Football Sunday September 2nd hour 1

Sports Sunday
Sunday, September 2nd
Talking the Oregon State loss and what to think of the Ducks win over Bowling Green

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. No match ups. Does superstars. Voted game. Table. This is football Sunday on the fair and a comprehensive look at today's National Football League action with your host Mike Lynch and Rashad Taylor. And we all know what you have to do remember Nolan and I mean no one. Comes into our house. This is what Paulson was like a great job on an eighty of them. Oh wow. You're a man open again as strange vessels who play his old school but it also means it's football season. And it's weird I. I said this couple weeks ago. I was not ready in the slightest for football season to start but the second it started. I was always and always incredibly good and I couldn't wait for stuff. I knew last week exactly what I've been doing at 9 AM and I obliged the exact revenge. We'll didn't there wasn't even yesterday it was Thursday. Thursday it was the first day of week one now granted I did not launch week zero because I didn't care about Wyoming playing Hawaii or whoever they were playing. By. The northwestern Purdue game yes PM Thursday at 5 o'clock. I was roped into Allen and I'll. I had no expectation to watch American miles Italian I'll turn on a spoke on the probably don't want to network respect it no I don't watch any of that game and IE. Was totally sucked and it was a great game and it was this in the first year. Probably. If forever where I kind of let I'm not ready for football yet because the Yankees are in a playoff wanted to watch a lot of baseball I just wasn't ready yet. And then the second to hit I was like bill ready let's go. I'm Maria remembered to go right now now is ready for base for apps for football but when he's no where ready for base. All of march what you know that tabloid show its early knows transfer football back in March you know and NFL's gotten very good about not going away. You know tip in the east. You know kind of dip out you know right into a draft him in the kind of comeback was. Now the NFL's three year round sport so. I was ready for some actual football so happy because temperatures don't really kicked off this you know this press that organ and talk a lot about cultural ball coming up. On the showed today as we are full also may we did tend to focus pretty heavily on the NFL wants the NFL season starts which is this week and get your fantasy football draft stunned get Yorker fantasy teams ready to go because they start. On Thursday next week is going to be our first face is simple segment which is or as one of my favorite times of the year. We give you guys advice for your fantasy teams don't and to every single week. But. I wanna get really really deep dive you are called football because there was a lot of good games on big important games yesterday obviously the ducks and beats both played. He had the big nationally televised big game of the week cheerfully kicked off special Washington Auburn and everyone was really really really wanting Washington to win even some ducks fans. Because of the perception of the pac twelve nationally after their really poor performance in bowl games last year. And they lost a bad game but the lost. Washington did so on talk about that we got Michigan Notre Dame happened last night Alabama has started to and he was amazing. All sorts of stuff to get to you. On the show today but I do want to start and you listen I was in this for so many kind of banter a little bit reduce some fun stuff kind of just wanna go. He's sort yeah school. So text us battery its attacks on 55305. We got us at ten in the fan now Michael is 27 out tailor made five on threes were shot and just is that just jas and a as the MA and until we still still be doing hitter Lubbock coming up at 1030 today. But I wanna start. With Morgan State after last night's game. Or yesterday morning's game not last night's game. Were yes yes they did lose. Badly by a lot it's so 77 to 31. Yes they did not cover the spread despite the fact that many thought that a 39 or forty point spread was ridiculous and they would likely cover that they did not. And yes. They got absolutely shredded defensively. By a house its office. But. For a team that lost the starting quarterback on like the second play of the game. And had to bring in Connor Blount. The fact they put up 31 points on how stays defense. And had a great performance. From our tennis pierce the running back. And had a great performance. From c'mon Brad for the wide receiver. There's a little bit of global. News coming out of this game at that kind of made me excited for beaver fans yesterday yet you lost by a lot you were expecting to lose by a lot but she didn't lose seven did enough. You score a lot of points and you were you were able to move down the field and how say defense that's very very good. And that to me and coached by Greg shot I don't end Alex grange former Washington State defense according to remind you and back to me is really impressive. I was. It's it's crazy that you can say team could. Go out there and lose by. 46 points and still be like you know what I think they've that was still kind of OK you know for them. I know I was really impressed with what I soften Morgan State in these offensively. Stevens was still some things to work on but for the most apartment and I'm looking mid Ohio State's. Schedule from last year and all of their home games and really you know the team that scored the most. It was it was Penn State in the horseshoe. You know outside of that man there's no way that comes in there and puts up 31 points the first game of the season this Oregon State offense who nobody had any. Type of faith in at all goes and horseshoe and makes the game look not look. Awful number did you. Still got blown out by him by forty. But nobody expected anything from Morgan State's office we know what to say about my outside of wool. They could be starred gluten they probably should because he's been there but that's really the only thing that we've been able to say about org we don't know anything about. What they've been able to do and to see them come out there that especially during the first quarter. And drive the ball down the field distress they did to put up six more than you look it's my electric arm Bradford. And then all of a sudden organ state looks like they've. Could be okay profits. Well. We'll see. I would like to say yes going to hurt you because you'd like to really take anything easier on the field and have it extrapolated throughout the rest of the season but. As we all all know all too well that week one of the season is not the best indicator of how your team's gonna play. Just ask Michigan State and Penn State who almost lost this weekend. To Utah State and app state respectively both won did not look good either of them offensively to score plenty of points. You don't want that to be the thing that a strapless dress for the obvious that things are gonna change. But what I will say is your right we knew nothing about the summit's coming in we didn't know the quarterback was going to be until like two weeks ago. And we Allison did know Hollywood was gonna play because he had such a serious injury last year spinal injury. And he gets hurt immediately to bring him Blount that you know didn't play very well last year hnilicka who comes here comes the apple blown to smithereens effect. And he played well. And as the one of his quotes are set obviously foreign tourism fumble when you go on for third or points or defense like that I think it says there's a bright future here and quote. Yeah that's kind of where I'm at right now is. You put up 31 points in Ohio State Ohio. Bleeping state. And all the stuff that went on there and you work you were doing that. In a high pressure environment. For multiple reasons pay on the road but also because the whole Urban Meyer stuff that's happening. You're on not just national TV but like every single TV in America got your game because your on ABC. And you didn't he just didn't laid out and you can fight you can score points here near you brought in the game after awhile but you kept putting points on the board. And Jonathan Smith says there's lot of things solar program to be encouraged by we're in the position to make some plays and we didn't tackle that well. So well yeah they did not tackle could hope for an injured as soon as a trend a lot through the first week college football it Baylor a lot of easy touchdowns going because they dismissed or tackles. Especially near the goal and there's a couple that our house state have really guy caught at the seven. And just basically. Shook off all the defenders as they tried to make. Arm tackles on and so ultimately don't work obviously that. And unless there's there's positives that Ohio State is. Full of NFL talent on both sides of the ball you know you saw Dwyane Haskins a guy commend you for Ohio State yesterday. That seemingly none of this really heard of him lewis' first actual start for the Buckeyes and he was all world you know twenty for thirty. Then you look at a guy like nick most of you know from this Ohio State defense who is probably going to be a top three top five pick. In this year's draft and yet still you had a running back with eleven carries for 168 yards to tell us. You had kind of want command of twelve for nineteen against this Ohio State defense twelve for 192 touchdowns no picks through the year. You know like and Rembrandt quarterback rating was 44 point aren't. But he was still able to. Really be in the game and not make a lot of mistakes against a defense that's probably gonna force when he was imperative next did you make any massive this and let's be honest man there's more team on organs its schedule that's even consider to go to mass injection. Not want Walters announced. Outside and I Ohio State is the only one they're not gonna have to play. Nick posts and why hasn't the yellow coming to Washington yet and let after last night probably not you know any more Woolsey. But a mom I just understand looking at their schedule there are gonna play anything like Ohio State for the rest well. Let's take a break. When we come back. Do you think yesterday's game and this is for the text as well Texas a better you today takes on a pop up through five do you think yesterday's game. Is enough to. Change the expectations of this year is be overseas. They're over under for windows two and a half. Remember that two and a half was yesterday's game enough. Or do you still think it's going to be a really rough year just looking better than you thought text the better you to attacks Arafat opera five that's next. This is thought also meant or intended effect the also under way in my generation on Jenny Nelson. As much better I have to turn headphone Jack down to almost zero for some reason we got in here. The headphone volume even though it said it was at one out of ten. Was she is blasting. Our ears off the most intense because it's football. A T Jack in my car that's cool no itself making me Def. So I am now almost at zero on the volume level and it is just right so wait wait you're a death metal guy one. How low do you listen to us in Maryland. Really well look to be a village you can't have death metal like a moderate to be transparent I have a little tonight as some trying to protect my ears from getting worse. Don't work genre of music. Well but I don't listen to read out loud and I mean I used to it I. My tires is not from inner ear damage of somewhere in my neck but it causes ringing and that is don't wanna Maceda. So I just don't wanna listen to music that loud because I don't wanna her miers and more than a foot. And I had like ten ear infections per year as a kid every year header infections so there are economist. Gonna protect him at all. So super loud talking about football. Great. For prayers but because the one here is working right now for some isn't so that's where we're dollar hole studios is corrects totally totally brand new now here. I love the written at a lower works so question asked before the break. In text the better you today attacks on a 55305. After yesterday's loss and yes it was a big loss yes gives him some points or pure instinct. Do you as a Bieber fan or as an army reform and change your expectations for the rest of the season the over under for wins or loses two and a half. Do you think they can win more games than you thought before yesterday's game started are you more encouraged. About the rest of the season coming up. After watching the loss to Ohio State yesterday. The answer for me is yes I was already kind of leaning towards there're going to be better than people thought anyway I think has sent over two and a half. When I was asked the question. Earlier this offseason but. To me. If you can score points our house stay in good score points anybody and your your defense looked really bad but. Your biggest group of experience is your offensive line is bad it has hit it has been the last couple years they are now almost all juniors and seniors. They have experience. That means that to mean that super important as having the experience guys there who can at least no warrant is happening if testimony fresh from for so many years that. Miller playing offensive line also many injuries to granted him. That is. One thing I think it's gonna help them a lot throughout the season especially running the ball with solid yesterday with pierce. All of the eighty yard run that he had kind of helped produced is numbers but still in a good game for him. I think that's gonna help them win some games that offense I mean they go on and they play. Who southern Utah our maxim. That to me should be a win after. After how yesterday's game played out in outside you're not worried about that they play out Nevada. You know maybe I team's closer than people on the beginning maybe that's a sneaky when. But also we got two wins may be can steal and talked to all of your party do better than most people thought you were. So young to mean I think yesterday's game is is just encouraging for them being better this year. I'm. I was Bob and very encouraged by what I saw is their words and I'm put it Almonte mark Facebook's like man. Another can wax about like what I'm seeing infamous organ state team I mean. Ohio State is one of those teams that they've been paid to win the national championship I mean there's one other team in the pac twelve. That they can say is close and that's what you do than they lost mr. so as sparing us. You know national championship. Contenders like Ohio State is probably going to be in that conversation. So am I nervous about the beavers go one place southern Utah at home now. Does it make me nervous for them to go to Nevada play the world to know not like those are. Those are teams that are nowhere near as talented as the ones offer. In Ohio State and they put up 31 point steer their passing game look really good VA or your quarterback didn't throw. Interception you know you had a running back that was able to break for and they and an eighty yard run and then. Average about five yards carry after that like so you'd there were some things that you did that were. Incredibly awesome Nevada and Arizona Arizona State Washington State which in the next few games they don't have. The athletes that Ohio State they might have one or two absolutely but Ohio State has eleven on each side of the ball. And no other school that the ducks Kurtz he's into b.s are gonna play have anything like that up until they play USC and that game will be at home. You know I mean and then they play Stanford on the road so their last four games of the season by that time they could've won four in five games. So I think Bob mod mine has changed a little bit so far on the bees. This game against southern Utah's as far as how many points they put up old costar told us what they look like offensively with it and back offensively. It's hard to take away from an FCS opponent though that maybe for the beavers who we didn't expect much from maybe maybe it is important to takes me away from that offensively especially. I think defensively it's going to be important to CF Ohio State's office is just that good or organs his defense has also does that bad. I don't know which is which because we obviously know the town house it's amazing so. Especially offensively so I wanna see maybe gets a bad as it is a better test because Nevada is available at some point so far this year suited to Portland State. Maine woods heard them but to be fair you know lots of teams do that to Portland State that's when they when they play against us no disrespect to the to the vikings but again you talking about how although I didn't have not been good and into the talent on the forums they vikings isn't. The same as organ organ state or Nevada for that matter. So. I do you think it's going to be it's gonna bode better for the upcoming Bieber season here's attacks from the rendering it detects I'm 55305. I didn't see the game is at work but it looks like about a scores locked themselves not sure that's a win for organ statement earlier right penalty it's a missile at a whim I'm just saying. Now back team looks like he could be more interest in the we all thought seriously. We all thought orient state was gonna win one or two games this year. And masks right. They had very little talent new head coach just recover from. How bad DM the recruiting got to be Gary Anderson era in all those coaches who does and operated a recruiting. Yes to recover and that saga is gonna not going to be an insulting us and take awhile. So we all thought. Generally be a pretty crappy season for him state. And it still likely will be a pretty crappy seasons but if war were shot as saying is right or maybe even if this just three or four wins. Patches it just makes you feel better it's weird to say but it just makes you feel better army does the expectation for the visas just to be what they've been over the past few years which is terrible you and so two wins. Sounds about right for a lot of people for terrible teams and so it's. Is it. Unfathomable to believe that they can win four games and a lot of things so do I think they're gonna win the pac twelve absolutely you know. But to see the fight that they put out there in the horseshoe against a team that's really go like you said men lost their head coach you know at least for. Three games with a whole different. To hold it for a shot rants right there but. They still won out there and played with for you know first time starting quarterback and let's hope there and played Ohio State football and put up big numbers and so. Organ state showed me a lot of heart because they can adjust easily laid down a says there's no way real ones game and just kind of forget it but they didn't. And really offensively that'd make a lot of mistakes and I think that's the part for me outside of not being able to to block this big Ohio State defense of line you know and four or. Nick bozos had two sacks of the five they had the first have so outside of that part. I'm I'm I'm not looking at very many mistakes offensively for movies. This excess. Gonna be rough anyway his players or can relate when you know you're playing inferior opponent you do not you're a gamer focused on the plane upon. Or like you do when you play and implement a similar caliber some of the tedious run second straight out to say anything away from the score was much more than 77 to ten. Yeah you're right. And that is likely. What happened near the end of the game for for a while c.'s defense but. I'm just talking off from watching the game. You've got a different vibe Matt you a little bit of or your state can move the ball on this team even on the for sure we can move the ball on this team that they can find gas on this team when they tied at 77 early in the game. It was like well and let's dig out there not just gonna lay down. And let's be completely 100 men Ohio State's second string. Is probably better than most of the pac twelve full starting roster and that's just kind of being especially defensively that's just being honest like they're. We although the pac twelve is not full of defense of junger and it's maybe Stanford may be in and maybe you go outside that. You know will kind of see so. For them to go out there against even the second team which is going probably full of NFL talent. They still were able to move that ball up and down the value such cells are just one or two here for a couple of the sexes those. Always at five to six games based on the excitement. And attitude Jonathan Smith. Well that Sarah. You can feel that way I think that's a little bit over your skews a little bit but. May be in a year or two that can be where Jarvis who takes the tears when we get them back to a bowl game but hey you can be cited the refinements totally okay it's acceptable. I just I am. I'm I'm just pleased with how medium way yesterday. For how bad it was still left me with more of a positive vibes and negative vibe for the Beers at all. I was ready to be negative about it two dollar rated well. It's going to be Betsy. No I thought it was going to be about games especially in the first. Hum Ohio State you know turn over to a similar okay this can be. A bag game from bees but they just they didn't stop fighting and that's the one thing we saw a lot from this be routine over the past couple years. Is they just kind of forget it we've lost the list is. Was just try to finish the game like there was no let's try to finish the game mentality was let's go out there and put another one on the board let's see if we can do that. I forgot he's this we're gonna talk about this at some point. On the show me worst trade I've ever seen in the NFL all right Josh happened this weekend. And it it makes absolutely zero cents full Rhea an extra tons of sense firfer him full reboot build mode which is the silly stinger. Yes it is the dumbest trade I've ever seen. And we'll talk about the at some point but coming up next those in the organs when a Bowling Green but first just your sports. This is what your dad when your wait until the last minute it's your pick. Fine whatever I. This guy's a figure. Kickers listen up you Tennessee coaches like every shot they're here to save your blog what some last minute injury news of roster advice and only reason. My team in this is terrible as it is with everybody on the team was hurt. Literally every single player on my team. Was hurt this is Venice he scrambled part of football Sunday and 1080 I out there. Well. It's not the basis scramble. But this brings up a nice point of conversation for me. So thank you for playing that injured as he does it means to be changed because that was all over two years ago yet and since then. I've been pretty good and and fantasy my guys haven't been hurt and have been right in the championship. Mix in championship scramble so it just you and a clip that section for me and I can put him saying that instead of my team is hurt. Oh yes yeah we can you why do that instead I've been in the championship patient last year's two and a half life and humble Brad humble Brecht. Two months of the bear Horwitz the panel moved back over here. I don't all I gotta say just it just like he although it it's it's football. Sunday in. In we always play the the fancies Edmonton 930. That's also an adopted ten cell bump and that's why that was there meg and what we do. I mean it's funny you say that because I literally just pulled mark fantasy teams to see if any. Any point have have changed in the projections have to have changed for the past couple days you don't slow. They definitely have. I assure the projections have definitely changed or is pretty advertiser and just 53 man roster is wildly wrong yes and to be fair look at my team and pretty sure he's gonna win. Just saying as far as this. Are 1080 Lee a leisure and an. Edit and like 97 research and all face triple B nicely and I'm there and we got to get into the. The organ ducks win over bowling. Go arena yesterday. 58. To 24 at the final score Justin Herbert amounts for six touchdowns by himself five passing one rushing which is a organ record for week one of the season a did throw two interceptions won't get to them a second but or again. Did not look quite as dominant as I think a lot of duck fans wanted. They were down ten nothing early in the game. They had a lot of drop passes early in the game. And then at the end of the game. They were very lackadaisical. And did not seem like they were trying super hard to to continue to push and win. Now the military quarters were great they scored 44 points in the second the third quarter. And that was the organ ducks' offense you think you're gonna see most of the season. But early in late also great and I think that's for most of fans are probably a little bit frustrated they're happy they want obviously very happy they won big obviously. But I've seen some frustration of how on earth to read down ten nothing to you. To Bowling Green early on Twitter I saw that stuff like that vicious it's. It's not exactly what you wanna see as Joseph Girardi would say it's not what you want. No it's it's the it's definitely not what you wanna see. However this how you wanna respond. And I think that's the better thing you know when you have a teen. That's relatively you don't organ as young you know and so. Probably not used to being in this position is as far as being or are ranked team at least at this point. And so for them to go out there and be down early in the game and respond and come back and really blow the team out of the water. I think this has a lot you know it's easy to get down there and just think OK you kind of start paying making and playing kind of hero football and that it really happen until. Towards the end of the game that's what Herbert through those couple of picks which were tipped passes so all one of the. Most tip one of them was a row mistake from one of the receivers but he. Was actually taken out of the game. Amid the Burmeister and because. They were winning some by so much and then and then Bowling Green scored a huge touchdown in the clear Herbert back into the game and then Burmeister went one for five and is that okay just go ahead and go back in the game for a we we lose in this are out in a minute more to Ferris is why I wanna give a Bravo to worry him for making that decision quickly because my team didn't and it almost cost us our first game of the season but wanted to add a second but. We are so outside of those two picks which I think horror. Mean they're bad obviously don't wanna throw two picks against him like Bowling Green if you're a guy like Justin Herbert there weren't all on him. And the best thing for me was you didn't show to play right away in week one at home against an easy opponent. It took years to get down to kind of wake you up a little bit that's not great in my opinion and the other thing was. The defense. All you look Jim Leavitt Neal of the improvement they've made. You still are gonna have a little bit a growing pains you a lot of young guys in the defense kind of may consider important starts our guys who haven't been as involved yet. It's not all Troy dies in dealing jokes out there there's other guys out there need to prove themselves. And I think you're sort of a season growing pains from the defense because you have plenty last year I still think we're not fully there. Back to where or against defense has been when they're under an Italian. The one thing you can do if your organs defense is you can't give these schools like Bowling Green. Big play opportunities like the seems like every year they play someone. That's really beneath them as far as talent. For whatever reason their quarterback of that running practice has a crazy game yes they Jarrett don't week. I'm unsure from saying his name address day G day heat in a wall between two for 38256. Yards and three touched. Two interceptions but. Was still able to move the ball pretty effortlessly toothpicks or is there are kids who hits it picks is good but then Andrew Claire 125 you know. Rushes for a 113 yards and you know so. You can't let those type of things happen because when you do play. Of the Stanford is in the USC's. Meant they had athletes those positions that are really going to hurt you. So you gotta figure those things are really fast it seems like there's a big problem. Tackling in the open field just for pac twelve play in just in general outside of maybe you'd. And Stanford USC like there are a lot of teams tackle really really well especially once you didn't open territory and that's where. They gonna have to wrap that up because that's the reason you give an Andrew clear. A 113 yards rushing. Only tell you this. The 182000 assay is probable for organ for making the decision quickly to bring Herbert back here and he wasn't at his best yesterday with at least. Completion percentage but the took command of the game and Burmeister was one for five is awful right. They bring him back in instantly might teams Syracuse on Friday night was up thirty for a seven. At the end of the second quarter. Over western Michigan blown them out right done or dungy local kid playing really really well. They pulled dungy. For their back up who is a I wanna see a true freshmen or redshirt freshman. And I think it was partially precautionary dungy are slightly hurt shoulder when he got when he got to hit the members aren't going to protect them. The freshman was an operative. And western Michigan came back to within 3428. When sir she cited for dungy back him. They waited. Three pulled touchdowns without scoring to put him back in and then Syracuse won 55 to 42 you have to putting dungy wreck him. So old. Good job or inability to get back close actually thinking and putting your quarterback Tim. Don't do an idea and it was just one of for a first met Christian when I get back close before putting the direction that that's absolutely ridiculous. At first up and Eric dungy. So did he was so much fun to watch and high school and if he's he's so easy you record for rushing yards for quarterback in the game I am not at all surprised that he can always Lamar Jackson USA on the sale low Lamar Jackson. Shawn Watson. You know some pretty good player or players in the don't have to make Matt. You know that was really you support him and yeah Geiger and Eric dungy fifteen carries 200 yards on the ground. As a cornerback Beckham's free Michael thank you so much fun to watch and basically got to see him about 45 times. It he was electric and so you get to farm dude look up to stiff arm from the game. You're an hour sub OK something distracted our corporate. Lots of runners and then Walker's you know it's very distracting understands distracting. I got my wish that you would have you would have given me that look before they jump past the window and I can see them anymore. That was my Malia ask via search dungy is different political anyway problem or infer for putting a Herbert backing and at the time he disposed that there needs you to keep thanking him. Petaluma old get out when. We got to break coming up next. There's one thing that we were concerned about with or again that didn't really. Do much in my opinion to fix that for me. We'll talk about that next plus text your thoughts on the backs into the Betty today text and a 55305. This is football Sunday on the fan. Would also under way. Would you like your first job. I'm 46 your your Sunday morning talking organ Bowling Green after. Talks Morgan State and a hostage for the first couple of segments coming up next after this I do wanna get to the worst trade ever seen. In the NFL. Thanks for the Oakland Raiders by the way. And that'll be coming up next plus hitter love us in the next hour at 1030 and we'll try to get into a little bit of you don't vs. Auburn there as well there may be some other pacs also if you seal loss Cincinnati to Kelly's debut the not great. Yeah owner how many ducks fans were actually kind of like. You know kind of revenue has together like mr. burns and in my huge hit it's okay good job the job since he Rego bearcats. But our main. You may be. Rome may be many causes past chipped you know you it's not him to lose to Cincinnati seems a little. A little strange you know especially coming from. The NFL where he played with or where he where he coached on top tier talent you'd think he'd be a Lou rip few plays and come back. I don't know men like well you know its first game for us and RJR and a valuable will soon admitted that choosing a stiff to be your quarterback Cullen are the best best way to start. Well hit it I mean he's that this is considered a rebuilding year because and he came in and this team is not. Chip Kelly built team this is not the talent that Chip Kelly would typically recruits to create his team. I think there is supposed to be a transition year and I came from you know what I understand. I UCLA is can it is expecting this to be a transition here are not expecting a huge. Train hit a bump in their performance from chip this year specifically. So the thing nineties before the break was. There's one thing that I saw from Oregon and I was worried about that did not stop me being worried about it. And that was the wide receiver position we we just didn't know who was going to be able to step out MB. Eight top why pursue your for the organ team and it's not necessary for that player to be. A stud. You don't need a guy isn't a catch fifteen balls a game that you need water to guys who were trustworthy enough that they can. They can be dominant forces if they need to. Organ always spreads the bar on as always many guys who catch the ball I get patterns that's fine. But the fact that nobody had more than three catches for or again and that was only one employer Dylan Mitchell. And then frankly I'm gonna say it this way only two players had more than one catch for Corey Dylan Mitchell had three in Jilin Redd had to. You deep touchdown catch which was nice he also dropped a big potential deep touchdown catch him the first drive of the game. It that concerns me. That justice Herbert only had ten completions. And nobody stood out as someone who was ready to make bad bigs stepped. If so many great playing like Dillon read did he also at a bad play. There's there's a big concern about the receiver position for me. For the ducks and I think just in Herbert is good enough to get past that if it is an issue for the entire season doesn't resolve itself quickly. But I kind of wanted to see it be resolved. Yesterday. Not in a week or two. And for me watching the game early some of it that was kind of my big thing like where's the Jeff mail. Where is the Darren Carrington where's the Duane Stanford like where have these guys. That are big play worst color or look you understand the person that goes out there and just. Figures out how to make a big play for your team Carole brown all of these guys we've been so used to as far as being playmakers for the ducks. And outside a ties Griffin I I'll. Really knows one thing we know because they're going to be a huge. Deep threat he's so quick and he's so fast and so he can be probably your most explosive. Player your. You know tiger killed you know same type guy that just you'll see you sit him on a fly and just kind of washing work but outside of that. You know Tony burkes changed you know who's been there for a walk which feels like for. Five here's now you know because he's been there a diaper so long. Leo I'm curious to see and who's the guy's gonna step up and say no I. I got this bull will will be OK what did he keep your mind is that the transfer they got to bar behind did not play. And he could certainly step into that kind of a role when he does play a little more often. But so this is one thing to keep in mind as they didn't have him for the game despite carrying president of the 200 transfer this year. If there's one thing that I that I noticed it. Receivers were getting enough separation they were getting open enough and Herbert was putting in really good places in and granted some of these. Drops were. I guess you can say tough catches but still were in perfect the placement act terminals are totally catch bull balls. That's what worried me is that you have these receivers that are obviously talented enough get some separation and get open and Herbert confined them. But they're dropping Eminem three you know just mail man just mail all like he couldn't make at the net next level 'cause he wasn't quite fast enough he couldn't quite get that separation the next level but boy that I never dropped the ball and that is something that we do need to fine if organs going to be a serious contender in the pac twelve this year because. That is a big red flag when you see that many drop balls like I. I don't know how many of his first passes I sighed dropped to that were just. I mean NFL tight throws dropping an in the breadbasket over the shoulder and chest they can bring it and and. He's in he said director NFL type throws like the ducks need to understand right now you have an NFL. Quarterback if he decides to leave this year knock on wood. Key probably will be the first or second quarterback taken in off the board this year so. You've got a guy that may all right rose that all the rights places. He's got guys who couldn't really. No we within and I think that's the part that's one hurt the most because. You know that Justin Herbert is going to do his part we saw last year when he was out for those what was it four or five games. And the dutchess couldn't figure it out and then he came back and as a okay that's or you play football. I think Justin Herbert special guy and he mask a lot of the deficiencies the ducks have as far as they're receiving corps. It's tax as the ducks and have a disruptive pass rusher the day he was the bully in court Iraq. Has given way to much time I mean they do his name is Julie jokes is a disruptive pass rusher in the did not from him but from. Oh what's his name Hollins four C a sack fumble soul that they did against the back from a little bit but. May be that is just first game jitters you're not fully ready to go I don't know General Jones or else is amazing and is certainly a disruptive pass rusher. We just didn't see if fully in the game all heatedly the team in tackles and nine and to have a half a sack as well. In general. I think what you're saying is the docs only had four quarterback hurries in the game. Just for that's not good you need more than one guide a deal to get into the backfield and impression quarterback when. When defense has played their best when they don't give up 24 points to bowling green is when they're pressuring the quarterback to make quick throws and if you had way too much time. Yeah without splintering and just absolutely so there's some things that you know you I'll be honest. In this in this is gonna sound weird. I feel much better. About. What I saw from. Organ state that I do what I saw from port. Odds are just kind of say that I think if organ state plays the same team I think they win. Granted I think organ state is. Bless talented then the ducks are but yen still as far as moving forward and everything are like. That's why I think what organs they did is going to be able to translate much more than what organ kind of. I I would agree except for the fact I think it in college when you have a great quarterback that does matter so challenged more and Justin Herbert. I I think we all can recognize he is a great quarterback at the college level yet and excited to see him go against some of the real differences too yeah the guy and he's gonna give Oregon a chance every week no. I think we've noticed also that if Herbert gets injured at all or again is in true trouble Braxton Palmer Matt Burmeister is not the guy. Well maybe Tyler shock can be that guy that was my thing is. I knew his true freshman shock and maybe that's going to Burmeister in the scheme but. We now know Burmeister is not Beckett so we know we last year was a tough spot for him. There was a lot of injuries. They basically made the offense like four plays for him. And going okay maybe he's value true freshmen. I mean come on. So it's funny right there a point now funny say they we got a text here in the burn unit its excellence and one thing on understands why organ back up quarterbacks are always so bad enough that's understood you get a Marcus Mario and and then you'll get. Who was I can't remember who the fact that this was that. Although it was oh I was. As a Collins will you know it was the guys transfer. That's my answer to you is anytime that you get a starter named up the good back up leaves because he doesn't wanna be back up because or again is a good enough school. With good enough recruits that you have three or four guys who could be the starter Lucien pretty you'd hope yeah I'm one of them doesn't get the job of he'll leave. It was the guy who went to Blake southeastern Louisiana or something any action almost got drafted because he generally if you're down there. Brian Bennett I think his name was sorry and then out there it is. As a gaffe he transferred because you lost the job ever there was the competition it was hammers it into Mario Mario one you left. Childress is gonna transfer from Alabama. Well he's going to because you lost the jobs to yesterday into play great. And I think that's why Nick Saban is refusing the goat cheese a quarterback as he understands that he's going knows. Elizabeth Taylor hurt if he doesn't play if you put sailor some errors there was to a this too is amazing in the used to deserted deserves to be starting and he did yesterday so. And as I guess it'll merge. Hell for which could have. Been but I guess gonna head to well you got just in her resorting. To reduced models but. Yeah that's that's why they don't have good backups is because they transfer away. And I wouldn't be surprised Burmeister when he gets passed by shock treacherous way. Next year the shock will pass him and her message is stop that he he needs to go to a lower level school nip and needs to absolutely. Are coming up next let's get into a little NFL. And try to figure out why on earth. The raiders decided to trade gloom. That's next this is football Sunday keep taxing on the batteries and attacks are firepower pro five intended affair.