Dusty & Cam Wednesday August 15, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, August 15th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, plus the University of Maryland takes responsibility for their negligence in a way we haven't seen recently from major universities, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, Bud Light rolls out a genius marketing campaign for the hapless Cleveland Browns and their fans.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is dusty and jam in the morning when I say should we risk losing us. You say it. Weather permitting we just do you thing again. Check me. I was going to battle to hold myself then they tied them great hope of Justine jam in the morning on 1080 should. Oh yeah. Damned. Hide our number two does seem jam in the morning Tennessee football taking over. Amazing other stories are like people play tennis ball that are coming in. It seems like candidate connection in connection building is what it does throw a lot of people and oh yeah the money to yes. I wonder how much money because obviously. It's non sanctioned right. How much is someone was most someone's one in league I die you need to text me that in at least five by three or five I need to know. Curious wrong I know how your phone number of I won't call you out mind I once won enough money on two week trip to London. Shut the front door yeah wait your kid what was the buying in beginning in the believed it was hi how much is that okay so I will present just tell everybody yeah. There is get there yet both a bid to buy it was 475. Dollars a week and a half an hour Telus has not do this now I don't varying the league know we just want to release his bow and I was buying was my connection to the sports production industry is going to truck guys. And I was trying to break in as a young production existence I was like well. These would be eleven guys that could potentially give me jobs so there was kind of like there is dying you win. Yeah I bought my way Bob my way innocent connections may also one point 600 bucks on it only I'll now. That's nice spot. That's a good little chunk of change. Good return on investment draft let the next year and a Michael market auto draft for 475 blocks though I played the league one year one in the violence way to do it all a Big Ben and boiled potatoes and chicken. The kids big bend. Now the regular way these production truck guys. We're any amendment in the league in charges scheduling. Because did they intentionally puts you on. This schedule C you had to work in not make it to the fantasy draft they didn't know my schedule they just told me when it was going to be an eyes and I have to work that it. The or back that bright news guys that set the naming a chance to get their money back. So if box himself when 26 and went on 600 read that they said. It'll be easy to see I wanna see how many people how much money people want because it. It's a billion dollar industry about illegal money how much are you claim claim which going. We knew what I claim. On your taxes jingle you have to do anything under. What's the number of 600 dollars so when you like when you go to Vegas and gamble it's it's under 5000 or 101000 way you. You can you can win up to a certain amount before you have to claim is an insanity is called 9900 nanny now I don't know I don't know the number I don't know if I know what dean well I don't I don't win under ten grand mound the claimant is either under ten are under five I believe. Even. Ran well and this is dusting cam with. Taxes Nader bock as our producer. I got to leave greater says it's 4000 dollar league winner. Yeah that's. That's Syria and their their relieves my wife and they're like you buying high roller -- league Stuart peopled by conflict and anger and you gotta be no idea right now dudes who played polo players play as a surprise that's why they have a high stakes room I get exactly. Cheap eats right seven LA. Yeah Red Sox. Know. What Todd and why is it cool. Good spotting and cool live dusty intent on your morning dose of positive but he ripped from the headlines great story compelling and rich. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you won't have to wait under. As it they didn't already need to help Bowling Green will be without their leading pass rusher David Kowalski. When they handed to you Jean and the rest of the year the falcons losing their sack leader from a year ago with me torn Achilles. Awful. Awful low. That's a good feel it every time I hear that report from somebody getting an Achilles injury just takes you right back to that it's it's it's their. That's that's. Sure your team more arrests are made in the home invasion Scott frost. 816 year old boy in need twenty year old transient doing these seventeen year old girl who weren't interested. So Scott frost house was under construction do little remodeled. He originally thought that all his rings were stolen and misplaced those they found those but would you go out and put your shoes that are all I don't know Doug colors on eBay. And found them. There's never been a Smart criminal. Only on TV feeling this on TV. Do you think there's actual like art these guys don't like that this is a Nebraska thing on my shot of my buddy Tom right now Smart criminals in Nebraska or just in general. No Smart criminals or people are just too trustworthy you know one and that's good to have you heard by the way I lost my door known gonna love might go to Nebraska flagged apparently it is like to carved up like they toward the door off his they're actually think ribbon walls out and sadistic type of military. Go in there. Ninety how did out. And they know have you ever wondered if there actually are like fine art truths and handing pot that like Interpol and there's these special agencies investigating a it was a couple and Arizona the just released. V. Found a one point eight men are sorry it was like a sixteen million dollar painting in their house that it installed in the 1980s the way. In the 1980s yet their high end art piece incredible. We'll. We're Ohio State receivers coach Zack Smith met with investigators for several hours yesterday. That's the ongoing investigation continues into. What Urban Meyer knew when he knew it and how he handled the domestic violence in my eyes accident how much longer do you think this last. We get in the swing and apparently it's game week is coming up are we got that two weeks at the end of this week isn't that it is I think by the end of Friday we will hear you're gonna get an answer from Ohio State and it's not going to be coach Meyer also mean. Do you know how much you think so now he's been yet they're finding every way possible to keep them which he means guessing I don't think. Yes the Ohio State get rid of her odds my eyes and know DC much money the attorney general set aside for this investigation. To leak investigation. It's lawyers it's time years you've got to be read a thousand. Dollars. For two week investigation. So private eyes guys who has spoken more girls I'd now inane. That is storage bin like in it moves the show and HBO Matthew McConaughey hey Dick Tracy. Trajectory to best and that's what is true detectives there is tied now with the all of his pictures everywhere there smoking cigarettes all day long in a storage room. Get it done. Playing. Why did they call private investigators like. Dick. They did because of Dick Tracy I think it is good VI I I always wanted to watch it can talk into. Need to know we have run out and watches the last watch again. Record yes. So neat NBA's. She's scaling the video game Ling and it's actually been eight. Pretty good success sports. The NBA has announced that are knowing they're expected to announce later this week that the hawks nets lakers and timberwolves. Will be added to be second. Season of the NBA TJ league that means they will the NB AT Caylee would be up to 21 of the thirty NBA franchises. We'll have them. They're taking over the world and another taken over the world you know what game is taken over this world. 498. Few feet. No it's incredible there's there's this it's this part of the world everybody loves fantasy you'll fantasy is pretending that you're an athlete and doing it was video joystick. Let's go if you like got to hear ended I think if cloture vote go get it settled just about them non non I have mine and Mario Brothers days might legend of Zelda. Baseball stars was the original so you take that Nintendo's. I'm not real hot. I'm sorry Major League scoreboard Herman at a governor's ball the V8 Hayes. Three did TU in Oakland they dropped two games of their. I genes Paxson is dated day after taking a line drive off the forearm. Geoff Lowery is a mariner killer. He made two for four with two RBIs. And it do that no way. He had two left two out RBIs. As well he's been red hot that pushes him a TU five of nine in this series. Width six RBIs and I blame them ballpark this isn't dumb and let the ball hard in mid in this foul territories massive. I see you know what I did hear Dave's sins on the broadcast size knife irritates me. They were tight about it in there like it's actually louder thingy thing here because the noise bounces off the DC. Additions I guess that's probably right feed it does it does plastic seats definitely don't absorb the sound. But I really like to Iran is it colored due within. But you know these fans. They may not be higher numbers that they are really pastor trying to give them like a little extra friend for so they're now is it. Back flowers in there and flowers my body on the he's history and you know he is Stevie finally get roots in oil I'd like oh outside radio well no I was I saw it on MLB TV last night but there's still don't get regularly on the I guess. OK but still how does that affect the Mariners though the Astros lost their fifth in a row they've called the Rockies five to one. Which means that the days are now just one game back to Houston for the top spot in the American League last. Mariners are four and a half games back. This is the only. This really is the only division in the American League that has not been decided yet. As Boston Red Sox won again and again they can have a losing record insists the franchise record for wins the rest of the way. The Red Sox have a ten game lead over the Yankees. The Indians have aged twelve and a half game lead over the Minnesota Twins in the end hails central. So it's it. This is the only division really that's yet to be decided Yale last Mariner's ball turns. Cruiser champ Baylor and they'll go now hale. Because in the NLV take a look around it's wide open. Brave seventeen game lead over the Phillies in the NL east team game lead for the cubs over the brewers in the NL central. And it's two games two games separated first and third place in the NL lasted the Diamondbacks are in the lead. Rockies one game back Dodgers this team back from doing your analyst Phil scuffle Williams Danny did we get deck coming up. That's a darn cool event is run Dubai area heating cooling more than thirty trucks of Portland and Vancouver you wanna do it on area local train comfort specialists it's hard to stop the train. Merrill and goes down an unprecedented road college sports are big business. In their fallen on the sword and sixteen on the fan. Happy birthday today. Needs to prove it soon. Happy barest. New Year's. Or were under. This isn't just jam in the morning you know I'm an idea it's. I greeting came clean on this morning the original. And is sitting. That's extremely creepy. Happy birthday today. To prove it soon. Happy spirit you. Now it's Maryland talk to you auto use and Mike Myers and no Ross no I don't. It was in its anyway at least not now and I think he was at a time pleasure. In. They ended in policing. Barack. We says something yesterday that is kind of unprecedented. We saw the end of year mercy Maryland with an investigation ongoing. And lawsuits pending in the death of football player Jordan make an air. University president Wallace slow and athletic director Damon Evans. Take a podium yesterday in a press conference. And they fell on the sword. These are all what we know at this time even though the final report is not. Complete it. I should to the family. To university ball issue. An apology. You entrusted Jordan who are here. And he just never returning home okay. At the university president there who's being. Talk to you and he's being prepped by lawyers who have them by investigators by a board of regents. Any university president is gone and luck. Handout. And we let your sundown they did we let your family down your son died in our care it's our fault. It's a burden multi million dollar entity. University Merrill athletics there. In corporations often go and they hide and they try to make every single way possible to say it wasn't our fault. I I applaud the University of Maryland in their president Wallace slow first step and out of insane. We suckered up. Those are right thing. No questions right thing what else do you say to a parent and a family member once their son. Loses their life. Train for football just not it's not supposed to happen it's nobody wakes up and goes oh well what's been known that stated it is terrible there is no. Other way other than to apologize and that is true mean every time you send your son or daughter off to a sporting event or to go to a camp. Urine trusting other people with their care. And that that is so true when you go to university you think that those guys their strength coaches and his coaches are there to watch after. There are sit their well being and now some staffs are very good at that other staffs. Art. Now see it it's just it's as common there's no no way the DNC to a camp. Can make sure that every school is doing the exact thing that they dean correctly. So you have to have self policing isn't it sad that we are actually a plodding Maryland for doing what Demi Lee dissent it's what we should expect. And roll I can't. When a young guys who did it really all we've uncovered that the underbelly of what sports really is it's about winning it's about money I mean it's about. My team gets 44 million dollars per year my team gets fifty million dollars peer in the SEC. We know what television money as we know what marketing dollars we understand what what the league and how we just got done talking about Tennessee. And a college football fancy always things that are going to be real sports. Players are commodities their resources. And when you put them when you humanize it needed to see here's a young man that's never ever gonna get the opportunity to live the dream that he wanted to. You know in this all comes after ESPN makes a big report and then in the investigation Star Trek. You know and Wallace slow and the AD Damon Evans they didn't know necessarily all the details because. Eight in that he has been reporting. This is the people were super protective of the program they are kind of forthright and in nobody was looking into what happened in Damon Evans earned with excuse me. Jordan make theirs debt because they just thought it was a tragedy on their campus. Another finding. That some of that reporting including the mishandling of the case that was in in that reporting is actually true listen the AD taught him. Was not consistent. With the best practices. In the third. Good heat illness was not properly identified. Or treated. Our athletic training staff did not take Jordan's temperature. And did not apply for a cold water. Immersion. Treatment while the review is ongoing. We know enough now to share some of the preliminary. Findings. We have learned that Jordan. Did not receive. Appropriate. Medical care. If mistakes were made by some of our athletic training personnel. Uh oh what's you mimic the feel so unacceptable to me. Yeah what are you if you are not as you're trainer in your medical professional and at and I understand. That there are a lot of medical people out there is a lot of a lot of first responders like Ian tees lot of medics undo the work in the medical industry. And mistakes made because it's humid and put in this as as easy as it sounds to look at at a young man who's fatigued and adult listings. In this to meet its feels like he remedial. Decision it's like a basic life decision when someone is in this kind of situation and he you know immediately. Oh what what are you doing it's egregious negligence. I mean it's negligence and on your part you know what to do the protocols are there everything is a really sleazy in you just sit there and you don't do it. But it goes back to a lot of what that reporting was. And a lot of what the defenders a lot guys like Will Muschamp calling this whole thing cowardice in the reporting. Is actually. True in so where do we go from here. With kind of what we talked about yesterday and are sexual of the senior program at all costs and a the accountability of coaches by factories your fight is better you today Tex signed you to buck the sports that are. This is. They just didn't have in the morning. And it. This is yeah. It's been so long to favor the well it's you've heard this is the president from buck TO. But it is a liberal or anybody is Rick roll going on in there bucket the bucket NASCAR shop on many children did did you Wear a merger over by. And there it is there it is. About it at the C. Kim's birthday and tonight for a may happy birthday to a more somber note. The government the Merrill Lynch. Situation. In this is kind of that slippery so you know. Who will must hit cannot and boy did he has some criticism from unnamed sources calling it cowardly gun on the ESPN report everything. But I think a lot of the things that we heard from. Damon Evans the did athletic director or Maryland in the university president ball slow. They are student can it's essentially confirming kind of what was happening there's an hour gap where it Jordan McNair. Had heat stroke his temperature wasn't taken. They didn't trying cooling down at all. And it led to deal that it budget the death of the young man. Any it's kind of goes back to you day yesterday Rick courts these strength and conditioning coach he resigned yesterday as well. Prior to this he sent his letter of resignation I would sue because he's the guy in you know this is like the training staff is to blame for a lot of it. But the strength and conditioning coach part of our report on ESPN is that these are the guys that word deal little laying it and for seeing a lot of the athletes to go to extreme lengths in order to you ya you know prove their toughness and their manhood. This is this is gonna change too because it conditioning tests are going to change is gonna be mandates now because these this is how. Things happen when there's a tragedy that happens everybody changes the way. They trained usually the condition because this was a 110 yards protest now and those you've ever done. A 161 tends those are created a long time ago him in his miserable. It is it is awful 16110 yard sprints you have. Fifty to 45 seconds in between rest and offensive lineman easily have eighteen to twenty seconds depending on to make it you have to make each one. Please tell me when offensive linemen running under and ten yards. Ever. Defensive lineman ever of that size and Iran out of that tunnel and jog never. I've never been a fan of this test I think it's atrocious but that's that's up for it it's here or there there is there's all sorts of ways to and to make sure the guys are in condition being in good shape is very important in football. No no question at all these guys are huge and they're big you have to monitor this you have to be Smart effort trained staff. To make this mistake is inexcusable. And now universities across the country. Well taking any more deeper look into how we monitor these young men now there's lots of different technologies you've mentioned it. They're going to pads that track their steps are hydration levels how fast they're moving all the things that are doing. For now for technology there will soon be. Things implemented where these guys are gonna be monitored 24/7 and be able to track that. Mean it's scary but the investment in your life when your professional when your young athlete not professional but we're coming in these universities you can't mess around with this anymore. In this too good wanna go on Bianco law how bad did they know it actually was well this is an excerpt from the ESPN article. Well on one of the players current Maryland players. He's like there's multiple players people that said while Jordan looks asked. He doesn't look our right we knew he is really exhausted though we didn't know he's endangers the life that doesn't mean the medical professionals didn't she know to put him in an ice tub the you know like is there is simultaneously. The players who were on the feel like dude. This is not and it's not just a guy who looks tired and can't finish it he looks really screwed up right now. Is and it is the ever been in those situations. For you mean the immune you had a chance to do that but looking at somebody's big. In their there they're pushing themselves in and immediately they look at an arrow and media looks at them and goes this week. Two week ends not tough. John. At some point do you think your body just can't go anymore. Yeah then there are time 125 pounds is him analysts yes six for 4325 was hospitalized elect. Two weeks prior. Like you said he's a big kid in his freshman so what are the chances he really stands up for insult and does not like it don't what are the chances that he had no idea what he was doing because now a freshman. And he's young he's trying to make an impression the last thing he wants to do. As well look weak in front of right okay and haven't secondary can do because if you guys immediately you know I got the first guy that says I'm out you know it's like tapping out. You're you're you looked as weakens it's a detriment to you as a as a football player line especially. When you have a strength and conditioning coach running the drills that was known around campus where in the effects department for throwing small weights at players who could not finish their work counts. And that's this guy whose record. In the in years in article talks about how he would stamps throw weights. At the direction of players when he was angry that they couldn't finish in need visas same coaching staff that would. If a player is trying to lose weight and was in trying to get less chubby they force him to sit there and watch his teammates. Work out what he ate candy bars and a corner like it was an eight a place where is conducive to you like a and I can't go any further. University strength coaches are the most influential coaches of any staff member. Out for for these collegiate athletes. They spend the most amount of time them. When I mean the most amount more than your position goes more than your head to more than any other coach or because you work. Strength conditioning coach spends every single day with these guys have and young ladies that are out their to their training in most sports now have individual strength coaches. For this coach to be like that at this point time now Lauren I get to see more information more this is coming out. The push for. Yep no doubt about it in now what Maryland did yesterday. Is that. They southern preliminary findings in the investigation they knew they were in the wrong. And in this doesn't open them up four in a lawsuit happened. The yesterday confirmed they RD new button that the lawsuits in the McNair family. Are going to be coming out pipeline. It's gonna be justified they're in they're gonna be pain out ease ton of money to what he did to settle this whole thing with McNair family. In Mariane enough money in the world that's gonna make diving near family feel any better a lot of the textures are asking this question I need to ask myself is what will be the crew will there be any criminal charges. Brought upon. Any of the medical staff the training staff or should be the strength co op. I can't answer that sir I'm not a lawyer or not I don't know but it's. It's you'd be pretty concerned well if there's one thing that we can kinda see from from the from the preliminary findings serve from the preliminary statements by. Lawless though the university president any athletic directory. Damon Evans. This is the university that is not trying to protect anybody. They're not try I mean now there so. It's not like they're gonna go to any lengths to try and defend these guys and what they did so if there are going to be criminal charges that come of it. Then it's so be it I think Merrill were certain we know we screwed up we're not gonna try to protect anybody it. There's a criminal case that comes against anybody. Maryland's gonna cooperate with the and they are actually shed its a its. We're seeing as the university do the right thing and handled this the right way of final. I'm right 55305. On. The Cleveland Browns are one and 31 over the last two seasons. That's why. I think Bud Light may be the best marketing company out there. 742 on the fans. And strides he's birthdays skewed years you haven't dwelled on. Like him period. Alex shorter Q you're. Wonder why you like Katie Mary I like you very. A minus one. Entry to a it's your birthday every day like two birthdays. Oh son if I sized study. That said that. Men report. That that a mentally unstable. Gals are their favorites in the bed. Those two mill and cover it is. What does it mean early conference's. Mentally unstable resist knowing covered this in New York Post. Studying reports men have better sex with women who are emotionally unstable. There's no loyalty to no strings attached. If we'll do everything they did a bit crazy NSA. No strings attached. I don't think that's that mean that big word vets in need says lake. We and I greatly nurse I was hot crazy matrix is a real thing and if he ran to the real thing. So basically someone just did wrote an official studied approve the arteries and yes that's right with the threat. All of us have found unicorn and of course it's the German and it's a German sick in the institution that is his steadiness. Can we must find Bruce Biden. Let's elect Chris is still Midas. Is so much that's of these tiny dots and we don't. Okay they browns haven't won in a long time and things and I've like pants GO RG three's the last quarterback to winning game. For the browns and no wait let this guy who didn't play last year in the NFL. I remember that game did he dislocated ankle my game here. And you better and are now on that. The browns haven't won a long time. We are all saying on hard knocks that hue. Jackson doesn't want his players dressed head to practice does he get hurt that way and trust issue. The Bud Light is saying. You know up. We don't believe in you guys either. That's why Bud Light has installed what they're calling victory for ages in several bars in the Cleveland area they are they are locked chino unlocked right now. Andy immediately following aid Cleveland Browns victory during the regular season. The refrigerators will be unlocked. And the beer inside will be every. Too many browns fans it's great. Together we'll get a till December. Like I understand like Bud Light is a marketing genius right now I agree I think she into those who either don't understand. What the power of dilly Julian what it meant it. We cover the entire world aside guide Disneyland had a daily daily T shirt on yes. Some mid evil do ball now. Who actor. Who say dilly dilly. Cheney admitted it was everything bug bites on their game noted earlier I every year after the supermarket and Dewayne Johnson & Johnson now. Wrote rejected his a couldn't cash and bump my sealed and out on that with free biz and in now they're doing it again but. Can I spin this to. As. There are willing to giveaway thousands of dollars of free beer for and then the browns actually went. People are saying this is great for Bud Light in their fan base I say browns fans EU should be offended by this. Yeah should be more excited to be weak one and liberals claim we want. Dot Pittsburg Pittsburg OK it's not gonna be weak one well you know Pittsburgh and new propensity to stub their toe earlier in the Iraq first group off with Barca. Is in the concussion protocol. Yes he is saw that on a case so you tell me where this win this may be victory Steelers and home. Then you have at the saints now jet sent home. Maybe. Who battle of the rookies. Because right now you can name more Cleveland rentals will be starting by the Qatar terror being knocked out first game. But today they did say that they will be they're committed to starting in Tyrod Taylor sure jive he can start or order in the first game. Which I was sent Brendan. A hard knocks which McCall at. Or no IP video of browns' practice were Terrance Mitchell former doc alien flick it's stepped on Jarvis Landry and Landry got upswing and there's big fight yeah. Tyrod Taylor he's standing around the pile. And you know who comes in and save send them. Brogue and broad and Brooke. The third string broke I know it our way Tyrod broke into sacks are allowed to get in fights he's seen ladies he slips in front items like did you standing or on the pie you don't wanna be where from the pile broken may be yearning is key. In Cleveland by just getting in the way of the fight in being the guy that gets taken out instead of Tyrod Taylor. So when Prosser bro what to factories stand in programs come under area in camera and Bruno are still yet the jets' week three you go to the raiders after that we actually three games that they've easily could be victorious and potentially can. At generators giving this team a lot of credit by the way yes and then the ravens at home. I think those are the three most winnable games is any of the chargers at Tampa Bay at Pittsburgh on Tampa's of but it's on the road into cholera. Vineyard to chiefs falcons angles. Late in the year. Texans Panthers Broncos angles for the best question is is everybody in Cleveland drinking Bud Light in the month of September. Yes or no. Month to September drinking Bud Light come to say yes they beat the jets yeah I think they get I think they went on this you guys are really confident team that is one and thirty I don't think they're great I just think the jets are also bad. It's true big cam there one and Ellen pre season Tim K never reformed so does matter they are foreigners even foreign known pre season last year. Did you know that Bud Light is owned by Austrian company called in death yeah. Does that mean it to the Austrians are really good at marketing. Germans against the Germans. Austrians leasing Australian or Austria Austria Austria Austria in depth Yahoo! Austrian that's not German. We speak same language. And say German it's been very and this is denial Bavarian this is geography with cam. Thought you know but since the geography and a little bit Europe I know the Rhine river is. Markets better than none but right now. Name in the drink world by the way OpenId anybody I did I messed you up yesterday when I power ranked the the light beard filters of our country and I put Miller Lite life and I went course like Bud Light that in mind that was my one through entry I don't Coors or bud lite Miller Light. In that order. They scurry. It's only. A red bullet usable up a silver bullet game but one break and number one Bud Light and a number one course plate number two bud lite number three Miller we want home. To bottom barrels. Intercede look at that it is to recharge but you guys are both IPA guys write it in general I don't drink a ton of cheap domestic beer. But here and I PA guy yeah of course as little more bite I don't like I PX and I feel like they're all lights really want smoother. I don't think so at all. Lisa and offerings and is there any are we even mentioning Bud Light. No because Bud Light is its its average average average trying to beavis and says Nike. We have yet pat hey. I can't party with ninety. It seems like they've taken a little bit off their fastball. Nike has and the marketing standpoint amino like whether we looser when is the last great Nike commercial that we've seen. Can question. Because if any in that in my mind if you just asked me right away there coming livable season in the other way but no here's here's what it is. It's the basketball in the air airplane hangar. Where I think Steve Nash is still around for that and then need Tiger Woods Rory McIlroy a golf commercial. Like those the two best Nike commercials that I can remember recently. That I've seen come out eight used to be like Nike's to have just. Commercial after commercial after commercial. They said do you like and they're all over the place they knocked out of park it is I can't remember a great one besides those two recently. And the last great Nike commercial you can remember. The great last green Nike ad because there remember the staff curry under armour ones. Now I'm thinking I can't there's been a couple good ones there's been a few of those like if you. There was a stance can come to me a little bit here and there is a good accord Iraq commercial fire ever during the Super Bowl. But nice time I think they've they've taken a little bit and mustard off their fastball now on. 55305. Better you today Texan. Best marketers right you know. I worked for Dublin marketing competitor markings these union V twenty billion dollar budget. To. True dat. Right now let's get the NFL Josh Norman. You know and Marines praise on one rookie quarterback while dealing Ramsey absolutely blasts another cent to seven on the fan.