Dusty & Cam - Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - Hour 2

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 12th
Dusty and Cam discuss what's Hot & Cool in the world of sports, we dive into what Cristobal, Leach, Petersen, Whittingham, and Helton have to say in advance of their Week 3 games, Matt Patricia may already be on the hot seat after his debut in Detroit as reports of player complaints have already surfaced, and we go Off The Rails trying to sort out the details of the drama between Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky. 

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Thanks for listen to dusting camp podcast brought to you on the fanned by your local less Schwab tire center do the right thing since 1952. Dusty and jam in the mornings. Oh yeah. To me. Yeah. Brit god. Jerry patients who does Dinara still. Czar for like yeah me I don't think so cool parents an NFL veteran can clearly Mitt. Waiting for you are an apology from Montana eighties showtime and then. He. I just at 705 Jesse Perry came Cleveland with deal will have more on our actual money talks in college while coming up next hour. Annan. One thing really quick that im gonna get to before we take a breath from that. You know. What do how do you feel about this text. Betty did attacks on five factors of by the fact the film night and Phil knight's money made the ducks relevant is exactly why despise them. They earn anything were mediocre for decades that their 100 million add them and they can finally winning game. That's. Everything in business when you invest money in things and they become successful some businesses fail. Others businesses don't but it takes revenue to generate success if you don't respect that our I get it I have an issue with with second generation wealth. That's anything new guys that that are they just live off mommy and daddy's money and try to pretend like they're successful. That's and I and then they tried to talk it me or do something in July admit you haven't done anything. K the ducks still had to go and play football they still had to go out. And good and win a football game and play and and enact couple national championship games. And beat the Huskies for twelve straight years based baby you know you can just injected Tana revenue into something but he's still go out and played a football games. I respect good football and good football coaches and good players so no matter what. You could say the swoosh is the brand that is what made organs football but he still had to go out and actually play the games that's what's different about football. I need to be a big tough popular Brandon had generational wealth and throw crap against the wall hope it sticks but I don't care because I'm gonna be rich forever. And I think that every fan base and want that. If you had a billionaires of course you would have been error producer Eric. I think it tomorrow and also what I feel is flawed and that is that don't do we forget that film might have that conversation in after 1998. Right and after Lou is it after a bowl game that they'll las and he pulled every says that what we need to do is take this to the next level. Prior to that mean 9495 going to the rose on the com bull. I mean exact its main and he is that what can I do to help us get to the next level right which pretty big deal when you to a rolls Ellicott amble down both prior to that. What I've learned is that when someone says though he didn't you didn't make it because somebody help to get there every single one of us. Had somebody help you. Now some and he earned it from the ground up and I applaud those either to work your butt off. And and everything you can and know what's helped you yet in the year I believe that you'll get help as a means somebody has helped you get somewhere. From you and I get the job to know when somebody here it's all about your network while Phil Knight is a network that is elevated organ to national brand in knots part of life we live that that's a simple that gets now these other ones like Alabama they just have a big brand a lot of money and they continue to went. They're frighteningly good Marlon nag coming up later I know at 707. Yeah it's not picks. Let's Todd and why is it cool. Guard spot and cool move just content on your morning dose of positive and you ripped from the headlines great story. Compelling and real. Hillary any. Trucks in Portland and Vancouver you. Seeing them. The Cheney already Stevie your pick up when no third transferred. My goodness this time it's Addison guns of former four star linebacker. And then stellar brand which is let's call it what it is it's it's a athletics department that has a school let it. Banning California. On the UNG two Oklahoma played in fourteen said the seniors last year he was it easy outside linebacker defense and then. And he got injured before the season started and city know that. I'm transparent and he goes to Oregon State. It on their moment it was the connection with a were in state it was the Warner dish John Wells okay so he's got buddies there he enjoys this season like teams take flyers. Are. On and on guys that like to Shawn Wilson is a good player don't get me wrong but he's a three star guy but he came from stellar for at. Blame one guy through and on her day in day LaSalle in bits of tornadoes in stellar friend a figure on star forgets the couple four stars later we. To any player can he not legally camped played four games is it true fresh and Oklahoma last year meant to do good to go. Her girl. Other breast and is out for Stanford against UC Davis and initially there's some panic in the street about that. But this is more of a maintenance resting he'll be ready to go next weekend's organ. Yeah most definitely. Gotta have those on but give me. Well that was a big no I was gonna say give it up very mediocre game vs San Diego State and but really really show what price closed the best back in the country if not. These best one of the best but he is the best. You know. And that's the thing is that lake. Seeing all of this church's high seventy's his stat padding game killer doesn't it is the Stanford running back no one's ever gonna get horizon from Stanford. We are I mean can't you read three guys now and not get. Stanford. Yeah it is going to be here and heard I all I would love. We don't usually see this though where a lot of meat it's gotten deeper player in college it's a little bit peculiar I mean. You think there's something more significant oil imagery noise at all no I don't I think that this is it coach that cares about his players net NFL. EG future you know why take the hits when you Leo he's the disease usually give part of their offense and their success this year so Smart coach who go. Take a break. What do what do I need what you gonna win it this week for Bryce loving him on. On Tuesday Wednesday practical I totally agree edges and it's rare we don't see many coaches exercise that is happening more often than not but they just don't and I'll say it I futures and I don't know by the way they entered the meat grinder after this week where they. At fourteen at Notre Dame and you talk. Arizona State Washington State. Washington. But yeah I expressed in. Reston. OK. We're. And. Okay. This is it we haven't talked about that these Serena Williams blow up on need tennis official that was crazy. How was just a fighter and I did she overreact and guess silvery as she took away from the act than them one of either. What was her name Neal we Osaka I maintain miss a green it would not have done that had she not been yet haven't but there's no yes she I agree. I agree she with a really big she totally overreacted I think there's too many are going after the official though. I debuts officials in tennis do you go after these big penalized when and far more sternly in the Indian man. Which is which is an issue. It's not just cart those around us is a tent this problem in now. I'm one of the guys he's a retired EP gold badge umpire I don't know what that means. But he says that the tent is at the fraternity of umpires in tennis are. Discouraged that team and tennis association is not hot standing by their own tires. Won't fix your problem. Both deserve produces I know as I've seen a lot of dudes. Think dudes get really crazy and stuff and nothing's ever had a team taken away from home. I I I just I think that Serena took away from the championship the one who beat her in which she still. I mean she's the best female tennis player all the time you know my favorite part of that real well this month when she said. And the mother I would she doesn't need my defense for everything. That's the other I cannot cheat at cards very emotional. Preview yes you said I'd rather. Win at her I'd rather lose lose. Than win with cheating. Sure to enact blanket. You don't like to lose which. And the youngest and she said I wasn't receiving coaching from Mike coaches bought his coach and it looked as I was I was irreverent and everybody's injured and isn't. And it doesn't. And that's cool it's cool the Padres on the Mariners. They went to one last night over Seattle excellent three straight wins. The Mariners incidents in Q and one run in the winds. Wine the run wins coming back Danner favorite event tragic mariner fans. These things even themselves out at the ace Dan over the course of the year tried to tell us. Mean listen we knew leader in the NL central though as the Chicago Cubs. Cardinals are three and a half back in the NL central while the Braves man made sure they're kind of shored up that NL east a win last night which is that air. I'm lead in the NL east to six a half games that's the most anemic division and school NL east and us. And does nobody wants as does nothing New York Philly mean c'mon. Well I'm next tighten things up in the NL last yet. And as they win over the Rockies. Is there Iraqis lead down a game and a half over the Dodgers in two and a half over the Diamondbacks. Giants and that despite them being twelve games bow out justify it. That's going to be you know for me Doug but it's. Not real hot. Markus Wheaton for Morgan State beaver re leased by the Philadelphia Eagles who. Who who needs a wide receiver AB here in the north of us who knocks. Other receiver and is Martinez Bryant. Is back with the raiders. Just can't quit you and they traded for Memphis and then released him. And then they signed him again when did they release him. A day on cut day and when did they re sign him and the day after their first gaining. We. If only somebody had been telling us that happens all the time and I do they do that but it is not guaranteed his contract now is a week to week player. Well done Oakland's Jon Gruden well done. That you've done well on the dated read to by Gary heating cooling of more than thirty trucks and Portland in Vancouver you Lana don't wait on area your local train comfort specialists to talk. Hard to stop a train. Mario crystal ball Kyle winning him ankle leads Chris Peterson clay elbow speaking on the pactel coaches call yesterday John does and cement. De isn't some fifteen on the fan. This is the. Then maybe you know. Song reminds me of romantic comedies from the ninety's a 890s. Do you get that with this song. It seems like if it's kind of with that like American pie ill and oh man that type of genre movies. Tell you that you know tub thumping they tend to jumble long enough does my wife's first evening. Tumbled Obama. It was Gallo's got that every sorority. Boys song. In the late nineties. And a everybody's hopping around with their solo cups yet and I said there as they catch you by your first CD pretty late. Yeah businesses ten things I hate about you in it exactly right there yeah. You know where the take dead you take the ugly duckling in you maker into the pretty narrowly to the pretty girl because popular. When that John are gonna come back leaders that want to come back of them wearing backer has never been kissed was one alone. Yeah thank. Feels so good catch feel good night. Anyways. It's your mighty mighty Boston's minute here on the fan. More valuable that or the traffic reports he did it at the fifteenth. That. The Pentagon. In a heck is that. I don't know I don't know it's not by our choice vote and we didn't its aren't we didn't do that. Holds angered schools carrier of the Internet schools different where's that. I don't know the dogs holes. OK coaches did Dave pactel coaches call yesterday and let did Jonathan Smith guy would give all said he's too good for the coach's call. In how he. I'm not no young ST do I thought I know they're getting ready for and that he was the only coach said the notion so beaver fans we are not neglecting. The Oregon State Beavers. It just needs to be reiterated Jonathan Smith and no showed on the coach's call. I can't move he's going to be in trouble I I actually let's say this say it. Non conference Oregon State has been weighed more interesting and relevant than it has during the nonconference those soldiers go coach Smith's head. Yeah I doubt that. I doubt that add to good for the conference call now my uncle Gaynor we never decent today. I liked Mario Chris ball did talk though yesterday on he joined durden Sprague where he'll be joining them. Every single week. On nineties d.s. And he talked about something that we have not seen a lot of separation known in the in the first two weeks of the season six run backs getting carries. How long is this competition and go out. Pulled an acute during an up on the running backs I don't think he could let those guys are short and become. Terrifying nature really good competitors they are they enjoy it they understand why we're orbit and how. It's six backs in this system that in that have been getting carries in the first two games. When do you win wind should expect this thing to get paired. And has such a lackluster first few games but have the luxury of being able to let those six acts fight it out not only in training camp but they're doing now on the regular season. In the first 3-D ends the year is going to be a six man group. Compact to a play it's gonna be down to three in coach knows that and he's doing. Ali given those guys opportunities to somebody's gonna end up standing now I believe is Tony Burks to EO Tony brushing Z is number one don't know that clearly. But. CJ Byrd Al rush for a hundred yards in Portland State. But you know is it can be ties Griffin is gonna be so iris a Cyrus appears to be the shore. It's back on the goal lines it's gonna be game to be a grab bag that we continue to see for quite some time and I know that it was. After the game was courting hander Travis dial looked pretty darn good film yes he does and he's the the redshirt freshman report these guys can get to play in the get chance to get those wraps and if it is certain to I'm struck the year or early in the year it's huge for their development. Yeah and and you know that did they go back to that and what but that is it with by actually saying is talking to somebody close the program who's saying. You know you're always looking for thunder and lightening rank and you want you on some shifty as we have lightning and lightning. And lightning and lightning plus baskets in you know is there going to be some real heroics from they can take a pass on meaning give you 2530 carries or is going to be. Just a committee. MIT in I'd be in nets to brag and continued it's not the only spot too because a wide receiver also a wide opening a small talked adjourns for about that is well. Spread around the ball around pretty good this week and I think a lot of guys that sit on the receiving such. It gives us an inopportune. Not only who can get the ball well who could do so with all of the direction should know the lining up correct when the right routes are traditional click or would not all financial. I think we can penetrate only trump card afternoon to push this competitive situation that we haven't. Not some time little little little tree in my own little blip but go more or would wanna do. Feel more comfortable about the running back position then wider seat right now because nobody is really separated and tells you know Tony for exchange is that guy is no. Number one and running back who's number one receiver. Dick Braylon. Who who who's. If I went ahead now I can't. I can hear you because Buckley speaking in mayor at a dozen times I got I was trying to listen to bang a producers get in the way of my being show. So Jacob Braylon is is that's who I tight end yet. Slightly biased I'm Tate says. I think to Bari Heinz the transfer from Wake Forest who got very run in week one against Bowling Green you saw a package implemented for him. He may need again moving forward her for Dennis is the possession guy. But they're silicon urging is in the June read don't Mitchell or Johnny on his fight had a concern offensively it would be just in her Roberts why receiver crew and their ability to catch the ball. And be guys that can make plays for him who's going to be his his safety go get him is going to be his would be you can go throw it to. You're number will be and he will be an Indy usually should tide then it's going to be somebody who you can trust will be. I'm one guy that does not have a concern right now. On the defense aside the ball is Mike Leach. Wants these big dailies Hercules not to offer they lose their defense coroner Alex grange. In this defense is one of the best in the country for that through the first two weeks of the season. I think we have really good coaches you know question. Our coaches do a tremendous job and then I think our players you know during the group of players so. And proving their work and our gross at actor Jimmy Carter. You know that is one of the most impressive things is. Alex green sleeves he did such a good job Tracy Claes comes and in the deep is not missed a beat so far. Coach sounds so excited discuss defense does anybody knows and everybody else has a who fan knows that your defense is going to be what's gonna carry you. To multiple wins this year and that's that's kind of a priority for that and they do have a couple veterans coming army Payton poor coming back to a huge get coming off the injury. Kyle Willingham is at a big matchup as the utes take on Washington. And across the state from law and from one zoo. The Huskies defense is lights out yet again. Actually sound and there's dramatics you know techniques fundamentals just across the board did they do things right way to discipline to what they do they get the very cubic place personnel and stay with it every year they got a much do I support our profitable. What did the defense is gonna be good the mean 21 points they give up it's Auburn three points North Dakota. That is not to concerning where they did the impressive part for me is their front seven. A lot when you talk about their front seven depth and they seem to be eight. We dissect these seem to be more stout up front without the hot and players like a beat Avaya or day. In both hard he saw Brady games there to be able to do that mean that the my backing corps with urban. And Kirk Irvin and NB Hirsch and you're just can still I via TV is parred Carla who's going to be playing more of the whip climbed further will linebacker. They've they have still salt from their to their course third second there is the best I've. I mean you you can immediately make jargon the sector is the deepest in the country. By far. Yeah the depth they have in the SE packed full well day in Jimmy lake is this done amazing job of recruiting this is becoming. DB hot bed wherever he wants to go there on place that is not an hotbed over the first couple weeks is the offensive side of the ball and Chris Peterson discussed said their struggles there. We're not where we need to be in terms of published on points and move the ball touched by the biggest. Learn we're still work in progress were sure pancakes while sometimes give their break click on that offensive page and probably it. You know ever diligent 43 different or 45 to three win and like that's you do big sky school and on but seventeen outs and halftime what's not lit offensively guys I guess Jake brown and right now I think he's he's trying to. Cubans that are ability to run the football game with a that's just gonna be the biggest thing that house. Have to be able to run the football. If they go on its Gascon. And that's it. That's really leave. It's the key to everybody is but it's huge huge for Washington Huskies Diller on the football offensive line seemed to hold together pretty well despite affected they had injuries saying in keep aces in their replacing align their pretty young up front. Eight is that part of what's not getting around but says Gary and you property value Austria Adams left tackle you have. On the gravity of the Texas USC game. It's big game proposed it is a historical game for both they have basis man you know it's something that I think is very special. Both universities so when we look forward to have an opera and indeed to decode. Taught in it and compete against can we get a lot of respect for. If they lose that game he knows he's in the deep stuff he pride and make it through the season you know if Davis is this game. This is massive for clay. The only helms' biggest win right now is the Rose Bowl Penn State but that is the university of its sand Arnold's. USD yeah because without Sam to Arnold and what they Dublin Max brown two years ago. Without Sam are clear what are even fired. Me Sam Arnold's indicates your reason Michael illness still coaching there and they're trying to think if theory SE fan or maybe not in GT Daniels needs his needs to be that guy you know not see any of that vs Stanford there was an a magic moment at all when you sauce and Arnold play the first time he stepped field. On the field for USC there's a code UN war Ole. Gigi Daniel certain. Two games and don't know dating game 30 there are now he did she can't count a kid out after one shot but it can be did that in Texas. Are right there is already some rumblings. And with one of the coaches new head coaches and went on set and rumblings. That players have already had a and Vijay is the Seahawks defense already in week two. And I dare talk about. Played well in USC and GT Daniels can do good shaking yeah and he he's he's young's your freshman quarterback in the sex or says got to remember GT should be senior in high school. Holes. Wasn't it curtains are wrong wasn't 20 also seventeen when he got there I do not now. I don't know. And in my at Alabama but that's and that's a fair to fair quote maturity. Understand it's difficult BA college football's receipt division one USC but it shows you that the US did a terrible job recruiting. Yeah actually they don't have anybody ready Amy nine with Sam Arnold leaves. Could they have had Richard sophomore somebody that they in the pipeline or. I think this is a detriment to college football everywhere is that quarterbacks don't like the weight if your quarterback and your good one. You don't like the weight will also member mark health virtues criticize. It's for having teas consecutive years without having a quarterback an ordained when he had to go to Vernon out ams and decode pru cut it and yet they did in the SES levels that. In a time where it's more commonplace furry senior quarterback Tim Drake Graham and transfer and you couldn't pick one of those up. And in finally got to play even even if you don't. Have the you have your full arsenal mean. They're really should not be an excuse as of. Early in that they could be missing non. The to a tea Iowa. That's true that's exactly what is that all I didn't get that freshman in there becomes a phenom. And you go all because if he does Bob do you like the greatest coach in the world any saves your job for two more years and a Brady goes back add. Then you're okay honey. Off come out of the woodwork. They don't they're drawn by now now they don't get nobody gets to say hey my junior year I get to take over. This is it's it's a different world a quarterback now you either for sprint. And the new leaves a junior. Board yeah did you come as a grad tram for seniors because you're disgruntled young man and you left to go get your last year eligible yeah well and already. We're seeing the NFL to queen Griffin was the story in the NFL and aid to come by and you know getting dressed in the Seattle going to is and play with his brother up in Seattle. It's either or yesterday in that after playing only 41 a 74 stats. To linger a thin is probably known lose his they'll bulk of his stance to on Austin tells Kelly throw. On after one game and saying night one get enough for us. It's on don't lie. Oh did I because how much a game and not say they I was here I. I like to see things there's double coverage things that he didn't get to millions he's a rookie and he's thirty behind you bogeys and only has one hit and which is amazing what he's able to do. And they gave me a shot out there he's going to be very good linebacker. But film doesn't lie you get beyond you wanna another shot I mean that's that's a lot to ask for a kid to come right out play against de berg. And he maybe made mistakes and that's part of learning. And Pete Carroll's quote on Austin did pretty well Ingrid flow he had some problems on stuffed bears and things happen to him though isn't quite clean as we would have liked. He fooled a couple of times you but he put hard any Ed played tough and all that it's just his first game trying to figure fell out after. So there's as I mean. NFL to which. Does back tee how impressive it is it does young as we talked about yesterday the budding stars of the league. How those guys can come in right away and make an impact raft about what you're lucky enough there's a couple positions don't think you can hide linebackers one medal and expose you pretty quick is coaching month. Can't hide with coaching. Well because Matt Patricia maybe China has this coaching lions coach Matt pitcher Chad. Had a rough outing losing my 31 to the jets at home and his debut though and that he is NFL network's Mike garage full of yesterday. And he's already saying. In this ship could be sinking. I've been hearing some leaping from veterans. And the Detroit Lions locker room about enough of the number of rules that Patricia has put in place about how hard he worked these guys in training can now. I cautioned people I said look I'm not gonna jump to a conclusion and I still going to jump hook to a conclusion and say. Is going to be an utter disaster and just Daniels part two. And another. Ranch and the Belichick tree that's or wither and die I'm not going there but what I say is when you don't have the results. And when they're as bad as they were last night you leave yourself. Wait a minute we're being run harder than other team we've got more rules and other teams. And we're not getting the results at least the New England they get the results so. Matt Patricia to be fair now on his and he's got to look at it and say. Okay well all of my gonna get that's gonna buy it here I have to jettison the guys who are so. Keep an eye on this situation here as he gets deeper into the season if things don't turn around on the field. Just what you might be hearing from some of these better that all. Very early to go through this the very typical. Extremely typical Bernard dog these guys have been under Jim Caldwell. Are soft spoken co which very clear coach completely different mentality. In your gonna get veterans remember what happened to Nick Saban when he went to Miami. What do Nick Saban brings to Miami immediately. A hard nose rules style of football that had to be this way there is this way there's not an ops. Now one National Football League you got a lot of guys with a lot of money and veterans gets stuck in their ways and they don't wanna deviate off their path when you make my training camp more difficult. You're older veteran you know what I hit a bunch young rookies all time you want to take breaks and save your body and extend your career. But Patricia is coming guns blaze and so we knew it. Again this is what happened when you get a bella check knock off they all think they can do the things that working New England. Suddenly they don't we take years to develop that I'm not saying map her she should he needs to be him. He needs to do that but you're gonna get massive push back and despite year were Detroit wins or five games and the church ends up gutting his roster. Midway and then team in the off season you know their big this is something that just is popped in my head recently went to new Mel Bill Belichick disciples and that. Bill dollar check was in England with Bill Parcells right. He leaves and Pete Carroll mr. happy go lucky hey guys you know beyond though hopped Islam he comes in for two years. And then they bring dollar check back. Bill Belichick was able to instill this in this kind of hard nosed approach because. That guys that weren't there before saw the successes they had with Parcells they were still able to stick around long enough to go through two years with Pete. And then bill is able to go that doesn't work in actually in at something and say that doesn't work. This is how it works before. And that is a big key to his success is that he kept those veterans around the lawyer Malloy is the Willie McGinest the Tedy Bruschi that's some bulls sides. Of Parcells. Errol and then back to bella checked his assistants have break off they'd have that luxury. Two simple words work the ball number one is discipline you have to have it it's essential. And consistency. Those are the two things that work in probably works in in every everywhere on but in sports of football you don't have. The discipline what it takes to work harder than somebody. With a little bit of consistency. The same message being brought every day can be monotonous who loves listening to coach Belichick talked. But you know what also is it consistent. We mean. In winning works. What you're consistent discipline that's that carries all sport so you wanna have have the magic potion coach in new high school whatever your coach and have a little bit a discipline because men and boys and all that in this kind of sport the man's order folk or not. You love to follow a leader that's disciplined. You also have added to things. They need to trust. There he got a catcher Austin you know. Ed does does things yet consistency that's gonna bring trust. To the process in the discipline of it where you have to earn him a trust has earned the trust is there an eye candy can't say there's a lot of coaches are disappointing consistent. But when you get that trust part. And it comes with winning and that's why when you win something and you establish it it's really really hard to follow. In and that's ice in those two things kind of lead to trust in net at. Dead day is that they trust the process in New England now because day and they were able to have a consistency in that split up and that's why it works for so long for these head coaches. All right and the big break up this year. How it all went wrong for DJ am Paulina simple six on the fan. He's a. This text and Nvidia and A Tex unclassified these your five is Kim's former flare. Do you feel that because players make more than coaches there authorities struggle with the income there's and authorities struggle with the income disparity. It's it's a really good question and I can say it has its its really specific to the type of person I think that everybody worked with some New York how somebody on a team. A person does makes more than you. But you would never no doubt because they don't let it dollar value get in the way of leadership. Leadership is just you either I into litter or your not. I out of this thing is that that when when I don't Specter this is this is a meeting when I ever did open I knew immediately when I followed coach like they just had an it factor. I looked at when it wasn't just because they had a bunches for moorings. It was how they may need a better athlete and better football play or Matt Patricia needs to convince his guys in that locker room that he is there for them. And they need to understand that veterans you worst in your ways you're at work someone comes in and she injures one little small little thing in your work. Just watch the people panic when we have 3 o'clock staff meetings and Mike he can eat you know that happens. Malnutrition Cheney's entire culture. Dot I told you this before is that dollar amounts have no bearing in the locker room. None when you walk in their everybody's together 53 guys now certain guys we'll have a little bit how murky because they're veterans but when your coach comes in if you have them and have them behind you. No matter what dollar amount makes it doesn't zero. So good coaches. Doesn't that coaching is everything. Okay and then he needs and do it gets in there on the instead of the Dana let's get to really get. I think that's question a lot of people have because that's the thing we always hear about knicks say why he didn't work. In the NFL is because he finally found some guys are like dude and make more money union that's been a long degree save a what do stuck it out he would have worked he just didn't he didn't have the patients can feel when you. Yeah the big news is in the sports world. Is what is going on with the great ones daughter. And Dustin Johnson pulled this is the Olympics Paulina Gretzky. Has score rob Princeton Graham. And any photos of Dustin Johnson they kept the tire on. I like that from him. Forcing Dustin Johnson to issue a steamy yesterday. It's at every relationship gusties its ups and downs and most importantly we love each other very much and are committed to being a family a huge for your love and support. He wrote on Twitter. A rough week for Furl DJ their visas is world number one ranking Dalton and is his fiance and baby mama. And subscribe and inform Stu grant. All here's here's a telltale sign him you know that they've been engaged since 2013. Pull off. That's a five year engagement is it's only been noncommittal relationship T were not. Man IA don't know if I've ever heard of an engaging five airline management. That's like down and they are well exactly. Wedding singer in the paint a big mineral or engaged for a long time on the office in and we saw how that ended. And no I did not and I also now my favorite part about these things. Is that the rumors start to sort who's the person involved there's in and it's some gal who cut the golf thing bug. At bear club. In Beverly Hills Beverly Hills she she's not nest seasonal Paulina Gretzky can tell you that. Nights she's pretty hot. And apparently she's hanging around the golf club because your boyfriend is a member there in old DJ in her started looking up and that's what led to this thing. I love meetings calling kind of a little bit crazy. The Shia might have a little bit of that. To give you here's the picture for him being interviewed the golf term is she standing he's getting interviewed. By the young lady fret the US open. He's down having interview there's scream and there's a shot at Paulina standing on the balcony in the back corner with the arms crossed staring him down. On being interviewed by an attractive. Young lady during the US open really the backdrop it's kind of creepy. That is scared always watching you. What's news she's she's got to be crazy to think it will possessive but he he cheated on pushed him down the stairs at the masters for gods and and and and and and and a note EE slipped on the stand all she pushed him. I do OK it that's it Ain T is Dustin Johnson used the excuse that fell down the stairs. In bad Sox. But if he did in fact sheet on pole leaning to at eight. Does he get his butt kicked I Wayne and or. Did zoom Wayne Gretzky have begins from his Adana hockey can put them up because the great wonder it ever gets into a fight. It's always good give and if your daughters crazy TU problem but if you've been together since 2013 and haven't popped the quest or Avant pop question that. Seal date he then there's there's more to this story. And I. And this text this is true. On here is Paul any bets he's available on here and she applied in the some DMZ I guess I react to all of us really got a shot with Pauline and yelled do. And married. On dean's dot does seeing gains but you're being gay is like ten years right now get married men. I take it our advance in the mail him but we don't sign anybody yet yet bellows a our private jet you know on a private jet. Merely better he's very prime rib. Now. These arrangements you don't like camel become the wedding by the way. CNN demands when he goes to the game TA ID UIEUS dead a proper tailgate and he has to sit in the luxury suite and its if I'm big I didn't say I had to. Says you better have a proper tailgate well. Administered. You definitely need you can invite mean to a tailgate only have not chosen cheese dip. Yeah if that's that's against the rules you know we're gonna go here with her. Re cap. Single tapping your single DJ tiger is not in your by the way. Tiger has faced has a a girlfriend now for I think over a little over here in the commuters between the eyes on the it's his say this one time not married. Tiger is always single tiger might be O is saying is that Sunnis in France. When Dustin Johnson moon the dawning terror now. They're gonna just wrecked shop. The really together. This thing is it true is that thirty to detect and Baltic intellectual and good conversation was over hot biting crazy inning that. And that's your brain tack and you bring these documents not your other brain talking. Good hey I did stubborn and this includes on the thing and.