Football Sunday September 2nd Hour 2

Sports Sunday
Sunday, September 2nd
Talking the Khalil Mack trade and of course we have Hate it or Love it

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Fight Iraq for pro football. What we call it god loves me on the money from them this is football Sundays with Mike every show. As we come back to school and its once well when would that make you. Football Sunday with a Mike Jimmer show on 1080 they'll fare much. Power to do here on football Sunday smugglers shot tiller with. You better each and attacks I was 55305. Thanks for. Texting it so far I love baseball because I that you hated war I love because that guy can be in the game and make. Make it a world of difference mr. Lance Lynn Manning has or a WWE type main. Lance Lynn you're talking about is his hot dad bod I don't and I love it man and baseball's the only sport to where you can. Really have the bad Baden and it'd be all good you know football yeah but those guys as offensive line. Mean in defense of Lyman mentos geyser of our jokes play impaired they might be kind of big for some of those dudes you can tell the players -- these people are Muslims will work. I meant you know he was the book the last true pioneers man. In fact I shouldn't have you do you watch and watch hard knocks and what stood the line coach and remember his name I loved little montage in here every time he says time. Don't necessarily move its. It was a perfect unison it's so crazy it's like the most bizarre thing rivers and. So. Don't reared its trade I think I've ever seen took place yesterday in the NFL. The Oakland Raiders. For some reason. Traded at the second best or best or depending on who you asked defensive player in the league. Our second mess in my opinion. The first player ever. To win their first team all pro at two different positions. In the same year in the same year. To. Because they just didn't come to an agreement on a contract. Instead of just finding out a way to pay him. There's you know one of the best defensive players of all of you are not while I'm currently in the NFL right now. Did they traded him to the Chicago Bears who then signed him to a six year 141 million dollar extension which. Beats the record just set the day before by the rams Sonny Aaron Donald. They give a couple of first round picks. Fall to third round pick and a six trumpet the bears did. The raiders also give up a second round pick. And a fifth round pick. So the best of the raiders give a little Mac second round pick fifth round pick for first first. Third sixth. Debate hall couple first from picks for sure. But. To me. Trading Coley a Mac I don't care what you got is moronic. It really is he is that big of an impact player. On defense. For a team that really isn't bad. A team that was so close. Just two years ago. To being a Super Bowl contender. They go get Jon Gruden deferred. Ten bridge million dollars. And all of a sudden things feel different and feels like the raiders are trying to tank. It's a team that. Has a good young quarterback. Had the second best defensive player in the NFL. Who they drafted out of buffalo mind you amid a good pick doing so on the top five. Do need a third overall collector for the freedoms I forgot drafted. You have. You might got Martinez Brian you cut. And I know users is kind of a problem child receiver but he's a good receiver. I don't know what John burden in the ring and the raiders are doing. It just doesn't make any sense to me it was he knew it blows my mind that the trickle it blows my mind he was the fifth overall pick at Oakland. Arm again you see you said the dumbest trade. I think I would tend to agree with that like here's a guy the first and he said not me you know one of the best defensive players ever. Which can be debate are ever displayed ugly but hey. But when you start when you look reckon you look at that. All pro all pro and Pro Bowl are two differ tactics I think people should be really really. Are we should be up front about that and be really clear about what it means Pro Bowl means that you were selected as one of fifty something people from the AFC and the NFC to compete. In the game now there's a whole draft and so it's not a rally really if your pro bowler and I don't know how they do it but that means you work and and all store and all star. Meant all pro means that you were selected as one of the eleven guys offensive and defensive. It's represented the NFL for you one of the best eleven players to position here's do the god nominate got. You know nominated for two different positions and got. A little Mac is. Probably the best defensive player. In the league I think it's easy to say -- Donald because and I'll have so much additional help around him to where you can't double team unity mean you there's there's nothing you can do about that double team him. You leave and now you're gonna leave Ndamukong Suh wide open the kind of do his thing so that's something you're not going to be able to do. Club Mac was plagued facing double teams most the season still was able to come away within an half sacks. The raiders the one thing they need his help on defense that's been their biggest issue is the fact that they can't stop anyone and then you let go of your best defensive player you trade him. The bears for is essentially nothing this year and then you let go marte was Bryant again problem child whatever the case is but you just lost Michael Crabtree. And now you have zero debt at the receiver position because now you have. Marc Cooper. Well I found out last year. Has a little bit of issue would drop cease and can't hold on the ball so what exactly doing this is mark Davis and this is. To their new head coach and the color of good to dumbest haircuts and the National Football League. Quite possibly getting together and making dumb decisions together are holdco will Mac makes him pay for every single time. They play the bears and shot out gloom act for finally getting his money because somebody else is Smart enough to say yeah word not let. Please I just. Someone's accident and says that. Nobody is worth the kings ransom that Chicago paid. You've seen it first of all. You've seen bigger king's ransoms for higher draft picks go before for teams trading up into the draft you seem bigger answers about the bears paid. But it's not every day that. The second or best. Second best or best. Defensive player walks into your hands. It's not every day. That not only is there a player one of the best offensive players in the league right now. He's also never hurt. He's also a captain in the locker room. He's also apparently one of the best clubhouse locker room guys always their quarterback absolutely loves and did you see this week it's on the well in a moment so. Derrick Carter talking about steps. It your you're not just getting a great player getting by all accounts a great person who is a difference maker in the locker room changing cultures. It's the all around. Defensive player they are getting who was at the top of his game. You do not trade that guy you don't. Especially when your team that in my opinion was a good team that can be a winning team. And it goes all back to the question of why on earth is John gruden and the raiders front office doing what they're doing right now. Meet me anywhere seeing something wrong but maybe there's something going on there were missing. Because it doesn't make sensory. To have them blow to team at this point or or start blowing up the team at this point and if you have the urge your young quarterback. In his first year was awesome and you were busy third or fourth thing is I think this is their cars for years but you would think with the team it's about a moved to a whole different state and city some assess city. That has no real culture as far as professional sports are concerned. You wanna put the best product on the field that you could have been asked fit your our fifth year while she. Hello so they came in together which is why he would bloom anchor probably so close because they're both drafted. Five years ago together. But you would think in moving to Las Vegas which is lights camera action. That you would want to put the best product on the field as possible and so my like a little Mac who's an all pro two positions like. That sells you tickets and in the mind you they're gonna sell tickets anyway. But to those fans that actually live in Las Vegas and are going to be season ticket holders. That's a big deal and then you lose marte was brought to big deal and rubbed it really think that mark Davis and I can see this man's name hunger Jon Gruden geez Louise Jon Gruden and Mark Davis Lloyd Christmas himself they are. I think they're shooting themselves in the foot right now honestly come. Attacks and the better you today text slime does this feel all like chip coming to Philly some years back clean house try to make a seeming get fired a couple years later I can see it now. I'll certainly could be although Mark Davis is different than. Jeff Laurie was that in a Philadelphia he is someone who I think apparently loves junger and have the same haircut so there's little exact same same barber which is awful but. I you give him a ten year deal you are not firing him in a couple years this is junger and try to make a statement. I do you wonder Jon Gruden. He's been removed from the game and so for so long. That. Some things have changed he doesn't like that and he wants to do what he did when he was at the box and the raiders back in the day. Back in the early two thousands and by doing this he's trying to to put that foot down maybe I don't know. The sexism curious how much that trade affect the over under on whims of the Chicago bears' miserable lot I don't have the numbers but I saw a headline that said they drastically changed. The bears went from also ran to being a middle attack to high middle pack team instantly. Does again include a Mac that's how much of an impact account player has. The sex says best defensive player in the NFL's JJ watt healthy what was the difference in record with or without law. Build roster depth across or not gotten through our games last year JJ watt is no longer. Even healthy as good as he used to be so the answer is that would have been me answer three years ago. But JJ watt is nor the same he'd. He's had too many serious injuries to me the same defensive player apologies if you're Texans fan call a whole hour if I agree with Delaware Alito JJ watt the well look at. Grow we continue to say. Rock is going to be it would do this that's going to be the last year and after the wrist after the arm surgery and after the couple back surgeries and just he just. Keeps. Chipping away you know a year by year he's just continues to be the best kind of look at JJ watt as a guy that. Played with a back injury a back injury if you've ever had a back spasm. You know how how hurt how much it hurts just to turn. Left or right you know just to turn your head so for this guide and play with an injured back having JJ watt is still among. The best defensive player of your top three top four I think it's debate. Mr. But I think he's not going to be the same again defensive players when they're not only may yet hurt multiple times like he did. Is it just takes an edge off and he still great. He's just not the best I mean Garin Donald is the best I think we'll Mac is the second best of my own personal opinion on them but. This one goes hello well not worth a king's ransom c'mon man your bet your ass he is Mac makes you wanna watch the bears yeah I agree with Alan. I think he is worth a king's ransom he is active player he's got hired an impact player so. I don't know if the raiders are doing I don't know Jon Gruden is doing it doesn't make any sense to me but. It happened receive all the reports are they're just trade rumors their own nothing's gonna happen and then bam is gone. If you still listen to reports there and I'm sorry you probably strippers like you to. Because the reports are nothing but lies most time all they say they know we're not gonna trade him we're good working things out and then he got treated so. A the raiders are full rebuild mode and if you're Derek Karr. A musher win his contract expires blood this isn't somewhere of up to like I want to artery sign into a big one. Deserting their lives yet period he's already in his second contract and pressure and from early hero prevent the I don't know this is where. We wanna being human waddle and yourself feeling a stick around when conveyance he money will see and Jimmy gee wouldn't mind living things. So where he's got to LA and terraces that covers it. I'm coming up next let's talk about the rest of the pac twelve promote cultural falsely yesterday this is a post from him for it. 1018 here all your. Sunday. Morning. We are now football Sunday from today through the rest of the football season. Next week that means that full. I'll football is back Macs because it was back this news David Wells playing game and graceful. But when a player has the hunger tuck and roll from here if you looks like David is the fifth. We will have face to scramble returning next week attempt at 930. We will also have West Coast bias returning next week. Probably attempted to candidates and remove the two last year and then had her love and of course at 1030 every single week as well. And at the end of the show today I want to give you guys kind of delay a land of power schedules and work on this young schedule starts it kind of fluctuates. We have a couple of the usery don't have shows we have a couple of shows it to 930. In a couple of 99 elevenths it's all over the place so. Giving guzzling Atlanta that. They kind of get you get to started when the going to be on the next couple responses to our season starts. So Mel B I don't come and up the rest of the football season loss to be optimistic questions. I feel like we do a really good job of helping you guys out if you start six questions every week. You tax amend the better each and attacks I'm throughout the show we get to as many as we can from 930 to ten. And just try to help is much we can because. An important time to make those final decisions on your team. Did you actually wanna get that and especially before that. That 10 o'clock hits because if you're if you're stuff blocks and you're not able to put anybody in and you're your your going to be you know a soil so make sure you. Gets up into his Texas for the show you know and we'll tell him today it's excellent capsule will see him so make sure. When you get those endless wanna make sure you week you help us help you become more like us champions that's what we wanna do. For you you know we one of mold you guys like little pieces of clay. In the championship click. Well all three of us how one fantasy championships in the last couple years yes we have and this is that this is the people show this is championship Sunday and just so we're clear what we do I mean when you say people show and then say that world champion to need to be better. Aren't people shocked and all mayoral candidate and what that means the people that are champions you know who you are. No they're listening right now today we want to help everybody become champions and that means for the people ship if you're listening now that major already winning so that's good so yeah. You will be a part of the champions club to. So let's get into. The rest of the pac twelve from this weekend. Just bull bull bull briefly go over the years that happen and expect to happen Utah despite losing ten nothing earlier Weaver state blue route 41 to ten. Colorado blew out Colorado State 4513. Male or struggle making themselves pretty good. You have a Washington State while Wyoming 4119. And did you see their calling it the banana formation. Did you see what they did a couple of times I did did you see adjusting. The banana formation and did not so they lined up literally everybody. On the far left sideline. And they put one player a wide receiver app the ball. Ought to hash mark. And he snapped it diagonally to the quarterback who was in the less at the left sideline. Or the running back it was almost like. Direct snaps a different guys and he did it from the middle of the field to the corner of the field. It's crazy. I wish for him but who work. I mean they're two players I saw were like four or five yard rushes Sunday to work a little bit I think it was more like Wyoming was going what is happening. Why are we all over here and what they're trying to do was. Shortened field make it so that every Wednesday and in the one space and maybe there's a whole waddle. Conspiracy to work Allen missed earlier time the colts tried that weird. Formation against the patriots and Michael Islamic women footballers or Thursday night football or some stupid. And they lined everyone up to the right and just left like a sinner. The quarterback there to excite the ball yeah I do a religion in the quarterback in the getting sacked Kazaa think they worked on that way. Well that's what they were trying to do Mary never ever want banana formation I saw a side arm on Twitter this morning and here is called the banana formation oil assessment that border. The tweet was calling it the reject that out of you missed it was pretty funny. Cao beat North Carolina again 2417 Justin Wilcox baby he is he's doing a good job down their loved little cuss him it. Very happy for Justin and getting a good win over a ACC team firstly that's pretty good for calorie their. You've got Arizona State blowing out you TSA 49 to seven. And surprisingly. Arizona loses to BYU twenty to three and it was a surprise visit. Do you feel like he's not a good thing quilting is the quarterback there's elements of rocker for Newman's Own the coach they're too so you'd think it'd be good team. But few a.'s market and so now the best are firfer. Tempt someone there but he's of the games I wanna get to the notable games. Most are worth the Friday night one Stanford. It took so much the entire game to wake up they finally did they beat San interstate 31 to ten. But it was very shall reign seeing eighteen completely bought a low price love. Price love if you didn't see. Eighteen carries 29 yards. He returned when many thought he was gonna go be NFL player this year. And stick this into Houston last year if you remember in the early in the season. And they were not playing well in this you know how often their only a nine to seven. And it took. It took them changing their game play and you from running the ball Breslow to passing the kids accelerant or into you. Of this guy I had never heard of before his image JJ Arsenio Whiteside who had 226 yards receiving fallen on six catches. 37 point seven. Yard average and get a crazy one handed catch as well they changed their strategy and their work to win the game but Breslow needs to be running the ball better again. Tim extended stay absolutely you'd you'd think for a guy that's going to be up for the Heisman. And if he does decide to toll and I think he's a senior this year. Yes yes so when when he actually she will be going to the NFL. You've got to play better than that especially against a team like San Diego State what we got to give San Diego State some credit as well materialistic play. Like they're not a they're not a pushover team they really have never been. A push over team they're going to play tough every single week so I think that's important to say they've they've played are a really good team this past for a. USC. Struggled early with UNLV your your school. They were only up nineteen to fourteen that after the end of the third quarter and then woke up a bit and won the game 43 to 21 but. USC did was not looking good imagine you know he's not doing they're never did so unfortunately we are not so that's just keep keep IMAP member laster USC struggled. Where it'll. Wanna say it was western Michigan. It was one of the Mac schools they shuttle them early and then it religion matter but just keep an eye out on US CJ to get most of freshman. Twenty for 35 to an age he art collector for one touchdown to not the best quarterback rating sixty threes so. A rough start this refresh for mayor and you know you lose him Donald you expected to have been the step back at the quarterback position so. I'm assuming. That's what happened I did not get to watch that game and so. Somalis are speaking from experience watching it yet and it's USC and so we assume that this cable either get. Really good over the next little bit or they've got someone in waiting. This is you know coming and so I think this is the guy in waiting and just got to be kids. On the other game we kind of hard to tell you touched on that you silly fellow Cincinnati 26 to seventeen. You knew things were gonna go great for chip right away when they named will space be stiff. From UCLA they're starting corner or from a Michigan transfer their starting quarterback. Chip Kelly who runs an explosive fast paced offense named to the guy who can barely moved from Michigan starter. He then got hurt after throwing for 45 yards and make completions and an interception. For a whopping eleven quarterback rating they replaced him with another guy Dorian Thompson Robinson who ready for quarterback rating the rest of my game. So. Could erupt here just a city that it was going to be more of a rebuilding year and well. Pretty evident since that is on the back. Team dumping this is good but the worst possible time Cincinnati plays well against somebody teams pretty frequently but. Not a not a great look here for. Not used to not the way you wanna start especially at home. You know if yours Chip Kelly you know I think there's still a lot of people with a whole lot of expectations and end a lot we will lot of question marks just because. It didn't end well on the professional level. You didn't leave the college world on the highest note I'm even though you. Where the coach of Oregon Ducks with the way you left left a sour taste in a lot of people's now. So I think if your Chip Kelly you have a whole lot to prove whether these are you're like Jesse leads to lose earlier. These are your guys are not like I still think yes to go he has a responsibility go out there and at least went five or six games. Just remember Wyatt. Happen. Toe or again when chip came in and he had to make that transition to his guys and they had quarterback issues. Once lost the one guy. That was. I was and it was. Thomas who once they lost Thomas that won that one season and then it was. Am O'Dell was named Thomas it was the year before it was would pick some and lost Dickson they have like leaks. Brother back there and it was just it was term I am solely. That was the solution I believe the next year and because or no they did have missile he got knocked out with a concussion in the same game. That's right so then you had to go to lease brother. And you saw what a difference that made to his offense we had a quarterback that didn't do what he wanted to do when you had guys that didn't do. What he does as a scheme while so I hate what's gonna happen and UCLA this year with the green assault we know. Wind chip doesn't need to recruit elite players necessarily to be great because an organist aisle like he was the top five recruiter in the nation he wasn't. You he was. EE gotta amend the fifteens which he should be able to do and at UCLA so you're gonna be able to get the talent. You're gonna really guys that you want to run what chip wants to do. And I'm not worried I. Even though I see this is probably may be a five or five win season for UCLA being that there in the south and what happened yesterday. I still not word is he UCLA fans just knowing. The track record of a chipped once he gets the guys and it's not just about the guys that. That his scheme it's also about the guys he finds guys that love playing football. And it and I I think that's a big deal so he gets those jams UCLA's can be. And the final one the big game of the weekend Auburn Washington number six Washington number nine Auburn. The tigers win the game over the Huskies 21 to sixteen thanks to it lasts six minute touchdown. By Auburn it was as defensive as we thought it was going to be is a very very ugly game you're considering I guess style points if you will. It will lose the Dina Washington. Stuck around in for awhile and they took out that one point lead 1615 nearly into the game but the Auburn pass rush was. Holy crap impressive at the very end of that in Jerry brown and couldn't do anything to keep together the Huskies back into winning position. The big question I have. And we've talked about this is. Does that officially in your opinion make Washington no longer a contender for the colts football playoff. Because I've always been of the opinion. That. One loss although we haven't seen a two loss team make calls football playoff yet one loss like this against top seventeen in week one. Although it's not good right you've obviously would like to win the game much more. Would much prefer to win the game. It's not the end of the world because you played a tough opponent you didn't lose badly you lost by five. You played decent throughout most of the game. And you still have the rest of the season ago. The committee almost always remembers what have you done for me lately not week one when comparing these teams now does but the pressure on you don't to win the entire actual slate. Or hope that we have a year where there's more to loss teams than usual and they commit to lose one game in the pac twelve and still be considered. But it doesn't mean they're out of the cultural playoff picture in my opinion I think some other people would say it does well. No I mean I think it's it's a blessing in disguise that this is week one. Because. Every team is really trying to figure themselves and our right now so and you can lose to a T a top ten team when you were also a top ten team. It's not like they got blown out they lost by five points so I think Caroline. The it was a one possession game you know really so. I think because of that U dub is still going to have some life oh lead now now they're really walking the plank at this point because one mistake and it's a wrap for that matter they're and they're they're out in Washington is the best chance for any pac twelve school really at this point. To go to the national championship released via part of their fourteen playoff but the USC could be one of those teens but with a freshman quarterback who still trying to get his footing underneath them. We don't know exactly what they're gonna look like I think you dubbed his who welcome the rest our laurels on because we know that. They're probably they have the most talented team. In the pac twelve right now and so they'd lose one more game and I think we know that. There's no representation pac twelve in the play. Is it is it does make a lot harder absolutely for the title to get into the college football playoff because I think it is very clear that Washington is the best team in the conference. By a pretty long shot to. Specially JT Daniel's been the quarterback he USC and Oregon still having some some warts so to work out and even with Stanford not looking as impressive as the popular Williams in his state. And makes a lot more difficult plot attacks coming him a better user base I signed says cents a packed holes out you know sunken happen this year. Not so fast that it makes a lot harder but it's calls from all crazier things have happened. Throughout the season. And this one taxes is to is right on again better you today attacks on five after a five. For most of the game you don't golf played Auburn they were the better team for a lot of the game they admitted to the red zone five straight possessions. Trap themselves in the foot frequently. They get a tough start you on those they win the game absolutely. Auburn's offense did not a lot going against the husky defense outside of that first. Score in the first quarter it was a very very very defensive game which is what we all expected. But. Auburn's defense just made the impact pass rushes at the end of the game and kept. This is how wrapped up. Are we got a break coming up next December hitter look first Jesse has sports and. Twenty balls Sunday will mark camera show oh and 1080 the fan. And music means it is time for greater love it was always in good times is a very long for the first time too along last segment so don't usually go. And hopefully oh also is is it Mina because it is well. I was I was gonna sales go to Jesse and owner shot made it awkward because he G three that in so fast I was caught off guard she says that's in the fall solutions. Does artists. That we'll be lynch to choose. Ottawa last week yeah you know response to him. Aren't aren't shy you give to us start two day sweep. Analysts here bring up the list of topics that I have. I'm. Yes he's Broncos released specimens. I didn't LC that in. Demanding. Mission. Come they've that's probably also means that bringing in of that at the position will be my assumption. While. Now Oslo is actually staying with Adam gays in in Miami. Leader not a case like them. So much has to take somebody's gotta pay the guy I mean although. And is used to still pay. I'll probably have to. Or Cleveland is it correct. I think those part of the only how would be Cleveland because of the money dumped it was the money down they traded a pick basically to get rid of that money in Iraq are. Moving on let's okay. He attempted Meehan a lot of my topics but I'm gonna stick with what I'm going with the start out the gate because for shot and I were so. The furious about oil well actually I've cannot ought I think it's awesome what's going on Oakland but we're just so are inspired by how much of a 180 they're taking his. Like Rashad said as soon as you think Ohio states like turning around. They set you back in and there at their crappy again so with that said. Trish who did collect all he asked. At a at a Chicago. Now Chicago's final of those teams where they've been slowly rebuilding something there are. Three years ago that team was just absolutely atrocious under John fox and Tom I think things are looking. Part of a better under Matt Nagy. With does said that when I got Cleo match they actually had a pretty decent defense last year love hate. With the addition of Mac Chicago we spore a top five defense this season love. Last year they had a top ten defense and it's easy not to to forget that because they are the Chicago Bears and so you kind of forget about the fact that they can. And have been playing football for the last little bit but you know the bears went from. Really historically terrible. Defense for the past couple years ago and then lashing they actually made a whole whole lot of improvements man so you think you took legal Mac on the other side of that. They're definitely doesn't win some games you look at their schedule and because. They're always at the bottom they to have their schedule kind of it reflects that and so they will see the cardinals who were still struggling this year figure out who they are they will see the Buccaneers who don't really know what they're doing. Offensively or defensively they will play the dolphins who are the dolphins and have no idea how to play football anymore of all the teams on their schedule there's maybe two or two or three teams they'll probably struggle with and that's the Packers in the ramps. Outside of that and the vikings outside of that defensively I think they can probably handle. Most of the other games they play it if that's the bears the question now almost gonna have a office. Are they going to be able to put Mitchell travesty in a position to really be able to win to the defense doesn't have to go out there and try to save America. That's going to be the big question for the bears so as soon mr. risking kind of catch up offensively I think we'll Mac being in that locker room in Chicago I think he's going to be huge for that city. The start I love it as well. The shot is right now's a great up they were actually a much better defense than people follow last year and adding we'll Mac would just improve that even further. A one of my favorite linebackers in the last ten years former bronco now on their team danger written is a very very good linebacker and a good leader in the clubhouse. They drafted. Winner Floyd with a high pick they've got a couple of first and second rounder is on there as well Kyle Fuller one of their quarterbacks in the draft as high as well. They've got a bunch of talented guys on defense who were young. Think we'll match is still fairly young in this league. And that's kind of way yes they paid enemy bullet money but that's a nice way for them to keep this defense strong moving forward because they've got some controllable players for awhile. Their offense still has question marks right you've still got a little too risky you're not fully sure what he's gonna turn into an as a quarterback. You got Jordan Howard who is good but not great there's questions there you did get Alan Robinson after entering the Jacksonville but the defense I think is. Fisher thing for Chicago. In a division like NFC north for defense is always root rules supreme but currently has a lot of explosive offenses. That might be. Away for YouTube cheap in a divisional hunt because your defense can squash a bit of what Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers is trying to deal. In the end the vikings are trying to do in your division by being a great defensive team. All right. And just say you know there is out my thumbs making noise undetermined amount. You've you've got a couple points there that come true okay so let's not so with so currently it's 54. The shot clock itself did you see the Broncos out of I did not have known him. OK okay. And at that I'd I'd. I mean I'd that doesn't do anything forming now laughing at you guys nice and I honestly it's as the third quarterback I don't care. Moving on. Let's show us that those stick in the Bay Area with. News coming out and there's just been. The running back core I San Francisco's been anything but healthy so far this pre season map reader had a separated shoulder in week one of the pre season and chaired the cannon had aid. Bum Taft. Her first couple weeks came back. This last week tore his ACL yesterday. Alfred Morris did. Get brought in their late pre season she mood in there. In their third game that he still had a little bit of gas left in the tank club makes. Former Cowell former Palestinian protege Alfred Mauresmo out of touch sophomore running back. Matt breed. Result from Morrison offered courses in San Francisco that's what this is all about is go an impression that it was hard. I'm not act. She's Louise. Wars. Or has he been. Trying to. There I don't know if he's number I don't know man on alliances. I had. Hard to clocks running now I TV's entire hike okay well I will go ahead and love it I mean honestly I don't relieve. No I hated it. Honestly sophomores. Hasn't really been good since what 2013. 2014. Somewhere around there so he's banned. You know he's been pretty mediocre he had fourteen games last year that he played with the cowboys and he had a total of 547. Yards. He'd play in fourteen games the year prior and had 243 yards. He's not he hasn't bent super productive again he had those three really good years two start of his career but since then he's been. You know average at best we still know that they have some offensive line issues. And San Francisco and because I think you would go ahead and roll the dice with. With Rita at this point on me I think he's gonna give you a little bit more than sophomores who is able to give you read there's still some my that's all he's only in his second year. He's you know he had about four harder and move forward in our yards last year so he can be somebody that can still. Make things happen for you but obviously you have a problem with their running game but because opera Morse is your back up breed is gonna give a lot of luck with it. It's the wrong decisions but I love it I think Matt read and needs to be the starting running back he's he showed flashes last year being an impressive guy. When he came in after the Carlos Hyde injuries and and and him not the former super well he played pretty well went to bigger problem last two weeks of the season as well. But think about it this way. Who is in bell cow that you know Isabel count and sell itself for Morris you might not be very good. He might not happy he might not have been good for a couple of years but he is a guy who can give you twenty carries it. As a way for sixty yards for seventy yards and not much average yards per carry. I think appreciation to the guy but I'd just like Alfred Morris is gonna get the job early do just because he's got the history of doing it we're breed it was super consistent. Last year I despite having a couple of good weeks into the season. I really think that the the niners need to look into acquiring guy gets cut. War trading for somebody who's a good pass catcher because jerk we can end. Was one of my favorite running backs last year and in Minnesota he was amazing after the injury to delving coach being a great pass catcher being a guy who. Almost always. Was an impact player on that feel Ali was going to be core rate as a as a starter for Sarah ciskei this year he needs somebody like Matt again because I think that's important for a Palestinian offense. Bank. You are tied. News. It's always great. Let's hear. Plan will come back we're gone back to Denver. I I got the signed here just because. When I mentioned this you just gave me this like interesting look through the glass earlier about Chad Kelly. Mean and gaffe such tell us something. We shot and I have actually had this conversation as well I've kind of attested I think Chad Kelly is basically baker mayfield except he came into the draft. With a bum shoulder and a bomb mean that meant he was gonna play at all as rookie season he has the same type of off the field issues and you look at is the same type of winner. On the field probably didn't have quite as much success in college I don't know yet as much talent around him. With that said. The broke prodding case keep them in the offseason we just dumped Paxton lynch teased him as a two year deal. And I believe it's pretty much front loaded so they can drop him next year love hate in two seasons. Chad Kelly. Will be Denver starting quarterback with Cason Keenan's contract out. Love. Mind you I don't I didn't watch a whole lot of Ole miss football so I can't tell you about exactly. You know what his strengths and one of what is weaknesses are. A what I can tell you is I think case Keenan had a great year last year. With a really talented offense and are really talented defense everything just kind of came together. For the Minnesota Vikings and put him in position. So really be the catalyst for all of that change you know but at the same time your mirror how disappoint the vikings were when Teddy Bridgewater went down because they knew they had something special menu that they all they needed. Was a quarterback to not make mistakes and they can kind of keep things afloat. Things are gonna be a little different for case keep them here and and Denver's bike here he's gonna actually have to make. A lot of great throws because he's got a couple stud receivers that really need to have the ball on the has to do what they are able to do. He has a defense much like he had in Minnesota it's gonna be able to bail him out. Of a lot of situations but I think in doing so men do you think they're only seven tables some might like check Kelly well I think it's safe to say that. Who was Paxton lynch who used was released today. Yet so Paxson lynch isn't going to be the guy and we know that now. We know that Elway is thinking long term and they wanna have their guy he wants to be able to say he drafted. A guy that was able to come in and really change the franchise and move forward. And I think Kelly can be that guy. Part of me wants to say hate on this but I think the answer is truly love and the reason why is that Chet Kelly it was mr. irrelevant. He was the last pick of the draft by the Broncos. Years ago couple years ago out of whole mess and as a seventh round pick. He has been able to outlast. Brock DOS Weiler Trevor Ximian Paxton lynch. And has been able to keep himself in a job. In what many teams don't keep three quarterbacks you've been able to keep himself on the team has performed well enough. It's actually finally passed to be the backup quarterback this year to some pretty solid pre season performances this year. T seen him as a veteran's case Keenan is not an electric quarterback he is a safe quarterback who's good enough for now. For Denver but I think Jesse right in two years and are gonna resign. He's keen on. And I think that Chet Kelly if you saw on the team and he should be easy to be given the opportunity because of how hard you worked. And how much she's shown an Amish growth he has shown to be able to be the starting quarterback remember they said one in that trap when he was America. That this was going to be a huge risks take because he how all the potential but he never was able fully. Hard to sit together and all messed he had some issues off the field. I illnesses welded to the fact that he was mayor. In the seventh round they took a much thought was a really really Smart move spending bill well for them the chance to start. The only female throw a wrench in that plan we know John Elway elects a trip for quarterbacks and if there's a guy who's on the block who's good. I could see him making a trade for big veteran guy after he schemes contract is up. However I would like to see him give check Philly chance and I think they went to excellent. I was kind of surprised when you told me who they added and it was what the tone and Kevin Hogan. Yeah no that's not somebody that scares me don't fend off Chad Kelly. Op honestly. I think he's the guys I think that has gonna be the guy. My dating. I say he's eight he's so I have done everything that they've asked I think everybody's been by far. And press with the fact that he's kept his nose clean. And he shows up he's. How worked guys like lynch. Has way more motivation and some of those other guys it's it's that is the little things ranked. It's the little things little it and there in the seventh round pick yet don't. All right. The winner today. Mike. Back to back up the W Hilton. The shot you made a mistake. Last week you let me get a second long news was news. You know players MRSA. Soccer they're coming up next you know a lot of time and also bubbled zoo are very very quick tell you what's going on CR segment wise and Molly O'Neill so that's next from him. My camera show. I'm gonna be very brief but this. We are beginning our Seahawks schedule fluctuations based on this young teams are so wanna give you a heads up. Going into the season. What's going to happen. Week one and the next week rather normal time nine to eleven week to. We are most likely on a till 9:30 PM Monday night game which means we put in early NFL game on that day. So weak to will be on eight to 930. And in the next three weeks we are on nine to eleven. Pretty young that's the end the season nine to eleven at least 134 and five. Feet to 930 read to him. Something changed and I did not hear about it. So that is our early seasons young schedule most of the same time. So in our 9/11 if you have finished above questions committee from 932 and a 945 and that rain we're gonna do our answers your questions in men. Its feet and I'm thirty showing you should do around 845. Fish and just kind of flows depends on work goes. That's just general idea they're gonna have questions about the start city defense team that's going to be when it is so we'll see you next week nine to eleven. Face a much listening really appreciate it love you all have a great Labor Day we can remember were on the air tomorrow. Poll shows talking about Oregon Oregon State pac twelve all that stuff. All day tomorrow on the fence feel guilty euros of your work can drive around and normalcy I think. This put. I.