Dusty & Cam Wednesday August 15, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, August 15th
It's Cam Cleeland's birthday! Dusty and Buck help Cam celebrate even though he doesn't really want to, plus the A's deal the Mariners a tough loss and another injury while Jed Lowrie remains a menace, plus we want to know just how important fantasy football is to you in our Textual Relations.

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The latest rage Smart kids is driving the entire neighborhoods grazing is call dust in jam in the morning I'm like well. Which does Sierra yeah. An NFL veteran Jim Leland. All dusty and jam in the morning on 1080 I think it's added kind of go away it's not going away it's driving you nuts. Hey I'm easy things. Mock pain happy Wednesday GO hugged. Halfway through the month halfway through that it is August and by quick already beaten. You mean Christmas its order a lousy school starting as early back to school shopping schools so weird you know we talked about that and that. And be done that yeah you did it F catalog. You did it yeah catalog JC Penney's good for you via Sears Nazir don't went to JC Penney's and thought about that for. Ordered the kids the really really ugly sweaters they're trying to burial lead would dearly the fifteenth of August. Is my wife's birthday today and yes it is happy birthday Lindsay. It's also can't really. Happy birthday boy weird that you work with somebody else. In your married to somebody with the same number same birthday and Zach creepy do you you know what else is weird. Knew it was my my parents' wedding anniversary movement even more in their divorced. Hit them it was there when I could bring it. Up a and read you entry rises to her birthday. She uber you're not a birthday guy not a bird she's all women her birthday beautiful is poll Yemen or birthday I've learned this home. Mother's Day birthday it's important. They won't tell you that birthdays are important means certain we'll tell you mother's days California news caveat you gotta be month. Since this is why as like Gary always like to add yet another Yankee NBA. You know what dog mom says celebrate Mother's Day dogma. You know you haven't seen that. But keep pricing are you on social media is your old buddy I'm your guy out and celebrate mom and cap mom know an honor all but I do my mom's the bosses so assessed with her dog underdog is that. She threw like a BA get. Fifth birthday party for her dog invited like forty minutes 35 in dog years you gotta be kidding me no I'm dead serious that's a thing. Yet Sheila birdie Tea Party your dog is seen you like leaves a work at lunchtime to go letter out and then comes back and it's as well all right your life I don't know browser plug in your pet but the Doug our guys battled and he is our right. That's understandable the birthdays fell. Yet. On a tangent to race and did you see the cougar that snuck into the Levy's apartment. So out on the couch hung out in eight or cat well. That's story ticket turned. It was a lot less of friendly than the Ashland one Merck C this is the same thing it went through a screen in the window. Hung out. Found some dinner ran eight the captain. And then stood on and it just hung out look like he was watching TV on that. The couch. And cougars are starting to assimilate to view my cat yes that is above that cat it found a fault there it should have. It should have gotten its feline gaze into the cougars eyes sit data that. And showed it the way out through feline gaze like the Aston amended don't ask some woman is lucky her face was not ripped off by that cougar do you remember the I know you're gonna really appreciate this. You're the looney tunes win the cartoon guy we get super hungry and he'd look at something and admitted turn into me you know you drumstick walking. Yeah it that's pretty much what the Catholic like to the junior fog horn make our way urine into arrested generosity as far as he's turnaround how does agree that's what Michelle looked like. On a spit privilege you have because you hate cats I'd eat it doesn't make me happy that somebody's got their caddie and it. And I sad about it no. Hit it that would deny response known that. So a good job by you deflecting and a decision Dave berg is Dave birth I just got my official NFL the PA former players tweet me. Very excited is that that. On Twitter and Nokia and he's their phones and a former players we it's it's all about birthdays of old men playing football and really as though is that that. Did they just treated directly to you know it's six minutes ago it's at NFL PA for all retreat at you is what you want anywhere between my own crap no I was gonna do for you tag you and embarrass you know and that's fine we care. And but happy Earth Day Labor Day Lindsay that's they've you're right viewers caller life but it is only is she does have a name is her name is life she does that she was you wake. To ago. Mussina. To tour probably. Do you wanna she just caller to caller me weaker I'm forces to do you were up I'm up it's my birthday weaker NASA Chris. Yelling you August 15 birthday is out there will join together what a special day care a special day. Aren't doing notes on her show. You know now I know I have no idea from news irate today sexual relations 55305. Tennessee football. In its coverage has it jumped the shark yesterday. There is a or our. Draft of fantasy football NE SPN. Or ours did as part of a top 49 hour marathon they did 829 hour affinity for Obama or how important is Tennessee football. Or why does fantasy football resonates so much to deal him. And who knows you just may convince me to sort of fantasy football team this year I don't know 55 days your fight is the better you today tax on. We have got Maryland width. I don't think we've seen this in the end we are just tight we talked about this yesterday. College sports are big business. Big business and corporations. What do they do an impending lawsuit is coming they protect themselves at all costs. Maryland has fallen on the sword and we have some audio of their university president in their athletic director in really done president's stance. On win a big lawsuit like this is is coming on the pipeline. Gets an NFL news and notes. Including. Seemed Arnold may be living up tonight more so than we think because there's a opponents that are giving him props that don't like to do it. Again your goal is it jets fan is to know somebody on the team other than Sam Arnold. You. But the end Leonard bones. No just more than that can. I'll get to that mania among other data be my homer for all season long is to learn a injuring curse. Oh all piled. Yeah we just play this game yesterday briefly we I did I say name somebody other than him aren't really hard to get passed very poorly handled our Robby Anderson. Wide receivers had some off field issues and that's the guy who got arrested for the threat at the airport that I believe that is the case. So that's your jets on and then we have some pac twelve to discuss including. Ordered state. In where they will be on opening weekend and he's gonna become a game in one of the greatest injections are receding quite some time but right now. Can dish on the route. He and I remember was just like yesterday. 2008. So listings sports history at the Beijing Olympics Michael Phelps won his sixth gold medal and said his sixth the world's record well. I saw a picture Michael Phelps just yesterday it was on Twitter. He still looks like he's training to swim and I wouldn't put it past him to show to the next Olympics. I know that sounds bonkers nuts remember when he did it adding he did it increase. And then said now I didn't really train for written and came back in Rio and train and won everything again yeah. He's a freak of nature if you know he's a human thing he's might just go play the real opera man you know there is a swimmers. Water polo bros. The notice that their bodies are just chiseled. Negligently swim. Why don't you use your entire body it is the most I think it's the most visible thing you can do and it's hard about running kicking swim I mean every joint your movement the F. Is swimming the most underrated work out and we have a news does not pressuring your joint yeah so abused your joints other than the movement but it's friction your doing but it's not like you're pounding in the into the ground running yeah it's a great where I disagree we're swimming underrated fear of drowning not also on this date we were introduced to this pro. And. Ryan Lochte to growth he won his first gold medal in the 200 meter backstroke. And set a world record. At this thing. It's own views and then eight blonde highlights of and then eight years later he think that robbery communities Q a zero talked about. Com says happened on the staying in sports history 2008. Let's appreciate assuming a little bit more today. And let's appreciate the finer things in life. Because how quickly it can all go way as a last night this Seattle Mariners the big maple. Goes down in Salem his own. Is seen mariner kill our. Testing cam on the fan. Can't miss that he can't started the day negated Moody's are happy football practice starts today for him. RE doing music over the course of the day may in debt suggests. Grinding your gears you're going to be worked up into a lather by the end of the day. Blizzards to see this snarl and staying guy just got fire if I get that Marilyn Monroe song you guys are in thirds. My mind you they're there might be something not only do we need Maryland's version but we also need Mike Myers and she's. Humble means we're home at that. Forgot about that one that was calling her wife and make refineries I'm a gonna take this abuse from you too small be alone. Oh I made a bold move. When my wife's birthday this year. I would joke card on our along without it well why is that a bold move on now ninety this one is every. It was I mean it was probably. Oh did you go below you go did you all little inappropriate joke yeah. What is your broker with your wife see its reporting directly re married you that is I anymore and no she'll probably in real blessing and a holds barred here but Spencer's gift card do you go. Spencer still around yeah conjure. Sure well there's always going to be fifteen year old video of Boise think that stuff someplace and yes Spencer's gifts is. It's recession proof of course Spencer's this is recession for I know I mean rubber dog crap to throw around at any time you'll also ended that's the only place for you can get the old bathing suit posters these days. Because it's Tower Records are gone yeah there'll gone you know that's where I used to be able to go and get the mine is mine Heather Locklear my other Thomas and I listen Milan now. And in the end although it's. Eighties throwback seat. In that to me is that something important that we need in this room yes we have. How does the sport's poster game these states have you seen any sports posters ID. I had a bunch of them now I've loved nice for you brought some in to you brought some good poster I am I Deb from my new lighting man Warren Moon in igniting one I. Still have. My full door Michael Jordan poster. Move the hype on it in measuring always that it there's also on the famous Jordan won two hours arms are wingspan and not have that one but I have the full door. Where was on my adored Michael Jordan post or took your tired or you can measure yourself against his six foot six frame still have that somebody stole my links poster. And now these college. Punks and Kym didn't you also have that bash Brothers either may have been others I had asked for others to land the boss wizard of bonds. The wizard of bombs. Yeah on the problems and now he is the wizard has not because he had them on skins in the Google brick road to the emerald city I should add a did I did have that one. Yeah I grew the posters were awesome back in the day. They were so great that we need to have bring those back again they don't know if they do posters anymore we'll disabling that when LeBron James dunked on use of Turkish illegal poster. Now it's gifts. Kids would this yeah left and easy with sidelined catches are. Now. The kids when you drag your tell it's called touch terps whack them. There's coastline leaves big is it leaves me in vapor trail it did did we showed little pellets of villagers are shrink cleanup sprinkler and say you see no emotion and you know it's wag pellets lag. That's him. As but yen ninety gift you don't get stressed and I believe if toe drag slash toe drag flag yeah when you when you drag your token down. You know don't terms swagger hasn't cod on as much at this station as it has with the rest of the used in the rest of the world because of our own slack. What and and talk about swagger. There's a high school we saw this yesterday I mentioned it to your high school in I think it's in pierce Florida. They have their swagger because we know what Miami did with their turn over chain evening and we know what Tennessee did with their. Herb beats canned it's. They sure played like that can they're called the red knights and they created a turn over shield. I mean there is a mid evil shield. With your family crest on animus for either school Kress I think all of us Aliyev family crest now. I've him occur if we do I don't know that it's if you think family crest shield but they have to turn over shield. Retake the shield to get to move around and it's a full mid evil Schilling and it goes jousting with this thing cool. So that that was wag its gonna be all about this wagging you bring some guidelines like this year ominous bring some swagger to sideline okay year sky decent you this your armor mom and take dominant I think I was gonna do the dominant come around and I'm unaware my. Storm X-Men costume employment she's now knowing it and that. You can't do that into. You got to come up with something turnover lightning bolt bolt eternal truths again zoo sit. I'm coming up with a little white beard she's beautiful white beard Rigby and Brit what. No existing U I just watched I just watched the avengers saying he did he had a dark beard and in avengers. Early yeah I did my eyes these has a white beard appeared. Google image is in you'll see a white beard and so. These readings to history hired Justin Brown beard. Is brown beard but I don't think you got to come up something can't go debt might it's my job at pilot and paid. Gives tax and died yesterday. Well his night ended early as being mariners' ace took a line drive off the left L are okay. Left forearm. From Joseph Lowery in the first inning he made it through 13 of an inning Lowrie came up to that in north Salem. Native killer and justice did. Frozen rope right back at Paxson hit among low us form. As much again with buddy and win taxing came off the mound any did even bend over to pick up the ball no we just let uh oh. Good news is he's dated day them it's just a left forearm contusion. Tissue soft tissue injury hue Jackson not a boy not not a bone injury. Not a wrist injury. Soft tissue injury even a sixty feet six inches and ball velocity exit speed we saw Jean Carlos and hit a 121 point what seven mile an hour home run fastest ball speed coming off this year tracked by their stat tracking. The ball was Lazard in James facts bigs man he's 65. You have a chance he's in no chance to get out of the way none and that and those are the series guys and they'll screen. Features of the I mean could you imagine that ball is that Lowrie hit. It would bounce right back to zinni no news on the nineties and hit first as a fun game they'll scream baseball. But I think everybody kind of had that collective mood. And you went on. We didn't go now know he didn't do this king Felix. How would you think of doing this stadium I thought it was fine hit him. I did not expect king Felix's first time to come out of the bullpen in relief to be or I don't know the first inning. You know I thought it was going to be. Something around the sixth and hopefully get at least six innings of really good about this game going to impacts. And Beers and you're right I mean c'mon I mean he did the deal we gave what one run the risk the game or are two runs in the third. Simien mayors had chances Oakland a's are now rot. And day and days and a winning 52 or three TCU and now you're looking and now you're looking at is 171000 people paid attendance after magazine ads they're to seal will match admin their third base and big them. Tic code to start going to the game and they only got 171000 people there. And DA's and three team now they are just one game back in Houston the top spot the jail last but. That separation this is why this series is so huge is the Mariners are to take two of treated just been a half game back now they're looking added a situation where. They can't afford delays to drop back any further big it's up there for a half games back with just a month that have to play and that's a lot of good grounding make up on the Oakland days. I'm worried that if you get to the end of August in you have a four number or five. It's almost I I'm not gonna say it's impossible because nothing's impossible. But it's extremely difficult to make of those kind of games in a month and just you got there so many things have to go right for you it's nearly insurmountable on the analysis that is so. It's such a big gap to close. But the jail last is looking like it's gonna need a division that is that is going to be the tightest race. As far as Paxton goes data day we could see him make his next scheduled start but. As a pitcher. If you have a big. High pressure grip that you put down on the ball whatever your doing I mean he's still throwing strong upper ninety's to mid ninety's all year. I don't know how much that will change. It it's concerning the pair the Mariners don't have the depth of pitching right now to compete mistress who when you need depth when you need them to go against Oakland you have to get this series. He can't you need is a must win must win tonight. You know that outing by Felix Hernandez. Was his best outing in his last eight and is the last eight appearances. He'd only made it. Past five innings of work twice in his last eight starts. He made five and two thirds innings coming out of the bullpen he gave up only two runs on five hits in that is Felix is best outing. Of his last eight. That's incredible to think about Felix Hernandez. Coming out of the bullpen. X kind of art form would that mean he pretty pitched well enough for them to land you did in you guys he robs it don't play first base we're all wondering what position he was gonna gonna do wondering if he was gonna make a big difference. In the game and not so much so hopefully there's something that he can do and added and that in there eyes. I'm Q now to be optimistic long with all the mayor fans out there have to be there's a chance photos or tell majors chancellor last month of the season you gotta make around. I ran well there enough room for for all of us. There's enough room for all of us in the NAL west. Two win and a known there really isn't sorry can't be optimist I think. I didn't know I wanna burst your bubble there may or anything they're gonna go on a skid they're gonna lose like fifteen games this month. In all three. Dale west teams are gonna make him smile Arctic. That would be one heck of a hot take that you have there if you look at the yankees' schedule. They had the blue jays are they have the rays right now and then the blue jays rays own them and then listening to they have they have the Marlins. Orioles. White Sox might exceed that what are Major League Baseball set them perfectly and then that tigers who did tiger manager and let's get audio. The tigers manager called and the bad news. Skip the that's your that's your quote for the night. Joy that went bad news bears. So the Yankees are gonna go undefeated the risk here is not perfect on the Yankees get that kind of crap at the end of the year noses in everyone else is gonna beat the snot out of each other within the division nail and then they get T series at the Red Sox sent in in the end of September. Where the Red Sox are cruise control mode. That section the verve for mariners fans well. Now because you just have to be able to take care of the Oakland a's which ended the team in front of the Mariners get DA's. Not just this year is that again and again here today I think it a couple weeks and then they give that you shot at the Yankees as well. In September they're gonna have their opportunities season but it's gonna be you have to be perfect from here on out. Because it doesn't get much easier with the Dodgers Astros and then east Arizona Diamondbacks. Is your next three series. All right. Mariners' lose Paxton heard panic in the street Salem zone just they're Jeb Lowery is a mariner killer. He is absolutely raking the ball he takes out James Paxson any hits his two run homer that's after he went three for five the night before with four RBIs. Could be good maybe in the morning you wake up you know this knocked out mariners' single handedly stated again. Four hours a fantasy football. Draft. Coverage yesterday on ESPN. Why is Tennessee of the ball so important. 55305. Be better you today attacks on dusting came on the venues but with sports and. Widespread text easy. That's the message we're number. Two horror. Niners yeah. Five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and I should unite here and there we have all of my life I mean. Or cordless text just know it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply just play my number. He can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the shouldered likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1080 delivery of that person actually say that Bo today. Guys side. 305 that'd be better you today tech's mind. Coming up a week from today August when he set against a big gals in Beaverton. It'll be dirt and sprays of fifth annual fantasy foot. Ball draft 7 PM. As well in the draft we'll get underway. It ha ha giddy all letters how's. We'll have a bunch of leagues set up including. No pun intended. Which is our producer box leagues well done book and if you would like to take part in need during his break fantasy football league's. Or draft right now we have six leagues set up and we and actually may grow. Depending on how many people we get you can text your email address 2553. Easier if I'd be better you'd today Tex sign. And we will get she set up for this fantasy football league. At Kennedy fan and you can be a part of the fantasy football drafted durden Sprague it annual. Out of big gals in beavers in a week from ten and today August 22 at Symbian so if you wanna play in Texas by factories verified just your email address. To be better you today Tex and we'll get it all set up. But. Unrelated to that draft because. I didn't even realize that we would like we had bad event until I got the email last night that. Look we have we have so many teams hardy signed up Final Fantasy football the big deal all right Jeff courses but yesterday. ESPN was doing its 29 hours of Tennessee football coverage which is an obscure number yeah I says I don't know why the numbers when he on eclipsing Promos for 29 hour marathon. But did their 29 hour fantasy football marathon. And from 4 PM. Until 8 PM. And ESPN's main channel this isn't ESPN two is being UESP news the old show is he implies. This is on the mania is being jailed they had a fantasy football. Draft. For four hours tick by tick boom and it was a league with. And Louis critic Adam Chester. Rex Ryan field Yates Matt Hasselbeck. Stiff fine yeah bell I'd die eateries see any four of she's a working or Portland and is awesome. I'm Michael Collins the caddy some guy I don't even know. He's a fantasy football expert apparently Bruce. That is it nasty Darien and Matthew Berry is from but it was a Matthew Berry. But he went it was just pick by pick like they covered the normal NFL draft. But instead of having you know and knelt hyper they had Matthew very breaking down each selection. All of the fantasy football draft four hours Camden. On the main channel I was blown away just sit with all the things he could be having right now and on on the main network. Fantasy football means so much an act would ESPN went two for four hours of coverage on a Tuesday evening. It's incredible to me and may I. I have I'm not going to mean there's no way am does it irritate the fantasy football is dumb and what I'm gonna tell you it's for a certain kind of person. It's built into the fanatical side of giving you invested in me in a team. Boy what it does is is brings like what everybody thinks it brings you in your buddies in your friends together. It also generates your own connection with players I think there's. There's something that can receivable is done is giving you a reason to watch even more now let's be honest here. It's gambling. Alia it's Campbell and those you that that's a huge notes notes QB you wanna chance of winning a chance to Craig your own league. Tommy your buddies make it make it invest Trajan to be your own general manager. You can have your own head coach you can shuffle around it. And yelled the guys you wanna move him out you don't sell him off to a tree there that's what it is that your own mini video game built in around money I mean I get why. It's so popular it takes so much time to invest in it. For me I've never got into it but I'm not gonna say it's dumb I'm gonna tell you that. It takes a lot more time I wanna enjoy the game watch somebody want to have that interaction with players there's a connection to it I mean I understand it. Yeah I don't know why the why it is. You know so important in and how does that point few five factories of five be better you today Tex signed. You know since the bulls' fantastic way to stay in touch with friends we've had the same group of ten guys for over thirteen years now we need a been a different city every year we spend three days together having a great time. In doing our draft. Will be meeting in bed next weekend and I can't wait Gary go now from your RJ. In and mean. I've played gives the ball twice. In my life. And I just didn't I had I didn't get into it he wasn't for me because. I did the first year I was changed my roster doing trades are less stuff. And I just found myself rooting against my favorite team or not enjoying the game because those are you rooting for the individual. Then the second year. I was just terrible idea because I forgot semi roster I just didn't as I go. And spaced out on it in Eads is it didn't resonate for me in that way. You know in I don't think migrants at that time where. It was it wasn't like I was with a bunch of friends like RJ was there now. This sex Ed are you today Tex I fantasy sports make you not care as much about your team rather more about random players. That was going to be my my personal question for you. Have you ever been and that's and I've asked this all so many times but I wanna know some of the Lister have you ever been a point oh my I'm vocalists OCU. We're gonna point can imagine this year if you got Jimmy drop below. Or. Or you have somebody else on the outside their plane in the 49ers and you are you rooting for that. Are you are yeah I mean is that's that's the part that I have the hardest time with G man's heaven a seahawk. On the European receive. Ball team so that's the thing I I know a lot of people they have that internal struggle when they play like I I know a guy who is you grow alliance and he will not draft a Chicago bear on his roster that's just the ways general. I personally don't play that way I kind of separate that had the heart on that I'm glad you got its money goes and here's the deal I always want my team to win but like there's a consolation either way you know what I mean and it's I mean. I do think though there's something to that Wear theirs they're only Sony teams that can be good right and end. Fans of teams who were on the bad side or even kind of in purgatory for it the bottom half the league. Give you some to be excited about the rest of the league the rest of football mean the niners were crappy for the last five years. Arum you know 34 years and fantasy football made the football season more fun for me. In just me buck. If and win the 49ers get back to relevancy. Then you'll care exponentially less about your fantasy football team down. Then you do right now below depends how much money is on the way I do think that something that's brilliantly that the NFL has done. Is that Dave hyped up in the be embraced in they had they wrapped their arms around fantasy football on the nauert Steve until. Because there's only a handful of teams every year that you when it's impossible but if you're sitting or football purgatory without a cornerback burn which is a lot of franchises. Is it is found a way to keep the NFL and its spam base in gauge than your team sucks and isn't gonna wind it's true. I just got a text from. You know that if Sprague yet you sense that the what are you doing up by the way but here's here's here's his laundry for you and Brandon. I got him going says sprays fantasy role no players of any team. My favorite team place that season I get to root for my team. And still do Fennessy. So he did is Brady's forty niners fan he's forty BI is he. He endured are both forty niner fans it's very important no I have no idea. Sprague who was your team Bruce Springsteen. Entered Scott Reid season is the Seahawks. Now who's this team. You'll he'll he'll come in and does it tell us. That's good that's I don't know if that's an obscure rule but is that part of the league rule. But you can't do that I mean how do you put visuals and other texture says I. There's a lot of us out there that play inning no on that money game just like to play. And that's all any leak that's in the during his breaks at the annual Tennessee the blood lead is all about you're excited. Bragging rights now. Milan and I did four years in prison we played Tennessee football by hand with newspaper manually scoring by. A guy with a calculator. Well that's an impressive story my goodness. That's the really crazy thing about how fantasy sports started. You had to tabulate everything by hand so you had to be so into it that someone is going to take everything down document it and run all the numbers. Manually and esprit is now understand. It he probably if he really. With how many how many more guys need to be niners fans and the staff may take it easy there sunshine not everybody can be Seahawks and OK so this is these are the guys the teams that. Britain's Greg will not be drafting from. Vikings lions chiefs or chargers cardinals can't tell you right now he's not gonna have a very good year have a good season verdict on he December and we're designers rams raiders but he giants box there. There Seahawks Broncos bears have fun with your Houston Jacksonville Indianapolis team. Oh yeah by the way in draft somebody from the jets that nobody knows in Tom Brady. Art why it is for Tennessee football some porn you and okay about this. If you wanna play and fist volley text. Your email address 2553 easier if I'd be better you today Texan. And if I play fantasy filled bonding joined box league. Will you guys tell me out. The listeners collective people if I put up a Twitter poll every single week will you guys help me out. By 5305. Besting him on the fan I tell Tennessee football or. Four hours of a fantasy. Draft. Is literally just airing a fancy draft on ESPN yesterday. It's huge. 55 re huge it's huge. 55305. That is the better you. Today Tex lines on it looks like our listeners may have my back in helping out with a fantasy football team. Dare I say I don't think I may give Tennessee football world. This year. I'm gonna try Thain is the only negative third time's a charm brighten. Every time I exist time. I'm gonna go ahead in a moment ago and it Kieran Jordan says Twitter poll more help I think it's Ramadan undrafted team. With the help of our listeners and endurance race that the annual fantasy football draft of the gals and the Wii from today. And then every weekend scampered up made Twitter poll who sat black. Don't don't you may as you decide. Day and then that way we'll get this thing Dolan and will figure out a way to celebrate win nine win box league. Those of you that have played but those he that a player out their listing is it. Now I know makes it more fun for some review how much time do you invested. It totally depends on how serious your about it investors are what are you can you invest for five hours a week. Oh yes that is is that is that if you just below you or could be you don't have to yeah okay. It is Hewitt Sunday morning and I mean yeah I mean when you have to have your image so that that I think is the great thing about fantasy football like I don't like fancy baseball because yet change in say your line of every day much based on who the starting pitcher is and stuff like that who's got a big game. You know when everyone's playing every week and your line of said before the Thursday games start. Then you'll have a couple more days to tinker and have everything. Set by Sunday morning 10 AM and your good ago. Five factories verified the better you today Tex and what's the pull for U and Tennessee football as sappy as this sounds like fantasy football because it keeps in touch with while friends. A lot of my friends from college moved away and we barely keep in touch. I text every once in awhile but fantasy football we almost interact weekly discussing trades talking as that's from human Dustin. Adding that if that's the way you're gonna do it. Then absolutely. Guys into. Like dude there's affinity groups of a my buddies that I talk to all the time anyways. So it's not going to be talking anymore than we normally would just because it's fancy football. So it's a way to keep in Texas Tebow mania moved away in the eases and does net connection. Which I totally understand why it wide that's a look for a lot of people are feeling it's a lot more than just the gambling aspect of it that gets. That road really broke people in Nike's of course you and when money yeah. But it's the talk in Essen a camaraderie of of being on a TV is the talking S and I think would turn I didn't just turned me off about it is when I got would get phone calls from buddies. During the middle of the week is they gave. Scorned you know and it means that information that would be in theory the idea we get a check it what else do you need some tickets you can get some tickets to. This yeah I think there's still a little bit of that that goes on because he could to see fans and and those that that have a star player they'll tweet guys say house. Your fears number's up you're so mad at apple hater you'll bend stammer get rid of them seek you didn't help me and at all this week. Juror and Maurice Jones-Drew. Put his knee down and a prior to going in because he says they run out the clock if he apologized that the press conference because he got heckled by everybody for not going in and scoring. That goes back to that is. Know Paul Walker's slowness have been a number of times in fantasy football where people's. Seasons are on the line and weeks seventy if you look at just what they've killed o'clock or like a quarterback. It's negative rushing yards for taking a knee in the last play of the game wasn't it last year to there was Easter I wanna say it was a stripped fumble the end of the game reminded in the patron was that the patriots game. Because the chiefs. I think remember when he got the ball and it was a fumble and then the chiefs and appoint any win in on the last minute ticket to cover the spread and always edited in a video ever that the over eggs to everybody. You know how big fans really say I don't care about your big fat contract and why you're holding out. Football players don't care about your fantasy team either. Guess they they they really don't I think in DC is the issue just. Block. The word fantasy knew that word from there. In in just the two letters FF from all of their mentions on Twitter and NFL player to be far more happy you know my fantasy football pilot is. I'm a top 101 hit wonder in fantasy football all time. That's right ATF according to Yahoo! Sports that's that's my claim to fame driver reached a very high pinnacle my life you sexier and link via first year first year. For Stewart won Eleanor when you wonder it's kind of like even an someone's coming at you on there. One it's better than none of that. You gotta you gotta have gotta have a hit. RH 55305. That is you better you today Tex and but Sprague said about his team doesn't address the issue he and by the way Sprague does not draft. Players on teams that play the 49ers. It doesn't address the issue though if enough money's online fantasy players we'll take a fantasy W over team win nine times out of ten you really think so. Company really thinks if you need a playoff win. K and you got the system a hypothetical situation your team is let's say your teams the rams this year you need to put you need to win. To beat. Who whatever it is does to lock up the division. You also need to win. To win your fantasy football league and you got 500 dollars on the line. Would you pick and I know it's Friday and this is a would you rather moment but this is my conundrum this was my problem that I had with the team is that. IA what are you are you money over loyalty money over your team I always win that's the thing I didn't like about fantasy football as I started finding myself going. Blow. Ben Roethlisberger and in the big game against the pages does like c'mon big man and now they're clearly doing I don't know what you're doing and so I went back to just reverting to you. The patriots in and not wearing about the money. Not wearing about us. Right 55305. That is the better use today. Tex signs I if you wanna play endurance Briggs that the annual fantasy football league big Al's we got a week from today big houses the draft registration will be at six. Draft starts at seven so he can make it out there and you wanna play fantasy football text us your email address. On the better you today tech's 955305. I've made a decision. Enough people have said that they will help me out in this league there will be Twitter poll. Every single week on who I should start and who I should said you guys are gonna help. On win my league win bucks leagues and join bucks league. We're gonna win this thing. And rub it in bucks face and all listeners figure out a way to you as an amendment again. No punt into no pun intended in a unit upon which you know that was that was their idea I believe. On the commission we know is renaming of wiwa and OK to like W come with the name of her league to. In case. The indicates no kicker allowed flew. We know who worked kicker from nine. CNET that they miss is what we think we know we're kingdoms of visualize now Jim I would not even starting kicker he would choose to lose just to not have a involves kidney drifted for tide is you don't always know kickers what are you doing but we always go for army looted we go over to. I'm looted. I deck coming up next hour a Maryland falls on the sword. Josh Norman. Drops praise on Iraqi blood GO Henry and he just bashed one the next that the hottest sports story today hot and cool on the fan.