Dusty & Cam Wednesday June 13, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, June 13th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool, plus the Ravens might attempt to go "Slash" mode with Lamar Jackson, Andrew Luck is throwing a football again, the NCAA passes new transfer legislation, and Tiger Woods will spend a lot of time in the water during the US Open.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. It. It's US open week where Dustin and Kim in the morning. Call our. Fans US open week rusty by aryan heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with area heating cooling go to Gary meeting dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train. Dusty and jam on. Ten AB gets a zero iron. I was pretty much driver. Bit there's we called one iron snake but. Visits like it was hotter. Zero line earnest. Just probably under I would bet it's under four degrees of loft. You have I falsely and an area Nazi putters or four degrees it's probably somewhere in the driver range nine 27 degrees. Some in there so zero. Our. I know I probably earlier reminder of some knowledge. How many yards is it out. How much I don't know so and so have we hit it why would you uses Euro iron over a five wood. Because back in the day it was it was all about low flight guys like to have that they you know the woods they just they ballooned because you're talking it nearly ended in degrees. Let thirteen forty degrees of loss of the guys wanna diligent lower because they were just click squishy a lot of balls man he'd keep it down out of the wind. Yours squishy a lot of ball. It's Illinois used. None 705. One side picks. Okay. Todd and why is it couldn't make a good fun and cool web Dustin intent on your morning dose of positive and you. It's a great story compelling and we. Very inning. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you. All the World Cup is. Any state since when he 26. And ended. And Mexico. That three country bed approved by fifa upsetting Barack fuel. Or go. In the fifa. The other what the other 44. Letter dysfunctional organization like the NC 28. Yeah. And apparently the corruption kind of ended this is this is a bit that was one. Because of the fact that it would expand the tournament from 32 to forty teams. Because it is in three countries. Which means the United States is already qualified for the 20/20 six where. Hey good to worry about that and so as Canada and Mexico they're gonna play ten games in candidate tendon Mexico and then sixteen. In the United States if final will be played at MetLife stadium. Don't see me do you know what the revenue projections are for this this far out fourteen. Billion dollars. Of revenues yeah that's because you don't to build any stadiums and incredible and now you know wide countries are beating for this out of control and they love it. Again think that's cool Ali people lining their pockets by people before and the last time there was attendance I saw the United States what was it nineteen. 1994 the average attendance was 69. 62000. Doubts a lot of people they play the finale at the rules golden hunt. OK and so that's exciting. Do you think we're gonna get winning anywhere in the West Coast we'll have won the prize played at the Rose Bowl again. And in the Pacific north. Request what people know I visited they've they've lately aren't exactly when they played a World Cup qualifier there I get back until years ago 65 CD UI that they get one. He's and interviewed for the rest in stadiums. Portals. Database they have to they have like Beck yes they did did the stadium is dozens circle. But then they took out. The walls on each end in have put in. Temporary bleachers Jones I was. Outside the stadium what's instead they go up in their like appear at the top row you're gonna be looking directly at the overhang. For the stadium which still does scare. I would thus there nosy there and those are probably be regulated. We'll make sure the structural engineer is really good. I was expecting effects on the girders in I'm review. Did Tommy Boy clothes they are not going to be a lot. There's pride of these deaths and destruction. Today they're not in June inspections section then let's hear about quality. Sure she dream is that we for cutters to. That's when it's going to rent free tweet. A jury has awarded Reggie Bush twelve and half. In banners. And he's sued for damages of negligence and an injury at the Edward Jones dome in Saint Louis where he tore his ACL. And what he called deep concrete ring of death. But dusty that's not the most interesting part of this lawsuit right yeah. The judge threw out. Been Saint Louis sports authorities in the Edward Jones down as if the defendants in this case in only the rain ends. Were found 100% liable by a jury made up of Saint Louis residents. There was. No way. No way that a court in Saint Louis was gonna find the city or any anyone involved with the city. Liable to do is all gonna fall on stand cranky and and the rest of the rim is in now Reggie Bush gets to a point five million but no he does and is clearly would give five million of it. And the rest of the underage geez I want my Heisman Trophy back from big special is literally hearing in death. There because there's a you know he saw that the concrete was too close to decide what did you call out of round he slipped in towards ACL. But I really that bad manulife. I think McAllen Josh McCown got hurt the week before and they did nothing about it did nothing about it now I'll say this I've played their groups Jones. It was. He worst anyway. It was terrible and just didn't have any electric energy where he's in need of Oakland coliseum Beaulieu re playing on these widow Lisa and I outside. This was outside of crowds it was not great. And Saint Louis was good legitimate it was a terrible endured many. Guys failed and yes the ring of death is real life bought the ring then. The center of the ring of death that is tied feed that pain. Is now we've. We'll be murdered ring on your sit down low birds keys I was thinking you're gonna go when your ex boss is about to die for that I had that happens T get the red green. That's new Xbox Villanova at W it it's called the red ring of death on the old Xbox is that the Goss ran into the green when you try to fired up next month. My old Xbox originals. Doesn't care what you have to kids. As we've seen it every day. Yeah. The angels got a pair of home runs from Mike Trout in back to back ninth. Candidate lost both games. As I try to hit four home runs into games against the Mariners in the Mariners are Juno because it's been eager right Healy boldly yard twice as well I thought that I thought the play the game though was if you saw me chant leaders throw from the corner. Above right field. Would he spun back and in gene cigarette did the reverse tagged where he spun it behind him. That was a dime maybe thought isn't it amazing bill headed doing Broadway Rosalia Wimbledon loss of the didn't Trout go to bonds he went to bones. You're ready when you go back to back to homer in games. And I'm mariners through the since truths. Democrats taking the rest of my life there hasn't. Their half game lead over the aster is in the AL west and a half game because he's bta sixth street and simply. The Yankees and Red Sox both won inner tied atop the AL east with the best best records in all of baseball. Dodgers have won eight of their last ten with a 125 win over Texas gets on the gains ground may have gains on winning it the last ten games on the Diamondbacks are building done. Now the Diamondbacks are eight and Q over their last ten as well Dodgers still said. Three games back in the NL west got some good graces of baseball would he say. I would say top the top of it I would say it would say it's critical in. You know. I may forget about Andrew Luck threw the football but I got a little bit and injuring his grip Texans quarterback did Shawn Watson. He governed a visit and knee brace ACL surgery he expected and full tilt let's go. He notes that it's settled that is that if you if you Wear a brace forever you don't keep the same stable. Strength around it you know can show you here it's kind of a mental thing. When you take every song. Think that ankle brace on because things are becoming just get your feet your confidence back today I could do this without this extra help and maybe this festive event. He wears it for the regular season. Probably from this crowd. And a lot more than enough that I am not real hot. Stay inside their World Cup. Coach. Well his name is Julie in the low but here we look like they need. Over it overtaking. And they are in Russia getting ready for the World Cup they've played on Friday. Fire your coach already. He has even lost a game yet. He. Interviewed it in gotten the Real Madrid job. In need. The leader. And the Spanish football federation goes wait a minute now. Now now you can't be that we need to be aware of the year is taking other jobs so they just came in the fourth broke up even start it. Ruthless. Battle now we have it we have a team without shoes but lets be honest we have a team without a coach yeah. Doesn't this kind of highlight. How useless your manager isn't soccer if you're like game where the world cat yeah we're gonna fire you based who knew soccer. Head coach posts worthless positions. Baseball manager. We're soccer handball soccer. We're close we're vs where list reports worse things I need soccer guy Phil young of the plays a baseball man. He dresses pants a lot the National League goes like at least he sits at any calls signals. No we doesn't the gate on the list is pitching change gonna he called bonds. Does what he wants the bunt steal Iowa soccer manager he's substitutes more often then. Baseball managers did I really get three of the game you only get three subs gain and obesity less than let's say I did you do as a head coach he's standards here. After the German guy Bailey studies in downing gave will Smith's death. Deborah are you seriously when he's yelling those guys. No the other side though I know right now. Can't get this it you're done. Usually don't play ball went in game management are you doing kick in in baseball. Hold your get a ton strategize based there's no clock in baseball. Now there is they clock in soccer thing he did gonorrhea you sit there yeah I know see it go to more. In baseball in soccer. I have no idea whether it's soccer and does. He's being dissident who chairs obviously their chairs if like commander cheers and is said and done. Afternoon. And that's this morning in baseball and soccer. That's that's not good. All the fans pressed by airing heating cooling at more than thirty trucks in Portland and Vancouver you wanna to wait an area your local train comfort specials it's hard to stop a train. I let's head to the NFL. Has slashed Jackson coming to a field near you Andrew Luck through the football and how good with the greens being against the run. Could be historic 716 on the fan. If you look broke the law. How senator EO. Wasn't an NFL football. It's high school football. But he threw a football yesterday colts' practice to Reggie went you know the difference between high school collegiate. And NFL football yeah it's girth. Just girth which is eager or circumference ya. Now it's a fat ball it is. Make it easier to catch very much. Party easier to throw I think it's easier to throw some very provides easier I think did I I personally always thought the NFL while it's easier to throw. Just 'cause it. Was easier I can't park your finger on it may be what he wants some aerodynamics in your I want the strategies something that makes because like a smaller balls a year Goldman should be easier death row now with my hands sides. Now all of our December I don't need every guys I mean that's why you know guys have big hands or quarterbacks that's my hand size is important in the NFL yeah. And it's inducements of fumbles and tan and Dave Craig little tiny hands smells like cabbage. Okay. Well excite you know I don't really care about it all all Latino in week five if you still out their plane taken its instill throwing. Yeah they say they hope to have right by. By he's saying week one he's gonna play frank Reich said he's gonna play in the pre season. The world is in a Tizzy over in Elektra and I thought isn't seen though I did yesterday the most wrenching story for me was. G sitcom the comments from ravens players out of Baltimore's mini camp about Lamar Jackson. And saying multiple formation this guy's the real deal and if he has a lot like geysers saying these amazing to watch it's a lot Michael. Watching young Michael Vick back there. And even then. Our John Harbaugh was saying. We have to put him on the field we caddie could see him as like a Kordell Stewart's type player slashed Jackson. Right now when Lamar Jackson wants to hear who refused to go to a column by because there are run the fortieth come on because he's like I don't wanna be put a receiver. I just want to. Let's play. RG three rout. When you try to move him down the field or move him around a little bit what's what's the best quarterbacks in the NFL's. Ability. To extend plays but not take shots on the field via Wilson Russell Wilson's learning that. Toll taken six years I don't think he is he still should mean a big guy gets punished you but he's built like a tank if Lamar Jackson's gonna get broken half a few goes down the field use years he has. But okay so you're saying don't put about budget that no I would not do that I would not do that. Absolutely not. A cut but that's again I'm just looking at it if I have a different philosophy for quarterbacks than they might. You know how many plays will he be able to do outside of the pocket if he's a wide receiver. You know in the red zone may because it shortening the distance I could see that potentially. But really you can't find somebody that's that that's electric enough to make some plays a wide receiver you need to Lamar Jackson author. But maybe that coaching staff I mean that's that's up to them. After they found a way you know Hines Ward he was accord Beckett. Lamar Jackson is not ruthless but those two guys grow former quarterbacks. Like him. Pittsburgh native living up 32 quarterbacks actually you know under cedars. Between those guys weeping Joseph Flacco though like is Joseph Flacco good enough to keep his job. He thinks so what would you until he's proven that he can't do and they are mean they take a court mega the first round. They do that everybody does that. Mean that's pretty big though he had his cornerback who is a Super Bowl and you go on. No matter what. Your your job is always up. Because you're looking at Joseph Flacco is going to be Contra Iraqi mid contract felt like everything deflated. So maybe they want a different philosophy Ozzie Newsome has been known to do that he drafts a lot of great athletes he's excellent general manager. And Melanie is not he's last year and he said that he wanted to you have that is kind of his lasting. Gift to the ravens was to give them do you wanna see her do I think I seal Lamar Jackson into Shawn Watson kind of type of player. In there yeah I do you just gotta teach these guys is that man be very careful when you go down the field physically be very careful. Well you get into back if we just gonna get your career shortened and we know how good the rams' defensive line is going to be this year she needs they have and alaskans do they have. Air Donald the pro football focus. Just gave every single. Offensive line in the NFC west a reason to cringe. Because they gave their greeting for interior defense lineman for 2017. Aron Donald ring to number one at 99 point seven rating. Perfect. Perfect score and Ndamukong see you ranked fifth and ninety point nine they're good luck NFC west. Is good luck how good I mean I in all in all reality now though we knew look at those two guys like it up the middle. Lou is it gonna be that dominant of a defense of land where you sit there need you automatically become one dimensional. From sap one where you can only throw the football I I can only can only give you an example of what you played again. The great franchises of great players 49ers in their heyday. When it was Ron Amadon or Joseph Montana and Jerry Rice and Clark in those types of players and and and seen them. There the leap for one reason because they're better than you when they put their helmet on. That is terrifying. To understand is that no matter who you play when the rams' walk in on the field defensively. You are going to be outnumbered just physically tend to want. You could double team those guys and one yet you can double team those guys that means for. Offensive linemen are gonna have to be able to account for those two guys. Which then does what you're immediately behind the eight ball. It opens up there everything else and let's not forget Wade Phillips is your defense coordinator. We have Wade Phillips Connick and Michael rockers isn't anything to shake a stick out are really I'll be honest with the I think they I think they got a legitimate shot to go all the way. I do I think they got a legitimate job they are terrifying on defense you know said the key to leave. Markets are eager readers. On at your corners LaMarcus Joyner in Johnny Johnson who's safeties. They are gonna be locked and loaded and when you have defense of line that is is solid as Brock her sue Donald. It doesn't matter who really your linebackers are because you're going to be able to get to the quarterback with them. But they do you have mark Baird inquiry Littleton all of their tools no Wade Phillips does well run a 34 style of defense. Which if you remember Ndamukong Suh was in Detroit you they renal 43. They ran like even France they didn't run a lot of odd fronts and went in Miami what was the criticism for dom can sue Q freelance too much. He ended up supposed to be he was close to take up space. So he is jobless occupied the senator occupy the guard and he started playing like a gap power structure. This is going to be Wade Phillips is gonna train these guys they're not gonna take air and Donald and Ndamukong Suh and tell them to be. To be. Take up guys they're gonna get them in gaps and they're gonna have them punishing offensive linemen are gonna make him at old straight up so just watch how frightening this defense is going to be. That's scary to think about pro football focus has that two of the top five interior defense of Lyman on one team. Aron Donald Ndamukong Suh good luck. NFC west. NCAA. Doing the right thing could feast in the NCAA. You the right thing on the same day. This is a US open precondition of dusty and jam in the morning that rock you by area heating and cooling on navy boats trail him. Any NCAA do be doing the right thing. Today the NCAA is expected to pass legislation. Double allow. Transfers. From schools and athletes at schools to transfer without asking permission. So basically they're saying. That it is expected passed today. Resolution that would allow athletes to you a go to the compliance director and say I want out. In the school would be. Forced to release that athlete Evans scholarship compliance within puts an athlete into a database. And they would have two days to put that as they do into a database. Where every school in the country can look in sees an athlete's name sports school that they're asked. And basically starting free agent pool. Of college athletes. And no more would be we talked of this couple weeks ago nick Sabin. Saying no he can't transfer here and it would be restriction free. Transfers and in the NCAA good. Don't you think yeah. If you like that's they'd be it him pretty standard thing Libyans and Alicia do anyways but give a little bit power back to the aptly. Sir Merrill we talked early and show about what it is about to be the individual on the team correct and this isn't a contradiction I I think that collegiate athletes. That are amateurs. Should have the ability. To do what's best for their car it'd this is they're not in a career yet they're still learning what they need to do to try to get their education try to do all the right things they only have four years. Of eligibility. As an amateur and collegiate sport. Why would be pigeon holed them into one spot if they don't belong or they can no longer feel like they're gonna get a chance to compete. Is that is and it doesn't it seem like when it when I said early show about you know we're trying to really maximize the team atmosphere. But collegiate league in what we're trying to do is really charted growing young people because not taller going to be pros. Now this isn't about just being a prose is about how many options to say I'm a grad transfer if I've got my degree your prime doing this now. Why can't I move on because only got one year left. And that it did grad to answer is great in that street truly restriction for immediate eligibility up. In what this truly do is say everybody can transfer without having dead be released. From their scholarship but they're saying this is the first step in what will be a multi step process and she's saying. Immediate eligibility. Could be something that we seized along as you hit a GPA requirement yes which I think is great I think it is students that should be the only way they're allowed to UC do we media don't you don't get to have a one point five and then get to jump ship to your next. School because you're academically ineligible but they can find a way to gauge eligible at the next school set up corner summed up the idea I think that is a great. Dumb way to go about it but. What this does is that you remember Bill Snyder. Where Kansas State garner we didn't he's notorious for this correctly there was a player who came to him. And bills is that I wanna trance or Bell Centre said fine. And then he gave they gave the young man a list that eliminated. Over forty schools. That he could go to U. Forty. Schools. Of the 130. FBS programs is they go block. And buses and curmudgeon. Cards anyway to do it we've seen knicks' season by this time and time again there. Luckily in the pac twelve we don't see this very often we see now guys go from Utah over to USC we've seen guys within the conference Roy Williams was that Washington would became a starter Utah attract. And we haven't seen these block things happen that this would just basically eliminate a coach's ability to hold that over a player. In say you can't go here. And there's a lot of coaches that say this is a bad move for the NCAA. In ot. They're calling it common sense that you can't just sit there and make it make a commitment to his school and back out of it. Oh really. Which coats I wanna know who goes on record and says that toy Teddy had only a guy like Bill Snyder yeah I was only close to one school and stayed there forever I think we we do know that is the coach has the opportunity jump ship timber Fisher. You understand is that this free agency thing of coaches is hypocritical for players. Because once you hit age eighteen EUR and a dole last time I checked here and it all right. As wanted to verify and we can't drink yet this is a saga that from from drinking. But you are an adult just like an adult coach. Sold what why are we lying to ourselves about it. While it's because of the facts I can appreciate and kids thing it hurts me moving forward because I don't I've recruited defer position in this year ending in two years on nine and I'm gonna have a hole and it. When the reality is that these coaches don't have the foresight to see if acute isn't happy he won't be as productive so I had the opportunity. Two weeks ago I talked with a duck player and I won't give his name now because eventually we'll have him on the show is. Currently on the docks and he mentioned Timmy is that one of the worst experiences he's had was listening to coaches lied to him during. The recruiting process. And how all the lie is and how he could speak it sees somebody telling him. We really want cheer you deserve to be a starter and an act coach would be gone and in the coach would sell him another bill of goods and and it was just from one. One salesman mean comment from the next and these these kids are getting smarter. Although there blessed on Twitter and there are. Double blast for their 400 offer on Twitter again. But they're not stupid in there they understand it and this young man told me said that was one of the of the hardest things was dealing with the crap beat. Sales the dirty feeling during the recruiting and here we are seeing what's wrong with our opportunity to go find. Another school to enjoy your four years. There's nothing wrong and I think one of the worst things a lot of these coaches do and they hold these kids the sense you all the hostage at their school. Is that. We all don't make the right decision on where we wanna get our education under eighteen years old in sometimes athletics can blind you. As to where you actually belong right in the thick at the university in the fit at the in this city that your in is a big thing. India need should be something that is comfortable. And because I didn't go to school for first for sports or went to school get an edge cases were to something that a half or to school Montana to start. I hated it there it was cold. It was dark and you don't like Cole was knit like in the school did it provide me what I wanted to get out of it. You know in I made a mistake. In May it was it was easy for me to get out of and go to somewhere else these are kids if they were to make that mistake in you you go. While wanna play football they give me these opportunities to do it but they need guzzling like. I don't fit in here like he because when the reality is when you take these visits your their for a weekend that's all you see from the school is one weekend. Where they're trying to show you the best time you can possibly. App so can I ask you something just maybe off the cuff your little bit yeah is anybody listening. Was coach Smith just ahead of the curve. We mean. Was coach go to organs state just a little that it occurred what do you mean recruiting players who have a transfer yet the. We know the rules got dvds and weaker than. That's I'm going to maybe those send in those letters in the whole life players sharing do you get is started literally in about won't change though there Q and does that here's something though that I found out that. I knew there is some sports and it in know how many was so you know you hear how many overseas bourses university Washington offers its don't ask me questions like that plays and it like twenty like a lot what he's shoot like nineteen summer on the right. Nineteen to twenty to do you know. That there are only five sports in this in the NCAA. In which where we knew transfer. You do not have immediate eligibility. Over that next year and name them because I think I know that. Football bingo men's and women's basketball Lehman. Baseball. And hockey. Preview any other sport hockey yet. Any other sport except for those five when you transferred. You can play that next year you don't have to sit estranged those are the core four will our country club. In baseball. You have to city year in softball. You don't often. Pitching underhand and having 210. Foot fences. In winning and playing is the only difference via bloggers the other it is is jail the you did just a joke only five who's who here is is. So that's your listens to that goes so it's fair. It's a totally fair because that nineteen year old young man. Is different than that eighteen year old young lady so the next and similar yeah I mean come on it's about education post jail or rewind this crew. Softball. And tennis. Crack it come feel free track why do all of those sports get immediate eligibility but. Football basketball baseball and hockey don't know what they need to do dusty they need to write a letter. They didn't they need to rental that they do need to write a letter to write a letter in apologize. It's a lengthening of the whole weight plug in soccer you can just transfer where everyone display an hour ago. Dot god forbid you do and football does well wow. For I. Tiger technology all he's on a boat. And the US open headline. Buys something that they don't usually go down missile some 45 on the fan. Thank. Eight US open gets underway tomorrow. From sugar dark. And cock filled golf world. Present it's the Hamptons just being him. Hansen yeah. Demanding. There's a little bit of money in that club no. I did see that. Dustin Johnson's wife Paulina Gretzky. Choppered in on the trump on the shutter. That the not yet there's a tenement in a room. Airs ten minute. Tiger Woods is not saying in a house in the Hamptons he is calling it his Dini. And Tiger Woods is staying on a president. How many million dollar yacht it's a twenty million dollar yacht 150000. Feet called privacy. Yeah but tiger calls that his Dini is being. They are really cool job because if a Sports Illustrated did I think it was Sports Illustrated that. At a full tour audience Hayden I miss the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous don't you are in TV cribs. I was normal cells rich and famous guy. But yet but whatever MTB Chris same thing I was modern day I was I was cribs gag order Roman law H. You know you just out guns they're lives the lives of those in Inez isn't get on the hot seat at the seating inside and tiger sustain on. Yeah. Is now his dinghy is being. Or is millions of people across the world but that's not the story of and it's on the water. The US open though is actually going down or they don't usually try to start C. They try to have some pairings that people care about. Maybe winner TO. But they're actually making this CTV show this year because. Of groupings that they have to be opening two rounds. They're trying to find headliners include as many headliners as they can so people will watch. This tournament because in just day one alone. You have groups like Dustin Johnson. Justin Thomas. Top two players in the world now. And in their group is Tiger Woods now. I you have a group that. Involve includes Rory McIlroy. Jordin speed. And Phil Mickelson. Teeing off on the back nine of them of the opening page this is about TV. Pitcher ever when golf just today you're supposed to watch because you love it. Golf has realized. We'd better put to better players together because that's good for TV. We don't what are the problems though that they have is the fact that. A lot of their names. Sometimes they're not making the cut it anymore you know and in these big tournaments you know that Tiger Woods and Phil they're gonna get people's attention early. And they're gonna watch them over the first couple of days he got to get them on the TV while they're still relevant. Because you could just bank back in the day on Phil and tiger were gonna be there on Saturday and Sunday you didn't need Heil item on Thursday and Friday. Now they're doing that by putting them with young and exciting players that you'll be like I'll on the weekend these guys are now we you can bank and then being in the. Heidi and like like any tournament the story is going to be who moves the needle. When nobody moves you like tiger told he does make the cut and shoot a cock is gonna is gonna be one of those tests now it's gonna be different than it was in 2004. When it was terrifying it was so bad that you cannot putt they had to water the greens down the it was number seven if I remember correctly. It was unpalatable it was putting on on marble top so in between each player coming in. Each the group coming in they hand watered it to soften up so everything was different. Now they made the fair fairways a little bit wider it's still putting is going to be a premium but there's a trees on this course she's going to be hot. You gonna have to drive the ball excellent that's why guys like tigers still bomb and it may and he said that it is 43 turning 43 this year. He still averaging over 315 yards so these are these are things that are lucky these guys are moving the golf ball down. And I'm excited watches. How best in the world and Dustin Johnson coming off the win last week again I'll say this app to step two yet no one's ever won the week before and then won the US open. I got to end at some point doesn't it. I don't that's ever happened was again end. Because all things come to an end. And the letters for you UMBC. Wouldn't untie fixing speed over the one had happened some point OK in your thirties Cleveland. Fair shot well not only in your face clearly not a no dusty eat your faith. This is your face. Twenty year reunion of also twenty years tigers conflict. Twenty years believe it's been tense and won a major you are spot on buck buck limited test your knowledge who did he beat 2000. That would be Rocco media you know good for you in a playoff tomorrow if that's injures and what do you think about that about the playoffs but. The playoff in the majors that in the US open it was only one at all for you do an entire eighteen on Monday following. I'm not a huge fan of them but I think it's all commit testing golf committee USO was ever gonna change because they want to be the ultimate test in golf yeah I love that. I love that eighteen holes and state team on only moto do it this US open dean modernizing get off this volume in one all now. Delayed till. The only thing I don't like is when they do the playoff where they'd. Start flipping back and forth these are playing the same hole more than once you know leaders and their tournaments where you play eighteen again after you've just played it like eight that coliseum. Play some there are over again in the our rights. I have some local names to highlight on the Ole. I'm Neal US open. Aron wise for university Morgan dot duck national champ he will be in this year yeah he's one were winner. He will die T what is it the one in Texas in doubt Texas Ari good. In. Now. I don't know he went internment ignored for a 1252. And so 9:52 hour time Pacific time he'll tee off he's got a good group Russell Henley and here and lies along with Peter. You'll line. I've no idea who that is. No I lot of guys in there you don't know. And then Salome and Raza also from that national championship team from the university where an 857 he plays it to get you won't knowing you'll never see Dylan Meier. And Chris Nagel he was though he finished third in the Portland open. Where. What's your face called a day sexual qualifying. Holly sounds cause blunders sexual qualifying all that I had the Portland open themselves to LaMont got in on now one. And that is your local names for. US open and I'm looking at all the flags it's kind of interest because of all the all the history of this but. The Americans dominating the entries in this certainly because it's because it's farce the UUSOUS. Open ha. Jenna did tell anybody you you could be was Sergio Garcia John rom and Rafa Cabrera bill. All Spaniards. Our goal to inform the show that they have changed the playoff format in the US open is coming from swagger and he's right they are now ready to hole aggregate playoff secret few holes combines important to I just remember that they did change that this year. And my real disappointing but again how can easily out to US open is taking television ratings and making it a priority. There. Well you don't watch any US open. This question here and anybody other gonna watch it in wears it on your priority list it is behind the college World Series. I agree. Just we both kind of have a dog in the fight you're you're going for organ state on poll to be shall it be and I'm pulled from both faculties I'm leaning in towards Washington but I want organ state. Would to meet Washington in the second game. If they both went out that's double nominations. I hate that about it Nagy and it's good to both alive twelve teams on the same side. The blind draw not as it applying I'm wrong wasn't supposed to land and cal state pollution with us to be there never gonna go again today in and now all go. College World Series one. Number two. Ultimate. US open and then distant third World Cup. And care about the World Cup America's place. Yeah I'll watch a little bit I analysts said they'll be there. Father's Day Sunday not as texas' top my list just barely below Weis nursing school graduation. But. But it has the new bar where did he go McCall you well from. A proud moment and greed and taking over our team's sports area individual brands worth more than championships. Testing came on the fan.