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Monday, December 4th
Jeff Grove and Clark Von Trotha make another appearance on NWB, to talk furniture for home theaters. 

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Nine Jan ESPN Portland presents northwest's business weekly one hour local business wildlife. If you would like your business to be featured on northwest business please call 503535035. Million or email NW business said entercom.com. Now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Caved to get Anderson thank you for downloading and hopeless business podcasts here and welcoming back just prove in court on true fit the system designers that are poor audio video. And this conversation we're discussing your furniture and CD. Why they're so important. Inside a home theater you know it's one more on the court showroom located at fourteen and effort in the pool or go online to on court audio video dot com. This interview originally aired on 910 ESPN Portland. Thank you for joining us for another episode of northwest business very happy to be joined by two friends of course and Jeff. Among Korean media gentlemen welcome back. Thanks Lou things. I'm very happy to have him back. Today we're going to be talking about. Well let's be honest this has nothing to do with audio video and as everything to do with audio video and investing is seating configurations. And buying furniture put to start with the furniture aspect of vision guys drew in an element that people need to do. If you're designing a room. What's the biggest mistake people make with the furniture yeah I mean initially had the biggest draw only see is people who have equipment. And then they want to add some things. And they haven't taken into account what they want to add. And then they called buy furniture and not realizing that and then they can't hold everything that they want to do and so that thing with electronics that's important thing to remember. Is that. They generate a fermenting heat oftentimes we can't. And so when you have a catalyst to small and doesn't quite hold everything he synergy and everything in there to make it work and that sort of fits but it really doesn't in at over heats. You'll get the life out of electronics that you want so that's that's a big thing turn try to avoid his. Get the design figured out first. But us. And fairly you need first before going to buy furniture whether it's Dresser so went out so so often done super designing the room not. Necessarily thinking of electronics but more of these static. And I think what we're able to do is you're able to get the aesthetic look there there are looking for and build it around electronics and most of ordered the wrong. Slowly correct and and the options at least that we have the aesthetic options are quite fast so. Do you know whether it's in degrading speakers into the cabinetry. Or provisions to mounting a TV off of the cabinetry or or mean keeping all separate. I options for all of that finishes so that our. Far greater than we could possibly get into but lots of colors and woods and all those different things. But making sure first and foremost that the equipment that is is needed to do everything they wanna do is actually fit inside the cabinet. Is really the the biggest and most important thing that we start with and then we can get into actual aesthetics and design and so on. And you can start either from scratch who say somebody's building a theater room or just. Or they're adding to an existing and you can start from either point to absolutely and in the room dictates oftentimes what will fit and how the space where you wanna put the equipment but these oftentimes they're. Two or three spots. That are really our deal for the equipment to be housed in the in that area is a great spot for and you know whatever you're doing whether it's in a closet where you might never Iraq and you have all the stuff kind of home run to that closet. Verses maybe just having a piece of equipment spare stands kind of below a TV. But you can do all kinds of things to make everyone in the house happy aesthetically you know from a design perspective you can wall mount it to the war you know you can have lighting around it. The furniture. And it's designed to not only to hold the electron expect. You know so weakened wire manage everything properly. And what's. Really takes into account things like convection airflow and things like that so that the clemency school. And so there's a lot of great ways to do that this furniture while looks like regular furniture and as the design you want. It's really specifically designed for electronics show to tell me more about the electronics and the life span of it meant. How her detrimental can that be immunity talking about something just get out here and right away I need is always the number one killer yeah that is. That's generally comics just trying to keep the big gear. Cool ends you know some decent air flow. Not just for keeping it cool but just a can keep some you know good clean air running through the system helps keep that system clean as well. So if there is a way that we can control that in some of these pieces of furniture offer these types of convection there close to obviously controlled temperature but also just keep everything clean. You know you're you're having them get in there with. Cleaning tools far less. You know with with heat and dust is is going to be a slow death or a sudden death for for most electronic and it depends on how much you have in there you know and how much. The heat builds up but the second it can be it can certainly share in the line if dramatically on equipment the other thing I would say Tuesday you know the way people listened and and view things today is. Probably the streaming you know that's a big part of it. So you rarely getting the cabinets. The cabin doors are always closed down and you know I have a simple remote you're operating things superior using your phone operator everything you don't even going to the cabinet really very often. Well that's a recipe for disaster if you don't take into account because of course he has ignored ago and he rises and it does builds up in there and over time. You know you can shorten the life of equipment half for laughs while so we wanna make sure you get the most out of your investment and that as a key key part of it though Lott who don't think about that till the very end we always encourage you to. Come see us early and and make she take that into account before you get to you and your question earlier about slow vs fast death. Effect it's kind of a trick question because it it will. Work at two point. And then it will just stop working yeah so it's a it's not like in no. Old days of tubes or whatever work they they will continue to work no solid state stuff for the most part. He once he gets to a thermal point that it can't handle it anymore it's done yeah so it. It's kind of pull it unfortunately though you are diminishing returns so if you guys you know whether it's television or a piece of audio equipment yeah it's going to slowly and where you may not even notice continually grabbed regress. And or it will just suddenly stopped yet and at some point the weights which will flip off and then we're we're done and a that's so one of void that put in on there's a lot of solutions in the key assist comes his early in and we can. Kutcher I'm sure we have solutions that. All wide array of price points in a whiter hair styles and aesthetics that can accomplish all over talk about its religious join the program we're talking with Jeff. And clerk from encore audio video located at fourteenth and Everett or online at on core audio video dot com. You kind of just brought it up cork where you're saying at their people come in CU whether it's as a consultant before they buy you consult on the products. He gets in the same price they can get online or the big box store. Or the Q would you have been designing. Video audio set ups. For years in you can come in and do a home console actually designed as someone rooting for them absolutely and oh and the latter. Option there usually gives us a far better idea not just of the the realistic kind of needed to have to accomplish what thereafter. But also since we deal with interior designers and just the aesthetics and and have lots of products that are very aesthetically designed. It helps us scanning guide. Potentially options that that may be. The Indy user homeowner didn't even realize that they had. It just because we're around the stuff all the time so if it does both move on a lot of projects. Just palace can take a look because it really would give us a far better idea of what why how. We get the nice thing is our showroom is pretty vast now with furniture options more than I ever in its history so you can come see quite a few styles we have a lot to look at to me c'mon counts. How much you've taken account lists shape and size of Romano sizes date for acoustics and everything like that but the shape of room to balance does that play a factor. We'll definitely plays a factor in end unfortunately that's often made it. A variable that we don't get control of you know so it's really just a matter of let's say for home theater room its orientation you know my in my going left thread or or front to back. In that and how we're kind of placing let's see picture vs seats. We can fix some of that in the schism a whole different conversation with some acoustic treatment and some other things. But usually the first part is just to figure out what direction we're gonna run things yeah based on. A lot of other variables if we're building a room then the options become far more vast because so we can help. With the with the building part of that to make sure that those dimensions and and so on. Work. Positively for acoustics and that's. And placed thing you know it is easy to answer there is yes we can help with that but there's a lot of math figures into that. And yeah and I don't mean I don't I don't know -- and other mile plus range point to that ensued Luke is you know with. There's always people in the house to seem to care more about where things go and furniture and and what they had me may have ultra plans there's and there are there remaining have a multi use aspect to not just TV viewing her Teter finished may have a pool table or other things going on. And so taking all that into account and finding the right spot there's always a way to skid in early with us and we can. We can come up with a solution we've yet to be stumped you got your equipment you've got it set up it's in the best possible position in the room that can be whether it's built. Or added into an existing room. One of the things and think about when you're adding in your furniture. It's MS seeding yeah yes so so seating is often overlooked and part of the problem with with seeding is. View. But I really thinks about we're gonna sit down and watch the game a movie play video games and that can be anything from. You know half hour to in the case of gaming somebody to be sitting there all day. In and so having some good seating this designed for mom our support but also be the right height for the image and for the sound and all of that. As wills be aesthetically pleasing and all the rest of the stuff. Is important and is set so those those seats are. Those options are fast as well and who we have plenty of choices everything from you know good ol' fashioned. Known reclaiming to reclaiming with or without motors. If you really wanna. Make your bottom shake there are options written here actually will rumble match you and and give you a lecture will for type of feeling in the room and when you say rumble this is not a massage chair this is something that's hooked into the sound system that is correct yes so. So it God's will drop walking across the the living room and it makes the chair shake everytime we steps on the ground kind of thing. So that bad and well in the you know you're watching the ballgame really saluting you got to grab a beer peonies and cup holders right Jeff so boulders and have those two guys that don't forget that. Yes seedings important. You know to just point you don't wanna be sitting down for long periods of time and that's something that's incur draw I didn't realize how important seating was two years ago I finally puts me seeing in my room downstairs and wow what a difference that made. And it it's. One of my favorite aspects of that very respond the most comfortable places to sit in the house and it's great you can even you know if you're watching some in this kind of the games the blow out. They can have. That's. In the seeding doesn't have to be expensive either that there are options that are not. Many many thousands of dollars yeah also so we have some some choices that are. Realistically the same kind of price point is going and buying. You know sofa somewhere. So so some some great options you know whether you want top of the line or or something that's that's. And budget orient all kinds of finishes you know letter micro suede I mean in the list goes on so we can definitely come up some of the great space and with the features you're talking about where you have to sound over the rumble. Incorporated into the seeding is that something you can do with existing seeding or is that something needs be done from scratch. Usually from scratch. The problem even if you can add some of those shakers to existing seeding is the seeding isn't design means. To be shaken and so you're likely gonna start to terror part that the furniture that you may be spent a lot of money on by putting a shaker and it. So not to say that you couldn't but it wouldn't be our first recommendation because you'll likely gonna ruin that furniture faster than you would if you didn't put that in. Very similar to where we started which was if you have the wrong furniture in the wrong. Cabinetry for your television electronics are likely to lose something that you spent a lot of money perhaps in agony of equality for nearly sliced and on and we'll fantastic so I'm just gonna recap broke quickly it sounds like what you wanna do is you wanna figure out how you want the room to look but resist the temptation to buy everything. First. Get their electronics get the bones of it. Design it from kind of the electronics backwards. Even though the look may be the most important thing to death yeah. We'll get there in the end. And then making your comfortable so you'd better enjoy it correct. A big thanks to Jeff and cart from on core of audio video again they are on in the pearl district. Fourteenth and Everett stop by the showroom check it out. Again if you're just going into buys something at TPS. Speakers. Surround sound system. He by there at the same price as you get to online or of the big box stores revive from local guys that are experts. All the advice is free if he needs committed to build that great home theater. Custom designed automatic shades automatic. Lighting everything. Instances. If you'd like your company will be featured on northwest business called 503535035. Minutes. Or email NW businesses dinner come dot com.