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Sunday, September 9th

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What's up guys it's Mike Lynch what's gone on this were sharp this is the sports Sunday podcast thanks so much for listening it is now brought to you on the fan by your local less Schwab tire senators doing the right thing since 1952. Fight Iraq for pro football. What we call it god loves me on the money from them this is football Sundays with Mike every show. As it's. Cool it's awesome wow what would that make you. Football Sunday when Mike immersed jog on 1080 they'll fare much. Powered ship to hear on the football Sunday red zones on the TV we quality NFL season. All thirty under way we heard had the falcons and Eagles game. They wish spent little time for him palladium fell on what on earth sees Turkey who's doing terrorism but the falcons. It's nothing different. But. Young red zones on the TV first Sunday of the NFL football is here. You're fantasy teams are locked and loaded and we are ready to go number next to like I can tell you are very excited man I'm ready to go as well. So. Let's let's start there we do have what's caused by us coming up next. And we've got data a lot of secretary at the temporary before we get delivery arm bell who adore magnitude just briefly. Watching the Thursday night game to open the season the falcons and Eagles. Was exactly like watching the class game between the two of them last year it was an identical game. The quarterback to play was bad. The defensive play was good as cease our fusion has no idea what to do in the red zone even though he has one of the best tallest most big body receivers. In me it in the NFL and Julio Jones. And all we heard all off season. Was truly it was going to be more involved in the red zone and Al in on their first red zone drive. They went forward on fourth and goal all four plays Julio Jones wasn't even on the feet. And they put them into the game later in the red zone. And all our Brian did was throw the ball out of the end zone. In not allow him to catch it and we. On the final play of the CEO of the game. Fourth down and goal they throw to Julio who caught the ball. But they threw to him out of balance so he landed at a barrel because via the Eagles defender who was on camera crew was. Dragged him out that's no longer a rule where there's the pushed out of bounds and murmur from six years ago or whatever was. So. V there are either not throwing it to Julio. Or they're throwing it to Julio out of bounds for no reason. And I don't understand. Saarc. Just do a little inside crossing routes for the strong his biggest receiver in the NFL right now sort of Rob Gronkowski. Does get stopped feeding into the corner so Matt Ryan further out. You've got to give them a chance to catch the volley he was W was the only offense the falcons had all game was Julio Jones and they couldn't find a way to get him Indians into crazy. Noah it's it's definitely nets them the way that game. Ended overall kind of a boring gain life for the first game of football for the year. You don't think that it's going to be. That kind of slow you know and view you would think they can an offense like falcons will be able to. Kind of move the ball over to a better than they actually work. So. A lot of thought that play those plays so to Julio restaurants on like he was I weren't just running like across large reps and will be normal land I don't mind during a fade or or it's back only out of balance like on one of those people that's of the belief that management Julio Jones won't Somalia a man just turn around him jumped I got you grow from there seems so I'll I'll really get that play but it's are doing saarc. Poses very stark like. And also Matt Ryan had a really bad game he missed everybody he was under throwing entering behind receivers the entire game. He looked bad he did not look like he did good quarterback and we want it was very strange it was a weird him another week one. There's rust. Teams are always fully up to speed yet especially rental how many seams for fully resting guys in the pre season this year but. And it was it was an ugly game Matt Ryan look afraid to make no mistake in the red zone and so every time. That he put a ball up that should have been a jump ball for a guy like Julio Jones. It was ten feet over his. Reach and so you're thinking well okay so you're just afraid that you're gonna make. That you're you're not gonna make a play here. So that was the problem with arm. On the passing side you definitely did a good job of getting Julio involved which I think at times. In the past has been a problem you either have a really involved or you don't have them involved enough. You had him too involved is the problem now aiding get what you get guys like resilience in new going. You didn't really get ten and komen and passes out of the back field. You didn't decide to just do the power running game and running in on that first drive and then to be honest. I under I understand going forward on fourth down but when you think about it on hindsight. You go for that three points in the beginning of the game yet that three points in the end of the game. You don't have to play for the wing you can get a tie and you can go in there and try to get another course length of time to seal the deal instead. You're in there trying to do desperation time in the red zone which clearly you needle. That they are they are atrocious in the red zone yet they are desolate ourselves. Week deals one week wonderful played awful too was really bad quarterback from play the all around and M for scheme put to hopefully we see some better played today. Let's switch gears here before we around the time to blame Gambill situation very very very mixed bag of reports out their Bolivia and fell. I saw one earlier today that says some in the league thinks he might miss more than half a season. A holding out I saw one today from shaft that said many view bell as. Only gonna be out until we end of the month so a couple of games. What do you make of this palladium will situation. Armed. Armed lol okay. Let's be honest Omar fantasy team laid down was my first pick in our fantasy draft. That being said van I wanna see him on the field. But. Though vote. The professional in me. Is Sam men get your money you'll play without a contract and a police say what you want to about lame beyond bill. From a suspension for from the mayor wanna be like being in the possibly peavy thing and all the stuff. Man lately I'm bell has done everything for the Steelers organization that he's been asked to do. And all he's done has really produced for this organization. And so for them to come out of some of his players from around Seoul wounding is not about lately on May your run game is good with without him but with with him. You're over here you're unstoppable almost and so for some of those players to come out and and say what they said about only gone managed to get paid next season no it'll get paid now. What do you mean like a mind you dumb I understand he turned down a what and ninety you know observes he's the eighteen million dollar. Fourteen million dollars when I was in a million to I guess fourteen million dollar for interest and I get that but here's my who's looking for longevity yours might have probably as a family. That wants to be able to and Q keepers house and ours kids are going to school almost things you tell me. You tell me I haven't done enough free that's just the Steelers who makes the same way beyond bills like you haven't done enough for his organization until worn this money it's so don't miss that somewhat to draw him. If fumbled the first player. The the weird thing to me about this is is two fold a heat for months have the full support of his teammates. And then the date she doesn't show a day later than they thought he wanted to. 95% everybody under the bus that's weird and I understand it a little bit like lady I'm bell is not thinking about the team here. Correct and football all sports it's all about the team radio thing about the team. But. On the flip side of it is laid out bills taking a stand for himself. And he's taking a stand for. Making money that he does think he deserves and I agree with him accusers. He's the best for American leaguer one of the best cornerbacks in the league and the Steelers are refusing to pay him there and try to get every ounce of of work out of him. Paying him as little as they can before he takes a massive contract pride go play somewhere else is desperate obviously doesn't pay him. So it's a tough kind of middle ground of he needs to say enough for himself and I think this is a good moment for all players who were trying to get paid big money. For someone this big to stand up for himself and to sit out. Because you you kind of want guaranteed contracts in the NFL right. You want players who really get paid the money they've they deserve. But then again. You also want to be able to play for the team that's why such a tough thing for related umpire. Yeah you. Yes but I feel like the team is is acting as if he's he hasn't done his part. In all likely be on hasn't been the driving force of what this office is able to do everybody wants to really point Antonio brown and rightfully so Antonio Brown. Is a huge part of what the Steelers have been able to do but. When they're able to go on there when they're at their best it's because that man lay beyond bell is in the back he'll make things happen for themselves. You're basically telling him that the team to your your team as well as that man. You do you have done enough and we we. We get it well we don't get that you should be here what us like no man I've been loyal to the organization. They should be loyal to me at this point they mean if not all their door and mrs. Pave in a row for maybe on same animal out of here on the Tuesday even if you do offer me a contract beyond you show me how you already feel about me so I'm okay. I'm ready to move on to me it's not about. Who's the more the driving force Antonio Brown or. Lavin bell and he went in the reality and at the problem list have about the same amount. Years is like superstars in the league as far as what's on the left on their careers they both. Honestly have probably had better careers because of each other than they would've with Al because let's face it you can't. Double team Antonio without I'm taking some AM box can't show some day in the box without taking away somebody from the passing game so. These guys thrive on the ability that because of each other you you can't it's if you you can't do certain things on defense now on the flip side. What you're looking at as far as a man who's playing one of them most brutal positions. And all sports with. Most money now guaranteed in these sports and granted a franchise tag is guaranteed but for one year. The sky wants multiple years he's looking around the league he's seeing what Tom Curley just got he's seeing what. David Johnson just got yesterday with thirty milling guaranteed. And Adam 39 million dollar contract after missing a whole curator after missing the whole year with a wrist injury. And now he's saying where's mine I'm catching more balls than any other running back I'm. I'm touching the ball more than any other running back and now it's time for you to to repay the love and so I get it. I only a 1000% get it. I'm as a teammate I get where they're coming from. But they should also can understand where he's coming from being there in the same league fighting for the same thing and that being guaranteed contract that is. That was the weird thing about this to me is every other running back is getting paid all them separately gumbo and Libya rebels probably the best of all of them and that just shows you. I guess disrespect to the Steelers for him I understand why they're doing and again it but it's disrespectful. To their best player who granted has had some issues nor has had some suspensions and stuff like that but. You know I think you need to pay the man and I think they know that and they just don't wanna do it because they wanna protect their salary cap to him in whatever way shape or form. Are right let's break just wanna give you quick update growth hasn't touched on already for the patriots out of college is rated in for touchdown for the ravens. Ali Camara has a touchdown are ready for the saints. Think that sell all the touchdowns we've seen thus far a couple of funerals were kicked the the titans kicked 10 and Andrew Luck named Dalton threw back to back interceptions so. To Andrew and Mandy. So and they both were really ugly interceptions as well so last year your catch up so far merely sleet and NFL games we'll keep you today or what's going on. Coming up next is time for the West Coast. Biased decisions will also mentioned. It's time for some West Coast flavor. God I can't hour as busy as goes senator above football universe. Style. Do you look Moorestown milking it. I Revere my legs are scribe Richard this is West Coast bias and in depth look at the NFL's western teams on football Sunday with my camera shot on 1080 they'll fail them. Instead some ability to attacks on top through one of our main fuel insisting. The bagels could manage the care and throwing interceptions instead. I missed opportunities they cut who are not valid disseminated and it all looks really had. He just he looks as bad as we thought he was a couple years ago it's not not pretty so far has been Eagles pulled him. West Coast bias today. I didn't really know where I wanted to go at this but I think I want to start this year's West Coast bias segments. With the best team on the West Coast the menace the Los Angeles rams of Los Angeles. And it. The resource Arthurs because I think what they've done is kind of fascinating. It is usually it goes against everything that I believe in and building a team in any sport. But the rims really have gone all in right now. The rams want to win in this year in meeting next year and that's all going to be able to do. Because they went out and got all the big players that were available keep to leave. They got Ndamukong soon as senator of and they finally give Darren dollar contract he deserved. So they paid big money to him. And they went on the operating cooks and they're just giving money to everybody they've completely blown out any idea of building a young team. Or being able to take currently used those young players can be bought and a lot of really good veteran players. And they're only gonna be able to keep this team together for one or two years before they need to pay Jared got. Whose contract is up in two years are believers. It's fascinating to me that they are going so hard in right now. When last year was their first year being compared. At that. And I missed yours and it's gonna work out is such an interesting strategy because I normally feel like teams need to you. Kind of duel to the thing to happen happy to commit some money here which have some young guys you're building up and you see who's given and put those guys in the big money. Any kind of surgery not rotation in the rams are the same path. We've got curly we've got golf courses less is still blowing out the rest of the ways of the defense is really really good. I mean to me on paper should work there who are really really really good team. I mean I'm curious of the world NFL's top two win. Two doubles and. No it really is but. I think the rams are like you said there there and all there and all in mode right now and I think he says the same thing about Philadelphia they just went all and said you know what man whoever's available. Where was good man we're gonna make our pitch in them and their pitches works you know offer for all these superstars they were able to bring in you're looking an offense that. Showed last year that they can be really good with girly all of a sudden kind of come over the coming with his own. In The Hague B Brandon cooks you know and him this year Robert Woods and you know then still being able to figure out you know there you go still being able to hang on to guys like Cooper cup and then defensively. You know really adding guys like well Marcus Peters to your to your roster and dominance to win Marty have an errant Donald and and rockers like this is a team that's the they're rare they're ready and they were there ready right now you know I don't think it's going to be a long build. For this team expect them to be right there in the NFC championship. Come to January. And a computer Ben's first drive as a buffalo quarterback this year sacked on third eleven so just as good as we thought it was going to be. And jaguars almost got a CT image called cigar market aren't the one yard and so so far jags defense looking very good again. And nothing good about the throat to okay well. Those things got out of the millions I I mean I'm looking at this this rams team and I'm saying who in the NFC at least. In the NFC west is going to be able to stop there's not there's not a team that's even. Close to what this team can do the niners are better but their defense isn't the best. The cardinals defense is pretty good but their offense is invent kgo we don't know about the quarter wrecked situation. MMC docs we've talked about electorate this offseason we at least me. I'm all out on the Seahawks I don't want anything to do with them this year that some people think their children to play well. Russell Wilson gives some wins today there are really really really bad roster and so yes it's the rams and it's the rams. Now the question is in the NFC. The SE is the loaded leak this year you've got the Ramsey yup the Eagles you've got the vikings you've got the saints. You've got against the falcons are considering although we've beaten Thursday games not super grid. Him. Are they gonna are they gonna be able to win now. Like they're trying to do in the NFC which has five teams are ready to win next hole poked. And that's kind of the interest in part two about this is they went for it knowing full well the rest of the NFC was as tough as the water. Well I think that I think of all the teams in the NFC I think they're the most ready right now I think they're them probably the most complete right now of the the other team NFC is clearly the Eagles but without them having the trigger mariner and he mentioned earlier nick foals didn't look good. In that first game of the season and maybe it's is now people have a little more film on that falls and Mike it's only week one so he can still progress and he can still be that guy that went on the playoff run last year. But or is is he this back up and two rod went down earth is now percent so. My victim if he's got back up OK yes and he's just taken a beating from watts brother. But as is on a lot of I don't see a team in the NFC really offensively or defense of its going to be able to. Keep up with what this rams team is they're offering while. I like the vikings yeah Biden easy Kirk cousins and he's a better quarterback and he's Keenan is and a double caucus healthy and so the running game should be better than it is to fund these great receiver out of younger receiver. I the vikings are also available their defense last year was not as impressive as it should have been. But I think Fisher should be on the step actually got them and then the saints to analyst kind of forget about the saints this year but the saints fixed their defense last year. And oh yeah their offense has the most lecture weapon in the NFL Allen tomorrow and then got multiple receivers who can be good this year. This is this is a team to Munich can also be really relieved and so the rams yes I agree on paper are the best team. But the thing that worries me about them a little bit is how young they are. Is they've got Jerry jobs grew out of all of the quarterbacks on most teams that I mentioned Drew Brees. Kirk cousins and eventually Carson whence I trust charity golf the least of those for now I think he could be. Does the best or second best have backed group depending on how he he continues to develop but he has a lot of work to still do to get up to a level where I trust them on on a weekly basis. Tiger is great eyes by the best these government of us from the back of all those teams. But Brandon Cox hasn't been able to to be an impact player everywhere he's gone so far in the league. He's been good but he's also been traded a lot so there's something going on there is Robert Woods going to be able to do it again after not having anything in his career. It is super cup could go do it again after having a solid first shared or sold to mean just a lot of question marks of the rams despite how good the look on paper for. For just to write to me into the Super Bowl. Right away you know so I don't have the same concerns about. Brandon cooks that a lot of other people have like in offer for as bad as she was last year's patriots still had a thousand yards and seven touchdowns. And that's with playing with the gronkowski and who's clearly Tom Brady's number one target still playing with the settlement who was always the safety net for him underneath and he was still able to. Come up with seven touchdowns you know for the season so he's Brennan go to some guy that can make it happen I was think you know he might most why receivers. They can be Davis and I think Brandon cooks is. Just as big a deal that as an O'Dell Beckham or is anyone else bush at the same time he's. He's not give the only B productions but he's given you production that she would wanna see from any starter in Italy I think. Cooks is a really great receivers a great receiver. No team would be upset to have them on as. On their roster now and we here alone because of the organ state ties and millions watching him for four years here yet and so I think honestly around here we also probably evaluate him alone with a little bit of from biased and so. Trying to take. At away. I I think Brandon cooks is in the perfect situation because he's not a situation where he needs to be the guy like don't back them. I can Dion very Hopkins like an Antonio Brown were on a certain days work his skills sets because he doesn't have. Blake a all around skill set like some of those other guys do necessarily. If he can really go off and have a core rate date but that he's not a week to week to week greats. Player. And that's the difference between him and other number one receivers are in the league and so him being in the rams' offense regard Robert Woods and cut the Cooper cup. And girly inning he got a couple young athletic tight ends. On the it fits his skill set and so they've done a great job there at the rams developing Mac and for good reason are the team to beat. In that division to soften the first time a lease on red zone via helmet rule in effect. Andrew Luck went Ryan for the first down slides in Europe gets tackled from behind and the guy coming in the safety coming in from the top goes and title over the shoulder but his helmet was down of course and he had an ML so. Personal moral thing comes comes to effect here if the bank a little what today's game Marvin Lewis should be fired immediately. Like. Who is Marvin Lewis and shouldn't be the coach of this team in the first place or not that was Letterman called salute and say enough players who shared women shouldn't be fired a I been assured that their battered in the colts' regular he should be on a game to game contract. Well that that's right through the last four years but he's been Millen every game he still. Mean I'm curious the other will roll SARS to play because we didn't see a much in. The Eagles falcons game if at all and Matt Damon like 26 penalties and we did the agency itself. Maybe. I'm of the opinion that the NFL wrestle be slightly more lenient Israel is yet throughout season there's there's these big focuses on rules. And in the branches eventually start to fade on how. Stronger they're paying attention to that as the year goes on so. Look you have to get up to date on what's going on in nine games on the TV right now coming up next though it is time for hated her luggage as you'll ask those questions. And he will give us points or deduct those points based on our answers middle all the unifil based all of that happened last couple weeks anyway. And whoever wins this house last segment so that's next but first Jesse. As sports. Balls Sunday when Mike Jimmer show and on 1080 the fan. I don't music means it is time. Or hated or loved it. I guess I I think a warning in less than some of its opinion. And just go and mr. RM let me down pull up the magical hot keys either eleven audio. Still here. Obviously we're going football football football Gloria on. And think one of the jokes in football right now is the buffalo bill's impact. And think they did pitch you throw in two decades it's been awhile. And they continue to be a joke. I got me computer ran out there this week. Josh Jones going to be to back up. Low or hates. Buffalo Bills. Will end up with a number one pick in this coming draft. Number one. Number like that means they would have to be worse in the browns they would have to be worse then. Just love it com or looking at the NFL are now the browns are not a bad team I think there's a lot of optimism. For earth for Cleveland. You you've got it's great second your guy and miles scary and you've got seemingly good quarterback and with. New guy Heisman winner. They feel they go baker mayfield. There's nothing good dough and shady McCoy is the best thing that's going on in buffalo you got to tidy that we all had a laugh that Charles clay. You've got a quarterback that we all laugh Fannie Mae computer men and then you have a backup quarterback and nobody really believes in. And Josh Allen you got a coach that nobody actually believes in. You got a defense that nobody's really sure about like everything about the bills. For the past season has been Mike what do you mean it's been has Gretchen Michael of of somebody like Tyrod Taylor further with what and didn't get any better so whenever you lose a player of that caliber you hope. To get better in certain parts and they have gotten better at any point I think it's going to be a struggle for the bills especially Peterman is in in the ball game or your quarterback so. Yes I can definitely see them being the worst team and composure. It's funny but I I love it as well it's looking at the standings you can normally pay Calais a couple of different teams that are. Gonna be really really bad and this year. I'm sure there'll be a couple but the only one is six Alec sore thumb as the bills it's the only team in the NFL it's a solid sore thumb. The browns have improved this year Murdoch going to be great but they're going to be better than and no one win team. And I'm looking around the rest of whether the divisions. All the former bad teams have to improve the bears are going to be better this year. The Buccaneers are probably going to be fine this year the Seahawks are the worst team yes USB you know Russell Wilson's can leave them some wins. I'm with for shod. You don't know anything about the bills on an emotional McCord he's the only guy that they have that you know anything about it's going to be good. They competed in the fact they picked him over Josh Allen is a huge red flag about Josh Allen. Is it computer may remember threw five interceptions and a half in his first start of his career last year. So I mean Josh Owens worse than that and that's bad and we all knew and on draft day. That whoever drafted Josh Allen. Would not be getting a guy who is gonna be ready or would be good at all in the bill suck him and we all of the bills we're gonna take him just because they were being the bills. So yes I love that the bill do worse in the NFL this year and look at the number one pick which hopefully will be enough to help them be good. Thanks let's appoint I love dishing out points meant everything about this this has been on there for awhile. I have my little list and I highlight them win we've done it. So I can go back to make sure that I haven't. And I'm not bringing up an old topic. This is what I did a little while ago I thought also on this one for awhile and we're at the beginning of the season now and we can asking obviously how. The off season's unfolded we seem pre season on. And so. With that said the browns have not made the playoffs since 2002 the bucks since 2007. And but the jets and bears since 2010. Lever hate one of these teams. And if so name him. Will break the playoffs drought this season Brown's books jets and who's in the run and bears and bears pay. That's pretty easy we just finished talking about all the great teams in the NFC. West and then south and all these things and none of which included. The the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers are. The worst team in the NFC south and then clue you know and they have they have arguably the worst quarterback in the NFC south and the guys they really can't figure out how to get together and James Winston. The jets are the only team that has some things looking up because Sam Arnold who's the real deal. Sam colonel I think is going to be a really good NFL. Quarterback and that team around them. Is it rape when it's not bad that Philip they have more to work with with him and anyone else who's you know when the browns. The browns and fortunately there schedule permits them to maybe win about five or six games this year. So I don't really think the browns the other team and the last thing you said was was who does dubbed the bears. The bears have gotten better with cool though Mac and they were a team that defensively. Showed a lot of moxie and a lot of hard on the other end they're only gonna get better on defense we'll Mack the big question for the bears. Is are they going to be able to move the ball is mischievous you know you they have a good running back they've. We know Al Shawn Jeffrey. When he was there was okay but now often. Who's gonna you've got to really catch the ball. Over there in in in Chicago for themselves as lot of question marks around them so of all the scenes of of the any of them make the playoffs this year but it almost seems I think the browns are definitely the closest to being in place. I hated as well because of the divisions at the Raleigh and the only team that's even remotely close in the division is the jets and the FC. The wild card teams in my opinion are gonna come out of the west. In the south the south is really really good looking this year in terms of the teams that are there in the west has a huge group of teams that can all finish around nine and seven. To the jets are in the best position. I don't see them being able to do it editing seemed Arnold's gonna be good this year and they do I like Robbie Anderson a wide receiver their Alex from their weapons on offense. Other bears I think are going to be much improved this year adding we'll Mac to a defense that was already getting better is just is a boon for them especially huge. An image of risky takes a big step forward but there are divisions with three teams that are very very good the vikings as we talked about a one of the best teams in the NFC. The Packers have healthier Rogers. Everyone always under race the lions they're very good team so I don't even in the bears to finish outside a third a map division despite being an improved team. I'm up by and the browns if you might be a little bit better but five wins is not gonna do it. And I box I really don't like the Buccaneers and and they've got a bad head coach under cutter I think they've got about quarterback situation of when Samantha Patrick. They've got an awful running back situation of the crime are Pete and barber. And Brian Jones an example for his name tough Ronald Jones and Mike Evans hasn't been as electric in the last couple years sigh I'm not and and on the box but. The jets are the closest but he's not gonna happen. All right. Shots hopefully. And into the final. I'm a question. Our anchors. Stuff funded such tune Lou Lou. There's another one of my daily fans the players on the plane and a ma. Now that this pigs is going to be if this is where. I said this in my fancy podcast this last week. Things finally adjusted digs is going ahead a feeling not very far but he's gonna had a feeling feeling was. Was keen m.'s man like you little as the guy at last there are bad at dealing with Cubans guy. Diggs. Is cousins guy this year and so digs is going to be the better guys here. And efficacy of but it love or hate it's. Does about the bell situation. In the offseason I think we all agree bell will not. Be resigning with the Pittsburgh Steelers Glover hit eight true contender. Will open up the wallet to pay bell in the offseason. Love yes absolutely nothing peril most teams out there they're chomping at the bit. To get a player like waving and bell. Bomb especially considering what some of these situations look like. For some top contenders meant that the patriots. Are still really looking for that guy you don't really know if it's James why especially in with the loss of Dion Lewis to your squad. We mentioned Rex Burkhead being hurt so I think there's a lot of teams out there that are looking. To improve right now especially as you look around the league. And you start to see these teams go as we've been saying all went so I think there are a lot of teams that are going to be way less disrespectful. And that then the Steelers were. And offer this guy who's been productive every year and 101000 yards for the past three seasons. That he's played at least twelve games I think it's really hard you know in the league were running backs on the get about two point eight years to play. Here's a guy going to a seven year and it seems like still be in the consistent player. That he absolutely is so yes I think there'll be a lot of teams lined up to pay him and that whomever pays him he's gonna go to a great situation and they're gonna win. Relatively quick. Absolutely love this there is always a team that will pay a player of the of the quality of play real well. And there are plenty of teams in the NFL right now they're doing with running back situations that are iffy. Or committees that they're not fully sure about some of them are doing it intentionally where they don't wanna spend money in the running back position and others are doing it out of necessity. And having aluminium bill would fix so many problems do not forget. How good lady on bell is key in the years he has played. Three of the last five years all of his career is played five years you drum for over 12150. Yards and three of those years. And having average Carrey's. Almost five yards a carry. And having eight and nine touchdowns and all of those songs. He is any elite weapon on offense any team would be lucky to have them. And you look at a team like the scenes to get album tomorrow in the draft last year look at how much that offense change for the better. Once she got known running back. There are many teams out there they could use that imagine the titans are I'm ever Highlander can enemies can be very good match in the titans and William bell pressure off of Marcus Arianna. I kind of team needs him club. Parents. Are we to pretty good on time today the parents. I kept I actually you know ran the clock pretty well today in breaks in the little shorter breaks bills sure I think we're doing OK all right with that said. Why do you actually has a segment to run. Coming up next with the earlier. And that person is going to be. Sean Taylor heard. Throw. Adultery you know me. None baby is all part of the plan knowing the time now you have an entire segment of my whole segment ethics and how Serena Williams talk for Korea. No I don't know who football first day talk about a applause almost on the fifth. Molson. My camera show. Pet from the Miami Dolphins. Ryan ten hill has thrown a touchdown. Welcome back. For the NFL around antenna permits and that whole year and let Jay Cutler come and take your job. Looks like he's better Symbian mediocre cover up that's taken the job that he's entered the me well he came in use at quarterback and knows his job air go. Kenny stills militarist if you could you just always scores touchdowns he's not very kid but he's a touchdown machine. Well. You know this year without so let and. Terrorists are nervously everything you guys have an Ole Ole brain. Are there. There without Jarvis Landry heat and Ammann dole basically have to pick up all of that slack that's a lot of targets to redistribute. In Amendola as we know is not gonna stay healthy the vaunted Parker not only is he not been any good in his career has an enormously healthy yet exactly. Kenny stills is. Going to be good this year no match at a necessity. He's going to be doing. And a number one target and everything so we'll see maybe in Miami might be like one of those addition by subtraction type things to lose a guy like Ndamukong Suh. And you know feed on dom can you can be a bit of of of hunted sometimes so I'm sure that might change your locker room with so who knows may lose a guy like Jarvis Landry lose and go economically to. Might force these other guys kind of stepped up and and be more play makers on this Miami roster. Yeah of Miami's just wonder when they're going to be like that's a team this kind of keeps. They it's it's okay for them to be crappy because they're from Miami I guess Dan Marino as well welcome to the door not anytime soon. Spirit you brought discredit ourselves for the colts Illinois Matthew Stafford can install the and I got Andrew Buckle my bitch and in favor of John Watson soft shell Watson doesn't do well. I will be blaming the bull you. How about this in Miami yet you guy at the so far enough RBC running back by committee. Gore three rashes. Drake three rashes core for 38 yards and drink for senate. It came flowing it's not in drinks favor. Which is it should not be surprising. He added I couldn't believe you are people who relate Katie injury break out here and I'm like I don't see it I don't see it. I don't see it riots after by the way out of himself today. Yeah at seventeen fantasy points. He is a Russian touched on a passing touchdown for whatever reason he's been playing way better than James would instantly with whatever that might miss is effective it's been small sample sizes of Ryan Fitzpatrick but when he comes into the game for the Buccaneers and he's been. He's been lights out Oki GM piano and said that Jamison is not a guaranteed starter when he came back from a suspension lover hate. Jamison instant star hurt so he comes back. A man yes Jay was listening you know most of the number one overall pick you as the other guy. So did he will still be the starter. I'm start mass slowly lose a lot of confidence in James season James is not the smartest guy in the world. And that because of that it's kind of hard to root for him and with all the you know. Assault stuff you know talks a lot of ladies and while I've never solved if anyone saw that the is that hard especially when here. A multimillionaire. And an NFL athlete play it freed keeping them situations art projects Hoover driver in the hadn't. Was just get enough of Iverson this man it's all about the fives right weirdo and that's weird stuff to say to like give give an awful but more grip so. Arnold with a blunt with you are really believe in Tampa and it really kind of starts and Jamison was really Ohio James what's the point. I still think he can be really good. I don't know I was thinking. I'm this is a bust a local robust as. He's he's shown flashes that he can be really really they can ask him questions about Mario at a tablet as Mario at a bus. He has not been as it is people thought it would be I mean I think we are giving him more. Leeway because Michael Archie was coach for some interest. Most of us are curious what what he doesn't there Mike Vrabel this year so whether arrest now should we give to him is once in a break because they're Carter is not. And Austin coach you kind of an attorney Darren had her daughter is known as a good offensive coach. Which is interesting. And you say how how well Ryan Fitzpatrick played wing Winston hasn't been there are so if you remember in a hard knocks couple years ago. All it was to deem us from Dirk cutter. Was reminders of basic things you miss Winston doesn't do the basic things right he doesn't do the small things right he plays. Loose and that's fine. But he doesn't have as he well. He makes poor reads and it's been years. In their I remember watching hard knocks and going to miss Winston doesn't do this yet. Yes and got this figured out these beautiful fundamental things yet pals like that I think James when some thinks he still really good. In doesn't need to listen to the coach es you because you probably has never needed to altering Birkhead has a great coach. I got a mile and I think and Fitzpatrick somebody who's he's. Is a veteran guy he's a journeyman so he's played a lot of different systems with a lot of different receivers to kind of figure out what they're able to do. But it's much easier for for somebody like that to go in and and playback existing considering nobody's really game planned for you know I got in particular plan in the played. The Buccaneers are game planning for the James Wesson and then he's on the field is like ovals. We have whereby that he's not a scramble eggs or because nothing after that because arm is strong and yeah I catch you off guard. Maybe I BFR we might have to start talking busing in from both of them. Such as commerce or associates honored just hours James Callan so whomever picked him up in your fantasy leagues I'm sure super super effort. Asked they could both be dust bowl winced and Arianna can both be considered boss hears him. The market is. Going to be the starter in Tennessee for awhile. You have that Jimmy is a great teammate is a good leader he's not bad by any means Indian Wells and here he's just not. He hasn't played like a number two pick. And obviously I would just below that to happen is hello Gloria Ayala allowed him here enemies he's fun to watch and his. When he's playing at its highest level is fund has been the playoffs a couple times just once. Just on flashier and willing to name anyone anyone a game he had a one of the great. At least in my memory one of the great playoff moments throwing a touchdown to himself and running and enforce a touchdown so. I mean I think Mario has shown mortgage payments that. Many can be the guy in the can be you know the person looks like. Looks like Lola is moved in the ball ran all over there right now shock being. I'm not see that coming Alba I'll be completely honest with. And into the bills being map that's why we also Google's agreement that was of the Weller sucked from Baltimore to via. And for all seasons back it's raining and all the my mind raining football games like you know I especially haven't played in some of those old Rex to create before. And now being a spectator or any football game. Way different you know when you're out there moving and everything you're not really thinking about the rain nothing about the cold but when you're just sitting duck let's go James liked. I think they go very go let's get on the well let's get on the board but. I'd I loved on those games. As as an as an athlete as a spectator men. When as far as rant is high school games meant mom doing updates from a car. Her show orcas those games get really really cold right around the middle of October and towards into November. A letter for net just got as the day went to medical tent in the jaguars giants game so let's get. No that's definitely not gonna feel and if you're. Jacksonville you're really depending on women from that to be. Be really the guy for you know he came in last churning really changed everything we've talked much Jacksonville for years. Being this is the year this year were played morals of this theory does this they finally got this great running back and all the sudden all of those things we've been talking McCain fruition so. He's super super important really more than Allen turns and whose votes the other guys a little dirt on what mums and more important so what they were today a team like L Kearns and Robinson and and and he came in one year it really changed. This team from. A laughingstock to a competitor you give a lot of credit. But aren't they come put moral Madeleine Internet allegedly and general. Allows the system is defense is nasty so I got to he has a hamstring injury and is questionable to weaker. Walt while he got her ushered cheated me nothing so early in the season he missed couple weeks or maybe. Maybe he's the only guy who is not going to be healthy too frequently. It's a massive attacks on the batteries and attacks on five after a firewire don't like territory in a much generally that is don't like the big bruising running back anymore in the standings in the NFL. I. I don't feel like that style fits anymore. And the defense is are so good in the fronts are so good. That if you're one of the bigger bruising running backs this is harder to get through a hole now. Anders a little faster than a guy like Trent Richardson wasn't he catches passes fine but they also had a Dion Lewis to catch passes. I don't know who's on Bynum. I don't know I'm not a big fan of of Derrick can either but only because that's what he hasn't panned out. And because from the SEC we're gonna keep given in the past he's been in the car you. This. Let's get do for us today thanks so much for listening. Next week although I I thought we were going to be on earlier are pretty sure on until the next week so. Second Salvi back the same time slot in we will have our faces scramble of course at 930 all your stars are questions thanks much for Texas those in today. And a treat them in Ennis is wont to find us on Twitter at Michael in 27 were shot that Taylor made 503 just is such as yachtsman. ANZ MAM in the fan is that 1080 the fan. The Seahawks pre game coming up next. And the Broncos have only won them all back fixed or done 11100 Sunderland football. This is put. Yeah. I.