Hot Corner 6.13.18 (HR 1)

Mike needs some help for his wife's birthday, some Mariners talk, Big John (1080 The Fan's Mariners Analyst) joins to talk some M's, and our Fantasy Grind!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and she. It would like to hear him to scamper home. Two on zero. Dive on baseball. Wade Boggs has a hall of fame third baseman. And mud Taylor. Slowly destroy the Seattle now. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some saved fifty some say as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of fear nobody can drink that much. Now when an attitude like that now here euros from a hot corners counterterrorism seven foot kid that strokes into the acne on his back and Mike Lynch me looks really hot. Spontaneity most trimmed I had about about about about a about a Patrick is out today on a mile. So it is hi Mike Lynch in the host chair Jo fish is with me as well behind the glass. Melinda co hosting slash producer duties today. Don't have to fight with Patrick today over the TV now normally the Indians do have day games on Wednesdays so it's like dating user holds put it on the rim here. But tonight the Indians are also on. And since she's out that just keep thinking imam. Totally fine only to worry about wanted to fight the putter needs to try to wrestle there motor debate which team is more important earned in a bigger situation with the Yankees it's in the opening. The Obama won the two on one now. They're typically. A diplomat played like m.s can hostage kick him to start the show here. We have Patrick is out today issued back next week. But there is so. Much to get to you today that we should be totally fine. And we voted to all the baseball coming up shortly but I wanted to throw this out there is a question and I know my wife is probably not listening right now so this is totally okay. But. The question even if she is it's fine Eisner talked. The question I have is this. Ally's birthday is on Friday. Now all up until Monday. I completely forgot that her birthday was Friday. She knows that I forgot it was funny it was a joke yesterday when I got home miles like you I I just remembered it was a birthday yesterday she was like. She played fake angry at me but. Hopefully taking your list. But the question I have is this now this is more for the married couples out there but we're now in year two of our marriage we've been together over. Our Schneider tenure during. Do I need to use. To. Wine and dine her in surprise her. Or can I say hey it's your birthday where would you like to go anywhere you want let's go. Do I leave it up to hurt or July surprise her with a choice of where we're going. Because. There's the romantic side admitted to the surprise and stuff like that but since I only remember on Monday animal behind the ball with like sending up a nice light. Day or August evening on Friday wants an offer from here. Is it I guess I should say is an acceptable in your mind to say hey where would you like to go let's go. Or do I need to go a step further because as Herbert. I think that you deathly asked that question initially just out of yup Curtis courtesy just to see if there's a restaurant or somewhere that she's been. Kinda goes to lately that's caught her high. But if she's giving you nothing and by and it doesn't matter it's not an important then that's when you need to you definitely. Poll on your big boy pants. Find a nice restaurant. And taker. Why you say you're already behind the ball and for getting her birthday came. It's out of like not just Jews are you gonna go all taken pay for it then I I think that that effort won't be there as well. So if she here's the thing as an issue it's a restaurant she's like well I saw this recently that looks good and yet take into it but if she's not giving any thing. Then I think you what I need to impress her little bit. Okay she was telling me that she dropped me a hint. At some point we're in Vegas nightclub missed completely. Enough on the hints and I know I hate him stone played the game with me just tell me please. It is up that I forgot her birthday I just didn't realize it was already almost June 15. That was the thing is that I looked at the calendar and went coalition twelfth. Or June 11 whatever day it was Miller who don't care and it went way. It's June 11 there's something going island way here when the fifteenth 2000 during the math in my head crap that's on Friday. It. As a tax your thoughts to to my parents predicament but my question goes into Iceland. At 55305. Couple attack authority committed in low cost or. We've looked and are probably up in public the rest of us. But at that maybe true maybe maybe true maybe I would pick a place that was. Mobile or. Some in that I wanted but I knew that she liked. Instead of senate she truly wants. When she's a huge fan of sushi. My dad is her favorite food alcoholic sushi but it's like you know I I don't. Necessarily choose to go to sushi restaurant so goes up to me I'd take like a place that I can get some and I would love and she do it earlier this is good. But I have a feeling minutes if I ask her is gonna pick sushi players so in that sense that I Michael idea if I if I'm the one planning it and I better take a sushi it's what it's. But I'm not getting dinner and its. Record for her arm and also I am highest. It's always about you question some Mike Fisher house is an effort to reduce you have to know she wants to get it done stupid yeah I kind of agree with that. Allied attacks all of garden eightieth. Hello hello you outlook term. Lured a suit says it's like well it is my passion bucket. Is very useful for that at 6 o'clock it is now empty I have already yelled. In screamed in tantrum about the olive garden for twenty minutes I'm good. Don't go don't goad me into it again don't they mean if you didn't listen to clubs today Joey talked about the the six I will not be you don't mind. My thought why why why. I will not go down that. Again. This text says maybe give to quality choice with a drop or you can be good views and I'll pay for your regular favorite give quality choices but she can also peck. Some. A 24 years if she likes surprises they go 41 and done with your plan yes. I did an estimated deal I did. This was an an avid reader birthday but it was last year maybe two years ago. We used to live downtown and then we moved out of the birds just to afford living. And we just have played these running and walking routes that we would take together that. Were up in the in the West Hills kind of behind PSU out there whom we can kind of see the whole city of Portland you can see the mound a lot of a lot of places right and I surprise her. Once it was sort of ran on Saturday I was like we're doing something Saturday. You know it is. I brought her back up to the hills and walked around his kind of like a memory thing MM runner up to her to play condemn him for like two years about one to elect a lot. And down. And she was like. Blown away at and to me that's a click such little thought to those like here's two things about that I'd like to do again and I heard imam is the animal like brushing my shoulders off like a year and a win and tonight. So maybe maybe it does have a knack for that Nike just do it off the cuff like tomorrow for recommend for purchase like plants on them. So you hope you're seeing a very confident right now at this point. You're one for one so let's not. Excellent judgement on this okay and I'm gonna feel confident now because now I can make despite a surprise planned well I think I think some of Texas or I do you wanna. I do wanna ask her if there's a place she wants ago and I I dilate your point to you if she is. He decides our about it you are giving you anything and I'm gonna go full surprised Mona. Got to suggestions from two different people about this please call of your off a furry. A few of theory. I announced they if you are want him and great sushi that way more there is stuff. That is amazing. Mean so I don't have a place I was asked him bamboo which had been to multiple times for the New Orleans sushi I am personally not a sushi fan so yeah that is definitely not my and I category for. For Google it now don't mind me take your club ended his arms up tanker floating. You know it's Friday right. You know Friday night on the show I am assuming she does not wanna do you have for her birthday if you shots in Kansas the wild some young men from Beaumont. Near cascade of its. Really close to here to pop across the bridge. Video. Shouldn't come meet me out just intimate kind of sucks to show it off work at a normal time and I get off work at seven to right so chill. Well apparently meet me here in the parking lot of her birthday. Or just a way to work for two hours away and Holm pilot sees wait Narnia. Yes she should win at home militias to drive twenty minutes or thirty minutes out of the way just to go back all the way to the side. He now that's why. Week weekday birthdays sock. Because. You're steer stuck doing whatever it is you already were doing. My birthday this year on a Wednesday. So all I don't get off until nine on Wednesday it's the at all. And this is you do not matter musically basically and I found out you're album ever decided to produce a number as well Holland Basil birthday gift for is. But I needed to do the double duty on my birthday that day. Have we ever does come sock they do the entire being tired of the day is taken up with usual schedule and you've got like two hours decent and you've like. Exactly legacy just don't matter that here. The first is elevated prominent hip industrial space. Did you stop talking in the middle of some other now that was weird. Think I did but I always thought we have a lot of baseball coming up on the show today a wanna spend some time on the Mariners remembering John. On the show. I wanted to talk to him about the vibe he's feeling about the team because we know John is generally. During the season pessimistic generally before the season cautiously optimistic. But I wanna talk to him about the M is currently sells going to be coming up at 730 there's a lot of mariners news in general. A base around a walk off win today as well as the Jerry to photo statement or just answer to a question about. Chilean time on his injury is a big deal. I don't really wanna talk about what it means to the angels much as I wanna talk about what the Angel should do with the Tommy. It is a totally unique situation. And they gamble a big big big choice in their hands coming up a little bit later this season also if you haven't seen it. Watch it in the commercial break I tweeted earlier today app might clinch 17. It is a completely. Unedited. Video. Of it I think it was a series last year or two years ago Mets vs Dodgers. No cinder garden through behind Chase Utley and got immediately throughout the game. In Terry Collins came out to argue and the Mike of the crew chief of the umpires is life. And it's unedited so massive work some assured no kids around an army officer into my iPad or your headphones and and it is really really fascinating audio and Allen talk about that and what. Now how I want more of it so listen to that might flinch when his seven quote treated at a couple pride made like ten or 11 AM this morning. Powell also fair tallied thirty we'll talk criticism 45 obviously some organs they beat them there as well. There's they've moved on the college World Series and are now the favorites to win cultural serious threats are coming up on the hot corner. Tex I'm 55305. And annexed the Mariners have a different feel about the mission in this of the hot corner on this. Terrorism wins on 1080. Seven Tony here on your Wednesday evening pat yourself sons Mike and Joseph with you. Johns join up and about ten minutes to talk. It's a matter owners. Finish coming up at 745. Event. Thank you for all the tax. I appreciate the suggestions. One brilliant idea that I'm not sure I'm brave enough to trying to issue discos item you'll surprise me. Is. Easy got it all figured out all these dues teller were bigger surprising her with her for her birthday when she asks where your going to hoarding gas. Whatever her first guess is that's for you taker. I did a brilliant idea. But I don't know in her I think she'd probably go. In. You you've you've surprised you so much dinners for someone you know and I just liked. I answers. Yeah so although I am I am I looking Nevada for you place the fury. Forty I don't know minimum minimum. Mispronounce the name the entire time looking to battle to smother places to visit if she is gonna have to wait for the show to be over amend the meet me here than. Might as well be in the city MB surprisingly soft. I'll bail to business forget to remember what what actually happened on number that they are texted a mask if you if you care at all next week now I'll remind you guys but. I really really really wanna spend some good quality time on the Mariners today. And I don't know if you remember last weekend we talked about this classic might have been two weeks ago now but. How the Mariners test the true tests. Was going to be the next four series. It was the angels. The Red Sox the Yankees. And Red Sox. Well the first of those says the angels. Went by me in a sweep. For the Mariners they swept the angels today on a walk off two run home run permit ten under is there 18 to six they were down at. In the eighth inning they got a solo home run from Brian Healey to tie the game. They were also down I wanna say six to 41 point. Came back to tie the game as well thanks to a jeans a girl RBI double so they just kept fighting back. And after paying attention and I didn't really watch much of this game because it was on FaceBook only. But after following along Tennessee in the vibe wash some of the highlights. Man. There is a very very very special field. About this mariners team this year. Sometimes you watch teaming you go. Something's different about them something is. Some of the X sure is happening that's gonna help push them out much further. And I've said this many times in the show's marketable to the point but generally I like to me from the Mariners this year I can't because I think the Mariners are for real. I think the Mariners are just flat out good. End this series against the angels and a game like today where they had so much adversity. Proves. In my opinion that they are good. And that they are ready to challenge for the jail last in its not that make the playoffs as a wild card team. Lot of other janitor hot. I totally forgot about him per SE RS I mean now I know they've been playing great lately by Eads I believe he had two home runs yesterday also. I know you had won late in the game but as editor coming to the clutch for them and and Asia really is homered in back to back days now until now it has so I mean in the union contributions from. I mean just guys that not so much our forget double layer like oh yeah Tehran's squad to at least for me that's what it's like. When I heard I'll feel the other day they're thrown out their house just like oh that's right this vinegar yeah he's pretty good and then what has he done the past couple days. So on as a text comes then thank god canal got suspended. So that's at least one person's opinion on you know this team since canal has gone households well. The Mariners had me I guess now a 23 and seven records and you know got suspended estan that's an EMC has since that point it. And bizarre it is bizarre injury to photo. Says that. In an. Quote that. The Mariners have gone one of two ways they could of folded. When we can now got suspended. And lost some of the hot start. Or they could've been galvanized and said hey we just lost our best player. Let's rally around each other and keep pointing clearly the latter's what's happened and it just. I used to kind of wait for the Mariners to blow it even if they had a lead. Now Mobil's waiting for the Mariners to come back to regain. Now almost waiting premiums to. Two to always be able to win the league game I know that a huge huge portion of their games. Has been a one run out of the 11 variety one run Friday. And I know they are having huge winning record in one run games. But to meet us on a negative. To me that's almost more of a positive or where you say they're battle tested. When you get to the plows it if they make a wild card game for example. Like that is likely going to be a really close tense game. They've had so much experience dealing with down already this year to debate answers to benefit. So they played a lot of close games they've won a lot of close games they've won since their best player got hurt. Everybody seems to be hitting well. Either together or at various times are all give each other up of someone's hobbling him tiger wasn't hitting well up until a couple of days ago where it kind of turned hot again and to me it is the perfect formula. For a successful team and probably heard about a U you have proven means in many others wrong and poking fun at how many trades you make how many moves you make because the last three or four you've done. Asus. Have been great. Trading Tyler Walker and cattle marte for gene cigarette Misch Kenner. So her as 500 times the player marte isn't power walkers on the Tommy John and commissioners are great I guess that one worked out. Trading Tyler O'Neil for Marco Gonzales. Gonzales last year was dreadful you think that's a lost cause a meal is is one of the one of the best young hitters in the mayor's system of SA FL he said some a couple of weeks ago that he's like. Second in batting average for the cardinals are none analogy he only got called up. For a little bit but he elect three home runs in his first four games or something for. But then he shock out apparently ten of his last all the past miss an impact. So he got sent back down and Gonzales is pitching two ups 35 issue RA. The I think it was a trade Billy given a couple of minor leaguers. The call may Denard Span trade. Are spanked him very good for them colonias are at all sort of operate animal if you but he is he's a solid having guy for them especially and it could close a replacement he has ever gets hurt. All of his trades. Have been successful. So. Rob all mariners it's been a lot of fun and I actually hope that they keep doing this because it's gonna be such a great story in baseball they can get back to playoffs for the first time since 2001. You're kidding me that's gonna be it's. Talk about mare's baseball meaningful bears baseball and it be nice for us to get to September. You know and it's not a matter of if they're going to the playoffs it's and that a lot locking up one of those wild card spots in the AL less it would be nice to have. Then not BA last day kind of thing a final three games of the season will they won't play well if you look at the American League. I know it's gonna be like that that's it looks pretty sat elbow is shaping up to be that they can lock it up in early September. And you know maybe a couple weeks before the season ends. Men as well the series is huge amount of the angels and Alex seven games back of the Mariners right that's good for second place in the mail last. The Yale leases are reset between those two teams yankees Red Sox runners and efficient first but knowing his near those two. The Indians. Look like they're gonna be clearly the winners of the central. By. Nobody in that division has a record anywhere near the second haley's team and currently these second hail west team which between the Mariners and Astros. They're the boat is of the same record so to me it's kind of sat. They could be set in August. You know maybe that's a negative you don't wanna be back comfortable for the long but they could be they can be ready and raring to go out early you know if everything keeps going and a similar way. So you're right if if they don't have to stressing out. How nice about the difference and be really interesting after all these years and not making a play all right they're not stressing it out in the opposite way yeah yeah. Right so much about that. I'll win big John coming up next as well as Jerry to put those comments about you know indeed Gordon. And that's next but first the Jonas. This is my hot corner. Terrorism when John ten navy program. 7:35 here on Wednesday evening. They very sad update. I've been alerted that the link was broken for the video I told you guys all to go watch the Terry Collins live Mike umpire video. And I did some digging in Major League Baseball removed the video or got the video removed from Twitter. So. If you went to Twitter to watch it I'm sorry you cannot do it but I also describe it to you later in the show and discuss how I think that's important to. Us as fans but it's a took the video down jerks. Actually I found the video once guests. Twit compare it a little tease there are yes disappointment they don't follow Joseph Fisher don't Jo fish three FINCH three. And shall I guess retreat to video again so they're ago but now. We bring I'm headed to the fans. Mariners' expert and analyst John Cannon. Joseph told me you aren't entitled you wanna go to games as a media member how well. Yeah I want our. Credentials I I was telling you that I have I have been building momentum quote unquote in one way or another out per decade. And people eat out like you to get anything out I'm like no not really but at all ABM. I'm purely opt out by the twenty games over 500 he'd look for rest. I think governor I regret that requests the media credentials to chip an ideal vehicle we'll cover this team. Yeah I think he deserves it had this point after Aldridge is. I think I think our brother has refused to entertain a pretty eager to stay. It'll lead to meet wandering around like in the dugout or in the locker after the game like asking Robert Kraft is due in people's back some things in here and I I you get fired in the air I'm. I'm under control on the they'll reckon it'll look at our eco credentials. The other problem John zarrella is here in the press box and would you be able to handle that. I usually quietly that night. I mean each code. Over you have some really weird looks at the. But yeah. Maybe it's for the past well look this is that if there's still there's still doing this and obviously you are re visit my courage ordered a Woolsey. Well I don't know if you listen to the show at all job last segment I was talking about how special. There's actually feels of the matters every year there's one or two teams don't have that kind of vibe to them are and to me the Mariners are that team this year. And I've wanted to bring you want to the fan perspective too because. You're a long suffering mariners fan and the way I described earlier list. You are normally very pessimistic during the season and a very cautiously optimistic in the offseason. Or have you completely flipped years. To. Positive idiom and positive thoughts of the Mariners this year do you think it's a special live news. Yet get close ought to do that now the pick up in America is. They have had programs over the over the last decade or use sort of start to eagle like maybe fifteen to do something. And and beat her hair and they always let you down without bail set at zero. And so. You know to use a better now you're good your QB. Aaron. You're in the quarter we had no matter how good Eagles you pick a newspaper come and again the picture so I think. And I executed this news. This is starting to feel different for me this is starting to feel like it's real it's starting to feel like they meet you got to go on Iran. And you know you and I are in the past and are joking excess. You know the cubs eagle went on around him in sixteen in the end the royals did your team that they were cut and that underdog and it felt like. Just a casual. Sports and in baseball fan jumped on board and rode that wave with sent our dual. If there there's never been you know they have kind of a local or. A little on treatment northwest IP. If they can keep this thing you know you're I think you're going to seal. The entire Pacific northwest get on board this this could be practical. Well the rights of 2001. Last time him in the playoffs have never made the World Series one of two teams to still hold that mantle. I agree with yes. Or. No problem I got to set the scene John. The U you're totally right about that that I mean the cubs now no longer lovable losers but they were because. It'd be in a hundred some years since and one World Series so hurt everyone gets on board and everybody words for that team just because it's a fun story. And barbecue and I think that general area that we might be like underdog in. In the opposite an underdog but you'd get bit. Chairman of sports figure and not in order to have a human he's quite followed sports are there are some people just wait watched. The postseason. You know you're in court that aren't story they get on and I I sit here that the Mariners never get there. What's more global order cartwright seventeen year downtrodden yeah. You know big picture either that people can get on board with that bat that is exit. This text says lifelong mariners have 34 years in 95 they had the field they were never out of a game that was a special season same. In 2001 this is the same feeling every day afternoons a wash the team that has a tree. I love this doesn't feel like 2001 and 95 do you jump. It does a little bit aren't fired a little bit different because they where people forget this state work that do it in spite until a year and he. Rick being Rick he got hurt. And nobody everybody thought that would Beatty and try to repeat broken Israel. And everybody thought it would be over and as later it ought. Later the middle market careless they were pared back in the way. And then they went on that that's ruptured September did what they get to the outlook was also little bit different because they started out of the game as busters and I think it was something like. It was like you ordered to lie or they lost consecutive games that whole murky series that are over that. By July they ran away with that so it's a little bit different but the thing that is the same but by a bright future question is. That watching this team right now you'd never release feel like they're out and so. It certainly is the first time I felt the police have to go to law. If you. I know a lot of things there are kind of clicking all the same time the young bats or hit me good trades pitching is doing well bull pens could. If you can pinpoint one thing irk you had to pinpoint one thing that's making the team field is different to you. What is it. I think you bureaucracy starting pitching right now yeah. You might say that is because that you and I have this conversation a couple of times during the it is. Every single person every single I bought the Mariners needed more pitching it just wasn't good. And this was a weird here were there with pitching because. And the joke I used to make everybody knows the pitching except for the guy in charge he stretchy. And he said consistently all slower. I got it we got like the guys we got will be far and current allowed the sad thing is that this is the worst on. But outside of Felix. I like to guard they're they're really good and they. And so. I would point to that as on the field stuff and and the other thing that really give us a lot. Q what game the coach showed. Read to beat writer and stop the guy in the repeating the credit the players are giving credit to Scott service they're saying that he has created a culture in that locker letting guys beat himself bloody leaders comported leaders I. And they'd really give him a lot of credit and I've ever been a huge cut server but it. I mean when the players executed over and over again you know where there's smoke there's fire. That reminds me a little bit I solace today because ticket to rumpus gradient today in the loss to nothing to the Braves. The mats talking about that Mickey Callaway said that the vibe in the dugout when to gram pitches is awful. And that Todd Frazier or she apologized to him after this camera they got shut out again he's got some sort of his last ten stars don't know point six CRA and the Mets are two innings in the start something crazy. And we talk about this for the blazers ally you know chemistry is really important thing but it's true. If you have an and I think bad to your point John is is part of the reason Scott service is getting some of credit. Is if you create a culture. Maybe not a winning culture necessarily but a culture. That keeps the team. Jelled together. And keeps them positive and keeps them any good amount of energy. That I think that naturally means that your team has a chance to come back and Iverson game if if they're down like today. The bears don't want three different times in the came back to win the Malacca to mean that doesn't happen with every team. Right in the in the quarters ever hope your quote that you grid after peaking. Was that the murder went down rapper real cure it gave up a couple of all of broadly and there are two routes. Two of all the work. We got service said after the game you know this is the bullpen was short today they have no fear or use column may. Cup seeger was a late scratch with a personal issues and he's not in the lineup. And corporate service said after the game was when we went down I searched for every single person in that dugout but we win. Every single person and you know that's what can you control your write about think debt collection in that the murder improvement that is true and so I think spirit is something to do that there is something to. You know about 22 and seven cents casino went down because no topic is eager he did good player. And kind of the leader of the Eric got there when he went down service in the total drop side makes it look you can go on a few weeks we going to take it later. Our could go either gone or weaken all Eric. When people ask us down a wrote why are so good without could help it be because you guys and you know troops and put it. That's sparked some. The part that's partly what 23 and seven record since you know got suspended so far. Best record in baseball since that point which is again just another example of what we're talking about a person trapped air to fall. And that the team that historically awful for. So it's kind of weird that you how legitimate is hopeful that yet. They're driving under these conditions that it's really fun to watch right now. I saw it ask you this before before religion ago. The photo also said that can nose job is not secure when he comes back or suspension. Has them playing well at second base again their same minute that they wanna keep. And that Camilla may split some time with him. He more as a fan what do you think about this and then what do you think bill do to get Camilla to lineup for the gonna DH or put Nelson Cruz in the outfield and he's not but to a defense of governor anymore. Careless attitude out. To us. Well you perceive there and then went with the total set that as the next thing you said was looks summit this'll be determined by where we are standing kudos. They'll get them back to the middle walker so it's fair they're doing what they're doing right now in the middle blocker Specter or senator such situations that they call the pink in the air. You know ten games back by the middle of August which can be very bare light. You have that it really doesn't matter much so I think it's too full I think ordered. If they're played well you have to leave New York is an okay play in the playoffs. And you need to leave that in their the other thing I think is interesting. Here is. There had been talk almost have to pay an exciting you know he's halfway through his take repeal. There's been talked all along that at some point you have to transition in the first base because that's the position he's gonna play. And so kick you know has resisted he has ordered in Butte. I wonder part of this Tuesday quietly can know how electric right if you go to canal and say okay. You know our second baseman anymore you really can't complain because he immediately got greedy it. So I wonder if I order this is a look at the photos been thinking that our congress are worried about how he's going to be there a little and Beatty this is the opening. That allowed him to say hey. You know you're not gonna be the second baseman anymore so I wonder appears little that ought to. Yeah but then you have Brian Healey is actually hitting well right now the Houston while then what do you do attempt. Well it'll be a drop out I you know it's. I can't remember the last time the barriers slip in August level at any point this season. I have a problem where they've set. We got to be adapter. So. That's. All that I'll be happy to be a problem but there and artistically who their. All right John thanks for coming on to augment them with me out. I'm excited I'm so excited to watch menthol mariners this year's the first American ever say that and it just feels good this year some Latin. You amber and Mike I agree it feels different and I hope it keeps growing and you know BR come on a talk about the air currents so are you guys have a good rest shall go mayors. You to also do tomorrow. I I look I love that he still has slightly. Still take you now one step back where he's like. Is there I'm almost ready to say this is a special season I think any UMB down one too many times or 500 million times and I understand but. I think he'll get their delegates about lasts up to an ATM's are that good are coming up next it's time for fantasy. Grind it. Area one question on the tax line 55 through five if you got me feel pretty taxed. And it stops I won't go to some of the guys you should be looking at adding or dropping at this point the season is well pursues the core two into the. Tennessee based always easier if you know what you're doing who's wearing what this occurring which players should be in your lineup card I. Today's. And who should be sit next to you in the dugout. Going back to what. This is both Tennessee grind part of the hot corner where Arizona when Sean two and eighty girlfriend. Cemetery here on your Wednesday evening. Patrick sell like Joseph with you till nine. To spend the last half hour or so talking in the mariners. Johnson's panic came on the show to share his thoughts with that coming up next hour the show hey Tommy injury. We have founded the audio that has been so rudely taken off of Twitter by MLB. Joseph. At Joseph fish three FICH. As treated YouTube link of the video. In every weeded that out on the Kenny do the stand Twitter account again it is not safe for work correctly so headphones. Hiding away from their Stanley in the bathroom only take it dumps whatever your choice of to get away so people won't hear it. But it is a very very very interest saying me. And dare I say fun listen I say it's a must here it is and they go and visit us here. As a baseball fan. It must watch stooges gap obviously didn't you know than yelling at each other and their body language in them bumping chests all that that's. That's one of the cooler things to come out of MLB like you know that is if a players and then they run while I think. It's a fly on the wall kind of moment that you've always wanted to have Greg you've only been able to gas drilling reading lips yeah you have the exact audio so Joseph treated it. He retreated on the fan I retreated again so go listen to before it's taken out YouTube therapy CNN we'll talk about that plus fair foul coming up as well. Public facing grind here if you have any questions. Testament to defend text line. At 55305. The first woman came in. I never carry two catchers I Havel signature as I keep seeing having Gaddis is available do I grabbed him. And he keeps crushing the ball or I stay away because he's found to cool off. I tend to not carry two captures all the this year I started to because mice and you know is. So often on and I got her belly when Anita was hurt and he's a good catchers well some keeping to. And I don't I don't trust Devin Gaddis at all. I know he's been hit pretty well I know he's got a couple home run the last couple nights but. To me that's a I need somebody here for me now when you're not gonna keep him kind of thing and I actually haven't seen. How Wilson contreras is doing. I know he's. On paper one of the best hitting catchers in the game that'll pull up here in the second but I don't know two to me I generally. Don't like you to do that I don't like to do is go gravel road a guy going nose in a cool off because to me it's. You're risking having him cool off the sect he picked a month in you just get a bunch of over four is an ego well camps equipment about. They get contreras is it to 76. He's got the third most points of all catchers in Major League Baseball my points leagues so. It's even more than having Gaddis is always fifth. I don't know I'd say I'd say I wouldn't do it I wouldn't do that Phyllis contreras justices. Really frustrating you were something I wouldn't happen again this this text. Should I trade it T Oscar Hernandez. For Luke Weaver for those who don't go to Oscar Hernandez on the Toronto Blue Jays. And he is a guy. Who is hitting to six even as eleven bombs. 31 RBIs 31 run scored and as a consistent offensive threat. On team that is in meddling too mediocre team and pales. Com. I mean to be that totally depends on your starting pitching situation because look Weaver it is occasionally yes I would do that is having Weaver's agree keeper even though is not pitching super well this year. So far he's been kind of in the middle middle ground of a bit of starting pitcher but. If you if you don't need an outfielder and he needs starting pitching and ensured they'll forgo having we will start to get better as the year goes on it is I believe the look we've risen Fisher. But it appears in this Malarkey you're gonna lose a lot of offense production because Hernandez has been doing a lot. I should hold off for now let's are trying to sell high and Hernandez but. Weaver hasn't been great he has not been. A famously gem. This year last year he was incredible. But this year he's been. Really really really inconsistent where. You know 435 ERA he's not sucking up that many guys. You know walking along places she's just given up runs. They got like Jack clarity on the cardinals is pitching better them than when Weaver he's only been out. Us backup since mid may. So. I don't know I would I would hold off amana I think it's it's interesting if you really need starting pitcher union keeper and I would I might consider it but. I don't think I would do that tree just yet because I I don't know Weaver. Is good enough at this moment to war giving up decent offensive production from an outfield position. Our thoughts Finnessey grinder. We do it every single week either 734745. Depending how the show goes coming up next. What. Should the angels do. With Shia Tommy this is the Hough went on to an.