Dusty & Cam Tuesday April 24, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, April 24th
Dusty and Cam look back through past NFL drafts and play "Boom or Bust?" with former Top 10 picks, plus discussion about where the Blazers go from here now that we've had a little time to let the dust settle.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in cam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. Justin hare an NFL veteran Sam Cleveland fans that have left on the local. Candidate that would fit that no 101080. He loves it and. All right it is at 8 o'clock on new or Tuesday morning dusty hair and a team Cleveland with you. This taxes and NBA does the first and Obie doesn't last and it felt does it right always the pattern goes. He. In. Necessarily. Anymore I don't thing that particular group that is done and has gone Furl. And with the NBA doesn't doing it first NBA seems to be doing it right and offers a lot of times you know as lot of these things happen. On all right let's get to it. A little thing will do little boom. Or does she brought this up he said you know we should do on draft week. Let's take a look back at some of the drafts in with all of the no doubt sure fire let's go. You can't miss on these guys in the NFL. You said let's take a look and a gander at what the last side drafts have been just in the top ten and see how many sure fire picks. That we have had you can play along with us at 55305. So with opera did a deal. But let's fire up the NFL films get canned. Really stimulated this. We are going back five years. Going back five years 2013. Gonna start dirty western 2017 or her way back let's start in 2013. I can't works for worked wielded exceed 2013 draft is going over the top ten top ten now top ten draft. I was a big you. He picks in the let's go again and in the negatives than a band knows but I like she did tell me whether you would select this guy. In that position boom or bust. All right is what I wanna hear I've could be curious how many people recognized names Kansas City Chiefs are the number one overalls electors they picked Eric fishers the current tackle out of central Michigan. Kind of us. Let. Iraq sell cells. You're going kind of a bus is not really through bust but it's not like it overall number one pick and can't that's the number one pick now Lou. Luke Jill gold number two to the Jacksonville Jaguars. And other technical. Man yeah. But that tobacco offensive lineman those whose don't remember that that's that's not very long ago and it's not moved see daisy I number three. But this. Dion Jordan going to the Miami Dolphins in the Oregon Ducks. Don't but don't box. Net it's not getting better for mayor street a gain ever afford Philadelphia Eagles like current laying Johnson in Oklahoma. Chain known for telling that the patriots don't. Have fun. And steroids has for bill. Noted for folks good pick but not it for his best player reads talked about so far he has talked about so far but he's missed a lot of football because of drugs yet though he's in there he's really get muted drugs none though he's really get a football when he's in there and the drill you okay see you're gonna call him a bus then I think they both tested we're talking about the fourth pick. Well okay. Number five to Detroit Ziggy in south from BYAM. But. Authorities and an answer. Means a body. And I'll be your buying new while he's he's pro bowler he has made approval how many giving something a little bit of credit there that's also winning at. Kim said yes this sounds they neither can I said that it is a wanna be realistic one gagged. Only just been horrible tale of gambling Johnson's is has more problems around him. Would you miss games and your overpaid by missing games are not helping your team you're not gonna tell the guys Fagan. Kagan rule aids and he missed in season and give that is equality due to number six is the Cleveland Browns like dean arcade easily can just say the browns getting our anybody's also yeah. Not gonna go down in Arizona Cardinals Jonathan Cooper Garnett in North Carolina don't know much about about a lot of off since Lyman again a row offensive lineman. That Tim means. Really interesting he's not into April we'll know where he plays anymore. But I'm gonna go and say no number eight Saint Louis to a table and Austin in 2013 wide receiver out West Virginia. Where you looked really good got a lot of money few years ago from Jeff Fisher but holy smokes your cell on that he's getting game. He's getting paid like one he's perceive our. To ease the same player Lotta money or talent. Not worth attempt and note I New York Jets are deemed build their new Warner out of Alabama who deep Dino there. He's Saturday against you you could call it up and down south. And I and then Tennessee Titans have a chance warm back to guard out of Alabama tons office client again very trendy. Right now you look at it you have to pro bowlers in there. Cut top ten main Johnson in zig deanza turn of the year only buying one player identity doesn't thirteen tapped and I will assailed by team. And I think Elaine Johnson is really get hurt it's against a so we have two players done that. I'm buying one player you're buying from 2013 2014. This is a little bit better number one pick Houston Texans like to date young cloudy defense an end to gene out. South Carolina. And all right we both target is liked him I think he's really get injury concerns aside never TC in this transco Greg Robinson the often to tackle out of Auburn. I mean if he's only got the key is in the league anymore. And I don't I it's tough one coming here number three portal service boy. Quarterback. He's so Florida he finally got a real coach or real general manager and a real defense any almost mated to the real Super Bowl did jungle and I'm sit I'm buying Blake portals all MIA I mean buying into our. Wait. What. Bingo or. That's that's her reason not crazy I just laid out to you that a guy that's been now above serviceable and hang above it. And are you there's a lot worse first round picks and oh by the way they're coming aghast at number four Buffalo Bills like seeing you lock ins and compound. Not bad enough it now Babbitt really high for wide receiver to it and put 260. You know. The Cleo Mac Oakland Raiders may fifth overall out of buffalo now. I'm gonna go ahead and say he's been successful playing career. There are Margaret Brennan current. Number sixty Atlanta Falcons we Jake Matt these tackle out of Texas CNN lot of injuries there you let body injuries I haven't you noticing here there's a lot of offensive lineman from the SEC yes that we're saying no thank you OJ has had some good things he's been doing good he's a set off off on injuries comes from a pedigree is some families simply know how to played. Football that's for sure. Three. 44 offensive lineman in the last in the east to address that we're talking about from the SEC in whereby an airliner important. Seventy at the Buccaneers take receiver Mike Evans Texas and bye bye bye I am definitely buying. Finals of this and you. And number eight that the browns go adjusting Gilbert deep corner out Oklahoma State or the browns draft no longer slaves. I don't think in a dead snugly decently there were nine Minnesota Vikings go to UCLA's hand mini bars very much so I didn't. You really get is. And then tenth overall it's Eric he ground the tide and I just got released get North Carolina after a cut. It he's say he was really good the first couple seasons and another another couple injuries does that too but when you have changeover. And the coaching in the aegis seagate cow lot less helpful I look at it and I'll send tied in Minot does not happen very off air Ricky Brown was a good player crazy. Do we. Hold it against him that he will he got hurt you know they yelled we do obviously we have to because you're investing in top ten picks tonight so out of that round we both have five dunes and five bus every other taken that first round. Was of them. Today young clowning number one Blake portals number three clue Mac number five Mike Evans number seven. Anthony Bart number nine what's funny in this is you should be noted here as we go through the rest of these. It took Blake portals until this year I finally prove it. So blade portals this year was the year that we finally say that was that they're not delisting hours stability. All right. Let's go 2015. And okay. Number one overall James Winston cup team the Buccaneers. Wait it's also. Means you are no don't you do not build believe. Endgame is famous in I don't I youth I I've seen I've seen some things about him that I just I like his leadership a little bit. I just don't I don't know fight can buy into. What he is as as the quarterback you know the eat the dug their there's this things as there's maturity things I need to see more from I like his leadership thing. But as a number one overall pick up because I'm going with the second overall yeah it is appropriate. I have vote I ever did. Genesis has he does trouble did he does. I'll tend to say that. As far as progress goes. We're going to say he's not a bust a buy out by Neeson team famous Amos right now gotta get over the hump now soon they're up but if I look at where Blake portals was. And where Jamison career arc and we have a different conversation I've been in theaters may potentially and that's why that's why I mention. Blake portals it's it's hard to judge these guys shrimp from now you're on because portals popped in that fourth year right. Tennessee dancing Marcus Mario and a number two overall. By buying. And because I'm buying it is because he's stable I know he's had his youth survey injury stupid this is why can't say markets were gonna have a different conversation. Now as the stability factor comes in with Mike dribble and a new system and the offensive linemen around him so I like this pick. I like I street markets and we really like him I think that. And he is getting you he's gonna pop. And he's got what it takes to be a leader in the NFL and having doubts that a lot of people questioned his ability to lead I don't think that's in question anymore. Guys I forgot to mention this yesterday. Only an organ spring game. Marcus Mario and it was there. In after the game. He is on the field he signed. Probably over a hundred autographs for kids SCSI that sees. He's just a billionaire these old guys that are trying to get things signed. And he would eventually signed him but he is excited to kids' stuff first of. He gets it. There's just too if you did goes without adding I and it just goes without saying with him that guy gets you special. Our third overall jaguars when Dante Fowler junior defense then. When he shredded his youth in name non contact so to bring out those rookie mini camps rented it you have. Certain doses. Or. You don't remember but you might mines my draft year was 1998 with Andrei wants one they just I orders state. Did the exact same thing number three pick overall it was probably one of the best athletes in the draft obliterated his knee was never the same. OK so you don't wanna be the third overall pick. It's Indian worded defense hadn't been DN Jordan defensive end from the state of Florida the third overall pick. Okay. Fourth he raiders that with the Mari Cooper wide receiver Alabama isn't good wide receiver not a not a bust because he's made a probe also certainly your buying that. Not a bust combine that I don't he's given at all and then the last Syria was if we can take my MO RE Cooper. We can be. Their car and it could drop down that tradition. Number five draining sheriff and the offensive tackle out of Iowa I honestly don't independence the I mean I met her I should I have thirties and I don't know and here. I'll be honest I don't follow up on the Redskins in what they're doing with the terms of line grain in church church should not chair and out of Iowa. Tough kid all right. Whatever happens in the game. I mean what happens you get information about and that's what's gonna habits can tell ya but. Yeah. I mean it's not bring Nike he'd check out what web sites come up and is selling. Brain insured sucks dot com no easy tee time pro bowler the last two years. When the Allan trophy was the on the all rookie team although handles winner winner chicken dinner a good see you have a successful. Yeah. Grafton now one. Offensive linemen so hard man. Leonard Williams goes to New York Jets and number six after that he had a great rookie campaign after that they'll do that though me it's been toss and but hasn't that kind of been the story forward his franchise certainly has it I wanna say it's his fault he's thirty show that he can play in this league and so that is a by. Okay and number seven overall Kevin white's the wide receiver from the Chicago Bears Adam West Virginia I find your music if I can't mention your name with the F I can't mention your name within the top twenty wide receivers and I. Camp which is a quality by in the top ten well I don't think that he is played. With the quarterback yet. No I don't think he's and is gonna end it right there. Don't think he's played. Our guys are like every season and he's Jersey sealed by youth. And it's not dead the professional career. Yeah he has zero stats. So there's an Atlanta Falcons went with big guy he's the eighth yes very good. Night in New York Giants drafted Eric flowers whose day it. They did they even admitted to get them Boston are trying to trade major bust but. It's trying doing so cousins so he's. They are actually trying to trade him right now. And then number ten overall Todd Gurley and that's brands out of Georgia excellent pick. So we have five out of this top ten do you realize that's our first route running back that's been picked since 2013. Top ten top ten. I do you realize running backs were that old word is that you don't pick running backs in the top ten while. Guess but that is about to change on the other side of the break we are three seasons then we had to get 20162017. Blooms are busts. And we'll discuss how this year. Isn't a sure deal that everybody thinks it is it fourteen on the thing. Already. We Megan sound effects and therefore replied there's like to have I like death. Fun and are fun show that we only do fun and Lee finally fund funds and what did you read but I text back. A broad. Well. This image relives that that we don't know are redskins' offensive linemen it's my understand you're gonna guard this view army to figure team make admitted yes and on our rights let's get back to religion that. And we're having this discussion we're just going through last five. Dressed top ten players selected in needs of those straps. And currently. We have the bouts of thirty players selected. You have. Eleven they think are not bus I have twelve and are only difference being I think Elaine Jim Johnson is not a bust. And years saying he is known he is because he hasn't played that much because of the steroid use. I'm just saying that I may answer me does not equate to that's a successful pick aegis can't just say is very good yeah but he's very dead. There's mongo that. I think thick with the debate. On aren't we are in 2016. 2016 is beautiful here. And we will go through. These picks and number one Jared got a beautiful here and allow them and it doesn't go through these tough five Israeli the most that we have Gerald. It was eleven and nine non BS last year he actually gets a shot of Gerri gossipy he's the ultimate poster boy of tell you when you get a real coach and real. People around to see dine in Boca and Carson Wentz got nobody to Philly. Joey busing as number three deceit Diego. Give due to another by. Number four Ezequiel LA I sell us here we go running backs number five Jean Lynn Ramsey did a jab why you're seeing being number six Ronnie Staley. Baltimore Ravens left tackle. Who I do know something about this the he was considered one of the best left tackles he graded out by pro football focus is one of the best left tackles in the first half of the season Greg after wrong he currently has a starter. You heard is neat yeah. Yeah on and like November so it's not my it's not a bad that's to me that's not a bad it's inconclusive. It is an offensive. Rating now I'm still buying in on okay without cause they can't justify that number seven DeForest Buckner out of Oregon went to use the U 49ers. So that we say about the forest yet again was in a bad situation now he's understood ability. I think it's this one is up for this is can go either way depends on how if you like human in the fits in your system. Right now so they have two really good defensive ends there. He's too good athlete not to have picked him in the top ten but were trying to say boomer bust it's not a bust yet and some rest and one time he was the pro football folks top rated defense and record now about us and that analysts say not a bus and I'm not seen them yet. Tennessee Titans Jack Conklin tackle Michigan State. Hurts. Starts and Anderson we start she's part of Tennessee's good offensive line that they're starting to build. Them. It is not a not a bust. Not a bust you got starters are you taking are you buying then to force Buckner. I have to because I haven't seen enough yet. I can't just give somebody a thumbs downgrade news. Still not not been hurt or hasn't had bad bad years Leonard Floyd goes to the bears the outside linebacker. Out of Georgia. If it were both and now I'm not gonna pretended here gosh I mean ninth overall Vick. Last year total careers tackles 67 he's got eleven and how. Sacks. A lame green in two years two years that's quality numbers yelled on every magazine there running with or really bad now as the bad team undone by. Is his rookie year he was I mean you is eve is good his rookie season last year was just an utter disaster. A money garment by Leonard Floyd I like I I think there's a lot. To see there in this is what makes it hard is that we're buying a lot of these guys. Though we don't quite know that's as you get further into your draft to get closer proximity don't have the kind of years to look like look although back to 2013. What did I say the worker in the NFL is four years that's why 2013 hit a great example. I do have one best. It's the tenth overall take you lab polluters near giant is a no brainer they want him out and out one interception. Can't one's own 91. There. T doesn't seventeen last year miles Garrett Cleveland Browns. I didn't think Cleveland man I know. CN this anyway injured two starts you know we've freshening indeed this because if you go down you look at it it's inconclusive income listening conclude a letter for Ned is a bond Leonard for net is is finally. All Murray Thomas Sutherland that I really like inclusive Jamal items sixth to New York. Christian McCaffery still John Rocker John Ross right now to me is one out as they sell itself. He's busted out there he's busted early kind of homes tent dispatcher in homes where we have anything implied and so I mean that's morbid and inconclusive capping still buying three out of that right now I'm not a lot of rookies in the top ten get. Pro bowlers it's it's known as so I rarely fact look at that in now 2017. Draft. One probable. 2017 as you get marks on Latimer. That's it hard to be written yet know it's very difficult for your rookie to make it may mark some Lattimore was and its ups and no I'm talking out of the draft the whole post round ruined the whole first round exit 2070 and so here's LA here's what it looks like. And half of these guys. RLV in the top ten. Half of them are guys say you probably would it take. And if you're looking at. If eagle five years down the road like in the first couple of years are more prone to because. Hey you CDF said you see the potential we go back to 2013 year taken one guy and ads against I'd take team in 2014. You we take half of the guys in that top ten. As we're going on we're getting Morin markets you see that upside. This is what the NFL does team it becomes a neat gray area and everybody looks back it's is what a terrible draft what a terrible draft. Well that is the reality for most of these teams is that you don't hit because there is so much unknown in the national football it. Just like the 2014 draft was a really it was a really good first round draft overall history the NFL your value really comes in the later rounds that's why those. Those pics like New England where they covet later round picks. Other teams don't trade up unless they need what a quarterback. You you can fight so much more value from the second round probably mid second all the way through the fifth and here's where they need awaited text saying it. What about does that 2013 draft that we go back to you. And we are going. You know you'll take is against us all take Dwayne Johnson in the cancer from that top ten is or what happened outside of that top ten. Let me tell ya this is just the first round. Shoulder issues and thirteenth overall starlet to limit fourteenth overall. Eighteenth as Eric read the safety out of LSU went to save at Cisco Kyle long. As the new couple pro bulls' Kyle I Tyler I've heard hide and goes to when he first brought when he sec it was Desmond Trufant the corner. And to Atlanta Xavier Rhodes was a 25 overall pick out a Florida State. In the country Hopkins was the 27 overall pick carpet Kordell Paterson was 29 overall Travis Frederick. This senator. Was 31 overall would you call that an underwhelming draft. I was SARS. New star that draft. The biggest star. Yet who's the guy that's the most memorable out of those 32 younger Hopkins dinner Hopkins having his best receivers in the NFL OK any place for Houston in in Mets. He's not okay best receivers in the and I agree. But Danny had dike. Lady on bell and second round yet but we're talking that first salaries. Is Eckert sister out of the first round in a 35. Time tyrant Matthew. And there's some big guys in their back if you look at it though the first trend is crapshoot. And also something Billick get his. Guess what good franchises to them they draft well. They find these guys in their successful in a lot of this is tied to you how big your quarterback is because would we believe. That. You know old. I don't know. Guys like. Did Desmond Trufant would be thought of the same way if you can now Matt Ryan as quarterback. He didn't and the core around him truce during a good amount in a's pretty good he's why don't wanna avoid the and he is great we think he's good bye and rescinding you're looking at this idea like on relevant team that's been to a Super Bowl shirt makes a difference when you make it to the big dance we think about him are differently yeah. Then we do abouts and guys that are on so that's why I stayed guys that are in Houston right now from javy and kelp clowning you just said it he says Hopkins and then also we have JJ watt. Those are really good players. How many playoff wins and a half. Want. That sit. So no matter how many times you look at it you'll you'll be more memorable if you make it further with your team than you are doing things by your individual Jessica upon. One thing they'll solar and don't just offensive line and the neat SEC man now. Not a lot of these guys and out say what you want off since Lyman madurese Iowa you go to Wisconsin you go to Nebraska. That's where you find your offensive lineman. He baked. You know what dale does is when that's pumped out some good ones and Oklahoma. Which human really think because of there just systems style but they pump out and get offensive lineman tough kids. Perry took its. So basic to a we can pick up out of this is half of the guys and be selected. On Thursday are going to be bus and you're gonna say they're terror. Not eat bugs you well until everybody. Is it thirty. People still fired over the Portland trailblazers who gets in your feedback on that coming up next the first is bucked the sports that are. Good tax in the NFL stuff. You know we have a lot like Joseph Thomas this tax kind of breeze at the point as night. You've been on a good team that helps your value somatic Joseph Thomas was. Yes tackle in football well that's why he'll be at a sure fire hall of Famer but he played in Cleveland so nobody talked him to care it's too bad and is an offensive line and buzz if you as an offensive lineman Mike for the Dallas Cowboys. People would be. Tight pants and all of this disdain you know Joseph Thomas is gonna go down in my opinion he'll he'll be a hall of Famer but I believe the Joseph Thomas will probably make a name for himself. The these bigger the idea is ever his career ever did. In broad title keys and I hope he is the color gunman and as simple day even if it's even if it's something else the radio TV. Wherever he goes that guy is he's he's got the it factor. If he does. Went acting lessons. And it might not but it all also won at a football thing Notre Dame. That is again offensive lines oh yes most definitely Wisconsin then I'll La Notre Dame Oklahoma. Connect to register early this is may have been nothing came up like I do I want I want a good to state the obvious I think great offensive linemen are built. In the toughest region of our country cold and it's just it's everything about Indiana South Bend, Indiana who have played there. I was airmen Wisconsin. You said it. Look at how these guys are built they're just it's just regional mean they just they they find ways they're tough they display their sleeves off. I ever going down a Green Bay M Monday Night Football on the offensive lineman. And jury Fonda who played at Texas Stadium but he was from Chicago's. World on our sleeves off I went our Diana gets second. Do that. Five minutes into the warm up I'm looking around I'm going Knoll. And known is that there's a government validly. Here a million I think yeah I kind of like my sleeves and profits of lime energy is built that way. Yeah you know Leo Leo well players there like seals they go layer of blubber and it's not just leaders blubber. And just they they got an ordinances I've seen some office of Lyman deeds that he Buick. Like airplanes you know in late. Who hail hail the you know and say oh it's a very quick. We need that clip again we need to find a buck and the announcer in the Celtics had some somewhere but he's appreciated. It's somewhere and then a gay and now people are saying don't forget Stanford. Stanford. Good really good college offense lineman Earl Kenyan foreign now. Which Ricky Bobby and asthma and Elena. OK now back to the blazers this is kind of bouncing around pretty quickly if you. Our whim we are we're getting this a lot on the text and five factory of we want change. Fans want change Neil say says he's not gonna react. It's going to be business as usual roster is constructed well of course he kind of has to say that because he's locked into so many deals for so long. Right got an attorney three years now. Meyer's team warriors had to pay the money Davis these Egypt's got a lot of yeah users so I mean we did have a texture which I do believe. In I will say this I do believe that there is some validity to it. At Texas says OK now that. Now that we've heard this what's the solution. People are too emotional draft better sign that a free agents on its suggestions from. But much of that is a lot the blazers need a third start the rest is just opinion in emotion. In and that is why I sit there and I go this is the first time ever said you'd have to. Entertain the idea. But maybe splitting up. The demon CJ. And you can go and try and find a complementary piece we need these big have to be even contracts ranked. You have to find a complementary piece and maybe on a rookie deal. War you sit there and EU take on a good player in an expiring deal and you package it off with one of the Myers in to get yourself some cap relief one. There where she package CJ with the dame men are not a dame a miers or urged to somebody but now like you get a little bit releasing you get an expiring deal back. And a young player back. And that is where. You may EU we start entertaining that idea because CJ McCollum is a valuable asset he's a very good player very good yes agreed but. This is the first year ago I did have we seen this ceiling would Damon CJ. Did we see it in the regular season. And then what happens in the plan. I'd I don't think it matters what we saw on the regular season I think it was clear about how to beat the blazers. Over and over again once the pelican showed you the blueprint and win a blueprint is laid out in front of you and all sports. You can't avoid it you know how many teams can just try to triple team double team and understanding you're gonna stop Damian Miller and you leave CJ. How many games has seeds they've been able to elevate and win when dame was gone with a baby game. They played who the Memphis Grizzlies one of the worst teams in the NBA in the regular season and CJ had what 38. They lost yet. Yeah he's done that before and last night or or on Saturday night game and CJ goes off for 38 again. And they lost and so I go. Is does dame does no doubt about it she actually dame as the leader yeah so I goat is CJ somebody that can be a compliment player. Or see somebody that's hindering the blazers that's that's a tough decision I personally think that when you have 262 guards. That are easy to defend with length and size like him like. Seems like everybody else hasn't. Yeah I think it is time to break it up. You know yeah I'll go back to you if there was a run last year. Where dean was out. Of the wasn't dame missed a few BA every got his plan to stress I guess right and CJ. Well on terror and they actually did loan errand and then we during the Planar fascia wary. Well you're asking the question I I'm just using amusingly playoff experience is what I'm trying to line up readiness here you mention is regular season. This year this year this year but last year he did carry them and they actually played really. Really well. In that stretch without dame which was that the early February. Where they won like four or five. Without Willard but. I digress. I think teach your larger point though. He has the ability to do it consistently I don't know NC you're looking for peace that complements what. What Willard can do as well and and he will revert we seem we hear a lot of is they're two similar right. Mean they're there to two very similar players. In the fact that I think he's clear there average defender sick everybody can see below average defenders. Dame's Dayne is better. This shooter is both very good shooters very good perimeter shooters and mid three point shooters mid range CJ is very good in the midrange it is that this has been based. Does step back in his handles but. There are guys that command the ball locked in their hands when they wanna get role. And the differences is. In this stat will come across to some people's two guards in the league are not facilitators that are not guys that are assist guys are usually that's usually is your point guard. Does CJ make his team around and does he facilitate make other guys better and I think he does he AT and could he be the wine LLP he creates his own shot is very well but does he help with others. Creating their shots is the great passer disease and elevates a team's defense this is the risk reward. It did because CJ will leave here and he'll still be a very good player of course you'll help somebody out okay. This is pines I'm not saying he's he's leading word at least this is the year restart entertaining itself. But if sour to happen. You believe in plays its decks should never done and he was just come in his prime. And deal says would anyone trade with the blazers to make them better other teams will stay. Let them stayed pat in lives. But here's the thing is that CJ McCollum. Is the most valuable lassie you had you'd know that stands and be willing to get rid of annual O'Shea. Is not and it's clear he's not. But he's the most eye glasses so. It would just be making ablaze better somebody would do that deal thinking he complements what we do very well well I I they would be giving willing to give up appease I feel this in my heart is that CJ. Is attached. Camille says yes he has so is dame. So is a Victorino yet who is riding in LA has brought him drafted him yup that I'm not they'll let him loose brought him back with him. So as Meyers Leonard saw give Neil a C a little bit of credit he's very loyal he did not bring LaMarcus Aldridge here. And he was in the and not hit fifty you're left out. He did not bring a lot of those players and all those guys are not his guys. You know when Yuri cornea and then that's understandable in K that's cuts loyalty are given that. But sometimes like when you mention in the previous. Previous hour blind loyalty is what Neil OC wants well I think he's giving blind loyalty to summon his roster spots. No doubt about it and that might be a problem no doubt about this takes some fine. I'd to have money tied up in players that are actually gonna show up in the playoffs that's the Brothers. Problem. They're playing. All these mediocre players. In I think it is a voice text blazers got changed to Brothers from other playing all these mediocre players. You beat player money and they don't show up in the playoffs what am I paying you for. I was up on thanks. What are my pain for norm between Intel and I think if and let's let's pull out there. I don't know from Europe it is and how long has fallen on this team since 198989. 88 you know 88. People here in Portland has seen his personality in what she does well from what personality what I'm asking NASA carries he's very private death as an owner. Does he wanna be competitive is this okay with him. Name ahead in the past says he seems he's seen highs and lows in this. In this organization and he you mentioned how he doesn't want to met metal anymore but maybe he's learned a little of that from not meddling with the Seahawks are letting Pete Carroll John Schneider. Have a three run and do their thing I don't I think he still loves basketball more and feels he knows more about basketball. In this is not gonna sit well with him. Yeah that would be my gut. Yes he loves the blazers man and it's good to have an owner they care system. It'll be an interesting offseason. If you're asking me. If it happens I don't think anything happens that this roster I think they go through the draft process to continue to draft him adult trying keep her kids if if they can. I think that do you agree to just less than probably come back to you. Do you agree with I don't think I believe that Damon siege near such huge frenzy to besiege you were to go and might affect Dan's long term loyalty that text a question now I don't believe that I'd. I'd guys I don't think Damon CJ are that close beat. Well they all day our community and they're as close as they were there so ministers the other teammates know they'd they'd very they were very very close early darker but. Here's the thing. Damian Miller who would be consulted as this if anything it's right. And that's gonna happen are 55305. That is Intel excellent. Will wrap this show up with some your feedback on the fan. I took a look. Okay there. Dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 say even now. Well though luck is an early lead again. I come to a house. Meaning things to get to recruits him. And we talked to the very beginning to show if you if you. You will have heard a talk about championship rings and where they came from Kazaa and Alabama's are beautiful and brilliant. I doubt they're called this year X 150 diamonds. A lot as low blink is the first ever world championship ring that was ever given out a ring for a championship is what you wanted and then. 1922. The New York Giants gave their players rings or girls win over the Yankees source they. I just feel like the giants civil penalties don't do they're the blue blood of blue bloods earned but we don't respond and I didn't start on the team to this chemist ever Cisco can. The Willie Mays is pretty great bill will in his description. So 92 great two was the first when you what they get out before that. I doubt they would give out and it pocket watches. With engravings on the back of a flat site clips. On in 1923. The Yankees gave up pocket watches into of their players. Cindy monitoring so and 27 murders row yankees they gave out rings that one. In two players said I don't want that. Give me a shot and instead they getting graves shotguns I wonder if those are in collector anchor bill your world where those worse yeah. In the in 1932 is when rings officially became a tradition with the New York Yankees. And every NBA champion has gotten a championship bring Andy every Super Bowl champion has gotten a championship bring. Tonight now. Very cool. No matter what if you get a no matter what ring if you ever get a championship ring as a matter of his high school or yeah summer group where he won his championship. Title it's some you'll always have a pretty cool most expensive championship ring of all time. New England Patriots. Two dozen fifteen Super Bowl rings made by Justin's 36500. Dollars. Each. Robert Kraft paid 31500. Dollars for each of their rings at the end of luggage tiger answering. He went about a mile beneath. And location. It is a lot of kids. A lot of lot of case. Texas say where it is that lays it CO present as a gallon work in this equation are talking about places up. He does business operations yeah I don't all the basketball stuff is. Neal shape. In the gallon is. Mars bad business and and see Neil has full control both both. Hoping for. And usually the people. People of the world. I like where this is going. You knights come together. Enjoy the sun. Yes let's go outside snowing and as is the Sprague says enjoy the road. The city. City below that messes me this is the moon and it. Really this at the end I show another beginning EA getting I think Brasilia. I didn't exerted can't Garret ended in and its readers rate these and his friends are those to soup every Tuesday it was seat from moral all over Maroney a dime magazine joins us in studio. The dot Indian class over the blazers dealt. Testing can't on the things.