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Friday, May 25th
Jeff Grove and Clark Von Trotha, the System Designers at Encore Audio Video join Luke Andersen to discuss Control4, a leader in smart home integration. Control 4 and Encore are partnering to host C4Yourself Day at the Encore Showroom, Thursday, May 31st from 4p to 8p. To RSVP or for more detail go to EncoreAudioVideo.com

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Not intended ESPN Portland presents northwest business weekly one hour local business spotlight if you would like your business to be featured on northwest business please call 503535035. Million or email NW business said energy come dot com now here's euros for northwest business Luke Anderson a. It's looking Anderson thank you for listening to the northwest as a podcasts joining me once again. Ginger brew. The system designers at on the core audio video. They were talking about he's a great partner of theirs and control or is the leader in Smart home every chance and this Thursday may 31 control for an encore are partnering to host to see for yourself all day as mom horse show rooms located at fourteen than ever in the pearl so RSVP. Or for more details go to onboard audio video dot com. This interview originally aired on 9:10 PM. I'm excited about this conversation. It's in the. Estimates say I don't have a big knowledge based on what we're gonna talk about witches integration. Specifically we're going to be talking about a company called control for. They've got an event coming up that's actually going to be happening app on core audio video this is going to be on Thursday may 31. From four to 8 PM and this is an opportunity to kind of test drive some of what seat Ford does. Gun salutes our what is immigration and what does he Ford do around immigration. At its most basic insist simplifying. Your interface of technology you know being able to. Easily access technology. Through. Simple interface. That's that's kind of a score. There's I mean you know. You can go down the rat hole there's a lot more to that that will go down rattle us for this interview good moral of that conversation that you said it's just it's the interface shift U and expand a matter at all. Course yet so there's. Courts of course there there's a multitude of ways to do that whether it's from a mobile device or. Tea in the north touch panel. Even in her face upon your television that lets you see control and interact with. Of all kinds of sub sets throughout the house. So you know the the obvious starting point is I wanna turn on my TV and watch cable well OK if you're an interface that. We'll let you very easily. Icon based. Pick the thing that looks like a television and we've talked a little bit about this before with the automation but it's it's eliminating twelve remote controls and try to fair which returns on that surround sound which returns on biodiesel onto his entrance on TV so so audio videos and obvious. A starting point zero. From there you can essentially do pointing control almost all the electronics and perhaps. Absolutely correct I got until it's let's start with an audio video that's kind of one of the essentials I think and it's probably the most relatable. How does seat for integrate all of your audio video equipment and simplify it so that it's easily access. Yeah I mean it uses. Let's just said to mobile device ops is has there's a hand held remote. As well as you can have touch screens in your house or a key pads the can be configured all that'll allow access and control those are the most common. Waste in her face and it's just like Jeff said you know you select watch is like a sentence like what you wanna do. The other thing I would add to that is. As you go room by room through your house to say you have. Music playing your house and you some rooms have TV some day and felt the system is Smart and it knows as you go from room to room he disliked the Ramirez and and away you go. And you see my wife is a great examples I tell my clients thought. No longer is you know the theater refer tunis the you know technological nightmare where ever gonna affect what's laboratory looks like you and I it's the only person I know that uses rather build its sense actually the theater room you know special enjoy it and use it because it's you know it's an easy interface. Sure. It. It's a simple flies the audio video that's kind of one of the things that I think everybody can understand but it goes beyond that when you talk about going from room to room. It automatically makes me think of lighting my wife and its I'll sit down to watch TV in the person she says. Don't leave the light on in the other room. And so now we've gotten comfortable to get up after your show those lights up you can. A do the lighting not just from room to room but different settings within the room. Yes this. As easily and scenes yes so so the the easiest examples would be. You get home and you wanna. Hit maybe one button to turn on not just your kitchen but maybe the hallway and and you know walking spaces as you're giving to and from. Your garage to your your kitchen or or bedroom river and so one button that says I'm home that can turn on a series of late in the lights in a pre determined fashion that may be isn't. Bright enough to clean the house spoke bright enough that it's comfortable to walk currency re going. Some think can be true for when you're leaving the house away. Whatever lights were left on turns them off they can also be true for. Kids left TV on playing music in the back Kara whatever that all off could encompass. Turning those systems office well. So there we start getting into an energy savings and and other things on top of that. But the scene based controls kind of what we're talking about here for a lighting to start with but that can also be true for heating and cooling it can be true for music listening it can be true for. NATO sporting event on an end you wanna see that on TV's all over the house you know it it it's really. Limited to your imagination in in how you wanna make this work and the belong in the short of it is. Hit one but. No magic happens and again this kind of move. Do we have with control for you creating essentially. Playlist of different options for your house is that the kind of America and its a its customized to you know complete Christmas and values clients and you know especially definitely in different areas you know it's who may have annual art throughout their house it. You know though lighting scenes would change seasonally. Because of the ambient light in the house and how they want toys form or they haven't entertain scene or. A another really popular idea in terms when talking scenes with clients and specifically of lighting. You can be used as for like security. So it you know you're you're going away on vacation anyone have all these things preset to come on and off at different times mixing like your home. You know to be in a way seen her vacations in the back on our house but there's always. Custom options for clients in the and they can call us and we can even remote enemy changes for them posted you'll even have access to a yes so if if they were you know swift plants in California for example who might call us and say hey look. You know are we wanna change shall innings he's now it's burned through different season and they give us a laundry list of stuff that they want to read this from an amicus changes in next and the interface for the system that's in place so. Or anyone just joining the program we're talking with Jeff Clarke from encore audio video that are located at fourteenth and Everett in the pearl district. It's got a great show room set up three to interact with a lot of things they're ready get set up but a special event coming on Thursday may 31. From 48 PM control for is. Taking over and working with you guys and kind of showing you a lot of the integration options that are going to be available to folks. That work with you and work with control for councilman what kind of power and control for is and and what they've done differentiate themselves from say. Buying all of these different automated pieces individually. Well control for partners with the largest number of electronics. Out there today and so there are. A pre built some drivers as they call them what you that the programming tools for more electronics. Partners. Whether that be receivers television. And that list goes on and on and on then really anybody else. So it makes it easier for the installation pardon programing part because we don't have to quote unquote build a driver for every single device they're pre built. Between the the initial manufacturing and control for so they've already been programmed inventive bit that they work it's it's really just plug in and goes and. Isn't just as TrueCrypt is a really important point I think to do it hit home and that you know nobody has. You know every bit of component tree that would be perfect for particular company per say. It seems like especially Z and into more complicated systems but having a company that can really. Work with the widest array of of products is is keying control Forrest definitely. Falls into that category. And the way you laid Jeff that sounded like not only do they have deep pre built drivers but in certain. Circumstances where you need to you can build a custom driver as well so I'm not even limited to. What you said what you call a few months it's category than they have already of of things that they can interact with. You can essentially make and interact with and. 100% and sometimes that that also canning gates incident. The custom programming side of things where where somebody will request a feature that's not being pre built between those two. In a lot of cases we can still add that feature whatever that might be you know at the turning closed captioning on an offer something simple like that. What which a lot of times those functions are not there they're not built between the two but if it's if it's something that is available. Let's say on a remote control from cable I can very likely still had a function so this is one example. A continued user's system designers for Iran Korea video how much users it's made huge crowds over the last however many years. As things gross I control fours so worldwide company so again I'm sure their constantly adding to their catalog and coming up with ideas that. You have I mean it's made our life easier in some respects but I think more. Really it's made our clients like you know that sent a lot easier because and now they can interface with a lot of more. Complicated systems as I said in the beginning you know and in a much more. Teachable way. Meaning it's not just one person the house is sort of the technical expert and everyone else sort of talks to them to apprentice and now anyone can operate everything in the house even gaps. And the ability to you know have an app and app that. Okay so to sustain their for a few weeks he does given the log in and pass or for the app that down on the happen or controlling the system I mean. You know if you have ice. That's I think when the real strength of control for and those past which can be set for a time period to it doesn't have to be something threat is we did permanent that's pretty if you if you know the pass from one Chu is now. Eight. It will also two different things there here hear your guys talking about. The access control part of things yet so that that's part of the system that. Control for can work with they've they've got a number of partners for both garage doors and door locks. And on on the outside of things absolutely a temporary password or you know. Multi. Button push of you know for six digits can be. Built for a time and can give the the homeowner. Recognition of OK somebody entered my house and then somebody who left again and re armed to the system. So those things can be built in the temporary fashion if you're gonna give somebody the password to your entire system. Which means they're going to be in your house it's not a remote. Accessibility so even though it's on a mobile device I guess this type it here it's a pretty your brother your brother gets answered you know you go to settlements since mats and do you know that you. That type of password they would have would only work when when their on your Wi-Fi so they wouldn't be able to have to go home you know. Two states away and turn your TV on him we'll that leads to another thing they do is they help with the networking. Yes. So control for. Owns a a networking. Company. And those products or are built and designed. First and foremost to work with. The immigration platform but they also make. The Wi-Fi end the network for just regular old computer and tablets and everything else in the house work a whole lot better. In any of the provided products from most of the ISPs around. Yeah I think his network is the backbone of things successfully functioning in your home not just. Integrating. Functioning and so streaming now on everything else we've talked and networks and passing it to deepen that bit. Important part to understand is that control for. Found that cell important that they invested in the company. Call package. That we were using prior anyways that makes fantastic product that's enterprise grade. So when you go to best buy and buy around her are you going to Amazon and Google and Amazon and buy a router. Generally it's a very basic piece this is designed for higher network traffic it's more robust it's peeled and mark and with so I eat families people who are using the network and the more your streaming four K video or. Higher as audio and things like that. It's great for those type things or just multiple users on a network and if it will. I'd be much more reliable better through put it better panelists talking with the guys. Encore audio video about one of the partners control for hasn't events is hash tag see for yourself day. That'll be Thursday may 31 from 48 PM at the on course sure that's fourteenth and Everett. If your interest in joining them down there just are it's a good way to see what you can do with home immigration also sounds a little bit like it's optimization. If if you're going out and spending money on a great theater system that's this wonderful ambient lighting. Being able to control it simply gets the most out of it as well. On the some other benefits that we haven't really gotten to yet one of them is that just having the power management. Being able to control everything you're doing and then you know not use. Extra power I'm lighting that you don't need being able to lick. Almost be more efficient with it as well. Yes so on the lighting side. Is setting up let's secede tumors around the house. To instead of turning all the way on the instantly we have them turn on over sic couple seconds. Which helps keep the the lamps from blown up sooner because of elements don't like being turned on instantly even if their LE delisting will last longer. If we can turn them on and gradually plus sets a scan cool and I panicked and polio in the failure on and they fail off absolutely. Also almost Google realizes is having a light turn on at a 100% vs turn on an 85%. Is little to no visual difference in terms of light output. But the amount of energy that's being saved by reducing it by 15% is actually pretty major so. By doing just those couple of things we we get longer life had a lamps he saving energy which means. Obvious results you know you're you're spending less over the course of the year in both lamps in on your power bill. On the other side of of energy savings is is really more on that the actual surge protectors and so. That gets into. It kind of along deep conversation. But I think the most important part of it is not so much the energy savings because most of these products. Don't ever really turn off even if you think they turn off you don't really ever turn off anyway. In you know modems and routers and cable boxes and and dealers for camera systems and so on the they just don't ever turn off. So the more important thing is. Being able to help a customer. Remotely without having to roll track so Murphy's law says. Your cable box gonna freak out at 2 o'clock on Super Bowl Sunday when the game starts in an hour and a half right sounds right yeah. Well the that's on a day that obviously we're typically not working either however Clark and I usually have our cell phones on our hip most of the time. So if we get a call or text message. With this scenario happening we can remote in December the system and and reboot just that device to to restart at which fixes those problems. I'm gonna say 95% of the time so I can fix a problem clearly in five minutes without even. Getting in a car. That's a pretty major stuff yeah and that gets into. You know networks and everything else that's when Jeff was saying it's sort of wrote a there's a lot to that conversation but the great news is that. Control for handles all yes so they have products that to power management. And they have products that that do network. And again that this event coming up to see for yourself day. Great chance for clients experience all these things in our showroom in what I think as much as anything if you're interested in having a fully automated home mere talking about integrating both your audio video year temperature controls your lighting. We didn't even really get into it but you're surveillance is done if you have something Hamilton at that. The cool thing about an event like this not only can they grabbed the two view and sit down and cheery here and ask you the questions. Maybe they do you wanna get into that deeper conversation about her management surge protectors which absolutely. Maybe I'm not a guy for that conversation. But you also an opportunity to talk with the guys that develop in the some people currency for. They'll be there I'm going to get to see kind of but the full scope of things. I think we kind of had everything that we wanted to talk but he made one really of no one mentioned as we wrap it up who we also have. Kind of a really fun local story and that is there's a local speaker company that control for just purchase call Triad. And they're from Portland Oregon and had to throw up a but they make products that help. You're speakers. When we say in agree we a question on this while back about how you're sound a look at death this company is right in that line where they that you can you know cheese finishes. Have your speakers can be matched the paint the exact paints a few other Benjamin Moore you know paint Cody can have this because the Mets the exact paint color of the. Lawler. Or how to match. The television when it's but the idea behind it is that it helps integrate a speakers in a space for May be. You have some push back and having the speakers in a spacious and each eye that never happy when he says there are now saying it every. I think Clark tries to avoid saying it every time wearing goes and your wife won't be upset about that the that the whomever who are whomever we're athletic director and the cool thing is tell me if I'm wrong here Jeff but if you are going to take all the time to get speakers that look that cool and integrate that well. Having a quick feed of your lights whether it's a couple seconds makes them look that much more dramatic but I'm absolutely yes I guess if lightning hit it back to laying. Real quick and obviously it you know makes a difference with everything. But that's the one thing that so many people don't realize how important it is. Once you have it and you'll never know won it at its end once you get in one spot in your house it will. Grow in other parts of your home because it just it makes life easy. And even the the the automatically Tino Sosa out you're outside lights automatically turning on twenty minutes before sunset staying until midnight to what how we want to program to work. It is just so important and so anyway. There's so many facets to what country do hole showed just. Lighting and we have been we probably won't. I'd say one of the things that I talked my wife into instead of it and nightlife for our kids we got dimmer switches on the rim guy makes all the difference in the world and being able to control like you said. Once you have that you can never go back to the seasons have been in the world of immigration I'm sure it's the same slippery slope and we get them their but if you are interest in getting into it. May 31 here today on four audio video is the place they're fourteen and Everett event. Is see for yourself today and again for the heat PM fourteen and have a great. Gentlemen thanks so it. Apart from on court and again Thursday may 31 full force and on the core are partnering to host. See for yourself today and on court show room. Posted at fourteen than ever in world. For more details and to RSVP. Go to hard core audio video dot com. If you'd like your company to be featured on northwest business called 503535035. Million. Or email and W business a dinner come dot com. Okay.