Dusty & Cam Wednesday June 13, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, June 13th
Dusty and Cam discuss Pete Carroll praising his re-vamped Seahawks roster, plus with Draymond Green saying he's looking for the "super max" contract next summer, has greed made individual brands more important than team success?

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Doesn't intend. We grind it looks like there's no tomorrow made putts this is US open week. We dusty deep good guard girl busy era and Jim big stick Cleveland yeah no fans US open week. Rusty by area of heating cooling and does steal and jam on Kennedy's bill bullet can both read. Morning and happy Wednesday GM health. Big. In the rose city. How worried in this morning. Eight and shocking to me now I'm not talking target site and add everybody else I'm doing here and you talk condemning yeah. You know you Robert Janeiro or rim yes did you remember Robert Airpwn yes do you ever see him go. BS crazy yet he went off bundled president of all the presenting in Patton when will not so I guess he did no matter what I was. No matter what happens when you age you just don't give don't give our you don't give 22 shakes anymore who cares what anybody else things is when I'm old. There is appoint live I'm I'm trying to figure out what that number is that age number five. Now I think it's here's what I think it is I think it's the seventies I think what you hit the seventy and can you turn into. In on my own tail end and medal maybe your maybe your tail and he just I don't care Caylee to get that point my dad would be. I guess early on that learning curve does he isn't even or purple. Moon. My about ten years now. And he's and is our jerseys are pretty early armed guards throughout a number I Disco. What number would use my dad is 67. In cells. As he's he's been at this for awhile you know he's ahead of your seven acre of but there's going to be your ears you're under someday I'd say it's by about 65 retirement age well there's in the press there's a difference between. Being cut up and publicly publicly don't give or independent did you just you just don't give her. You know what I mean yeah because the minor of those Abu. I've just don't really care anymore not gonna care little what you know and he's made his money he's gets I think that their retirement age where you're comfortable not to Wear doesn't. Even publicly say whatever you want your life is changing yes announced that could affect your career earnings anymore or write in so you're not worried about your Twitter followers following whatever age it is that you decide to retire. You just don't care that's fair yeah. Are on that we settled that this morning. I'm staring off and spaces I'm wondering haven't reached an already certainly not a retirement age rent a middleman and it was just pretend they're there. A tailoring consequences began forties or a lot better than thirties a poll and these kids Earl there yeah. He just your very different perspective different strokes somebody loves it when he is an. Thirties or two is full of the old life changes in diapers and move. Fortune good that's given to yet you just have to look forward to yet gives thumbs up there you know when you. Are giving your little mafia thing are reminded me. I it since I've not taken a running them. It I'd listen to podcasts on Myron I'm listening to one it's an all the London it's called crime town. It's about Providence, Rhode Island in the season one in the crops in the mafia there. Every single person that they interview sounds exactly. Like that we've gotten beaten told me get a new dog and two bill loaded old clip on me. You sound like actors and they're not yet be accents I listened to a few months ago and yet to media's. Everything they Liberty's name is bugs nit here the mayor who is a corrupt mobster mayor. Of Providence, Rhode Island yeah his name is Buddy Cianci bloody it was bloody here he was convicted of the felony shot. He's convicted of felony widow waiver for years and then what is real elected mayor yeah. After committing no word loyal. They this year we got here that it oil is bananas give the concrete out. It is he's right did that concrete elements Concord with food it's amazing and have a he's just stay here how crept it is and everybody sounds like the mobsters in the movies think do you sit there ego I did because that's not that's not real. You know that's all it's all kind of built up a little band in its been Hollywood. Has made it better know now some of the real. Stories are actually better than the Hollywood stories on terror right now. We're going mobs we're gonna go deep in dive into you on and now but I wanna tell you the greatest television series of all time is The Sopranos. The greatest television series of all time it's set us all down the road siege on what it is it there's no other television series that set. This entire immediate aid created in my mind he created everything. Created Netflix stuff we created all these things and he's watching oh my gosh it did everything for us on. Way before our lesson mean I was excited for Carlos and HBO but it was like to cameo I was I was I got a good but you know you arrived is sports guy we made in our list yeah. Some about The Sopranos mend it was. I didn't like the ending them. Don't just sell Lehman's estate winter and the finish is fading a little bit black they cut the black whenever Americans up their cable out yeah it was you do genius is that. That's it was genius. On a closure cinematic genius wasn't some yes are detect even manic in Sargent Ron Harper. You got a comment. He knew RJ you know will pace him and our golf cart with some Beers. I'm right next to you that. Imagine don't pretend that you drink on a golf course. I didn't settles on the golf course that should be calling golf cart just a significant public golf course yeah is it going uses torture in that thing abuse unsteady bureau four Wheeler immediately and it's been injured on him. Open beer in front and I exist in general legal does that it's not me. Yeah it's legal in do whatever you want. If you go far out about in the country can do ever enjoy my golf cart on the road it's an easy electric vehicle. Do you have signals that a seat belts telling ya that plates as they did does not have plates. Our immediate controversy. Here is this Dexter says that ending renewable series now you're nuts crazy bad union and that's that they now not a bad opinion it is a opinion but it's my opinion could and ruin the entire easy Euro got a liar always a thought come on you liars is is great but. The ending you're just saying what did you want. That's I think if you got an alternate ending what was done show me. She'll meet him either getting shot. Or. She'll be him getting the last horse you're the guy walking up behind him with a guy on the side we didn't see anything but left it up for interpretation. As things up though it's not usual residence seven C five seasons in Dallas I did I mean it was known don't want to interpret tell me what haven't yet choose your own adventure. He gets shot that they move on to the kill the entire family in the pizza shop I want closure. That is closer. No it's not. What's not. Because now we're having this conversation. And said I know why they did it is so we can still have this conversation in The Sopranos ended a decade ago thank you write the greatest series ever but. That doesn't mean that it was a eight series ending that I have to you enjoy I didn't like it did need that closure. I'll give you controversial hot take a couple of sides I enjoyed. The Sopranos ending in their series are about the sign filled last up the suit was terrible it was terrible so here we go to greatest television shows. Ever cinematic glee will consummate its TV. Signed bills the greatest sitcom ever sopranos agree is the greatest series ever both ended in your opinion. Never got it not very good note and they you know let it's hard to end. Some I gained through a game a thrust of your game if there on sky via good luck that when the final season ends next year. It is going to be a disappointment to a lot of people weren't beginning. And I'd. Suit at the very end of the last episode of The Sopranos you liked out was exactly that I want it know it was Z. Now a year but yours is nice history here but I guess that's the point is that I don't get what I want. Yeah. And you have Bob Dylan now Rolling Stones can always get what you want. Rollins can. He get his Rolling Stones can still lives they are from the I did they are still they drink formaldehyde there's still juror. There's your from out of it now. If if one of The Rolling Stones died. Do you think they can still this prop them up and play their instruments like you if you go to any area weekend at Bernie's that bad boy I don't think they'll ever done I think the area Nestle is that the drummer is sold to schools to the double. Mick Jagger still having kids at 73 to set his last kid how can you party like that in two still it's in. Be alive in produce children. Formaldehyde. Jolie agony as the pure and help the kids he did it's it's a preservative. Are they put the formaldehyde in the frauds and inside and in biology class. He pulled a frog out dissected and do that. Did you frogs are pigs we did frogs heated rocks yeah kick biology by OT yeah. Software Clinton then doesn't it. And armaments from all the hype though he's analyst herbal there's. Let's get a dog ate good morning that I hope you enjoyed your breakfast. And. My remember was just like yesterday. All everybody wants to kill LeBron James and he passes up the final shot but on this date in 1997. Michael Jordan passed up the final shot is to get it over to Steve curve. Who had big game winner to clinch the bulls' fifth title in seven years. But it just occurs best. Now remember he had prior made a bigger shot. OK so. LeBron does same thing LeBron make execute your shots are blocked exactly. Come back down the other I didn't because he doesn't take that night was not pushed off the game before today and give it to seeker the next seed this is the thing that always gets me wrestle. And it goes on a Daschle LeBron for not taking the final shot because the star takes the final shut this funnel shots LeBron didn't take he also made a lot of great final shots. You know. But. They speaker knocked it down speaker nineties when championships all over the field watering some lingering speaker have now. A total of seven a Levy is 8808 that's rated he's got three older teams. Does that include his assistant coaching days at this verse zinni get on their team. I don't know if he gullah I don't believe he had to go to the spur auto I don't think I don't want his coach's orders as a player he got one as a player he got on globally I think he had five as a player with the spurs and bulls and three wood the coach organized he gosh so he's still got a kiss Bill Russell Bill Russell has eleven. They also on the state 1991. Opening round of the US open that his time pays to. That one in Minnesota. A spectator was killed and Easter pilot but I mean. Stand under a tree. In. Opening her and was today opening round for the US open is tomorrow it should not written. We'll discuss them and that plus. We've got set have team sports turn and in individual sports. I'm that is our potential relations today different spin on it how dynasties come to an end. We had an NFL news and notes into elector a football the news slash. NCAA is a TU. Actually some good piece that noted. And then add the one time Brett Favre invented an entire. Football play. That is now changed the game but where we start is where we never got to yesterday Pete Carroll loves the new blood on his Seahawks roster was that a warning shots. Earl Thomas 614 on the fans. A couple days go tucked under islamists in its. Choice to sit out mandatory mini camp and the Twitter. Note that he wrote to the tools out there explaining that he wants. Let's isn't exactly to show up to you but he believes he deserves a second show to any Seahawks activities until he gets a new deal. On the heels of that Albert Briere has taken over the Monday Morning Quarterback for. Peter king of SI. And he sat down with Pete Carroll. And had a little conversation. In it's pretty interesting that they gay Keynes comes the day after Earl Thomas drops is I'm not coming up in there. Until I get a new deal but Carroll said. To do we're I'm not saying I'm not more challenged this year than some money years but I always feel like man this is my whole deal. Try to figure out how to recapture. Getting guys motivated every year saying that it is actually easier for him to get his message through. Without Richard Sherman. Michael Bennett cliff April came chancellor. Sitting in his meeting rooms in. Is that MI and renamed it a little bit too much say in. This kind of feels like it's a warning shot. Towards Earl Thomas when he says it's pretty plain to see that when guys establish themselves or 456 years at the spot. They've been really effective that what they do you it's hard to convince the next guy he's gonna take their spot. And so it makes his job easier to you to coach these guys up well it's always been Pete Carroll's biggest bugaboo that that he used against him while out. USC and then now with the Seahawks the the communication is always been let's go let's go let's rock IE you know what are there every day has a slogan. I tell the truth Tuesday when you done for me Wednesday. I don't know what they're all called competition competition said Tuesday very true what it tell me wherever he Thursday yeah area. Overtime you're gonna get to a point where that stuff becomes Charlie Brown's teacher no doubt that happens all of us I mean anybody that's apparent. At some point timing her kid hits thirteen and fourteen incite. Lou when it went. Rang in they wanna hear a different voice and what do you do. As a head coach or business leader let's take sports because of the worst Portugal let's focus on that. Do you hear multiple things from coaches over and over and only got so many stories you're gonna hear me on the station I'll give you multiple stores and I tell a story a couple times. Right those either coming in might share that with Pete Carroll. You have 53 guys on the roster yet a little bit paternal group which are for your big time players are guys that you pay the guys that have the egos the guys that are the team leaders. They hurdle. And hurt at all. And then it turns into noise and inserts her into white noise. And then it turns into the mood we go aerial and coach Carroll yemenis than let's give the hustle the college stride. Mentality and that's when the cancer seed sent. And if we wanna be fair. And I have to use the greatest franchise in history the NFL. What does Bill Belichick do listening to him was like listing new York and those of us who know yours is. Home alliance it's in what happens when the noise starts to sound like that in New England you're cut you're gone were bring in in Newton new recycled that we keep Tom Brady who he still badgers every day. You but even at that point. You start to get worn out with it so Pete Carroll's again the injection of new used new ally a new identity. Younger players. He works well with guys is never heard that before I would bet when you were played for coach Carroll it's four years and you need a new turn over. Went in that's good remembered Richard chairman criticized. Pete Carroll for it and said. You know he's a college coach in that regard in twelve got really upset and Richard Sherman kind of that betrayal but this year. You have Pete Carroll who's admitting exactly what average Germans said any eating nobody should take that has done the wrong way that. Richard Sherman Michael Bennett clear favorites and chancellor that message stopped becoming relevant to vent and Pete Carroll is admitting that right now. In if you're Earl Thomas in your sin they're gonna want this raise them and get aid get if from Seattle. Well it doesn't sound like they're gonna be willing to get that extension his way when he's sitting there and saying without those guys. It's actually easier to get my message across that doesn't take on field into consideration and hollow. Dusty I truly believe that the core of the defense that specially. The legion of boom. When it was camp chancellor when it was Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas and then whoever was playing right corner Brandon Browner Maxwell who has that's in its history and whoever plays cornea. I believe that they that core of guys. We're so wrapped up in the mistake from the Super Bowl. Never able to get over yeah mentally. Never be able to get over it and there's also reports about Russell Wilson and his ultimate raw raw. So think about the two leaders in the building who were the two most recognizable leaders. For the Seattle Seahawks it is Pete Carroll is Russell Wilson go hawks and that is. I mean if you look at camp chancellor Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman. Those guys are not those guys and he dared to do generally we get after a rough I want my money give me my stuff I want that were tough guys were not. Russell Wilson is. Positive. Leadership. Always upbeat. Pete Carroll leadership positive always upbeat almost feel spay all the time. And those guys sometimes don't mix it mix for a short period of time but for long term sustainability. In the locker room like that those personalities. Start to just keep infested and in the can't then it turns into competition of whose more positives fake and then you see the fractures. That create in there. There's no way to keep those things together for so long with the power in the Eagles and the ultimate alpha male mentality in those locker. Actually it is the most. Crucial thing to success in football especially is that you're leader has to be cut from the same cloth as as your head coach right here on field leader. Absolutely and EU have that was Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. In if you wanna have long and sustained success you've got to have that because of the messaging is his key to get cracked me if I'm wrong here in that. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. It is do whatever it takes to win whatever that is that is the one singular thing that they do for Pete Carroll Russell Wilson is different dipped its raw rye everything's positive. Positive that he will get us through any rough times right but the path is the same in everybody else is expendable and that pass. The path as the same because now you have your leadership council which coach Belichick had his core guys is leadership council his guy on defense was Tedy Bruschi that was his leadership council there was also Willie McGinest and this is during the time that I was there and that was Tom Brady on offense it was Troy Brown those were the guys that fell in line. With how he wants the team communication to go from him. This is same thing with Pete Carroll false right to Russell Wilson because those two are two peas in the on the understand. This is the philosophy after building. I know all of you out their that are listening how of leaders at your work that some of them can be Iran Iraq person. Hey guys happy to be here every single day you'll take on. The attitude of your leadership like it or not some people will not fall under that leadership quality they would not like it did walk cancer they will drive a rift between. Because they can't follow that. Yeah that's what Pete Carroll is now urging. They are urging the Seahawks to now get rid of the front runners. And take away you know the quality of the talent is always gonna outnumber personality does that make sense like if I have a lot of talent and I can do that. But short term short short of the NFL short term is two to three years of talent will not be sustainable for long periods of time which. What's a fair number of years in the NFL to be sustainable speed to make it out for that's pretty impressive. Pete Carroll is feels fresh and wide open it's more an open competition for some spots and that's a really good thing for us because it does feed into the whole approach the whole approach comes down to. Exactly. What you're talking about with that leadership quality. With everything that you know Pete Carroll said general Thomas is sad doesn't it feel like the final piece of the legion of boom may be on the way out as well. If it was a fresh start it was a new start from the coaching staff to the offensive coordinator to the defensive coordinator to the players of the old guards how. Have to you have to be willing to cut bait him. And in coach Carroll did it. I got some free all yells out there. We get a press that Brad coming up next. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number to call them to all our. Niners by. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I mean. Most cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and generates may apply to just play my number. You can go we're desperate. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also. 30 that is the fans axle line. But we have a phone number 250325. Votes and Nadine have you are color number four at 5032501080. Can win a four pack of tickets. Tim meego Portland become auctions the world's largest collector car auction company returns Dorgan. For meek of Portland 2018. June 22. Through the 23 at the Borland expose senate that would be next weekend. Not this weekend at the following weekend an estimated 600 American muscle cars corvettes classic hot rods rest still mod. In more across the auction block voter registration in general admission tickets available that meet them. Dot com that is unique and NBC UN dot com caller number 4503. 2501080. U organ a four pack of tickets to meet them Portland when he eighteen. Right. Set the stage. It that state ever gave Tennessee constant and put some who'd like we know this. The Chicago Bulls came their Tennessee came to an end when Michael Jordan decided to hang it up for the second time. And they stopped winning championships over and over and over again we've seen risk between teammates like sacking Coby. And bust apart the lakers after winning three straight NBA titles. We're entering a brave new world though of the way they dynasties end. Has greed. Turned sports indyk individual brands. And could it be the way that we see our next sports dynasties and where the wanna take a New England Patriots. Or you wanna take the Golden State Warriors could money be the one that takes down. Our next great dynasty in sports. So said this yes I can give me but I said this yesterday. We are mentioning now. She was really frustrating if your Golden State were your fan as the teen fan. But the first thing we're talking about in the biggest narrative coming out in NBA right now is where is LeBron gonna union where's the Bronx kid get ago. Because that'll tell us where it's gonna go who's gonna recruit LeBron who's in the LeBron sweepstakes. Crickets really British talk about the Golden State Warriors and their celebration. And Jordan bells Tennessee parade loved it. But where's the team. No we're gonna start about individuals. Trim our greens gonna come out immediately say I need to get miner gave up twelve million dollars to make sure Kevin Durant showed up and Hampton five. Kevin Durant says I'll take a pay cut but no I need to super Max deal but wait a minute reminder he says all need to super Max Steele on top of clay arguments Klay Thompson ticketing leading eighty million dollars on the table. To be able to make sure this comes apart yeah. What what do we talk about now when we talk about sports. We dug about individuals the team concept of of how we look at these guys and we see the money is so massive. To the point where Julio Jones is gonna hold out because it's not enough from his team because Matt Ryan's got a 140 some million dollars. There we're gonna talk about in seat Jimmy drop below get all that money Derek Carr get all that money or David Carr. Derek those d.s giving master David is his brother and that's a look at all that money is about individuals we get to see now Aaron Rodgers is gonna be the highest paid quarterback. In the league. Because he wants to be the highest paid quarterback in his division. And we talk about the individuals the team concept is how I look at this is that is it now we don't even care about the team anymore that's not fun to talk about what's what's. It Christine is the individuals in the individual brand. And that it is. When we look at the fact that how dynasties and coming apart easy you know like I said Jordan McGill Colby Jack they're egos just couldn't. Co exist together for. For long enough it did back in the fifties and in sixties when the Boston Celtics won eleven titles over a thirteen year run. It was it money that brought them apart in that is kind of where the new world it is going to be headed here. When you look at that Golden State Warriors team and you you've taken in consideration that. Back in 2015 Andre Ahman Green less that twelve million dollars on the table. One thing that he said which is really interesting he said I took less so we can get Katie. I'm a student of the game and I studied the business side of it in the numbers where some people don't they leave it up to their agent. Just to do it in I didn't. He said the money is not changing my neighborhood is probably six million after taxes and fees that's not change my neighborhood but championships can't. Championships. Can change my life that is a direct quote from dream on green just three years ago when he's talking about why he took less money to going to Kevin Durant. What is strange for forgery among green was in those three years and a he's won two NBA championships. In those three seasons. And now he's looking at it saying I'm not gonna take a hometown discount for one of the most awards this is the first time because when you look at all those other dynasties they came to an end of every does we've had a professional sports up until now. It is really. It's come down to money. Here heard or know everyone up to now has been retirement. Or ego getting in the way now dynasties are gonna start stopping because you can't hey guys enough money to do it. And this is the difficulty now of where I view it from the outside looking in. I'm on the side of athletes giving as much as they can. Because their brands are so hot. And they're so valuable. Mean LeBron James is a billion dollar brand name but she's in a team sport. And the other side of me goes I would have been able to do none of this. Without the support of the people around me. K I'm not in an individual sport. I'm not. In the sport where I can go out and practiced by myself all the time I mean my teammates around me and you the coaching staff I need the training staff I need all these people. Around me to help. Get together. And win a title become a dynasty. And then you go okay when is enough enough. I asked I ask you that question just ask anybody that's out there once you make 51020300. Million dollars. When is it enough when do you say. Man I sure would like to be part of the team because last time I checked. I can't take anything with me correct I can't there's no way you wanna be buried with your money that's fine. That's your choice if you think money is the happiness of it that's another thing that's up your own interpretation I had I don't. The legacy of being part of a team my best memories of an athlete is beam of my teammates not my individual success. And that's a clinching point there in this is where it all comes down to you. Do you blame these guys for getting what they want. At that time because I mean years inane I don't have perspective the only say I don't blame that I don't own out in getting. I'm not trying to contradict myself I'm saying the ownership. Us as fans the Twitter wars the revenue that we pay the money that we do and we pay our television. The most are our subscribers in what we pay to go to the Mota senator has all built this how we in memory these guys and how we use them put them up on a pedestal. Has given them. This this platform. And all of them have a political platform. Branding crap platform a huge platform. What every one to say they're no longer an athlete they're just there everything. Tests showed how are you wanna look at you make your kids idolize them that's a huge choice. Where's the team. You idolize the team ER lays the player I mean you go around saying Golden State Warriors shot. Or do you say stepped curry three with a trigger. Mina would you ask yourself that OK I meant through this through the sets up and accurately click. Mattel recently you know how many times LeBron James is in the highest paid player in the India. And it's harder and I don't. Take again I mean what would you out if he's in his fourteenth season yet how many times LeBron has been the highest paid player in the intimacy six. LeBron James in the highest paid player in the NBA one time. Over his career. We. Sit there we criticize the Brohm Brian gets a ton of criticism for how much you know a year the best thing in the release must carry a team. He has been the highest paid player one time in his career and I'm looking at the list straight now he has not even been in the top five of the highest paid players in the NBA six times over his career. Not even the top five. Highest paid player in any individual year six times over his career. And this and so when you hear that. Do you blame LeBron James and for wanting to jump from Cleveland to Miami. Go back to Cleveland in wherever his next stop may be if they guy has gone beyond selfish route to this point. And in the best player in the world. And still not be the highest paid player or even a top five guy was for just based and upon financial reasons now. I don't know. 55305. That is a faint text sign your feedback on this the individualism in sports is it going to be the end of dynasties. I'm having any longer run than what we have with the Golden State Warriors which is four years dusty cam on the fan. I had 5530. Individualism are talking about guys don't drag keeping dynasty together dream on greens says he's not given the warriors a hometown discount. And there is a lot of knee is a lot of talk about why he wouldn't signer. An extension this off season he had carrier being to make more money. If they wait till next offseason so it makes sense and a lot of people make and ado about nothing about these extensions happening right now but dream on has made it clear. Come next offseason he will not. Be getting very giving the warriors. Any sort of discount. We are talking about this and for the break LeBron James gets a ton of criticism he's been the highest paid player in the NBA one time in his career he's been one of the top five. Highest paid players in the NBA just three times. In easy being in the top ten of the highest paid players in his career only six of his fourteen years in the NBA. Sit all of that top ten i.'s best player in the world right now in this text kind of sums it up. In his says. I still don't feel that bad for LeBron James he stills Macon bank on endorsements. In years where well that's not I guess that's not the point I mean were but not debated but that is what a lot of people say is that LeBron James doesn't need a big salary because he makes a ton of money off of endorsements right. Stiff preset to make 37 million dollars next year from the warriors and he will make eighty million dollars in endorsements next year care can't so we sit there and we say. Well and don't feel bad for LeBron. He's jumping around chasing rings is it out what the goal is. Is did win championships certainly and gained. Chase that pursuit of winning the Larry O'Brien trophy. I think you'll see you always want a chance and this text says up you know I've always said it. All along rather have rings. Than money and that is. I mean it's such a hard it's hard mindset today because the exorbitant about a money that is in sports. And we talk about it all the time and in the first thing out of everyone's mouth when on our text line it lights up is that. These athletes I don't gonna feel one bit tired I would we know that about you. We know that it's not realistic to compare yourself to pro athlete is not what we're trying to get across that we're trying to compare TU. Think of this way take the money out of it just tried to mentally removed the financial. Means and say do you wanna be part of a team in the dynasty of winning the rings. Would you wanna be a part of the toolbar ball family and stand there and say book it Meehan my brain and ask yourself that apples apples. Because the reward I've always felt like this is that I've got more reward out of my life from the team atmosphere than I ever have from the individual thing. I feel like that individual stuff has been more negative than the positively of the team. It's hard though. It's it's hard if to be in a group of people and just say this is our group. Will stay would this. Because there's always going to be The Backstreet Boys were one guy steps often becomes the star Justin Timberlake Jimmy and then everyone's Jewelers mine in the and then dream mongering goes will where's mine and Kevin Durant goes where's mine and the Backstreet boys and a breaking up. C ended this excesses have yet to blame Michael Jordan Nike for greatly contributing to the rise of the into the individual brain in the NBA it's not like players just decided to do this. Absolutely yeah. No they did billion Nike there. Indeed as under armour news given staff curry 45 million dollars a year whatever it is it's you voted to hock their brand Dana Lewis got a 150 million dollars here in Portland. With a degree days perfect. In at eight absolutely dead but. Where IE where you don't see that is. LeBron James does something unique. That Michael Jordan didn't do and reverend Michael Jordan made. Twenty million dollars played for the bulls you know and each team ate up a bunch of their salary cap. What is different here is a while LeBron James is doing is he's taking that money in what should happen is that these endorsement deals that are massive. Should allow these players enough padding to say I can they go the clay Thompson route and make you comfortable living. I live in a great city you know win a lot of basketball games so I'm OK with taking less money. And the individuality of it all is. Is kind of lost in that Michael Jordan what was his ultimate goal is to rip your heart downwind yeah no matter what. So he isn't back yet they. But what Michael Jordan did when LeBron James doesn't very few others do is they sit back. In they don't they take a little bit less from the team because they know again that money in the back end it should be the other way around that it isn't right. Do you define asked you this question dusty would you feel validated if someone offered you X amount of money where championship. Is that you have a chance right now does it did are you validated as a person sport athlete. When you win a championship. Or when you get a contract. This is it literally you'd give validated through the contract and that's at these guys do but I know I know but but this here's here's the caveat here. Do you internally. Do you feel validated once your part of the team win. And the championship and you can say I wanna I don't care Richard little league championship if your pop Warner championship your state your age you. Do you feel better once you've scored forty. Where your team won a championship. And you win a championship. Argument champion and that's a personality for you instead scored forty. But what do you championship would be way better but I will argue in there was more notoriety now. Being given to somebody individually than there ever is for a team across the board in all our sports we watch now months from from the top level. All the way down to the youngest kids. Is that the team thought process. Is lose we're Lou we're disconnecting. Now this could it mean it did I could be stretching it but I'm Tony. He just the disconnect now where we are and how we value what were really doing out. And that is why I look at them LeBron James and I look at until this point. In really until dream mongering gets his extension. What the Golden State Warriors have done. Right error when Kevin's rant and apparently he can slide over whatever money he wants in the wearers are gonna say OK and give a thumbs up to it. But. To this point with the warriors have done well LeBron did down in Miami. Imam LeBron has done since returning to Cleveland is you sit there you look at it you go. They're taking the last to win. And that's the ultimate goal that's why we play sports right is to wind and the warriors are easy to hate for a litany of reasons. That isn't one of them because they have had their eye on the prize of we want to win a championship. You don't a crazy idea and I thought about this in the last. I don't know couple couple years what if you created a winning salary can. So the more you win them more money you can speller to what if you created a team incentive. Instead of an individual incentive and say your boot the Portland trailblazers. And you've just got the third seed in the regular season. You've got an extra ten million dollars this year to use for your team incentive to be able to bump your salary cap up without penalty. Where we've now developed success. Is that if we played great as a team. The league in San advising you to keep that group together instead of individually. You get. A little bit more revenue bump and reward your team for the success because right now everybody's at the same level individually. In it depends on how deep your pockets of your onerous but if you had some sort of ability to bomb based upon team's success would that be a bad thing in the end I think. You may be actually be onto something there and you Orioles can't I think he could've just solve tanking as well look as if there's a monetary incentive for guys to not suck. No I don't think you would solve taking for this reason. EU could still have teams develop ending grow because rookie contracts with teams that tank deal rag yes and you can still build a core. For your team and for your roster with having young guys in their right in for that 45 you stretch it doesn't because what the 76ers did this year. Is they spent 21 million dollars on JJ Redick because they're like. We've got to spend us out of Florida they had graduate they had to get to the floor. If you dare sucking was to get young guys on small contracts. But if you were to benefit those teams in basketball purgatory say the Portland trailblazers and who you're not close enough to get over that hump BT wanna pay you have to pay your guys to keep an iron like Damon CJ. If you incentivized and forgetting that preceded him. And getting to the NBA legs in the regular season more valuable in a sense is that that's huge if I if I get 87 seed. Maybe eight seed gets gets 10 1000000 and am the one seed gets 25 million everything else falls within there I mean I'm just thrown out arbitrary numbers. But I think it if sports. Needs to get a grip on the individual stop punishing the individual or starts are. Stop rewarding just the individual and reward the value of the team by incentivizing the team. Not the individual in out at this text says isn't him describing the bird the bird rights the bird exception no. The bird rights are you draft a player and you can keep him. By going over the salary cap just to keep them you have to draft him. What can't is proposing is an idea of where you could go out and spend more in free agency or if you draft. Oh I don't know like the warriors should say three guys in organically grow it. And in you can still keep winning this text says. People complain about what Golden State is already done deal this and they can just keep paying for better players on state can now afford the brawn and coli. Now. Here's the thing is a dead does teams the super teams they're gonna keep growing no matter what there right. And here in and then that Houston would be rewarded Toronto would be regarded Portland could go out and can offer a Max deal as well. And you could have a hard cap on it. A single state you can't. Earn your way of defeat 500 million dollar salary apple we could do this and every sport he doesn't have to be in just basketball you can do it in football you can do it in every. Her ability is that if you're starting aegis have a baseline cap number in that moves every single year. But there is fluctuation. In how you win and and senate visor team. As a team I mean I'm I am exhausted of the individual in incentives and also you'll you can go down the sign. Every team wouldn't be willing to spend because the salary cap is based on league revenues at some point if you were to have 200 million dollars to spend. It would be at the point where while our team doesn't make ten million dollars or spend it right so there's still business strategy built into the system. It just maybe maybe keeps. It keeps the old adage of teen does matter. On smartest things you never set on the shows and says well. That makes one thing you that's a high scoring. I thought I. I'd five factories Arafat like that idea a lot that's a pretty good idea. On and you don't cross the teams that Liz aegis reward the ones that went right. There fair bingo. I don't hottest sports stories of the day coming up next hour slashed Jackson may become a deal. In the NCAA doing the right thing. In tiger Tiger Woods you all is on a boat dusting him on the fan.