Dusty & Cam Wednesday May 16, 2018 Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, May 16th
Dusty and Cam discuss Robinson Cano's 80-game PED suspension, plus in light of Lane Johnson airing out greivances with the Patriots, your best (or worst) sports grudges.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. Well this isn't dusty and jam in the morning they ripple true. It's at a basketball we just era. And Jim Cleveland. Don't touch skills. Bow hunting skills. Can secure its. Rules on what boyfriends have great skills and. Dusty can jam in the morning briefing I did not show the on 1080 go stare and a. Name happy Wednesday it's out Hulk. Gave four how you doing this morning so I was listen I'm doing go we targeted the people at their eye and everybody everybody that is okay our top tier radio. Doctor your phone tucked your highlight to pretend that nobody's listening. If justice William Francis threw you're just in here. So I mention I was right in the cars it was a friends and friends in the that they had a friend in the car. And I mentioned hey you know we talked about yesterday with movies that we saw when we were younger was our first. And one of the gals in the back she goes well I decide Chucky when I was five gold oil was little. You know what I did I perceive Dick every dog out of my room and put them face down in the hallway and it is a good sleep for a month to good call. I couldn't in my life. I saw sun bottle now and the and I hate in you looked at me like I had two heads because of that chuck EF five like that's you have a dull. I believe he told you we wacky doodle yes I did I I did market Google's mine I own it thank you ice sit there and I look at that and Golan. Not at Dublin's. Was it done my buddy. Is my buddy eat my body make kids headed my buddy and I remember when I saw I think at NC jockey till I was night. Ten or eleven. But I remember being like dude I had in my body. I couldn't imagine being the last rules this little thing now almost my daughter's interactions. Often my daughter in front of chuck you know. That's insane if you're gonna see an horror movie. You need to see a fun hour movie how BR movie. Revenge of the nerds. You so what you don't you get some human anatomy that's fine you can live with human anatomy will have to live with sadistic. Death killing tall. In all that hasn't been that we have Marion dole wife and they do more bald killing them in the big kid you that's that's not gonna you need to do that in mean there's there's got to be there is a rite of passage year if you that's our thought that was your so anyway how is she now. She turned out Taylor seemed okay. Right cheek you've been very urged traumatized by an -- if fairly lap I remember seen aliens I slept by my mom's a it aliens the plural and I alien. I saw aliens I had sleep next to my parents for three days you have done a country where like if alien abductions happen they happen where you grow up. If it's true but at a Andy a why don't aliens ever come to cities. It's too bright lights are too bright they can see that. You notice that if you look at earth from me from outer space on assuming they can see night guys are going to an hour ago we wanna go or nobody sees anything. We get our information research and attracted to bands does that and am Aaron Aaron Brown people go to cities and research. Really don't go to cities they wanna go to the rural places do these picked them off at the trailer park. And no it's gonna miss them. You go to a city everybody's gonna see Richard do it trailers trailer parks. Had like they are targets for tornadoes and aliens tornadoes aliens in the best news interviews. Ever post whatever you wanna call it error rate that's laziness. That because we lived out in the country like the closest thing to a city or neighborhood. Was local trailer park and that's where we all and we hung out his kids or parents is drop a soft and there's like eight kids that live in there we had a grand old time. On the buildings I don't know if you remember the movie the last I've said this before in one of the greatest trailer park movies ever. Science fiction. The last star fighter all based upon the trailer park. And an alien certainly comes down and takes a young man that lives in a trailer park in takes Jimmy becomes saves the universe yeah. The last effort humor molest our foreigner I vaguely do I mean hey it's it's been doing and you said it that triggers an eighty's it is it's definitely. This section says that's not it by accident and as that I was five I get an easy these clowns are now 29. Yeah Jesse that would traumatize you the best of your life is that in John Wayne Gacy should probably do that for you. Where did that come from John Wayne Gacy was a clown. I didn't know that the serial killer your rights are denied it totally slipped my mind I completely forgot about that one yet there's yellow creeps. There's Plame reasoned creepy things about movies appreciate that. Yup on. I have to tell you know before we did get to our attendance for sister neglect. Committed terrible mistake. And Marty are grading it and it's not he then. When he four hours since I've made this mistake. My wife you know she's big runner gal. She. Conned me into actually no I just flat out agree to it. I'm doing this but to Kos it's opposite coast it's a seventy mile. Race the because relay style you know yeah we have -- soldering and shoe but know this and shorter than me actually because the because you see art ever soldering he has a but no we finish sensor he's finished but it's a seventy mile race where you run night six mile I don't have like T six mile legs and committed to it so they could to desert with that sounds like it's not even from the hood I don't know where it starts but I committed to running that and party regretting it. You how how long is each leg of runs like 56 mile is the world how is it that you were talked into writing nobody gets talked into that we promised something on the side. That you don't get. Now what are you doing I don't know. I don't know man a gene media electric scooter and say I'm here I just feel all I drive I know us here's my thought process as the motor home I was like man and I range tracking college I hated running. I could there is a moment wait so why did you run track. I hated running fifth enable easy it that's what the Caesars is the infirm. We'll talk about the runner's high and as Ike never got that. And I remember it was like on a four mile run as Ike I don't like this I'm done. And I and I do. The thought process in my mind as I need to start getting into like better cardiovascular shape. And this'll forward and he did you sure I think guards in the mail irony remains he made sure that. This is the reason why. It just its promise sacks he you know prime was even promise that I need I didn't I didn't I have. Virgin I did you can use it. I don't know man who wants this person says my buddy ran in the coast solo. All right let's hope that's not possible it is he's crazy we must be taken naps on the streets and you're not doing you're not running have you ever heard of ultra marathons. Eggs are crazies like Derek I think. Oh yeah ultra runners in general are insane. Alter marathon I still remember the Forrest Gump quote were ruined for fun and mean what do you do and via I know a gal who I'm one of my buddies wives. She ran diseases like a distant turner Creighton she ran a race that was like all the way around the Lake Tahoe. Which you know like top get them or is greater big it got so long or on it is a Lauren long long run I can imagine doing this team there craze. The running around Lake Erie so my death will be October 6. And I ran two legs of six miles I don't think it and a. This is a long time from now to M plus October means it's gonna be little chilly up there which you're not gonna like it because it's October. And anything about that. Have to Wear a lot of close. What's more important what's the boys at a fund raiser is it tell me there's a reward thome gets going to a great charity that you're running for charity in something good can happen in your benefiting the kids. Do something. Don't tell me you're just doing it arbitrarily go out and run in the run in the run. You got mental problems you know I didn't know you love your why would you this is our eyes and ears a point in time where you think you have life insurance. Is that what we're dealing with the idea. Trying to kill me acutely life insurance. She's Smart happens she's aren't you seeing you seemed. Ash. In my it has gone. I am jealous of my wife's abs though and she runs a lot to. Double jeopardy. You don't go to generated is there like earlier running yes yeah. I and it's one of those that the sisters the would did just that judge sisters what if I what do fight through this sets yet. At the end of the night. It's in no kids weakened. So I do that on Saturday sacks Saturday night you better not to its hotel ticket we better. But it says no kids weekend. Does that make it a little bit worse tonight. Not your not even running for chair you do is Ronnie. I I'll give to charity involves an dude I don't deal were yes I'll have. He ran upstairs and it was just like yesterday. You know the fountain of youth this everybody. Liability. Just asked Tom Brady stretching yoga. Liability. Making your muscles. Simple. Ideas have I did so possibility that that is that is the fountain of youth is supple list. In your muscles and supple so almost that is me my new sports drink one to supple muscle. That's kind of well off putting title but what do you workers sat down. None Maloney is heard only got need to put reckon I keep my leg up behind the theory go to market with some moist protein bar and whom. Yes they disintegrate Perot before you in getting around. Is that wouldn't be voice 1985 this day in sports history Michael Jordan named rookie appears. Stand toll free all you blazer fans finished. Wealth of those number one picks here for a going he finished twelfth in the Ricky the year voting pathetic Greg Oden finished. Her injures a rookie the next year she's. Yet and yet we wanna take down let's take to get the several hundred cared for because that's worked out don't talk to me. Best players in their urban top five picks. The stoppage. End. We will discuss. Not things. How long you've all the sports scratch or not. As for me. Quite awhile and soak it in on it Celtics dig into those series lead over the LeBron is. And the NBA lottery we've got spooked. If you haven't already go to CBS sports dot com and read Dennis Dodd's scathing column on the pac twelve. He's saying the pac twelve may be right for pillaging. Come next TV negotiations we'll discuss Saturday. Not just right for pillaging a team pillaging. I'm going conspiracy theory. Teams you know that big to big twelve they only have ten teams. Who would jump ship from this conference and leave our conference I'm sane hour. They've Bill Walton was number one pick. Company that was pre pre draft. We're pre pre gunnery rely if you look at lottery your Prius that's different if you get lottery picks the best players in the lottery here that plays at. Brandan Wright was like seventh LaMarcus Aldridge is in the top five. He was five was a these. Only so that a trait of the doubt that this cap. Well no is a draft day trades that we drab and it was B Tyrus Thomas trains. He yet mark solid second overall to the bulls and then on the Davis opted Tyrus Thomas and then you know bring in general way. Was in the top ten dollars and top five seeds Damian Miller and obviously easy to McCollum have. On. So yeah you have good point there since the lottery not good for the blazers. Any GO. There are sucker I ribeiro axles gonna lose to teams Alia who is that going to be and USC to use that well. They're saying it could be. You know what I will say I'm Anatolia let's sit on that for 8 o'clock that you guys hang around for about an hour 45 we're gonna let you know that we call a tease slow and long play. It's long but they you know who the big twelve won't get it rhymes with the ball than not. Does it examined more. 1080. There recommendation on the back music in this Jackson brown ran on anti. That's what I'm going to be doing in need. Whatever the helping it hasn't done and they get I can hopefully get around the gulf out of it on Sunday to do Christina percent range. It's great place never played there beautiful course you know who lives there your favorite head coach. Rick Neuheisel. Rick the can't. Can't that sit cam into a coffee and spit. Yeah. The pollen is really bad right now by the way I just that your your cards are littered with the at Simon's coughing up a storm what I I tried to say. Spit out Slick Rick yeah. And me which is Sydor on the fire and have Rick serenade. Beautiful. And he plays Taylor he has a little Oregon doesn't have a Little John Denver sound to him he's good he's good. Good artist and he's getting you know in any guys considering a Strom. Strom strings speak for a hernia from going so play guitar did you just go bring and that's a banjo crying though we have. Im wrong but it barely meaner leaner year annuity annuity doing here in dueling banjo CEO. That pollen that is let's rock music no and I have in common. I had my allergy problems yesterday among the steroids I did to Europe are all I took a big shock to the button here on the juice now Honda. A date let the disarray in the airlines know that's remarks that that are out. That's worthy inject new easily taken in the soft tissue area hasn't sewed stitched that's priests take the news any time I got a total shot in the NFL it's really do you you know Brenda dropped trial and boom there show her ego. Okay well there Robinson can know with suspended eighty games by Major League Baseball. For taking the banned substance they direct it called for rose snide. Which makes three. Yeah why are basically waters everything down it's supposed to be a masking agent it is an masking agents and it is stewardess. It's four kidneys. Like it's supposed to help you with gay kidney failure and blood pressure stuff and that's liver Robinson snow is saying. That this is because he went back to the Dominican his homeland. And he is physician there said mania high blood pressure I need to put you on on this and he put him on for a snide. And what that did is he Odyssey didn't go after his. Proper protocol. In Major League Baseball said all right that's a mass needs it we founded in your system. And then. It popped him with an eighty game suspension and it's just not that easy because that's Robinson can outside of the story the Major League Baseball. On the way that they go through things is that the difference where they sit there and they go. Are right if we find a masking agent we have to be able to determine the intent of it and ESP n.'s TJ Quinn. Said that he connote tested positive before the season and he appealed during the appeal. Major League Baseball was able to find his intent of using. This direct neck was to cover up his performance enhancing drug use to the point where Robinson kanell said. Find economy hands up a city games. So do you belief. I tend Italy Major League Baseball. You believe Major League bay. Fall because this is what Major League Baseball has done. This is what steroid era has done to all of us it's not the ball anymore because the because the balls the same same ball. Not like it's not know Imus took the ball. KW he's amid letters gotten tighter all the sudden seems it seems have gotten tighter knowledgeable ball still the same aerodynamics. The parks have gotten smaller they moved the fences and the pitchers have gotten bigger. They throw harder and Kate it's not the bats they're still made of wood and yeah and Andy can't steroids would. So all this now is baseball's trained us to say it has nothing to do with the bats the balls the park. Throwing harder it has to do with the ball. And that's what we're trained to think now no matter how you look out at any time somebody does something. Out of the ordinary in baseball it's immediately to bottle problem. Greg and so now these views area yachts up first thing out of somebody's mind you you say it I say to everybody else looks out at any time you go. While ago she how many air judge over it all what's he on. It does it you don't even bat an eyelash now on this is what Major League baseball's done this is what that Europe has tainted us so I say this. Who cares about drugs anymore. I say it and I say who cares because it's never and in our lifetime it's not going to go away it's gonna be the first thing uttered. From your mouth masking agent whatever you wanna say fountain view if you wanna take. Whatever type of what's what is it and we're taking growth hormone to make you play longer. I wanna see players like Robinson you know play longer I don't care what he takes but that's a mean issue I'm tired of hearing about the bottle. And he is at temple in his career where this is our guy he's 35 results of five more years he's just five years left on his deal where is he began paid a hundred and while before this is going to be a 120 million dollars left on his deal not a hundred acres he loses twelve million dollars at Zeta game suspension. Don't feel about easily control million dollars more. This year. But I sit there and look at and I go okay so both of us just talked about how we took steroids to help or allergies right or something that we can do that they obviously cannot do. I do feel bad for around Lincecum knows his story is true but at the same time major diesels protocol is Dade. They have to be able to determine intent today in robins again kanell was appealing this suspension because it happened at the beginning of the year before the season start in spring training. So as they win. All the way up until this point so we're like three months into this how many samples that they have to take of him to be able to find something that says. We got you well now it was determining intent which is not even from a say it all they needed that one positive test because he sits tested clean. Age and according to reports that is he since tested clean but here's the thing is that. They said. Midget based on has a clearly laid out that if you who test positive for mass easy we have to determine that you took that specifically to cover up. In performance enhancing drug test. And apparently there was something that Major League Baseball found amid Robinson no ago. Yeah a minute drama IPO now. You know castle what is it what is it it is a performance enhancing drugs and I stick by my thing is like you I don't care. Coming care. Realistically how many out of if I pulled 1010 people how many deep down inside really feel that baseball is so bad. If somebody does something like that like takes a analogy so what so you have really bad allergies let's say near an outdoor baseball player which all everybody years. And you have a hard time breathing like in things like dagger coughing all then you take a steroid shots. You mean to tell me that. That's gonna help you perform better of course as you can breed. You can have better you can take an inhaler is that performance enhancing in what do you want to do it a guy gets slaughter and Packard gets slicker. Every single day and goes out and plays relax because he can play with white alcohol in his system that's performance enhancing 'cause it's relaxing them. What are we would do for the rest of our allies anyway you can look at it. I can say it's performance enhancing. Do we I mean that's no matter what with Barry Bonds and I know the marched head. And winning an MB PS how old was he when he won his last MVP and he was 39. Cent yeah I mean defense giving tea so that this is with just not right for an older person to be able to do that so just doesn't seem fair. Were baseball's gonna be on this charge for the rest of their days until everybody gets over the fact that. You just you just allow athletes to be athletes and do what they need to do right it's not about it's not about the cheating factor. That's not what this is about anymore these are paid professionals you're not cheating once you're paid professional anymore you know not just everybody's on the same playing field. And this is where I go back to it Nike we've just segment how you NI and you you're laying out however make you dog gets shot in your allergies right there will. If you and I wanted to and we're feeling like we have low energy and we're just not the same people or we could going go to a doctor yes. Prescribed human growth hormone and rank as the quality of life and that is where I think that when we look at our professional sports. It's like if something is regulated. And it helps you perform better and it's not as dangerous says. You don't do a lot of these rules and a lot of the stigma as were around like these and rate regulated you know cattle steroids. That are dangerous for your body is it is regulated and uses in low doses you can sit there and you can say it can. You. In perform better in a healthy manner right. But it's a beavis and that's a people just want to sit there and they wanna go we don't wanna see people abusing these things. I get why there's this a reaction because it's teaching the record books or whatever. At some point we just pricing go so the record books out in the let these guys do it because rewrite the new republics of the don't know who's cleaning his dirty a lot of. Records are are one thing and one thing only made to be broken. But the records are their rage we better not meant to be one for the rest of every all time is Leo it's never going to be broken or anything that's that's what their their four and that's why it's called the fastest man in the world the world. World record in the hundred meters is meant to be broken that's why it's there you wanna break it try to do whatever you can't. That's what we do the human evolution never gonna change too and I just also it's no this for certain. There are a lot smarter people finding. More ways to enhance the human body via science. And drugs and there are ones trying to figure out how to stop. Well and are hearing to use that here's this Texas 5305 Hank Aaron probably cares. And say this I know that a lot of people won't like this and they're Uga that's it done take but here is here's how I think about this. Players now. Are so far advanced in weight training programs and and all that that when you look at bigger stronger faster Hank Aaron even. Who is from a science standpoint of just you know weight training. Superior to the guys who played before him these guys are even if far more superior and we just sit there we go caiso. The training regiments have gotten so much better you know assessment on your. Body of the brawn James spending a million dollars on his body with crier a therapy. Everything investing just understand I said this over and over again if I knew the diets. And how to train how to do all the things that they do now. I could've beaten just extended my career five plus years. We didn't have that kind now there's so much and we we take that. For granted so much illegal stuff they eat oh yeah I knew there was is Hank Aaron to Hank Aaron probably just. Got off the bus had a beard hit the ball got on the bus again maybe get a couple calisthenics did some. Some jumping Jackson got asked is what their routine Wallace did you take some of those athletes now put them into this year this time this era ya. They'd be pretty incredible no matter what they're gonna be incredible either then or now. 55 series here five that is in Tex signs oh to talk to trek guy hadn't heard from him haven't seen here is. Assign analyzes I love steroids in days politics is Dick pound ball. You know it's this is going to be interesting to see not just where it goes from here for the Seattle Mariners because. Man this franchise can't catch a break but Robinson can knows legacy is he in this work he was careening down a hall of fame career path. And at 35 years old gets up for this. So we'll see mariners will have him Brady gives them the good news is from air fans. Priority them for two months anyway he won last night a walk off all matters into its stock and a walk parish 55305. While morgue now PD stuff coming up later you guys are all fired up this morning and I love it. Sexual relations have hit with those 55305. How long do you hold the sports grudge. Once Super Bowl winner continues his hatred and the team they be testing Campbell. Widespread texting. That's the message of what number did you call 24. Niners five. Six. I can't hear you trailing off and like it here I'm here and there we have all of my life I mean. Don't cordless text there's no it's fireflies real sly message and generates media applied to just play my comfort. He goes we're desperate. This is sexual relations on my shoulder obliged to leave. Overtaxed. Does stand jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually say that also. I've 55305. Das is the fans Tex lines. Dusty here in Cleveland with you. Super Bowl champion Blaine Johnson. Is on a tour right now where he is going around and he's still talking to people. About the Super Bowl win. Of the Philadelphia Eagles in he went on a podcast with. Of all people. Stone cold Steve Austin it's kind of make sense but not in the fact that nobody would ever thought that. A stone cold Steve Austin podcast would make national headlines. Done but yet he's doing it again. After he and a pardon my take which is it almost a sports satire podcast where he said. We have fun and winning one in their miserable. Winning for whatever he said. This one now with stone cold he says. That you used but pisses me off is that teachers obviously I respect their coach bill I respect Tom Brady but it's the way. They won Super Bowls the patriot ways that's supposed to be how anybody else is supposed to do the same thing now it's not in I got mad at. Dear against Biden he said that Robert Kraft build was talking smack to her Eagles owner on Bill Belichick is talking smack to. Doug Peterson before the game and he said you know he's still holding a grudge against the New England. Pages is Biden. The fact they beat. We're getting your head. You read somebody that you can't stop thinking about because they got your heads so much. Lane Johnson has the patriots in his head. Four months later yeah they'll still which. Fine and they want it to the big dividends that they got the ring they'll have a nice beautiful ring I think they did win but that's kind of what it is once you're on top and you are the the best investor the elites everybody is trying to knock you off and trying to bring you down a level. And you think Tom Brady Bill Belichick. And Robert Kraft are talking about laying Johnson and the Eagles right now. I bet Bill Belichick is obsessing over the Eagles but not because of nothing they said you know because he lost a football game to them down that's right it's probably you know you have somebody. Hook line and sinker yeah in your in nothing to do it again and it whose whose whose song resident in your is that. Oh you know what I'm talking about that's that's a song I don't know zombie. That's the name of the so did that but the did text text and actually Egyptian aka. But yet it is and in cell. Vetted this grudge is insisting because they came out on the winning side of it. And he still hasn't. You know and that gets us to sports dredges. Should Elaine Johnson have this one. In what is sports Reggie EU can't get rid of 55305. Of the cranberries. Cranberries that's what it is cranberry my computer sucks like don't have a screen right now. Like okay textures we got as a crammed in a lot of people with the cranberries that are McCain and hot and heavy and you they get they don't mean. Yeah I didn't know Rick and Al I'm doing them again. That's against Obama and only need to say before it's announced it's a talking program and there. Well five factories here a five Zantac sign in Elaine Johnson not being able Lego this one is one that. I've apps absolutely love and this Texas is a long as I can I will hold a sports grads I still hate Missouri they knocked Marquette out of the tournament like ten years ago. He still hold onto it. I can't. Can't remember what team that would have bin Marquette in the losing to Missouri. Was that the one that. ID Dwyane Wade in which has been Tyler Diener and have kids and one name in the daily news to music that's like fifteen. Or sixteen years ago. But that one happen to. Do you have any long term ones a U I can hold onto you not a big sports regards. Not a big sports Greg's guy don't have a lot of hate or grudges. Towards sports one that sticks out to me is an arbitrary on the you probably saw that big a deal. But Wally Szczerbiak still drives me crazy to the state because he knocked. My dogs out in 1999. In the sweet sixteen Miami of Ohio Ohio while we were gone to an elite eight at that time when I was made a good run but it was just. Heart wrenching at the time watching had been a long time since it happened so yes I had a Wally Szczerbiak Kate for quite some time strangely enough it is just this one guy Wally Szczerbiak. Really no idea why just held on good xenon is out this square job changes oh anyways game and you score like 35 points. I remember I had a game like that was one breezes that blow was maddening. Which maddening it's obvious stop the white my podium at Miami of Ohio. Where are we Miami there's no Miami is in Florida. You are ten. I got one he's on my own team give. I wanna hear from you though 55305. We got a lot of them come an end and leave this huge as Texas. What sports grudges are all about testing came on the fan. I thought I think survives intact sign we're talk in sports red Clay Johnson can't get over the patriots. Our guinier is the end. Some get Tex coming in and leave us just had a swift. 2004. Boston Red Sox I hate them forever for what they did. Monkeys. To his pour Yankee what was. Well I mean now awaiting 2004. There is a 30 series lead and they overcame it all the bloody sock and then it's jump started. Carol that occurs in really 47 championships later Good Friday mean one giant bloody river that actually made it a rivalry again it's Yankee fans hate because they just wanted to stop them into the mud continually. For a lifetime. I'm self hatred you can see that again Wednesday in. Fairness in the year and settle collectors. Are. That's a good note these guys are very important PI. How old because I my dusty can you get paid you get paid pretty handsomely as a watch people yelled at like you literally have to watch people he's a professional meet geezer. What more you aren't I not been there can't you can't go into a stall. It's drop down to the ankles sure pulled up yet to tuck your shirt under your champ. Or take your shirt off either way SV fully. For full exposure you can't have any also samples or it's not like you can't get it mixed up here by the ways and later. Yeah it was isn't later Onterrio Smith in men and back. No that's. So I remember the guy go in a view he get a little piece papered her locker in the morning and you you're you're on your Gatorade and water to really execute three honorary are changing too much so no wonder why get it done before your first meeting Susan you're just worried about it all this year. Because you take steroids after meetings. These. LSU fan here you best believe I'm going to. Get a B heating Troy the rest tonight existed it's. Yeah busy shaky surfer and Dozier on ads LSU. When you lose to Troy late in the in the world was falling apart but then you take a look at battled back what Pelosi and injuries this guy needs Troy. And that's it that's a silly one because of the fact down like. You still you're still LSU at the end of the day. In your team went nine and four but if they would have gone you don't nine and three in the regular season where they add from a bull consideration where they add in the SEC west standings. That that point I mean it could've changed kind of landscape of of where they were so I yes you can meet them for that. Duck fan Janzen with a few Michael Dyer yeah I haven't let that ago. Two dozen of the national championship game a monitoring to my virus down among Matta Michael Dyer mad at the restaurant called all the wreaths restful well if you think a player was down as the refs fault. Course and you don't know why I really Michael Dyer gets on his feet and make anything as I his fault. You know like an I was down that's acted because every right after that news two plays later they did. You re available one play later they're in field goal range in and they just taken me and kick if you oval that is that is winner that's the theory national team beach infuriating. Old. Are close. Yet so far. Any old discipline it there's a differentiated dated there's a differentiation here with. Obvious as the ducks fan but I'll let never let my aid grudge of Lois ago I want them how I want them relegated. When the season's year after year every single thing about them. I had no idea that there was that kind of this or he shouldn't. This and what's this oral visceral reactions are sort of visceral hate. Between the two. There. You know what I'm saying yeah. I do diet like that is that's deep dark heat but then wears a limited relegation and then that's really that's down to the core of it's like I look at the Kooks and go I want you out of the conference I want you to lose the rest your eyes once you lose the apple could see in a sesame Eminem I mean. And with the ducks in May I look at this like all right I won I won organ to do well until they play my team yet but I am not looking for that. Program to go down to the armpit of the world seed does appear hate. That's the difference between a rivalry. In degree rides to me like a grudge is a singular moment right. That happens I blazer fans you can hold a grudge against Robert Horry. You know because knocking down corner threes you get a hold your grudge against him Donny. But like a Gretzky and I have a grudge that's against the guy that was on my own team. Brad ledge. Just this sounds weird to me because you very wanna titles sold this year that was every still have it though still have a though. It was the NLCS. Game five against the St. Louis Cardinals Brad ledge. Gave up a rubber necking home runs Albert pools weary just like his head just snapped back. And I'll never forget the meltdown that he had ensuing after that to where he was never. The same in the ended up winning that series and going and getting swept by the Chicago White Sox in part because Brad Lidge can pitch but also in part because. The White Sox just steamrolled the Astros in Nazis but migraine I still hold a grudge to Brad Lidge. Any series at the Astros won but he was never the same after that and hold on it would buck what you mean that's intense holding on to have a long gently but do you have any. I have a little bit in the same boat of it's against my own team the 2002. World Series ever Cisco giants against the angels and Dusty Baker gave Russ Ortiz of the game ball as he pulled from the game as in. Good job keep this per. You know posterity sake when we win this thing and the giants go on to blow up 50 lead in game six they then go to lose game seven. I I I don't know why as a manager at somebody's been around the game forever Dusty Baker you called Tiger Woods yet. I mean I I don't. He did great things for the giants and everything but I might how in that moment could you possibly do that this is baseball where you don't jinx anything or you don't want anything like that to happen. And he gives the start of the game ball like you already won this game kid come. Wow. That's tough look at buck there. Your guys is grudges or grudges towards your players yet you have championships on the back end to match your grudge. Which is so strange oh it lightened up a loss and the three world that's what I'm saying is it huge you can he can have a grudge does he get editors of the tuck rule but boo. Or I mean raider I mean I'm sorry I won't rarely drank it avatar that that's true or you could have anger towards. What it what is the one you had the David Tyree you'll go oh that catch. The grudge of the anger of the giants in the U I'd be getting giddy at five titles minds of Eli Manning stays yes of the outsource happen I think he's seven and a can I tell you that adds I've read through this text and it is everybody's lit us up some really good stuff I've seen a good theme here. Kickers. Like kickers. I have a sports ground as issue of kickers that beat I've lost opportunities me personally my team lost. Opportunities to go to the Rose Bowl. And in the Super Bowl. Because of my kicker he's that would be a big one and that is why when I talk about this guys I want you understand the root of my hatred towards it. I just think the kickers have ruined more opportunities for my teams. Then that in my experiences it's not Barbara Terry Holt a personal it is a personal grudge against kickers just. To sing and so you know. You know dean and there's a doubled your kicker grudges on this that San Diego Chargers. Fans saying Nate Keating because then vacating cost them I think back to back years in the playoffs against the jets in what's it fed chief's. Almost in back to back years naked and just couldn't knock on through the up rights of the chargers. Understand that one he won dust and says I always say John Kasay. For shaking their kick off in the Panthers patriot Super Bowl dusty doesn't seem that I love it how do you mess of a kick off for the love of all that is holy on earth and baggage than just I'm always here. And when you just are with you. I'm from the they have is. Wasn't still in the U jays in -- game when my dad with my dad know Oakland Ricky Henderson is a fair player I was eight I asked him. For an autograph for for the game during BP Hewlett Demi Denny and said no he's locked away not a Henderson and stale. And meeting your heroes is not always the best know I sometimes tell you don't don't put them on a pedestal because you might not like the pedestal thereon. And it is this possible here to Tran. Cougars try to way to commute every year causing me to have gray hair in my early thirties. Can immigrants to your own college yes he can't apps as a whole absolutely you can read against your own Alia. Yeah if day one thing I know and in this world. Coup he did is real he stated today happens he won the one time then no but over and over and over and over again. Yes and leave us with the blazers. And the top lottery pick. That's probably given you should hold a grudge against that in just the act we don't want number one just give us number two don't let a screw this thing out who. That's a that's. Here's the most outrageous and we found. My friend lost to Louisiana Tech and NCAA football dynasty node in he hates everything bull by gain realized now you didn't hear a bright spot in Carlton mobile luck on. Commitment to the gay thing and I mean you've lost in a make believe world and you translated to the real world I like that it's likely you have a a dream that involves someone in the wrong year when you wake up Matta that made an effort even though they didn't actually do you still hold that against is in my dreams you do that to me. Patriots beating the Seahawks I hate it the patriots that he hate the patriot 3-D hate Darrell battle. That's the question. Why did the patriots and sets an apple did Darrel bevel. Pete Pete Carroll's line the call. Well there he'd girl that called it. You go to those guys well you do that tag team and donate the patriots for intercepting they would pass on led both on how about you hate Malcolm Miller. She studying tape and say hey I know this formation seeing what are they gonna do it that's what I love is that like we got a law. I'm Michael Dyer we're getting a lot of you know I hate dead dead patriots as a whole but. You'll blitzer kids don't like Robert order for Rick and out their hearts and a lot of teams elect rob big shot Bob for doing that. I get am wondering how much of it is directed at teens and how much of a jury is directed at. Individuals because on the Tex signed. It's a lot of the individuals like Mike stick up for not allowing Walter Payton scored tests and on it for night and I forgot about that gave it to the great bridge had the ability it. Sweetness they're gonna test our running game which it was 55 to ten that sucks it was he liked the idea was a complete you know at a recent news. We don't talk. Powell and and Ryan Lee foreign law Alexis surname here at it. Missed three Ph.D.s at LSU and beavers lost there you go. I don't care and anyone (%expletive) as a he actually was talking about. Joaquin. Back to work. After that like he was in a dark place and a and he would have been best kickers we get it unless we have your kicker Ryan needs to me to go ask myself when asked him for an autograph and a quasi basketball game entries drafted will always have a grudge against him for that. Second chances that's glad my aide interaction with Craig Biggio and make meeting your hero. It was perfect like he was the guy had hoped he would be in a lot of times you need your biggest it's yeah this dear do you big star that you love in it. Lets you down a little miners will Clark in his it's like key can Wear wings and float you had a great experience all across this river right now. We'll Clark she can literally walk right across by himself is that level. 55 diss your eyes sports dredges. Who are yours when you let him go Justine Kim coming up next. We go into you are hot and cool in the Celtics take a commanding lead.