Dusty & Cam Wednesday May 16, 2018 Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, May 16th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool, the Celtics smacking the Cavs behind gritty efforts from Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier, the NBA Draft Lottery takes way too long, and we go "Off The Rails" with a crazy stalker and a crazy golfer's wife.

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning. It says here to take two for results and dusty narrow the offensive line get your rest. And Jim Cleveland home downgraded soccer soccer dusty and jam in the morning on 1080. The dude just being came in the morning news alerts grudges bill would give me. One of the guys asked me here on the text line and has he kicker does he still show up to all the events and what do we do and I said night Tex baca said you know he shows up to all our golf tournaments. It's nothing which tanks. And things change. Now to speak to speak kicker haters your whole life. On it and eleven clearly once the shaker always an eleven and you can think and McCain caught up up up. You're quite funny today when it hits his passion and there. Passionate and who grows up to say wanna be a passionate kicker gramatica Knoll. They're soccer players that say hey this NFL thing they'll pay me money to kick it between these upright that nobody grows up say an impassioned about kicking if your kid and a great soccer players that turning to review kickass Dan I had a really good leg as that as a pop I don't know rental place soccer. When I would open and they said. They said I can be the kicker this year nobody yells at soccer players are missing wide left and nobody does well you should go to Europe for a he. And you don't get a great date him OK so there was a guy standing in the middle of the goal posts. With gloves on it can jump really high it would we think different indicators. Well yeah I did behalf of those guys you just can't jump over the London anymore. You can't block a kick once it passes the line of scrimmage I'm talking about at the goal posts standing on the crossbar issue do you that is lending that. And now. And it. I and well good against and poke the bear little big game kicker yet known today now let's giggle and with the hot and cool buddy. Yeah mudslides. Vote. Todd and why is it couldn't make good day. Fun and cool wind gust and came on your morning dose of positive but he ripped from the headlines great story compelling and rich. Hillary any. Drugs in Portland and Vancouver you. Michael Johnson junior years Sheldon high school quarterback. Has become the first. For a billion none of these the American navy boarding California. He's the first player from the state of Oregon to make it to the elite eleven finals. In thirteen years. Former cal quarterback Kevin Reilly no last words were don't need to do it. A former Beaverton product that Michael Johnson junior Sheldon high school is going down immediately let punt Kindle for Eagles quarterbacks in the country. It's that's that is cool bath I flew again. A critical hit really cool. Can you lose to get some of the other two quarterbacks. That data where is in the year 2000 in the herbal still currently in the NFL. I'll Derek Anderson yes. The other organs quarterback this thing. And so I went through I wouldn't ever got you would never got beyond Diego yet Derek Anderson that is get this in real Gary Anderson. Right here and think creating television you know. So you get that go Gloria. It is nice. To me. About this one this Seattle Mariners nobody can know don't you know no problem it. Big pickup then 098. Win in eleven innings as year low. Media then his name sounds good. I think that's wrong. Heredia hit say you walk off in the eleventh inning. It's not death. Yeah I fell asleep I'm beyond us. I think give up I just fell asleep you did give no I did not give up because it does my screen was still on Bryant did Waco. Both of the year I coming up my eyes gave up my old man status and make him make it as my father would say I was just checking my eyelids for like I was is resting my head you that one of the good X gets really losing to new Missouri street both they've been. Where Gordon Beckham Robin think he knows replacement he. Hit nine and with two for poor. If you don't go to media got your replacement Dodi leave it relevant you got a little more masking agent you don't even. Am. A can do. Whatever they want right now I think businesses. This is more than us. Listens. And that's cool that's that's cool. That Steve biscotti. It was Scotty famine floods and that if you're standing and cheering or maybe a note here. We know lines touches his heart. Some said looked up this guy's congratulations. To steal his gun. Steve of this gotta we talked about him his mother died Chiat day LS. Any got to hit in his first game after his mother's death we'll heats it gave bereavement absence from the days. And he comes back. After his mother she you know first game back at home run. That's pretty awesome William baseball. Yes no it just this is that happens in sports and it's a great story yes yes it is okay. This is not hot but Jason Witten may have a hot take oh. Hard. Do you see that decently is doing the rounds and her. Two and a good job in his. Yeah I really never he showed his voice sounded nice start smooth no pillars that he really good job really quick getting in and now. I'm has eight. Millions sounds just like. Troy. Aikman you know Mickey with the speech speed school with Troy. You know who he. And one thing about it is that I heard an interview on get up with Greenberg and where is all of them together. It bugger McFarland like daily basket question in the whole panel says Lisa salters but it McFarland Jason Witten coming out has interrupted everybody. She would jump in first person respond everything. Thank you is I cannot vote against turned his Mike off him but one thing that's overlooked in this in a broadcast is how. You have to have contrasting voice. In there and Witten injured tests at Torrey you could just listen to that top. I can that's a good that is a good thing they can't have similarities yet they don't sound too similar big he'd jump in and out here receipt of yet nobody was feared to frat boys talk about a game. Debra. But well anyways Jason Witten what he had to say was he believes Dez Bryant both side where it. The Green Bay Packers. The team where. Is catching on catch. Cost image hit the Viet NFC championship did you sit truck the other day though they had the tailgate with Dez. Reach enough for the pylon in the room in the license plate read 88 on it. After rolled onto a sports coach Wright Yemen where they and the textual. Quickly gonna tell you why that would work in Green Bay. Because the precise passing and Aaron Rodgers the ability to big rose to a Dez Bryant where he can react. And be able to save I need you to be specific I heard this too listening to kind of how. The interaction with Aaron Rodgers would be Dez Bryant needs that kind of leadership that's why Tony Romo. Worked so well with him because Tony would tell him as I need you to run an out route twelve yards it not at fifteen get over it twelve. Democrats got this this like through. All ended off and get open. He needs that kind of precise leadership in the huddle and that's why I think. That if Dez gets that kind of response from a guy who control ball on a back shoulder and knock a pop can off from fifty yards that would be successful. In that they've also victories like heating go to Baltimore. Yeah well I guess no Joseph Flacco is not Baghdad the no Jackson no bill would be a guy who can't command in Adelaide and these are kind of leadership tell him what to do. We realize he'd get. Yeah any veteran that has that kind of leadership skills yes and all right it's. And we got spun more it. I'm not real hot. Pits the Boston Celtics not man Boston Celtics 20 series lead over the cavaliers 1079 before a last night. And mr. Cleveland. Act is what's hot and cool on the fate has brought to my area heating cooling more than thirty trucks imploded a goober you wanna to wait and you look at train comforts specialists. It's hard to stop a train in the NBA playoffs. Are a collision course of predictability. Some fourteen on the fan. Does it suck it up very well and he says this LeBron can't even be. A short handed Celtics team when he drops forty. Last night LeBron James special again he goes for triple double. Last night 42 points twelve assists ten rebounds. In his team loses by thirteen points to the Boston Celtics and oh yeah any individuals can't handle it vs team basketball as good as LeBron James is he was gassed than in the fourth quarter well done. And in game one he didn't have anybody else shell out in the game game two Kevin Love showed up looked like well last night. Offensively there. But on the defense then that's a different story kept 122 in 151000000001. Other players score in double figures outside of LeBron in love. You know what amazes me as I watched these two these games that I see what LeBron James did the Toronto Raptors because you mentally. Just beat up on the Toronto Raptors and owns a city now named the Toronto. Boston Celtics are so young. They don't know what their. They overlook it this way they're so young they don't know who they're facing their like this is LeBron guy you know I don't know image they don't have that kind of statement their mind. In you what's so these old guys the cavaliers are horrible. Yeah other than LeBron James. I cannot I've I've learned to appreciate old players JJR. Smith is the worst basketball player in the association still in the playoffs right now. He is terrible. He was O for seven he doesn't play any defense he Jackson tries to cheap shot guys no idea did cheap shot now I know dry heat cheaply c.s that are a cheap shot and and a and it just is it's pathetic avenue and how he's playing basketball Oregon starting lineup and the whales meanwhile you know you at three guys the score in double figures for Cleveland's LeBron gets 42 you love scores 22 you Kyle Korver has eleven. The entire Celtics starting five scored in double figures in their sixth man Marcus Smart team basketball added eleven points as well their high score was Jim Brown with 23 points. In. It is the epitome of team to ask you know my favorite part of the game was last night when Morris. Goes up for his layup. And then just I don't know what it whatever it just look like one of the good. Right back interest in Thomson. And then it got to do a little bit of a broad don't do that Brodeur yeah dared to lead their chest though don't you bro now don't you dare do that don't mean yeah. Yeah that. Does that mean it was it's just a moment to do is a lot of in the they had double technicals for doing what it. For being angry. Well windy when you talk about the JR Smith shove I love Marcus mark that dude if I would pay for that paper view to. I would love to see those two do you get out because Marcus Smart. He's dangerous man they're business idea we need to take sports grudges on the court on the gridiron on the diamond too bad for areas sites in the offseason after careers but they did celebrity death match your member of that knowledge as they made it clear masons and that's fine let's do that. Yeah we can still PI that we can simulate and we have yet Celgene author. The market Smart into debt doubted that to me is the epitome of this is why. Teams do you when you when there's a hard foul in the playoffs you want that team that has that guy that is like now hack now. And Brad steamed after the game had two comments on a two of those guys that Boston has. To deeds you do not mess with anybody on the floor because their company to get their guys back. Well I think he's as tough as they come phrases he is a it's true competitor. He's. Matches is intensity with the physical toughness. And you know we talked about it before the game these. And people people you know. Talk about him all the time sometimes they focus on things that don't matter and and other times it folks on any impacts winning. And we we we're really glad he's on our team. And that some Marcus mark may Wear it like people focus on him kinda go over the edge last night he goes for eleven points and RX eleven points nine assists coming off the bench right. The other guy that people don't talk about but has that same edge it's like win. They chipping it starts in. Excerpts get back and forth it's not just he's that little dog bed nets say your heels. But he makes big time shots and that's terrier as here. He's competitive he's certainly not scared he's. But I think that comes from belief in yourself from the work you put in and we talked about is his work ethics really. So. We don't know we're gonna need him and everybody else continue to play great. Two guys he said the grit and drive right competitiveness. Name one person on Cleveland's roster outside LeBron James as he any of those qualities there's nobody on that roster that as Iranians that. There's no other than LeBron know there's nobody like who would tie Lou or LeBron James tock in that vein about on any of their there's nobody in our rosters. Bet TNA Kendrick Perkins is on a suit in the right and take it to Portland. Right outside of Damian Miller who you say that about and on that roster Lloyd Davis. Ed Davis you know you have that Davis and hasn't yeah I can agree with that I would take Ed with me anywhere. I mean yeah yeah I would take him anywhere he rewrite my hip pocket. But Dominican Roland we look at what is the people claim to be in and I think you know iron agreement of this. The NBA finals write them is you're looking at warriors rockets that's the NBA finals ranked that is. You've got a lower and no I'm not you know what I'm not gonna do I'm not gonna do this. I'm not gonna just crown Golden State say it's just that easy. I like something about what the Boston's put downward they don't give a blank about who they're facing and what they're doing that's fair. It is fair David if when they do finish this off which they will win the series now because LeBron has done. Physically cannot win a game a series by himself purses that team a real good team. Brad Stevens is the best coach I'm onboard with the U. They're not gonna just walking the Golden State and gold states after a walk on them their two younger too Smart. And they have their too dumb enough young and dumb to know what they're playing like they just don't care. Yeah and very efficient. Yeah in a case so if you look at this Golden State team they still win gold states that wins but it's not gonna be a walk in the park right so you got this Golden State team. Unity week ago during among green. David West and cheap shot artist Zaza Pachulia a those are three guys the canoe on that roster that have neck grit and competitiveness Alter a clay jars is one too he just doesn't change his. Well his looks stunned look on him and I do it is that is a stone cold killer he just watch him he is that's is who he is he doesn't care. Then carried and care about the notoriety said yesterday in an army Donna you know I get paid a lot of money to make some shots get out. My way and you notice the warriors fan a potential matchup with the Celtics gears before the reason of that grit and their ability to get under people's skin I can see. Marcus smarting citing something. Which are among greening giving him run I want it now you know I I don't need to be don't be a good match but I I won't act I worry about. The warriors in that sense could they rile muck could they get him out of their rhythm. There's a little sensitivity on the warrior side of that stuff just giving it fifty in the series every single game is its terrible we can't see and if the Houston Rockets make it out of a series. Right tricks and now. I don't think if they care theory here is the over over all right Tina and give Chris Paul who when he gets irritated. Hill knee or elbow Kevin Durant but. He'll run his mouth Trevor Ariza does the same PJ Tucker blazer fans know PJ Tucker well for getting under when he is the suns. PJ Tucker we get under everybody skin. For the Portland trailblazers you have those guys and Cleveland has not the four teams that are remaining. Have no guys have that great edge competitiveness thank you talking about. Because JR Smith used to be that guy and he's like Los that for whatever reason which is terrible judges to hand shoves somebody and then he's shuts down he's gone for the rest the game. Right in that CB you look at this series. Brad Stevens is like a psychologist. He gets the most out of his guys. And they are absolutely rolling right now in making adjustments to games and he's not afraid to try new things. If they fail his guys like cool Jalen brown gets toasted in the first quarter. To do that who's gonna step bubble now scary Terry's gonna make shocked. Scary Terry makes a bunch shot is like channel. I really really liking this Celtics roster the east isn't such good shape with Philly and Boston for the next let's hope 67 years. We get some of that because that's. Where were in good shape. I've signed me up Williams. And give to LeBron come out west because the east is fine without you. C'mon out west show up to the rockets shall up to the lakers wherever you wanna do he'd just do me a favor don't go. To the Philadelphia 76 under Portland. Bill wide we're ID you know one end to go to I don't. Wine yeah because I'd like to see a team developing the team basketball and see that I don't know off LeBron cannot not be the guy. It. I don't know if he can do that he would be a daddy's best friend or no matter where he just does what any other guy I think. That Philly has something there I think all of us do and I think we know that Boston's doing it come out west and play with the old guys. And come out west and Donald the Weston joined Houston and make for good NB ATV for the next three years. In Philly over Adelaide it's another top ten pick because that pay with the lakers felt and so they will be drafting tenth overall boom boom boom. Man. Aren't well 20 series lead cavaliers had. We can start writing them off but something tells me you know they if they hold serve on their home court. We miss head back with these series even add to you and there's something that you could seek a sub Boston. Is great home they're nine you know in the postseason. They've stub their toe on the road though. And I can see that happening. In games three indoor for. But right now they are the better team and I think we all can see that happening as. The road map to the NBA finals and and and tonight game two warriors in Houston already stealing home court in game 1:6 o'clock tip. Over on TNT we mentioned as cell seven sixers have got. The number ten overall pick of the draft lottery was last night only Josh was that alone here's baucus or senator. Taking paid off. Where the Phoenix Suns yesterday. They picked up the number one overall pick we talked about this that they edit 25% chance of landing numero uno. Because they did not actively attempt to win any basketball games last year. Well. It worked for them but it did not work for the two teams dollar actually vocal. About their tanking you know when we talked about this and we said would that be awesome if the NBA ringgit in rewarded Boston or Philly with some with the top three pick. Just irritating all those taking teams and although they did not do that because if Philly when he got the number one pick. Or the lakers would've got the number one pick a pentagon Philly. Are pretty gun two or three wood got a Boston. What ended up happening now is that the two teams that went public but they're taking the mavericks in the grizzlies. They've both got bumped out of the top three picks and Phoenix got number one. And then you saw number two is the Sacramento Kings. Who where they are the big jumpers and acting because they were supposed to be well as it 73. I think there's supposed to be sixth US sixth or seventh and ended up. Jumping up there were no matter what it was Billy had less than 5% chance. Of getting in there and they got in that top five. Our into the top three in their sick selecting number two in the the hawks who. Dated tried actively is they just had terrible roster they get the third overall pick in Memphis in mavericks. Our guys sitting fourth and fifth in a draft that its top three in the and kind of everybody else. I don't feel bad because I was reading the stories about the draft in the tanking in the how much Adam silver is finding this a major problem yet. We still have fans and everyone out there that think tanking is the way to make your team's successful it is not. But he was meant seeing now one GM said to another general manager called the current general matters and take. You're not planning on resting and here's your starters write the report comes out Sid because they're so worried about. Having the starters rest why against the tanking teams of the taking teams coming in to lose. They're worried asking one general manager to say the American arrestor started as well we really need to loose. This is this is where around if you know the general managers are having this conversation. Is it good for basketball woke looking your top four. Looking your top four organizations does anybody think feeling Phoenix is a great organization. Is Sacramento ever done anything. How about Atlanta. It to do is a nobody even know the Atlanta Hawks as a team since. Ever. Snow ever. No by the way do you see what their star players to the old he did Julio Jones and yelled hello mr. Graham and deleted every hawk supposed to be Denish Ritter yes. And that I wanna case anyway Zia says he wants and then you go on to say Memphis. Taking team. He's edited. Good trajectory mean they've had a good course the last couple of years the last ten years they've been granted for decades. Yeah but they are actively taking them shutting guys down for the year but Mike Connolly comes back with mark solve. In Parsons a good NBA players that's all I'm saying is that this is that there is a confusing time right now on the NBA because. You can either to have your franchise be the team that builds to the drug costs if the tank to get the draft that's what everyone says or you get free agents. Free agents are not going to Phoenix free agents are not going to Sacramento. Good free agents are not going to Atlanta they're not going to Memphis they're not going to Orlando where they wanna go. You wanna go to New York they wanna go. To Miami they wanna go to LA they wanna go lower teams that wanna go to San Francisco. That's where the good free agents go so these other teams have to find a way to build to the draft I understand that but tanking is on the way to do it. Call me crazy but I think that number one and two teams in that are taken Phoenix in Sacramento. They like Phoenix is really. Young when you look at the guys that they played Devin Booker. Josh Jackson represented in there drunken Bender up yet AMR keys Christen you the Washington guy there. Mean they they have a good corner could be bank village is young and soc Tyson Chandler got. Now like today take death the date could be in voters this year sees a star they could be pretty good pitcher. And then if you look at Sacramento in your right about the free agency thing right now but. Mean Phoenix has hit in free agency before with the Mari is like when yet Amare Stoudemire and and you had Tyson Chandler are those guys. Is there good or they draft tomorrow. I don't Tyson Chandler went down there coming up the of the championship in the blaze rafter him. They just haven't fit at the suns are this kings though it seemed actually try. And they were just old and bad. For at times they played hard eating your get tough game with that I'm glad they got the number two pick because that that would make it more fun. To see the thing that bothered me the most about that. It took ever. To get that lottery. Being all sorted out as you look down like the TV guide last night on the and you know Comcast think from 430 to five is what it was supposed to be that was listing go right to gain teal. On ESPN now. They did not unveil those picks until like 590. Is when they started. A key was an hour. Of fly off. In commercial breaks I've never seen so many commercial breaks in a row in ESP in drag that thing out. So long that it they had to go just straight to the tip of a game to which I'd it was but designed to do it that way. But just give us the lottery don't make it into a shell because nobody cares so they're trying to sell their rounds you need to make sure that there had space gets older and we've seen this happen with the selection show with March Madness where they don't reveal it tilts wherever they call it football playoff really bad I mean we don't really need shows for any of these they can do it in thirty seconds in and onto where does bring Natalie. But it's and it's a source of revenue so of course. We all know the reality that dude it took for amber. Why. Did you. I'll put in that Jami Gertz do you remember Jami Gertz the actress and she was being wrapped for the Atlanta Hawks. See that's always my fear part of the lottery did the different people that teen celebrity web celebrities or legends of the team or. Good luck charms are merely tabs owners and is in his kid out there and got the first pick twice with emirates. Let him out last time any is. This and I yesterday to you and he was cocky he is like a feel like him and again and again if you are confident. They didn't get the eighth pick so I guess that's good. Certainly there are supposed to be human that's a top ten pick they're gonna need it because they're okay will be Gomes. Yes it is but gene eager to remember her from I had a crush on her growing up the Los boys and twister and she's in both those movies and and she's in. Still standing. Remember that it does sound movie it's a six condos succumb Nokia and a little thing for her though it is good to see her. They can take in on the number three pick for the Atlanta Cox she looks great too. She it's phenomenal. Arnold he has that she looks phenomenal. Issues and lost Bush's got to beat her fifty's right. I think it needed to get Oscars is like. ED. Six society to seven guys that such a good I'm a creepy movie review the agreement. Great opening scene. You know where it kind of sets it all up when the phone runs down the beach and gotten wall to Wall Street greed opening scenes. I know people that watch willful Wall Street we're shocked out of my like with their mother. Why it yet you could see goalie and you don't know it will you don't know what you're getting yourself into you don't think that that is gonna happen to start the movie did you. Did you get to that moviegoer and I didn't walk into the movies is what's gonna analyzes. Up and I watched it in. Our losses on. Yeah but I didn't see the theater a gate did you expect a no hardcore scene to start a movie now yeah you think anybody it's. I Cavagnoud who the director was and understood these things are going to be a little bit racy. Have figured that but right from the get go on don't you think it racy you're thinking of Gordon Gekko racy I mean where you have a little bit of some some it's not like. Write your face try to be giving him watch now compared to be little we would be and a separate people who went down that road. The Leonardo DiCaprio movie. Deals crazy. Ball yes he would have you seen some of the stories that he and his group he's trees. Crazy he should probably be movement. But nobody ever talks about it underrated movies in the beach. There's and it. But never seen them ever heard of it. I heard of it it didn't. Was after the Titanic right after the David Thailand it's I think it's film just outside of Tyler and watch it underrated it's either I think it's good services they haters gonna surf line but yeah. Look at Shutter Island in the aviator also generated reviews here Shutter Island creepy. Any movie having good suspense until hospital. Loon as you can see is how much we care about the NBA draft lottery folks would write to movies in you know it's or Anderson and there are draft lottery almost every artery. And tanking and. Hank the tank came. In. Fact 55305. That is the fans excited we have a follow up to you a creepy story from last week testing came on the fan who. I even got to say well club. News. I'm kind of an off the rails that we had last week but before we get to that. World Cup is coming up in Russia. There's nothing corrupt about Russia hosting major sporting events we know that sports soccer in general soccer in feet would never be involved in that. But Argentina. Is really good soccer country. You know they get this guy named messy. Heard him. And they had a meeting with players and coaches support staff in media that will be. I'm heading to Russia for the World Cup in his put on by the Argentine football association's governing body in the country. And it is a site K this is how you handle things in Russia these are some tips what to do what not to deal. Well during this meeting they got you a part in the sideshow in in your manual that you got called what to do to have a chance with the Russian girl. Okay and they got a few bullet points on the aren't miracle for Russia at the Argentina is really do the executives are going. Don't know who stopped to the meeting. And toward the chapter that chapter out of the but because they're like this is a horrible idea. How to pick up checks well there was journalist he got a copy of it in his name is not choke it to yell. And if so he posted. Pictures of of what they say to you pick up on Russian chicks like a year there for the World Cup. You wanna hear it quite melanoma of course I do I admit it was on Spanish so I'm not gonna give you the Spanish version a give you the translated version number one. Is rushing girls are like any girls play cook paid close attention. He'd daycare fewer clean smell good if you're well dressed. First impression is important. Clings stays smelled it. Well dressed Russian girls do not like to feel like objects many men because the Russian women are beautiful just wanna take him to bed maybe they wanna TO but. They are people who wanna feel important and you need the advice is to treat the women. Who is in front of you with your own ideas and wishes pay attention to their values in their personalities don't dusty is the governing body just giving us advice on how to deal with women in general yes all lol I'm not done with this when women. Don't ask stupid questions about sex all the Russians sex is very private and not a topic to discuss in public OK isn't it aren't and then it has it has been here his own thoughts maybe you don't believe me but I know that this is this. K this seems pretty steals an American woman. Russian girls hate boring men American half topics to talk about American series. Number Ford don't be negative where you know the women avoid people that aid that this is the only negative things the lame this list government give this a multiple hell don't ask typical questions boring. Russian women like men that take the initiative he don't have confidence. Did you just get this out of the women's handbook. How to payable woman yet he's is. Don't know on instant conversation don't dominate the conversation. It's not really know why did turn this home page out of the book. And then this is don't try to impress him in the wrong way maybe you're gonna impress them not talking about your money and how you know everything job man. What do you think the guy who wrote this chapter of the manual these single. Well what did he think. Like these soccer players edges and knuckle dragging neanderthals think so I think that that's true. Their thinking that these guys are just athletes and they're just gonna show up and it's gonna be groupie love yeah it's gonna walk all over. I can assure in this chapter he's got eight bullet points. Add yo B a do you wish. They're like Sony has pretty much different you know simple fairness. Be respectful listen to her ask questions. I don't understand why people her acting like this is a big deal and now they're apologizing for you need an apology for this. Well the apologies gotta be because they were trying to help these soccer players pick up chicks which they shouldn't need any hopeless. Right fighting need to apologize that. You know. Three probably got he's also governing bodies job to help those guys those eight. Are. All about being respectful to women and and that's basically it. On that note we go to they followed stories from what we had last week. Remember the crazy stalker lady that I told you about these and 65000. Text messages to a guy she met. On he's. Dating after he walked in showed up and broke into his home and took a bath in his after Evans thought he loved them crazy women have been in the news where there is a butcher's knife on her passenger seat too is that right yes there when a debate and is. As you said yeah out on. We have audio offer. And sit back and enjoy she. But no way you expect. They're asking me. Just kind of unusual assistant. And he doesn't might get them. I'll go home and all of my interest. Yeah yeah yeah. Component of love is teaching computing and that's that math equation it's love. Equals controlled religious infinity times he welcomes square which is like life is forever down. He was in LA plus plus number it would be easier to infinity times flight which is also venues so it's just forward Trevor Ford and if you're selfish can understand that. Because you want something in return. He's getting anything in return and I alarm anybody that's beloved in Suffolk University doesn't need. Less. Love this three. Infinity why are they hold on why is love 3.3 no three point 13. Came wide eyed. Is rescue me get like I hi how does over and yes this continuing three point one Ford blah blah blah blah blah all of them cash. And if that's that's loyalty. What is your DX boyfriend you're sitting there and you did I see that both he doesn't let the dogs go back to loving my ex boy for you. Know. Oh absolutely not he now they don't want you to love me anymore. It now why in goal. That gave terrified in her eyes the Donald. She scares the you tell me if I gave me the choice would you rather as we're gonna sit there and save this for Friday. Do you want her as your boyfriend. I'm sorry when you have boyfriend girlfriend dumped or do you want Lucas Glover is wife in Lucas governor's wife. Of speed up his mom after the players did you see her mug shot yes she is crazy she looks like she took everything possible her rights there's and she has no outer I I don't know that's called dear pupils hurt. Completely dilated it's like I can see right through colonel iris iris color to your there was nothing it was dark black. It and it hurts my son heard this they're elicit weird with an icing Datsyuk on the way to the baseball game and they started listening to this and we're in and my boys like. My oldest setting his dad that that's Lucifer if there and while I'm a big word kids are right there but suggest you look at her picture. She's got a holy Moly scanner that she's also got Decker. A well what about text instead of the last down by she sounds off. She's insane and you go without one you have that as sarcasm. Of there's one thing in the Lucas Glover. Article though so basically. Lucas Glover shoots sixty or 78 on its Saturday at the match at the players. And his wife. In him gotten an altercation out in the parking lot. Lucas Glover is a mom tries to break it up in she attacked his mom yeah. Can't she gets arrested thrown in the back they'd bid could patrol car he just starts kicking in the door and go nuts. Lucas Glover is mum for whatever reason drops the charges but in the police report did you see this little nugget no pirate this part. Every time after Lucas Glover has a bad round. She yells at him. And cheaper rates and she tried she picks fights with him. Every time he sheets of bad around misses his second wife correct I think it's his second wife and now known better I need to got divorced from his first this is the second. Yikes ya and by the way guys I looked at the lady that the crazy lady with 65000 tax not on. I mean. Not know. So she's not hot and sexy is not it is. She's not and it's not like you'd sit their new bill like that's gonna be a lonely person like forever like she looks like you look at you like she's on the Internet and whatever everybody knows her now in the world know he's dating that woman ever do not in obviously and it probably shouldn't. Even. Before this because you talk to a one time and she's in 65000 text messages. This is like you look better than you like apt. You know concede that it sees somebody you know who Lucas Taylor and life is you who Lucas Glover is wife is. It's will Farrell's wife in. Talladega nights. That's how you probably noted that original I don't say that that was Lindsey who she is now and that's who she looks like. That's a good call you look like whoever that actors woman is. Is discoverable in those kind of milky hot my old on non you know blonde bombshell he yeah totally that's who she is. You know burst your last pregnant fate you know it's yup as answer Lugar everything just this yes no sold BC gives gives those crazy lie eyes though no soul. Have you seen evil genius on Netflix. Started a for a loss a first episode last night terrified. It's really get your remember back in 2003 it's the only thing that I remember from my first. Training camp this in their teachings are member. Run training camp in my freshman year of college it is that was the year that Britney Spears and Madonna made out in the DNA is. And then this other thing in there is bank robbery in Pennsylvania. Where the guy had the bomb attached to his neck growth and it went off. Evil genius is about the plot in the plan. That went into that in August 2000. And the lady. Who is the senator of that documentary. EU and looked at her eyes one time in your like. That ladies nights. A key and she's got sells a must once she's got serious Ole it is stuff like a movie. Writer cannot come up with a plot yet they left agree to cliffhanger and episode one I really wanted to fire up episode two lastly it's are you can't binge it. I want you don't you know you can visually I was at a rebellion there a bit up and we go out there between 35 and 45 minutes on basket so I think in time did you has also see wild wild country into a tent. The one about daddy's yet rental niece she's yet the what you wanna cults sects or COLT out in eastern organ. I TV same people who did that documentary and duke lost Brothers they did this documentary. Interest. Aren't well. Moving forward. Crazy people love is not pot is not forever it is not infinite. But that lady. She'll baiting your best that she believes them. Next why Dennis Dodd thinks. The love in the pac twelve is not infinite. Is pretty. And the want an honest assessment of the pack to a conference and CBS sports' national college of our under this is testing camel fan.