Dusty & Cam Tuesday June 12, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, June 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool, plus some big NFL names are holding out and skipping mandatory training camp, Gary Payton may have tipped LeBron's free agency hand, and we go Off the Rails with a 92-point blowout on a national stage. 

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It's US open week where Dustin and Kim in the morning. All our. Fans US open week rusty by area heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with the area heating cooling go to area needing dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. Dusty and jam on ten AB gets a zero iron. It back. I ran out earn under 20 who starts the little. Income. And some good ones coming in on knees were keys. That he'd like to see squash and what's moderator she wanna be what it says some more those showbiz on coming up this hour though. We have team USA absolutely pummeling an opponent. As did Gary Payton. To the handle LeBron James. In some NFL notes as well right now. Is 706. Yeah it's not yes but no. Like Todd and why is it couldn't make a good fun and cool wind gust and came on your morning dose of positive and your. And this great story compelling and we what do you want to offend by Hillary any. The trucks in Portland and Vancouver you. The rest of the sealed the college World Series was sick yesterday joining Oregon State Washington North Carolina and Mississippi State where Texas at 52 win over there at Tennessee tech. Texas Tech. Not to do that only five did to you Florida and Auburn played in a wild game did you see the finish. I really like Jose Canseco brutal I feel awful that I did you ever. It least it didn't go off is Headley goes minutes ago I'm ready to be worse because I won't blow her name in Auburn are playing big and extra innings. And it. Personal this game included if you do stole home on it on a play where unbelievable. A case of Florida has runners on first and third. It left handed pitchers pitching us. The runner on first. Intentionally. Jumped early. Nike's gonna steal it in. Falls flat on the space. So the left handed pitcher sees all of this unfolding yet as it's happening. Any steps off the mound to go and rover first in as this is all occurring to guy and third is just bolting down and steals home. Incredible planet. And then in extra innings. Home runs going over the wall guys just drop it bounces off his glove over his home run was you know his glove a walk off. I'm Lester was going over the fence either a bad thing might hit the wall. It's hard to say but I could either way Mittal is up in his glove. Out. Came over walk in Florida goes from Omaha. And then he had a game in the other game south Arkansas absolutely pummeled South Carolina. So the field is set. Oregon wash in North Carolina Mississippi State Texas Texas Tech. Florida the defending national champs in Arkansas and the Oregon State Beavers and they get it all started. We've seen June 1 pitch on Saturday against North Carolina on ESPN. Then Huskies play immediately after them on Saturday ticket on Mississippi State. At 7 o'clock also on ESPN. Sunday at Arkansas and Texas get under way along with Texas Tech. In Florida that is your field the college World Series. Beginning standards. Are too. US open week and I get calls from series yeah out what he can watch more of Saturday moving day in the US open word. Screen though double screens always 7 o'clock is when the in every problem. We got everybody thought he CB 5 o'clock Pacific when Washington's case I mean it works out very well to roll right from golf into it's there there is. Beat Vince Young love them more to balance though Indian fit but North Carolina. It's pretty cool I guess. With a pretty cool. Leo World Cup it's a way through the underwear. Yet this week in this is an interesting story did it economic sanctions against the country I ran soccer team. Doesn't have any shoes to Wear. They were outfitted by Nike but due to the sanctions against diary and they're like. Yet the US government world. Find us if we give you issues. We can't give you anything. Clearly don't have shoes although this go to readiness group goes to. Case with the disorder that's a problem this happened yesterday of World Cup starts in two days those footer for. Yeah it would originally played barefoot in their players left scrambling for athletes in Russia their jerseys are made by needed so they will have uniforms where feel proud limo. Which they do have a problem that they were wearing Nikes she's in the DC. Welcome to soccer TV commercial to pull out there. We we got the wrong boots in the wrong kids destiny and the kid it's been booed. Cast terror does sound stupid but you got the jargon down thank you kits and boots and it's nil nil on the on the pitch on the stage. From Devin she. It every other region of England Varnado was there's dentists guided there is this different accents and England down like. Somebody from London England and Boston. By Lou bond. Okay. By the NFL meet with the cowboys defense and rainy Grigory about potential reinstatement. Possibly as soon as today. Gregory has missed thirty. Of 32 games. You do violations of the league's substance peaceful you know what I remember about this young man he was an unbelievable talent at Nebraska. He tested positive not become blind had an interview saying. I need to not do this I need to stop smoking weed but I can't stop test positive and gets the NFL as the greatest opportunity. Still cannot stop himself from doing it and you know what is much as we wanna complain about all all that is in drugs eventually you have to have the internal fortitude to say. No. I'd like to really blow. It's day. Oh we're. I know. A hood yet they did Dixon is a serious thing. Manassas to be some point don't smoke get. You know what drew a. And that's cool it's cool. Yeah. Our rates. The Mariners continued their roster for the five to three win over the angels they did not have to invent one run entered the blues' home run derby last night routed them live. That's their tag of this idea what's the Astros tagged. Never settle. If you're gonna brag about that it's down I don't know every late moment I've never bragged that he asked what it was I'm not bragging about he didn't say he didn't say it like that's the fact that every team has to have that he actually I'm with you re my and we don't know I'm with Ronan. And Cleveland's what Everett a guide idol Heidi August the hash tag world everybody needs a ribbon. We need to hash tag though the Astros is down. Things. They're all down yeah he's definitely a testimonial at home run derby was not dumb last night. Aideed the worst in the last year with the asterisk for history. John. It 53 win over the angels home run derby happened everybody hit a homer on. Nelson had to see Trout had to start off the games. You obliterated the baseball he blasted both of those and I were annual salary get a fisted one for a home. Assisted mariners are now 42 and 24 has a half game lead over Houston through the top spot in the AL west by demy masses at eighteen over. Present nineteen over. Where is the draw math major eighteen. I guess. For shooting it keep you on that Red Sox escaped Baltimore pitching up and win in twelve innings they were in zero to zero through eleven innings. That is what gives people and the purveyors of this story but. At least they finished the game pitching is. Diamondbacks keep their three game lead the NL west at about 95 win over the pirates. Cubs take over first in the central by a half game with the seventy winners in Milwaukee can be formally first place brewers. But the Indians extend their ale centrally by a half game over the tigers. 25 and a half games that they for nothing Scott dean of the dreadful. Dreadful. Dreadful. This Chicago White Sox. White Sox are bad. They're not even as bad as the incident royals know they're not that bad. Based tanking. I am not really shocked everybody is jockeying for position in the NFL trying to get leverage. We talked about Earl Thomas yesterday. Today three more names prominent names in the NFL are saying well I'm not come and a mini camp they all those three different issues. Where their respective teams here in Donald blue Mac. And Julio Jones. And what O'Dell Beckham had to say about his reporting. TV giants minicamp today. That. It's what's hot and cool on the his rest by Erie vehicle and with more than thirty trucks important to make every you'll have to wait on area. You look at train comfort specialists it's hard to stop a train all of that and more from the NFL next. Some fifteen on the fan. And tags on Pentax and the Randy during the campaign. And it's funny thing. Randy Gregory has been suspended for basically two years. Personal can lead down but if you is. I get drunk that was hooked on painkillers he'd be fine. Yes it's a baggage Julie fine in a thousand ridiculous democracy it is a we've been saying for years what do we argue with it. Mean if your employer tells you that. Having Kool Aid is against the rules don't wrinkle don't drink Kool Aid and it but the bureau our employer says blue too late is okay and red Kool Aid is not. I'm gonna drink the blue Kuwait recommendation if you join nickel never drink the cool laid. And ever and now. Ever it's practical it's this strange analogy. But I don't care I mean that's the thing is it's a hypocrisy but it's my what my hypocrisy my job tells me to do I don't have an answer until the government changes so long. Ads is Oxley does the league changes so just don't do it. For her to hear your thoughts aren't. And if so many can't sell all opening upper on the NFL around the league and there are three major holdouts in addition to rural Thomas who discussed at length yesterday. And they all new contracts in other deals redundant all clear are are interesting because. And there in different realms here yet Aron Donald in LA who may be one of the best defense players in the league. Who's wanting over a hundred million dollars. Yeah no I think he is the best apparently okay well this is my claim stake Dak I limit. But Erin Donald say we 100 million dollars in the rim seem respect receptive to him but he's just this one is seems like gay. This is a formality this is him just using the leverage Eddie can and he should and it seems like it's an okay deal where bolts. All sides are in a greens here because the rain has no they don't have to page or offer a couple of years and so doesn't this seem like a pretty cut and dry. Not a big deal if he if you're looking at the Rand snared Donald. Not a big deal to spend the money or not a big deal that he's holding out ol' yeah I write yes I agree I mean this is standard procedure for a guy of his talent. And receive his level Q is. The best defensive lineman he's the best defender in my opinion in the league right now there and he will get a hundred million dollar in he's looking at a gone down. Like are right you guys are paid fourteen and a half million dollars to Ndamukong Suh. Will some from my effort here and ease pretty damn good. On the other two though are a little bit warm sticky situations. Where you have. Where'd you move we goes clean clear necklace or click on Mac that there. Because clearly Mac is in Oakland and he's unhappy with his negotiations and he's saying I'm not I'm not reporting. To mini camp or training camp until you guys give me a new deal he's in the final year of his rookie deal he set to make thirteen point 846 million dollars this year and he's saying he wants to be. The highest paid non cornerback in the NFL. You just said you believe earned on the best. Defender in Italy correct colonial Mac is very special player to seek and played two different positions again. Furthermore. Where does this because this could get messy especially when your main talking about Jon Gruden who's an old school guy. Is an old school guy but I'm not surprised Cleo Max says this in would you go incident negotiation. Do you say I'd like to be the tenth highest paid guy. No no you come out of the gates anybody's done in a negotiation you come out of the gate with. 200 million dollars shoe for the men. Because there's gonna be a happy medium and what if they say yes this team believed does he believe he's the best pass rusher defender does he need to be considered one of those top guys are mean those pass rushers in defenders there right now pass rushers are making my gosh I mean eighteen million. 1819 million close to twenty million dollars JJ while making twenty million dollars c'mon. Mr. personal so this is what you do you're gonna ask for a this is our teams are gonna have to negotiate on players everything is a one year deal in the matters much as you can. He have to get it I said yesterday we talked about the Earl Thomas situation so we are these players are gonna do it more and more often. In this is gonna be one where an even if your Jon Gruden skis me if you're John junior. Old school guy. That has nothing this is an old school money he's gone with the he's been to Warren Sapp Tia John Johnson he's seen these can only see knees before he knows how this how this works. But with colonial back. It's a sticky situation of your Reggie McKenzie in the GM in the raiders because of the fact that. Is he really one of the best defenders in the early. And you got yes not a defender absolutely is top ten defenders the pay him down number one diseases next in our. Who else is gonna get to replace him that's always the question of who out there free agent or draft. Can you paid to do which he does. And you'll take your take your lumps with the Euro. Governor gotta gotta gotta pay it and payment it is the problem that they have unlike the rams though is that where does that money come from when you're now paying paying their car yeah hundred on the non thirty million yet 125 sons was contrary in sell you we look at these if we're going from least. If you look at from the least aggressive to the most aggressive in these holdouts. Air Donald's on one and clear on Macs in the middle. Julio Jones might be this is an interesting when you got three years left on his deal. And we remember earlier in the year he scrubbed a social media accounts of anything to do with the Atlanta Falcons and what did we say about that when he stroked they would do is personal things personal didn't wanna get in wanna get out of touch of all the fans and wanna get. Was tired of all the interaction just wanted to in space. Well now he is saying he wants a new contract and why is really bothering him and truly bothering him about this is that he's making half as much of money. As his quarterback Matt Ryan. In if you look at the wide receiver position even though he is making fourteen and a half million dollars he's saying. I mean I want more I wanna get mine and you need to start ponying up the big bucks. Fourteen and a half million dollars is a ton for a wide receiver. And this one's scenes like one that could get ugly. Because his agent is saying I'm not gonna comment publicly about the situation I'm gonna let them sect say whatever they wanna say. And he's discounted digging in pretty firmly here with three years left on his contract. I think everybody knows rice stand on this because I'm I'm on the player side. With it I'd just this shortening up your lifespan and what owners do and how much money is now being made from all of this. You know the fan's perspective that isn't that you might be really upset I mean if your Alanna falcons fan you're living there in Atlanta you're seeing Julio Jones your best wide receiver. Thrown everybody under the bus and the first word out of your mouth is how can he do this to his team. He is selfish. That's business. There is there is no loyalty and I said yesterday too so is Julio Jones a top five receiver in the league Beaulieu hopes of getting to me. You hate being and you get hater right now as the eighth best buy an annual salary parent but here's where I goal wind. The league on this I'm with you on the clue what is near ground go ahead sell me what you're trying is what your turn this year because. Though I look at it as in this goes back to I wouldn't probably side with the Atlanta Falcons in this one. Because of the fact that it year paying me. T Smart teams don't pay wide receivers eighteen to twenty million dollars it is they've relatively replaceable. Position now you can you replace a Julio Jones with another Julio Jones absolutely not. But haven't we seen. That teams have gone to win Super Bowls without having me ED he's gonna be taken what fourteen and a half million dollars this next year's. You can win a Super Bowl without a Julio Jones. You might be able to win a Super Bowl with the Atlanta Falcons cannot win the Super Bowl without Julio Jones you babble on one with them in this. This is the issue is that knowledge in who did they face to lose it. To. The New England Patriots who didn't value under zero to right exactly and this is this is never die as this is dust these pointed in some alms skated to see your point of view. Because your random relates to the at the idiosyncrasies of how the patriots have done it for years. This does not translate heeded the exception does not prove the rule. The patriots exception does not prove the rule that you can do this across abort teams have paid wide receivers and one Super Bowls and Jerry Rice. And in the highest paid player on his team for years and they won Super Bowls with him and other teams have had the ability to pay a leap wide receivers to get you over the top. Now getting to the dance is also important Terrell Owens is on Philly when they got the chance they didn't win it but they had a chance to get there and they wouldn't of gotten there without him. And all these receivers that are there are no receivers are divas. But Julio Jones is not a diva. He's a war course are now he has a guy that doesn't say look at me look at me check me out he's not somebody that's. Darius and is trying to introduce himself and merry kicking nets. He's a worker any kicks butt and not only does he do what he does it better than anybody in the league with his size and his speed. That is the other side of the coin said who are you going to get to be better teammate. Less distracting. Inner workers she is the antithesis. Of what a diva wide receiver he's leery FitzGerald the reason why the kick said that Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl. Is because of Larry FitzGerald and the connection with Kurt Warner. Those things happen and so that's why I say you're your thought process is OK you don't overpay you know you don't overpay crappy wide receivers. That our T goes. Or overpay those guys. And then by doing that takes away from Boca. I look at it this way yet you can say it's the patriots thing in me but I will also look at the Philadelphia Eagles. On seven players last year spent a total of twenty million dollars on their entire wide receiving corps. K you go back the Denver Broncos with a marries Thomas was their highest paid wide receiver of the year that they won their suitable the Seattle Seahawks did it without. I highly paid wide receiver on their roster back in 2014. Go back to 2013 the Baltimore Ravens who was their go to wide receiver. On the outside 2012. The New York Giants. You can go back and you can look at it. In its not just the New England Patriots that don't spend exorbitant amounts money teams that win the Super Bowls they have not spend. Over you know that that fourteen or fifteen million dollar threshold for wider C is single wide receiver and again this is he wanna use the eagle. Example of of last year that's fine but there's a lot more caveats than wide receivers and wide it spending at the wrong. The fact that the Eagles won last year is again is an exception that proves rules. And so many times when you see when exception with the ex eagle schedule was a ridiculous laughable walk through. But the second half of the season bears lions Eagles giants I'm sorry Seahawks were crappy Bengals ravens. Eagles I'm sorry cowboys they're division was garbage last year from watching the cowboys fall on their face to Washington Redskins. And certainly it's not like anyone else was difficult in that division the giants were garbage. The reason why and now this year this year the Eagles are gonna face a first place. Schedule. And will be different. Every time there's there's always rule spot I look at I look at this as if your general manager I have to look at his hollowed out his fit. Further for for your employees in your personnel. I look at who's really worth it if you have a strong personality. That takes up a lot of cap is it worth it look at what the Seahawks have done. Strong personalities they're doctor dale overpaid and it bit him in the butt. I don't believe that when you when you pay a guy that's a worker like it. Julio Jones three medically your Mac or something like data and Erin Donald air Donald's not a guy that needs the limelight. It she's just an absolute beast. He doesn't take away from your team QXE improves your team beyond belief. Yeah and so those hurdles are how you have to look at it. Will I also again I mean the schedule thing at first scheduled regular season schedule thing is one thing that failed to beat the falcons vikings. And they did. And Indians went through the playoffs and won the Super Bowl recoup regular season schedule aside not paying you single wide receiver allowed you to build depth. On your roster creek but they beat them they beat the vikings with a backup quarterback. They beat the vikings without their best why pursue their best running back is still won the Super Bowl I Andy I'm not taking it away but the Eagles did take advantage of everything they had given to them last year. Which is great would yeah but the wide receiver scenario in those wide receivers isn't the reason why they won that Super Bowl. It was just a nice addition if Kate gave baby my whole point is that you can make your roster better. By spending elsewhere and more important positions that gliders. I'd buy over fifteen million dollars of your cap is a lot of money for that position. I would just argue that in this scenario I'm trying to say super specific with Julio Jones in the Atlanta Falcons there's nobody else in the league I could justified. Not giving them money to. Let's say that again there's nobody else in the league. Yeah compared to Julio Jones right. That I could find that could replace him even with three guys yes I can't find three guys that can do what Julio it's can do by himself. I cannot anywhere in the league you are in the league. Right now as a free agent I'm talking free agent somebody would give him that money per share in hand it tortured you know I'm not arguing that it. But that's the only thing I can think of as a franchise. I go with make the Smart of him in the Smart move is to. He says like the Smart franchises don't overspend at that position. But Julio Jones is a very special player I gagged concede that I think he's best for you in the NFL I really do. And anyway I can't think of anyone better than him right now really knowing that there's some good ones out there and if you wanna look at the total career Larry FitzGerald the all I concede that I think he's an investor replied but right now as it stands Julio Jones man. Pretty dang good this is going to be interest in one to Seattle plays up three years left on his deal he must be the highest paid receiver. Eight by the way if you want to you is this as well he's working with Terrell Owens. You see that. Doesn't mean TO can't train hits than kiddies get some ideas from the get yours by you can my man. I ID Gary Payton tip the hand of LeBron James. This is a US open which edition of dusty and jam in the morning that brought to you by area heating and cooling ponds or maybe both fair minded little chronological when he eighteen. And where's he gonna go in free agent Judy. Gary Payton may have tipped his hand Gary Payton went on with black sports online. Get a quick little interview there. And he. Thinks he knows. Where LeBron is headed take a listen you're. So that some. Everybody looks. This. Life so that's okay he's okay two million people. Last year so this family. So did my biggest thing. We don't know lo. He's this year canyon. Which is in Los Angeles. This past year. They had Scottie picking junior on the team the boy and Dewayne Washington junior son of doing senior. Derek Fisher's nephew. Kenyon Martin junior was on the team way. And here in franks and of of former NBA player Telus frank was on the team and they're saying LeBron James junior. Has committed to disc I don't think they're creating a high school super team. A year up her account on. There's smoke there's fire. Yen this is like the school to the stars ranked. It's. Dave. And the school is saying this is newsdesk we don't have any sort of that's has not happened guard LeBron James senior has not committed to play at Sierra canyon high school. Do you believe though that there is some too because she acts kid will alliance agreements and that he knew where he was going and that is gonna be in LA TO. Yeah I believe there's get a going to be a decision made in the relatives and open LA and I do I really do. Johnny to get into a hat sure. K LeBron James kid is named LeBron James junior and is given nickname brawny that is Ingram and get Ronnie. Tino this year canyons and mascot is. They're the trailblazers. How. Well that's. I bet you oval comedy or the next in somewhere aren't you don't Gary Payton that. LeBron James can play with the trailblazers. And he said all LeBron James is going to Sierra canyon did they may Portland trailblazers LeBron James gonna be grounded the Portland trailblazers such as lost in translation yet is just a miscommunication there aren't easy get out there and trying to telephoned him LeBron James will be playing for the trailblazers. Witt in 2018. It may be LeBron James junior playing for the Sierra canyon trail blazers but nonetheless. And go ahead on this one that must and that's it on this this one that look there will be able LeBron James playing for the trailblazers. But I have a question physical state question for you are you frustrated as a fan of the Golden State Warriors that. Your team just won its third championship. As a group. And the only thing we're gonna talk about this far after winning it is what LeBron James is going to do you find that narrative Marty frustrating. No because I think that if the neared were about the warriors all summary would be. Negative about how it's unfair and other earning basketball which I think they earned so I don't going but this okay so if I can rebut that there's when the bulls won three in a row wind. There was there was dynasties in place no one ever talked about the individual free agency side of sports it was always about the team. And what the team's doing and how amazing this team is showtime lakers. The bull. It's now basketball's turned into league it's at it's it's it's like tennis. It's about where is this guy go. Yet it's about tell me about sort of parts exactly and is that a good thing or a bad thing when you talk about one of the greatest team come on the gold C warriors. Should be considered atop their mount Rushmore basketball team of course and were not even mentioning them as. Is anything it is about where LeBron James is going Kevin Durant poking fun LeBron James. This is a meat culture we live in now. Here's the thing about it with fat in that whole conversation is that. The warriors are handling it. So well like in those years of of Kerr with Popovich you can Tennessee. The fact that none of that. Quote BS that John Livingston David Lester talked about never got out to the public but they handle themselves. In they keep themselves insulated but in their owners sitting there and going in herb GM Bob Meyers going. Kevin Durant whenever he sends our way yet we're gonna go ahead and gonna sign that he earns it he deserves it. There's no drama the drama. Is what people wanna talk about with the money you're about to dramas that LeBron James heeding dean Gilbert and the cavaliers and saying peace I'm out in so I think. They're so good and they don't have dramas of people are just kind of like. You don't appreciate is much we mice I appreciated hell of a lot more because I think it's hard to keep that together but it's on interstate. Needs audiences into the matters now not and that's why we get the conversation is that we do because it's. A lot of times as people try to make something not enough and make him on out of oil in the dome with a big flat must slashing part about them is their celebrations on the floor because they have fun when that Clinton ranked in some people wanna knock that down. I did they were robots they'd be just like disbursed. Eighty stepped into the Shimmy dream and one kick India in the jobless. If he had Kevin Durant wasn't burner counting people they would be dispersed. But they have fun on the floor some people him. They got a little bit more flat. So think it's a little if your family gets a little disappointed that don't get their credit. Although I'm not a huge I appreciate what they do but we are sold were already in watch mode in you would have thought the Golden State just it was it is it was. Apathetic wanna be ten to fifteen years down the road and we finally appreciate them I don't know if we ever will because the taste in the mouth. Right now is just that it was the they falsely formed team in no matter of that was falsely for a barber was it still one of the greatest basketball teams ever to get on the court. But will also take a look at it and will go. Doubt will be more the norm then and guest will be able to go wow we're gonna see as basketball progresses there's all these top all these teams now try to keep up with the warriors by. Building the foundation to have the room to sign one super Max superstar. And if this is a trend continues the warriors will be seen as the pioneers in which people made out like but if that's the old directional hole lead goes then. Getting credit for the miners. Five factories verified that is Centex and you will not believe the beating that team USA put it on him my yesterday. Some forty an unfair. Each team USA. Under eighteen team. Is making its rounds claim. International competition. In the column friendlies in basketball. Us that the common. Soccer ball. They column friendlies friendlies. The out woody column exhibitions and they're just exhibition next genital. They're playing Panama. And they're coached by Kansas is Bill Self the team USA under eighteen. And it's in the Americas championship. After one quarter last night teen USA lacks. Led Panama. 43 did nothing. That was 4540. Noll and on an island does is after one quarter they extended it to forty but I do nothing. Before they finally. Allowed Panama's that bad sportsmanship. Is edges were better than watching what happened in that game and seeing clips and I will not lie to you. I did not watch the entire game. I did not watch even portions of the game I aside just clips on the Internet. Panama. And couldn't scorer. They tried TO. In teen USA. To an extent. Allowed them to score they just couldn't do it. On. So now they end up winning by 92 you okay 9292. Point win so they took us all a bit to their foot off the gas after a 45 nothing lead. Ticker is due in 92. Victory first of all it's pretty cool Panama's there secondly. And 92 point win does that make you a bad coach and bad bunch of guys and now. Now. Now. Is it I don't think so either is it disrespectful to beat a team like that. Are probably. Is it okay here's Peter's question for you is it disrespectful to not try. When your when your competing. It's. You bet your your highest level when you're at the Olympic level which is easily young men hopefully you are limping in some day maybe that's what they're trying to do represent your country. Is it more disrespectful. To stop trying your best. Your coach is asking you to do it in your players are all there and and thousands of boys tried out to be on that team across the world arms are across our country. And you were the one of the elite group that made it are you doing a disservice to stop trying. If your coaches ask. Need to do this more indie here's the thing about this team is that they are so deep. It doesn't matter who you put in in a lot of these guys that are buried on the bench they're not in the good games they're not gonna get their chance to play in the night and Iran and you have to understand these kids are the best Q8 T guys on bear. Rosters. In high school grown up a can I can happen they indicate that Jefferson high school here in Portland is going to University of Texas. He is playing on this team. And you'd died just kind of gives you an idea of of the talent level that these guys have. These guys are the best of the best the United States they're playing a country that is not a good. Basketball playing country and the United States discounted him I feel bad Panama. But I am honestly look at that they go. 45 to nothing man. In the way that that game is like being missed a wide open layup and like Pitt on missed it wide open layup and a guy got a rebound in in a teen USA guys standing right there. Is he in in when the guy goes back up do you block the shot or do you just let him score. The guy just went up to translate ebony blocked shot you don't he's supposed to do right. Now hope there's not salaries for this because just somebody's better than you know. And you don't tell them to go off I I would I would never wanna got to back off. At a point in time. Unless it was just so bad news is so obvious we're eager kid well yes and they still won by 92 and a message did back off. They did back off but the thing is that although it is bad and I feel horrible for those in my kids because. I think all they know what they're up against when you when your plane senior us and you're going into game like that but. And they did let they tried to elective about the behavior have been part of the game where you even you're trying. Not to embarrass the opponent but it still happens because date as you're taking your foot off the gas they have just completely quit. As I was a part of the game like that. Where it doesn't matter once and did things yeah there's certain yet no matter what are we did it was still spiraling out of control there's nothing you can do. And that's why you have too deep or you have a three deep if you're in football or baseball or basketball you putting your reserves. But I still one of those guys get an opportunity still want them to play hard. And to give it full effort if I have a GB kid coming in on and on and on a roster in your plane team. I don't what they can did not play hard. And compete I want him to get his opportunity this is the same thing and if my javy is or my second deep on the USA team is still better. When he times better than Panama's one. My hands are up. They get nothing for. 45 nothing. That's it quite the start to a game. Was there a high school girls competition this year something that. At a high school girls can score in 98 iris to nothing now I remember there is you were some years ago there was like a 123 is here. And the coach got to slaughtered for doing that yet millions auto bill sulfur that's. Or that it's gonna go after Kansas. He does but Bill Self has been all about you know not an era and a score on people on the sits in on United States against. In that case is yet to apologize now he has Bill Self gonna apologize. In our apologetic culture you know we knew winning if high school football game at 45 points or more in the state of organ we get punished don't know yet to write a letter you too. She shut the front door yet to write a letter of apology shut the front door here. There are you kidding me the head coach mr. write a letter of Apollo we did that rule going to place an in place for a long time but what's a long time. When I was in high schoolers they hadn't yet you have to Rite Aid lecture yeah what is the letter going to achieve. I think a letter makes the other coach feel worse about what happened I a 100% agree. May be up maybe a handshake at the end of games in Amy and I tried to tell my boys to but he just kept going. We worked really trying to do this apple IDV input these guys in. What does a lecture too so the letters to the opposition or it's too like leaguer or what. And yet to ride it to the opposition and send it into the USAA I'm not sure how the logistics of at all but right now let her. Think there's some coaches like tiller read the letter. And we wonder why we. Yeah. Ask most. Went because eternal letter exactly that's why you know. Why right now would you also like to look like I don't I don't understand there is it that why does that make a sack if we have to write a letter. Because he blow Tina. Let's explain it I don't get it go to break I don't give it its explains itself sports he would you'd like to see squash we got some good ones and at first our 55305. A sports you. We've got. The trust Krewell involved. Now to world peace even Joseph Montana dusting him on the fan.