Dusty & Cam Tuesday May 15, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, May 15th
Dusty and Cam discuss the Warriors flexing their muscles in Houston, plus our Textual Relations asking which sports stand to be impacted the most by the new federal legalization of sports gambling?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised doing the right thing since 1952. This is. Dusty can jam in the morning when I say sure. Slams us use our. Weather permitting. Dusty here. Generally. Almost joined a how does Ford Visteon jam in the morning John Kennedy loved so it's. Yeah. Damned. Hey you to have need to use DT at the fifteenth today. And the great month of name. I don't big Fella what do you say open your state by the bay I just say. Maybe it's an hey. Digs I can make things that a client yeah Netanyahu. Happy Gilmore and seen. Yeah I think we got the sequence wrong but we are most of the righty and it's there gold generated buddhism. It. Sergio horse and kids top five movie love it your kids love that movie. Yeah first PG thirteen movie it was several Odyssey wade really yep now. That's seems a little old I was nine. Yeah nine when have to get mark you know I mean we would have been nine and a three years at the same age he's in the we in the we wish. You have that I mean as. And don't want it or not nine in 1996. The year twelfth. I guess it. Thanks a slight a slight Dillard and Apple's done the battles are wrong there I was sheltered for as a as a movie watchers drop us a never did any premium there was an old enough for that night Josh what are your early ninety's it was ninety would have been. The events it was rated RO thirteen fourteen I can anti different upbringing. As scream also 1996. Okay well. The first one yeah right yeah kinda be the guess here right 96 okay answer. But in a different upbringing when I was eight I saw signs of alliance. What's yeah. Eight. I kind of think the you know what why your black a doodle day and you wanna have some fava beans and nice he antiques scare it isn't exactly well I'll never forget where was there Rosh during its Q and urged Google holds again. On everywhere I was in a society there isn't spoke can improve. Ocean in the basket. And as in Spokane Washington. With. The Lewis & Clark College football team on the road trip and Norman blew it worth. And it is Friday night and for the game yeah. As in in a hotel room they had HBO. By yourself now as it's my dad's players never like you go you with the yeah all right that's understandably when it's leaders yeah. That's okay yeah and I believe my dad in the rest of the coaching staff threats stock tends bar and John Stockton dad owns a bar in Spokane. They all went out there I was at the players want to silence of the lambs. And I didn't sleep tonight. That's a lot for any detail that is a lot I remember my first. That's I want guys I first when I was 1984. Stolen in assailed my dying also. Seed that on us airy ten I was ten units heard F bombs I'd love that I can quote that entire movie and I'm I think we watched it it was over Christmas break in my cousins got the dvd they had their they were reached the end of VCR then these CNN and I have a dvd maybe David evidence laser disk current no no no you are and we rented it. Sit and watch in the theaters we rented it it's great to watch it. Over and over and over and over again. My first of rated. My cash block you move you know her upbringing so not terrible move hazard to Arab. You can't get a classic and these. Not a classic don't get it could well be your first and our whole movie how I supposed to determine that at age whatever fifteen. Human number two. Revenge and revenge of the nerds is minor findings of the murders of reserve ads that are is that number one you've got bush. Oh boy yeah that was number that was injure seem to grow up the scene out of go to a minute this is interstate. As this texture points out yes hanging on smoking in an age age is also to match. First when it'll house this guy's first Ari movie in a house and is seven so let's get a bachelor who classic a bigger they were blasting college we need it we need prepped for that you know. I that's the way he got like his first he's like that's a college is so from seven on eighteen you had that in your mind that's college here we go. So it's a rite of passage I need to make this I don't know and and I'm trying to think I haven't done it yet I haven't done. I need to do them any to figure out when no parity did which has not won by a likes listening. As ice they stop when by the goal. Well Major League. Major League let let let the boys watching C that's a good one that's a good rite of passage on area it is I didn't I don't wanna go and such if you're gonna go we gotta go with the sports theme going. There are some there some language in that what it's not over the top bad when it comes down I mean come on it yet study minute there's you know. It's not up tops in there there's Bob and downs in and it's it's it's it's just baseball I could be a baseball very colorful language and adult. You know. All right that's not good yeah I mean when my gonna do your mouth and avoid at all. In amounts. OK here oh minus Ortiz followed by 48 hours and has allowed 48 hours public delicate Easton. Any other game be if you're a kid though or is law we did everything you could estimate tops and do something done exactly. Annie you find out that the thinking back on that. Then that's seen him porky the shower scene. Where there's the hole on the long end knowing I had to go records are gonna what was that guy thinking when he when he decided to you. You know like who came up with that at some blue totally think that that's an idea that's nobody that's not a good idea but for film it is a good idea answer. Are well. But for gonna go into firsts first orders. First PG's. This unit and they here's the others into that so different now is PG now. It's not would PG was when I was growing up Noam PR and PG thirteen. Is certainly not even close to a PG thirteen is now in its different. It's more of PG thirteen now is you can have. A billion guns and kill a thousand people they can be comic book related. And you like the new problem no big deal but then if it's PG thirteen in 1980 have forbid it's weird science and someone puts abroad their head in the talk about kissing a close to. That's yeah. Let's watch out that's too intimidating well you know double kill a thousand people there's a buy with a video games and and did a good what's what are you pick your poison there's a lot of. He's that are PG thirteen that you sit tenure like how the world did that movie just become PG thirteen you know like if you think in. Like the movie taken or any of these horror movies like insidious horror and looking at cloverfield. I give these are movies that are Ted the rain have you ever seen I never seen I'm not a horror movie I like I like storied. Horror movies like fake characters exorcist or something has some I don't like the new like saw and all those things they as those don't interest Alec some sort of classic old eighties can I'm licking and then a list of movies that are rated PG thirteen that should be rated. Titanic is on here and satanic news. So nudity a top. Eastern Shura. Rated. Let's. No it's PG thirteen should be rated. Really now what's today's inter that should be Izzard is there a lot of language may mean in outside his innuendo is just innuendo. Now I begin and it does find you one day when things I think is great is does like Pixar movies. In such like they have little jokes built an effort. And the kids don't have any understanding out. And Nike kids and go back in the loss of Jack hole. Wow that's pretty you know again I think that that's nice and his slip in despicable me has that in there a lot of it a lot of that a lot of new windows which I appreciate. You have something in for the adults it's not just for the kids we're going there UN Daniels says space balls is rated PG cart space balls I'd laughed. We must've sat on the bus every bus ride home for a month we would quotes baseballs and laugh our backside yet the space policy your fireworks as big as mine you know means Star Wars going on again you have never seen never really seven year old star wears Libyan dissing pieces of them but I don't Russell's. Go and there never eight game it was one you. Your never seen a black. Bat. Pot of I needed to some he's the fit the way they make fun of cultures and races when I was there are stagger on upside all I think it was funny I should it's hysterical. Blower. And dark helmet. To Chris bigger beef pick flash she's drew wish him. A good putter I guess it's OK here we go on now. But you've got a long ways ago. I'm greens or read that to me what else you know I have an easy and I'm brings baseballs and for him when he does even need to do what you probably rented and yeah I'm sure they don't want to get somewhere and it just went off with Netflix. Again it was on Netflix as long as time and it just left Netflix and April. Yeah so all bring it in where you Brendan from. Anywhere well I team going your apple give probably have an apple T I'm dessert on demand on demanding on where this pocket it's there but that you know you are gonna bring mortgage business we don't. And I know it's a dvd or got a dvd when blockbuster is going out of business scratches everywhere in May be but amen blockbusters going out of business I got a bunch of dvds for like a dollar. Even get like five for a -- so baseball is one of them and Tony I still have like 500 dvds and yet as techsters as dusty nothing's star horses far worse than me nothing's been yeah I know I will I will agree with that at least try to agree with at least I tried. When's the last our worst name something in Star Wars that all of us will say well he has watched the movie. Last may name a character in Star Wars on solo outside of the big main care to vodka charger beings. Aren't you that it's a slam I don't count that one as much pizza the hut Pizza Hut is in space balls a job at a open about that okay. It's what do they what is the name of the what is the name of the battle station the gets blown up. Death star karaoke so you have Nokia framework as Fred grimmer reference. But I tried to watch it just fall sleep okay falsely. Is not from me sorry. Sorry. Where was Lou Bourne what what what planet. Crypt on holding. We keep working. And in my remember it was just like yesterday. Hi this state court's history. 1973. Nolan Ryan throws the first of his seven. Career no hitters. The Ryan express has got for more than any other pitcher in Major League Baseball history. An owner investor Trevor. This should mean seven no hitters. I know Nolan Ryan threw the fast did you know that he recorded the fastest fastball ever their protective 109 miles an hour really. Mean every day that's like we don't know that for a fact. Watch watch the documentary fastball. Funny habit that we we know that for a fact that in science science science I don't let. Nolan Ryan is great because when he does that. When he was running the show for the Rangers remember he is like any innings limits we don't have those will Nolan Ryan died everybody was like him which is a freak of new limits and it looked good so I'm 45 he literally threw his arm out date. Walked out of the Kingdome because his arm was. Exploded he's also 45 years old or something but yet he tried to throw through his arm torn in half they are you throw another pitch adrenaline got it. All right tough guy John about today's show we've got to. What's next with the sports gambling and an update to a distant organs gonna do. We've got to keep can't there's a gonna go for sale today. And that is gonna be final in the top 25 in cup college football the coaches are ranked. Where the pac twelve falls in not one but where we start the warriors flex their muscles in game one of the Western Conference finals 614 on the fan. Both state warriors flexed their muscles in game one of the Western Conference finals speakers saying. At the end and won nineteen. Tell 1060. My goodness. When you watch that game. Did you think to yourself at all. The blazers were the third best team in the regular season. Because watching those seed teams they are on different planets than anybody else in the Western Conference in these I sat there and has gone. Man by for creating the regular season in Needham post season is something that is popular word urea and yeah. Could popular word around these parts but the reason why we should not buy for Kate them is because you sit there and you look at. These two teams. They're the measuring stick and everybody else plane for a third who cares he did third in the right. Golden State Warriors. Are a machine. That we have not seen in the NBA since. The mid ninety's. Mid to late ninety's. I've had been this. This convinced that a team is above everybody else the league since I watched the 96 bulls and during the run. But that dynasty and I've been watching I mean even at the time of the lakers were as good as they were was Shaq and Kobe. The spurs were right there with them in the dynasty world I mean you could see it was a battle. A juggernaut there is no juggernaut that can they are everything to this league the they take advantage of every team's weakness. You play great defense they're elite shooters interment dramas seven foot ten. And he can shoot over everybody seven there's nobody he has he has. His jump shot is equivalent to Kareem Abdul Jabbar is Schuyler it is unblock double. Name the last time anybody's got a hand up even Rudy go BearingPoint time there's nobody that can stop or defend Kevin Durant in the perimeter he can't can't do it. Deal stifled tower can even get a hand up there Yi is impressive and win. Mean you have a multitude of one unblock Kabul shots in this series. Where. James Harden step back jumper. Is ridiculous today I don't know how you get a hand on that. Kevin Durant when he gets his knee up ala Dirk Nowitzki. And is kind of leaning back is not quite a fade away but he's kind of leaning back even as front jump shot at seven feet you can't get a hand on that and then staff Currie when he pulls up from the logo at center court. I mean you can't. You can't defend that shot either. A there's a and then. Chris Paul mean how many times that he have you know a seven footer on and and he just is there crosses Democrats over jewels between the legs boom and then he gets a little fadeaway jumper. There's a lot of tough shots defend in this series but. I look at Golden State new Disco. Offensively they're great. You've got that fire power its staff clay. To grant in very month. But defensively. Man that first half they may have been trailing B center in human. Houston was not getting easy books. They were forcing them to go all the way down on the shot clock. And every shot was contested but he still was taking like you knew leave literally watching that game that Houston may have taken their their punches. But Golden State was the one that was gonna run. So I said yesterday what was using going to be able to do to manage the defense. And still have the production down the stretch into the fourth quarter. And eat it it was right there was on display you get to see it mean there was no gas left in the take down the stretch and this is game one written by you I understand that. Guys are gonna founded to be able to dig deep and figure out. How much they have lasted into the gamer whether you're taking towards the end you're giving up there was no give up my Houston. They look tired their defense was terrible at the end in is because they were running so much in trying to compete with Golden State throughout the entire game which they kept it close. Midway through third quarter there was always the chance in the fourth court and all of a sudden it got to minute seven. He saw separation period there's always going to be a separation because eventually they're gonna run you off the court physically you can't keep up with them. One also one way that I I think Houston is going to be at a faults here and they would if we sounding game one is. You win. James hardening Chris Paul to start pounding the ball under the ground. And then they put up shots and they waste opportunities early in the game when they're making their runs and when Kevin Durant went out near the end of the third quarter. And Houston made their run. They do that into his guy that I was talking about last and yesterday click impala. Mean did their run at him towards the rim when they run an offense that is in the context of of anything resembling an offense even though it is up and down they play at a frenetic pace. You see curable starts to take over with Harden and even Chris Paul. And that's where they end up selling and that's what Golden State does tee because when they're taken me trigger panic ball out of the basket every single time. Then you do start to panic he try to take over the game ourselves instead of you know what got them. To lead at the half what got them you know making that run bringing him back to let four points or down by eleven big closer to four. And then all of a sudden Drake comes back in in you just hocker and and that is what great teams make you do is hunkered down late stretches of games. Single state doesn't matter and any I don't wanna. Compare this team with the other ones in the past so that's that's not fair they're just a dynasty that better much better than everybody twenty years ago he got to see agree bulls team than. There's runs this is their time their window when they're young staff is 302928. The core of this team could be together for another four years if they wanted to financially. They can probably oldest except cuts to make it equal say we wanna become the greatest basketball franchise in the modern era. And they will be because nobody unless there's a super team out there that decides to join up and LeBron James joins Houston and also gets. Paul George is going to use them there's no way. The anybody's beating this team. You know era I'm we all know it and just look there's nobody that can beat this team well in my in a series ninety and Tony summed it up perfectly last night. After the performance of his star. It discouraging to you to see James scored 41 points and you still lose by. Double digit now Moses go to our communities and about 55 minutes on sonus is an aberrant that take care of houses left telling that. With a common is that just tell you that Dan Tony systems on a playoff system or suggest that those guys can't compete. With the Golden State Warriors I the year item when I mean I read that go score 55 play more defense to me does James Harden played defense to Chris Paul yet Chris Paul does. Click appellate does a reason does James Harden. You know he's not there to play a lot of defense he's there to put points. I look at then mango is a throw my hands of what else you want me to do. Hey look that's it I mean you saw the hero ball performance at the end of the game and he's gone well he needs fourteen more. He needs fourteen more points. For them be better. And he's right because we knew was I thirteen guess that you need those orgy what is it that his mentality that Tony's mentality instead of same we need to get fourteen more stops. This is like whoa we just don't shoot him know you're not going to limit so is there any way the Houston Rockets can defend. It'll say where's any better what they did last night is there any way that yes forced them off some of the screens and how the slashes the back cuts. Is there any way to stop clay Thompson from taking one quick dribble and shot going. When it again yes there is there is because the day it what does it. But you try your you know this moon. Was it ten midway through the fourth quarter was that at the warriors are shooting 60% in the field are you know late in the third quarter they're shooting 60%. From the field and a game yet the other thing I notices Klay Thompson after the game said it was more easy looks than he'd seen in pretty much any playoff game and that that's what you get when you have Currie and injury and out they're doing their thing will in. What is the deal with. James Harden trying to DF Kevin Durant. That's your answer is to put your worst defender. On Kevin Durant who didn't have any they tried PJ Tucker they tried their over all don't what I tried in a name I'm talking first. Right attitude of the game and eighty click Capote came over got a block at the rim. But first possession of the game it was pardon under it in your Golan. Good luck good luck to others nobody that can defend him meters name somebody that can defend Kevin Durant in the league of LeBron James. Probably get a chronicle life that's probably it may be honest with the length and yeah yeah maybe I mean but days on the Houston's Rondo has the best one on one scorer knowing no question of shoot over anybody. Anybody see that stat on isolation he was ten of thirteen didn't matter that you throw I don't know if he's gonna win those 101 back at him when Trevor he's who's the guy you probably want on him the most when he gets an early foul trouble you're going downhill. In in my the only per seminaries have picked up his fifth foul. And he had to go out of the game ice and ending popped up the graphic. Guys in foul trouble and like a reason with five ending beside dream on and Iguodala. Each had three. I could've swore dream angry I have like 181000. That came he almost got thrown out of the game in the first six or seven seconds then I mean it was it their goal and what in the world. Is gone. Echoing a hot in this game. A reason with five and those guys only got three what do we say yes drill Scott Foster gives trim on a little latitude V they might have been lucky that eating get tossed early in the game there. Well yes well so playoffs are allowed to view it was what four minutes a they suspended him for. Game five or thinks he's in game six against the cavs was four and a half minutes into the game. And he pride yet another dust up where he was dressing down the officials and clip as stepped curry had a light. Shuffle on over and say man I'm sorry for him on just kind of go sit down get away. Because he just. OZ he'd keep his head. My gosh and that could be led what happens you know is that neighboring. Houston back into it is to fund since health costs. Still the warriors are winning this five times a mistake would my five these gentlemen sweep you might just snag one out of pure boredom. That's it. Yeah aren't 55305. That is the same tax on one that. 190106. Warriors take game one while more on that series in the NBA playoffs coming up. And these 7 o'clock hour becoming our next big news. Of the day yesterday we broke it during the show at the Supreme Court. Struck down the anti gambling laws. What sports are going to be the most affected by did new gambling laws. 55305. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number to call them to pull our. Diner by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shoulder obliged to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that today. 5305. That is may intact signed. Sexual relations. At sixty votes and. I yesterday you Liz. Ruled by the Supreme Court that it is unconstitutional. That anti sports gambling laws I don't know. How it's unconstitutional but it is. In the Supreme Court ruled that state by state. We can start legalizing. Sports gambling in. At other note in the state of Morgan apparently the organ lotteries all over it in their already. Have been planning and trying to find ways. TU. Enhance dare sports betting we only used to have sports action which is like par lays for the NFL. And it was like the eighteen team par lazy you'd have to deal. But so they're saying now they're gonna kind of trend stream streamline it and it's an extra revenue source for the State's southern trying to jump on board with it which is good for us. But it's amazing to me to see how many. Leagues were ready for this ruling in how many more when we see all of the releases and the NBA seems like they had their ducks in a row and Adam silver is kind of been in support of this and saying hey did sports betting is gonna happen we might as well regulated Major League Baseball even as saying okay. We want to make sure the integrity of our game is intact. But we're ready for it and this is kind of how ago the NFL and NCAA. Seemingly were caught with they're pants around their shorts. And are not ready for sports kindling to be legalized. What sports do you think though are gonna be the ones that are affected the most by the legalization of sports game. I think the law IQ I can't differentiate this is. This is a difficult thing for me because I know reports are there's a 150 billion dollars worth of gambling money out there last year. Not just illegally but collectively if there are ways for the country in the government to be able to monetize it and find a way to tax and that's really what this comes down to who's more ways for. The government to be able to use state officials local officials county city if you can find ways to tax it. It's more revenue for the communities and however you wanna do it if I spend ten dollars on a bad and two dollars goes to mind my local city I'm I'm OK without I mean I mean what he wanted to do I mean not gonna throat cancer about it. It's part of the landscape of what we do our vices from alcohol is tax our gasoline is taxed. Soon as we see all these illicit drugs is he's he's day will be legalized in the they will be taxed dislike. The two states that we are in border with the Columbia River with Washington organ this is what's going to happen. So I asked I have to ask this thing US what sport it is meant. How's it gonna affect you as just the regular fan are you gonna believe that sports are real now I mean there you go I can understand is that. This is gonna be real when I watched the sport are you gonna say this is real or is it rigged or is there things underlined there's there's all some there's juice on this game. Are you gonna be interested more I just from I'd never bet on sports keep its sports games. Does it mean in the future now that I won't I mean I can't sit here and tell you that. I'm against sports gambling is to each their own but if you told me that they're gonna be more people that enjoy sports in their lives because they can put 1020 bucks. Before they head into the stadium. I don't have a problem that seat. And I don't I don't know where the people are getting all bent out of shape about all it's gonna change. People have bad already that. They just do it legally instead of that money going TO bookie though. And not being taxed on big winnings it's now just gonna go to I don't know paving you're closer funding your schools have Yunel and it Mark Cuban. He said he essar interview with CNBC. He said every single owner of a professional sports scene in the big force courts in America just other franchises double night. Because of legalized sports gambling because the cuts gonna go to teams cuts gonna go TU you know players scenes and all this. In he's saying it doubles value our franchises. But when you're looking from a pure entertainment standpoint. EL. The prevailing thought is. Fell is not going to be changed by this. Because people already got on NFL daily fans in Tennessee football you have action on games coming in no matter what. Like if you think that there's going to be integrity. Is going to be you know in tatters because of this in games are gonna be rigged. They probably should have been just as many will be now than there have been historically. Because you know the unscrupulous people out there that are going to be dealing in the shady area they already have been in the guy's going to be throwing games they're gonna beat throwing games. Both Fords a legal or it's illegal. You know like there's already that laws against it. So you're not these games are going to be compromised by at. It's just that it's going to be legal action now on the government gets a take of it. But we've always been told it's dirty mean I walked into a locker room from when I first stepped on to the university Washington then into the NFL. There was a giant sign that said do not. Bet on sports and told me it was wrong toll was dirty mean Pete Rose is not allowed to be in the hall of fame because of gambling. Now he now allowed to come back into the hall of fame now. Baseball may be that does sport that is changed the most by the same he should he should be anyway is. Yet they should price change it to its legal. There's too many things that they you're gonna take its gonna take decades to change the thought process a melodic. Guys at least my age or anybody that's like you and I start to really come around to hold scum of the north. Scum of the norm although was the norm. We talk about it but it wasn't it's one of the weirdest things in sports ever to sit there Ingle. Not supposed to do it yet we pick games based on the lines. It we do it even doing it since it's illegal anyway as I I know that's why it's like that that's why it's and weird it is weird to sit their SAT legal. Yet we've been talking about it in doing that for years in a very strange and analysis all out in the opener we can just move on. Well yet people are gonna have to get rid of the stigma that only bad people bet on games because that day it's just not true I mean when you look at it. You bid if you play Tennessee football you've been gambling anyways if you have a pot to the NCAA tournament. You've been gambling on things anyway it's you know I mean it's the exact same thing is that when you're doing your research for the NCAA tourney you're looking at all what team is favored to win it. Well guess for those lines come from I didn't I don't think anything's going to be changing back. If you're looking at a sport that can benefit the most from it. It might be Major League Baseball. I'll tell you why next 55305. Dusting him on the fan. 55 series here fives fans excited. Which quirky thing is going to be impacted the most by this. And says in this sector says that in college football might be the sport that is impacted the most by an I mean if you think about it. And people are gonna start wondering who the bad man was showing up when his team was supposed to win by fifteen but the room by thirteen somebody handed couple thousand dollars to make. Did to make the drop toward big to make a bad play in the game that cost them two points to cover knives don't. I don't know if that is going to be. Happening but college football in college bask on May be changed by this because if you look at what the state of West Virginia is doing. And the what they're trying to do is they're trying to get part of these what they call integrity fees. That come with every every debt. Is gonna take money towards universities of what university West Virginia and Marshall. To help fund their athletic department's. And back to be another revenue stream to help kind of how do we pays student athletes. All the people that bet on the games may be so you said Major League Baseball also please tell us I think Major League Baseball will be because if you think of the one thing that people criticize the most is about based off of 216 games off the watch every game. People aren't really it's not a game that holds your attention from first pitch to final out. Ball what gambling in needle legalization sports betting can do is keep people more engaged. In this sport for the 116 game regular season. And throughout the course of the game where if you take the overs and thunders in games and there's there's more action that's on I'm there. Because people RD bet big on basketball and football we Ernie know that. In hockey is still T niche. I baseball can actually benefit from that in plessy get rid of that negative stigma around like Pete Rose and is. Is being banished from the game forever because of something that's illegal federal. In response this Dexter says doesn't change a thing in a fourth thing if Pete Rose rules of baseball yes baseball. Prohibited players or managers from betting on the game it's post in every locker room that penalty is banned for life end of story yeah but you we've heard. Rob Manfred he softened his stance on Pete Rose and he was not as hard line is Bud Selig was then. And I think over time as well you were saying like it's hard for you to get over the fact that all the sudden. Afternoon you woke up yesterday. And gambling laws and legal and then you went to bed and I'll listen gambling is is legal and it's fine like once that gets out of vehicles and people adjust to and gays to let them. I think bad news and events who feel like wheat Pete rose's AM church from baseball I was let Becky and I think it but we'll take time it's argumentation happen overnight. Really do feel like this gambling is is similar to the secondary ticket market. And how would change sports it when you saw stuff like Ticketmaster and and it dimming before it was all about showing up to the game and is buying the tickets and they mailed them to you or you showed it to the stadium and if you bought your tickets you buy your season tickets there was no secondary ticket market with a 4050 dollar. Service fee on how your doing whoever. And whatever. Group state now you say West Virginia but if we're gonna use for the state of Morgan now does the university of Morgan develop its own gambling site enough. To do I mean but just hold on me think about this I mean I know it doesn't sound right but does the state. Develop some sort of application that allows us Tibet so it funnels through the state first in the cuts get dispersed. To all the public entities lingered they get disbursed to the organ states they give disbursed through all these questions are going to be answered soon but I guarantee you like it Ticketmaster. There's gonna be a dot com that pops up and in markets within the next six months. It's as bad on any sports anywhere any time in our country. And pay a small fee and where does it all go that's what's gonna happen. That's how we do wits about convenience. For our fans and how they watch how they ban on this will happen doc almost are just like anything just like a goal fund mean does. But raising money for people. We are all about convenience speed where our money goes but this is how it's gonna change are gonna get a chance to bat as you're walking into a stadium. Yes and will that make you more interesting than a minute David will make you more interested would you be more engaged. Is how many times have I said be more interested fans. Having northwest and care more would you care more Vienna grand on the game would you. You'll go kayaking. You'll know that wants a game. Right bad and I think that that's kind of where he gets overblown is like there's this panic in the streets of well you know all these weigh what's gonna have me it's all gonna be regulated. And people are just an overnight start deadening grand. On on a game. You know it's not. You know the thing that's gonna to get people engaged is you know having two dollar bets on something bad that makes it a little bit more fun is this I cables some extra here. If they went in those are the ones like the high money and bats and stuff like that's gonna of course as people are ready that gambling and betting. I buddy if you could put like two bucks on it make it just a little bit extra and have you know little some and the bad side that would your guy they go to the game with I think that's all. Where does it stop Destin where where does it stop word a word of prop bets on. What happens it gives college prop bets that first pass thrown to tax Carty have that vote Justin Herbert throws the first pass to axe RD happened just her can control that. He could put a bet on them he could end up go out he could tell Eric regulate that mean I mean it sounds great to regulate able what's stopping now what's stopping any doubt he's already there isn't and there's nothing so now mortal panic so it's not panicky the same it's more transparent now also might seem more okay to adjust. Or throw game it comes in personal integrity now because. You're the first one to tell anybody you're asking me money rules the world you'll do a lot for a little bit of extra cash I'm the first to tell people how don't I don't you love money you're the first one to tell me that I mean yeah I notice. You that. But you've been here ally how many times every time we have regularly on the keys the first one ago doled out that's point 400 dollar and disabled golden Glendale and Cameron in their money him give money it's important I understand that I get it or you makes the world go round. But what will stop and what will what will stop he was an athlete. Potentially there's gonna be some situations where you might be a little concerned was that real. Was that not fixed those questions are gonna come out more now because it seems like it's okay and it's. Part of the man norm I think people should take up this inflow have because you've been living under Iraqi if you don't think that these bats in these types of things haven't been happening already ammunition and we don't sit there and think it's all of everything's rigged. I don't know eighteen year old a 22 year old man that ban on sports I don't. I go to the universities and play for the teams I don't know any. Well and and now well that is it changed my hand that will be different than we've ever seen look there's guys that. I mean sorry I don't think gamble I understand that they gamble on their own games how indeed that's why to be regulate how can you regulated by the creative burner account create my own thing legally she's do you get OK so why wouldn't that stop guys from doing it already it doesn't that's what I'm same belt now that they never for a change no it's more transparent so it seems like it's okay. When you say something's OK just means a more more people will do it I heard an interesting take on goal at a window this morning that it could actually help them prevent this because it'll be more regulated because more people looking India and that's a good point in if it does I'm I'm all for that they can track the trends they can see if you know you get an influx of money late on some sort of prop bet about who goes to the free throw line first or whatever. See who's putting that bad down in and see how that gets paid off. And if you see the spice it's easier to find the violators are just like to build the tracking software that tracks down people right now that's who's gonna I'd like we know how we needed invest in the infrastructure. Is Kansas street certainly going to be booming yes yes it's gonna be the gold rush of today's world. And there's a lot of avenues streams that you know the reason why. Congress has gotten involved is because. They get it they can get a big chunk of this and fewer Brian Wilson amid a good point on the tech side saying that. You know this is also a blow to organized crime. Because if you look at. Who runs illegal sports books who has 40 I don't know better part of this century now organized crime has had a big hand in that. And the government regulating all of these things. Bill keys are gonna be needed anymore and so that money it mean it is a huge blow to them in their say they're looking at the billions of dollars it can be raked in. And you know skimming off the top of all of these bats that go. Is the government they can benefit from. You do understand and any time you create something legally there's always going to be group is somebody that finds the do it. And skim it like you say and make it some sort of profitability for them illegally. No matter how many times we may not illegally. And say oh all all that's gonna make it fair and legal there's got to be a group and I'm just looking at this fair but it makes sense but those people have already existed. In those athletes that don't that think that would do it in a legal web site are doing it illegally. Already best part about this is full transparency now and it means more tax revenues for the for the states cities and governments and that's. A fantastic. Yeah I think it is as well and pays Sanyo is excited for this and I'd seems like organ in the organ lottery they are. Full tilt boogie let's do this thing. On keep finding ways to create and regulate sports gambling already is state that is already being grandfathered in. To the sports betting laws with our sports action that went away in 2007. To bring NCAA tournament here now. It data is possibly can be coming back in the lot more as far as game by game action happens. And still the intensity. But sports are gonna be. Easy to put that action on yield on your favorite team. All right that coming up next hour we have got some NBA chatter conference finals under way just how good Golden State is can be exemplified by one player. And wood off the rails a little bit. Testing came on the fan.