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Friday, May 25th
We talk to Dr. Steve Madey about his Go To Ortho.

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And I intend ESPN Portland presents northwest business a weekly one hour local business wildlife. Your business to be featured on northwest business please call 503535035. Million or email NW business said in her come dot com now here's zeroes for northwest business Luke Anderson. Hey it's looking Anderson thank you for downloading northwest business podcasts in this episode talking with doctor Steve. A school to forfeit for urgent injuries like cuts breaks sprains fractures fears dislocation for the wounds skewed toward the brings more. And here's Q what did orthopedic level one trauma experienced direct. Online at go to war zone dot com this interview originally aired on 910 ESPN Portland. Doctor Steve maybe thank you very much for taking the time to join us and put this. Okay thank you very much for having me look I appreciate it it's my pleasure on so you've started a clinic called code two or so when did you open. That's correct we open in July. It's a urgent care for orthopedic injuries and I think. One of the things about orthopedic injuries and I think. The people don't completely understand what that encompasses but orthopedic injuries are pretty much any time you hurt yourself that's an orthopedic injury. So if you break your bones to dislocated her ankle your elderly cut your skin your brain you pull attendant. He Terrell gimme dislocated joint you cut a nerve and cut an artery all orthopedic surgery. So does it need to be diagnosed in tune. Go into the clinic or is that what you're doing their solar let's say for example I dive for a softball and a game in my shoulder is an immense pain. When I go street's view and skip the horror how would I well we don't wanna replace the ER in terms of what we consider to be emergencies rights and you think you need to go to the ER you go to New York. But if you like your emotional was kill me don't go to the New York. That's where we commitments also an unheard of for a few days there's more work to be certain that day OK you know you make the decision about what you think is an emergency if you come in to see me and it looks like and its own real emergency but you need to be in any arm of the call and it's a New York. But we generally deal with all of that stuff either and than you are in the clinic anyways who use dislocated. You know I can probably just pop the death of public back in in the office I can make the diagnosis there. So you know what we try to do mean where were MD's were surgeons right so. We try to make a diagnosis before we jump into. The treatment play and writes really it's the way to practice medicine so you know what we do you provide a direct access into. Art care. When you have an injury or you get hurt and console think the shoulder for instance you think may be dislocated right you're like well when you're New York. Or can I go to see these guys she calls up and say hey you know you think you can handle a small we'll tell you whether we can handler great. Okay then they and so orthopedic injuries and that's anything that is bone. Muscle ligament related tendon but if nerves skin than most is time if you do the person that interviews of the you're not sure what the injury is rice Dan I've gone through this now personally. I I do have a shoulder injury it is something I think was from a softball well I dive that I made this summer but I just I went through the process just gotten the results back and MRI whenever that was my doctor today. They said that they don't need surgery now but if it's something that continues to bother me worry gets worse that I could go see a surgeon is that something. Now gone through most of the process and an idea what it is I can choose to go see you verses going through that path or how about work. Yeah I mean you can you could go to us for the initial problem. Right you can go lust to see. You know hey my shoulders kill me OK let's can no more I'll tell you what it is and then I'll tell you we know what your options are surgery. We can deal with that I can send you to somebody who would deal with that right that you view would know what's going on right out of the gate OK see just some essentially your directly linked to the doctors Amber's is going through the big system that's kind of filter and hospital exactly and for a lot of injuries we are the doctors to. Yeah I. So we don't you know I'm not gonna. I don't do a lot of Scopes in the people in my office don't go on Scopes right now but you know we know a lot of people in the area who who were great. School biologist I call woman who can you know fiction shoulder without. You know doing any harm. For anyone just joining the program talking with doctor Steve maybe he is the one of the primary physicians AGCO to worth though you can find them go to ortho dot com. Or give them a call 5038509950. Why did you see the need to start this clinic this is a first of its kind import. If I'm not mistaken I think it is in Portland there's one in condemn that new viewers started to hum that's been doing really well. My I think it's the first real urgent care for therapeutics in the area here. The impetus to start that was you know medicine is getting more and more complex right in his. As a patient or customer it's very hard to navigate that system right so. You it to actual long time to figure that out. And because it's more and more complicated more and more expensive and ultimately you're gonna come see somebody like us anyway. We just figured more open the door and you can come directly to us and asked. And just cut out the middleman. I'm not gonna say 'cause the middlemen and a segment of direct access okay well that works for me to do for the positive way of saying it when you first beginning to start the process of started the clinic how how many different places you go and visit. See how they operated you said the there was one and band I imagine there's other clinics like yours around the country. You know there are there's a lot of around the country and they're very successful lives one up in Olympia some friends of mine started that I know a number of different clinics around the country have been very successful. I didn't really go to look at those because it's what we do anyway right now so. We are our job really is to diagnose. Patients with the injuries and then take them through. Still there. Medically stationary there plateau or they're completely better own take them to the best place they can be too so. It's it's what we do as orthopedic trauma apologist to begin with. So it's it's in our it's big in north into the cake that we are so we just. Opened that up to people so. We just naturally. Did what we've always done but now we just open the doors to everybody in educating people in terms of what their options are to go through. The collaborate and for sort of go directly to the source highlight the direct path that makes a lot of sense to become a little bit about your career you've been doing this a long time. I'm an important twenty years have worked mainly Emanuel hospital at. He union orthopedic trauma. And I did a hand in micro vascular fellowship. You know I was doing some math. I'm a couple months ago I probably fixed over 121000 patients in Portland from just injuries alone when I sort of and up what you know what I've done and my partners of the same way have been more than for a long time. And before that I was and I know that's where did my training before that I was in New York it's where I grew up and I want to Colombia for medical school. I'm song kind of an East Coast guy transplanted out here because. My wife and I you know really liked and out here we came to visit about twenty years ago and we just starting a family we thought this is a great place to raise our kids and turnout be wonderful place to raise our kids with the clinic Gobi mention others other doctors three other physicians that are there with him. Yeah a doctor on rumors Corey Gandhi's own schools golf and brick from those are three. Other Indies with me orthopedic surgeons and we all some specialize in different areas some doctor from myself we work on the upper extremity of the hands the elbows shoulder. Doctor Corey I called because his Dutch name is too long something completely renounce. He works mainly in just general trauma. And then doctor Mirza is. Trauma fellowship trained surgeon as well but he also does a lot of joint replacement in the end in him. So the clinic is fairly new rule out have been received so far important and so far it's been phenomenal I mean the clinic is new but we are not price and so we have we've. We re branded some of the offerings we have to the general public. But you know the response has been you know all overwhelming in terms of in enthusiasm I mean people. They come in their life that's at that that's going to do I mean you know and then they have their options immediately right. Doing these surgery no you don't need surgery you need this into doing need this big bulky bulky cast no you don't need that big bulky cast. These are your options Jesus think things you can do that are going to work you pick what you wanna do. So. For you and just join in the program we are talking with the doctor Steve maybe he is one of the primary physicians AGCO to ortho you can find them online or go to or so located outcry and Lake Oswego 4103. Mercantile drive. Or he can give them a call 503850. 9950. What are the most common injuries that you see. So four or throughout your career. Well I think we've seen almost everything. Throughout our careers to serve our collective careers probably approaching a hundred years of experience in terms of practicing. From ecology and injuries the most you'll skill system. IIA convention to say if you can imagine something happening to the human body. We probably need it to be and I am I gonna go under gore do you don't know I don't need to go to a particular ball above that. What do you see most commonly though I mean is it just simply haven't been maybe not even the injury itself but maybe because of injuries though a lot of falls on household injuries industrial injuries so cuts sprains dislocations. Simple breaks. You know those types of thanks and for people that think that. They're invincible I was certainly this way when I was younger I put a lot of sports and I would always try to sell peel you know you go out yet. Her ear hamper your ankle or whatever Nike it'll be fine who were the ones that. In your experience people should try to avoid just kind of self healing on well you know I don't. I don't know from him the body is a really good healing machine right and I think you really good surgeons and physicians. Understand that and try to help the body do it very knows how to do rather than think that they have all the answers so that's the way we practiced medicine so. If you you know if you jammed your finger and you wanna give a couple of days and starts to get better. I don't see huge problem with that but things to start to linger and they're not getting better and you're worried about those things to sort of get answers about. And there's a lot of things that we treat that we don't treat right so. One of the things we've gotten very good at is knowing when to treat and when not to treat pregnant you know those are. Then there's a fine line between those two but it's very important to it just is important not to over treat as it is to under treat. I like their philosophy alive. Tell me about the the process with. You know they Affordable Care Act and insurance all of this is changing constantly worry we're at a time in the year where were looking at our open enrollment. You take all the same insurance as you'd find in a hospital how to make that process a little more direct. Like you are with the care yes we do and I think that as you go through your open enrollment you look at things there's one thing that stands out to you when that's that the price keeps going up right. And with the prices going up your deductible keeps going right and that's the you know that's the way to transfer the cost back to the consumer. That process makes you a much more educated consumer when it comes to price and quality. That's where we come and we offer the highest quality possible at a very reasonable rate. Right so you that the process of the four affordable health care act. In making things more expensive has driven and the average consumer to become more educated. And the more educated you all right I hate to quote the commercial but the better off we are in it. And is that part of the reason this clinic in clinics like this are opening up exactly yeah this and that is the there's the direct costs is being passed onto the consumer and used to be the indirect costs was passed on the population on the direct costs being passed on to you. That make you more motivated to find out what you're getting yourself into I imagine this is a lot more fun for you working directly with folks not only are patients out of this big machine that is Dell's healthcare system. You made a direct line for yourself to the patients that's going to be it's relieving it that's fun I mean you Carol about a lot about doctors being burnout because there's too much pay board there's too many things is too much bureaucracy this is a way to. The sort of get to the heart of what we were trained to do and that's identify. You know injury and then figure out what to what to do about it. So if you've got a knee injury and you would like to see doctor meteor any of his colleagues you can go to go to or though. Dot com or you can give them a call that number again. Is 5038509950. Is this the the gold have the one clinical or is this a model you wanna replicate across. Up pour. I'm I'd like to expand the model I think fifty you know we're gonna grow organically we're gonna grow slower moments you with the volume looks like gonna wanna get too far out over my ski tips. And then we'll see what the demand looks like and if the demand grows. You know we'll open up some more clinics. You know it's it's striking that in the number of ER visits around the city is in and I'm unbelievably high number. And resentment growing number and it's always a growing number because the population is O somehow living longer and people are becoming more frail as they get almost from the number grows. But 30% at least of although musculoskeletal orthopedic injuries. So there's a very high volume through the viewers every day and I'm very high percentage of that as muscular skeletal so. Good number of people getting hurt every day is the staggering. For yourself when you've been a physician here in Portland for two decades moving into this role as a business owner is an entrepreneur or is is it different from what you were doing. Where did you find the transition would be. Easy for. If it's it it it's like I said before it's kind of what I've always done up. The business side of it you've had you have to become a good businessman to become a doctor anymore because. It it's very important to have those two skills sets because things are changing so quickly and the news. You know health care represents 16 of the gross domestic product it's a huge number in the United States currency you have to have a business acumen. As well as the health acumen to really practice effective medicine anymore. So it's the transition has been actually quite easily now and how important it is a static when you go under doctor Bob office I mentioned and of this morning I was in a doctor's office. How important is a static to make you feel people come from one make a man is that something that you put a lot of commented yeah I think that it's extremely important I mean you don't have to do it but I think that when you do it really sort of goes over the line in terms of making somebody feel comfortable mean. Those are some conscious messages of the come through the aesthetics of a place right and you can feel it even though you're worried about something else. There's an overtone that you recognize. In a warm overtone is is is very receiving I think it's really important when when somebody's hurt and they're they're trying to heal so. It in our old clinic we used to. It was just front line orthopedic surgery all the time and we didn't pay as much attention to aesthetics but in the new place. That makes a very important to me I want people to have that that sub conscious. Message of you know this is this the place actually cares about what's going wrong. One more time what's go through the people are other good candidates forty mystic falls certain what they think as a bona ligaments attendant. Muscle be alive you go through country to do a better job tonight. Well I mean it's basically any injury I mean we're we're basically. Injury care specialists I mean we're not neurologists and we're not neurosurgeon so I don't deal with. You know. Brain injuries or you know concussions like that but. Anything you can do yourself whether you're riding a bicycle or you're in a car in the skateboarders just walking in the home you fell or your twisted anything. Everything that you do it yourself the causes pain that you physically done that represents an injury that we've seen and we're prepared to deal. And as a reminder it's not just new injuries it's anything's been lingering has been bothering you for a while or it's something that's popped up to a absolutely. And in you know in in health care or or being an orthopedic surgeon you know it's important identify. There's things that are gonna get better on their own you don't wanna do anything what we just one of reassure. There are things that are only gonna get a lot better with surgery. And there's certain things that you really can't do that much about console. He first needs to clarify what really is going on what the diagnosis is and then what can be done about it and then you with the patient make a decision about. What course of action should we take. Save yourself the headache save yourself the trouble have a direct line to the doctors to go to ortho. Go to ortho dot com give McCall 5038509950. Located out in the wake us we go and if things go according to plan there may be more. In the future doctor Steve mating think for taken them talk with the north of its. Thanks very much attrition. You like your company to be featured on northwest business called 5035350358. Or email and W business a dinner con dot com.