Dusty & Cam - Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - Hour 1

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss Oregon State's murky quarterback situation heading into this week's game at Nevada as Jake Luton and Connor Blount are competing for the starting job in practice, plus with Texas A&M landing atop the Forbes list for most valuable football teams, we ask in our Textual Relations whether you can buy a winning culture, and what winning is worth.

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They solicited to. 45 minutes of your life I've promised. Doing the right thing since 1952. This is Dustin jam in the morning with a dusty narrow. An NFL veteran Sam Cleveland fans that have left on the local. Chapman in them but they didn't know. And 1080. Are they happy hump day GAO Wednesday the twelfth of September. Dusty Eric in Cleveland with the F later on this morning welcome. While being Vinny doses off off. To all. This is. Did port de support this package mind doesn't he can do almost anything if I come over multiple languages to say hello. Good morning team member member and handed down racer in the show in new language edited. And that was very hard. Yeah it's the principle. The north a lot of pressure to come without a lot of languages there's this thing called iPhone right to say into what I want someone will just tell me what I should say Denton. At chick Syria or UA do you shift to a dude can you shift to a do eaters it can be just cereal all the time. QB like Billy chameleon like either alternate voices helps enable animals is his name makes 00. Series hero hero. It was so we don't really really a much better I don't understand we saint and may have a nice Barry white's voice though there's stir something to say we've we've got and of great radio voices are TV voices down. Saw this saw this. Would trailer for new movie with. But it SM alien and they say a family movie he's in their sin and say they and I got staying at the guy was in I saw the I saw that true that you that was not a memorable trailer because I don't remember it I and it's not a memorable trailer but the actor. Was in. The Vegas where they'll go to Vegas and he would trees and indeed the hangover hang -- you would what's his name would you know what I'm you know target about Riley Cooper Orson Bradley who Bradley Cooper the Bradley Cooper removing it looks really good with Sam Elliott's in it with his mustache is back in every time he talks a Disco a star is born star is born. I mean Sam Elliott to BM I series. Yes he's my he's the voice that I that I and most. Connected to an all time David Douglas high school Bradley as same LA and that's the movie with Bradley Cooper in Lady Gaga got young Lady Gaga isn't deep Chappelle isn't it looks really good. The tax okay hold on listen to this cast. Lady Gaga out Bradley Cooper's Sam Elliott Dave Chappelle injured dice clay them. Predictably dunk it got. Wow that's said that's an interesting cast it's a must see. Is about a country singer. It's that and then I saw the Matthew McConaughey won this was through pretty good that movies coming out to all. I've been that way Rick yes so I don't see that story of some sort loosely based or duke or does it mean when it's loosely based I'll. Okay here's a guy that's got a lot of things are loosely based in my life that movie is called white boy Ric yeah. Drug moving guys it's in the drug movie like that. Is it rakes like the most white boy name of all time through against you need to qualify with the white boy Rick. And number does it that's what makes it memorable it is called the movie Rick that we'll do widely Rick I now like Ricky just be about rhetoric. Boy Rick boy rhetoric and a gorgeous brick. Or person Rick there. Yeah. If it was Richard and eagle on no object camera all the way you're going Dick yeah up Sam Donald's grandfather's old is Dick hammer mill and is the best dude name ever if I was Sims Arnold I would just introduce myself as Dicks Dicks hammers grandson answered. My granddaddy there and a dig at did you see that earlier where did your granddaddy view in the Marlboro man just top that one organ. A CNET Dick IA he is also the captain of the volleyball team at US Asia a couple of things that are. That MLB players weekend that ridge hill had a very specific nickname on the back of his Jersey. His teammates call him Dick Melton because it's an and it saves and an emperor Rich Hill to renowned don't think it around that Richard may be the most versatile name. Now we have even go by Richard. Rich Richie Dick Rick. Ricky Rick I'm never heard Rick coauthor Richard yeah relief. Dickey. Yeah JG do. Mean a seven iron I'm tell me if my name is Richard I'd always go by Dick. Any feud in if you did that. I'm always confused of where's the connection how does that get connecting like double meaning names. There's a lot of those out there aren't men. They're not like Richard. Now isn't good for air hammered James. She posts ever James retain to retain 21 names may be not the widest in an all time first everlasting him whom NASCAR driver. Rick James of personal reasons he could have been a NASCAR driver or musician. Well all right. Because it was the first day since last Thursday we did not have football game on. Think about that. Did you feel awkward he did feel weird. Is it went Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday two games and then Tuesday it will hit five days without. Win with football it's so weird happening day without personally I think football should take a breath. Tuesday through. Thursday I don't like Thursday football I don't like it in high schools I know a lot of shared schools have to do Thursday games now if you have stadiums you share in a district. I don't like football games on Thursday for high school or professionally or collegiate league. I think it should traditionally stay with you green network people. Should stay Fridays is is for high school Saturdays for a college and Sunday. The seventh. In the interim data prey to the NFL God's son. Darryl is say my high school I want when we had three high schools playing at one field them. And let out a lot that's at the Vancouver schools the early doing Kagan is. But we did. It's district dysfunction is what it is to put the high school kids. And have to change to make it show up at five and had to play game at speeds and it's just it's it doesn't make any sense to me. Now but this Ian fields space. Organization it's very stressful. She works out it works out pretty welfare 5 o'clock games tricycle kids is brutal it works well Friday Glenn Cohen Hillsborough high school they share hare field out there grad school we just never like did you schedule this of win because we always should same field as this would not on the same time even doubleheader we never dealt yet that's that's the that's the terrible you only now one year where three schools had to share at that and that there were in the double headers. And that is that's a way to do it I mean you can find a way to schedule and is not do. Now double header and that's unfair it takes away from the high school experience for kids to have to play it like 5 o'clock I think term friend lights in Alberta belongs yeah and nighttime game where everybody gets off to school in them. You know that the other non students. In bid to girls don't make their puppy T shirts yeah. And then got to paint the run through signed. In cheerleaders doing adding are we and during school all day long during school fig really got trip and didn't make it through around 30 we have a guy. It was a little longer he was you know he's you don't believe guys that tries noted that trips trips and falls and and everyone else falls behind them so this is on Friday night flights is that our game ranks is the big featured game on KGB actually it was calling Calvert and Heath a look at that. And they cameraman was in front of our little banner and the guys are running through my own now that guy tripped and then he kept getting pushed down. With the camera. These 2000 dollar camera and no they all read hello my god he reentering trips through the banner. And then as people are running by him he kept getting pushed down and so on Fred if it is sued him doing all over the you know do it I think it was a Q is off to a shaky start and then they rebounded you know his after the shaky start to the guy fell down to union kept getting pushed over. And then it was the highlights after that. And I gotta tell idea nobody felt back. Now as to who. Is that it is too bad. Is there really. You know you know the guy who's out first. We got last guy out. I was always loud tomorrow Alaska I'm Alaska eggs. Trotting out of everything I don't wanna be first in front Alaska so yeah I'm just nine you know some guys get that hype train. Big Three everywhere you must be to Ray Lewis or something inner even three can give your helmet off let's go. Tommy was always good that he was he was let's go out as a team in 2001. And number will go on his team and take a finding a fine for that. And I don't find them and they in care and it and he got there are two different types personalities there's the view that wants to be an affront mayors want to be in the back I was the back person. I'm not a big row prior individually either but you for a guy bad guy. Actually more middle god my god all the Iran are odd guy and I'm also I'm also not really bringing up the rear and is kind of one of the dudes in the middle is doing that it is there nothing more awkward though when your when when you force to be Iran Rodney just you can just tell it just doesn't fit. Fits when the coaches like demanding tagged items as the best player do it up and get up there and do that and then you look at and you just that's not them leadership does not always vocal. Now it's not. I completely agree leadership is it is nice Sony showed up today I would say some of the best leadership is non non home. Yeah does TV show and cam that video of the tiger cage that kids of that high school no and I do literally ten listeners know about that. There is a high school. And I don't her little does he was in Virginia. They've won something ridiculous like six league titles in a row there like a 167. And eight in their last ten seasons or whatever. And and they have a cage. And they did bring out they bring out the kids. And it is like. In the thick of like a jail cell and their tigers and tiger cage. In May play this music and have the fog going in need is kids just like steaming and climbing all over this cage. And then the coach comes in and it unlocks the cage in the tigers' run out. The team it was the weirdest thing I've ever seen the kids of the tigers is in the tiger they don't they do not release live tigers out and on the football field now. But the kids are like indicating their rocking this this jail cell that. Only has three side it's on it. Front you recount lost and that's against school district rules yet while the doors locked in in the coach comes and unlocks it and only mastery seventh yet because they have to walked in from the love in the bags like cattle like via hidden trick from the midget. We magician. Yet these sneak outside you can see it the whole time that it only Citic cobble out I've seen need to carry on 85 players in the front all on all on chains in the the players are holding the chains as the players are on all four or ridiculous and there are urgent true. They're getting all that coming. You realize he's burned and probably a thousand calories turned intimidate me you know what the best part is now when you kick that teams and when you kick their. All honestly tell you the most intimidated I've ever been is when I saw. A group I had a chance to coach. A high school group of Polynesian all star game Julia when those guys did the hock are. Came yup. You know that is the in my in my because it's it's it's a real street itself. That is the most intimidating thing when I see it it's it's incredible just just chill also dudes get down all fours pretend like you're bigger. That's not the dock that's legit in net. In origin they banned the hock up pre game why field on the field what four. Well says intimidation factor Iain he had day I don't yeah I guess they have big teams are like blocking is far over as they possibly can't own. In doing it directly at the opposing bench in the opposing fan isn't that the point yes it is that's the whole point of that. And could you imagine now like gay it wore a hot there weren't ready to go to battle in and two sides of like an army are actually doing that towards each other and then they just go on the kill each other. That it would be terrifying and I must see TV yeah. And on a drone for that I did over his head when not wanna be and it's going to cheeks I did well this segment's gun out of control already so I appreciate that let's get. The shoulder John Rick. You know I remember was just like yesterday. It. On this team sports history from 1984. Michael Jordan signed his rookie deal with doubles. Here how many years my endurance on pork. 47777. Years years seven years as a rookie his rookie deal wins on the night after 1991. G. We're get a first pair Jordan's you're either first or another note in your original so I did not have the original black white grids and a and never had a pair either it's only fair. I stopped in 1995. The first there was 1993. For 84 so I have a buddy whose dad where has worked at Nike. Forever. In he got him when he does abate because we are more both born in 84 he got him from the very first Perry so here's original Jordan's in the original box come on never been more. What size. I don't know he's not gonna sell them now he's gonna hold on those days you can retire on those original box region never been warned. First release of jordans and that's how do you know that something like that is gonna. Be worth something some day it's a. Arrow we had that conversation in high school and you know is is like how did does and everywhere and then he's like my dad just had a feeling. In his day his dad just he worked at Nike air like this guy's going to be a big deal up he just had a feeling and so he and his brother bull have. Original j.s prefer in the locker rebels locked. Into that he's yet he pride knowing him not to say is names that people around them there. I act weather played a role in week money college football. This is amazing. What hurricane Florence is doing. To use the eastern seaboard and in really some diplomats have in college football it's becoming more and more commonplace 617 on the fan. I. And older women. Levine biggest storms. And potentially never hit its kind in the United States is bearing down on. This owls right now hurricane Florence is in building in deed to a category four potentially category five hurricane. And it's causing. Cancellations of games across the Carolinas. And better involving some some pretty. Big matchups in college football this week and we already and three top 25 and teams and had games canceled. A dude to her team of Florence and obviously the first thing to worry about is the safety of the people on five point four million people living in the past. Of hurricane Florence are of the utmost importance but as it pertains source stupid little bubble of sports. On this is gonna be not just canceling a lot of football games but it could have. Big implications as we go down the road for potential bowl matchups in in really massive. College of complications so. There's a lot of fear this year I noticed nudges whether we're not gonna be wedeman today but sports has been effective a lot this year big Major League baseball's opening month was atrocious yield. Cold weather rain delays. Snow in games in Chicago. All the things were seen emirate and those those of you out there I had an experience in 1998 I'd lived through huge hurricane George. So it was a very ski I'd never been in hurricane in my life could mean for gosh sakes Alou and Pacific northwest. I got down there in the second week of the season hurricane George hit. In it was terrifying people were grab mean. It'd there was just plywood everywhere he had to run to Home Depot plywood was valued aborted your windows I didn't port opening windows we are flying the Indianapolis we couldn't. When to stay in Indianapolis for couple days and only got back this flood the city of course you know New Orleans and Hurricane Katrina but that's. Roadrunner water in the skies and in the wind in the fear of it. We're looking at sports and sports are so far away. From what the priority is I saw clips of the freeways being opened in both directions in the police escorting people out of certain areas of Carolina and we start thinking. Well sports are pretty important when you make sure they find ways to play football games snowman there's. There's nothing like a get out of the way of hurricane and its its category five hidden in there my gosh. You mentioned the rain outs early in the baseless isn't Major League Baseball had a record. Did they set the record this year and for most postponements are due to inclement weather. And so it that is one we saw hurricane senior mention I can imagine going through and kind of let that oh hunkered down. Hunker down barriers and how exactly like mine where you hide under water yeah and then we have we this is what I like the third or fourth year in a row worries had a hurricane. Wreaked Havoc on the college football schedule this urgent Harvey remember last service. And what did that did to Houston really since Texas. But now you're looking at you know hurricane Florence coming through and they don't really have a plan. They don't plan for making up the easy to these games because like what do you do isn't the year to match up by a week's or this game just doesn't even happen. And when you look at teams like West Virginia and Central Florida. These could actually be big games essential sorters ranked eighteenth in the country in this is when their only shots that they have to play power five team in North Carolina back to back national champions they're trying to get it while they're trying to get a trying to get that but how do you work your way up if you don't have those those and I don't be in North Carolina is kind of terrible right now but if you think power five team that's a little feather in your cap and then West Virginia plays North Carolina State. Which should be you know and as a cross. Power five matchup where you can have a win against an ACC for. And we'll talk later about the Forbes rankings financially but this is this is a hit on your financials because they talk about TV money I know home majority of this is already been paid out. True I mean I'm I'm asking that question I wanna say that part of the revenues that when teams go play essential for northeastern Washington goes and plays. Any of Portland State plane orbit if you have to cancel the game does that mean you can't see your checks I wonder. If that if the revenues already been paid out in these are like all bets are off you know folks did you pay for your tickets he can't get reimbursed. These are all things a year I mean it pails in comparison to the safety of your lives of the entire communities and states. But these things can make a financially and then schools can say we have to play this football game well that they've put him at the end of the season your ended December year after Thanksgiving. Where where does it fit it effects the army. And the navy game. What do you do well here at this and Virginia and Ohio are playing this weekend they move that game from Charlottesville Virginia to Nashville Tennessee beat zigzag we need to get to Damon. They're gonna take a massive. Hit on now wondering nobody there who's gonna watch again because you it's India Vanderbilt stadium. You know I don't know what the game you VA alumni bases in in Nashville but you're taking a hit their because not only are using on your gate revenue. But you're also paying sees that stadium you're paying travel expenses now to go from now Charlottesville Spencer in Nashville and you take an entire football team to do it. You know I mean those are all big hits say in teacher questions cites a case like he's basically the basis that does pay out games. These are remember I remember Florida Atlantic last year. When they got their game. Postponed it do do do do and hurricane and they're like no we need to play that game because they needed the money to do it so they found a way to light. Squeeze that game that day in and dad I think it was like four weeks down the road on album conveniently had a bye we the other football's the only sport my opinion that. As doubts that type of effect because it can take it's a huge production. To manage it huge immunity you wait all week. He has so many moving parts it's very different than a NBA game certainly because your plane insider or Major League Baseball to seems like you can just handle it you can miss a game in eighty. Or 162 games it doesn't matter you can miss at football you miss a week in college you miss a week. Now that we've seen a tie hop which you see how that tied affects the team potentially gone into the playoffs so young though these weeks when your missed procedure West Virginia. And you're trying to make a run right now looks like it's West Virginia and Oklahoma are gonna class for the big twelve title does that hurt you in the college football rankings. Probably probably does Kazaa a quality win. On the road doesn't even matter in your face a ranked team currently with the AP rankings you you lose that game yeah there's going to be guys that sit well they didn't play that game so. The perceptions of college football's they shouldn't do that but you know it's a you know you're gonna sit in there there are gonna sit in that room in their chairs and their cushy jobs and they're gonna say well that's. That's part of the thing that we we needed care you mean that's who we really can really hold close to our heart is the strength of schedule. Since they missed it in the natural disaster. It's their fault yeah exactly and we can have done my. Jones lineup cupcakes on their sidelines they didn't even play that game they scheduled a hurricane to cancel again. She's Marky Mark take it easy but gee everybody's to ship mark cupcakes from them and key in the sideline guy who's that's I'd like quaint tech clinic yes and it. Yeah. Go ahead this is send those guys. The edit color analyst and that is you skating on this thing who was I don't know who the color all it was a guy from from Stanford whiter here from Stanford. Or dog. I don't know that I know it is rod Gilmore rod Gilmore he's a nice lycra. Rod when he was holes I was jumping on and on that to rod Gilmore to Stanford I think you went to Stanford and he goes into is accurate enough man. Never would've guessed rod Gilmore. Now and is this these guys I've no idea where they went to college fair you know I think I had no idea. I don't know what this project towards lake city state fair where they went there when they go to do their broadcast team in. Yeah they've really shed come in identify yourself down finally tell me what you are. Easley did that's amazing because rod Gilmore is one of the guys a big never even said his eye credentials might remember I'd humor as a player and her fine art well I Don not doubting you I believe that rod Gilmore played at Stanford. I just never knew. Right 55305. The better you today tax on did. You're talking about in these cancellations football in lost revenue nearly five this different flavors. He's fifty years old again so is older so about. 3637. Years ago go back Wimbledon in figure that out. So early eighties late seventies early eighties. Okay. You mention big business in college football the Forbes list. Ranking at the college football programs. Based on there revenues in how much they are worth the valuations are out in college football. Where does money rank on college football winnings scale. Widespread text easy. That's a message of what number did you. Two horror. Niners yeah. Five. Six I can't hear you trailing off and I think I learned there we have all of my life I think. Or cordless text just now it's 5530. Sly message and data rates may apply to just play my number. Or you can go weird that. This is sexual relations on the show good likes to read. Overtaxed. Does steal and jam in the morning on 1082 brain of that person actually see them all today. 55305. That is the better you. Today tech suntech sort of textual relations orders money. Coming on the winning scaling college football Forbes releasing their list the most valuable. Teams in all of college football. Andy age should be knitted by no surprise these state of Texas. Is numero uno Texas NN the Aggies are spending their cross state rival. University of Texas in them for the number one spot 100 end at 48 million dollars in revenues last year. For Texas scene and football. Followed to. Not really that close unless you count fifteen million as close by Texas at 133. Million dollars as a and the rest of the top five is rounded out with Michigan and Alabama tide and 127 million Ohio State. Comes in fifth at 100 in twenty million dollars the first pac twelve team do you. Appear is organ at twelve. And then you have USC had eighteen or by the way packed. Or again is well that 92 million dollars in revenues. USC eighteen that 87 million. Washington 1984. Million dollars. Those are the only pac twelve teams in the top 25 of revenue generators. In all of college football so out of this top 251010. Of the SEC here in the top 45 in revenue. So let's let's and unpack that just a little bit X predict on the West Coast we know are we know are real estate is higher we know our businesses hire. We know that the Silicon Valley we know that it's just properties in California and on the West Coast we don't financially if you look at the cities of Seattle is that in the cities of San Francisco. LA just took a long hard entire Coastr revenues for financially for the country way higher than we know in Texas in the south. Also to wanted to make this point is that on every one of those teams 85 scholarships now I IA. I throw my average because I believe it's right in this is about 35000 dollars per years what it. What the average tuition when you think about. You can probably bump in the forty maybe somewhere in there but it's right about. For a college football program to fund their team with just athletes it's roughly two point 95 million sowell rounded up the three million dollars is what. The athletes. Value is to their team. Okay revenues. For Texas a and M last year revenues 148 profit profit for Texas saint him. 107. Million dollars. Not I'm no math with Israel but when I say the players for football. Are making. Would would wither scholarships is a shade over three million dollars. He goes to show you that you have any money to page you both Fisher 75 million yes you do and in it is an investment and resources or resource is this how you win. If you do not investing your school. From endowments. From donations. To revenue generation do television networks like the Longhorn Network who is by the way. Number two on that list a 133 million dollars. You're not going to be considered one of the best programs in the nation. Is there a thought that you have to buy your way to the top. There I mean and that's and that's good. Well billion dollar question now in college sports is does the does the money translate to wins. And what I think is interesting is doing you look at this list is specially at the top. All those top five teams that we don't we said Texas and in Texas Michigan Alabama Ohio State how many of those teams. Our national championship contenders this year. Two weeks into the season. Geez I mean. I could say. To your what you're saying too but I'm gonna tell you LSU Auburn no word on Oklahoma and on and on our front and top five those top five schools Texas Texas NM. Michigan Alabama Ohio State all they did defied the top five highest Jack generate two of those of those top spot but if you ask me how many here in that conversation top twenty fives there's a lot of room in there. I can win a national title. In it yet of the top 45 I think. One thing that is really interesting now is do you notice of the top 35 which school does not appear. Which is when the best programs over the last painfully yourself college hoops star with a season Ambien and Carolina. Clemson now Collette is they're the number two ranked team in the country. Is not even a top Tony five revenue generator. In college football. That is surprising to me in if you go down the top Tony five list. Of the teams in the top 25 and in college football. You'll actually see. A lot of teams are not. The on this list. Clubs and a number two Stanford the number nineteen in the country not on this list. Number thirteen Virginia Tech number fourteen West Virginia number fifteen TCU number sixteen Mississippi State number seventeen Boise State number 18 Central Florida number 21 Miami. And then number 24. Oklahoma State from blame. Yeah number 24 Oklahoma State not on this list it's almost half of the top 25 does not appear on this list. But that's not it. It's winning a championship is these two key factor there her collapse of all those teams I just read off. Closing at Stanford are probably only two to have led ever shot a national title in that's a launch of a stand. Really here's what matters the most is that if you're not one of these top 25 teams you you will not being in the conversation. Aegis you won't mean at the most staggering. Program that I see in the stop Tony five sits at number thirteen to me. Or Kansas named Arkansas Razorbacks 92 million dollars 92 million Arkansas. Win is Arkansas and done anything. Since all nut. Does smiles on was his offensive coordinator I mean day in history you look at it the investment and NN. Not just an SEC team but an SEC team that is a middle either file was comparing them to a pac twelve team I would put him in Utah. I would say that would be my compare are able to what. Arkansas office. That's very generous of you remind me even more generous may be it's more around Arizona State that that is going and I think in the area yes I think yeah I debts and it's incredible amount of revenue that they're able to make because I don't know if it's it's the all in mentality but it's the financial backing that you get former university. From the from the alumni. I had to the other picture Stanford we all know that Stanford alumni and excuses that kids aren't in school blob blob about about. We understand I know I know for sure nobody goes to Stanford to worry about football. But nationally. Nationally. Win your showcasing a football program and that's what it looks like we know that the nerds are there and stamps there's a priest most prestigious it trumps everything. If you get offered a scholarship to Stanford you go you know it's very hard is to say I get in I wanna turn I doubt you know. But nationally financially. He you're just you look like a cute little school. You tell you that's all and that's public college football playoff treat Stanford that's how everybody nationally too it's two basketball school you know nerds. There's something about Stanford. That. Does not get enough publicity. Or enough credit. About how much money. That athletic department actually has its stand I don't think they care. And but. Everybody else pounds they're Cheshire have to and they flaunt this season. Like Texas sane and had a massive graphic. That they put out their athletic department put out about it being the most valuable program in the entire university was touting their football program's value nationally on social media. I'm sure they'll have a billboard up in college stations in. But Stanford. I was looking and it. In 2003 they're athletic department had an endowment of 267 million dollars before the big influx of money came into you on college sports. The years five years ago was the most recent article about their endowment I could find. He was close it basically is about a half a billion dollars five years ago there athletics endowment. And they push everything in made a big push in most recent five years. They're probably closer to a billion dollar endowment for their athletics department that football program's rich it did but they don't Talbott. When they don't have to about it because they don't their stance for big. It's not attractive to promote Stanford I make a ton of money you're not gonna do that that's not what it tracks because 99% of the country can't get into Stanford. But why is it why is it. Why is it such a point of emphasis for everybody else to get that respecting college football likes danger probably should pound their chest a little bit more on that. To get that clout as I know people care here are athletic departments for the billion dollars share but you can't get in. It doesn't matter viewer doesn't matter if you're gonna pound your chest you to look at all the money we have an inning send out your applications and you get 1% of the people get in what's the value well known and and and I'm talking about a perception of your athletic department a perception nationally it doesn't matter any. A Texas in and being the most Bible college football program in the country. Is big debt but why would be in bloodless stints like talking get into that school yes they can really yes we think big kids they're like oh that's a valuable football brown and go to school there yes I wins and losses mean more certain that we all know the uptick when you win football games your your agenda and your enrollment goes up. You can't make your enrollment grew up in Stamford. But that is the thing is that Eugene and you can change how people think if you do you should also check out my picture on Twitter and say. Change your perception by showing up to a game. That also has a big one there where does the money. On these sliding scale of wins and losses. Are rank five factories your vibe we talked about the teams that. Are not in the top 25 on this minus what about the teams that make a ton of money but aren't any good. 637 on the fan. College football man Steve Forbes guy you ace in the most. Valuable teams and all of college football if you look at it. It's littered with the teams that are in contention for a national title of the top 25 most viable teams in all of college football. And you could argue Clemson and potentially Stanford. Are the only ones that are not on the most viable list that have a shot at winning the title this year. Can you said ten teams from the SEC. Rank in the top 25 most valuable. Done. In college football programs in this goes back to what is the message methodology in formula for this. Well its revenue and product profits that includes donations in the Morgan is number twelve. Because Phil Knight is gives a ton of money distill pay off the hassle Dowling complex. On the Mario Marcus Murray noted. To facility that they have there think he's still they're still paying all those off and those come in the form of door donations which then going gets spent. Organ is organ because of Phil Knight decided. Announce enough what do you have to do. What really do had a conversation about it yeah what do we have to do to and that's good on him because fantastically it is made organ. Into a national brand and power yes. Jesse with a simple solution and the civil decision. That's what you do in today's world if you want to be the best you have to you have to earn it but sometimes if you want success you buy it. And that's how it works with the type a revenue. Credibility comes to after that you sought to win football games you have to do that. But ya do attract great talent couldn't college football could you argue that college football's biggest lie in sports. How so what. You can just like I said Arkansas hmm I can have a ton of money can have a Tommy how do you get those great players to show up there a you can. But what do you tell them Winamp player walks in your university. We may do you ever the movie the program when he gets off the bus in the cheerleaders are there the bands there and all that stuff and you go gosh we. Look what you're getting yet when you show up here in the we show up consumer cheerleaders here's your bag too but in their work your butt off and if you don't like it. My coach is making ten million dollars to cut you no matter what your scholarships renewed every year it's a lot. That's call as the balls alive but we can't pay those young players. We wanna do that and so it is its its its its faults. But it's how the business works. Yes that's one of the that's gonna jarring things and you see this is that. All of these programs in universities are saying oh woe is me we don't have enough money here. Texting them made 140 million dollars in football. It's football they're playing in football alone. EU are right though it is that there's like this false sense of if we spend money we're gonna win just look at the top two teams text sane in the Texas in Dayton Texas CNN is pushing all and they're like okay do we're gonna spend money in this is how we're gonna win. But big bear celebrating a close loss to Clemson who is an on this list right meg that's the biggest thing that they've done. In a couple of years is a close loss to Clemson. Texas Florida Tennessee Arkansas South Carolina Florida State Nebraska Ole miss Iowa and Texas Tech also on these list but they're not ranked either. Paid it takes a lot more. But money. Is probably. Would you say. Which which is more important for your program if you're gonna win a national championship. Money or your coach. You can't get a coach without money so it's money it's money money's number one monies number one number two number three number four number five would you have year coach. Money will keep him you that's the thing is that that's why these lists they separate. The impostors from the contenders it starts with the money and number two it has a brand your brand is also very important. If your Iowa's coach which is a really good coach somebody's going to pick him off eventually and say Notre Dame we would love you to come here brand. Location. Recruiting. You have to have some advantage organ can't recruit like anyone else so what do they have to half. Brandt. Money because there's no way you're gonna get a kid from Florida did to fly across the country unless you offer him something that he won't get anywhere else. In that probably is lying or gain a battle staff that was there for so long. They never caught up to the popularity of the brand of the organ in that recruiting process those guys are there for so long they were all there when. In their late audio only 9 AM original. You know and they never caught up with the brain in recruiting now you look at what this with this news staff has done with with a brand and marketing the brain on the recruiting trail. What attracts young young players and young athletes and high school kids cool stuff boom and that's. How many times you go I wanna go right complain all you wanna go worst school that's is that a lot of kids are like that and organs are a great job market itself but. There were looking at the pac twelve is a group. Financially wave behind the ball you know my way way way way words by US think. The USC. And their ability to recruit would be great but they're stadium sucks UCLA stadium sucks. It's terrible have a venue that is 85000 USC 100000. There doing me wrong the rules bulls an unbelievable. Time for one game a year after that it's just it's it's very. It's desolate it's quiet and it's not built for a season a football. It's bill because what it Texas save him say after they got their stadium and I know we got a bunch of money were we gonna do another 30000 seats and it knew. That they can't sell. I'll think there are you from Sony will. Outside law outside of games like this past weekend. In the intro I everything he just said makes Texas that much more confusing. Number two in revenues. Massive borrowing network. Own network the other owners don't can't win. Not yet great coached him. All right five factories here by better you today text thank them in the next hour. Lloyd the coach is called audio Mario crystal ball Mike Leach coached Peterson and Willingham on their match of this weekend. Also. Matt Patricia and the lions already gets and he the next it's not cool on the fan.