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In this week's episode, Mike and Patrick chat about how to introduce craft beer to non-beer drinkers. What are good starter beers/styles? Why are some easier to start with than others? Also, of course, their Beer of the Week!

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Welcome in two Beers on us with Michael engine Patrick Harris thanks so much for listening wherever and whenever you're listening and probably beer clock and we've got a lot of good stuff coming up for you. Right here on the podcast starting right now. There's already been an entire month of Beers on us podcast as you are now into you episode before. When Mike Lynch Patrick Harris and doubt we just wanted to before we get into the podcast today give a huge stakes are breaker. On the second location on a saint John's premise out last week it was a ton of fun to do the entire podcasts out there. And talk with Patrick was awesome news for both the interview and for beer the week doing the recalls with him. I thought was a treat because he's the guy who knows that beer the best out of three of us. I'm just proud of myself for actually waiting. To go out there's so I went there with you so we actually at first time first time experience physical place I mean you'll. You heard in the podcast last week Amir really like what they've done with the place and Patrick actually showed us around into the back area and kind of let us know the plan is for the bruised side out there is special and things I thought. It's funny like you can go back to junior like oh this is so Oklahoma yep. The back of a building within empty space and a bunch of trash everywhere blown out isn't the first time. I have ever been taken into the employee only sec I backs are actually. I've actually never taken a burrito or lower and I know that we discussed at some point. Potentially during the breaks I'd trio thing to redo all three in danger if absolutely destroy trifecta here. House and it'll be another chance we do happen but that's awesome and I have ever really done. And to be able to go back there even though was undone like you know there were just loses clients and the idea of a giant space is critical to be backed parents to be shown around. Well I would say the reality not to sidetrack this too much when it comes to to brewery tour's. When you've seen one you've kind of seen a mall it's until you get to places like full sail. Om I've heard new Belgium's facility is insane Sierra Nevada isn't insane. And I have actually heard that the coolest story you can take in America is course Colorado the Englewood Colorado had go to gold and then apparently the coolers tour is really awesome I might be doing it in September 12 pretty cool. And I just I think I'd like to do more just because it kind of gives you chance skip behind the scenes and to see how cover of the dirty stuff was done to you all you see is that the beer come out of it happens only to see the alleys that's all the consumer sees us now UC UC at all. Again yeah yeah yeah come to be honest it's just giant tanks. It's smells like malts and hops it and Yahoo! was he got a lot of money muscle mark very pretty their cottages busted floors and drains and watering crap everywhere but what's inside the tanks is what's clean and pretty and special. Didn't you. Saying this might have been after we record and your supplement you get you have someone whose nickname something buckets because all he had was buckets flying everywhere and in the actual back. Yeah that's a former lead brewer of ours will he's now an Austin, Texas open up his own dream of yes he had just sanitation but it's everywhere and c.s make fun of people for that. Houses make him buckets early buckets and buckets and there was a beer named after the hour yeah was it was is all spears SP that he created and funny enough all. And why and that's so funny weird I don't know. Does he its target curator ability to. Yeah uses his beer was just called will's Alterman when he moved away we decided to. Honor him and his sanity. Shall buckets everywhere so again if you're coming back to listen thank you so much for sticking by those of us are for some listening haggle through the first three episodes to their up. On iTunes on the reply and continue to defend dot com if you listen and iTunes. Please subscribe and rate review and all the good stuff there and if you can do that on Google play go ahead and do that is like and find out what in the long time country camp. And find us on Twitter I'm Matt Michael and 27 and Patrick Sapp 085 and even Sweden podcasts out intact emperors in the men. I gotta get a little bit more from us outside of yours well. On a reporter for double Patrick probably just all earnest defeated but I'm I'm on some sports and fun and there and to be honest my Twitter feed is pretty dormant. Dormant mine as part minus putts albeit that's kind of all it is so you can find us there as well also thanks for listening and thanks for rating in reviewing and all the things you're doing so far to help support us. The first month. Of this podcast I'm excited to take our second location we haven't done yet for our next takeover were to be probably in two or three episodes from now. But I'm outdoor fun and excited you more of it in kind of refining the way that we do it by a timing out only get the food and beer sort solid showing up while we're talking. I felt like docile little bit weird and definitely got some strange looks from people he looks like wearing headsets or talking or laughing and people are just life is going see there I wasn't facing the people all of us outside incision site what a beautiful day in saint Johns and I'm like people are staring at me then you get used to it. People be able to acquire the topics allowed and come in my own headset are reluctant to do you I'm fine I just speak loud and general yeah mr. So this week on the podcast we do not have a guest. But sounds guests sounds gasses and a little bit shorter today most likely but we love our beer the week of course and maybe just may be Regis teased what kind of appear it's going to be. By. The topic today is one that I'm fascinated and and one that I think is really important. For. All beer drinkers who. A beer drinkers who love crap ever won their friends or their significant other to like it as much as they do. And being if you're just a casual beer drinker and you have your one or two there you go to use. Maybe away futile learn how to explore different Beers that are out there as well the topic today is Howard to introduce beer craft beer. To people who don't like it. Or people who are just pretty mad about Peter I think the most important thing to remember when it com. So this topic is you've got to have willing parties I think that's something that we have to remember that just because. Just because we like beer just because Beers such a great you know part of society especially in this region of of America of the world. And not everybody's interest in you know Billy Bob might still want to sit on his tractor injuring cores like. And Manning gonna change seed you have to find people that are willing. To learn willing to try something new and then you also have to have a willing party that's willing to walk people through it you know I know plenty of people that. Have no interest zero interest and chatting was somebody that has no idea what they like that's interest in me because it's an arrogance thing. If it exists it's not rampant but it exists. Why would you be arrogant about that because you sit on the podcast let last week announcing here on the right in general the people who were like that. You sit on the podcast last week that we all were in that same boat. Of not liking or knowing craft beer until we haven't tried for the first time so. But think about the guys think about the guy that is you know really good at pick up basketball that won't play with the new kid. It's the same kind of thing even though he'll one point it was a new kid I suppose it's it's an arrogance thing like some people just quite frankly are too cool for school. Are well you're gonna get them any industry that's not just this industry that's that's anything. Well for me is one of the more fun thing that I like to do I like to you. Introduce. Good appear to people who have not had a and maybe even like craft we are ready but they don't live in the area Ingraham you know I'm I'm very proud of the organ piercing and and and how how good it is and I you can basically go anywhere and get a good pint. Mad at any of the places here and I take pride in bringing my friends out to those places and be like you have to try to spear or get a sample Tran trying to punch from finals when you like the best in the diamond island well I don't it's just fun for me. I don't think we'd be doing this podcast if we didn't enjoy. Introducing people to be here to share Ivins at the podium fact part of my job outside of this is introducing beard to people that don't light beer. So I guess I'll start this. If you are introducing craft beer to somebody. What style. Of beer is the best place to start in your opinion not to introduce someone to craft. Well from firm media I mean most people that are introducing craft beer power have had some experience and beer. Correct me it's safe to say that somebody. That is introducing craft beer has probably had you know a bug lighter Rainier or something down the line I think you say. Almost everybody who's interest in craft beer has had some experience yet whether it's smaller negative. Some experience with beer and so you can go you can go that route really easily you can. Find you know craft interpretations of domestic bloggers or you know things like their beer the week last week to total recall from storm breaker you know that's a beer that's. Quite approach more beer of the week in a week one was dad beer from barely another great wait no I was just talking about that fear it was new noise from Dallas yet but I was I remember talking about that beer but. That's another exists another. Kraft interpretation of a light logger. A lot of times what I like to do what I'm talking to people someone comes in. To the pub where the Berea wants to know you know I am not a big beer drinker but I am I'm interest in learning. From what would you suggest I served to come ask questions you know first of all you know you know if if you've had any other kind of beer you like what was that and if you haven't really had any kind of beer that you like they need to start asking questions do you like sweetness you like fruit. Do you like. Darkness mama do you like. Rich rose steer you coffee thing you know and I think you can go kind of those routes because I think what people enjoy in food. You can find things eventually in the year as well because it's all because Beers become so flavorful and so. Complex in flavors. That food is something that we all eat. And even if you only eat cheeseburgers. Among gonna try to find you try to find you beer that you like she's known on. Green and Cooper I just feel like yogurt and apple. These say cheeseburger and time yeah I haven't heard of several by the sister I haven't seen anything so. It's funny because. I would agree with fat it's just MI palace are different as a part explain on the podcast and were repelling like malts that much more than ops. That I almost always if someone is new will be like hey. Let me give you Porter first 'cause I simulate top players current and Ehrlich. Locked up. And I'm white and what do you not like about a year Milla policy as the release that are not Alex you're not a big fan of hop flavor yet so here try to start Peter Travis Porter. But then also well also like your sandal loggers and payrolls and stuff like out words. Easy drinking. It's not super bitter in some cases it's sweet. An and supposedly been doing Amber's too because those are pretty approachable for a special first time beer drinkers but as I'm all fan. Like as you as a golf fan what do you think it is about the mall that you enjoyed. I think there's a sweetness I think it's the sweetness and I think that it feels balanced to me cause I think that's where I would start is that some you know I would say do you like things he liked things that are salty. Not really a more of a sweet guy and it's like oh things. I've got an idea right and it's just that little question that you ask that back and itchy and assembly also have vast. Kind of what I do you just because of it's my experience that's divorcing me not just a drinker vs you who works in the industry and wants to get people combat multiple times right. Because they like the beer that much. It ranchers bared my friend is like cattle like you don't like us arias is there was just might hear her first one efforts came here whatever and I'll let them go ahead and try to stopper we talked to a server and say hey you know like. What would you suggest for some and likes these flavors. But I do think generally. Staying away from hops. Initially. Heavy Hopson is probably the right way to go in my experience. Yeah most likely I mean. They come across it it. I think it's more I don't know if it's more about the bitterness I do think that there is some validity to that. I think part of it is also that it's very big flavor you know it's it's almost. And that might be why I don't drink a ton of dark beer and never started drinking intolerant Arctic has to meet the flavor was too big. Now you when you mentioned the chocolate the coffee aspect of you know of darker Beers they Carol aspect like. People that is definitely more approachable. But I think you have I think the hoppy Beers it's just more of a boulder flavor. With that is not being supported. By like a coffee or chocolate or care. And it's not being supported by a flavor that. The normal person has had their everyday life true yeah don't find the hot flavor. In many other things but beer on Lester Alyssa Burry is making something with. A and I PA a goalie or something like about using it as part of a hundred and right and even then I don't know how much that you're actually today is why you wouldn't tastes more like an herbal thing alcohol gets burned off let's see like so much on an ample day that it evaporate. So I think. That also might be one of the reasons why don't you think about that until you brought that up is. Nobody is gonna say I like hops and if they haven't drank that much better so you're not gonna start in a super hot before much and I PA. Put that back alleys nearby annex part of this topic him in question is. C let's say star were polite Pearson. You start with coal sure poll's error or locker or in amber whatever. What is in your opinion. Normally. The next route of evolution for that person. In drinking craft beer I know it's different for everybody there's different palace but generally from what you've seen from people you've seen multiple times of the restaurant or. Anybody that you know your friends what what tends to be the route that brings them to kind of exploring the rest of the craft world. Well I think I think it's finding a way. Finding a way especially if you start on the lighter you know German traditional or you know domestic blogger styles Mexican waters for that matter. I think he evolution. Kind of coincides with what I see with a lot of like home brewers. So a lot of home brewers and to start making embers and reds. And I think when those spears start being introduced to someone that starting needing to craft beer I think because their little. There are little more simplistic in terms of the brewing process. That the flavor profiles a little more simplistic. That's led to be honest with you I don't see a ton of embers in this town. From Kraft Marreese and I think it's because. People wanna be. I don't I don't mean this is super negative way they wanna be challenged a little bit more. And I think the American Amber's so solidified in what the flavor is is that it's hard to kind of deviate away from the but I do you think that because that that kind of style. Is more simplistic that's gonna swing new into that realm and that's what you were talking about with malts and then. I think some people to get them. And then like that to pinnacle Beers I would say mean three if you wanna get into barely agent to let's say barely edging aside. The two toughest spears you're gonna get on people are Sowers. And Hough and I PA's thumb because some people's palates. Like that hardness is just a no it's just I can't do it like I don't like sour warheads you know what I as a kid there my least favorite I hate them. And then so that's gonna probably be the hardest. The hardest out to get them and then some people just don't like the bidder or the vaginal wore the tiny flavor year inning get out Hobson and I PA. You have to consider that I think it's just. Baby steps in terms of complexity of flavors and how big the flavor is as well that's interesting so. For me. That was also my middle step with the amber in the rats and I sort of dark as I've discussed and but I went one else has good malt flavor. Gonna like malts and you're like malt because Alex stop telling reporters but like all Amber's and reds have good malt flavor. And reds and you can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure reds also search enters the hop. Mix with the malt flavor yeah a lot of reds that are. Way more bitter than Amber's and I've had a lot of reds. And I guess maybe their IRAs vs just being a red jail India Rendell by. To me. That introduced the hop flavor something that was enjoyable because it was so balanced by the mall sovereign right are ready and from now point. I went well. I do like Hopson. And that's for a spread to all the other types of beer and I can it was the last minute we talked about the smear the second episode I'm still working my way throughout PA's and trying to find ones that I love and drinking regularly because I do you like them. By that. That is a great point for that's the good middle beer can that allows you branch off a multiple directions. Yeah you can eaten it leaves it's almost to choose your adventure at that point because especially. Especially in reds and Amber's is still give you good. Solid flavor you know but whether it's it's either a step up with a little more complex with a little more full body then sail logger or. You know those those lighter Beers but also a step. Down in terms of the size of body from a dark beer because I think you're right the people either like darker light beer when they start. And that amber ready is kind of that middle range because it's either a step up in one area. Or a step back and an aryan both of those are complementary. In diversifying. Your palate like so it from me it's funny you mention the IRA's like I kind of picked up pops a little early in in my journey. So late pale Els were going to be free when I was younger. But I mean I've been drinking don't amount of beer for over ten years ended. I drink that IRA like it was going out of style for years and years and I think that. Helped introduce that crop Pallet to me which then eventually got me to where I am today. So we're attempting a great middle stepped. Why do you think it is that more people don't start with the embers and reds. Could we we talked about starting with lights pulses on your end of may be introducing some dark so you don't have any hard labor alternately. Very minimal and we kind of get to this point or say hey. Embers and and reds at great pushing off point where you can spread to chemicals or else. I don't we have to start their so that they can start and choose from their own and go in a circle for the being. A tree if you will that makes no sense I'm starting line religious and I know this and men opening up. Before you could because. Because of win you put a red or an amber in front of somebody. That is not a craft beer drinker the aesthetics is alarming. That is as to read Peter that that's that's craft Beers like when someone sees the light. Oh god oh god this is like no this this is yellow I'm not I I can't do this run away. You know and I think that's kind of why. I don't know as the dark weird conversation and as a rookie and that but I think that's. I think you might be right in that. In their own people is artists are addict but most people don't start dark most people are trying crap or deal. Most people don't I just think it's a good flavor to start with because. It's not better there's lot of sweet flavors that you are like your your reserve and all of the stuff. While my good buddies wafers in a period Mary likelier but it wasn't into it and he he jumped right into the darker is with me. Sampson sent everything using these awesome is a matter Beers so. It maybe it's just my own personal dark beer bubble that I'm encompassing more people and no you soon as well no I you know I'd. I think there's also you know. Cultural references to this like would you like to do in your free time. You know things that are associated with that you know if you're somebody that is super outdoor seek you probably drink a total water. They're for a lighter. Less popular Beers might be more inclined to you and if you're somebody that drinks a lot of like soda. Like soda pop what you might be more inclined to drinking something more syrupy. And that's kind of what I mean in the sense of how. Your food and what you digest that's not beer can have an impact on where you wanna go with it is interest in mid cycle we're deep psychological thing that you wouldn't. I think we're trying to talk about this a little more surface he and I'm like I don't know meant its way up in the brain plus interest. Because I didn't think about that at all and then you bring up the color of the beer being important. Blows my mind a little bit yeah because. For mean when I drink. The cheap beer in college I didn't even look at it it was an occasion right you just drink yet you see the outside of the K and that's all you see right. Occasionally get a Cagney and but usually you're not getting a keg of the crappy beer usually sometimes York it's a vote for party went to or something. And it's so dark and I've been looking his sister of drinking right so for me color was never even thought. Because I never look at the color beer originally but I think you always understood that the color Revere was yellow right there when things aren't. What they seem people get alarmed that is true that is true like if if you use a food example. Gonna go off. A church rewritten my mind here. Tom like guacamole if he gets oxidized on the topic turns brown yeah that's not bad for you know but you don't wanna eat because this not green anymore yep. Is say let's let us click on lettuce oxidized get a little red kettle red technique it's like I don't know it's bad it's like no you didn't now. Yet in your your fight yet don't what did you do further but you can have a Mexican needed now. I'm so I guess. Ted to continue moving forward this. And this is going to be in you can obviously bring him Beers from outside the serie a for me it's will be pretty heavy in this area. What are some examples of great star partners great entry level Beers. In your opinion that you've seen work for people went and you've trained yourself and controllable Beers what are some of the examples that. Well the stuff that I've seen we are mentioned this says we're prepping for his podcasts. Mark. The first and foremost the winner of all introductory craft Beers is the Woodruff Verizon without a doubt they're making it since the eighties. Army is extremely soft it's got great Jews appealed to it they also. You know hyped it up by throw in the women in it which made. It even more searchers see and made the bodies seem a little. Ballmer and ages kind of tasted like you were drinking. I don't know kind of close to Soto almost you know something with something with some sort of body not sir appeal like a soda. But almost like a heavily flavored. Almost like a sand Pellegrino yet which is like heavily flavored sparkling water and kind of thing not mean it's it's nowhere near that by any means because. You know it's. It's actually like fermented in actual beer but but I think it has so much more of an approachable. Approachable vibe to it. Obama I think full sail makes makes a bunch of beer that's extremely approachable whether or was there amber which has been huge seller and then their session series. Tom there's session series are just kind of little stubby bottles of domestic lager Beers it was due. Fused by those I thought it was December because it doesn't say false on Greta says session right which for those who don't know maybe somebody out there don't know I learned this lesson to drinking. It's called a session whatever. Because. You can drink many of them in one session. That's BI that's why does he joins us yes and I thought I thought there was like a unique reason for and it's like no no just the ability to drink a lot one session of political sessions. So. Yeah. I am so there's those guys. I'm improving the Alaskan amber was a big one I mean you to you're seeing kind of a trend here. Am. I'm trying to think. I mean I would say the big introductory tell Hobbs was. Either mere ponderous here in about a pill element we talked about this a little Britain are beer drinking history in episode one. Yeah like the first the first craft beer I was purchase the first bureaus purchase summit wafers per day was about my father and it was a mere. And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed a lot I looked at me formulate and you know dispute is. Story about a pop that everything's okay yeah I was RI Marty Marty rated for I went to was do what did he think I'm going I don't now. It should be glad and in order a Busch light. At. So for me. I'll assume would ever have for Haifa as they want to descendant. A folk pay for Haifa some. That was not the key battles won for my wife that was one of her first spears as she was like I can drink this all of them that was one. I can Jackson amber was 10 yeah I forgot when Jose. Funny story when I was at was you. Only worked in restaurants and every restaurant in town. Had Mac and Jack's Afghan amber on now something that I want to emphasize real quick not sidetracked too much the brewery is called Mac and Jack's. The beer you're drinking is they're African amber they do make other Beers but I think people. Have associated them so much with that one beard that that's just what that beer means surge is just to make sure we all though it is they're African amber. And every restaurant in Pullman had that on tap and I restaurant here and Montana is in so many places and IA. Ended up working for restaurant that was brand new that was opening up. They wanted to you know have a good craft Beers scene and they did not want to have. Mac and Jack's African amber there like every place in town has is on if people and Emeril it's funny different amber. Indeed different no offense but it was his trying to you know. Give some variety to the community. That lasted maybe five weeks and then we put Mac and Jackson after an amber on and it's sold them like crazy him. So I also put mirror pond from the chutes and Sierra Nevada pale. Just says there introductory Beers that allow you to counting get in tune with the hoppy flavor a little bit more than maybe you thought you were going to include the so easy drinking yes I put those down. And men too for me being Khamese coast say what you want. Sam Adams Boston lager imp is a great way to get into craft beer and boss sobering company was a cropper in Allard so they don't really count many more but there's still independently own right so there's still technically craft beer they are massive but they're just dug in when your craft brewery that surge buying other things that's crazy so that's an easy one it's your breezy and interiors very similar to a lot of the Beers you've already been drinking just better couldn't be happier. And then for me growing up being laying. While I thought it was Pennsylvania not Delaware I was wrong in the first episode is where they had the American bottling up plans for a it's just kind of it's like a brown ale it's it's really easy to drink and I could pelican can be wrong. I don't know what unions and fire lighting and a lot growing up because it was different I don't know what you're doing is it was it was completely different I'll researcher here mid podcast but I'll tell you exactly what it is but for me it was it was so different. And all the other Beers that I was drinking that I. I just instantly. Went. This is this is better this NY one drink all the time. It is the oldest operating bring company in the United States all of establish an 1829. While. The men a look at the beer 1829 why is it called angling. Now that's strange to me. Hello another another one what you're looking that up that'll bring up that. I differ I forgot that I drink so much this when I was a kid and when I was younger. Everybody wearing a buddy of mine used to drink this all the time and that was Newcastle. Newcastle brown email asked that I don't want that out about totally forgot about that to Newcastle brown ale was a big one that. That surface around us all the time and I hate to say it that maybe some sports marketing worked. But we definitely watched a lot of like European football and there were commercials for Newcastle all the time we were like oh yeah that's of those guys in London drink. We should try that some time to. That's a great one that's another reason why I think darker was easy for me when I came here was because I like Newcastle brown who was. Are you angling traditional logger and it knows it's it's a lager what's hottest on a brown now but. Here's their description on the web sites they're famous for their rich it's rich amber color medium bodied flavor and distinct characters brewed with rose to cobble mall Purcell sweetness. In a combination of cluster in cascade hops in and this is the Carlo mall on the it was sweet it was darker in color. And I liked the law since they have ever had one of those you might like him because it's you know it's it's not northwest filed your butt and what they tried your recede around them and there's there might be out here somewhere. But those are good ones for me those are really easy drinking ones for me growing up. I didn't like years I was a kid when I was a kid when I started drinking beer like when you start not when you get closer to 35 and thirty you start referring to yourself as a kid frequently the F. Yeah I'm very close and 29. If it hit it. I just made myself sad. To worry about your if I did everything is fine. I'll say just throw status are like behalf of Sam Adams Boston lager Yingli new council agree element and I totally forgot about Mac and Jackson amber him you mentioned the Alaskan Amber's a good one as well. Drink a lot of manes pale ale in college. To get him in as a retirement do like many news. And I don't you know fight is still like anymore and you know for its could beer anymore I just. You drinking out of this I don't go onto a file I've I've gone to so many bars that I walked in and looked at the tap listened to scenic and then just kind of stared at it. Then never looked at the other ones they were like. He's reserved trying to achieve something you like those are reality committees and you know it's like you for gaelic look at and they think of all the while the debauchery and former loves and things like that news like may Andy's idea a former loves give it to me. Why don't I put I was sort of out of here I was a mug club member at the good you know one of the one of the oldest most famous bars in the state of Washington. Two blocks down from Martin stadium. And I've drank many many mugs. Of manes and I think I look at that may think of having them mug in my hand and. And after I suppose you listen right now feel free to tweet at us your first Beers that you counties in the craft for a world and share your. Adventure your journey through crap you wrote those so remember tab might clinch one is seven is for me Patrick deputies are only five you can find us there. Tell us what you what you started with spend maybe it'll bring back memories for us appears that we forgot here in the podcast or. It will be like what on earth does that. And the look it up for ourselves you learned about healing today I did learn about England today a New England missed more than just about beer but that that traditional water is the one that is the famous woman or known for a minute in the mid Atlantic region feel good for them. So yes it should just cut on on Twitter hand we will. Enjoy reading your journey through beer number no I guess this week so we're gonna jump right in to the beer the week. Here on Beers on us for my Clinton Patrick. This week for the fear of the week we're going woods yet another. Unique style. We won we did tonight yet yet week to reduce the crazy burger barrel late style Mexican style week three when the colts. Week four we teased it already we'll read into it after today we are sticking in Germany. As the course was a German beer bowl going a little different this is the alt beer from occidental. Arm I was kind of inspired to grab his spear. A because we talked about occidental being close to. The new storm breaker on Saint John had mentioned they were the only other breweries of albums and Jones were surprised me but royals out there now to the for the longest time it was it for the longest time it was just occidental. Hub and these guys they specialize in in really just making German beer. I think they make a lot of stuff that's really really great. From all Pierre is my favorites of theirs they got a little. Little note on this the complex mall bill and our take on diesel stars signature beer results in a smooth amber brew that's not too short on flavor. Hobbs given to spicy noble Roma and a delicious well balanced top profile five point three. ABV. Thumb but as Mike is pouring in and as I will pour mine it does come in and a nice kind of chairman Lee. Embry color looking to its. I chose this beer because I thought it was a good idea. And is. Kind of a true craft. Old school style. That could be. Approachable to a no on a craft beer drinker and alt Pierre real quick is a German style lager it's originates in Dusseldorf. And it's big thing is it's a mole forward longer so I mean it is still longer alive body is still cold for meant is totally good for me with -- yes yes but it does have a little residuals sweetness it's not quite as heavy as say a dongle which is another mall for German lager. It's a little more easy drinking. And then basically what I always say and you can argue whether right or wrong I mean it way more in layman's terms an actual. Comparisons of the styles but if you were taken malt beer and don't local pushing together with a little extra sweetness you got yourself. American amber. That that's interesting to me that you just kind of deal with the flavors. And that's just my opinion that's that's kind of what I sell wanna talk about all I've had all Beers off button I've enjoyed them because as we talked about the color appears to me yet. I elected darker colors. And I liked uncles to a lot I've had uncles before. I wanna say one of the best uncles have had was actually a brewery beer oh yeah I think they Mac is that now they do. I did put in five or mills I think I've I've had about one out there. And I had a dongle absorb a house which is the altar number which is pretty deep southeast near on down how come here in Portland. And because it to me it was almost like wait. These German Beers are also gonna have always flavors like that was you German Beers is like really light eastern waters and it's not. Just that right kind of it spreads its wings a little bit into that so. It's really actually got out of him before and actually. To become really honest with you I don't think I've ever had a occidental bureau massages didn't know about it. I've heard the name of the Burry before. But it's not something that's ever really. I jumped out of me as being like hey come during these. I love them I kind of stumbled upon them when I was living in saint John's so about five years ago. And somebody told me oh yeah hawks that Ellsbury on seeing Jones you gotta check it out it's down under the bridge. And mostly cool that's a six minute walk for me sure it's completely downhill all the way and so although it Basques yes steeply uphill all the way home Richard drunks who cares. And I'm so excited there's a brewery in this is five years ago you know my palette has as. Evolved immensely in the last five years I'd say more so in the last five years and in. The ten years before that. And I walked down there and I walked in this place and I was like all this is great and I looked up at the board. And I was like I have no idea what kind of Beers these. The hypocrite technical it's like a ticket a search ray and said the game into a searcher you know remember how many was but I had a decent amount of of all the Beers they had on draft night with every single one and it's like oh man these are not peers that I like all but this all clear his good. In this this. What was the other one that I had an elected uncle bison. I enjoyed that one in the pills I was like OK I'm cool with this from me was the course. I don't remember but I was kind of like. Well. Very used to these Beers and I went back multiple multiple times I just started trying some seasonal stuff then. My partner and I had the time went down there and she found some stuff that she really liked. And so I just kind of sort of drinking more more in and I would say these guys are huge reason. That I have such love and passion for German style Beers. So I'm trying to taste it now. And honestly. I'm really getting much of a knows it's a very very lake. It doesn't give you much of that instant smell knew that guy with a lot of the bears have we've we've had. And in the first set the front and was college adopt a malt spread away a little bit of the sweetness. And then it is. This might be the smoothness. Of the Beers that we have so far going down once you get the to the middle into the back end it is. Super smooth a feeling that's what makes become activists on some I was at the backhand yes it's not a seam in the nose for me with like all his personal amazing and it's gonna tastes as good. That the smoothness of the middle in the spears would just about taken percent. I would argue that even though our beer of the week last week was the colts. From storm breaker I would argue this is the light to spear we've had for beer the week so even though it has this amber caramel color to it this tint to it. I find this body lighter. Than their coach. Yeah I think I do too and it's more because of the Coles has really distinct flavors a man who. That even though it was smooth to drink it's pop answer as your finishing your bigger your drink of it you're sipadan. This one. It's it's so mild and I outside of the sweetness. Of the mall. I don't know if I find too many other specific flavors and then well I mean I think one thing that's important to remember about German loggers as. Sure that the sure all the different ones are kind of different in their own styles whether it's Al was so cold shut appeals are and all that don't go. Most of them. Are just variations on the region in Germany in which they were created. So they're all sir they have all their own little. Kind of nuances of their own little extra flavor profiles here in the air and things like that you know like pills there's are more ready than Nicole she is a little more sweeter. But they're all meant to be. Light and easy drinking like Q after I think that's the most important thing to remember and I've said it before but I wanna emphasize that much is that just because that there is this. Embry colored body to it does not make it light but this is a clean dear to me. In the sense that. From beginning to end it just goes in it's eight goes. It doesn't it's not super abrasive yet is still very flavorful you know there's almost no. Abrasion in any sense in my own candidate and and that is what you call a clean beer. You know something can have great flavor and have dominant flavors at that much at at that point. But anything that is known abrasive yet easy drinking and still have flavor to it that is what I consider. Clean beard one thing you pointed out and I kind of glossed over but I want to say it. That also what you said about going to occidental multiple times could you wanted to learn to like that appear. That is also. Part of our earlier conversation Newt don't be afraid. Of not liking it right away and don't be afraid of not. Even if you think it's okay have not wanting to go back right away but then again don't be afraid. To say hey. I really wanna try to get into craft beer and try again yes don't be afraid to be like this wasn't Backus not for me. And then be like well what do I want to be formula -- try to smother prisoner tried differ ever let me go back to try the style again because it wasn't the worst thing I tried there. Sometimes. Ramming your head against the wall if you will is the best way to kind of develop a taste for it I mean. I remember when you were young a young person in your mommy to sit paid you wanna try to do a simple line. Or beer there and UN sure you're drinking it is probably good in you tasted like. Yes this is just saying. You hated baton but as you learn to appreciate it more you how he ran under head into the wall and Ehrlich let me keep trying to get money finals flavors that may be are different for me. I was thinking of Brussels sprouts can like broccoli and asparagus my big heavy green veggies that people that steered typically people as kids don't like. And then is probably because their parents to know how to cook them and then you get older and you go to these restaurants that. It's I hope Russel sprouts is an appetizer the it will take two for the six episodes that we went to orders that need a break in on it now yeah. So that's is one thing is. Don't be discouraged him especially if you really care about wanting to to join whoever it is that you're going within enlightened crap you're in trying craft beer. Just keep trying to again. I years you're totally spot on I'm a musician as well in my side life com and it you know. I can play multiple instruments and do different things and in every single one of them when I tried to play him I was really awful about it. And it was frustrating and I didn't like it and the only way to get better was practice. Practice practice practice you practice on the ones you like. And that will eventually get you. We are going for me the reason I kept going docs that what was I just wanted to like robbery in my neighborhood I know that sounds silly but at that time I was psyched. I like IPAs and I only like good IPA's so I don't have to care about what any other bruised doing that was like in but I want to remind neighborhood. That people respect I don't wanna be a part of and it what happened is it just turned into. That's my head against the wall and continue to try their beer and try their beer and then I'd see you know for example the alt beer from occidental. That I really enjoyed got me to if I was somewhere else and they had an all it was like. A whole lot like occidental slumming give that a try. And if it wasn't frogs than on bringing me into German bloggers who wouldn't enjoys a little house. I wouldn't enjoy one of mine new favorite breweries in town that's way finder on both of those robberies or you know German. Predominately German style breweries and and I'd be missing out. Com I mean even if it were just about being a part of the cool kids in the craft Beers scene I'd be missing out if it wasn't for occidental. Being their for me. Do you other all Beers. Different flavor profiles in the warmer drinking right now. Or is it because it's a style from a region in Germany do they all tend to kind of have the same vibe it's a traditional style. Obviously there are little nuances you can have in the bring process I'm sure you can trade up malts you want to grains you want to hop you want. In in building and designing this beer but. Because it's her judicial style I would say most of all sure gonna have her going to be along these same lines. This tends to be one of my favor faults is that send multiple times. But but yeah I mean this is this is the goal I think. It's part of like a respect thing for those that came before us. Is that when it comes to these traditional styles you don't see too and these are like hardcore critic traditional styles you don't see too many people. You know tearing them down and reinventing the wheel on them or. Getting some crazy adjunct in them you know somebody might say what if I make this all Pearman had a little elder flower to it. You might get something like that but I don't think anybody's really taking this style and blowing it up and restarting it. My wrong insane invisible deliver bread in this in this one as well sure I get I get some Fincher and all that's your malts right there that is like a taste the kindness week malts in the beginning. But as I'm going through this. Marty have retirement last like I know you drink fascinating. From a slow drinker though lots has tried better to be because some economists who. Where. I felt like. It was it was very ready it was almost like I had a little bit of a sandwich mixed with a spear him and that's kind of how pistons don't down brilliant singer severely this week is Continental's. I say LB that's wrong what is that well amid all all year all peers find what it what you say I just say all here all beer look at where I'll follow him. With few minutes insists other Germans it's okay it's so one of those things I don't mean to be like you're the expert and stop I'm not an expert I don't mean to be like you know when you walk into you know like them. Like a Mexican joint. And they're like hey how are you and you're like great how are you Obama run they're like what would you like to have it's like. Bomb killing the half order of the car and they SI about. But it'll mean to just like throw a fat accent in there just trying to pronounce it the best title benefits pronounced correctly and consequent yet right you can you can find this out a lot of the craft Beers stores it's in tall boys. A bomb you can get it. At the brewery of course it's in saint John's under the just down from cathedral park on the saint Johns bridge you can't miss the canned it's. Probably not technically Tiffany blue. But it looks pretty dang close to ten and a blue heard corn seed Tiffany blue it I have set this can next to a box of Tiffany and it looks. Some fairly similar and can you being purchased them from Tiffany again I'm still singles so that doesn't make enough empathetic and that the I saw occidental all to be air act is our bureau of the week this week. It so we've done it now it's cold and all the air is now. And and I peers after the news I guess she's next up it was you don't think that I can bring you something that's not the dark here he. Familiar numbering and dark here judges I'm picky about yourself right well here's elementary that's why after the week is difficult. I would have never been criticized. Like I suppose I suppose I'll continue learning much out and that's it for episode four thanks much for listening everybody we're not a 100% sure it's coming up on the podcast next week but I'm sure it's going to be awesome. I trust us on this so come listen again Thursday's 4 PM every single week we will be dropping this. And I remember a couple of weeks will be gone out again for our next podcast takeover as well you have any suggestions forest he wants to go to. The for issues she doesn't tweet on Twitter I'm Mike went from seven is mean and Patrick deputies earlier five and a forget subscriber rate and review the podcast wherever. You have found it makes emotional listening to. He doesn't expect. Consists.