Dusty & Cam - Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Tuesday, September 11th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, Sam Darnold impresses in his debut while the Lions disappoint, Artavis Pierce is out 4 weeks for the Beavs and it's a big blow to Oregon State, plus we debut a new segment called "Coach Speak Translator" in which the guys interpret, deciper, and translate what coaches really mean when they deliver cliche comments.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This used to steal and jam in the morning bit about how hard it is about how are. With the dusty narrow and then if a veteran can Cleveland good let's check. It saves. A 1080. The and. Okay our number two does deer camp clearly and with just. Let's did buddy this hour we've got some new. We are going cheese and you'd see the coach speak translator. A lot of country gone around in at day 745. We will send you through because speak translator room we we'll tell you with those coaches actually means. Wind trying to been missed about their players and their teams and and so that at some 45 holes that is our logo college football a big injuries around on that the pac twelve. Plus. An interest in little story about a Colorado linebacker than a one bounce up to view and how rare that it may be. I also request yes go ahead to this this hour having answered I have I have surprised thoughts and a wanted to get your your feelings on any night football's new crew. The employees thought of the new the new group green I have death phones in. You prying greasy were were good but that's that's an add on that was it just an extra. That was kinda like remember when. I think it was Trent Dilfer. But it with Berman. Do you crisper and and then lot Syria best line in that Rex right we do in order trillion dollar borrowing is if Sergio did it feel sorry Beth moment. Members Sergio did was having that time of his Iowa is live bands just says user good. I wanted to get your thoughts on and on and tested Torre bugger and Jason Witten. And certainly get a uniform Caruso on whether the your thoughts on that okay and my thoughts you have your thoughts I have my character in here now. Mickey you need to right now he can take it minute interview on his weight. In new. Munich and Wayne OK we're here to wait awhile because we had pretty reprieve for all right let's let its due and kind. Alleged I'll let you know this right now we'll teaser. Love Jason when. Luckily. Okay lob and Karen and people can set their thoughts on the better unity text line. I thought these are five. Unfairly picking builders. You love bugger Carlin I don't like he is your favorite. But did you know that bugger McFarland is team's favor he is TM personality. Something like that he's number one favorite personality in all and he's probably a really good guy who has Boogaard lows bloggers. In on that note. It's 7000. Yeah it's months. What's Todd and why is it couldn't pick guard. Spotting and cool when Dustin in jail on your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great. Compelling and we. I'm very happy and co. Portland and Vancouver you. Well a little bit more this come up later in the show blended he had been heard organ state running back Archie disappears when this at least four weeks of canola and here in. Not Indians know I another injuring his own. Ducks linebacker LaMarr Winston missed the Portland State game with the ankle injury. He is good to go have heard this week against San Jose state though I guess that's good news. But it more bad is the USC CD Isiah Poland now. Is expected to miss several weeks after dislocating his shoulder he is the party ruled out of this against Texas. That sucks. That's a product of playing Stanford. Don't think he did what happens when you're gonna try to take those guys on the whole I don't know downhill against Al offensive line and tight end group favored. You've done playing Stanford. UB three weeks to recover him. There is no joke there's a billion here there's some of the Stanford effect for teams that feel worse after playing that team to them and you taught as well as this gets. The tourney team that you know it in the place they heard in the monthly organs. Plus. Then an organ meat coming up a body hasn't. Is that reason that excuse our Ed you know I'm using an excuse I'm telling you gotta be sued you gotta be clapping. Really happening messy I had my sport in LA sports fans die. Third yeah. To go what are they. Under. Does your touchdown pass hurry we James Connor rain for a touchdown and does the third down is an incompletion. And then fifteen yard penalty it bone. Next play touchdown in the real world does this ever worked out for anybody I know when I make mistakes in life I can look close you know like five years ago I was more on many. After I hit it came here Reid knew him remembered. Lazio I don't view for that. Wouldn't wouldn't you we're really sorry I mean it does it change the fact that it. I don't know affected the entire football game it was a tie game here's the deal and Allen Jim McGee any second chances not only is it just a gate and couldn't. Dictated the outcome of the game but. As a seventeen game losing streak keeps. And he you know I think you're gonna win. But how do you feel coach how do you feel (%expletive) we're gonna work on the drug ma'am we're gonna get there you pulled me a tide dropped you not have the time. How to we feel so my guess he is that you nine in the same nuggets past the mist mister mister mister mister mister we all just keep working on the other segment we're doing everybody knows. You keep working this. A hawk eye. And but by the way you should know. No matter what you're doing for us later it's on the not result right now reminds okay. I know it's all over it now China and gave easier for me now yes now they've heard that comment hey Russell Wilson finally got called out by Pete Carroll. This comes on heels of the Monday Morning Quarterback article about basically everybody getting upset that you'll never calls now. He juror yesterday on 710 ESPN said. It always goes back to the quarterback everyone's gonna focus on that Russ needed to do better than he did today don't mean needed help a lot. Coincidence. I don't think self. I don't think it's coincidence that he Pete Carroll stated again coach speak. They did an easier time you know full time. But. Better late than never it's. I feel that it's pretty cool and yes. I Major League Baseball score board from it and go Astros BT. Tigers three did to you. As an ideas and a three game lead over the Oakland Athletics and a ten and a half game lead over his Seattle Mariners in the point 1% chance of it in the post season still. I did not change in their off days. That's really the only score no different from yesterday in the as it pertains to the Pacific northwest because mariners had the day athlete it's had a a day off. But there's an inch to preposition brewing in mean done personally. Where four teams could be and in a tie the Rockies beat the Dodgers are in the Diamondbacks yesterday David Green half game lead over Arizona. The Dodgers. Artistic game and a half back Diamondbacks a three and a half games back but. This be a big wildcard cluster because if you look at it and grew hurts the cardinals the cubs girl in three games and each other tooth he could just be a wild card match. So. In about three weeks we have three playing games. Ground breaker round Robin round Robin I rendered beef something wolf what I'm also printed up and you know rob Manfred you better fix this in the next few years because. One game playoffs there's not enough baseball waits too long of a season tonight give us more I hate the fact that I'm gonna watch. Now that he's played the Yankees for war in game to tell them who's the better team. To get a chance to play the Astros are. Good TV and great baseball football. You do it. Washington Desi round Robin can this plan for tiebreaker stunk then. First day high school football state playoffs. The big beat Kansas plain brown also have the new rule this year where you have power rankings are yours you're gonna have I think RBIs. And that's your windows did. But that's they should do for baseball have all the teams play. One day and you. The front row and out into inning games and stadium benefiting the word the team trying to figure out who's stronger opponent season thanks. Yes there's no way to do that it's absolutely ridiculous ridiculous but some. Guy is doing it who are these people. These eleven ECS model they do they actually use this company Macs perhaps is somewhere on that too. There's hot high school football talk area. Top Riyadh. I injuries in the NFL I Doug Baldwin we told you need your airport towards NC a great team to air no timetable set for his return. Markets Mario down. He said that he gets it seemed laziness being eight years he could not feel his fingers after. What was age. Late hit by dolphins defensive line men. It's indeed could be elbow could be shoulder bit he should begin to go just lost feeling in his fingers just like asking in his fingers. When it's been in the hands and neck and back in Mena Marcus. Vargas means to I don't I don't know just stopped stopped getting hurt I feel for them in an easy he's taken a beating through oft injured. Terry Don Norris clearly thought in your. And we have no updates here Roger's status after he told Michelle to quit after sending that supply will be playing we teed it's Minnesota. I his coach Mike McCarthy said yeah we don't know yet. So. When his injury report have to be put in third day but they're receiving so you can clearly be on the injury report. That's a time cool on the bedspread to die area heating and cooling with more than thirty trucks important they may do real and I threw it on area local train comfort specialist it's hard to stop a two game. I'll bore hole start. In a spectacular finish seemed Arnold ABs with a bang for the New. York Jets. Some fourteen on the fan. Sam Arnold came out in his very first play. Is New York Jets starting quarterback. Was a pick six. Gone the other way it could have started worse as is it was quick and they're cui are. To quandary Diggs. Who who patty. 37. In yards. He takes to the house but after that act it was smooth sailing for seemed Arnold as it there remaining. 59 minutes in 45 seconds of game action he had four in completions going sixteen of 21. For 198. Yards two touchdowns. In no more interceptions after that went in Darnell USC product stocked about his first start on the big states. On that interception I was pretty nervous IDS but after that. You know put it behind me I think. You know that. After the crowd got -- have to pick it was this you know issue and then probably OK here we go you know kingdom as we're seeing stuff. It was really that that kind of thinking that was gone in my head and then just you know play in and knew that we had a team we have a really really good team I knew that if I just did my job. I'm took the defense gives me gaming that out now is going to be. You know it would go off the air and and a look back and have a successful game. Ailing giving you hear that do you think that is being a pick six was actually. Kind of a good thing for seemed Arnold. Hasn't got is he's right. Assisted their feel sorry for yourself right and I think that even better was watching I think some of that I was listening go to we going into an immediately. You saw who came to his side immediately aside. And Arnold Aronson and he will be them us. Influential person in his development. It was not just in getting New Year's seemed to Arnold and BM IK Euro. He'd go for Arnold is even off the field he was in Jeremy Bates here and you can read is let's say in working don't change a thing. And don't change anything out we don't protect this kid because he knows. What kind of what kind of competitor that they have out in in seemed Arnold. And that is that the special thing to have a guy and a veteran that's on your side to kind of help you developing grow. Who is also one of you. Pearson said can I throw this attitude to the do you and oh who also won their debut. How to rocket arm. Plain mean for. The Atlanta Falcons. In his very first NFL throw. Threw an interception interception. Section pick six to deal another. Do though but do you know this. Trivia I do you know mr. Haas is it that easy yes it was all over Ivan gets one of those that it was just so it was a microcosm of his career and his aggressiveness separate and a but it John Bollinger but that's my gonna be the main point here is that you need to throw interceptions he got to take risks. And and of course it's dusty who is it a try our arms Atlanta Falcons through respect. There's going to be a lot of guys that do this when some dudes do it and then they carry themselves Nathan Peter ring to the business of multiple interceptions and get works. You can see how it affects them guys that don't care that say this is for all to make mistakes we need to move on. Our guys like Sam Arnold yet there's one of two he can go because the only other guy did you that was in Winston you Brett Favre did it but so did James listen there's like two roads eking go on one is down the Barbara freaking go down the -- we just listened jury's still out with him I think he's done some good things. It's not like he's brutal. Yes he's sitting out four games in bids magic is now taken over in Tampa and eight events he could be kind of done that. You know it evolved dirt cutter said before even one bad he's gonna turn his spot back in Ned and he's not gonna being handed Tim name be done much. I say DC you going down the road of the one and two picks that Marcus. Are you go to full and James was convened a Xenia are they duds in the NFL right now would be fair unknown because I don't think Marcus Mario is a dozen leading his team to the playoffs last year I don't think their duds but they're physically I mean mark winning Atlanta and yeah they're good things and I'll. I don't think as Mario hasn't done it all I would say James says and more so it doesn't then. Mario did just based on also you'd get targets TO mean is it Mario Bennett and take his team in the playoffs and who did he have. You lose seats on the ball to whereas Mike Evans and OJ our last year DeSean Jackson last year and in Jesus and has had. Deeds around in two and I don't think they're done either and losing Delanie Walker can hurt a seat contest hurts their season end area. Brutal so I hope Marcus can just find a way to stay healthy or get rid of the football for Esther and I think that's what it. Where you're now with coach Vrabel they're gonna move the ball with more efficiency run it not let him do it but you're right. Per second round picks are seeing quarterback's mistakes Sam Arnold makes a throw. And let me let me tell you this is my my first thought football fans right now where we sit with the NFL. Think about big scene he's in big stars. Say Kwon Barkley. O'Dell back. Sam Arnold in New York who is your sports fans tight when big cities have big stars. And not just not just to throw away there's this an old man just up the freeway. And the I 95 it's. Pretty darn good on that nor sending come out and out west to re talking about he might do. Tolerated. All he's a north oh you're managing image as freely as they're ending anybody has any idea about 95 I think what are you talking about. And then you go all the way out on the way it's all come all the way out to LA the two biggest cities in our in our country right now in the stars. But the ramps even even even argue BL. They indeed did to San Diego's former San Diego's dirt gets reduced to the world were in good shape with some big cities are some big stars you call will all goods good start going on. Mitchell to be a ski star now would clear a Mac is yes he just the. Yeah he definitely is. Donald had a great performance in week one but. We'd be remiss if we do not talk about the other side of the game and in the 31 point rout. The EI jets gave the Blue Line n.'s Matthew Stafford. It threw four interceptions. And then Matthew Stafford has their own four interceptions and a game since he does nine but I don't of year GA. You're carrying it home that is the most in NFL. Then you have five games of four picks or more. Matthew Stafford is underwhelmed more times he just asked him if he's he's good quarterback it's good employer. It is easy easy gray now the other thing is he got banged up early and I do last night that you he looked like he was kind of a he was hurt cowboy newscasts and yet you as but it also this is a problem that. That Detroit has is that a Matt Patricia came in he can't Jim Bob cooter as is offensive coordinator. On this is same mold to draw lines where. It's not just said they'd run the ball it's like a lack of willingness even tried to run the ball even early in the have a running back Walt. That is their running back in the world they have to they have Theo Riddick and then they have league Arab want to let Garret blunt just got abs. He demolished in his first Terry you know. I mean god will get her on his gear blunt still plane and just journeyman. He's pretty good when he's in New England the weather was like four years ago. Add to yeah I if you look at what they did Dave they don't a bunch of money into their offensive line. And it was like hey Detroit gear on the ball now. There are about fifteen times in my game and win big it was close they didn't even run the ball and it threw the ball 46 and now or fifty seat and I did it when year losing. If they had they just put their defense continually back on the field can do it and tell you see 31 point third quarters Q how long it's been since they've had it 100 yard rush earning game. And this is a street I don't know which one is more impressive from last night. That the fact that last night's lack of a hundred yard rusher. To Tim to sixteen games and around I was gonna say I can't give our young the last time dutrow tad. A running game or our running back that is in your memory. Don't tell me let's bear when the guy and if everything goes OK don't go right up there as they don't tell me very very Sanders. There is it one Thanksgiving it 2013. Is the last time they had had an modern your weather who was it. All a little I know it's my gosh but which is what if what if it was it couldn't have been. Now there was that she's the most Impreza in more impressive streak to six Yang games now having a hundred yard rusher or last night's take six. In that game was the first defense of touchdown in seventy Ford aims for the New York Jets may have had a defense of touch in five years either mean union news. The jets had not heady defense of damage or the jets. Did not ready defense of touchdown in five years while that's it. I do you stumble into one of the zone you like. Zack easy not easy to do that puts the longest in NFL history. By the way can't regain that hundred rusher played for your New Orleans thing to one point time. Reggie Bush to ask 100 yard rusher wow like the throttles Thanksgiving lately for the Detroit Lions. Here forty times or 117 was he there right after the saints that was where he went after the saints correct I think that's actually traded him or they released him. Data or remember. She eats doesn't know that's towards the end of his career I'm so sorry now or endeavors of 49ers with the minister Maria. Yes I date whenever this 2013. That is. Long time without it 100 air pressure Reggie Bush went saints dole in Olson's Dan Lyons and niners and briefly with the bills although I don't know if he played. Name and that's crazy. So. Lions gate you stood. You are what you are. The jets you that's aimed Arnold knock off. In that my friends. Is some to be optimistic about the first time that New York can be said for quarterbacks since. Did they can make you make repairs and first times in Joan name if you remember the highbrow Mark Sanchez now after his first lend them. I mean they had. There is a side by side of the near daily news. As they put out the front page early last night of the year date news and it said on the cover a star is born. And nick. Indeed somebody did this venue Monday Morning Quarterback did a side by side after mark Sanchez's first start. The near daily news heading cover that says is star is born a boy about. They can both the bump. Is this how take but I think Sam Carl's going to be the greatest. USC quarterback ever in the FL. Wow ever ever. I wanna say no because I'm I'm just decide and Arnold as you our eyes and who knows to be the best ever USC quarterback Matt Carson Palmer I that's kind of what I thought I know if there's anybody that you thought would have eclipsed him. Tyner and bitch. Repeat that right did he was pretty good good badgering him good player. How high is that bar. They've had any chance as Mel hired speak a journeyman has met liners to bounce around you know none announced another fox Booth yeah that's right he's on guys and medical college about it and a John David Booty and if it. All right let's son's college football RT this pierce dealt a big blow to the organs states' hopes of winning in den and a plus some notes on dead ducks. And what this team really isn't that bad. He's buck with sports and a game here is your list USC quarterbacks strictly on that seemed Arnold has to be that than. Now liner remains are. Sanchez toddler an image Matt Barkley. Rob Johnson Matt tap so Matt Cassel is a tight end USC may have been played people forget if anything yet Rodney Pete pat Haden John David duty. Cody Kessel shot on Salisbury. Paul Donald in Vince Evans. I'll zodiac Carson Palmer to believe QB to beat. Yeah. I'm pat Haden maybe that's this I know this is Kara it may sound dumb bird. That's a lot of court wrecks that are played in the league and you look at USC known putting quarterbacks out their. Send Arnold you guys there goes another guy I think that is he is gonna want that to separate himself. Give me a star he is Jimmy star Gary was just organizing and indeed he's going to be Campbell started fifteen years star one hour. Chiefs fifteen years are and let's do it if you're gonna go hot take go all these skill all answered read fifteen years in the league if he's in the east arm which I think he will be yet. After fifteen years sounds about right for years he during ever. He's the youngest. Player to ever start an NFL in fifteen only puts him at 2535. Year old who by the way is seen this same as Aaron Rodgers. Fifteen opened in 2030. And preakness at that big a deal she's 133 scenes I see hope far 08. There you bring you were all looking at each other go mine now for. Older re going to be a village or in just get home and home for 2033 years on and banned yeah that's probably true I know. That is from Richard I. Bees dealt a blow yesterday. They have a lot star Tina spears for. Four we leaks. Is let Jonathan Smith said yesterday so diesel turns you Jamar Jefferson. For the X four games true freshman breast or tuner in 33 yards against albeit. Southern Utah but has looked really good this season. It's never dull and you lose your one tier 12 punch in that run game though this big tree for Oregon State is they had done to gain that. If they're underdogs I'm at a. Shooter come over their chip on her shoulder going in Nevada then. Your playing behind you able to use in summary star players and and you've just got to going to just angry at here I mean I've. I think Jonathan's gonna have these guys ready to play well and here's a here is it concerning part for Ford stayed is that. Your next four game aims are usually like for your I must winnable games and your schedule yet at Nevada. Arizona at whole mountain at Arizona State. The Washington State and then out there. But then you look at the rest of the way Colorado as the good they're of the rest are scares us as color at a USC Stanford washing and organ and they have for rain teens in a row. To end the year and not having our team is fierce for this stretch. Written. Heard she when you're looking at eighteen that lacks depth needing death doubt Iran question now as stretch of the season. And so that could be exactly bad but Jamar Jefferson looked real good against southern Utah. Are given that there. Take much out of no I know I don't I don't I don't know this is I've I've already craft on. In last week's northern teams that it's better time in both or in Washington playing really bad football teams and but they've handled their business. Did you did you really get anything out of what Washington and Washington State organ and organs they did the lesser opponent. What did you what was the big tick away from all those core Eudora or is like they're disappointed at Dayton could do more against Dave. At that just a really really difficult Portland State team. In an organ state probably the best one of them all in my opinion. That's one of all. Yet as Ed the most proof if you know even though wasn't SES opponent. And but it does ramp up next week where. Kick times were announced you'll have you two really good aims in the northwest next weekend guests. But you've got a word in will be hosting Stanford at 5 o'clock on ABC which big time college game day hello old game they gonna come to Eugene is this I think he. I think tonight if you don't happen to Washington mark Edwards on us do you probably didn't see this is that if this no this is a report the market mark Edwards. Play by play for ESPN two old Washington wall just now to release yesterday via Twitter. Was email response between the head big powers that be from ESPN saying he is removed from all broadcasts and we will make a focus because. The row so the pac twelve conference and and Larry Scott sent a huge memo a year piceance that is not enough. He's gonna keep doing that to us in our teams out here this is a joke give a three billion dollar deal. There are I believe that ESPN is going oh gosh they're going super sensitive now on they're gonna admit you're gonna try to cover or the pac twelve even more to make a little emphasis. Early in the seat and yes I can get that kind of love late. But they're gonna throw some fun at at the edge ESPN RE SP is gonna throw some on at the tackle about here and that's a great job by them putting Stamford and organ particle that. Big time yet as in if you look at the other game in the northwest and they can make a point of emphasis comic is that these are like to do is like it's not just the game that on the location that there are but the read that therein. Next week you also Washington State heading down to USC and remember that now so last year there was ago courses and a Friday night on terrible short week. At USF. Austin state. But then you and there's a mistake heading up to you Dunn who is even a good one to apps so those are they yet regains in the pac twelve other note. And really Stanford organ is probably the best game across the country come from that week so that could be something that it is. Coming down the pipeline. At as well on so those two those two games. Hey you're a packed so maybe get a little love. And don't sleep on this week though. He Utah Washington now organ don't don't don't just walk into this eight. Kidney. Now with respect your opponents and you come from. By the left Washington State shut them according to stub hub. Canyon in the door for those dollars all got gonna go six down in Bob Barker. You oil Idaho State cal for sex can year. Oh my gosh in in in Berkeley in Berkeley I can give in to a college football game there. Northern California for six dollars and that doesn't surprise me into the garbage fan base in college football and then in northern California buck. You were region is the worst thing college football is that's not really true close. At all well no wonder. Southern California roll though Southern California is not even close to you know. Passing the in the Rose Bowl in their color see them. In those are massive venues you can't even fill a Stanford of 50000. Yet UCL hey. Looks like they can't draw anything but they'd get 50000. Is just have to stadiums empty can arousal in the did you give another 100000 the coliseum yeah. This is that I Saber game pulled its its three times as expensive to get the state for UC Davis game as it is cal Ide has 818 knots. Hello and dollars eighteen Mexican and meg games sticks just for. Ridiculous and you can get in the door this on surprising according to the is being announced at the stub hub. 3602. Tickets available at Roy on Texas memorial stadium for USC Texas as low as ten dollars. T in the door for Texas USC week we sent him Texas so it's in Austin in our stint you can get in there for ten bucks have lost interest. Entrusting her turn in on Tom Herman bush. Tom Herman man that he regrets strip go visit if USC Smart if their neighbor really rich booster which I'm noticing native. Dated and any rich nation by a bunch of those tickets and send strippers for Tom Herman distract him. Big distraction journal in the back in back in zone ten dollar tickets person everywhere you'll be able to focus them. Let's do something new some we haven't dumbo for. We are going to Trace at lake coach speak for you. It's a brand new will tell you what these coaches really good team when they're being nice about their team some 45 on the fan. I really done news. We have got it's these coach speech and later all fired up coach is it like to. Talk bad about their teams that do they DNA veiled way so we are firing up our speech translator buck. Do it. Her so we headed to junger and then. He has big name mister coach and he would speak away now that someone now and we are Mike Vrabel. On Sunday Tennessee Titans. Eat in his team win and a Miami Heat high expectations should be tens this year and they'll last mr. Vrabel. Well I think just making sure that job. You know we're prepared for all the situations that come opening game. Work we're able to go forward on fourth down and have a lot of confidence in those plays. But but making sure that the team knows that I have a lot of confidence was or knee jerk reaction. Am I knew the play we are gonna call on that situation to be an excuse for this. I can make sure that the defense. Does a better job stopping the run early in the game when the second quarter make it better adjustments but coaching staff. You know that those are some things right off the top of my head I think that you know we can improve on. OK coach speak. Let's translate. Were young and all my god I had no idea what we're re going to do in that situation. I thought we were prepared. We practiced it and it was crowned. Not only might irritated about the fact I lost my tied in now now after practice harder the rest of the week and just what I thought I was ready. Get my debut under way this crap continues to happen thank you thank you media I'm out. Yeah I know as a real online I think they're very below is just everything we got a budget. Idiots who don't understand the game of football and we need to get them to understand again with Obama I don't ask them yet to my way it is exactly yeah. Analysts in this game was delayed twice as my first time out here I don't know what you really expect for me at this point obviously we didn't wind solar is going to be disappointed and there are plenty of things for us to work on and they're Belichick disciple man Patricia. He lost by 31 points in his debut to the ER jets Paulus the tiered Matt. You know I was not not a lot to be happy about here you know as far as that's concerned so. You know I think in general in all of this is going to be better known just you know start from the top worker weighed down I don't think there's you can say other than you know it's all just execution and coaching and also it's going to be better from that standpoint so. You know had a couple plays we call the plays in the gonna make a game you know that consistency that we gotta have played in play apple were to. You know step up and just in those situations and when it was gonna Wear this in connection to nationally through. We thought oh my god what did I get myself into you they suck I suck we're all gonna be fired you're gonna be fired. Everybody's fired you guys sock. I don't wanna be here right now I'm miserable I hope my wife makes me pot roast when I get home. I have pot roast him because he's fast he looks it looks like a guy who eats pop thought they may be might pot roast you sought me out here. Shifts. John McDermott. A OK explain Nathan here and in here into this McDermott what. Thought I made some some good decisions and then some decisions that you would like to have back. No overalls or not since we moved the ball and then you saw that on the TV your tape what are we looked at. We couldn't have success on offense and you can't go three and out and out in the field position game and that the defense back the field so. Wasn't good enough food and from an option to Tampa wasn't enough. I don't know why we traded AJ McCarron but this is our best option because Josh Allen isn't for me I'm sorry. Good lord if I don't have anybody that can throw the food. I have two morons. I'm screwed. The rest of now have to watch bill's. Just being from. Cars lane you know on beer bottle tables that's gonna be what you care about the entire season I'm out of here weeks. No I've really not shirt that I could I couldn't believe it myself I put neither Peter in the back out there again but this front office has left me no choice. Have they as they've drafted a quarterback who is an Eddie and treated one who might it. Why did these trade AJ McCarron we Nissan made in the human why. I we heard from Mike Vrabel the guy who beat him with that in gates. Really we're just worried about ourselves this. We just kept telling moment trying to organize a series heroes and some guides how do we get things going don't be consistent and then. Really loose. How we make sure our guys ready to go back out there instead time and then you hit a ten minute warning. And you tested Jews are right back up. So I was really moves that's what a lot of our conversations were about. I know I'm. He had to sit in the locker room I had to sit and talk to my coaches longer than I wanted to. Guys were irritated so I shot them full of steroids. And Molly's and we ran out and thank the lord Brian tanning hill didn't screw it up. Thank you god. We're one and no steroids in Malaysia. What you just. It's coach speak. I'd steroids since juicy said he needed Jews. A litter all or figured if Jews and Jews. Man. We I dislike you guys all did was create barbecue. Because that's actually what they dead. Did you hear about one. I did not know that data there word image in lightning delays in Miami Dolphins. He's talking about how oh we were just focused video it's hard to get back up though. They were eating barbecue and during the lightning delay. Mixed bag got a big oil. And I think it was a good a good job by the amorous. On the right way and we talked about it at the half and came out and I thought the guys executed and it gave themselves a chance to come away with a win so. It was a good task force anytime that you come away with a win that's a goal sort of be wanna know are you get it. You never take those winds for gray and it certainly there's going to be a lot of things we can look at this moment and clean up and and try to get better as we move forward. Up. I'd be the guy that hired me when I was 22 he's Chucky doll I'm Slick Rick. Sitting on the eighth of my hot girlfriends and my team is Blakey blanketing good take. I'm out. Look I'm just trying to for a nice things to say about the team the we've won by two when he who brought who won by thirty. In this give I give me a story they gonna hear from me a lot. It's isn't me it's always good to get a win. Listen the raiders are terrible and really wanna give him much about a minute you my best the summit in many junger in my victory speech he does sound exactly aged under. Yes yes he's being coached her and him for far too long. That is told me translator. I think we'll bring it back highlights could speak translator begin to her retirement and elected by it and I like Al. You did hear a few of them. We stuck because that's basically what all those coaches are saying that news is that's either really wanna say. They all off want to say it in fact the coach's meetings. We see who do we you've got a taste of it on hard knocks back coach meeting when they walk in that first time when they step down from those head coach is he down as it were up. Guess what guys we suck we're all going to be fired power I. SL leftovers we got in Monday Night Football crew that we need to discuss and breakdown plus a historically bad shell weighing. For new coaches in the NFL. And seven on the fans.