Dusty & Cam Tuesday June 12, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, June 12th
Dusty and Cam re-visit the best sports feuds and which ones we'd like to see resolved or mediated today, plus we get side-tracked with some discussion of Wife Swap (both the show, and two guys who actually did it), and the Mariners look like they might be the real deal.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in camp in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire centers where I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. This. Is a US open which edition of dusty and jam in the morning and brought to you by area heating and cooling. Elin Woods sports desk as. And 1080 I. Okay. Brought you my area heating and cooling don't wait for comfort with scary heating and cooling go to that area heating dot com today. Your local train comfort specialist it's hard to stop a train. First on the fan on the diamond last night the Mariners stay hot they beat the angels and Seattle by a final 53. Despite a pair of Mike Trout homers Nelson Cruz club repair diggers himself his fourteenth and fifteenth of the year. Well for organ duck right Healey felt that his tenth round trip for the Houston Astros were idle Mondays at the end taking half game division lead into Tuesday. With a few more games played at the angels the astros' opening three game set in Oakland tonight. Earl Thomas not the only NFL's superstars giving mandatory mini camp. In addition to clear a Mac and air and Donald falcons wide receiver Julio Jones will be in attendance as Atlanta opens up their mini camp. Well Jones as three years or 35 million of his current deal is only the eighth highest paid receiver in the NFL based on average annual salary for sports scores stories in thirty minutes. I ran by the from the outlet is Ford's death the Alomar family values. Driven. Showed tweets posts tweets breaking sports news and fan videos followers in twitter.com slash ten AV program. It's a US open and we grew dusty and jam on the morning. Of those fans US open week. Brad team by aryan heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with area heating and cooling go to Gary heating dot com today you're local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. Dust and animal until maybe only John Daly and I had this. Salem. Direct spotlight feature. He letters she lose opposing coach is turning up the score came miserably into you. And the text editor and C you'd have really fired you up on this. There's some writing a letter first stumping Europe and in football I spoofable on Oregon this concert pee when Alex. You write it to the other team's eighty your principle which I did not know. That is to satisfy the parents who complained to the schools about their Johnny or Sally. Giving their ass kicked. And that's not fair. Isn't that really what it is this one blows my mind. We the coaches get find 200 dollars by the it's Walton phallic valley football league. If we win by more than 35 at the youth level that we had the opposing coach let us score. To make a school over. So let's lied to the kids and pandered to them because that's a good thing to deal was lying to them lying to them. Led it's the lie though. The lie is to say that that we did they let them score that's a that's a blatant let's not trying. You're telling them to stop to your your lying to them that they're competing in fifth in what is it is it do we based seem. The competition on the scorer. Do you let a beaded I'm so confused by that yet. Well you do based competitions by score and in no if you knew that in some hypothetical situation mr. Kara I cannot captain liberal guy she lives on your belt on of the CB honest. The 200 dollar fine year you're fighting in a youth coach. Is that's the pretenses amazing if you win by 35. That's a little bit crazy but yeah I mean made the letters are supposed to be is sportsmanship thing in the eighties it says. And we had this that it takes actually the AD's tester at the other AD saying well we put in our third stringers eighth graders are in the bonds the passing. Basically after you explain what you did to keep. This score or what you gonna lose your certification. They get a fine public school teachers that are now coaches are you gonna is out over resorting to. Didn't really question what happens to schools who refused to read the letter you get fine doesn't really make you feel better if you're opposing cup tournament. Does that make you feel better if the other coach Wright she something says he we put their thirteen year old so. That are gonna be freshman next year they decided to play a because we wanna do and he still kicked about by forty songs are. Does that make you feel any better and for some people and probably. Or else they would have is dumb role. I would bet it's less than 10% of the people relieved I I think it's it's it's really 1% it has a loud mouth that's worry about. Billy getting hit too hard I think it'd then don't play or get better I think it's really about like what's. Just so they have an explanation of saying well this is that they dead and the real explanation he's beginning year senior those parents that are upset as. Well we're just not get in bank would be fully transparent do you want from me. You better you know baseball as a ten run rule you and I were talking off the air to stop the game well but this has running clock I understand but to stop the game. You wanna make you make it up if Europe by certain just the game stops and over the world ought to let these kids played the way they want to finish to game the way it's supposed to be played with a lot of these games though turn on the scoreboard off cables which they do you know that's agreed fix via rights and I've seen that done before to and wait what it is though is that. In these blowout game is a lot of time with the younger kids get to play in kids then you know the senior who came out for football for his only you're just to be part of the teen gets and get that high school experience. Ahmed and sometimes those kids get into a game so I. Is this true this guy says this Texas I think it's a forfeit if you write the letter to the reason. Isn't good enough. Who judges if it's good enough for not. Then you're just lying to in the letter and your line insane we put in everybody young. They're there what they got to go to the view and a girl go to the read replay and review the film mystic and you say go to the view like go to the women's talk show who white out. Also deal I not just go to the view. And will be tact have will be enjoyed. BV intermediaries the sixty says that us pop Warner football game Allison hundred points like 25 years ago I'm still alive and well. I got stomped in the face as a freshman bye bye guys. Bigger than me which. In and they they beat despite fifty. Still here. And actually felt really bad. The occasional butt kicking is good for morale RN my dad looked to me signature backside off the ground in quit whining about our high school coach would send our freshman and JV players. To go to war in ten high school out on the coast. And played varsity football team Al Warrenton. And it it was they would just absolutely. Stumpel hole. In it for then it was great because they got to beat. Dug them big for a school Blanco may get to stop all of them in our freshman RJB learned a very valuable lesson there that. Years still not seventeenth exactly what I. That three years of of growth and maturity if you think that he implore our city you can't I just I really dig into this one and without letter is is is supposed to help with. More I'd think about it I think it's more detrimental but he is very detrimental to send the letter I think is more disrespectful. If I was an opposing coach I would shake the other man's fancy kick my butt man. Congratulations got a great group of boys or ladies in this text nursing I've had a weird deal human deal I played it would burn and a defeat. It's the law. You can deal. I don't know the kids never see them letter though I bet molesting kids doing another letters written. When you get beat by 45. I'm pretty sure you Edie doesn't read it to you be like hey guys. Really when he you know that. They put in their GVs. They put in their third strains you don't cut puncher and they still scored three more touchdown gusty did you notice how we only do this in into team sports. Can you imagine if somebody running the 400 meters that or the mile beat someone bile lap. And they had to send in a letter to the rest of the girls that brand behind them and said you know I'm really sorry I didn't back off the last quarter mile. Two to make sure you guys can all catch up and make yourself feel better. Dreads if Tiger Woods wrote a letter in 2000 everybody else at at a Pebble Beach sorry preacher by eighteen shots he did. Hummer writes a letter and make you feel better wide. It doesn't make any sense. Because it's team sport in billion Sally. Got their feelings hurt. Now pretty comical. I don't know man about tennis when some gets beat in goes straight sets on somebody that they write them a letter what. Do you want me to tell you all I told you got a letter exists that but app that you not gotten up and listening. Yeah no this is individual lemmings right there again with a kid throw. The javelin by him had an extra fifty feet just write him a letter I have no old. I have no response to that I do not now. I don't know when the wrestler for the kid wrestler wins 49 in a row and pins the Q and thirteen seconds. Fifty street tough things does he write the other kid a letter sports feuds we need if you settled cam vs whoever made this rule. And I don't know cam I don't know the answer. It's wanted to ask that question. Now. And it. Sports fields. Let's go to sports feuds. We got a text here from Sam Riddle and I'm wondering if this is the same same hurdle that was an all American quarterback an infield college Sam Riddle. Once dread vs Russell Westbrook. Moderate oil lines even atoms that would let me move rumor saying. That is a good laden. That is a good one I give issuers because we got a bunch of really funny. Sports he adds that you'd like to see settled in honor of America and North Korea sitting down. And trying to settle their feud sports feeds you wanna see settled in May be the moderator that would be in between. 813 on the fan. It's street Susan in the 2018. World Cup so. SB nation decided. This used to be an exhibition now who. An independent and other candidate. Argentina. Really great super talented but it stands are perpetually offended by not being the sole topic of every single discussion about the sport. Argentina. Is Ohio State. Spain and like playing in bolster cheating he's counting animals with large horns and huge piles of money but just one title in recent memory. Spain. England's perhaps the easiest pick on the board and old money plus not all that great since the middle of the previous century. Your landmark figure in the history of the sport and got a sprawling fan base. You have huge let downs that are let downs just like everyone else seeing them coming in the always on NBC. England's you are Notre Dame. I'm. That's a good one. Military that everybody everybody is let's don't hold it down in coming but you. Nearly as an Indies. And England is an Indian got a great world analysts. Are and all right we're Guinea seven the World Cup and we will have more World Cup step is the Wii goes on and we had US opens up to it too sweet to. We are talking. About sports feeds you want to see coming to. And and with in honor of the North Korea US summit here. This texts are these are of one's from earlier. How about. The trails three Welling PG county Sidwell who owes the moderator. And I don't know who is the pledge that plague I would PGA. When he does onion skin is usually with brain now that's always being Indian Mark Jackson I know Geary saint Jean who is the warriors GM at a time and I think he would be on board for a perfect. Done. This on came in earlier Joseph Montana verses reedy with PJ reflect as the water heater. Joseph did the heat three yea things in garbage he says that everybody on the Notre Dame team needed birdie TU. It's not good for movies to know that he hated him talk about them has been Disney aside. He Joseph Montana has knocked down at every turn and we all that every walk on guy we hated. Yeah I had one guy is is he just. Yeah I mean he was and he was a linebacker his job was to try to spear me in the ankles. During nine on seven period and also during team. Don't you all wanted to do was his run in the backfield and just spear rewrite the knees I don't think he hated you think your coach maybe it is you've that was his thing I know my coaching the linebackers coach to sit there or scam. He is like five foot 7210. Pounds. Just a missile. That's perfect so I get done this one goes maybe we can have. Actually enjoy this one you can have the warriors. In cabs at their feud. And you can have Steve Kerr writing a letter for beef. And so bad I think Steve Kerr in the Golden State Warriors need to write a letter to the entire NBA explaining how important there but that the entire year perfect. We'll go ahead and able to write that letter with Alan deal says. Isaak drop in needle shed. You rovers is the rock. And an ABC get the moderator just to poke of them runners on as he possibly can about that. In the in this game then I think this would actually be fascinating. If you got run our test. To sit down with the fans Nairobi dear Adam Mair repeat that started in Dallas in the palace changed basketball forever. I would actually. Really like to see those guys have a conversation to India 3030 and I love to see a conversation between those two guys in what happened on that night. Because I think that if he had in the you have to have the right moderator but I think he had the right guy. You could really find out a lot about runner tasks because he can be a thoughtful person. It's just he can also mean Indian. And missiles like everybody walk into the stands and try to kill someone you know. I don't think a lot of people trying to market in the stands in this guy threw beer on me be repaired from eagle and it's that's right growth. He get any sports UGU wanna see come to an end. My back and then we started we did the. Earlier in the show dirt sexual relations and I said the Red Sox. Vs the Yankees. End my yanking my moderator. It was difficult. And looked at it back and forth my moderator. And looked out it in my Red Sox my first said bill blocked her but I think you talked me into big poppy and I wanted that kind of settle in there and I wanna Reggie Jackson on the other side for the Yankees want that. What that viewed. But then I really don't want to go away. Announced it's one of the most enjoyable things forever so if it does maybe that would just turn into a giant fight in a rule leadoff cool elect. And commending Perot about this and Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson. Having those two guys sit down be forced to talk about but it only beat tiger here. Certainly there are any it would be kind of laid off they have like Joe Buck. Torre even Troy Aikman headache may be the moderator moderator. And really put it all out there about how being paid like how Jerry Jones didn't like the fact that Jimmie Johnson was getting all the credit. For what was going on in what happened after that I think that would be fascinating to see those two sit down and talk. LeBron into the blocked a west underage bite Mark Jackson. Still uncertain as to famously slept with LeBron. As Mark Jackson is goes another goes that man there goes that man who's that man holiday goes that man. At this text came in earlier that did to Cleveland dog pound and Art Modell the Fed hot tea leaves monitor hardly the lawyer he is a lawyer that would be good got to kind of have in the middle playoffs each other like as passionate fans you know those front road dog mask stands. And our PR Bedell this year to get those two sides together and really just let him have it why Art Modell ripped the team from Cleveland moved and Baltimore. And have that kind of back and forth that that's kinda stuff that would be fascinating needs to hear the reasons why. Why it all got this way you know. All fly ball a fly ball guy kaine of San. So maybe he weighs his son Luke and Steve Barton and together who that would be nice actually see their results with Harry Carrey as the moderator. I envision a breach over cancer the ball. That that was a forgiving thing it's all Australian did he get out nearly eight out of pardon him they pardoned him. At something wise guy change his name yet. Too much even went into hiding you know did hermitage shredded into bits means is that the key kid do anything. Indeed god forbid you Wear your green shirt with a turtleneck in your cubs had out and be people don't exactly feel. In your walkman headphones and I looked. I could not be more Chicago in 6 central casting the inevitable that somebody in that too that's why leg Major League Baseball rigged. You look at Alan my bad it's definitely a plant I don't like let's put this Danny Green turtle necks and khaki pants a good greens lectured to turn likened. And diesel puffy earphones on and and go ahead grueling. Game with six of the NLCS. Turn the gatherings. By the way this fall that old takes exposed to count and it so to CV the Kyle coups the one this is in relation to the Delonte West LeBron James Kyle charisma from two dozen twelve. LeBron is from the east but decided to go south Wallace airline went north and his mom went west. It's so let's see if LeBron was a partner with him in LA. Duque here's a midget question I don't know if they're joking or not. Have you seen Alonzo bawling Kyle is in his back and forth that they have given them the drop a distract them yeah. But very is saying are they going after each other because one was supposed to be the superstar in the other and that being the superstar yes countess who would be the one who is a superstar but. They account as they did eight player haters ball. Remake from the Chappelle show just roasting. Alonso balled the entire time for like three and a half minutes. He just roasted on the ball now Alonso ball apparently makes music and made it distract. There's part of Viejo said. This isn't a joke and that they actually do age I hope it starts as a joke and an escalates into a full blown puede yes they do like each other but this is getting to a point where he people a show and ago. And hit each of seriousness in this league in my beat. You've Wright had teammate David you can hated when you gotten pros because you know. Making college bulls kind of choose the school you choose the place based on comments at printers we don't. Truly hate each other pitcher in the and it has. Of course yeah you don't you can get along with everybody. He try to respect in the in and if you lose respect and you don't get along with them and it's over. Can be the hardest stamping her head coach Ted now trying to handle egos can imagine having all those Alfa is in one locker room and trying to manage it. That's why managing football so heart. Aren't too many 53 guys. And brutal. This tech starting Kamen does Steve Nash and Jason Richardson is wrong. These are moderated and we gonna go through more Povich moderate or rather it go through that we are not. The thud there was was DN Tony the coach down yeah how many of those do we have in sports history where the where the teammates wore. Or crosses not just teammates are league Maine says. Got it all someone's life. Publicly that we know I know we only know about 1% of it happening. Seems like the kind of thing that would happen every couple years every French you think so. She should be not maybe not give birth to that child but that's what I'm saying that's that's too easy in that happens more or just straight wife swap and it happens more it's a great question. Because I would venture to guess that. As far as straight infidelity. That happens less than navy's industrywide so often if you're gonna pick a sport that has the most I would say it probably is basketball is here and out so fast. That's. And but you know I mean it's like the NBA team that flies in there and they're gone in a baseball was there for four days of Forsett to bring a family with you your wife fly with you. And then in basketball yours like your city you're gone in city you're gone football you're donning and stay in the city you're there Saturday leaves Sunday night. Basketball just sets up for. Cool does. This week who. Five by these events and some more of your sports feuds. Our life listening. And that 110. That one time critical and yes. Did that Brett Favre invented a play dusting camel fan. This is US open which edition of dusty and jam in the morning in the rock you've by area heating and cooling and 1080 both prayer room. And deal. Standing in your second about that they're. Just think it's cheating happens for a little less action happens and he's got a lacy this ruling that blocks from Virginia. Grenade over the couple's misconstrued is slinging her swinging. Hips. Still I Oregon. Well don't give a lot of TV time angers a lot of well that's all it was all of the NBA finals though and immunology and if not seen that commercial maybe I missed that probably. Every other comers I watched every minute of the entire series and in the commercial this win commercial the swinging right now seat take that dusty ash now. But now I wanna see it brits Peterson is again it deals is talking about here. And I'm winning Google him Fritz Peterson. In Mike. Heritage. They traded families. When there are members of the New York Yankees I'm reading this. And these two guys ended up in 1973. They went to spring training after being friends for along time. And it's Edward train fare families. And when I say Finley is like. These swap wives and kids. Yeah. ER and you Fritz Peterson is still married he left his children. The other guys children yet he's still married to the former seizing tech age. But. Mike tech gets in Maryland formerly Maryland Peterson they did not last very. And he abandoned his children to take on the other guy's kids aha. You're kidding me yeah but there are all really good friends so they still hung out each others just like. They might derive some left slid it is it's brutal. That happened 1973 it's amazing in they're still bodies like there's pictures on it via. Who starts that they're easy to BA let's I'm Sam knew how does that cover studies to be heard thirty for thirty. Is it just both guys complaining about their current situation like you know why it. It feels like a bad buddy movie gone wrong cells are your golf foursome on every golf yes every Saturday morning did everything and importing them Erica. Every area like Will Ferrell and Vince on will be making in the Vietnam this you know yeah blank where there their T guys' ages one. So no Adam Sandler. This will be an Adam Sandler movie where Kevin Hart are no cabin. James. And kings and queens got Kevin James and Rob Schneider. Switch Chambliss. That's way to be a terrible movie and the make millions of dollars office in the streets Netflix. And Adams in the we'll get all of his buddies at more. The rocking Kevin Hart not and I don't particularly like either one of those actors but that's just what gets people box office in they'll be there together. Would you ever do the wife swap show now if that would came if you were asked not not not not realistic earned an abandoned your family. We've seen that show yeah where discolored and swap or anything like that got bring some other. Person and they try to change everything now tell you what to do in because they'd there's one of two things that happens on this show so. Either you are the Psycho family. That they're like okay this can be dubs are or you more than normal Finley get back get stuck with one of the site goes. Like this thing works out and everything's okay thank. One of those say it was a Psycho in either my team Lou will be exposed as being the cycle failing which worst I would just living in this little bubble not think in a word anything weird at all. Five with just thinking what we do is normal but if you put us on TV really gonna be site goes or gonna be stuck with the cycle either way I don't want it. This is an interesting thing if we if we did this few and I did this is if you set me Lindsay and and maybe what would you yeah. Who's got the crazier family. A move you let your kids run around when no underwear and you know. This you end in the diapers are all full up everywhere. Which is crazy and are you talking to cannibalized so they don't expect it again. Okay you live in the crazy call ahead children living in squalor who could screw ball went live in the rundown cul-de-sac area where there's skunks everywhere. You can't stop them from littering the smell the entire area until that count and did with my car. Let's go. Below what would. Everybody is think about if our lives did that in the gap or they did what what would be the first impression who would be who you'd be scared. I wouldn't be scared. But I think and think of his carefully. What the hell this does happen. About every game and you leave I think you I would have liked what. We just happen yeah etiquette that's visited my family and that Tia hit it to spin cycle man will turn you around speech back out. Guys we don't care I think we're easy yeah is like you know what his role that our lives and it'd be. How does this work why does this work this is not this is not right is RI it's not supposed to be this way yeah I don't want elected diapers grow. Yet day you Dolan and to. That's highly custom and again is the source said slid another best suited we've got to go you gotta go out. That's a different numbers they've heard. We still need to you oh yeah this is going hearings the only issue if you gusties that you put your son a man done. I cut his hair. That day you know let our street does in that bad boy I will I ate him up you know my life she really. God she's she saw that bothered me when she put my kid named may and bonds against rules. I is that what are you doing. I did that it that really bothered me ma'am but I have no idea linesmen and it's this I haven't in my head like I'm like Mick really manned done really. It's not a good look I know I'm jealousy and that's clearly you can pull it off I know that and I'm always a little out of pure jealousy it's not out of the it didn't interest policies Lansing is not a good luck. Jeremy in on. But I may have been when I think back I concede but they I there was once a long enough that I could manned on did you amendment. I'm not about as a lot of the public statement node in -- around the house of but I would man yeah yeah but not publicly hit back is one I'd like to see him how much here is admirable show you my driver's license at the break while are we talking and we talk and eighties rock star length. Talking to almost the shoulders of my head back. Provided are now up up up. There. Aaron that would be Gaylord soccer yes. Did you know when they had to do you know what they had to do to make them that I yielded to check that may make sure it was a real name in order for that movie to be PG thirteen think the quarter date Canadian inner. They had ever creating committees are always funny. They had people led to whatever unit were bad for universal whatever movie studio had to go through every phone book until they found line that had the last name. It's spelled that way Tina. FIOCKEY. I wonder that's unfair. Well because that idea why Daimler's Landers that type thing going on no no because. Dead dead date made it go through the if you had to be greeted all our it is just Leonard's they had to prove that this is an actual real name yeah. And they would have to material person yet it could be a real and practice. They did it. Are. Well on this time Brett Favre invented a from her I forever. That is it that different than stellar movies groove firm lever that are far robberies more earth. The time he invented a under the play is not going to be discussed today we will say that it tomorrow. As well as Pete Carroll liking his new rosters something that we're supposed to talk at at the beginning of the show we about it all the way to its Mars show. This show's gotten out of hand although we lost our next. Is the Mariners. Aren't have a good problem dusting cam on the and using music and scene the trying to raptors defend then coach Dave. I've hired nick nurse says their head coach. The nurse. He's an assistant undergoing Casey apparently nobody want that job because this that weight back I'd probably get the number one seed in the east went just nine games and you can them. Are you a male nurse Fokker. I another another meet the parents job parents. I've Naples Greg can you know me you know mean. So yet nick owners. Never heard of a nurses the last name the first I heard that. Anderson. If you were not a common last name. There's a hockey player named Darnell nurse on its fighter and an and his sister I believe is an NCAA aren't WNBA houses spells dispelled. Is it same ones they might okay. What if you were a doctor. Named in this doctrinaire doctor nurse or what if you're a nurse named doctor. Like I wasn't out my my my Michael doctor of doctor in. Urged doctors doctor doctor nurse doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor doctor spies like us okay. Mr. coffee now don't get that done. And out of laurel and do we talk about sports we got like five minutes. Just. Talk about the mariners' top sports it's the Mariners. Beyond sports what is your name his third of the blue and what is your game is okay let's talk about it. No here's the question let me and let me pose this to you can. You're hurt of losing your job to injury. Yeah losing your job to suspension yup but when you're the best team best player on your team do you lose your job. Yeah Drew Bledsoe did don't know. In baseball now this is a tough thing because baseball is it's very traditionalist and Robbie tells a multi. Multi multi all star. Perennial all star eighty afterwards I'll do that he's one of the best second baseman. And the talk is he'd always he'd have to shift over to first base potentially because he's not eligible for the post season so why would the Mariners. Let him play. Second base when he comes back from suspension Whitney he's not eligible is not eligible to play in post season because of this fine you can only play. That it's a very strange way rule. Wait whoa whoa whoa is that because his suspension ends before your rosters corral rosters can done. So she cannot be eligible for the post season so sharing of photos sane. Look I'm not gonna put a guy. And take him there and say suddenly. And now ominous say when Robby gets back now you got to back when Sarah feel when he's not gonna be yelled you'll be playing in the post season and I don't do that. Doesn't make it's pretty black dynamite here. I keep. Win. And he comes when Robinson the delegates that he goes we don't know we're gonna do with them we've got to find a spot. So deep Gordon. India Hortons on a great job at second base personnel really tough thing to don't people realize how tough of a thing that is a and going into second base where I know he played their previous it's not like it's been brand new over but it's a tough thing went eighty switching gloves. Yeah think of lady did sizable of an infield he uses to bed center field it's like riding a bike for him but. It's seamless to this point his transition from the outfield the infield. And so Jerry but assuming I can rock the boat if anything we may give Nellie. A few days off and give nosing crews. Some time off at DH in meeting him at first base for kanell. But could that be a bigger signal for. Do you the Mariners. May be take a look at adding go hey. We can work with Robinson can now see if he works out of first base CT can put him in hide him in left field wherever you want to you and maybe have some flexibility moving for. With your ouster. Like. Techno YE whatever they're gonna decide on this you have to set this team up if they continue this run. You have to set him up for what's best for the potential playoff run. And if rob he's gonna be in there he's not going to be part of it even if they may get to the World Series or if they even gosh heaven forbid make it out of the first round. What there's no other way and in Celek Yemen opened spotted DH because you have Nellie. And that he gonna we gonna take the gonna take off the front of you got to move enough space and take Keeley off there and really he let him play first that's as gonna say is. GM Brian Healey struggle at. Ladies going in like 39 but. Right Heatley comes up with big hits. In eight we need to value rather everybody in the lineup yet you would you rather have delighted about those one run games. In if Robby is Andy played in the post season. DO rock the boat navy break here these right foot confidence towards the end of the year. Where he had he had the most expensive pinch hitter in baseball. That's the truth until the policies now made it seem legacy we have till August elect Allen marinate but Jerry if out of sync yesterday. I. That'll do it for us. Up next as we heard acknowledge our ninth from nine until news. New Intel three it is skirts Greg's. Three to seven random guys if you have a great Tuesday tomorrow I promise you things we'll talk about a one time that Brett Favre created to play. And Pete Carroll in new blood. Have a great he's Osi was here right here. And 1080 that the.