Dusty & Cam - Wednesday, September 12, 2018 - Hour 3

Dusty and Cam in the Morning
Wednesday, September 12th
Dusty and Cam take a trip around the region in college football with our Northwest Nuggets, we re-visit our Textual Relations and discuss where money ranks on the winning scale of college athletics, Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald declares the RPO concept to be communism in football, and the Eugene Emeralds' walk-off balk-off is the oddest end to a championship series you've ever heard.

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Thanks listen into the dusty in jam in the morning podcast writes about your local less Schwab tire senators were I get my wild country tires less Schwab doing the right things since 1952. The latest rage for kids is driving the entire neighborhoods grazing is column does in jam in the morning like well. We dusty era only one. An NFL veteran Jen Cleveland. All dusty and jam in the morning you know I'm 1080 I think it's bad man go away it's not going away it's driving you nuts. And easy things. Yeah this on Wednesday. Marshawn Lynch driving the golf cart at cal because they did a video in this flying in the background. And we did discuss market's leaders. Any salute to his cousin. Marchand in the raiders rams game but I seriously anymore Sean high school photo from Oakland oh my god we did talk about daddy did you see that Oakland tech picture and I didn't even recognize him units against small child. This in many of the I got. Harden grizzly veteran and he's been in the of scraggly woods for about being leaders and opinion does side by side picture of him then and. Now it's odd tweet of that side by says is you'll only do inverse is you on Twitter. As fast act fast if not professional resume like from twelve the ball hard it is. But no mark. It's Peters did the diamond Indians on crotch grab them and salute to Marseille Nike did when he is si hoc groups he became so famous war. Going to be fine. Could be yellows as a that is interesting on field history remember Marchand got suspended and rejected last year for a running on the field. To come to Marcus Peterson defense they're really funny and lived together Oakley I believe there 'cause there's no way are they can mean big this some of the stories that date that would do they have that. FaceBook show. Together yeah it was a miracle him where they rode the subway yeah oh yeah bark at him yet after that game big bulls took Bart. From the stadium together after that that fight game from regaining his quick update remember. Our football team that we are merger earlier in four this year. Is to blame saw that they want it picked up a big win big win last week over nickel state who beat Kansas a green life. I'm where I anyway it's in training camp in the gates of hell. Yeah it's the it is in the Dow opens. In the Donnelly in a. Considering the bad visions are anyway moving OK so on a day of them this time this week we have you may be on the road. We you may be used to link you wee weed them up already cut line NetSuite OK they're our team Eric Taylor and then we go to Ohio State as can be tough on guys. So protesting but OK all except that no one knows this team can beat the spread week in and week out that's how altered the way of success aren't let's go ATS against the spread weekly. For arguing agreement. Read out they do it every Wednesday at 8 o'clock time for the no hugs. Cells. Yards per. Hard to say this appears to. Touchdown ordinance say it's time for the northwest nuggets if I get here I would definitely the only thing a look at the area's top twelve teams I'm a ducks win part of Dustin jam on Kennedy program that a. He's started. The first game for the northwest schools 2 o'clock on the right here on the fan. Ordained dog shows dean San Jose state. 2 o'clock kick you know markets are roiled was neat. Quarterback. For these San Jose state spartans. In 1988 when they made a trip to Johnson stadium now he is the offensive coordinator for the ducks in his quarterback in Justin Herbert. Look to fare better than the pick six that Arroyo threw against the ducks and in that game as you Herbert is second nationally. In touchdown passes with nine and he's got a couple that have been dropped this year if you look at efficiency. He did two interceptions in that opener he is the only quarterback to have me in all of college football. To have a quarterback rating of over 200 in half two interceptions this year he's been wildly efficient outside of those two throws in the second half where. The argument shinning and been in the game. He's as completion percentage 64% it's over 530 yards averaging eleven. Point nine yards per attempt this year nine touchdowns just two interceptions. Herbert special. And just to give everybody caught those touchdowns. He had a couple left on the table until now in that right. And so I game 2 o'clock right here on the stand our pregame coverage as always search for hours before kick off easier going to be another yet he give away. Yes every week. Funny in the parking awesome feeling that from you. I'm gonna have this week comes on your email let. Yes to good and Eugene again they're all starting Eugene does matter stealing anyway and I can give you a styrofoam when you give way here's really needed if yeah I need to get there early because a pregame show them humanoid TNT. Is four hours from four hours to two hours before kickoff. See you need if I had but to be between now and the hate come come find me at 915 Mirren for our armed person premiums are you done last week at 915. You've got to give merely an end ahead yeah Sammy where your and I'll come find him. I next game up for the northwest news is Oregon State hit the road for Nevada 4 o'clock on ESPN. Yeah. ESPN three Odeo joke yeah aren't. The only way you'll be able to lots of thieves is on the Internet. That sucks but we always say this why pac twelve teams go and play on the road don't its mountain west teams dome is down. Unless your organs state hope he's belittled not last time the beads at the road. In played at Nevada. 1999. A brand new head coach is stepping in in his first year in his first road game Dennis Erickson. And did beavers ended a length sleep lengthy. Road losing streak that year all sell. Give being. Deserts in his first road win and guess who the quarterback was then just Jonathan Stewart. Anderson Jonathan Stewart Jonathan Smith. Was the quarterback engineering the game winning drive in that game. In name that you end game road losing streak of twenty games. This weekend. Against Nevada on the road in that year. It sparked a beavers to end their 28 consecutive losing season didn't make it to a bowl game so. Going to Nevada has been a bright spot for the beads in the past so make sense to go on the road. Played Vegas and play now Reno no my dad meaning in this kind of world's biggest little city. The dump. It is to thank you I'm glad I didn't have to say that for us you know my feelings unreal I know it's done I've got family that lives there too and it makes me sad to say that no it doesn't just be honest. Reno's dump your opinion and I. The next step up to hold. The next step it is. Lou it's 5 o'clock kick on the fact on that our guy Haberman Ryan leaf in Sydney do runs and on the call as the key. Some of the host eastern Washington. This is a pretty big rivalry. For the tubes and I hope you know understandably resent the eastern Washington Eagles this is a storied rivalry in fact the series it. 321. Three no one is every time they played each other four times but those of us remember. The last time they matched up against Paul Baldwin in 2016. The tubes in las 45 to 42 so there's little payback. In fact Mike Leach's first victory came in 2012 verses. Eastern Washington Eagles and not score was 24 to twenty what's it about close games I'm PNC in this game's going to be close. We know why shouldn't be close because the hoops right now with Tracy Claes and I know loud scream she took off for Ohio State. You thought you lost your defense but right now let's get pumped up to us. You are the number. Three defense in the nation who see that with being number three total defense in the nation giving up. 165. Yards per game who would have thought it got a Mike Leach team. Scheme in the top ten in defense. Men nugget. That is a great nine nuggets Mike Leach protecting his defense men's and then. The main one though in the pac twelve this weekend is at 7 o'clock kick on ESPN. Smarty Jones. No no nasty believe Brian Griese timing standing gone and the Huskies hit the road for Salt Lake City and do you still need time. Are excited for the greens mastered. Mr. greasy big greasy NASA's Ares masters did not agree it's higher now he's good. Very very very very good Brian greasy and I play an all star game against these great guys did you do you the Huskies we're gonna stay on the defense aside because. Last year Washington was a top ten defense in fact they finished the year number eight in the nation in defense the year before they finish in the top three. In the nation in defense and are known for their defense could currently right now. They head into this game here's your nugget for you for you dog fans. Number 55. In the nation now Legos was playing an Auburn team you're given a 341. Yards per game. On defense you're gonna have to make a big improvement to what the true test is going to be going into this game is you talk. The Utah utes going into this game. And number one in the nation in total defense at 143. Yards. You made a prediction you think it's gonna be six to nine seed in my V 1210. Yeah who knows us dollars during game they have to play better defense 55 in the nation. He's not gonna get it done for you tell Kyle winning hand spoke about what makes this such a good deal. Match of glass chandeliers. The punt return dissident couple years back and Dick brownie engineering at Google drive last year and so you know this could competitive. We've got to find a way to try to get over that I'll put him there tackle football team in the in the kind of what they can dolce any weaknesses of their personal. They're the position well coached and disciplined got playmakers are all there are balanced team or the country laughter. If you don't remember last year. You had the dogs. For not they had a blocked up two minutes left in the game Kyle winning him mixing absolutely blundering calls timeout stops the game gives Washington a shot. Gives them a football back. Tig Bernie makes a couple throws game over. You know can't make those kind of mistakes as a coaching and now your rice tackles we've seen a couple times the last few years. It's been special teams and if you just mental airs that is kept washing to be able to be viewed so I I don't know receive this week Brit. This right one of those games where it's this can be one mistake decides you know it would be in the NFL. What would it be obviously. You know. That's. DC teams that play to a draw. Is my belief. Kissing sisters. Did you say youths. Or you can do you want is you do with the youths. I though those in the know the game GA every Wednesday Nene and I we text editor earlier in the show money talks in college football but where does winning. Come into the amount of money Forbes released its valuations of college football programs. It's pretty staggering how much money they're raking in but not a couple of teams that. Aren't title contention a fifteen on the fan. Since college football we all know that. I gotta have the bells and whistles. To shine in all college football needs for measuring their valuations of the most Bible college football programs in the country. And you know eight million should be noted. NN is number one. 140 million dollar in revenue last year Texas TU 833 million Michigan Alabama tied at 127 million dollars wells Ohio State Chiming in fifth. 129. Organist twelve to 92 million I USC eighteen Washington nineteen does the only pac twelve schools. But one thing that is in glaring we talked about this earlier number two team in the country national champion a couple of years ago Clemson is not in on this list. Which isn't a little bit surprising. All also it's it's not the president they're good because I mean. They have a slide in their facility you know like it's not like they're broken they're not. Did did you is not in the top 25 of revenues this year in college football. If it if you wanna be a national title contender you have to be. On this list of top 25 from Italy three pactel schools are. The problem. At a conference where is it a problem or is it just show you that the priority of college football doesn't carry the same amount of cap shape here on the coast I've I've said it now for three straight years. You have to pay for it to get the recruits you have to be able to look like you know which are doing and financially your investment ice. I said earlier in the show you know there's there's more revenue. On our coasts and there is in Texas and in Alabama. And in Michigan when we talk about businesses we talk about. Property values revenue I mean this is a very you have to be able to just look at cost of living. In our state compared in California compared to Texas enemy do a house in California that's on the beach she is six million dollars or eight million dollars eight million dollars would buy you delete. The entire Corpus Christi. Mean it's just that's the difference between valuation. We talked still clap lastly a member and I said in Norman Oklahoma. And yet you to connect house's and he said yeah. And sell my house for eight of them out here in Norman Knight out. The jury in Newport Beach, California about a so your dollar goes farther and does your dollar go farther in Texas say in him than it does here in the pac twelve if you look at. Teams like Howell who is. Exorbitant Lee in depth in their head coach is the lowest paid coach and he's probably one of the best coaches in the conference. UCE teens like UCLA who are well funded. But continued under achieving you see all these things. About the conference in the new measure up against is it about money ended organ by their success. That's silly that organ and you know I love that Phil Phil Knight took organ to a I completely different kind. That is 100%. The truth. But rich Brooks built organ up to a point where. They needed a boost to get to the next level down and that's what you do mean it to a role small without Phil Knight having season tickets and can't hate. You know and then they get to the next level with his interest and his money that's all these programs are absolutely and there's a lot of guys that are backers everybody would love everybody in the country right now if you told me that there was you were you're golden ticket. If you had your hidden booster that would inject. Tons of revenue into you take it tomorrow yeah you would you dream about an eyelash and so anybody that that goes woods Phil Knight India that. Look. Just jealous. Because you know that there's no other explanation for it you know without it you don't have an organ knows that. And when Phil Knight is no longer on the when he fills can be 81 this year. Kate will that will they be the same they have the same connection I don't know I can't answer that question to you. But organ right now has done everything they could to stay relevant in their in the top 25 because they have a brand debut. Brands are huge in our brands money and coaching a huge that's why Texas is so confusing to me why can they not be good. Like honestly what went wrong at Texas to where they went from contending deny it for national titles to unranked. Like that you're asking husky here asking that question to somebody that steer you right in the face and tell you that. By the time 2001 hit. Program is dead you have ever for for well over a decade. And it happens it happens very quickly in college football and askew happened Alabama in the ninety's in the early two thousands. Can you can you reference any Alabama players he remember grant what happens in what changes in college football it is so cyclical. The ships the ebbs and flows a bad coach here are three bad recruiting classes in your in the doldrums you can't even tell me Michigan was inept. Not even relevant zero interest nine. K Ohio State was in but Jim Tressel had a back but. That there were times when I looking great polygamy without them we sat here three years ago dusty including we say it was a most underwhelming program of all time. Clemson knew always kind of in the conversation but never gets over the hump kind of bad debts that team in the backdrop. And they found a great coach in the revenue kicks this is college football. This is sports. It can come and go as fast he can't who you ask that Texas question is that Texas can bounce at any point in time because of their money. But I and that's the thing is it they are they a more. Dominant. And we you know the difference with cycle we win Washington. Did down is that. This is the time in the place where Texas is way zinni is always an it talent rich state. It always has. It's hidden you know an anchor on the state it's always had money it's always had everything like all the inherent advantage that you would ever want from me girl ramp they've had like Washington is great program. And they have been great. But they had a disadvantage of being isolated up in the north up in the Pacific northwest. Where you are pulling kids from California pulling kids from all across the country like. Texas is is mine blew up its mind blowing to its. Really single go to any rich neighborhood came walk around the rich neighborhood and see the houses that use like Cox we go and just take one street Lake Oswego. A walk right down the street in you can find software guy business guy doctor like that. Walk into their house they have a great family life. Yeah because they got money. I got a shiny car and a beautiful modern home and they would you know would have whatever their season tickets they fire. Doesn't mean that the families functional he could have eighteen different kids he could have three different marriages guy can be on his fourth wife. Yeah that's Texas right now texas' head dysfunction. Even though there shiny and they are beautiful cars they all the dudes you need stability coach that's why from every era it all circles around. The discipline and the consistency of your coach you coach is everything when Nick Saban shows up. Everything changes in Dallas when he shows up everything changes. Kirby Smart everything changes that's what Washington is found with Chris Peterson and hopefully. That's what every program looks for in that in their team that's what US he's going through right now man. Right through it. You can't buy championship dead dead three of the top ten teams in revenue aren't even close to being title contenders anything Maine and Texas and Florida. But. Sure goes a long way. It sure goes a long way to buying a championship round it's helpful. But slightly hopeful everything now Lori you anywhere outlining here. Is. Exactly why. And dig in there is these ebbs and flows money's a big. Art and it is our part 85 scholarships and college football right now the average scholarships around 35000 dollars per year for players that's just a shade under three million dollars of investment. For just your football team and K. Let's extrapolate that out 240 dollars or 48 million dollars of revenue for Tex San. You do the math on the percentage of investment that the players are actually doing. And then look at the rest of the revenue and where it's going where's it got to go to beautiful stadium. It's got to go pay Jim who Fischer 75 million dollars. Or ten years. The players getting them back candidate. Hanging. No they're not getting they're still getting something. Yeah should shoot that's why I believe. The coastal was doing a disservice in not offering another fifteen scholarships. Two programs. Another fifteen another ten I think it's a disservice that you can offer ten more walk on scholarships I think it's a real problem. They have to Kapanen and 85 because they found this arbitrary number they said this is equal. If you can pay for. The lie here's the biggest lie in college football field is going to be the argument. I have 85 scholarships would give Suk Kim by 85 organ state can't afford another fifteen they can't afford another twenty. You say it's not going to be in the conversation anyway so what are we line about it's not fair and you wanna know what's not fair. When he five teams right there 25 teams in the top revenue. Doesn't matter if you add another ten scholarships or thirty. Those teams that don't have it will never be there anyway it's called a lot. That's why I think the issue is given a second employers that they currently have you know and he did date but it's the same were both talking about doing the same thing. Just in different ways breed distribute that money to the student athletes in some way shape in what in case it. I still believe college football player should be paid check I think they should be able to have their likeness in as they wanna sell some autographs on the side. And and signed some Nikes. No problem in but I don't think the university should pay them running the issue give them a 41 K. And insurance that they can get once they graduate those are the two things I think you can do but not just don't hand them cash. During the season thank you doctor Stanton out. Cost of living and if you wanted to tighten up. That's fine couple thousand or maybe something like double were not. I see it's too hard to tell me that you're gonna pay quarterback different and running back there's not. These guys mean. To invest in their future health care for one K and then let them use their likenesses how are gonna get around. Yeah I stop telling me that a coach can have a meet to issue. Where he's getting he's gonna miss three games and a player can have a YouTube channel he's the bad guy. Yeah I think that a yeah that's why lose an entire season I heard on YouTube channel and a coach can do all this crap. And it's and slap on earth there's. Way too much money available. That big kid so these kids are living like squalor because he can't afford because they don't they don't come from any thing. In well they should get aid I think they should get their likeness that she. They should also get a little lecture and walk around cash sell you know they can have a decent I'm not ask and don't be millionaires. And don't have to live in this extravagant life. But giggles some extra on top flawless easy set I think they should get at all because I get it all the money. Is sitting down right in front of us we see it. See all. Title nine obvious as big problem. I don't believe you should get anything you need to earn it while they are earning it some more. So that's why you're looking at a 140 million dollars that not every student is making. And every kid gets a scholarship earns it not every kid gets that. He did the work to get there some of armor does gifted. Once you get to the university how do you decide who earns it and who does that year I universities obviously making money off of and so that would be earning it you know. Mean. Days dead that is but the fourth string offensive lineman that's is going to be a four year guy he gets his degree does he earn at the same as just and Herbert. Now than never and that that's not how it works though. You know and that's the debate scarves that's the difficult part is it really well I think so. I think so. That would be the hard part will be very difficult to see a four year. Letterman that was just a third string guy that was sounded really good and maybe. Hurt his leg in and had a medical redshirt and then he gets the same amount as Justin Herbert and be very difficult to sell that to a locker room of young kids. It wouldn't be good. It's not it's just locker it's not ending did an extra amount of money though it's just a couple grand a month and a solid we're sitting there. Are not a couple grand a month the couple grand term mayor talking. I had 55 days of my better you today text line. I Texas sane and makes a ton of 940. Million dollars in revenue is a year ago. We have got a walk off balk. And communism in football but first is not the sports. This gives us. You know maybe it's. On now. We'll be is Romania. Background. And that was a western now big about ski. And an eagle about Scotty in a while since I've seen them yet though it's this theory has is hole like he gets is streaks like that he has the weird dream sequence as dream sequence trees flying through and mod has the ball flying through the air. You know you had a big big lusty it's all right give moving love them and me. Comer in URDIU. Want talks in communism. She seizure. Then Pat Fitzgerald is the head coach ads northwestern. And. Gets communism and enemy and secure our trio secures pharma communism I mean I don't understand how offensive climate can be downfield. I know all I know what did you see when you when I played when you tripped and fell down there was an illegal man downfield. Now if you just an uncovered Lima and you go 2.3 yards is not a penalty but if you go three at this. And nobody can see it's after the ball strong and so again it's a rule educate you can. You don't complain all you want coming up well wanna get sick sick as I can back the other rules committee. Gushes he writer what. He quit he may need a little bit more detailed it's the most invoke change I think in football. That if your purest of football it's not the game it's not mean Matt. People downfield blocking and the ball being thrown. Should be illegal but. As a defense or head coach with defense in my background we will absolutely 100% take full advantage within the frameworks for the rules that are given to us. So our trio forever. He appealed for us. Those are an athlete I love that finish yeah. I think it's a trend it's one of those two feet trends. And I do you think that's a problem that's a major problem we have offensive lineman down field blocking and your quarterback talks and indeed Knowlton and all this road anyway I believe Marcus Mario was hurt on our PO this weekend he took a hit after faking a handoff or after deserting the standoff because. Their run and that action all bets are off if you're do you that's your quarterback all bets are off and as a defense of coach. I would tell my guys to stick your shoulder in the solar plex is every single time a quarterback does that every single time yeah. But Dan as you said. Like DR PO the idea that has been around for years. But I mean it's nothing really New Jersey this is how it's built now. It's different when your offensive line didn't go down field this far to the Brett Farr we went through this analysis side of Brett Favre call on the hot and smoking just having that quick. When it's an off coverage and arm angle again I get your marketing in the Solomon throw quick dark dark route that's that's been around now it's just egregious it is. Just how do you justify. Do you know 2.3 yards this no I don't I don't I'm the movement of a player down the field. No. Pat Fitzgerald name is Dick comings and I don't understand the connection before a purest form of communism. Everybody gets nice communism is everybody's more socialism. And wouldn't the natives were socialism and communism. But I don't know everybody Bennett units in north western I didn't fists. A two directional school so I shouldn't be a one year but I love that I think it's hilarious suing coaches go off on those. I'd diatribes and ideas because it's like he he's just sitting there he's like I don't wanna just sit there he doesn't wanna be is stuck in they'd coach speak translator. Or yes I wanna do that do you wrong goal there and you want to own twist on is something that a lot of coaches sick and he did it and we don't. Did the coach speech visitor is breaking because we can't figure out what Pat Fitzgerald is getting out there you were clearly knows he done like get yeah let me translate idol like I like hey. And I see that. We've seen this before did you ever when Nick Saban came out and said. This Millen whole thing is hurry up this jury a thing is business as trendy. Not all like this we need to find a way to fix it idea heard he's sort everything out there I guess what happened and he started doing. Modi act isn't gonna guy naked running and winning the national title do and ambulances what happens football is the biggest copycat sport of any sport in the history of sports. It is. Everybody has run every system just ask everything everybody. Starts with one system goes okay it was a triple option that it was. The T offense and it was the running shooter Oreo and then you got into the West Coast system. And then he had New England style and then you've brought in Chip Kelly memory up in the boulder and then it's our PO this and are. Existed just followed trends yeah. Yet and isn't texture and buried in a text and 55 DO fives as receivers picks are BS to you. Dates have been around since the invention of the forward pass and a pick play buyer receiver. You set to be crafty in doing it. I think look like you're going out on her out and mysteriously rubbed the guy whatever you do don't do it Washington's receiver did against Auburn. That's. Now is if you won't hurt really bad do you think I've ever seen our coach is once I got to the went into the league. You could sometimes you would see ref freeze out and our practice. And they don't have and we got a train to the point. Where you'd Ewing college practices a lot of high school practices. You know me times you're holding your doing you're sitting bad fundamentals and a you can't police that voted you have guys. I had ref Rees throwing flags all over the place and NFL practice he get to the point where you know that you have to practice like you're gonna play everyone comes in puts her hands up. That's really bad. Yeah I am who is everybody is like all of programs now they have they bring a mall in almost every practice you have no idea officials say practices now. Then I am I have a buddy of mine who he's done some of the practices around the area and they did the did the write ups on it like oh there is. You know and sell and sell just foul hey how many holding causey is usually send me pictures says you have to these are called I mean he's against these brutal out is as any right practice is brutal out there and nobody cares in fact by the time you throw that fly get a stirring inside run it will come back double and go we're gonna killer for you right now I don't know like. I love it okay 55305. Better you today Tex and a walk off in the worst fashion possible. Two ended the northwest's. Northwest a league. Season. That's a hold that's a very confusing sentence I'll explain later dusting camp on the fan. I think north west of lead. Had its championship series under way last night. And is deciding game between the Eugene admirals. And the chiefs. Of Spokane. Indeed the Northwest League is the short season single elite that encompasses. You Jeanne boy we see Spokane Vancouver BC. Hillsborough. Salem. And Everett I believe those are the teams and in the in the league. Other bunch of on the idea Everett tri cities the other tri cities and did not say tri cities did not have them in there. The last night was the championship game down and you Jeanne bottom low receptive for your bottom of the ninth inning. Bases loaded. Tie game between the emerald and the chiefs in the ends are at the plate. At the very least they sent this to index ratings. Clancy delivers. That's maybe. But a walk to tie Obama to win it and that's it he stumbled. Indoor and your fellow over dropping the ball the emerald arm. And each other at home plate. You sit in the audience away you will ever. Ever seen the weirdest thing you'll ever see but the bad news tips will raise the banner in 2018. Do you want to raise the later on and off the block. To get any relief that it. I'm home I'm Josh how brutal is that whether they'll isolate was on said the video. Of the bald is going straight right in the tripped. Oh no doubt no doubt that I did in the major leagues last they know that our our new that that also was very we'll know this guy is a stream balk off the gas by the way that is courtesy is. And by LB TV and on earth that's Minor League Baseball TV. No the pitcher just kind of like you went this he went to set. Out of the stretch. And then when he started to rock back he'd stumbled forward a little bit block game over in the battered but still confused. He's tickling your like wait a minute retirement the easiest to line. And then that's out that's how you're season ends he celebrated there. They get any deal days old rated horror to bicker or do they have the the carbonated apple. Cider in and and in the dugout. I wonder how many of those guys there and drinking age. Yeah hair I'd eat that's baseball and it's and is peiris has to have. Everything are off to got to celebrate her baseball's the most egregious celebrating sport of any sport and how rural how long those 21 years ago and ninety's said then. 1997 is that me when he when years ago. They have one. And it looks to only have one guy that's not old enough to drink yet and so it. Helped you to date period morning guys they get three guys that are not of drinking age cell. I would assume all of whom got hammered including. It including the young guys raise the banner raised the banner of a lock off block too excited. Can now. How should one. Optional. Owns and should they have now they lost in bad music ends and that's what it is and exams. According to our announcer friend. He kind of reminded me of of this announcer. And that's just became one of the worst day as I have had in quite some time laptop guy. Laptop guys snapped his laptop on AF foul ball Baghdad on. He did sound a lot like flat to up again I was wondering if it was like the same guy and if it's another minor league. You know roving announcer for my league baseball I would bet if you played fifty Minor League Baseball announcers. Keep your radio they would also on the bank that's entirely false I don't see it's it's a lot like the ING. You know I ING here's a combined to college networks yes like all their guys Gonzales so there is no good guys as the new guy you dubbed catch toward. Easy whoever it is out sounds exactly like Matt jazz and big eyed kid you not. And perfectly sound like they go to broadcast school they must go to like. Got an intern and I'll tell you enunciated everything you kids. Minor league it's like we've you have a different voices echo your Minor League Baseball guy don't get to court. It's Tony catchy chorus kids kids kids going. Yeah the like death and never got clear as all of the old school guys are firm like infants. Mike Parker and his marker earlier Parker got a unique voice. Jerry Allen had a really unique voice. All these young guys sounds sandy do. Is that would let his balls back in the day I'm as Bob but I used it. I am next is the hurt college are now seeing. The game we did 3 eastern Sprague the December front sanitize the NCAA have a great Wednesday we will see you tomorrow right here intending to defend.