Dusty & Cam Wednesday June 13, 2018 Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, June 13th
Dusty and Cam re-visit our Textual Relations question about whether greed has turned team sports into individual brands, plus former Oregon Duck Jordan Bell goes wild at the Warriors' championship parade, and Alex Ovechkin is still amped about his Stanley Cup.

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Thanks Louis and into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1950 TU. It's a US open week the dusty in camera in the morning. Yeah. Those fans US open week Roxy the carrier heating and cooling and don't wait for comfort with theory heating and cooling go to Gary heating dot com today your local train comfort specialists. It's hard to stop the train them. Dustin and Kim on ten AB only John Daly and I have this. Salem. OK and the caddie shack is this day ago play when is this music. Question. Is this adds the ship christening Missouri dinner. Dinner. Dinner. I wanna state dinner is it playing in the background and she asked you wanna tie me up with some your ties to ninth. Lingo. It's gonna TO bingo. And good night. 114 dollars the hard way. A knowing a white tigers eat there young. Producer of the border electricity there. I'm gonna. Keep on there and ready ready ready. In the RA. Speaking of greed. Taking over there in our team sports have. Well there are there sexual relations today we had a good talk about it. This is just in from Dennis Dodd. CBS sports. It's actually from Brett. Be title as panic in the pac twelve. As the conference quickly falls behind its rivals this is good to read this this is good stuff. Kirk Schulz the U washes the president and it seems as if Washington stages handed everything over to USA today. Is. Essentially saying that Deepak twelve. Is projected according to Washington State. To reach 38 million dollars per school in distribution payouts from revenues in 20/20 three. Within the next two years. Every other power five conference is expected to you. Distribute over forty million dollars per school. The ACC has always been behind the pac twelve and atom that's in the lasting impact of can stand on is hey we got the ACC beaten they're expected you vault over forty million dollars. As soon as maybe even next year. So the pac twelve is not falling behind even further than we thought scarier not. Frightening or not. K well here's shields the Los UC president's comment sure if you look at the overall athletic budgets that budgets of the top 25 largest athletic departments in the country. I think pactel only as two schools that are even on that list. I do think it's harder for to compete for coaches it's harder to build facilities. Party to do things he'd like to do with less revenue coming in compared to other leagues it puts us at a disadvantage. Bingo but he went on to say Larry Scott's due to great job all the seal of approval the kiss of death. The vote of confidence. Where Scott does not do any good job all say it straight out I mean I don't think Larry Scott cares what I think. Does Carol a lot of people think is he's doing is don't think Aziz high speed commissioner and all. Of the NC double a it did you know that I did and now the pac twelve is the lowest generating. Revenue generating. Conference in all of college football the U did you know that we knew that. But it's been closed the gap has been close what this is telling us is that big gap is gonna widen and then here's the problem the pactel isn't. Is that big desperately need to catch up right. But. Here's where the pactel has a massive issue they were the first ones to get in the with a new television deal. This is too long they sign they're too long gonna be the first ones to come up again. So by that bill get a new deal in just like before they'll get a two or three year head start and everybody but then everybody else is gonna go. We are bigger. They're better we need more and tackled to the pack behind everybody the more we talk about this the more fuel that there isn't an answer. In a solution. Until new management comes in until fresh blood until somebody. Goes out and get somebody from the ACC or the SEC. And prize them away and finds a committee find some way to get the right. Revenue generating people with new ideas and something different to start helping schools like cal. Like Oregon State like Washington State to not be sixty million dollars in debt to try to keep up scene that I don't think is there Scott's problem. Larry Scott's problem. Is dad did pactel network which he banked his reputation on at this conference is fail. And although they're saying that in the last five years it has grown 63%. In distribution. It is not nearly as effective as it has been what happened was or leadership the towel in Washington State said. Yeah go ahead spend spend spend. And now they don't have the money and I were nowhere close. To being able to afford the projects that date that they've been up Washington. What a big lot Nate did they build the brand new husky stadium Yemeni target privately other privately funded it and didn't go outside their means and I know that their stadium cost to earn eighty million dollars plane there's a reality here that cal and Washington State bring him to get their schools got in debt and athletic departments got in debt because. They forgot who they work. Mean if we're being the arms race yes but you need to know who we are at the same time. Sir you play are you saying that that organ states do and at the right way is not to stay within their means yeah. Eight pisses fans off. But you know he might he wanted to fire when Mike Riley left for Nebraska in lit another fire we Geary Anderson drew up this amazing quit. It really does it comes down to New York if your fan base really wants to be in this arm Chris Unita ponied up yourself. Yet to that too but Washington State does it nine wins ball games on you know. Think that's I mean that includes a do talk about stay in a plane above your skis there. It's not what it is having Jagger fighting against all the recruits and all the other universities try to get him your fight against Big Brother on the other side. Of the mountain. In Washington State is is to hold their own. But they had just so red and to get it. Yeah and it's so I don't think it was about investment ball washing state what they're trying to do now is tried to say okay conference just match what everyone else is doing. Can you get us in the second or third place to stop fifth. Yeah well no you can't do that right now run over the leadership on current leadership. It but you needed to know how much she money you. Had coming in the U could Bangkok in the idea in big big could I give it washes state their fan base. Has done everything to make them competitive in May have gone to a farm by you played you send their claim about their skis. Man it they have gotten so much money to come in a great there's still falling behind. Because he. You need to have this arms race to appease your fan base but you also need to realize. They can't spend that much money it's not going to be coming consists ranked end it really isn't it don't use cal. As an example because I think that. When I think about cow and what they've decided to do and how they've done it the exorbitant amount of money it cost to do anything in the Bay Area. Is ridiculous and shouldn't be compared to because half a billion dollars to to fix cal is a joke. Well they are excited GOP they are a better example of a realizing you don't have them money in them lessons status. Because they're dumping their coaches. New now nothing. Compared to me what it goes Wilcox is getting paid what one point seven million. Which is it couple 100000 less than or more than Jim Leavitt. This is it and then this texture says that cal has funny money many people there they just don't wanna spend it on football. It's true there might not that and that is knowing who you are yet. Right now it's fair. I mean did you do you think that all those they they have billion dollar. Indictments endowments at billion dollar alumni Wragge yeah. They don't care right now in the doctor and they never have because you know we just had your had that thing wrong and it never will is that is out and never will to recent never have. Never will an interest in football. Probably. I mean. You need is to say that you'll have one of your alarms that is still night in just says you know are some lynch Mandel and you know change that sugar I'm gonna change at individually. Marshawn Lynch is an oath on the east from a financial standpoint. The UK could just take one guy to go in there and say aren't. Win here's my money ticket. Need somebody that likes Fortson went to cal finally got well I think you will at some point it's just not happening yet. The lead singer Counting Crows at Soledad. He's always courtside at the warriors games with outlets thing in. Q when I think of cal I. Just think youth. I even don't it's just period would have to strawberry canyon for games can have there. It's a fun environment before game pregame with they have like frat row right next there and but it is at the time where if you had to hippies in the locking themselves in the trees so they wouldn't tear down. Because they were gonna remodel memorial stadium. They were gonna have to take out these big trees ya in the hip he's like you know you're hunting accessories and literally climbed up in them in chain themselves to the trees and and remember walking by them. In they have like little fenced off area around them and got their just chill and up in the trees didn't see yon. That's my line and strawberry canyon experiences you cal football do you guys remember just last year when the window when the the hot dogs salesman guy got his money stolen by the police officer. A by. And her. Maybe Aaron Rodgers can do it yeah. Aaron Rodgers seems like he hates. And for every time they do the verbally and the adrenaline like it's easy when Georgia Armenians they. Chico in a fence if cal Aaron Rodgers seems to hate everybody he doesn't talk to a trillion lane he doesn't he likes Danica though. He likes Danica she seems like a real treat. What you hater you geared to Danica behind me and it franchisee can be a mean mean means shoes and NASCAR driver what you want her to be nice I don't know and he wrote previously had Olivea month who's it just is spicy is that too he likes the spicy against them. Season ask Carter when he wondered for the guy who send in for the guy who's famous for saying. Acts. Picky eating and all that you have to. Are we to detract since they do well there are ten billionaire alumni around the from cal on the Forbes list. Can't give one of us didn't get a lot of pony up that money in. Get it back to zero. All right. The time Brett Favre invented at play Justine cam on the fans. Street Susan in the 2008 T Moore. So SB nation decided. This is today's edition of who. And into the night. Belgium it's staggering under achievement despite plenty of talent Belgium you. RU CLA. Brazil glamorous talent tons of styles and if you are defeats the list of championships in various decades. He's also got a really old home stadium and you usually a contender Brazil yields are USC's. Held him as UCLA it would. Because he is regularly underachieving. So we added texture talking about our last segment there. And where. We are talking about it's. How there's about a guy you need is like one billionaires pony up you know there I got this. In on the inmates use to help make football better end this textures and you know cal has got. Ten billion Naira loans from cal on the Forbes lists some and I checked that out. That is not true but what I found was something a little bit more alarming. Kelly is comes in at would tenth on this list because they have four billionaire loves can. But I went through in this is from the Forbes 400 list of their billionaires. In a winter pac twelve schools. Who are on this list. The pac twelve has six of the top 23 schools when it comes to how many billionaires when your school six of them six. To learn of the next closest. In the power five conference now. Who is you don't argue you know and I don't know it. Two schools Big Ten ACC and SEC have two schools that make this list. And put this into perspective. Steered the US is Stanford has thirteen billion years that went there. USC has eleven billionaires that went into their school. As I said UCLA has got five cal has got four and then you have Arizona with three in Washington with three. There like there's more money. From people who win two pac twelve schools. But they just don't care about sports. Shake my head. After the Jesus bill don't care I mean this is I mean. How many more times need to back up the point of who we just don't. Majority of people don't care about sports out here on the West Coast and even though even the rich just don't care so the Big Ten as the next closest with they have Michigan State has four billionaires in university Michigan has six billionaires that went there. Again USC alone has 1111. On a pick that's. There's a lot of money and tied him act delves Gerald and they just don't spend it on the apple has and your season the best program. In the pac twelve and the stance that. For to get right as to settle in and is an interesting little tidbit so every one of those billionaires. Invested in sports. Just took a small chunk. Would it change the landscape of the twelfth will think less this textures that organ only needs one. It's all Phil knight's been Phil Knight has meant the world to that organ program the Nordstrom family aren't they are you dead people as there are. Gay had how much money did they just shovel in to the U dub athletica or Renault. You know eight is still yet yet I just takes one of those people to care. In USC. They are dead the mother the flagship of the pac twelve the mother loot they are doing fine. But why can't you see what is wrong with the UCLA why can't they find. One of theirs why can't tell you know what's going on wait where's the disconnect here were it only takes one you have to lower. You just one person. And it's seemingly an inability you associated every great college program if you think about it mean to you about Oklahoma State. Anti Olympic team and tickets via the about Texas doesn't want that have come out of no yeah I don't want that have come out of nowhere. That's it. Did theirs you can associate sometimes you can see it mean you know who the Tennessee Volunteers news. You understand I mean I mean there hasn't Campbell yes I mean do these serve that there's connections. To this and why they're so great and then when it's Alabama or anybody else they just don't care they just spend anything so they make a dollar of their spend and 75 cents on football. At this text says love sports but would be a case they cured cancer and set. Yeah we get that we are sports show. Well well Phil Phil Knight Stengel here. Yes the night cancer remember this is sports let's not take it too serious. And let's be realistic here L Ehrlich version if each of these schools went to his deep pockets and said we just need one of you. That's it. It any. And donations in the unfortunate part about this conversation our having what is the enforcement or Brett Favre inventing a football play. Gets bumped yet another NL we can't take four minutes to say you would Carpio as our customer. Is how many people out there are no wood and our appeal is don't even say. What's the over under five of the ten. So you'd say 50% of people I almost say it's around 40%. Who say four I feel like he was so invoke this football season at the even casual football fan may now know they've got they could probably say when it our appeal is but they have no idea what it means I'm talking the full concept of what it means. Four out of ten. Pretty yet think like seven out of ten will no determine what it means that maybe three EU will know how to execute that it has yeah you're what's. Did primetime football game on. ABC year ESPN on Saturdays in the news not on Sunday as. Now and then and that boy you heard a lot. But. I don't know how many election. Now so we're not gonna talk about that Brett Favre is gonna have to wait again because we've got bigger things to get to you. Great idea in a former duck. Was their star of the warriors trade hands. Are writing we had a couple upgrades yesterday. In the sports world to championships celebrated. As the Golden State Warriors celebrated third in four years in the Washington Capitals. Days celebrated their first ever. In we are talking about this after dead. On Monday after the words and title is is kind of like me and we won. We were in the title. It's okay. Nick Young in Jordan bell were the only guys inkling cook seemed like the only guys that were actually excited. About winning the title. And the prayed kind of showed the same thing. George bell became a star this from NBC sports Bay Area. In their coverage of the parade. About two months is an emotional little boy hello. These are many many cars can help him. Jordan now. There's. Look I don't spill. He nearly. Kelly Johnson's got a guy. Are we expecting more champagne that's gone on dancing now on what's my name mailing. Okay. Just run out of his Tennessee and stops the bus jumps off the bus. Goes over the barricades stars Gary Ginn. And it led to white guys saying we. Me without. Me. All star the prayed for the months there. Warriors and anger and congratulations Jordan bell. You became a hero. And feels like the last couple parades we've had you know it was it was Elaine Johnson it was. Staying at for for Ville I just forgot again. The brother of the tight end Jason Kelsey thank you Jason Kelsey won the Phillies won now you have Jordan bell who's now Henis seat up. In one. Well I think first of all why is there Hennessey in the crowd. Look at their party into you I know literally they like chipping agents. How good. Tennessee expect I would question for you how much is it is it. He's actually for about OK so subtle recessed Hoover's it's not a super expensive as his does a complete Gary can really do any of people bring him bruised his got a million people don't agree politically also known before I did have a cop saw they get taken away by applicable to their heart they're not they're not. Let's agreed to drop a okay. And all over the banana on the tailpipe Jordan bell now be remembered as being Hennessey got. Yeah what'd I say this morning a city he's going down he's guided for ever been known is bill Hennessy parade again because. They'll as you said he's gonna be like mark mad I did say is gonna be like Mark Madsen oh marks and growing. Come on now and that's never going away Niger I think Jordan Bell's career will be better than let's hope so it's. Mark Madsen awkward white guy Dan rather be is CIA. That TNT Gergen forget about Jordan bell jumping over Barry because mullah you party forgot Jason Chelsea's made no but I remember him yeah like the action. Remember his crazies that I'll remember his name about that in a few years to deserving drunken idiots and every prayed since the history of man says the very first prayed Errol where it. I understand that. I hope it is. Different are people going to remember Alexander Ovechkin in what he did yesterday because he had a great one is all in we knew that this is gonna happen we know V are we knew that this is gonna because of capitals parade. Which there were a ton of people. In DC and lining the streets. Malvern DC but a vet skin gave. In his speech about. The end of the at the end their parade at the end route. I hear I said it means it's it just. I was saying we're not. Yeah. Yeah. NBC's boards budgeted meets the eye he started out prickly too I said at beginning your no no media day. At beginning year we know blinking stuck now we'd stick to make up champion you what's great about that you can hear. Fourteen years of pent up frustration telling everybody saying I can't do it he can't do it he Q is the best that never could bet. You can just hear this release the men on again. These summer of Ovechkin. Is here and it's here disdain he said this in the so they say you only sort of the cup for what like three days I think it's a 72 hours here on day five. In there's no no company no sign of him slowing down either with we have got to give it up yes in the coming. If you look there's that guy who travels around with they're right in general is that all summer because every I think every player and coach gets an allotted amount of time is it like 48 hours they get it something like diving to build out of scheduled everything vision of Mexicans currently beekeeper up. Seat itself I think Jordan they'll be forgotten for this ballots and there. I don't think's in the best. The Wiener. Some would panic and it didn't head to head may end in this is also the most awkward drops that are there let's Greg pop we can get them on a fuel he was that he did not have a shirt on very similar to JR Smith who did not put pressure on for three days after his championship seems to be the new trend and believe he's still hung over from his team B chip based on the brain for in game one of the playoffs and but. I am glad Jordan bells making his mark the former duck is. Is doing well. You don't leave gain anything out there. The only really guy I saw this leg BZ say he's gonna stay in his way his picture was for the summer yes YEP as we're like a bath robe of sorts all day yesterday. He can go away by the way did you see Jordan bells. Whole Tennessee excursions started like at 8:15 in the morning yesterday how these as parents eat dog eat elite is that Mo was mad because he forgot Hennessy at home before bringing into the parade. So then. Fantasies assays grown they helped him out. Then Donovan Mitchell was like I can't believe your tweeting that's not realizing it was as parade day off and during the parade ceremony belt tweets back. I figured this is the day to get away with that LO while they're in and Mitchell goes oh I didn't realize there's a parade of back off mountain. Donovan Mitchell when did you become that big Twitter police. And his gracious during my math and to do that alone should you be putting designers and Powell who cares what can you do a little. Old bull and we get a brothel be running year in new dormitories over the guys celebrate Teresa many okay. You just sit here and judge people Donovan Mitchell learned just here or is that would Twitter is his judge he's. Yeah well that is truth Twitter judge. And the I need my own board that's unfair. Is very eager to have the funds. There. He's my response Donovan Mitchell's Twitter. Policing. Let Jordan battle during its Tennessee at 850 people on there and go voter. Odor also dreaming drinking out of a trophy. As we've people forget them although not good enough to be a burger not enough now. And it should be dishes they during Bellevue face Tennessee at. Coming on but I Marshawn Lynch Lauren tee and look for alleged Aerosmith kind of was the only words. Well times have changed with the Tennessee tastes like by the I've never had and it's all apparently it was wrong in my 24 dollars and it's forty dollars for fifth. Privilege cost is 65 if you wanna go a fifth of excel Hennessy. Don't know if that's nice at. It's ninety dollars 190 dollars in a visit to Kodiak I think cognac okay with the late. Everytime I hear cognac and they give let it lead the latest news I'm Leo no Leo and have them coney yet. With the late yeah. Brits get really average movie and debt not ever skits a movie no way hold on. The movie was great and you will be Will Ferrell Chris wrestling in that or else. Fantastic. Right 55305. This. Is testing can't. Malaria. I don't know what champagne is anymore and he is always saying yeah. Yeah I know is on the on the hand among the head man. You blew my mind you're just neighbors talk about that and in the break. In you ask me the question. What is the most healthy at woods is the healthiest sport base there in sports are now. There what is the healthiest sport. We in our country we want to say football. But that's not that's not true did sport that's in the best place right now. You blew my mind with what sport it is explain it explain to the peeps. All of baseball. It's baseball. The healthiest sport. Is clearly baseball and when he talked about football just is the problems of the changes the emotions about it right now what we're doing going from a contact sport to get off me bro sport don't touch me. Controversy a controversy. Basketball's imbalanced. It's got a serious issue it's an bid the playoffs does the world champion was on watchable. For the majority of the country. You know the imbalance the super teams the money issues entitled players all of that. You know what stay solid and I'm not throwing hockey under the bus here hockey's great. Of the of the core for hockey is is is is holding the test of time but we're talking with a major generating sports mean. NFL's fourteen billion. Major League baseball's a nine point five billion and NBA's at four point eight billion is a clear gap. A Major League Baseball is healthy. Very healthy got a great stars it's during the time our country we don't get too wrapped up in being extreme. It's in the summer. It has a very good playoff system. It gives you local and national stories. It gives good balance we have races and almost every single division yeah and we had a superstar team last year knock off the vaunted Dodgers in nobody said they can do it. They did it. Yeah that is it's a good point. It's a really good point football has its awards basketball's gone through problem the only prominent baseball has right now. Is American participation holding on to kids beyond elementary school them. You know and I think that the patience of a lot of people now is is that baseball's luring ministers loads of it. He looks three out of ten. Is all things. Three out of ten on your spelling test. He'd uses a fail as have asked for some athletes and it's this sort of losing. Really is is a sport of a failure so it eliminates a lot of people I don't mind that. I don't and that's why you were seen countries like the Dominican and and in Puerto Rico is not a country as part of the state is put there there so much stronger. Because they have kids that are willing to put in the time willing to lose. Moves to get to the top level up in that's that's added that's a really give poignantly you think about it it is football has got a ton of issues right now. And from. Parity to you worries about the game two lawsuits and everything that goes around in financially it is the most healthy NBA's got it issues of its own. On with the discrepancy in the harsher one player can dominate the league and make everybody's relevant so I want you to think just think of this does. Not too long ago and you're gonna you're gonna go home I remember when he said that. Two years ago. A guy name Alex Rodriguez sound on Fox News not Fox News and fox sports at the end of the World Series start in said mark my words. Baseball will pass football in this country very recent and financially in popularity race. In the only thing I can think a visit to I believe in that period right now where we sit can be really hard to knock off football. It's past basketball well it here's the thing that when you talk about overall health of this for baseball's nowhere near as popular as the ball. Not even close and it's a regional allies sport I agree but. Where it is not the most healthy is that he can still make nine point eight billion dollars without being popular. Think about that Puerto Rico is a countries are that just misspoke calm down. It's in that is why it's so exciting T I read an article yesterday. But the Atlanta Braves and how they kind of a rebuilding there their franchise. In it got me so excited because there's like just too little paragraphs about their news sunlight stadium that their inning Cobb County Georgia. In the writer wrote about how it's called the battery. Where news this place at the built up around the stadium in this writer mentioned how. The place has shops and as housing hotels. He said he went down to cover the Braves are weak and he never left the battery. He was eight it was in like is like a little city within its sound from an asset there and it. That is exactly what the Portland I'm a project to build 8000 units shops. They wanna have places where you can go and not leave. And the guy said he's in Atlanta for a week it never left. Within walking distance of the stadium. And the connection is if and when. It's more when it's not enough well the athletics Jayson stark disposed to this morning. A ranking of expansion sites in baseball's business and it's happening. Today is just a matter of time down. He raced Portland number one as the most. The most likely city for a mobile expand to. He says quote it's the 22 largest market in America with the metropolitan area that is home to nearly 3.2 million people. One baseball official described Portland as the most organized of all cities bidding for a team. So it has that going for it it's the big its biggest drawback is that less than 200 miles away from Seattle so a team in Portland. Would face many missing traveled challenges that the Mariners face but if baseball's headed towards realignment in the schedule based around geography having 2 teams in the Pacific northwest would actually ease the travel burden. In both Seattle and Portland and that could be a major selling point assuming a new ballpark in TV rights deal. Volatile place. Fantastic. In right now is the best time to do this. Because when the Mariners are common and they're selling out tickets and people are watching their games. Is it more likely that they feel like gas cans. We got a fan base here it would be a little bit more relenting on giving up the Portland area as and basically they're playing well it's. And health of baseball's fantastic works so well here in Portland and go the other sports we'll just. This is just this is its sports are cyclical but baseball's always stood the test of time. Should note after Portland he has Seattle are exceeding. Here Charlotte as number two Nash mill number three. Montreal number four. CB Antonio would be number five Las Vegas sixth Mexico City seven southwest coast Portland's west west region where. He'll when it's at Vegas. I have to look back tomorrow from six to 9 AM we will have all the hearts ESB a player that played college World Series preview. And now we'll get to the Brett Favre creating a play dusty camp and then have a great fun ibex thirty called Calvert.