Dusty & Cam - Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, September 11th
Dusty and Cam discuss dominant defenses on Monday Night Football as the Jets and Rams spoil Matt Patricia and Jon Gruden's season openers, and with Week 1 behind us we discuss the youngest NFL stars and which ones are poised to have superstar careers ahead of them in our Textual Relations.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Would I rather be your loved. Palm Beach post I want people to be afraid of how much they love me. Susan does do you jam in the morning from our guys Hurley who are just from another worm my other friend. As early bird gets the worm does to you for a thank you Chinese you touched in the jays signed a world I would have all ten fingers and Alaska. And his right hand could just be a fist punching an NFL veteran Jim Leland Miller once man means I don't care how I imagine. No I mean he's dusty in just a moment to navy he's like a long winter and I make contact and it's not like there was a Lone Ranger and Tonto and the bond so soon. Thank you happy Tuesday to be September 11 2008. Teen does Eric Kim Cleveland with you look. How do you know in this morning or not and then and I love that guy staying into a love that open that's my favorite open at a good one buck. Our for our fail is in bring solace in the office like it's part of our kin insist it's to get there with us. In fact that I know it's September notes early in all of you families that are out there there's stocking. For your Halloween thing. I'm party's year you're. Costumes we actually just read. No I'm not trying to jump the shark you're get rid of September like September month of October as the greatest and the sports. It's drew them and it also ends with the greatest. Against wooten week. Paul. Is it all day that we call it all these holidays I don't know if it's fair to call all they are you celebration day off for the holidays I think it's all hallows eve and but one of my kids is going to be a office character and Ali you think about that. Think about. On which. When they give me the OK here's the thing. If he's Kevin. Means you have these I guess a big fat bald kid you not if it's Michael Scott act. Then it's just a guy in a suit GM is a guy just weren't made sure with the top item Dwight is the only black and creed are they too care nobody knows who greeted the pre pre does earlier what really is like discernible injury there's not a kind of a hit and I answer you here after a hard hearted dress up as creek you can have this some this may be controversial dream might be my favorite character on the aisle says this before and I. Wholeheartedly disagree I can't believe that love curry he's a shell maker any time like there is all lol on the shows like okay we need creed to diss them stupid here. Creed is off some you know wild card he has he's death no wildcard. I guess is you hit the nail on the head. We are gonna have a do I Dwight shrewd and firfer Halloween or in search of making sure the hair is growing low enough to be gonna turn the sides were already doing now. Were surgery yellow sleeveless shirts. That's a dress shirt but he is sleeveless the hard collar divine park color and it's not just yellow it's like gay and a's mustered isn't very. Putrid mustard to get like one of those calculator watch is on the wrist most definitely human have to go to the retro stored get down the glass has to got to have the glasses tie within the tie will be currently. Signature. And then probably the all of brown pants yeah all of brown to get around belt departed on the novelty hearted down and it'll you know Rainn Wilson is from Portland. I did know that yeah I don't plays activity and use a key group like Communist. Not in pour out surprise. Which made me think like when I first heard them like was Dwight Grozny she. Is Rainn Wilson arise niece she that would kind of fit are of your seen him interviewed just like the actor he's kind of he's got a little weird dude it's it's it's not all that off from polite. This. That's a horrible thing a good if somebody is OK we reckon this kit during jaish awesome you showed that this is why you like. Well it being in this is great this is what the office doesn't me think of better times when good knew there was good TV. No but I think that anybody is out there mean there is a real they're planning their costumes I am and I'm planning my costume. Can you mean. Secret I'll let seeker you secretive costume does not secretive costumed guide my wife. Flip and loves the show called vikings. Ousting. His deregulated they then you Roy playing knowing only role playing has done little spark spunky. The show vikings I did no idea I've never watched it so I thought about maybe I'd maybe. I go some of the girl the Foreman starts here probably in the next couple weeks ago full. Rid beard. I grew owing by Diaz I'm excited for this gonna rain we're gonna make because I did last year member of that ago yes I dare you you own it on him and bring you back. OK if you watch the show is my wife is infatuated with a rag not I just seeing the show. I oh loss not one of it but I'm looking at pictures and all of these guys have hair than I don't know if you can grow globally wig wig who will exceeds all like. L all of them had shaved on the sides in here up top just the opposite of where it had the way to your hair currently is. There's one I think has a braided rat tale yeah. Thought about that too could benefit. Thought about behind and at. Yeah I'm Brett really in a Halloween as I look it I think Owings a blast is one of my favorite. I don't not a big dress up guy but I'm thinking them ago and do blew out we amend my other son is going to be vote for Peter. 00. You really appalling diamond to pull oh he's good luck. Coerced my children and a bad TV classic movies those are the quite the throw Abaxis thank. Both of those to show started before your kids were born exactly they do and that's what is it time to do that we're gonna go back in time that's there nobody give it tears your superhero B superhero now known we could be. New dream back. I think. I'd wanna dead and my son is only a year and a half right I wanna dress him up like macho man Randy savage that's him you know. Put a little scraggly beard on and cruel cowboy hat and sunglasses on and Lee and Miller I was gonna say that he is below six they like the same size you. Yes he has ultimately you sing book I've told this to him before. Geno could and we went to the disaster is game my daughter and she yelled. At Jose LT they would then need distance he's the same size as me in four years old that's gotten us up. So you see these are you know are well patrol in MVP and now now. Kids are being honest to being and actually is being honest hey speaking of great shows. I started watching something that. Why didn't anybody tell me about the show Ozarks. On Netflix heard about it I did I tell you about the shows are I don't know. Eight RBC didn't sell it good and I guess it I started watching it did is he would like to kill off some. Okay argument sound isn't okay. Jason Bateman plays a drug cartels money launder and who worked in S men's room in a big city and then. Diaz hits the fan in he has to move to the Ozarks. In work for the cartel even harder and it is. Eating is one of the best shows I've seen in Jason Bateman plays a character that. Everybody knows like eight and from his comedic roles in beating in you know arrested twelve men in a horrible bosses stuff like that. It is a complete shift from anything Jason Bateman has ever done family size also. Not enough as we're driving my kids if I was sort of there was an these figures suggests you guys that's he got his start. I can't remember I don't remember which one either but yet the show's real gray yet starts off he's its financial and I get from Chicago when he gets messy mix up at the wrong people. And basically has to up to stamp its whole life to go to this rural area and deal with a whole new message stuff because he's indebted to this cartel that's a totally different role for him he's used to being like funny awkward average dad but not the case here. He had you write in directs it as well good for him and listen minutes. This is Jason Bateman is I NDB. He's over spins silver spoons that's what I meant his first acting. Credits are from little house on the clearinghouse emperor he or angles little Jean school Pringles. Who an end and he did silver spins he was in Knight Ridder Knight Rider he is an in Mr. Belvedere mr. bell of the year. Serena rates and then he was in team off to you yes you movie that should be a double thumbs down. And then. That's not get you seem O Rivera remaking. What sic comedy remaking I saw an hour I was at all mega PI DC on Sunday football. It is on CBS they were showing that they're rebooting the Magnum PI a martyr who's going to be Tom so now you tee it now because it's not Tom Selleck what's the point I think they'll probably bring Tom Selleck reckoning some sort of moral. Oh. I'm so cold. I'm Alex seventy. I'm so it is the whole sixty something he's on blue blood sugar that blue show or whatever some cop blues show in the he's got it is blue bloods is there really is he's got to sultan peppery moustache now does but he died a bad boy bringing back in America Magnum PI whom right. Let's show them got a lot to get to today. NFL. A leftovers are leading get to yesterday college football conversation as the beavers take a big hit plus it could be a boost coming to Eugene. We will do something new today and we will have the he could speak translator hitting him movement and yes we hear a lot of coach speak with. And they all these NFL coaches are well versed in coach speak or say what they're really thinking I'm super excited about this were to throw somebody out youth coaches talking. And both dusty buck and I are gonna give you our translation of what really is said. What does that mean. Who don't you hear that. Mr. for a return to text or Lacey it's young players in week one it may be stars in the making it's not just a James there seemed Arnold show. And there's a lot of impressive performances from young players across the NFL. Before we do that let's get the show on the road. And I remember was just like yesterday. Sorry she doesn't want the entire word world stood still planes crashed in the world where it trades senator. Towers in New York plane went down and depending on one and do field in Pennsylvania. This is day that our remember in sports history. Because nothing happen and that the entire like I'll never forget it going out to practice that today and no fly in flying overhead. In how I was in high school nothing is this is odd and eerie silent on that day. I was in my fourth year NFL. It was. New owns it was on Tuesday just like it was today eighth on a day often woke up and then view is just utter shock I mean all of us there live at the time. There's an old I can you put in perspective what it felt like to be part of that all the thoughts and feelings and actually my story is I got to play. That following week the very first gay team at the meadowlands. Against the giants in the and in new York and still seen the Dustin and and seeing all of that. And the feel all of plane in New York City. Against the giants in the emotions of that city so it's this is never gonna forget and it's an amazing unbelievable. Feeling and I I can't even put into effect of of how hard it was for everybody that any he felt empty about a lost. For our country. Yes sir yes sir and today and have been seventeen. Years ago September 11 2001. All right. Jon Gruden his return spoiled. And boy did it happen in a hurried things and traveled fast at the Oakland Alameda coliseum 614 on the fan. John Burns returned to the sidelines spoiled by the brands in impressive fashion last that the back capital Monday night the bulls double header. So on the rams absolutely dis may told. The raiders in the second half cruising to a final score of 33 to thirteen outscoring their hands 23 and nothing. In that second half of action and call me crazy on this one but in the first half eyes are watching that game. I was gone winner we've finally went arena C. Alvin Donald consume Michael Brock pierce make an impact in this game and then as the game and on you said okay that's at three for Campbell pass searches look like on a one. Team Davey. For the first half my battle and it really good job of containing those three guys in new minimizing their impact on the game. Douglas got a good timing from from what they're able to put together I mean you're going against and cannot under I just need to be straight up honest with the ram are now. That is an all star team is needed is dead is as good a football team that I've ever seen on paper right away and then come out in the season opener. And aloe against the guys on a million dollar. Coach and a very good court action in an iconic running back with Sean lynch. That is a fright mean football team. I mean LA fans if you're rams fan right now you need to get super suck it just. I I'm not trying to jump the shark after week one but that's as good a football team I've ever seen put together. Would still lagged. Wind energy a lead players on defense terror fine on defense and board they got some pin is on offense they really do it. In defensively especially when you look the rams. Those guys up front. I think you what were able to see Wade Phillips is such a great defense of mind. I mean Derek Karr looked bamboozled at times in the second half especially because. They don't have to get cute up front and they did they allow those guy is kind of roam free and how easy is it for a and how hard is on a quarterback to sit there and look at three guys can get enough pressure to where huge men seven and eight guys every single play. Just roaming free and in a way to pick the ball. Off I had the answers are always simple as that if you have one guy that takes two to block. Then it's a nice advantage to have on your deeds of line because that means it frees up your others to have one on ones. The problem with when you face the rams is there's reed guys that you need to to block. Do you I mean Ndamukong Suh can still get to the quarterback one on one if you block to. Belly is Aron Donald will now you need help from your center and guard and yet. Side and oh my gosh and who we are you going to defend against that what do you do to try to game plan what is what is your scheme to try to take them out of the football game well maybe just double team. Have quick protection and then you run everything with sky throws to get the ball off fast simple and if you do hold the ball longer. Oh you go begets Aqib Talib and markets Peter in the back and now they're one on one on the outside Dili where do you get a breath. Tell me that and I notice that it you mean you could see that the raiders had a very good game plan to star. You just can't lean on that kind of fence after after awhile it just gets you. Well I and then that opens up the ability for John Johnson and Corey Littleton. You know linebacker Corey little Tinny just kind of floats in his own because you keep you wanna throw a marked as Peters or keep to leave because those are two lockdown corners. And those guys can just kind of find a soft spots and read the quarterback's eyes and kind of move. With the quarterback's eyes and in that leads at three interceptions. Four. Derek harper is using Derek Karr in that first game is impressive on the defense decides or. And the rams this essay afterward what looked like a pretty easy drive and a fruitless drive moving the ball forward I mean that opening drive for a local and he sat there in the opening few drives for Oakland he said there and he said hey. John Bernstein his offense works in the NFL right now it'll play no matter what era. It's in because it is run the ball in in distribute to the play makers on the outside and. This is step into I have a slight bias but I am just gonna give it to you because the West Coast offense or stand up for for the test of time for all it is the foundation for Howell. We all play. The modern day football mean what Bill Walsh has done and then junger and audit from his father and moved on in coach to Green Day in San Francisco and then he. Mold it in Oakland and then won a title in Tampa this offense and ended the system is. Perfect when I say perfect football that's how you play football under this system. You still have to have the guy excuse and they do they have a very good to be back as an aging running back but I do. When I watch Marshawn Lynch pound the football man do I miss him as a seahawk watching that guy still be able to do it successfully. But in their car just he would just wasn't as efficient as you would like to see aiming three interceptions. Interceptions. As I can get it done I think we may see that. And quite often against this strange decency thing that's more of a product as Derek Karr or the rams defense tried to think though if you're asking junger and it does is it fair to criticize your honor it through he's swinging and he knew a million dollar quarterback when he tried many years hunter over yet he's he's got a lot of money. I dare cars are really good quarterback is it fair to criticize out of the gate now I've seen a couple quarterbacks veteran quarterbacks out of the gate and he's good defense is. Matt Ryan looked very pedestrian coming out against a very good Philly defense to a lot of mixed. Was very comfortable and that's that's just so rare for a quarterbacks that how that kind of consistency. Thing is about this is the junger his first run in their car so I wouldn't panic in Oakland I wouldn't he this is fine his ability. To settle into this stem and insist it it's not unfair welcome to the NFL we have to face the LA rams is the first defense how scary would that have been if those reports are true yesterday that came up for the game. That. The rams offered. A first round pick or clue Mac this year and were willing to let them down there are just on to god I have no idea now have been on there. There's been a fair justice is unfair because I still have to win. But it. You just you your eyeballs. You use your eyeballs and it's been a long time and since I've seen and you do that a team put together. On defense not to mention they looked fantastic. Jeered off it just he looked like gay. Poised it's just comfortable. He was he and his numbers were even greater mean they were they were Saul but he looks so comfortable his arm strength looked better timing and everything it better. Isn't he is he has picked up the idea that don't be too much play within yourself because he isn't BA game manager key is they. Playmaker. And you can see we saw that last year and flashes of it is just that's more comfortable and confident in it for your great I think John burdens. In debut in Oakland they gave the thirty to thirteen. I would then as it that's a team that's gonna won a lot of games. That's eighteen now will win. A lot of games in in the EC west. It just shows you how good LA rams are this year. I mean did they are really get in I say that despite the fact that. They got rid of their best defender. In one of their best players in Joseph anger and tried to sell us on the fact that. That was the that was the right move for their defense in the long term. Obviously clue Mac and one player. And that's what's been mr. he was under contract Lisa. In he's under contract he never showed up for T eight never showed up for training camp it was obvious you initial for the season. So. You know don't forget that we have to get ready to play. And I want players that wanna be here that won't help us put this thing back in high gear. Mae and that is something right there Jon Gruden says he would under contract he didn't wanna be here that the most. Lied to me and I hear that don't believe it that's a that the most one side aid. Peace in this argue in ever. Ever. Because I'm heading into the final year Vizio. He wanted to long term extension like many players do. And dia raiders were on going to play ball with him understand if your under contract and all that stuff but if you are one of the best day your craft. We see time and time again and these guys say hey. Work with me here in the raiders were unwilling to work with them so he said and then I'll just sit out which is commonplace in the NFL. We're all well so what we America did on it is opening XP it's on Sunday night we we solidly affected he had against Green Bay. Those of us think that he would do would not have helped plagues the rams we would've made a big difference coming off the edge to. Who does this Oakland have at this point in its news Bruce Irvin I mean that your most intimidating pass rusher. Come off the edge or mean is Cleo America's that'll beat. Defender he leads you replace that now I don't leave that the raiders cannot afford him financially they just couldn't figure out a way to pay for. I mean that's that's what I believe him and did is just not enough money in their Katie jar because let's be honest folks. That is the worst thing I've ever seen on TV now all in 2018 is watching a professional football game played on a garbage of I cannot I I mean look in on and I know because I've played multiple game on that crap crap field. I tore my elbows. I mean I've got touchdowns in that in that place in that plane Mac garbage of a football field where there's dirt like that in 2018 is. It's just ridiculous and the raiders can't continue to do it and that's why they're moving to LA because that is. Embarrassing netted the amount of money when your a fifteen billion dollar league your plane at a at a high school back field. It's a joke that we have to walk football played like that and it's not good it's not say there affects the game and those you don't think it does affect gay and it does. On one hand I feel bad for the people vote for losing their team but on the other night I don't blame the raiders for leaving one bid on that I don't state or. If the people really wanted it in if they could find it created due to the government and city officials book maybe you can speak ordered this. Knowing knowing eerie in a glow I just think that you could find a way to make this work they just won't do. Yes I mean honestly did the city don't wanna pay for editing and and frankly in this day and age most of these stadiums should not come from public money should be privately finance tales. We've seen has become a more more popular thing is not taking money from the public on it and as we've mentioned before Porsche owner in in the NFL not even close oh yeah enough. Out in a cash strapped city of Oakland completely. Does the city of Oakland doesn't have that expendable test to be like gee here's Bob 150 billion dollars so if you're a billion dollar basis of your cash strapped to exceed DOT. Vegas baby critique the things that damned ice where people from every other city in the country will pay for your stated right. 55305. Did you today tech sign as the raiders. And get their return of Joseph Unger and spoiled by the rams in impressive fashion. Branding cuts by the way. The former Oregon State beaver have a day young and five catches 87 yards super cup ease price eastern Washington. Five Texas City DR Dan perennially under thrown and it got under throw him. Gosh I. You know I send your eye center last year it Cooper cubs can be rookie all star is going to be rookie year but he was close he set the rams rookie record was 62 catches back kid is its. Even White House stick in your goth and gamer best buddies and you could see each. The connection that they have an oh by the way branding coaxed just continues to branding cooks everywhere he goes. I make in the tough catches in just one of the dues it does all the dirty work over in the middle. Yes. I concur like and they went 33 to thirteen revolting rams sixteen and a guarantor. We let. Uber cup was an exciting young player last year but week one in the NFL it's some stars in the making. Who popped CU that's the text or relations 55 days your body buried a tax on your boat was sports center. When it's dead sixties. That's a message what numbered. Two or. Niners yeah. Five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and like any parent there we have all of my life I mean. Or cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message data rates may apply to just play my health. And do anything else that we're desperate. This is actual regulations on the shoulder likes to believe. Overt act as a stand jam in the morning on May be the rain of that person actually say that both of 55305. Mean that you mood today tax and legal any NFL is. In the books. Man they gave us some budding stars in the National Football League it was hailed as the one the best quarterback classes since 1983 draft. And seemed are cultured put on a show and we'll have more on Arnold's performance coming up later in in the pro am. But he proved to be one of the top prospects. On the in this entire draft and will knew that we had an eight expectation it's internally be great eight. But this rookie class outside of the quarterbacks. Really put on a show. Week one and some of the guys that we DNC last year but we're finally seeing year to. Put on a show in week one that system makes ego. May have some budding young stars in the national football. In my favor part of every year is trying to look at where the future the NFL. We'll go who're gonna the guys that you look at and because there's always this feeling dissolve there's his old crew of cornerbacks employers and it's not gonna be as good anymore. Then you get to see these young star in every year we do this and every few years you get this. This push of oh man these guys are gonna retire or what's the league gonna do. And then it's like these stars just grow I mean they just naturally come right out of got eyes in college feeling as good as good college player and then just in the NFL just. Late bloomers in its fantastic for the leak. It really is and so we we wanna take its time who popped do you equine. NFL. The budding stars and young players in this text is kind of sums it up right here he's not a guy who is a rookie but using year to you. And the chiefs said their quarterback it's London blood into the playoffs. In Alex Smith sent him to Washington sent packing for Patrick mums and as Texas says Patrick freaking mile homes and my homes and those fifteen to 27256. Yards. Four touchdowns you saw the control of the offense in a big arm that we'd we'd heard from mania read but it is finally on display forever the C. Yes he is he's really good in for me though let's. Let's there's a breaks pumping you wanna be don't want this goal OK okay okay just hold on hold it was one game in Kansas City Chiefs it's any breeze going to be conservative he wasn't. Some of the things that he saw in the offseason that lead to sit behind and I. I think what the best quotes that I saw too was Aaron Rodgers talking about how much he learned I'm Brett Favre. What that into when he sat for three years means that under that guy and looked as that I learned to be tougher at all leasing even Patrick my home's staff behind and Alex Smith. But patiently waited understood. And been unleashed. One games he went okay this kid's got it. Got it and he I think there are some moments when you see. So times there's guys like Josh Allen in you watching Josh challenge go OK is it Coke Jeanne. There's always going to be a day like when I when I first talked Cooper upn is an example of what I saw last year when first saw make a couple plays. Severe something different about this kid. There's there's an ability to make a play and on you use your eyes when you're watching these guys and to don't be take odd he's gonna be good in time. No home in these guy when they have it there's one or two plays that make you Disco sequel Barkley is Ryan who's my guy I'll bring up. His first touchdown run you tell me we watched what he was able to do the really defense he went up against it and Jack's bill defense. He jumped made in inside zone cut and then outran everybody into the corner and down the sideline and those are things like that grew at ease when they do you just go oh boy 68 yards turns touchdown sir I don't warranty is torching people. On the on that big grunt that guy you know that is civil of those things or he's sit there and put us for years you know all Sunday night Paula guy that did that for me is. Who it was made a lot was made about is holed out during the camp but broke on Smith when did nature if you went down with an injury. And year economists say our finally in the seat grow on Smith comment on the sideline first place sack bright and gay in you sit there you go Lou. OK de Ned dad Ed Dresser from George the rookie who held out because. The the bears wanted to you find him. And take away his guaranteed money if he was ever suspended for the new helmet to helmet policy which was absolutely. Ridiculous Rowe wants Smith in limited action he had three tackles a sack and a tackle for loss. Eighty in their game against Green Bay Packers in very limited time because he didn't have as a CNN's Reza thank you see. What that guy has in him in it's not always is the offensive guys in the ball in there and I do you see a high motor and explosiveness wrote once Smith the dad did it was impressive man. Amass a good call there was the do nothing but impress him when he get a chance in this one comes and attacks on Obama are you I was gonna smile when I saw it everywhere and you might not yet little smirk in your face an idea now I don't know about not the only one here that's dumb enough to say when Jimmy Graham left. Seattle. And everyone says all he got this young kids former linebacker in the decided is gonna be an edge blockers we really saw blockers comes out. And will this lead tied in from Seattle just all he does does is lumber is in gets three get 205 yards. And a touchdown. In his debut in the mile high city and so you go. That's possible to happen. That's not that's that's most that you're supposed to have just this kid did does no idea what he's doing what behind your comes out and gets three catches a Russell Wilson just on the nine slumbering target. Now men and that was a great debut for a rookie tight and insert sure I have a slightly heightened state because these. From my alma mater and he's part of the Huskies tied to family but man that was awesome for him. Really do that we rookies would you go OK look what I just found. Well versed tied in an NFL history to have a hundred yards and a touchdown in his gonna tell Dave that you'll you'll never. Never look that record Dow as it does a pretty good debut and does a pretty good debut for oh will this week is get tougher on him now as. Now that Doug Baldwin is out and there's fewer and fewer people that they needed. Focus on him. But in the tight end is everybody's best friend in safety valve there. I thought S threes here if I'd be better you. Today a tax on young players that are budding stars in the National Football League one is coming in on the buried today tech on that is a great wanting could be become another long term. And long term answer at a football blue blood plus. The one I have not seen yet. Dad had Avery remarkable debut 643 on the stand it's time. So this since her death I knew I had a debut but nobody's talking about. Brent and I have not seen this name come up on the better you'd pay tax on. But I've seen one of his teammates he won Dustin put some homes and Casey is a real deal with his arms show being off the chart seemed Arnold look in the part makes it look stupid. Shocker I I'm go with miles gear from the browns two sacks 56 tackles he tormented the Steelers O line all game long. It must gear was that he did have a great game. But what I did so ward. The fourth overall collide two interceptions. Picked up even twice nag game I get back guy goes under sold. It really does he was we mentioned this before but he was can speak your sleep absent in hard knocks number four overall. I think we never saw you don't but that's a great point I don't like that about our knocks the pickle these random character in guess what happens candidacy delegate cut and I get the you have to have the you know some of the story lines a set off stuff but I don't I get. Note they had so many picks that that they could have easily done baker and then and Denzel ward I didn't watch one series of 11 episode of Murdoch's exist is why Denzel war was probably in a big guy that was highlighted on darn taxes maybe he's not interesting. Because he's second football player here is a guy did you go to work a gruesome show mile. I we heard of him on the show and a during training camp. Is laying. Let's let's do what's their defense corneas and Gregg Williams and he called them an idiot in his stupid it's style of tackling guys on our lawyers who picks get out there were huge accident just add to catalog publicly say yet don't agree with our coaches know her players then we publicly shamed them reminds. Punch you'll see is great guy. Great you know we're on now now. Now now he knows football or given that he also bought and eaten coast could god as he entered my favorite part of hard knocks is when he told them in their first very first meeting that he turned down Iverson five or I haven't done their jobs says seven jobless I don't I don't. Because he believed in Cleveland. And opened down not by and that and I'm not buy now or doing anything grade. But yeah mile Garrett SAD year player at a tech CNN and then Denzel ward says they. On defense back out of Ohio State. Both guys are driven had great ones insist they're number one overall pick imagine if they had that has seemed Arnold end you know Denzel word this year Donovan nice about this one coming out are you today Tex lines Philip Lindsay out of Colorado. The undrafted rookie. Staying home and being a party see this pictures of him during the C a game you I don't know if you saw that him going camping. As a young kid a chance to part of of the Broncos in pretty Tulane for your local team your team you love grown up and inhabited debut and yet it was really cool was he was part of the Broncos youth program you know certainly junior Bronson is wrong and your Broncos and they show that picture inning with him and Spencer Larsen and I can't really cool story. But is he going to be gets a budding star because I I think you look at him and packed full of love. Nobody has said rice three many there who you know like Phil Flynn is fifteen carries her 71 yards. So did Royce Freeman obviously great to identical workload for both know how that's all ha moment a little bit there are some really solid runs and Royce is going to be a great solid backing is. I just it is he either wasn't that just like old and but Joseph you'll get there I'm glad that that's what's great about Denver's they they won't have a it lack of run games for sure text that read today Tex anti factories here a five. On the net again then had a great debut in all eyes were on him and everybody is focused on his. Debut for the three Steelers but James Connor he beat cancer and then he'd beat up on the and Cleveland Browns rush defense 31 carries 135 yards. And it touchdowns for the second year pro out of pit and he he's just a great story all around. But is that could could James Connor be the next in line of players for Pittsburgh where it's the system like him not to take anything from lady on delicacies of remarkable talent now. But that system is may need for guys did to chew up yards you know waving this yell when you have that kind of kind of guys behind you need a big spending to. Back he's got a deal to make a lot of things. Decisions there's going to be a lot of routes is going to be a lot of runs designed specifically for that we have a solid offensive line they'll make you better. Mean they're they're there's going to be times. Where if you about offense allow Kara good bad how are back mean Todd Gurley found that I his rookie year when when these offers a Limas. Okay. This is different it's different it's Pittsburgh they will find a way to make their backs very very focused. And we listed off a lot of guys to air in in its only week 10 it is weak one in a lot of these guys could go. Come back down to earth you know like will fill Lindsay be that productive over the course of the sixteen game season if we don't know but the reality is that. There's a lot of very young players who got their first. Real action in NFL and in little worse off the league in that is super doesn't mean we sit ten guys so far ten guys at impressive weak ones. As rookies in the NFL. In their alloy different positions you know on Patrick Holmes is the only quarterback in well he and seemed Arnold the only two quarterbacks formatting is young guys. Coming on that's this is a gets all the run but defensively. And then is especially at the running back I may be we are seeing this re emergence of the run back position where. He start last you've been out Comerica could be budding super star in the NFL. What also is so it's it's just it's opening my eyes so quickly is that. We have so many more players that are ready physically ready and and emotionally ready. And intelligently ready to be able to step up to the big stage immediately mean even me and I'll all take all the back to. Two younger players as they start to develop you get to see junior and seniors we see freshman in college football. Having incredible debuts and and ready to lead teams to national championships and in games in Alabama where their freshman quarterback. Were seen that in the NFL mean everybody is just is they're ready more. Is it part of what you do and how they are ready in football and in the amount of study in the ability to to watch film and play more mean ass. Or three years at best. The good tee there. It's very rare when you do get a chance boy these guys take advantage of. I have some though that says that data about softer view. And get your thoughts on we're talking about all these guys and this is this is that they've had been in all a lot of it is these guys are remarkable talents. But it seems like everybody that have been mentioned. They have complementary players around them and this seems like teams have drag east meets it the best player available best player available. Instead of do things that it seems like a lot of these guys have been in situations where. They'd be drafted into complementary roles as opposed to just the best player. Available others broke on Smith being paired with a danger Dayton and Khalili Mac. Right Patrick my homes in his ridiculous tart that he hasn't Kremer hunt Spencer ware Tyreke can all seeming lock ins and Travis Chelsea like. All these guys have great compliments are around them as well that are making their successes happen it seems like teams are doing now more so more and more yeah I think. So Toobin I always remember preteens and you think of really good elite team or dynasty teams or anything when they have that. They always had great and make a good point complementary players around it because when your rookie. Or you're young player how do you take the focus off how do you put less pressure on that Brooke give them one on ones. Because you have guys on the other side you have a receiver you have a tight end you have somebody else. On ads be able to take pressure off. Coverages and having to double for a guy. The mean that's just it it makes it so much. Easier and you can't focus on these young guys need help but I'm surprised very surprised at how well the court wrecks are playing well a young players are doing so quickly. Five ties they're easier five young bucks in the NFL stars in the making. As we saw first and sacking your players really shine during week one of the national football league's regular season. Oh gets more of those come up late in the show plus. Or really great deal we just men's and seemed Arnold briefly but what they perform and he had after a disastrous start that next hour plus. We got some college football bad news for the ease and it. What if this team in the pectoral really isn't that bad gun next to see how uncool the best sports stories of today and next on the fat.