Dusty & Cam Tuesday April 24, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, April 24th
Dusty and Cam recap the storylines from another juicy night in the NBA Playoffs with the Rockets flipping the switch again and rookie Donovan Mitchell out-playing and out-shining Russell Westbrook.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning bit about how all these. About how hard. We dusty narrow. An NFL veteran champ Cleveland and fight and chase. You say. And ten AB. Love burden. Mining and happy Tuesday today Ed dusty Eric came Cleveland with the this on how great was that yesterday. How great was that. It's good. What's wrong with you nothing idea little so I did little I didn't want from us I didn't wanna come over the top of your viewers you were welcomed so I wanted to see scoot so he you know you can't Al I can't outdo the out get more you gotta come in with a Alexis Heidi into the morning gas I don't like to come out guns bullets it is live on in there come. Man set to know I don't know that's why that's why said that you're sites that I let this slide in there guy she's gonna keep it in calm cool and collected gazillion excited for the draft site that's got I want I want to be able lose control. The energy and and see I was the guy eighty though you know there is so there was this this jump around cheer at the beginning of every game with with the rams or is this like get the middle and everyone does the jumped cheer yeah. And New Year's club the guys are getting in their doing the job and then you know would Drew Brees you know when he gets his cheer go Ali Al champ Ray Lewis to. I value that. Send Drew Brees is one is in a one to do you know what every answer as you know street or whatever he's. Close my doors just counting and he's counting yeah so I have I've always wished. That wasn't mean I got really pumped up by myself like I just wanted to fight everybody saw it just internally said. I didn't wanna waste energy I haven't. I didn't want huge game as Winston and eat this W and show fingers in my. And Allen has not gotten so I've never been the guy that screams arbitrarily and tries to fake lead try to get up Ing thing get excited because it's got to be genuine. And for me now. Two weeks erode with everybody else nice guy because employers excitement in a long explanation you were asking why I know I gave you my explanation of you know eat I can always smell a fake hi can smell like a smell of fake I can smell fake she your button I can smell fake outrage. Going I can also solved it if they calorie all fall faults all about and really any we all know we don't know this yes fake leadership to we are this is quite the quite the nose you have candy nice these things can smell it. You can't you can't pick that out you can you know it's always that way. He's doing it in words what amazes me is people that can't and people that fall for. Fall for that crap. With the what did somebody trying to be that the leader cheering yeah I don't fault someone for doing it I get to see what it's uncomfortable or not in the character. So I go. RA they should dragging everybody down to start the morning let's go positive at the wake up call it's our positive. C'mon my run reality just like yesterday. I had no idea he scored like this but in 1990 not remember this game 1994. David Robinson dropped 71. Against the clippers you know why he dropped 71. Because the clippers socked no because. Shaquille O'Neal was the scoring leader championed most points. Kuerten. And there was a huge beef between David Robinson's accumulating effect they hated each other to the point where. At the end of the season the points leader NBA in scoring leader of the year is David Robinson got more than fifty points. Really he would have taken over shacks lead and they wouldn't allow Shaq to have it and Popovich. Or in the rest of the spurs made sure that David Robinson got the scoring champ so Shaq couldn't and the beef continues while. One of the greatest troll jobs and industry supported them. And what is amazing is that the the first round is almost completed in the NBA. Is this is all regular season Dallas. Our regulations. And that is another amazing thing that it did play the NBA finals used to end in June still. They still end in June but the plant start like two weeks or tell us they and they had less rest time which was great and have had days off between games one and to have you. Though I today's program. We have contrasting stars the emerging. Rookie. And that's that but boy do they sound different when they speak Donovan Mitchell vs Russell Westbrook this and Utah. Thunder series is actually turning out to be one of the most interesting series and all the NBA playoffs and very entertaining. No doubt about it we have NFL draft stock is there's a new hot name vaulting up draft boards in there's a lot of guys that are falling. Is specially. From LSU plus a late round gimmicks will be in play. We had a didn't think about it we'll talk a little bit about the blazers FT that it did data marinade. You've heard all the idea you let it digest you still as fired up as you were yesterday. And never yet seen some things we have John Ryan CX federal Genesis 733 duke got a big announcement from him. And then at 8 o'clock and there were bass were to take a look back at the top ten picks. Of each of the last five drafts. And there are some pretty bad picks in there that we all thought. That's election. Booms and busts of the last five years it doesn't take long to see if again makes it or not. And I'm doing go. Look today. C venue. The new world we live then with Julio Jones and what he did with his social media accounts. You are somebody gives social media accounts but I didn't woods who went skiing we live in as privatized. Is. Inkster grand in Twitter feeds to correct. So yesterday asked for approval to follow him aren't in in doing so he took off. Any. Affiliation with the Atlanta Falcons. And he removed all of this up and teammates. From being is friends and followers on those two social media platforms have. And now people are saying you don't attributed the for the draft we really hired something there were two reports. That he is going to be traded to the jets and another report saying he's gonna be traded to the giants I don't know who's reporting now but that's. My one of the dumbest ever look at the world we live and I am also is the world we live in has got to show that guy doesn't want to be well. On social media you know has been vocal about this in the past he doesn't really like being on social media. So he makes private just so it's his friends and Stanley in all this and he's going to be tree would you ask the questions you see with a world we live NB you're being facetious. Yeah well OK I'm all right I gotcha thing and so horrible thing that I got. Panic panic chemistry has falcons. No he's not maybe just doesn't like being on social media. Good for Hampton. Wake up ice and it up. RRA bad night for our two teams in baseball and got blasted by the White Sox ten to four. Chicago and was born fourteen heading in that game a lot of hits what that's confusing and a lot of it's. The angels blanked the asterisk that you did nothing. But your giants and is Aaron that is correct on this team got to win. They be nationals afforded to you there are few and far between them nationals kind of struggling for ten and thirteen right now. That's surely beyond a Wear the bright spot was. In the Bronx the Yankees tee off on the twins fourteen to one DD eager glorious hits a Grand Slam. Engine Carlos stick and goes for her four factor was always man just pulled baseballs he yanked it out of the yacht and yet he hit a homer just pull man doughnuts or are going the other way. Remember it here amber his batting average yesterday or earlier discussed and and 185 you know it is now probably. 24244. Critical seemed very quick hadn't got more home runs of Hugo utterly in the year. Early in their and the Dodgers that passed the Marlins pool. Powell one. And it does not test this is rock and roll play. Really clearing them out and do leg. 600 Lazio's ten or oh my god it's early wake up. All right in the NBA Alvin Gentry can think the blazers for some cash money pelicans. Gave their head coach. They're option and they picked up is 2819. Contract prior to game force a game three did it forums they said all right you're coming back Calvin guaranteed. There's a hit a great job in the series sweepers and blazers and certainly out coached everybody. With a great group of team I'm sorry with a great group and a great game plan it at this. A coach call what it is it's it's good to see guys get rewarded even though someone that's had the experience that gentry has its not his first rodeo but he deserved it. Aren't ending games that the spurs face elimination against the warriors. In game five promote thing Gregg Popovich will not coach again at Tora Messina. Plus serve in his stead. That is the back half of his TNT doubleheader. That starts at 5 o'clock. In Philly is they can eliminate the heat with the homeland. Meanwhile at 4 o'clock. Game five in Boston has the Celtics inbox tidy two peas. Marcus Smart was cleared by surgeons. Had to return to action. He is questionable for game five tonight he's been out for quite some time after the hour surgery I guess so that could be a big boost is that series is he'd been in back. In Boston asks nobody's going on the road in that series home team holding serve. Through the first four games last night though we sell one of the more impressive. Offensive output so we've seen in quite some time. The rockets shoot the lights out Howell impressive was its. That is next at 612 on the fan. All right we are. Trying to use figure out something in the break I went down a Wikipedia hole. I'm trying to figure out the history of the championship ring after we are both looking at Alabama's. Championship brings beautiful on Mike and in its iced a 150. Diamonds. In their championship football rings and yes the gas in the question where did the championship ring come from. And I'm doing it like it's interesting reading going on here right now I'm reading about how Europeans fortunately don't care about. Anything else but the team championship but individuals want to be rewarded in American sports and that's kind of how it started oh. It did individuals want to be some sort of both trophy that they need to house yes individual anon you're it's it's I'm reading about how in Europe. Why is that not surprising in Europe they do now. In Europe they just want the team trophy down and they don't care about the individual. Prize but in in north American sports. The individual. Wants to be rewarded so they give them. Ring that's a great that's a great discussion what does Europe have is their signature trophy. And I know ours is the Lombardi it's gonna trump everything but they have but I don't know the Stanley Cup might be right there with the Europeans it's the champions. League trophy I think. It's is like a little weird. Is at the plate is like I don't I don't know. I think of individual trophies when I think of European I think Wimbledon. I think the Cleary judge again I don't think of a team trophy that you have and here in states we have whoa did I mean I can't even. I just mind blanked on the Major League baseball's trophy the commission commissioners trophy thank you costs every guy I think of Lombardi and answering these Stanley Cup. Which commissioners trophy maybe the worst in professional sports. They I think it's it's it's it's it looks like he would break a fight breeze now second worst. The college football playoff. Kind of looks like. Female anatomy part. You know Yahoo! giving up it's a little weird that money list of the trophies what is the best Stanley a bye for. Mean that's for you to take it with few and you get party into it's he could have been around like and I can drink out of it is Stanley Cup is by far the best trophy we got they have guys that little white gloves all carry it around all the time what about the green jacket. That's an individual individual metro gold jacket who do you visited you were going team. And then we've course we have the NBA championship too which is Malario brands OK it's all right make it. My favorite scene ever is Michael Jordan hugging his first one then beating crying about it I I'd say story merits they got that it's kind of an individual but it's more about fifteenth to them party trophy dislikes. Awesome meal is a gross is powerful U member what I tweeted during the Super Bowl no. Are you probably know. So who was walking down in front presenting the trophy as they walk through the entire players' group and it starts off and it's beautiful shiny yes. About fifteen steps into it greasy hand prints you how many guys kiss that trophy as it walked by again that's pretty gross it was a and that's the most bit swap I've seen since the first time mom showed now we'll let. Wait let that was a joke Tim Padgett and had a kids now think about it. The Brady counsel at this. No I mean about it how much spitz what was on that thing. I was gross you out beat on the grossed out and did there adjusting themselves what it was. I am grandstand. And then you TSA and in the end as well deal man. Zagreb was not butter all over that thing. Rose. I know it was gross that's. I'm limited dropped I give it a little fist pump is walked by the kiss and I mean give me an alcohol white. Hit it'd be great Sammy sister network and hence sanitize your Internet. And it. Eric I'm now moving out. How about those rockets not mean. Nit men. Nan I did see that Chris Paul put his house up for sale. Seven million dollars because he's an hour away from the facility was tired of driving in a silly but for eighteen bathrooms he said that's too many bathrooms I need to sell this house ways. How many. Is that a real number. And 181000 square foot home is got eighteen bathrooms it has eighteen bathroom beaten bastards. Seven million dollars a you don't need that an hour from the facilities so the Houston Rockets Republican nominee to be a little closer here it's getting too far to drive traffic gets really bad news in that area Ivan and he's in quite some time. But. And as things were real world problems first real problems to. That had to know what I'm talking about is you're giving him man to the rockets. Leading by one at halftime they were up that fifteen to 49. And they end up leading by. Thirtieth the into the for. Curry's season 31 at the end of the third quarter get a big corps they outscored the timberwolves. Fifty. Debt when he in James Hardy and in that quarter had 22 of his 36 points. In the third quarter they put their foot on the gas and absolutely. Demolished. The Minnesota Timberwolves. The best part about watching this basketball team I guess the most intimidating part of the rockets. Is that they shot four radically in the first half and they were only down one point. Not only did they shoot her critically they were down one point may come into the third quarter eventually they're gonna make some shots can you know it's gonna go in droves. There are gonna stop shooting affect how many threes they have thus far. A series. I don't 157. They'd taken a 157 reasonable. But they averaged 43 game in last night day's shot 43 yeah so they're gonna get their shots out. And eventually they're gonna drop but it's how they played defense. Is what makes and keeps them in the game. Yes I would say they're probably the most athletic group because they're so long and so fast and quick in everybody plays good defense and that's starting five. And one of the things about James. Great you start shooting a bunch of threes as well and last night you kind of saw that with Minnesota where. As it did it rockets went 725 and in the first half from three. They're shooting 20%. And as us watch that game has going this is the frustrating part about Portland trailblazers that big we're getting wide open looks in that first half. And they weren't able to you. Convert them. And we saw that Portland is getting wide open looks all over the floor against Orleans and couldn't convert them in they were never able to turn the corner the blazers work. Well in the third quarter. The rockets go nine of thirteen from beyond the arc fourteen of 23 from the courted they shoot 61%. From the field in that third quarter. In the flood gates open in Minnesota tried to keep up by shooting threes as well. Couldn't do it in big put up a thirties. Odd in the third quarter I'll be honest I was really I was reluctant to see how this Chris Paul and teams Harden project was gonna work. Early was I had there where I thought about this this type of ball centric. Shooting guard and off guard that was James Harden who can play the ones who plays as much of that but I thought he was gonna have a problem with way Chris Paul was such a floor general. And do but he is becoming excellent now just Robin but let things happen and Chris Paul's made him a superstar team charters are as great player. But I'll tell you what Chris Paul's made him super. Star. He made him from the leaked into an MVP. And right now you're gonna look at to James. In all likelihood DM BP the NBA when you're able to it to have a quarter like that I mean only two guys outscored their opponents. In a quarter this year individually. And that's James. Harden. And LeBron James and they have been outstanding in this post season and I don't like hard in an adult like the way he flops around. In acts like yeah he gets hit with a club every time he goes in line. But I respect the guy's ability to score the basketball and he's not doing as much of it in the playoffs. Here you know there's there's this thing too about james' heart about his flop ability I've learned to appreciate his scoring ability his athletic talent. His personality is still not not something that I gravitate towards but this flopping thing. Is not just to James Harden I mean I heard LeBron James complain. Exactly. Telling everybody all I can't believe. I can't believe that everybody in Indianapolis and exactly Lance Stephenson. Look at how he said something about how we got caught up in. In recess where he stuck his nose in and got caught in the always catch the second guy yet in the back in there is a montage of LeBron flops who might be. As egregious or is egregious as anybody in the fake flops on I think is an NBA problem it's a star's problem. Even even if you look at who were the best and why they're the best out of it doesn't get their files in essence of who they are so this flopping was James Harden. It's not that I'd say he's the worst doubt it but boy does he he's crafty yes he is in now he knows how to use. The referees to isn't and what's fresh. You know for LeBron James and I can understand this is the fact that. He sits there and he gets hacked all the time in nothing gets called in it's like really like egregious fouls and then so he's that would elected you to get a call. And then he starts dialing in and night out losers like you do you read their meaning used points ballot he flops all the time. I won't blame NAFTA some of the times he gets it he doesn't. Get a foul call. On. But not all I I'm just just call mrs. I see it. Really looking forward to Houston's in Golden State in the Western Conference finals yeah I'll I'd I'd jinx whatever you wanna call what it is. Looking forward to dead the rockets right now are at three games to one. And there were some vulnerabilities. Through those first three games of this series yeah boy did they did in games are and said that the and he said we flip the switch. We flip the switch we started knocking down shots. And that's it that's it you gotta do and if that translates this is going to be a bloodbath. At the end I mean it's going to be. Bare knuckled brawl between those two teams and hopefully they get there you know hopefully third partner. Well hopefully video you never now for the sake of the NBA. Yen ever and now I'm sober and television ratings across the world the better get there. Internet. I'd try 530. Idea of the game last night's had dead did jazz in the thunder. Go and add it vicious cock fight between those two teams contrasting stars though a rookie verses of that. In Boyd did their river and they're out roll sound like they're reversed when you hear their post game press conferences. Widespread texting. That's a message of what number to call them to pull our. Niner five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and then I learned there we've gone from a lot yeah. Rose cordless text is now it's 5530 sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also it's. 55305. That is the fans tax on the Utah Jazz. Take a commanding 31 series lead over the Oklahoma City Thunder last night with a 113 96 win. I'd Donovan Mitchell doing it again for. You taught in the fourth quarter alone he risen men amongst boys and he's just a rookie as he you scored nine points on three of six shooting. Really pulling away for. You taught in this wind but it was after the game in which you sat there are new man oh boy. We've got some contrasting styles between the two stars in this series Russell desperate the reigning MVP and Donovan Mitchell the rookie. And both of them talked about. And this is after the game. Three against Utah. When Russell Westbrook was asked about guarding Ricky Rubio. Did you feel like your aggressiveness was was appropriate to defend her real with in this game today. What do you mean Otis has you're picked up two falls pretty early in terms of it gruesome mystery using long been known though. And about me or him does this give us we don't. Russell Estrich everybody. After a lot server from Ricky Rubio he kind of goes he goes off again. To an extent I'll only thirteen points but eight assists six rebounds he kind of got an addition of Russell Westbrook and then you hear. Donovan Mitchell about. That Russell were Westbrook rivalry with Ricky Rubio. Think the biggest thing is I'm just focused on the on the task at hand you know I think the biggest thing with me is if I start to. Think about the individual stuff you don't think about. All the stuff that really doesn't matter to the team that's need an illusion and you kind of you don't get URL for your teammates and saudis for focused on just trying to open anyway I can and you know them. I totally does not some pins are sort of tonight. So that that's what I'm happy about what does that often honored to have. Two thirds of direct effect does that feel ominous note no doubt about that put you we have Martin and some government. 33 points from the rookie and threw his first four career playoff games he has set the scoring mark. For an NBA rather some special about the young man and there's just something so appealing to somebody. When you listen to it in their voice or we're talking earlier about being able that. Find it. In beaten when someone is genuine heat you can purity could tell. And that's an AMA is full of bunch of individuals and certainly professional sports is all about an individual ability. Because that some would separate you from an MVP and a star like Russell Westbrook. It gets to the point now when your in the playoffs where individuals are not gonna carry you. And so this is why this why you get a rookie rookie now a rookie is petered out. That hey how to I make my team better how to weigh become. The champion by beating a star and not just one star. Two all stars and one legendary. Player who got he's on the tail and with Carmelo at the tail end of his courier but it doesn't mean that. These three players should be better than Madonna Mitchell's been able to do and what the ways been out coached out played. And emotionally I look at west Russell Westbrook can go is that what you want to start your franchise Donovan Mitchell. Russell Westbrook who is starting. Your franchise with because I look at that and you you always got to figure this out for years for yourself. Who do you value what you value and how do you want leadership to be I'll tell you what I debris down. Russell Westbrook is a great guy. Probably. To a chosen few. Does that make sense there's a small window of guys that he probably really likes or gives you The Who who he really is. Other than that he comes across as sensitive. Insecure. Always about me and unfortunately that doesn't work in teams sport lawyer and ever pass. And petty. He's very petty only some wind and really denied this is and to say they Kevin Durant isn't ready because having both of them have a lot of the same. Issues and it comes to their thin skin but Kevin Durant liking another minster Graham post where it was a comment bashing Russell Westbrook and then saying oh is an accident. The Russell Westbrook has been just as patty at the cupcake pictures and in all the cupcakes stuff and trying to bash Kevin Durant like. He has done things they mean well laughter guys have left to kind of keep things going and not moving on from then and then Oklahoma City Thunder. Bain mimic. The Russell west for its attitude and I mean you see it Ricky Rubio gotten Russell west for setting game three. Any game four last night. It carried over. In Donovan Mitchell is a guy who's sitting there and he's doing it on his own Paul George Joseph Ingles got into Paul George's had last night. And he kind of shut down just the same way. That Russell Westbrook does. I mean it is. Your team takes on the attitude of your leader in what you're seeing with the Oklahoma City Thunder is that. They're doing the same thing is Russell Oscar it's gonna always be. About. What Westbrook wants this is how he controls the not only controls the narrative controls the tempo to it. In Allen and Pugh and Jessie does a good job you wanna throw the blazers and then on you can always tell genuine he says. Just listen to dame and CJ talks and you can tell the difference. You got to beat. So summit just be open to listen to it. So if you can hear it some can't I think it's very clear when you listen to west for talk what he cares about. In itself. In his own agendas in bag going after rubio last night he picked up four fouls and he was troll by Mitt Romney. Which is hysterical moment in just a list is an aggregate Mitt Romney. Controlling blowing up the four horsemen to be cooler in you that we are still though still use spent the entire first have worried about. Ricky Rubio. Yeah. I think to those were offensive fouls in the first half a manner that Arnie meant that there was a point of there's a point where rough western just said. I'm more concerned about stopping this guy in the crowd TO oil of course. And he'd be he'd he'd he'd let it all fact and welcome to your point and you see that Donovan Mitchell yeah all IE all you need to take out of that thing. Is just listen in Domenici says. The only thing out as some worried about zero turnovers. Until orgasm more happy that I had zero turnovers and anything else. Team. Curses me and that view and Jesse comment on listening to Damon CJ. If you bring it back east year. In locally but you do have a little bit of that where Ugoh. Dizzy Izzy meaning what he's saying. I'm when you hear CJ McCollum talking about you know the and a CEO of it's way of thinking and it talks about his shot selection and that's all he's really worried about is is coming news on. It seems like there are times when. He is reactionary to what everybody else is saying around him RS emails off line and day. He got really upset it quick because quick said some then and just went really. Whiny peddy on the Twitter body and just said that it did it's it's so easy now. To just so quickly just put it out their for the world and you don't really think about it used to be you get ridiculed or something something. Upset you you immediately just told that that person face he called them on the phone yet timed at some value this immediately Disco put it on Twitter she have time. To really think about it listen. And it and do I really wanna put that out there. I'm done I'm listen a Damon TJ they're two different contrasting styles of human means no one is different. Want us the other. I prefer genuine. In game is genuine CJ is still appoint his career with feels like he's trying to appease people but then he sensitive. That's part of the young athletes learning how to handle meeting how to handle criticism. And that's the amazing part about Donvan Mitchell and why people found love with him prior to the draft is that you know from a skill set standpoint. And it wasn't like he sat there and watched him a little longer like yes that's the got. He knew he's a good a good player and as slick. Lot of people here in Portland clearing for Donovan Mitchell and when he did thirteenth. On theirs and we side I mean there's a lot of people really upset that deaconess the past. Well he's proving why is every bit of that right now I mean they guys playing out of his mind. In the NBA playoffs and Don and Mitchell is is one of those guys where. It's rare to see yet at a guy who's so young in doesn't have any of this experience but just looking across sat at the guy. Across from men in Russell Westbrook and going all the accolades how do you not get it by now we know how do you not. Get it. At this point your career and that is why I don't think in a lot of these text imminent 553 a five you don't trust. Oklahoma City. Past the first round. 553 terrified at 632 on the fan. Donovan mid sole. Joins an exclusive list. Over the last fifty years rookies that a scored at least a 110 points in their first four playoff games privilege Jabbar Michael Jordan and Donovan Mitchell. On most points in the fourth quarter during the 28 team playoffs Donovan Mitchell is number one with 36 points LeBron James 35 Anthony Davis 332 in Davis victory. Stars born. In I think you may have been born little bit before this too because this young man is playing out of his mind some techs at 55 these are five. Son when contrasting gunman Mitchell and Russell Westbrook. On west wrecked his mental midget that's why I'm never won a title. I'm coming in at 55 feature five. I think there's other reasons why but that is one of them because a you can sit there and say that. Russell is for X style of play isn't conducive to getting beyond the first round. And there's plane to go at that but win it's compounded by the fact when adversity hits he shuts down mentally yeah absolutely. That's why. In a Buell and a title. I just I always I'm enamored with the athletic talent and ability but there is there's always the separation factor to a great athletes and assist. It is soul. Into how hard it is it is extremely. Hard to figure out once you make it to the top level because you. When you're the young kid do the best kid on the team from from burst from out of the womb when you're someone that gifted you the best team from every small youth team to you play then your middle school than your high school. Then your college and by goodness. You're the best on every single team you've ever played and how do you separate that. Once you get to the top and we know there to look to Westbrook and said. He's stuck being you because you're still the best athlete on the court but now you're even at the highest level and he's still can't get over the hump he had us James Harden teammate last. Kevin Durant. Meted to him be fine NBA finals in 2011 and then that's it. And that's it and he just look at this and go what can he do what will he do will he be a better player everybody jumped ship my biggest question is is everybody leaving him in the off season. Well and that's the thing too is that you look at it not just this offseason where everybody can leave them. That would be existent revolving door of people that have said I can't do it anymore. And is day and they move on whether it's James Harden or it's Kevin Durant. Or guys that. And it's thriving when they leave just that it would literally because doing in Indiana right now in the Clausen mean he's an outstanding. For the pacers. And he's been outstanding all season long it's like people thrive when they get away from him. And that is something that is as Texas sect beat you you couldn't have known. Before. Russ was for a sexy drafted that he would be this way because that UCLA they had success and it was it like you say is thank. Russell west forgot and in his mind. That he could be. He could get triple doubles agent in get so much at credit for being compiled there. That he just change his game completely and went away from team because when they have hardened and Durant. He was more of a team play that is right now you know we had given her and then with a lesser comes just like he was able to share the ball to Denny just like no screw this. It might be a little bit at the irregular over the LeBron factor is that. Do you think you can carry when you're the best player in the world earlier the king are you LeBron James as he makes everybody around him better. Think as much as you you wanna say it he can be a point four urge you NBA centers he can do everything he facilitates the ball. And I understand with orchestra will bubbles he facilities but what is what is it. We just put a finger on what what makes him not able to get over the hump is it just. His attitude the energy that he sucks it's like a vampire sucking the negativity that he's always bitter anger he all it. I've never seen that guy look at the end of the series or game and go to seize emanated. And I did some that I need that though but when you look at summit has to get over the hump and beat and beat Ali Pfeiffer championship in just. I almost look like he's not doesn't enjoy being out there. The Donovan Mitchell last night full what's up that it's painful to sit it's a job and I wanna treat it like a job. But there is there's a fire and energy use for him and it is it's disingenuous it just doesn't feel like he's connecting with any way you don't think op you don't think it's. You think it's disingenuous. Because I just think that's who he is I don't think he has on playing bass I don't I don't know if that is really him I think he's trying to be somebody he's not. Right the last really not I don't know it's it is strange to me because if you learn in college and then you learned in the get go. Yeah I always say that the people are who they are but I look at immigrant does he really need to be this way she's got good players on. The team that's why I feel he is exactly. Who he wants to be and he wasn't before. Which is a wanna get some little benefit of the doubt tee times need you heard him talk Aaron what is he said that makes you feel like what he's doing on the court is any different. I gear when he talks he said during a that's a neat guy when you watch him play like I mean got buddies had nothing but. Thing is is this texas' Westbrook will not be winner because he. Well tell you eat some humble pie he was this league MVP got bounced in the first round she's gonna get balanced again. With a team that everybody says it should contended in the west. He's been eaten humble pie forever well. That's why I feel like no no in his guys here is being served it but he's not eating it. Like you party and lead you can lead a horse a lot of but you can't make him drink it can't write somebody like that in ninety he is got a table full of humble pie. But you want to stake. And that's what Russell Westbrook is doing right now is psyche needs refusing to eat it it's sitting in front of them whether it's Western Conference finals whether it's watching James Harden go and have success. But it's watching guy Kevin drain don't win a championship. His front office. C impressing give that guy tenant credit because he's brought in more talent to be like look we can help you with you change in you that you know what's the what's the location. It's the most important thing when your. When your learning and to teach athletics or your own when you're a superstar or even near the best player on your young team. You're youth team your high school team what's the characteristic your looking for. From that person. Plays well with others. Yes in plays music contest of that sounds stupid is this in a context of a team sport like basketball. You know. You have to play and how do you do that beatified five if I drew a sign of Aurora picture. If I held up a picture of one man on the planet. 11 person. And this is a you can take your opinion whatever you want but. When I wanna say plays well with others there's got to be something to there's got to be charisma. Or feel nominal to sign a Magic Johnson that sit and the story might drop. That's that when I look at something and I go oh OK he's a generational. Person. That's really hard to do now for a lot of players in today's sports world sliding into making it tougher were shot in basketball from point guard ever Magic Johnson I mean he was terrible junction. 69. Coming gained Lee. Not really super explosive. Kate good traveler elite passer. Imagine doesn't do anything at the league level he just did it all really really good. And I look at west rookies the same guy he's got a not a great shooter. Not a great passer. Very good rebounder he does it all really really good but what's the separation factor. Well he's just kind of a big hole. This thing about it is that making it harder is the success that LeBron James has had. And he is the guy that doesn't play well with others either right he's very critical of his teammates very hearted divisive in the locker room. I think that doesn't help that either I mean he kind of black balsam of his teammates and he's bestseller in the world right. Again nobody's gonna you're telling me this LeBron James has shown a generation of young people including a Westbrook. On how to win a championship blueprint yet they forgot the part of the 69 cyborg know it well yeah. They have not nod they cartoon character not saying that exact marvel. I'm not saying that exactly but if they look at a guy who's supremely talented and is not considered a great teammate. To everyone this is this some people Lee is now and they love they. This for what it's worth and I am I I'll be the dead horse all the time. Michael Jordan did it he did it he trained Colby he trained LeBron and said this is how you do it. But nobody gets it through their thick skull that it takes a leaked ability to do that you are a generational one and done. Just as I said yesterday we got to are we get into our pissing match and each other about tanking. You can tank. You can do all those things but behind the curtain you need a leap leadership. A leaked talent. From the cubs to your Astros to whoever gets at that point everybody can tank and everybody kings can say I can be Michael Jordan punching guys. That only works with that one cabby out of you have to be the best. In the world at your job and that's when it works not everybody can repeat just because. That proves it doesn't prove that I can just sit there and everybody can do it. I'm really good all through this with. Going back to this Russell Estrich has the prime example the guy is one of the most talented guards playing in the NBA I mean he can do all of it. But. Did you know that is his talent doesn't Al weighing. His selfish and by the way I just wanted to answer this question because we're that actually discuss his Magic Johnson not only what he's smoking crazy you know. Many John was not a lead that anything. One aspect of his game he was an elite physical athlete he's he was a leaks at. A group of things he wasn't just the lead at one aspect of his game he was totally shooter like Larry Bird was really pretty elite passer. Yeah I'd say that's what I'm say enemy but if you combined size speed shooting past scene. All those things Magic Johnson is just it encompasses point guards he made everybody around him that's why he's being the goat of point guards Michael our Michael Jordan. Was the best midrange shooter you know in the NBA ranked in best like your score up. And Magic Johnson was never is the best in any category in the NBA throughout his career except facilitate right. Assists. Volume down Isiah Thomas preaching to China news here you know and what his charisma. Is he commanded a room and everybody followed him. That's what makes him the greatest ever. Yes yes it's and this is true LeBron is much better than west market is instantly better. Innards and you are worse than it was personalities. This way better. Are 855 threes here are five that he is he fanned text that it ever since Westbrook. Bifurcated from her and an artist and he's lost his desire. To play as a team and his team and a macro news day tank in a vacuum in that it is now working by for cheat. If there's any efficacy of a now bifurcated from the show I. I had 55305. Lets kids is an NFL next arrogant John Ryan CI splitter joining us at 730. Plus we'll talk bifurcated and we've got a day to sit on it will recap some of your thoughts and our thoughts. After we let it breathe for a day but coming up next the NFL draft venue hot name vaulting up draft boards testing came on the fan.