Dusty & Cam, Tuesday 8-14-18 (Hour 1)

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, August 14th
Dusty & Cam talk about Mariners-Athletics matchup, the poor attendance in Oakland and what it would be like in Portland, Maryland & DJ Durkin investigation and more....

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. Dusty and jam in the morning man collapsed. Garage. She told jurors apparently. That'd tool. I can fix it which dusty sand man era find him come from. And former broad ten Cleveland there's been little more time didn't yourself. Little less time little village residents dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 current era. Are they happy Tuesday TF fourteenth of August it is came clear lens pre birthday happy for Ebert then. Yeah no there's no such thing is I zoo and now and rocks. I do not only what fifteen year old girl and cam they have. For a week birthday a period and that's. Aren't really there kids surrounding you said hey it's my birthday month guys insane. And Syria all. Of a and yet you did you know it's ms. more miserable lot having an August birthday Venus football player. But having it be a two day for a little I don't know fourteen years of your life. Elsa from age thirteen to age 31. And it was. He was into today that's. I'm sorry to hear about it just it's what's been given and as it is it's not the big deal means another day. I would like to say that this is stop and chat but it's not okay whether. Well if he should do it it's more of a an advisory that's out there constancy going to be serious now offers and in. Now because yesterday we are so excited to you say hey everybody it's starred in football practice. Get a good look tee and good luck to all of football team to get and then get it done out there well. I was doing my morning scroll. The twitters. And I saw that there is the air quality advisory there are recommending not to eastern and it strenuous activity. How donors who is day. And the weather people were the weather people now now. Pirate. My favorites here it's quality okay how about this Gary Chalmers from the PGW says it air quality is now listed as unhealthy in the Portland metro area. Wildfires. All the way from Canada to you down here in our great state. Are making it so it looks like there's fog outside it is very easy it's supposed to be a hundred degrees today you know and so. It's not dead. Weather out there so that's Mormon advisory then stop and chat. So yeah driving around you in and on what's going on the weather here and when when is the clouds and apartment just forget to burn off. Literally know whether it's burn apparently you know soccer burn off. Yes we had that last year we are awful fire that happened in multnomah and that which was terrible and the gorge the more on the did debt. And so here we are again fires are just getting more and more raging AI it's brutal man it's it's really bad and sell. I don't know if your football coach may wanna check that the three yard there are practicing is an alien Lotta restrictions now BI it's more because I don't think how don't know how many high schools averted and started getting getting going. A my school starts tomorrow but I think a lot of youth coaches make sure you check it out make sure that. You're not out there run around in pads especially when it's a hundred degrees in your breed them to smoke year c'mon all the DJ Durkin have a run it's fine. Won't look at you Joseph. For themselves final. Joey the DJ Durkin. Who allegedly is a hard ass ways killed again and just came. Don't do that it's a joke it's you know I don't know you know jail time be can be the bearer of bad news channel like joking about guys I know I mean. Especially in any game that's pretty strenuous game. It is strenuous game and a to Moreno okay. Expand on announced the no wanted to talk about that today because I I outside and inside thoughts a little bit were talking about. Football we're gonna talk a little bit about what happened at Maryland and we give you my take on on what what I've seen in sports and conditioning and some of the things that happened since the styles of coaches that are here in football and what what we need to do moving forward in in his in his those you that want football team to change. And how it should change and L in on top of that mimicking known this as part of our textual relations but. You know it's the latest in Maryland and DJ Durkin along with Urban Meyer. This is the latest and what we're seeing widespread is coach accountability head coach accountability. And how far. Are are we taking this head coach accountability because. Mean guys like Bear Bryant used to be revered. For that kind of attitude worries towards the water now and being in the heat in junction boys are never the movie be absolutely. And and in so now we're looking at it in a completely different light in obviously we know allow more than we did back when Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant. Some were coaching but at the same token. Is it was. Not a situation where to my knowledge I don't think anybody died under their watch today. This is going to be a tough question but guys are dying now you guys are dying dusty old rock pulled on. Want one young man did and that's it's in terrible tragedy but let's let's put this in perspective is it guys this is an a plural thing that's happening all across the country. It's just it's it's a one situation it was awful. And two for their family and everything like that I have to ask this question we go through and what old wool hat kind of be seen throughout the day. Can football be tough and Smart. Is it possible to have that. You today's world because a lot of bills lot of the coaches a lot of people out their will say you can't be a tough Smart guy. You can't be Smart tough guy and football what what is the line that you're gonna go up to and go up against. And and the mentality is of the what it takes to be in the and how there is there is guys are now. There's ones that will defend the game. Till they take the dirt nap. Mean Dave Dave from everything that has been attacked at it right now. All of us all of us that are football people are now defending so much defend defend event event event because of the lawsuits and what the game is being done into the numbers going down. Then there's ones on the other side is what do you really want from the game. Did you want it to go away do I mean that's the thing is do you want. Do you want that to the sport to be to just be removed completely is is it in in of course there's only one state did you know there's only one state. In all of our fifty states. That the vote. For youth tackle football. To be illegal deal which state that is that went to a vote Illinois voted down spinning get a chance to go. You don't know what they did it know Ohio Ohio a oh all states was their vote. Known. I voted it down but it got it actually got to a house vote right. The other states that did not Brees says okay this thing been used I tackle the only thing that this isn't on on the docket for a lot of things is that fearful do you want your. You're government in your legislation to tell you what to do with how to play sport because it won't stop it'll go to soccer it'll go to every sport next. Yeah I think that. Yeah Levy and we can obviously have a long conversation about this and I think that being voted no and in that being voted down is obviously a good sign. The fact that he got there is is a very it's a scary sign. Me because I don't need anybody in my in my opinion it's very difficult for me to sit to watch people that sit behind a desk. That it never coached it played it understood it or even studied it and tell me what is safe and what isn't safe faced upon. The rule article that they read on ESP there. I at one more on that in our sexual relations. So Eric. Apparent. Just for an units down on that I mean my joke that you guys gone or at 6 o'clock yet Joseph what do you do on producing the show or are you doing on man. Also on today's docket we have a rookie quarterbacks dirty work in their way into first team wraps across the NFL and oh by the way. If we go back to in the weeks following the draft. And lead every single TV said. They would like to sit all of those rookie quarterbacks in the first round all four of them. Will be take your five of them will be taking first. Team wraps. This week. During training camp or just one pre season game and also hold out ends but two more continue in the NFL. And decent news story lines regarding roe Conn Smith Aron Donald in colonial Mac. Plus Las Vegas is thoughts on the pac twelve. And interesting stuff there as. Where the ducks trojans and Huskies in the line I think Stanford's and their team. Went to Las Vegas in used to mean something yeah via email that I I wanted to actually mentioned that I think might be good to talk about today to my tees this up wheeled it. Is the pac twelve the most. The most respected conference. Are we doing things right here. Finally attacked him up there do you think it's a good thing about this now. I I've I've been on the side who where were the most disinterested comfort going back to the Larry's got what we deemed successful hold on here I know. This isn't talking out of two sides in my mouth where there's a winning and being successful and caring more. Do we have the proper caring when it comes to. Howell we treat our athletes and how we treat our programs. Do we do that here better than other parts of the country. Let's talk on the other side. Okay let's get you thinking I don't. There's winning and then there's winning at life look at this show already given already getting deep on us army and do. In my remember was just like yesterday. 1987. On this day Mark McGwire set the U rookie at home run record when he deposited his 49 of the season into the seats. That record stood for thirty years. Before Erin judge broken last year in his fifteen did. You know in Delaware air judge was twenty. Six. When he did it. Yeah and Mark McGwire. Was 21. I'm I'm I'm kind of goes against. What nearly 31. He would be 23 years old but pesos in our suite three in their judges 2616 or rookies. Does that sound France's move like that it's baseball man. Candidate again go to college for three years and men. Mediate evening he had to keep Grande in the motor neurons so I don't know can you can be nineteenth well at the Braves broadcast team doesn't believe truly made easy a team. I'm glad this is the thing is I. We like Mark McGwire Indian drug that. Intro in his locker. Brought on the whole steroids investigation they within yourself. People forget that Mark McGwire set the home run record before that as a rookie before any of that now from big red and I'll buy arms. Bass Brothers the best poster I had in my laws kid. Bass Brothers Canseco. McGwire with their ripped off sleaze on their season is that it's fantastic. And they still play in that stadium. Particular. Still looks like dom still there all still can't draw any crowd species you're right rules say how about the Oakland days. In their no show in the biggest series of the season to date. You see how many people were in Oakland last night. Never seen them Portland would you 614 on the fan. This is dusty examined more million dollar and 1080 love Sam. Heavy Robinson Cano then. Robby returns from an eighty game suspension. Seems just like yesterday and with fast overhang. Oleg did yeah it really really fast with what week was that it was. Just is main mid may I wasn't in man battles like CSX and we domain Diaz around like may thirteenth is when the injury happened. Tennis injury if there is just a day. After that we need in an injury and predictions of what position he comes back and play. Second base Igor entered. So probably signature database on the oh win Robinson Cano began his suspension the Mariners were 23 in seventeen. Had a winning percentage of 575. A with last night's loss of their record during his suspension was 46 and 34. 8575. Win percentage means southerners were no better and no worse or. With Robinson now in line up so we got to be better with an all star of sin should -- parents don't know us. Apparently they are not. But last that was the last game at the Mariners need to play with our rob and think now. As his suspension will be lifted he will be eligible for return and it was a pivotal game last night in the started a three game set against the Oakland days where. The Mariners lost seven to six after spotting. Oakland a four nothing lead in the first three innings. DA's and upholding on 76. Incredibly raucous crowd. 101400. People. That's paid attendance by the way certainly that's seasons ago is there were less than 101000 people. In the hotel or whatever they call now. On in Oakland to watch. A game where the two teams that are separated by a game and a half in the wild card race in August. Are playing against each other. Two things that are bothering the most first of all all the stands are really quickly to the NFL watching Oakland play on that garbage field. And watching the raiders play on that infield because I've played in that stadium. Four times in my NFL career in the pre season and in the regular season on now. Baseball turf which is. Awful I mean it in the lip in the edge and what it does it's terrible for football. And then you go in and you see that here's the stadium now that you're looking for Oakland whose inner race is a wild card race man who got a team that's chasing down the the Houston Astros used just within what their inning game because Houston. So Oakland's chasing their they're chasing the Yankees too because all of these three teams came mariners a's yankees' all fighting for those final two wildcard spots. And that's what you're gonna get in Oakland you know. Where do we want public money yea you know that's a thing is that you're doing it I look at this and the Oakland is Hussein will we want public money from the city of Oakland. From Alameda County. We want our are we on it from San Jose can't. And what in the world would you do if your city leader in you're looking at that going. It doesn't matter if you're good or bad people don't show up tier games using Jersey these is a mindset because I wonder if the eighties fan base is upset. Or if they're trying to protest a little bit by saying that this is what you're doing with us. Owners you're gonna try to to leverage our city and do this so we're gonna protests are not going to your games. You know only it's it was sad it's sad to see you don't realize how devastating it is to lose a franchise a sports franchise until you lose a sports financing about Oakland is that. You would think that they would you could to complete opposite because the raiders releasing. You know I did know the raiders I just don't think they care the warriors. Are moving I think next year into that no arena in San Francisco early daycare is go across the Bay Bridge there on Medicare the Oakland who the Oakland a's fan base should be showing up to these games not only is this a playoff hunt where you have a good team. You are playing in a pivotal series where nobody can be more games trainees and the Mariners that down the street as a matter. But it shouldn't matter right now because there's a game and a half separating your watching good baseball and two really good teams play each other and that won't even get people's butts in the seats. And it don't be stadium and you can't blame the stadium on that we only pretend what that game would have looked like if that would have been on the limit in Portland last night. It would have been it would have been packed I don't know and a Little Rock sells well but it would impact. Op I I feel for certain. That if you would having I five rivalry. Like with that would create if if they were both in the AL west and if there's a lot of ifs here that game would have been rockets it would have been. Not only just for the summer baseball but understanding what it meant and how it means for the city and what it would do for Portland. That was that's embarrassing for Major League Baseball I wonder if Major League Baseball if the rest of of the group that are watching this and everybody in the front offices are going wide in the here we are in 2018. Saline into when he eighteen Major League Baseball right now with two teams in a hunt. This is the kind. Response we get from a fan base that at Joseph looked this up for me try to see if you can. Signed the Portland thorns attendance for their last home game at Providence park. Because. It could be up there around 101000 people of paid attendance zone which is 101400. People. For wild card game and that right there I think if you're day is Joseph brings out. The Portland thorns of Portland Timbers in the Portland trailblazers. They all get them that shelling from far worse teams and I know the thorns are good. It timbers are good in the blazers having good though when you look back at Wendell win the sellout streak ended for the Portland trailblazers. And did the tennis dip but that was up like the low point of the franchise. And right now should begin high point for the Oakland. Eight and those few that are blazers fans again you've been through the lean mean years of blazers here in Portland. There is still a passion for supporting a team no matter what. I don't get the Bay Area individual that's not supporting a team I think you're the first of all you have another team that's better across the across the bay. Actually I got your case yet and I I just I just think that's it the out of the of that place I don't I don't get it I don't understand is that right now. The giants aren't the giants are like a 500 team right now but we're argument is fundamentally World Series and you talk about your team is in the playoff dot. I gained national Ahmadinejad might seem to be in the playoff hunt. It's in the playoff run and our team isn't. Perennially. Be there. I'll be relevant. Yeah that's that's the issue how how much does the stadium affect. Your passion for going to a game. Be honest with you as a fan now because the stadiums were garbage hundreds of a hundred years ago. And as they've progressed to where even in my playing days when I left the NFL that the stadiums were just really starting to get into. A full experience of it it was it was mile high it was. That stadium was I mean the visiting locker room was like eighty was the greatest thing I've ever seen it was massive. Stadium started to evolve and change how much does that affect you wanting to go to game is it about the experience of the stadium hours about support your team watching the game didn't affect people shown up for the raiders game just a couple nights earlier denied your Yankee fans clamoring for wanna know Yankee Stadium back. There I mean I'm serious. You what's what I mean that's exactly would come they love Wrigley or Fenway. Mean the atmosphere of the place mean Alameda C it is a garbage dump in that's a that's different animal Joseph have you found the attendance for the thorns game. I have miraculously handed Netanyahu a ridiculously I would hope that they kept track messed up that is insured. According to soccer stadium digest dot com. Yeah. They. Put on average list yes soccer stadium digest on average this season they put in 161194. There ego which is literally 8000 more. Then the next closest team enamel as their lax or and then MB WLS rather it's incredible the last two home games they had an attendance 151300. Up probably spark and then the one before that's. I was just under 181000. Knew that tells me as just a fun looking at that from a city that is women's professional soccer correct. That this city is prime and supports its teams as starving for more sports. That's always that's always been what we set about Portland you know it doesn't matter if it I mean the one saying is that if you can bring the highest level. To Portland. No core of that sport. People will. But people will love that people will go no go in droves when there's the blazers the timbers over the Portland Torrence. And if you look at the way that dead Portland diamond project has attacked this they've already got a long standing. There too long list of supporters federal world willing to do it that's kind of the grassroots kind of a growing this thing up and bringing it here. I do believe that it would be it a smash success and if you Major League Baseball is here rob Manfred you're looking at your team and you got a wildcard series. In somebody brings 101400. A year table and put that on your desk. You go one OK this is a bigger problem than just a stadium because the product doesn't sell itself there and that's the thing is that the good product. Should. Make air edit a bad stadium a moot point that the stadium is to get people there are in the doldrums this isn't the doldrums now this this is the time where you're supposed to go to T enough. And probably the best thing. About it is just yesterday you see him prone diamond projects post via Mike Barrett and Craig cheek. Word on their way to Kansas City to go check out stadium designs. Was the architect and Baghdad think that is just I think it's awesome and it's like refreshing to me it's like this boost of confidence a baseball could become at a Portland. That we see is story like. The a's fans know showing them on the same day where the Portland dam project saying are dissing seriousness tourists are looking at our plans for stadium. I love Disco small team. Uganda. Ali pincer attack him are 855305. That is the better you today Tex lines. We want to get some of your thoughts. On what we started the show with Maryland's investigation. And coach DJ Durkin. They're training staff and their strength and conditioning coach is the latest in a focus on coach accountability. Smart tough can it be done and football. And football. Is in a weird spot where this accountability is now on the coaches no more so than ever. Here's Joseph Louis sports center. Widespread text easy. That's a message to what number did you. Two horror. Niners five. Six. I can't hear you drilling off and that I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. No it was Gordon's text there's no it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply just play my number. There he goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1080 delivery of that person actually say that Bo today. 55305. Desi better you today Tex lines we briefly discussed it leading go into much detail yesterday. About the Maryland investigation ended DJ Durkin they head football coach. Who's been placed on administrative leave along with his strength and conditioning coach in two athletic trainers. At the university Maryland as a school is investigating the death of a former. Defense lineman Jordan McNair who died during game. Working out in June I need a young man was hospitalized in May. And then ended up returning. Couple we Slater during conditioning exercise. Ended up dying. On during their conditioning exercise and naming it's a tragedy and it's not as if DJ Durkin has been cold and callous during an. But the investigation is to the handling of it and after the ESPN report. Of a culture that has been formed around the Maryland a football program. Of toughness. On going into the dangerous territory there you know that's the way down that ESPN's. On the article has had framed. The dated the whole story behind it and eight used anonymous sources into kind of pound that. Home and really was a former coach you apparently has a axe to grind to a DJ Durkin on the whole situation and it is led to Durkin being placed on administrative leave. I don't like anonymous thanks. That's my first thing. I don't I don't like that but I also understand that. There are a lot of coaches in the industry. Specially it is a good old boy network is just like anything. Who you know. And there are there's a lot of to a there's up over 130 division one teams in our country there's a lot of coaches a lot of staff lot of support staff lot of trainers. That's over 130 strength coaches as head strength coaches in division one football. Here's a lot of people out there that work with athletes every single day there's a lot of good ones. But it's impossible. In my mind to make sure. Everybody is on the up and up and perfect but this is a terrible tragedy for young man. And what we're looking at now here Maryland there's going to be a lot of people and only lose their jobs but there's going to be a whole university is under a lot of scrutiny. Because I'm not making sure. That you're responsible for everybody and how hard is that. It's very hard I do I've never been a head coach of a major university I can't sit their but I've looked at coaches and I have friends that are head coaches or former head coaches. Or also people that have done that. You a lot of people you're responsible for how do you keep track of all of that how do you do that how do you make sure that your strength coach is doing a writing your doctors are doing the right thing. You trust them because at some point and they're gonna and some made mistakes and here was a major. Mistake made by Maryland. Il but isn't that is that at the core of this whole conversation though is that if you look at. The head football coach in the accountability on his part and it's it's hard to oversee that. But at the same time your culture the one they you create the one that you Foster as the head coach and he started the top and it trickles down your hiring. Under your strength and conditioning coach of your support staff. On the exact leads into making it easier entrusting their other people because you can't have your thumb on everything at all times and possible. It's it's it's not impossible to against institute of culture no no that fosters that back kind of caring and trust what what do what I'm trying to. When I'm trying to make a point out is that. As head coach it's not really it's not feasible to be responsible for every now every single personality on your staff. No big bed that goes but your hiring of of the arrests. Because you don't really know in the end that you don't really know what kind of person you have until you see them after years and years and years of working and you get that. Because this staff shuffle all the time. But head coaches are not head football coach is anymore but not the politicians. They are state leaders. They're university leaders. Their PR people you grit we don't want you to head coach your coaching aspect is he's probably I would say less than 50%. Is really really the amount of coaching you actually get to do with the players you're spending more time. Managing. Your manager your administrator. Exactly what Morris theory difficult that's why is only certain types of personalities can handle and what we're seeing is that we're in the age right now in college athletics of coach accountability. I mean you saw last year member of the starch Willie tiger's ten year at the university Morgan. Strength and conditioning coach gazes those kids get to end up having and what does it compartment syndrome and drive load whatever was. On in the union the assistant coach get the deal lives and your seeming a long what is going on at the university organ kind of like this. It's a lack of that control on that administrative rule that Willie Taggart was within. He was known a very good job let you know when it's Urban Meyer. Who's in priest placed on administrative leave at Ohio State right now there whether it is you know what Indiana's coach Illinois coach Minnesota scouts have also been fired for these sorts of things. We're in the age of coach accountability now. Because college sports has become a multi billion dollar industry. I mean you've become a multi billion dollar industry all the sudden you have to answer to a whole lot more people. Then those guys think we're talking about earlier the Woody Hayes is in the bear Bryant's of the world. Who built their reputations on being tough in Brady and you do need water unique you can practice and he cut the guy. Said the sport is still based upon tough it's based based upon one on one mentally tough physically tough emotionally tough. It is a tough sport it has to be coached that way they're still Smart there. Now one Texas Tech says how hard is it on the better you today Tex and how hard visit to call 9111 can collapses and hasn't seizures. And that's I I mean I don't know like I can't none of us were there. But I can tell you I can only speak to my personal experience of being intimate a Louisiana and a 102 degrees with a heat index of 110. And losing fifteen pounds in one practice and walking off the field and collapsing. To the point right couldn't blink. In my whole body went a full body cramp my temperature was skyrocketing. And my coach walked over who's your way ahead is the NFL in 2001. Xena felt core springer who died the year before. And I looked at this and I went okayed I've had those experiences I've been inundating Coleman on one that is ran out shot and six bags of IVs and say get up go. You know get stressed give me ice tub you'll be fine. This was a dot mentality isn't it's not like you can just fix that it's been around since the game is started and Mike and owning. The fact of the sport needs to soften where he's to be smarter. I think it does seem to be smarter. But to take the tough side out of football would. It would never work. It can't it can't it the game is built around one on one I'm mentally physically and mostly tougher than you are. So your question they asked earlier. In a bears repeating her now and it's the question on the better you today Tex signed 55305. Is keen you have dead this age of Smart. In tough culture in football 55 threes your five that is the better you today text line. In mortgage your feedback next this is tending to the thin. This is dusty and jam in the morning and on an eighty sit there and 55305. And he'd better you today text line. Can you be Smart and tough. That's a question. Tax that are coming in. Boom. I think we're gonna see a lot of people looking towards the Chris Peterson model at U dub. The kind of no yelling no put down culture that there is when are talking about guys and the accountability of head coaches in football and and kind of drawing that line between king you be Smart and tough at the same time. And my belief is yes you absolutely can. Because just a look at programs. Like. A Stanford. Washington is an out is a good one in that regard. When Nick Saban is done at the University of Alabama in the it boom zero incidents there and I don't think anybody is not a but he's gonna collecting soft. I think what we look at is. We get these incidents instances that happening you go with a sore these guys thinking you know like feed the kid is having his seat like this techsters as the kids having a seizure. And big don't know they just kind of live and let them lay their. You know that's that's irresponsible and there is that I mean you can be as this Texas. On Smart and tough because stupid and tough is different pain he can be Smart you know. It's dusty it's it's pretty easy for me when I think of wife football means to be that way. If you're looking in if you're if you're walking around any any any time bar atmosphere would anybody. And he didn't get a disagreement within other guy in the one thing you can say to him. That will send that person into a personal Tizzy. You can call him what to be. Or. That is the ball to how of a coach go. It's the worst I'm Tony man it is the label. There will always be there now Smart. I I can be used here's a big word there's big big big big word for your here I can be super cerebral. As a football player cerebral tough. But when we talk about the ball we're already view an analyst beginnings in all the fancy players. You won a draft him into the soft players or do you want tough guy race. And that's that is the that is the internal fight for us is as former athletes at that their football guys. It is an internal fight we deal with every single day. I walk into my facility. I step in suddenly it's here's here's these hears these opiates here's the shot here's this young to make it Sunday you have do. If you'll make the Sunday. We'll go find somebody else or what is your fantasy team do while he's not give me object somebody else a draft somebody else what what do you was a fan do. You defend donors with the millions and billions of dollars and Intel an athlete again and Intel a college kid sure kids not jobs not a good. What do well what do what do you do. Mean that's. You fork deal made this culture who's who's made it. From the bottom up the fans all the way from the parents all the way of pushed it all the way up change. To the point where the when winning is the number one priority. Across the board no question. And that is where this coach accountability comes in to you and you've play here is that. If you are a multi million dollar head coach. You should be expected. To find a way to motivated kid without putting him in harm's way without without him collapsing on a field. And your coaches. And watching him lay there and have a seizure like the that I don't think is too much to ask for in I think that when you look at some of the other things that coaches have come under fire for. Armed with responsibility like what Urban Meyer is doing and yet you should as the head of the universe he the highest paid employee in the in the states. In a lot of these cases he should be held to a standard where. Yeah it is a place of higher education you are the face of a multi million dollar into entity in a lot of these programs cases. And yet you should be held to a higher standard in winning. Without putting people in danger can be done I think that's why we're seeing the push back that we are right now. Because it happens at a lot of other places. Yacht and it does it happens I think it happens at everybody's workplace. Mean football just has a a kind of it's a gladiator mentality but it's a gladiator sport because. It rely can continue and I just agree that its currency there's contact with an immediate if you're not physically tough enough. To handle it you quit new K it's it's a it's a 100% quitter sport to. Because there are a lot of you out there that mentally quit two minutes into the first impact now that you have you're done mentally you're out I birdied checked you out are against you done. They're out there but there's a lot of businesses out there there's a lot of bad leaders a lot of bad CEOs a lot of people are making do extra workers. It's just the age it's it's the same. But this sector says Woolfolk ball needs to go away. Doesn't. Johnny has in every sport can all can we just become. And we learn from mistakes I know there's Monday morning quarterbacks and every situation of life. But as as we as we grow with every sport football's really change and it's grown don't you think that it's never been better. Bill I'm asking you the listeners we think it's never been safer it's never been more entertaining. It's got more options from fantasy to gambling. 22 new leagues being started soon may we do we wanna clamor for all we wanna do we even know you don't it's a number one TV show on every network. And she loved it but then he hated at the same theme in your scared than your careful than you're worried and in your sad. And the like I don't want my kid to play but my gosh are huddled around TV on Sunday to watch it as a family it is. It it it's just captivity. So AA in this we say. You know I think we you'd you're saying. What is the lady built toughness than is that that is a question I have for you for me yet gold because I mean this and that question is that that's an hour description you can do it in not. Put people in danger because a lot of people do dusty iBook. I believe that everything everything in life there's a lot of risks in life and I don't walk around worried about what's going to happen to me that's just my mentality. It's it's just who I bet I'm not gonna tell anybody to beat. Somebody different you formulate your own thoughts. To be tough in my mind. Takes a commitment. To a craft into believing yourself. I know it sounds kind of really really simple. But those commitments and not. Basing your life around the fear of what's going to happen to you. Some on what can you get out of this opportunity to see how we Yuba and a mold yourself and how you gonna take this opportunity and gonna. Translate you're set to the rest of your life because football careers a small small amount for a lot of people. What is it going to teach you in the long run that's how I developed the toughness. I might not be the fastest might not be the biggest I might be the slow. What did you do in what did you learn knowing just watching the for participating. At the tough side of what it takes to be there. And I I grading as a great way to put it right. And I think let who Wear the push back on this in the guys that are is that the accountability that's being put on Gaza DJ Durkin in his support staff that's around him. Is that we know so much more than what we knew back when Woody Hayes and Bear Bryant of course Barbara bear brown was in the junction boys right there and what we know is that. Pushing yourself to exhaustion and collapsing actually doesn't help you. Become tougher or a better athlete and tender regard. You can find ways. To do that in not go to those extremes in going to those extremes of of all you've got a you've got to play at all costs you can do it. Without going there. In this extra says running a 110 yard sprints until you pass cells not gonna improve your endurance. I I aid. I I disagree a little bit ago I think that is there's only for defense of Lyman an offensive linemen around 110 I think that's dumb because they don't do that. I ran a conditioning test with the best strength coach and in my opinion that was one of the best in the world. His name's Mike way sync where he ran 40s50s and sixties depending on the size of union random intend. Ten seconds or intend minerals so it trained you the average play seven seconds seed train yourself to be 72 athlete that's how you trained. To be explosive you don't train for 161 tends where you're running for 1618 seconds. It's a different philosophy that I half. But I will tell you that the reason my org was so great they were physically. And condition wise Boettcher than you often. When you were out of shape. Its weakness. Being out of shape what will eliminate everybody. If you wanna beat somebody you're in better shape he will last longer UB physically better that is the secret to all sports so to say that you don't need the kind of conditioning to be a great athlete is false. Now intelligent conditioning there's a lot of us out there beaming to tell me a ball 130. Division one teams and all the small college you think every street go to out their believes in what he'd he or she does. And is is egocentric enough to not to wanna listen anybody else EE MB nose as I doubted that should be this thing where these guys are held to a higher stay hands aren't I I don't I don't disagree with you deaths I don't know how you can hold. All those people to a higher standard other than just same. Be better CE and that's why I don't think that this is an attack this is holding to this that they should I hold on I agree to you. And English and amateur sport I hate no it's not I don't know that's a joke today imagery it's a multi billion dollar industry and multi in Nevada college athletics high school athletics. Believe it or not multi billion dollar industry across our country in this texas' cameo completely missing the point the conversation I don't know what you're listening to. I'm just sharing some some thoughts. The conversation is based upon what where football is now compared even when I played when Woody Hayes was coaching. With some of these other boom Shem Bakalar willow coaching the conversation is is football better safer and can we evolve into a tough sport. With Smart people and learning from that that's the converse a year and AM them on mean the question that was asked is can football be Smart and tough and it I think the answer is yes. Absolutely tear an needs to be and that's why we're having these coaches being held accountable for. 55305. Better you today tech's all get some reviewer feedback. Plus the hottest sports stores open it including James Harden in hot water testing cam on the fan.