterday Ken Giles. Because that is manager. On the diving Monday night Tuesday he was very windy he would sit down. He AAA Fresno evening that was the last straw are this was bound to happen gonna happen I mean hectoring done is and the closer for the last month and a half anyways you know it he's been he's been run struggled us. So I think you had a little bit to do with it for sure there. But for not mentor and AJ hints he says nothing to do it could be litigated right liar. Yes liar liar casinos at some point Ken Giles might be back on his rosters and all they make only the bus. In a little move that. Intended at fifteenth and movement and that's cool it's cool World Cup final is set her son need. Bronx are all in Croatia. Will meet up at 321. Win by the Croats over. Neat. British bulldogs. England did you see I showed you the celebration. Of the first goal by the Hingis. The only deal. They've figured it was almost 101000 dollars of beer gone. Wasted when that first celebration worth where they were worth it gone celebrated does a really cool video that was pretty cold beer just gone. Ten grant poof instantaneous and it. And it didn't matter. Becky was entertaining day well maybe your time and new game is entertaining because both teams are pushing they wanted to win they wanted to get out there. Tracy becomes though it the first team in World Cup history to win three straight games and it that have gone next time. Wow there's an eighteen shooting he shoot outs and then an actual winning next to the gates the country has how many minutes four million people soon Foreman. They United States only has 321 million more people. So if a country of four million or the World Cup final team make the World Cup final I'm ruined her crown got to go racing. I'm going forward from all for all seeing Don and I don't I don't like and they gave us the biggest French Fries. And the statue of liberty. In in French toast entrance so I love for an intense and and and coastal. Artists putting pretty good wine beer and wine champagne. Campaign some fine yeah. An entire game and Niko enough Boston. Rooney Terry. Keep going. No money in a fully on. Hopefully implode. They're not proceeding. But it do not get caught him and thought there it is they're not then not Riyadh. Blazers summer league continues in Vegas 730 did tonight against the hot sun ESPN two or. Not a senator he give me think. Let summer and summer ball. Summer ball. Like glorified scrimmage is. Again. It is the worst team in summer league this year they'll win the title single entity that you I don't. I was good that's try to lose the championship title coming I'm like yeah you know that extent that I could do warriors win titles all the time you know let. This summer league is really an HI don't feel any championship pitching and none on a championship the third the reverse the title pair of I'm more available to us that's what I would go this doesn't sound like. And then on the you get geeky getting Gatorade trophy and it's gonna save title winners. Any case beyond you don't dump the bucket it's just that little green cups and Gatorade and give it you don't mind your you know your budget with no symbols. I bet that's central on the Venice wreaths by area heating and cooling more than thirty trucks import on a bigger real want to went on air regular local trains comfort specialist. It's hard to stop a train. It worked the upset of this season 7715. On the fan the oh. There were jammed her name didn't. Being jaded as I told you was gonna work mariner fans laugh that it you have got an all star. And I kind of know you said there's no chance I know I and I I did I I I laughed I dissent said no chance no chance saloon I said it. So you know what Lloyd Christmas. You're telling me there's chain Jean said Dora. And paces sag U Lar. Are headed to the all star game the Mariners shortstop embers first baseman won the fan vote secure is saying it's unbelievable I can't believe. All those people around the world the fans the marketing organization the people in Seattle my teammates even Felix Hernandez yesterday. Going around the city to get some votes for Regis feels amazing it feels special. He came from another. Is awesome you know. Jeanne Sera one the fan vote in easy it was wire to wire and mean right when it opened mariner fans like screw this we got to get our Diane. Yeah and they had the past vague. Send gene. And who's great in. The reaction and I saw it was posted on Twitter last night when they found out the Mariners found out they were on the bus striding to the game by the guys were out. And they needed to see the excitement everyone to start young for gene and thing is is it those either don't think the players. Athletes don't care about this kind of stuff. Daycare and they care a lot you know and dame gets first team all NBA you've he's like this for commitments big time. He he these guys you'll recall I've got to want the notoriety is something begin deal would you get to be called an all star. One of the greatest in the world dirty professional baseball player. But he may get an endeavor he would get the fan votes and it's it feels awesome so I'm super excited for that for rarest. In the all star game spent how long I have no idea what it's wrong. I don't know I don't know how long it's been since they had that many Al stars. In my it might have been just last year I don't know but it she's even Robby in and Nelson that's fit for awhile Felix feels really anyone in their heroism diamond Indian each Euro and with that it wasn't. It just feels like it's it's back. Yeah that's if you it does feel like a bitter Enders. There's a lot of nets so downloads or that they talked about you know members and eleven Justine. So so down to the blues now they got better and then boot what's the what's the Houston's again incited some really down it's worse when the cameras is worse and had a guy okay within her. So legendary that. Let's not act like true to the blue is is some and hang your hat on. I like the fact that mariner fans. Are beckoning gauge it makes it's so fun in when you're not fielding aid to herd on the field and nine and trying to win championships. It's hard to root for team but Jerry Dakotas and a fantastic job of putting in winning team not on the field. They're spending money they've got a manager who seems like he's the first competent managers since blue now blocked. In Seattle fare in this either an exciting brand of baseball to watch in so I think that. They should add five and Paxton deserved to be an all star you out for sure. But you give for an that's pretty cool man as rare equal in its mixture of young and old. All players so did you just to have a sense a great tweet to help him. That I asked Vegas and cigarette yeah what did did you do your part. No I can I actually million the login invoked you do I did it through the MLB. So I logged in yet to be to putting your email you have to did you do it but it yes of course I didn't do that we because that didn't help I mean that was more promotion actually wanted to vote so yes I voted. That figure my political ticker. It again and email. The year voting is now I'm going to be spam by Major League Baseball you don't want. It was it was pretty surprising though that secured got the spot over inner been intending to Red Sox fans love managing Carlos Stanton. It was the other guy's gonna and I'm yankees. Well yeah I know we did but that's the thing though is that those two databases are international and they're huge baseball may be the only sport where this is where this happens where. I think that what is so these numbers some baseball fans in more like. Wait a minute this guy is hidden war and 330. Now calm on the year and he's got 47 RBIs. Yeah he definitely he definitely needs to be and also it's a 117 hits and you know heady days on pace for over 200 hits this year baseball fans for his stick in the mud as they are about their stats. They matter and things like this a cigarette that's what I was gonna say is it based. All fans still have that newspaper stat line person in that watching value stats because hall of famous three out of ten. It it absolutely is rights but do you have all star history yes the last senate for altered and actually took only fourteen at four all stars can you name a when he when he fourteen. Correct. It for all started TO it's fourteen and Nelson. You had feel it Nelson and Robbie. Yet Rabin or Nelson knowing that Nelson didn't make it that neither of them in 2015 who so that would also been Kyle seeger correct. Or. On the going to be tough for me we talked about him recently. Being a bit of a gas yeah that Fernando Ron O'Brien remembered samurai way you know let's all star that year in every is that. Islands and then he got shelled. Do you I was the same year he was hiding in the Rockies. In elementary and theme here. Now they have five all stars and when he your 2003. Last and that there and Jessica and spent some time but they had eight all stars in 2001 Alina. All wing you set the record for wins in the season I am feeling year's team is going to be. I was present as of today and yet they have four starters in the starting line up in the 2001 Olerud dune Suzuki and Edgar. Now that it's amazing. Okay also home run derby was announced we've got our participants and dare I say Major League Baseball save the home run derby. We got one man's candidate Al one name. And we talked about the give and Amax Muncie a less on him was the only person committed had to be home rendering just two days ago. You say they get the a full line up for the T-Mobile home run derby next week. It will be next Nancy rise Hoskins of the Phillies Freddie Freeman of the Braves Javier Baez and nick house wore number of the cubs. Alex Bregman and the Astros hazy side you are of the brewers and then. Bryce Harper rice harper of the farewell tour name do you think that they made big draw straws they know they trust to do it in bed nets the no I I really think Major League Baseball the national Sid you're doing that's known as a fairly well the answer your swan song. For everybody. I think they probably sat him down in in rob Manfred goes RA. Bryce if you're worried about you suing being stirred up the year hit into twelve so let's. Could get it. Eating what Robert Redford as those kind of conversations friends and and he needs still I don't think anybody need a hometown guy trying to go after this you have to win anyway who was it for Cincinnati mayor when he won it. You know Amazon is doing not Todd Frazier Todd Frazier thing I worry about Frazier that won it and he wasn't hit them like 325 easily beat the drug dealers out. But he was in a rhythm and it was a hometown for sensing they loved it. You need a hometown representation. In that is Bryce arbor the mine. To adapt. And listen to do I how many times but more homework. How many times has the hometown guy one home run derby I will check it. It's a home run derby say if we got Bryce Harper and his beautiful hair does he hit without a hat on. In just like to hear the plotters should write ox. She solution. Shouldn't and then he just put this here back a lot of guys didn't Wear hats last year when there any element. None of them did I think slowing as do the other backwards outlook tube and I'm waiting for the candidate cowboy hat. May be a bowler can. Claim hidden in the door occurrence. Aren't the back Thursday we did every Thursday it was our hot button when we talked about it briefly earlier this week your first concert he ever win TO. Send it to its battery today tech sent five factories your 5728. Years but with sports and. Have a great and I think when that film in the hole the putt for people. Inside. I Samsung and Madonna and they came on the outlook and Alexa is a stack up vehicle how'd he do that until. I just I love you give lip syncing and I can I get rocked this. You know what I had to do to get this thing I undo that cassettes and the CD opened up. The fold out and read the lyrics over and over again and it. It hurts and he says that's what I used to do with Def Leppard tape and get them over and over and over again that finally they put the lyrics in the cassette. For the CD back. They had the lyrics eighth grade lip sync competition mean nobody grant Singleton that scene did blitzing battle in it's and take a break dancing to this victory dance and Malia we did his joke we shaved ice and the back our heads in gotten anti jumpsuits at Roxbury home guys. In the middle school. It's now. Under. Have that. Yeah it is great time now. If this is now go to this one came in on the on the better you sexy yes Sony's of their first concert was Vanilla Ice in Hilo I assume that he will Hawaii new hoping for Vanilla. The real question will at some better question I do know what to realize three only performed at a Sacramento Kings halftime I believe he goes by rob van winkle now on Friday man he's shell PLC show. And he'd be construction dead end here. Why not agree on all what does that fault he's on these road Emmys on a TV show. Her dad is that a false ice Isaiah okay that's a peak. It's an uptick our throwback Thursday is you know. Order. First concert they you ever went to you you have an Alzheimer you have a great one. It's good. No no and and and and and and don't you dare try to downplay yours because you work. Yo Dick I think you saw. Has one show a month and Madison Square Garden. Any is a lifetime deal to do it whenever he wants to he can do it. It that to meet any sells out every single one there that Timmy. Is a guy who is an all time performer. You tell people unless. It's self explanatory here. I'm not everybody. Mr. Billy jolt off. The cool remember when he was and he's a little guy. I remember when he was on Sesame Street and he came on any of cool glasses on and now that I I love. Thanks song singer songwriters but also musicians are way there also home to a musician but he was. Just witnessed. Yeah and that's that's would change. This is not a my mom. Chug to bottles castor oil. So I would be born so she could go to the Billy Joel concert it did not know that yes she chug them thoughtful of the prime the united that's have you heard a machine they you have to drink a lot of casual kind of music Lesnar get to the Billy joke she had and she force my birth. So she could go to DC good day and I know Billy Joel concert and go and go. Like Billy Joel's and Alzheimer performance. Hi my son this year. He learned piano man. And he performed is that the talent composition I think I thought I did that and he did it verbatim suns play the whole song. Saying all the lyrics and everything in front of everybody that was mortified I was terrified I was worried but he he knocked it out of the park it was awesome that is cool. I'm yet to get on and it's way better than mine which was Dolly Parton I think she gets the works this minutes downtown. Arlene schnitzer concert okay. It's nice to find out working and I'm dating. And as. Eddie no you're from Hillsborough and don't worry is very very user. Did you see India other person inside Dolly pardon in this as the first concert in the next line enough that my mom's baby sitter fell through so she drug me to Kenny Rogers and Dolly pardon. I was sitting on the IOC's my mother aunt and a few. Friends were there. Kenny Rogers started walking down the aisle to the stage in my mom and in pretty much trampled needs to get out and try and touch him. And I had gambler. Sorry. I 55305. He'd better you today Tex sign. Man we have some deep level probably at the same concert because in this who has come out a few times. This one from coal Colby spell bid did. Johnny yelling heat's lead at the college all of the coliseum. Yeah belt didn't do the boys and I love that song. That may even Nigerians Nigeria median zero I I got on a desert island bell did devote poison is gonna be on there. The big venues early was the memorial coliseum here wasn't it yeah I mean most definitely that's the big neighbors came full or any you don't even drive until it is not ready come through proceeds go to Tacoma and Tacoma dome is the staple of fear in the northwest in my opinion news I took I shared my first concert I got to go. If my sister from was doc and in Judas Priest that's the difference between the first concert but yet that the T don't. Yet what it did did the wooden structure. That is set and pave renovations are ongoing at the tournament of mussina. I'm driven through while. Well knives out pictures of somebody percent to revenues and an overseas. I've never been there done my mom and sister. I'll wind up to get a seat. New Kids On The Block whole C hammer well. That's a that's a cut into New Kids On The Block are like an hour and a half late to getting on stage. Who is hot take. False the gorge in the theater in Washington trumps the don't know we're talking about growing up there's only going up like a cigar and a menacing now known. In the gorge. Daddy is a beautiful setting very can go to do but. Such a long drive. We gonna see Van Morrison there in this is how you only need to know about how middle of the know where it is when Van Morrison did his concert. He helicopter came in landed a golf cart he played no golf cart straight to the stage he played for an hour. Didn't talk to the crowd does he doesn't do that golf cart helicopter gone no on core. But you knew the gun no long green in concert was over because helicopter left. A couple of are about an exit. Yeah. And that's that's what happens bust a move. And I love this one mace 1998 Mac mini stance on the pro water thought front. The first concerts through that that are legendary mace. Of all Lawrence. Eating really ditty from eating godaddy now on 55 victories here five be better EU today. Tex lines out cells stop. It's fair to announce my running young kids. There's been any news. Ivan I'm a little unknown factor on this one Huey Lewis and The News again you know that this song. Is what ray Parker junior in ghostbusters. When his song is. Copied Africa and you Lewis was supposed to get that song. Really think about it missing ghostbusters to this. Wow if they get a cadence for dinner all based upon that rim has a one hit wonder what you should have that song. Wow yeah he. Simple minds and don't you forget about yes Suzie Billy Idol song really. Writer's name feeds in doubt if that happens a lot none songs that we don't even know about you know. Tied 55305. Is send them our way it will get sound we'll go down memory lane we'll get some of the music for you. As well your first concert all while Billy Knight altering injury and she'd need. Each didn't mean. Dusty came on the fan. Okay here it is may so it's three. That powerful prairie base that we're talking throw bag Thursday its first concerts. Then you know. The wings tail. And this line is a great ones Aerosmith pumped to earn 89 with thirteen friend's dad took us handed us our earplugs as we got out of the car. He said you might need these. Just say were gone a little incendiary it as we thought they were on it and you might mean he's. Is going to Conroy name lives and I didn't hear you this is Barbara will go to Iraq concerts sell about. Thanks dad. Thanks to. We're getting a lot of you know what I see is that. To the hair band because that's the case it's the right in that 90s80s. Group yeah you have so low man attention back. And you know time you said hair to her and I grab my hair and there was nothing there but Aerosmith is a good one because. Steven Tyler he can run out on onstage to you man even in his old age he's basic he's good on stage. Rag doll might be one of my favorite. Videos. Ever. Never remember that island. So good you know why a rag goes great oh yeah because who was you can remember that movie clueless by at least I Silverstone she was in. Maybe Aerosmith which with Liv Tyler and his daughter. In it that was from bush. Where they're kind of binding their. Bunning Clio and do it on the low we don't know it kind of thing criminals free good stuff. That's the may be right there that's an teenage teenage dream and he hears something now. Steven Tyler I'm in that video made his own daughter into a sex and death. See here are your target about Steven Tyler hear the end now. But did you know I'm so we're not going to be news in what's known you know with the Kardashians aren't well I know but it. I find that weird. I find that weird exploiting your children. And no matter. I guess a distant and not they're not at that age in not meant so much she's. Okay. This one is coming in how about the Beach Boys time. Yeah. You don't the united etoys loyal followers I know I let you know tennis man known online love the Beach Boys. Now is no because when making you know and I think this song assisting in instantaneous. You wanna go surf you wanna going on each incident is kind of let's do this do to. Another chance in members and dead. If I would also have beats. They're outfield was variables that we don't know how very old boys are nominee your surviving how many airlines. But I guess I mean band members down the time and they just like somebody else really. On five IP 05 it better you today attacks on first shown 1992. Nerves on at this Salem armory. Not a huge fan and now but if you GOP one help me. Vet that's pretty legendary because of that how short that was and how they exploded after writing Cobain died yeah. They became more popular after that. There's highly end of the armory but I imagine that's a relatively dominion. Wait this is a little odd at first show ever clear Soul Coughing in red men at the San Murray bridge. Like red and then the rapper. Whichever you ask you know with a question mark because I don't know either. More I mean if they don't know if there's abandoning you know what this eighth grade. Eminem show opened with the exhibit in Papa Roach but ludicrous. Then Eminem. Ball way wow that is was full of pot. That the greater was exposed to ask that is the biggest hot box you're gonna part of your life. Haven't really asylum claim pickle the version that says I saw Tonya Harding opened for cool in the gang on the waterfront 1990 I what did she do that asks I don't know or was she wave lets wait. I don't. Confused she's got to bring your excellent. Did she do stanza celebrity boxing match. Who's she doing. I don't know if they was that right after the whole attack and he was trying to grasp on anything that could possibly generate income still working. While first concert was Kid Rock this year and new years and I'm forty. It. If you're away till four I mean as a Kid Rock your favorite artist of all time because if you wait till forty wood in she huge is making it so you go and use. You go to a concert that's worth that you know like they'll make it worth your while we relate to your forties old he should be your favorite artist of all time. To go to the seems like any Kid Rock then I mean it in incidence. Rock and gas weird Al yank Vick. At the Washington county fairgrounds and another one we don't need to make at the state fair is he still touring. He's got to be. Are you his greatest video is is I'm fat is the parity of bad feelings in have you weird Al's got worse. Classic work not I don't I I stopped probably early ninety's and ends he has had donates of pirating songs. Then his lasted far longer than I thought Iowa anybody because he usually you'll see somebody do parity of sung and they'll be like oh they do one or two and then they kind of fade away and in death. And a non existence but be weird out just continues to do that and Eden rolls out hits and and I wanted to throw shot I really quickly I wanted to say what up you and Vijay. Is he and I both I'm I met yesterday but we go Nguyen in for the free solar p.s that I didn't have slippery because it's torture for me. But amid Egypt Saudi give a shout a buddy so grads man. You and you go and did you know trees every day it adds at 7-Eleven is 7-Eleven holy smokes here. The view would come out when things are for. If free T shirts leave food free anything people will do anything for something free there. MC hammer us. Jim Hammer pants. Did I have hammered him what a dumb question that is oops of course I highlight is the answer are you kidding me I did not have hammer pants but I did have Xoom looks so pretty much the same. This album all that was the first alma ever followed my own money. Really telling them what was that may be in wait a minute how old green. And it's and the whole nine without budgeting committee. I had a united yeah and is there a video appears as if you do remember the chain the warehouse just have got to know we have Sam goody and we have warehouses we and where I don't know I don't know HE RE and we had a blockbuster music and enough about our records are records. But I asked her birthday presents the Audi DBS fifty dollar gift certificates of the warehouses and I exactly once these. I gotta he's camera and that's that's my second seeding Famer Juli hit what there you go. Thanks you know and then India another survey Thursday and it's on right at first album you ever bonds because those are bill. Missouri is the most memorable as when you guide you buy it here first album in you probably look back most people have regrettable for albums that. Like some of these authors content that people who have gone to about this when and. There are you today takes an Iron Maiden. With fast the way I deny and I was motor heads guitarist in girl's school lead afford before going solo. Now deaths like I gotta throw my metal face and go Brock. It I mean white oh it is easy meal or did the did the hair bands in the metal bands due date just. All traveled the big axe traveled together yet you would think so no it's not like you nothing coming out on and then you have you have a big what it seems like it's always kind of been the big axe always kind of traveled together. And knelt and everybody's faces. Which is cool I mean you don't really see big acts go because somebody always wants to be the opening act. You know. Mr. Ameen said. Good good good good an airliner to have headliner everybody wants to close down nobody wants to do was always the up and comer who was you looked as I'll use this to lose its opener but no man's hair bands I know none now if I opened more rocket together that means that more time to party all night. You know. So they don't really care that much. 55305. We'll get some of them as the show goes on first concerts that you win TO. We get some people have been to some pretty sweet concerts. Some 56 right coming up next we have got some NFL chatter. As well players get fired up over matting of Madden ratings also next hour jags go all in on the defense side of the ball and when we say all and it's mile long shot summed it to seven on the fan.