Dusty & Cam Thursday July 12, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Thursday, July 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss the Jaguars going all in on the defensive side of the ball, controversy over current Madden ratings, as well as a look at Cam’s Madden rating from his playing days, plus Dusty is headed to the American Century Championship.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. Dusty and jam in the morning gorloks. Arrived. Totally pure parody. Fulton stated tool. I don't fix it would dusty streets and Manning era find him come from. And former pro can Cleveland there's been little more time didn't yourself. Molest little village president. Dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 Sakura. I thought 505. That disease. And takes climate to Leadbetter used to game. Of Kate some of these concerts we have to acknowledge in it militants that had to. First concerts in The Beatles memorial coliseum 19657. Dollars and fifty cents per ticket. Wow via represent around now won 750. Noah. Yes and you can even watch outside the arena for 750 now. And pay the gas to get there Neff. Well look at Harry he dreaded. Rage Against The Machine in the Wu tang -- opening for them from but what a kiss and Cheap Trick who boy. And did he midseason stuff there and then about the guy who text in that. He took his girlfriend to this airman block flung concert and then. Later he left turf for another woman or she left. Him for another woman. After going to that concert that's sucks I I must read this when this filing suit and over Colombia this one comes from. Rat killer brain opening act Bon Jovi venue MC 1985. I was a fourteen year old was puke Don. Over and over by zealous binge drinking twenty year old scared to death but loved it. All the same time lots of hair dudes with Combs in their back pockets. Kerri Cohen your back pocket no but those of us that did. Didn't make sure it was on pictured your own man today you're handed the black the black home it makes you were dialed in. Dad is in now way aryan. Our rates what gets more of the best. Concerts and buck if you see ones that come in on the better you today it's excellent try factories or five. Why ages ten is bumper music and know it will be up and back with those some of those artists the rest of the day shall we. Talk a little football. You on decent football Dana he's like you talking whose ball. We had this discussion in today in eight age is piggybacking off that congress is Angela can we knew had about offensive line. Or defense one which is more important and it's such a it's it's a good conversation have a couple units are so important each side of the ball. Well the Jacksonville Jaguars or are showing one statistic that is pretty staggering. They are spending 100 in twenty million dollars this year. On their defense. Alone. That is 24 million dollars more than the next closest team in the National Football League on spending on their defense. Which I mean net is a big number 120 million dollars of your salary cap is going. That side of the ball and especially on the defensive line where they're spending 159 point 03 million dollars. On there four down linemen they're 43 front. We mentioned yesterday in because I'd heard and your theory go and we were mentioned you know what is the most important part. An NFL group wealth you're gonna compare to your gonna save offers a liner defense. Now I I've I've played offense but I ate in in just down to my core believe you don't investing your defense of line you're going to be probably. Arguably one of the worst teams in football you know no doubt now your you and I came to do different grievances. Or understanding is is that you think that the individual of the defense of line invest in now but as a group and as a whole. The offensive line is more important I still feel in mean that the defense alliance a group is more important than the offensive line. I think they were really good cornerback. Can survive. Notice always had survived and managed. The ability to get rid of football where he quickly. You and build around it Russell Wilson he's still win nine games Russell Wilson but if you have a bad defense in line you're going three and thirteen. Yeah well I mean in an Andrew Luck is a prime example he's gonna cornered the can survive and having it. So I get me I think that's tough about this conversation you go tit for tat we didn't survive as an individual AFC championship games with a with a really kind of rough often to lies and they were great one then know those guys started retiring Americans free agency in his oftentimes sucked and he got hurt. But where you look at that in this conversation with the jaguars who played in the AFC championship last year in Tony Romo sids said just yesterday. And he believes that the jaguars of ID play in the Super Bowl this year so 59 point 03 on the defense of line. They are spending 29 point three on their entire. Offensive line this year isn't they've got. Ten point four million dollars or spending on guards nine point five million on tackles and nine point four million it with their only center on the roster. You added that they eased five offensive lineman and have more on the roster only 29 million dollars they're paying thirty million dollars alone to. Since tackles. His defense tackles. And if you do you do you could say the same thing about the St. Louis Rams at that are Scotch LA rams he'd apologize. Witt the investment just on the two defense of tackles that they are gonna have to pay. Where they are Donald Ndamukong Suh or so Ndamukong god but air Donald to get it be set to be nice play defense a player in the in the entire league I would bet. This this is what you do you know me the individual defense redoubled our run against pass rush and the disrupt yours that you do and I know there are guards that are paid well the tackles but. Let's be honest within when you look at offensive line anymore offensive linemen feel like you can say this. There's some good ones out there who when you don't have them it's not the end of the world if you don't have a defense alignment. I'll say it again. You're garbage don't you have no chance at all to win in the NFL zero chance and I know how the defense is chains are no corners are more important. And quarterbacks are everything but without a defense of line. None zero which in will make it very interesting to see mean that's why there's got to be so much pressure on the rams in the jags win this year. Think about how much money those two teams have invested in those positions. In that front and think about we got OS in their quarterbacks. Bring nothing like portals has gotten what he. 121000013 million. It's very important than that it was a mediocre extension it wasn't very much and you're still on a rookie deal with Jerry goth that they know the windows here. He didn't give board as is on night one of those prove it. You know prove its salaries and rightfully so he didn't pop until last year but when he did my goodness. It did he pop in impressive fashion. That they did this is going to be one of those things that we sit there and you look at. Down the line is going going in on defense wins championships we've been told that. But everybody spends all that money on your quarterback and you pump all in all that money. The rams. In need jaguars are going through like this is this injury interesting situation like portals by the way. Ten million dollars this is is capped at this year and he's in his ten million curtsy and vary very cheap he is the team. Fifth highest paid player on their team. Behind Claes Campbell Campbell defense and then at seventeen and a half. Malik Jackson fifteen and half defense that tackle. AJ blue EA there a quarter fifteen million and then Marcel Darius at ten point 175 million dollars and then Blake portals of their quarterback. He's in his second deal weighed down there. Are on that list. I think I kind of agree with Romo I like their chances early do. So if we were to look at that now and we usually look at quarterback and we say favorites in the NFL. And eight Odyssey quarterback is is a big change to this in there are important. Blake could G you will this thing down where you can predict kind of what the playoff teams. Could be based on the fact of the strengthen their defense of lines and then used earlier the quarterback factor in there. Did you say that you feel comfortable enough saying that. If I was a look at two positions in in football especially in the NFL. And I would it and look at the the connection with certainly your quarterback's status. Injured defensive line so to answer your question yes if you just minutes that we went through we can predict immediately how well. Now the volatility is something like Houston where how do you have ever a very good solid defensive line. You have an aging JJ while but given to Shawn Watson is coming off an ACL so you can't he got a really your Sony Santa but the Kansas city's certainly the Los Angeles chargers. My goodness their defense is terrifying. And there I mean good luck in the AFC west this year by anybody MEI you can block Tennessee is going to be Kansas City you know I. My goodness it could be Oakland I think it's the chargers and the chargers win that division this year. You know and that's one of the things that I look at in I go. Every ready Texan on offensive line ERS will send a dolphins line is terrible. In my crazy for a look at the defense on the line in in Seattle this year Angolan that's not the unit ever used him. Of course that's not mean that is losing Michael Bennet could favor earlier you're losing everybody you see in winter when you look at that. Who are whose honesty since Lyman right now in Seattle. Frank Clark. Dion George and OK frank Clark could be the most experienced. Jarron during read. Most personal their house they have a lot of guys have a lot of guys that are just going to be they're gonna be new positions he don't have the veteran depth. See the linebackers good thing you know you put the pressure on the linebackers media critics worry about Seattle this year I'm not worried about Seattle and in any save for fashion they're. Worrying about that divisions are you gonna be a juggernaut worried about Seattle's going that this team is going to be six and six in ten. Or was it I dated miss class or second straight year and wean you look at it is the worry should come. With the fact that LA is here there are no window. San Francisco is building in trending towards that direction and being growing into a window. Wherein they have got some teen friendly deals in our on the defensive line where guys have from band performing. Very well on that side of the football and I mean did Dave got Solomon Thomas. DeForest Buckner has played very well for them and let Eric Armstead is an. Up in the air but consistent. And then you have Earl Mitchell is well on the defense line they're pretty good not upfront. Is long and Seattle as Russell Wilson every chance that's why don't worry too much it's a tough quarterback division. It's an Intel IC Jerry drop below play an entire season went on pressured. With the pressure plane a sixteen game regular season with the bumps in the bruises in the attacks in the game planning happened to play the same team twice. When they get a book on you it it goes goes both ways canned canned Jimy make plays although sings yeah and then you have Josh Rosen. In Arizona we guarantee that he's gonna starts I'm non Sam Bradford you gonna let him start personal worry about Josh Rosen and Jared goth is. Is a mean Russell Wilson's the class of that division currently. Because nobody else has proved it yet but they will they'll get a hair is staying power permanent over several years we as a Super Bowl winners on Elson. Air goth he had goth is played really well played well last year it opens and Indy hasn't coached both. If coaching is a big thing TU ES two or hire a great coordinators offensive minds in Kyle Shanahan. And and nick today Sean McVeigh. In LA and San Cisco to you it's a dad to fund an Asian man you know can be really fun see I mean. Right Madden ratings and they get these guys fired out of will be taken trip down memory lane looking Kim's best ratings you had Madden. Plus. The year hurt feelings report that some players are filing with E. A. SPORTS. It fifteen on the van. Filled players then you guys have hurt feelings and somebody it's convenient for their first comes. Not van Hagar Van Halen. What is the best movie quotes most quotable movie quotes. Is new Van Halen not van Hagar and Yoder Joseph dirt baby Jenna would be aired today I think. Joseph dirt underrated. Or properly rated movie probably rated I think it's underrated. A little bit underrated. Jeff I saw you guys gathered in Home Depot are monitored indexer in Texas tees so bad dusty. They were urged to Joseph dirt he was incredibly had sleeveless seems one had a Van Halen shirt on. Acid washed Jean. The other one allied I think it was oil was that it was a oh it was an Aerosmith shirt on. And they were getting new sleeve this cut nearing their discussing what stuff the need get for the jobs and a both just gorgeous smooth ladies and it's good for them when they were they were salt and pepper Malays CLA net today so good I think I should just walked of guys please post yes. Then that's let the review get the cell pepper I sell what I call a silverback alpha. You know silverback gorillas soon. You just walk interviewed like that's the man is every did you if you see somebody and you wanna take a picture with them now let's go K guys can I get itself he would you because you guys are beautiful absolutely not. All I've done ever knew before the way I do it is. You look exactly like one of my best friends and then you're like I just you know I gotta I got to send this to my best friend on all one of its to a woman nearly do you guys I get our guys is the period I. Yes certainly tougher though would suffer what would they do they double burden Meehan and maybe probably Donald I don't think you're weird they'd probably Dailey got scissor kick you in the face. They're at a at a he was just spectacular which are with a picture. But I seller these guys that deal. It knew where was that I think go into. They were to read tailored to its malls and now SLA races of what I mean. In during only color silverback alpha because this king of the jungle when you see these guys. He had day nice silver mullet. Silver handlebar mustache. He is wearing a black teacher does a little bit oversized in the NB a sleeves rolled up from ten to almost cut off lanky now. And then he was wearing cut off age or it's. He's been frayed at the bottom court absolutely free that means they were washed ya. In high taps high tops old chuck taylors and now there's generic generics generic White House as ideas that guy. Does not give a rare but he's winning like what he's doing there in he's buying some new golf equipment and again is an element it's a new rollover to the tee box and you see that manned from. More Nino year and for good time. Too you know they know groups hidden in your group milk doesn't your rip. We just we got beat we get the alpha of the golf course he owns the course and he talks on current ilk you take that country club mentality and ship where the sun don't Chia mile number three is. You never questioned that guy score. And would you get. Birdie. I just did arbor health. US in just woods Joseph maddening and photograph those guys next time he's as well Kim your giant mantle locally say sure whatever you want just don't hurt us. Yes I see no oh this they have wanna picture and Ewan doesn't it because you're sisal be a problem. I agree that. You have to do and an intimidating fashion don't want that's what I'm trying to come home with a a smooth transition how that and in what would be the proper etiquette because these these dudes were they were dudes. And they were they were Stratton in the island. I was in the irrigation I'll just trying to fix my my sprinklers. And they were getting some raided an airhead nor to the the other Clinton we'd none of their content into. And play Wii but don't mr. Rivera was the best strategy did test these guys and if you have a good strategy but do you think you're making fun of him. I was and I was just I thought I was an. All off yeah of the mastery of how well they looked if you have a look. Own it. It's just right sounds like they work they were good buddies you know what they were drive and trans am I sorted gosh indeed it was so you ever think about this though. There are looks so we consider timeless right. You know me it's a it's a suit with that with that with big just solid ties. Rank in a white shirt. Timeless debate and where that first for decades he's on presidential oath you've got. The high society. How long and I wherein the high solutions you've polo shirts with sweaters tied around their neck in khakis and was leaps and comes in work everyday sway does it every day. It's a timeless book pop and collars. Who's this stayed George cynic cutoff can't be a timeless look her people we sit there and we all day you know aid aid aid basic plain T shirt and jeans that's a timeless look. Why can't that be. If you have a look can you like it own it and who's to say you can't. Where that forever I've shared my guilt. I roller bladed around green lake in Seattle. In your its. In a wife beater nothing wrong. And I thought I was the kings. That I've done that yes he might better. You were conveniences that because I was roller blading and I had my Oakley song. Norm of the flat Oakley is units are like the classical lease your manager Coakley is right. Kind of sort raisers are there is no another raisers just the regulate them the ram for all alleyway they ask the regulars. I spill like steam bucks on those things that kind of a super expensive. Idiots but they were all arranged home man and I was I was blade now it it seed came during the back. Words roller really you're doing Howard every shot a low point but you don't let this guy you're out of the 400. Oh yeah I was one of I was just slid right in there and nobody even I mean it was as I go there's a really big guy role locally mean other than Matt. It was everybody was join it but if you but here's the thing like you for whatever reason changed your look and you don't do that I got off that train very quickly I don't think there is a single thing wrong with people that go well this is not look I'm sticking to it I actually appreciate what those people do. Because hey you do real phenomena be honest with you when I'm. Seventy. I'm an a B and if I'm lucky enough to be Syrian army could they're you know on and on the dirt nap. All walking around in sweats in Jordan shorts animal have food may have my reef sandals on. Yet when you might make my enemy at seventy below somewhere along Jordan shorts and Michael Jordan's ninety. Curfew common myth that's a prominent east Borden. That is something my dad is reached a point tonight a you know he just know it was a gutsy bet he'll Wear socks and sandals. Is that they at least that was again we I think comfortable Mattel's global economist sandals TV is now don't gossip I don't argue against slides I killer slide okay that was on his bad but it was sly disease Tebow guy. No he's gamma doesn't really go under marathons with this toe. I. And does know and he's still Edwards argued angle ankle above the ankle talking calf socks right yeah I mean normal Sox. He says why is he slash user T restricting. Give me my socks when I see no let and built for comfort Davey and built for comfort. So if you see as coming up TU. In asking for should I announced that I'm part of the group and I and I and I'm note scene and I'd love to put you on our promotion group and you guys look great. Can I can I do not lied on intelligent big I remembered that look I'm jealous of their top 100 trio in other Texas says just go to him and say you'll look rocking can I get a picture it is not death so I think so I wanna I'm doing it next time. If you guys are listeners out there. And you know I'm talking about Home Depot clack MS. It was it was the clock with Home Depot and if I can find you again I want you to be part of this if you see these guys. You'll know who I'm looking so if you go to the clapper is Home Depot. And you're there and you see these two you know who they are something to take its major on the for an they're run its moves still listen into rock. Still talking they're not to talk tree hotel where I had an overall Ngo and I think I'm hoping and hoping they are and what was came clear lens man mad ratings. Multi next. Testing came on the fan. Okay yeah it is emergency. 834 west Texan that ratings. Animals. After meld into. OK I've got these traffic. Report on here is good you'll get on him. Seventeen minutes you may be on your own because this deeds getting keeps getting. That time he's gone back further and further 1718 minutes. It started at seventeen now or at 22. He's gonna. It yourself a TSA quick check pre. Jeff Czech entry normally call calling and get dressed I don't know bags on man I'm just going to be some Roland like gay Unita to flag the idea bend over and on what kind checker you don't really don't know where things are hidden indeed these days cam. Don't check your carry on might well be a surprise mr. Okay. Net ratings are out in people are upset about it players are not people players Malloy your players they think everybody feels like they get snubbed. How did error and mad and do estimate are you not curious on how they come up of these readings and who's putting this together I am very curious. More than me monitor notes that are doing this that there are worthy of sports aficionados that have to come over the arbitrary number of 92 speed it is definitely Eilat. More refined now because the NFL gives E. A. SPORTS all they're tracking and you know you don't so like stamina staff at top speed. On all of those things and then. I don't know hitting on scouting reports do they go on ninety talked out I think there's one guy in E. A. SPORTS at the Madden that this guy goes. He's the sports guys really did okay we'll tell us really it. How else is Josh Rosen ninety's you eases 73. Yeah fit 73 do you a sad you know fired instead I would get have a normal many more and so before you slides injury does towards the oracle all you do. And I need to chip he's on he's you know years he's the programmer gonna go guys that just sits there in the desk and goes. That's who I was going to Steve's Steve knows he knows this number. And a tired Matthews who was upset not at his mad rating. But at the Arizona Cardinals as tired Matthew was cut in his now playing for the Texas is a damn I got cut number 93. Agree quote he came in as beef what fourth best safety in the lane and Ali behind Harrison Smith Eric Berry Earl Earl Thomas knock them Jenkins then time Matthew and 93. Todd Gurley is fan boys got upset and said tell E. A. SPORTS to picture ratings this is ridiculous as he's the fourth best back and but he NX syllable hand was like K it's video games go to Illinois care but I care. But I love the guys who get upset. In just came became Hayward what a joke was didn't make it tough fifties he says is so personal. Deep in the locker room you're kind of the front end of Madden site growth and dome in popularity. Early nineties early two thousands is when people like you had to pick a game and had to play down these guys get upset when when you were plan that we didn't think. About it that much but I think it was more about worrying that even that even the cover curse didn't even come in for quite some time. But no we didn't really get to pumped up about it are worried but I remember grabbing the first time I was in it abusing myself on the game going to. Console. Score on you but my hands were dead. And so the yet now it's pretty personal desert taken in lake and he was baker mayfield he was he was slow but salty. Well you should hear Ricky haven't done anything yet exactly sari when Josh Allen was legal you could be rated lower. The speaker mayfield and speed I read a faster forty than him. That's sensitive. Dorks. On quarterbacks. Geno a year ratings where I'd have no idea zero which we're which year gimme the year. Two dozen to two parents and greet here when this is when they started putting together. The relatives say really bad. You overall raised 71 moves on Madden. Your other tight end secede Lamar get degrees LaMont Paul is a 52 I was faster than a month. Either Joe Horn was a in 85 OK Joe Horn you know it's good. Albert Connell Albert Connell now he is seven the tube announced afternoon. Knows battery. Knowing. You're one behind I was one behind Albert that's OK now you're slower than they're humorous 64 speed sucks. But does suck Steve Gleason was 76 speed if that gives you a frame of reference there and that's fair. Bennett who is is still receiving they had was it Willie Jackson yeah we'll Jack we called we'll Jack from the transformers he was 81 yeah. I was Austin's a great guy. You're catching with 69 this year nights now 61 but they're seeing in your Mormeck blocking tight in the air then name a catchings had and that's a zealots and you know does offend me at all I was raided I was in a video game. Now that's never going away you're. On year rating was pretty consistent over your career and kids when you into New England next year you're seventy. And then you're Saint Louis years you actually back up in in lieu. Want it has your salary on air does it. Indy 550000 dollars say thank you for sharing them as the Q percent in but it would still like it is tax records and he had no I got my tax returns also I'm not gonna lie you know not the highest rated tied at our highest paid tight in on a team no rain in mono my Brandon Manumaleuna. Was a he got paid over a million in you better my friends and all Brennan's and awesome dude you were seventy he was 66 brand it was a big Manny went to Arizona he was all of 310 pounds you catching an update your via. You're in eight days certain we may cited him is is it first that first year in New Orleans. Bad ratings are you know what you significantly important Jerry Cleveland and you never dipped below seventy. And in all of your man ratings and then you went back up your last year up to you last couple years to 71 and that hey 71 compare able to but today what would be a 71 player to see average. Buddha baker is a 79. And he's upset about that allowed these ST to do that because it was a husky is that we did the turned the gun no that's is the only guy who complain about their rating now 179 and I didn't I didn't even think about that tough. You Huskies may be E. A. SPORTS in which is based in slighted they hate the Huskies deserve based in Vancouver and runs fair. Second. Vancouver BC. Yes. Not Washington Washington. Oh Texans tight end Stephen Anderson 71. Second. Is forget do you think that in ego you can fudge your numbers to do you surging you can change your numbers. All three year old player and AM all on Google and any yourself yeah Manger position as saying you know. Yes remember there's a commercial for one of the mad onions one of those years and I was Robert Brooks the Packers and he was playing with Izzo would himself as a player and he got caught from behind after catching a ball he throws the controller Downey knows what the social web breakaway speed. And some like engineer a glass goes well statistics say you have lost a step. That was that was like the first time I remember this Madden reading and players going up and down coming into existence. No way I play late ninety's and he he agreed to resume the commercial. Done. Yeah woman may have been set up but I don't definitely set up if you look at that though. Eat everybody I'd like to see their ratings the floor on those years because you read you'd like Bruce summons putting out his freak list. You would have been on his request had you've been in college now. You realize that I do understand that I don't know talk about you when you read stuff about like your pre draft stuff. That you'd people consider you a free because of your speed for your size in your explosiveness. No I don't know I never really paid attention to that because we didn't have as much notoriety is what they do now they breakdown your hand size to the point of right size speed hands eyes. Fingernail color I mean everything they do they do scrutinize everything about you because that was one of the things that memo Crawford looked up the EU where like one of the first years of fantasy football like one of the terrorist Tennessee publications. Said that EU word. Like the best tight end of that year your cut is coming on Europe's second here. Now neighbors are refreshed your first union but they'll ID he is that it's had some you've Crawford read it was like heat a freak athlete. And eleven wondering like what your rating would have been now in win now that's more refined those three things I'd in Seattle's on the athletic which is cool those freak athletes it'd now do that call us that's. That's something to read too because that are the more I look at these guys what they're able to do how they grow the size that they changed some of the guys are. We 200 pounds out there to seventy in what they're able to do in. The calm by numbers have made us all be aware of how freakish some of these numbers are now. There're a lot of dudes like that closure top forty. 468 Atmel at 272 accounts. They're good yes not bad. That's ridiculous killing our guys know I mean that's just. They're guys that run that kind of stuff now I mean it was maybe it was the overall lay out much more rare years ago but the yours the overall ability to be you know I was a 450 venture for 65 I mean I cleaned over 400. I squatted over 700 only to rest did you and a 2.5 through 3032. CNN I think that that's the thing is that. I wish she would like to eat that little bit but do you gear known woody a new dole. Because of the fact that like part of its party your job I consider part of my job that's was what you had to do to get to that level. That's all we all a majority of the guys that are grieving doing the job. Didn't do Senator Clinton do now because either had one or the other yeah I was more proud that I could vertical 3738. That I could still dunk that was more that was like watching grown when he videotapes those guys. We still job I mean I gotta buy got a shot of me Duncan over the goal post that's but I still remembered donut. Now you're in trouble for that now Jimmy Graham ruin that for for everybody so forget you Jamie. Yeah. Ruined it he bent goal posts so awful and delayed again that a whole game all right. We give Seb today on the fan ended though on this one dusting camp. Giant. I'm Gatorade ahead on albums and I'm going down to talk. For the weekend I'm going to be as. The American century championships. Celebrity golf tourney gonna hang out on the beach or try to get on the boat beside you walk around not with not great though. Though we're gonna do you laugh me out there partying hard for either I will be honest with the U. That was my life goal to beat they'll be good enough and popular enough to get an invite. Because my good friend Billy Joseph tellers won that event twice former quarterback and easily kill a dog did you all give Jim. Never got. Uncertain and that's a pretty cool they sort of my favorite events the watch on your definitely good enough to play in it there there's some creating bar always and gambit did it that's a list starts. That are playing in that. Well it's funny that a lot of guerrilla there's like a sliding scale though if you're really getting golf you don't have to be quiet as popular like there's this. Soap star that he waited every year the end busy he's like a scratch golfer he contends every year and I think most people don't know who he is but he's in hippies and grateful balls are split up and Marcus Allen Jared Allen Ray Allen. Charles Barkley was on this alphabetical order via Jerome Bettis Blake bore holes Reggie Bush Tim Brown Joseph Carter Vince Carter and Roger Clemens. Dole and staff curry Johnny Damon Vinny Vinny Del Negro. On. I interviewed him Terrell Davis Dilfer your twin builder. All beat up Trent Dilfer and use them down here did the did you doubt I don't good. Herman I'm limit now some certain look more like him. Larry FitzGerald nice Doug Flutie. Flutie flakes who Eric Gagne is there are older and there. Mark Mulder and I guess he I think he's like yeah and he's he's already a three time champ mark out there isn't it Kevin Neale was a favorite to win nice. Yeah the inquest and vial and Quayle former vice president Dan Quayle and ask him to spell potato. Do you remember that. I don't really count that was a presidential scandal and when our vice president lost the spelling be doing kid to the kids belted date oh how times have changed. New volts so far up. It's a cool NBC event to watch just death curry will be a guy that I think might win it this year. Watch stuff are experiencing any extent yet he will contend he will be there of the athletes that are currently on and rosters look for Tony Romo concede just won his first event amateur meant by nine shots and so I don't think Tony's plane and it is honest OK so Romo. Is my betting favorite along with staff Currie for current athletes to get it not my former athletes currently known as the former athlete and I used for. Trade deal cave that far removed so I go courage to step is the one I think the most. Ray Allen to be another guy but he's a former athlete and he born with a some of the current guys are gonna plan Aaron Rodgers Jared go off Alex nano. Alex Smith pumping out golden Tate's Golden Tate at a New Zealand who. That's a mark Moore where favored it eight to five Tony Romo 22121. Win. There ego who I get to gam party behind David Wells David Wells. I can I can pitch a drunk. No hitter. It in south now look at Ford this sell on nominee got next couple days that. Now put some stuff on social media Willie Robertson Robertson in that dentist again I'll be there nice. Is they got stiff Currie at fifteen to one they've got John Smoltz at ten to one multi Aaron Rodgers at thirty to 19 minutes. Urban Meyers and Urban Meyer. Blake portals Jared awful be there who's the best I mean other than staff Currie who is there any other current basketball players that are going to be fine. I don't see any Vince Carter still technically playing through 220 for season dad. But a part of a he's old and you know Carter who is played against death Korean played with Dell curry. Blow yeah. If he played gallons Dell Vince Carter played together in Toronto when Stefan Seth are running around literally dad. I mean we think about that yeah I remember is still learning here was what in Charlotte. Nine 99 798. Well Vince Carter is nine the naming Manning. On but we neat thing about an ad sounds like we're going Nikon that's incredible. Ticker feed senior plays his son his back trek home runs. With this LeBron James will probably play with this Laker. And we're like oh well Vince Carter played them both of them. Those has made played a timeless age do you see any or the similar stat about Bartolo yesterday against the Red Sox. That the Red Sox coaching staff had more at bats against portola Cologne than the current average active. That's the red one under the rule is totally it was like 65 investor 62 and obviously changed after the game but going in that was the number but I Helen Wallace W legendary superstar their gift that keeps on giving us. He's really worked and but yeah. I we'll see you tomorrow 69 AM you're looking here partied it up right so here. Hi Dan haven't raids there is busy Friday right here on ten he'd end up next they're can't Garamendi main industry here in straight through seven crowds and I can sit in the recruiting joked that injuring 978 PM. We'll see Friday right here on the sand.