Hot Corner 6.13.18 (HR 2)

Shohei Ohtani is injured; what should the Angels do? We talk about the Terry Collins audio that surfaced today (go find it!), Fair or Foul, and some Beavers baseball talk!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick terrorists you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits that brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. Yeah baseball allegiance it that your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is a good. This is the hard corner where terrorism learns she's a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports. It's suited to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my. I saw that man with the at all bad it's quite a game but then that guys like me you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just that did I'd idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is dog corner where terrorism and sure there are also really. Right now on Jenny Yoo. And in. Help us please somebody help us girlfriend yeah. I remember sir I'm somewhat. An hour to two here on in the hot corner please don't let Patrick Celso sizzling should Ngo addition. Until 9 o'clock had Johnson can't on the sort of talk mariners in the first hour. And just a reminder we found me Terry Collins audio on YouTube. It's only been posted today so MLB will likely take it down so if you want to watch it. It's been treated on Joseph Fisher's work until there's three on offense order to understand. Them I Twitter at Mike and Tony seven. Quickly before a beast takes it down again. He Terry Collins unedited audio from the umpires microphone. And of the trial last year I think. Of an objection that happened in the game against the Dodgers. Matt's dad must hear audio I was laughing out loud watching this via this morning so we'll talk about Saturday thirty. But I go listen to it now if you if you wanna get to before it's taken down and also again if you're looking for a semi baseball. Frightens. Are awful I would get mad hopefully do set it up sir. Via. Just had a brawl breaking out between the tea hot strangers. And at the Los Angeles daughters. The the brawl stars sit at home plate as a mat cam. Trucked. The catcher Robinson geragos. Right thumb stick yeah exactly and afterwards he was out by the way afterwards when Charles gets up. Can kind of does a little like shoulder into him. And then he takes exception to that and Kemp goes what what image shows him in the chest. And then journals takes his glove hand and swings it does raise the bench is clear. I didn't see much else after that just was nearly zoomed out yours kind of watching the mass of humanity but. Google overall for a thing we haven't seen in quite some time may aid trucked catcher he'd make clearly Al base runner it wasn't even close and he was out he just went shoulder and truck them journals is public comes off he hits is on the ground Leonid. That's what they're trying to eliminate from the game. NAFTA seem that yeah I don't think I want Matt Kemp to trench irk me over looks like a pretty big dude you yeah yeah. He's not a skill he used to go in you know. Us Miller by bill over the Internet to see if you missed it. Both are already on him and I decided. Sought to pop up on well if you are networks fast it's amazing how fast you are honest. I don't talk about show Leo Tommy there until producers thought the Gentex I'm 55305. So Tunney as. UCL injury. They're saying it's it's a partial tape aired may be a full tethered keeping it very big from what I've read. Won it but basically he's likely going to have to have Tommy John surgery. On the elbow and if that was the case one report said he would be council 2020. That's not next year last year after. The other reports said that he could come back as early as late this season. Ahead. Because the UCL injury doesn't get aggravated by hitting. In the same way or at all as it does when you're pitching. So this is obviously big for the angels and women lose. The second best center in line at Carolina does not heard about that in my Trout who's going to be huge deal for them. It was a really really really starting pitcher although they do have plenty of decent arms American irritation that the probably. Of the probably be okay. But. The question for me is what should the angels do with the Tommy. If he's gonna have Tommy John surgery. Should they just let him have a full rehab as if he was just a pitcher. And come back between twenty. Or because of how well he's hit the ball in the major leagues. Should they have him undergo the surgery coming comeback late in the season as a DH. And just forgo pitching for now while he recovers. And still hit. What what would you do if you really angels text that's anti Clinton 55305. Man that's I mean. The tough thing for me I mean it's clear they obviously want they value his arm I think more than. The hitting because that's always been what was says that he was a better pitcher than hitter yet so I mean at this point. It's you just gotta ask yourself you just cut losses at this point take what seeking gay and just make him header full time and just. Appreciate what you can get out of the guy because the guy can break he is a good hitter. I mean if I guess you man I thought that if you see what he can do on the mound ideas he's. I tell me I think he's a better pitcher than hitter yeah I do I agree with that sentiment to black. It's I almost lean on the side of air on the site it cautions like do you really just wanna miss an entirely. Adam goes through surgery in the rehab and by you said the batting doesn't affect injury. Like pitching does but I find it hard to believe that it doesn't affected at all. Like you know I can't flare like I mean you're still using your elbows and army just what about you have a torn ligament and you are trying to do. You physical activity I would feel like there'd be some times where that would work out well in his favor if he just complete did not them back itself. I'm I'm leaning on the side of almost like listen just take them what she can get out the guy. And he can't hit the ball on the ball well and good enough and MOB clearly we've seen itself. I'll say like just make him full time batter at this point it's so hard to say that because he is. Filthy. Our way I am with you in me earlier sentiment that you came to you said was a wanna err on the side of caution. Leave mentally you recovered I and they're not paying him a lot beak and you pay a lot to get him but years actual salary is not that much. Because of his age. But. So why would you even ask. Just just keep them out until until he's fully rated you both again. This Texan AuthenTec sly comes and says. In in summation talking about how. Japanese pitchers aren't necessarily. Ready for the rigors of pitching in the major leagues. They have six Dan rotations out there they have a lot longer. Time between games of the pitch. Has not been accused of all Japanese pitchers but you've you often see top finishers from Japan eventually get hurt. Mean remember two years ago must hear it to market hours UCL he just chose not to get surgery. And it's worked out OK for him he went through he basically just did rehab for a year. Has worked out OK for him. You know I can intimate has been often on the DL the entire time he's pitching right now for the Dodgers top mine when Jimmer used off on the deal over and over and over again. Desk in my socket after one Goodyear was hurt often. Nudity go all the way down the list is there's not many examples of of Japanese pitchers who have come to the major leagues and avoided injury to multiple times. Are set to name drop from the edit Daisuke Matsuzaka member dies can I do ID DI CE dash K. Because we couldn't just spell is name correctly because were American idiots again that's apparently not as Boston. It's. I think that's a good point those I think Japanese pitchers do of a tough time adjusting to pitching every five days. At commencement of how he's also hitting. Three of those five days or more in between. His starts. Also attacks have just said make of Tommy John surgery now no longer the putt awful will be out a dream. Undercut dessert duo today or tomorrow or whenever the next available appointment as. With doctor James Sanders and just get it over with because if you can be out till one it's funny make trees back for the start of the season. You know Alicia not losing a bunch of money. With him injured because he didn't cost as much as a as a high priced arm would that. Just just get it over with I want to be I want to be cautious about it I don't wanna rescue is he's he's he's that special potential player that policy and get healthy. Are coming up next. Terry Collins on. Oh listen to that we'll talk about it next on the. I. This is low hard corner where terrorism when John Jay Nady drove prayer and yeah. Paid 17 I am here on Wednesday evening fair trial coming up next segment talk a little beavers cultural series coming up at the end of the show. But this audio. Got leaked today or yesterday and it kind of took to Twitter sphere by storm. MLB has since removed the original video were sought from Joseph has found it on YouTube. It is treated out on his Twitter might order on the fan etc. seem to find a pair. It is two minutes it is un edited audio. From I believe last season. No listen to guard on the Mets threw behind Chase Utley on the Dodgers. And got immediately ejected. No warnings nothing. And the crew chief of the umpiring crew is Mike up. And if you haven't watched he'll give a brief thanks finished meanwhile took snows in the guard and goes your done. You're out here and seminar tries to pull look on to try to throw with a fastball. And he goes and they're gonna try to save that. But you know that I can't let you do that in the situation. I'm assuming at some point Chase Utley did some Amaechi Aso is always. In these situations as he slides hard and you know often goes in the second base it was kind of to suit a slightly borderline too very clearly dirty player most the time. And then seminar tries to say it again he goes on and there was situation trying to throw positioning goes. You don't need to play that game basically. Ideas not the situation goes. My ass is in the jackpot. Which about a 100% sure that means we'll get to them the second. I've been Neil Walker second base of the Mets at the time comes in. And goes enemy missile warning it's in regards as the same thing and give us a warning and he goes. We can't do right now BMO be what with this where the situation we can't give you warning you know you can't do right now. In many here's Terry Collins screaming at the other impartially runs away from those guys gets it Terry Collins phase. College is cursor up the storm might not even I can I can't even come close to telling you what it was because of that you know it was tabloid that he really was going. But. Basically Collins is saying why can't you give us a shot why can't you let us do that like you should you blister that without warning. And again he reiterates we can't do it in the situation we all know what's happening but the animal being has harassment jackpot. Again what does that term second. Illustrate columns vent a little bit it is that's kind of how it ends he gets Terry comes up till mantis a two minute video. Veep. Bit this to me. Is. A baseball fan dream to have this kind of audio attached to a video. This the amount of times I've seen a brawl. And had to try to piece together what was being said or argument. Just by reading lips. It's every night in baseball if it a fun little game you play when you're watching a pilot assuming going on really what what percent. Occasionally like a my cup of Arnold and open a couple word your like. Curses up a storm right now but this is. Unedited. Straight audio of back. And I've always been curious how the umpires. Handled these situations to. Because they're basically just getting their heads or to offer decision that they made. That at the end of the game the guys are gonna be mad about it anymore disclosed matters in the moment mortgages didn't try to use team fired up. End. I've always wanted bats out of it to see with the umpires are doing and generally I couldn't really tell from from most of these things mirrors focus the manager of the player. What the umpire sang. And I want more of this in sports. And at the fact Adobe is taken is down. I mean it. To me it's kind of it's a it's a real shame that they've done I understand why they're doing it. You don't wanna put your players and managers not consummate a drink more in a bad light by showing them just with the most bold language of all time. I think it's such great behind the curtain inside access that I want more of AM. In sports. It reminds me of the solo camera shot that we got of the cavs bench at the end of game one in the NBA finals. Word didn't move for two and a half minutes. And showed the bronze reaction showed him asking if they Tyler to have a timeout showed JR Smith. If there's audio would be great but I want more of that and that is exactly. What this. Video with audio from Terry Collins in the ransom and the Dodgers is. And it it's just it's just perfect it's it's seriously go watch injured as often you'll. It you'll be filled with glee watching because you go is what it is now. All eyes needed view selling non baseball fans who like wow I didn't know they can get that mad about baseball like I guarantee you. The casual fan or even the non fan would be surprised at. The video itself and yes I'm right there what do you like to get. Those kind of reactions. And have them on audio have that might I mean you get Mike Depp and just about every other sport. And grade MLB they'd be like that in the bullpen. Or in dugout interviews that obviously is a very much different. They know they're on a microphone yeah that's in between innings usually exactly what they've been doing that Sunday night baseball or any ESPN like. In the middle of the game they'll have one of the managers. On the headset. I think was a couple weeks ago. Ann and Andy hit a home run on the Astros as AG hinge was being interviewed. And so I didn't see that they he hit the homer on an -- is like well. And they're from is being broadcast like well looks like get some work to do so. Let's get back to the ad buyers and that's a lot different than this because. Granted they know that there might doubt that Terry Collins might duck no Packers to. Crew chief of the hiring kudos my job right right so I mean I loved it yeah that's that is densely raw reaction. From Terry called from everybody and it. And I think it means for the people SA baseball's boring shown that video right there IA. I. Demille why he was my cup in if you watch it the cameras specifically. On him right is that official video. Does Major League Baseball actually. My compass umpires to say it helped with. Further suspensions after coral and stuff and maybe that's why they took it down too because that was maybe it's like that video is not. That's like their own personal camera audio but granted it was the shot a behind the pitcher. I'm right in the city club to. Umpires there was literally file in the umpire right which on the broadcast they would never do so I'm very curious where I came from not now for him same and assassin in the jackpot. I don't know what that means. My guests. The and we get a text your guess this is well he goes. Is beyond saying he'll be fine by the MLB for letting brush backs get thrown. That was one of my guesses hours jackpot meaning money in Munis and get fine. Another guess I had or or to try to figure out was him saying that. Because he kept repeating because of the situation he will be was very vague about a recent because of the situation wherein we can't let that happen. It makes me wonder. If that umpiring crew. And miss Maine miss handled. A previous situation with brush backs or with the brawl. And the MLB would kind came dominance and you can't let this happen. So maybe they had had a previous time where a similar that it happened or he's just specifically saying. In this situation AKA whatever happened was Chase Utley in new it was gonna boil over him I just couldn't let it even get to a warning. They've just and they had to make of the quick instant decision. So throughout in the garden and Terry Collins. But. That to me again it's like part of the fun that's I'm assuming umpire lingo. That's amazing. You know and that's that I've never got a chance two here before the media umpires tend to be available after the game for interview from the media but delivered to question this. Ajax they did throw somebody out of gamer. Or whatever but. Maybe I just want more of this general I want I want more behind the curtains behind the scenes stuff. It just adds so many lawyers for the saints. Yeah I I thought that was awesome like. Sitting there watching it this morning and I think I said earlier as I laughed out loud Washington I was like holy crap and or seen anything like this before this is. Awesome has he had the budget guessing game stuff is just like oh you know I wonder what he's seen and obviously they're just so I rate. Saying talking so fast so many words in their faucets and he had the lip reading game in those interactions is it's impossible. And I think if you want at a little excitement. In these rare moments where you get brawls or these interactions and everything. Yeah I think they should do this more often inhabit more readily available to the public obviously is the language isn't. As colorful because then it's just a bunch of bleeds like you are saying we can't played audio because he can't really get the vibe of that with just a bunch of keeps going on. But yeah I love that dude like yes sign me up for that I have read time. For sure the other assesses of the best tweet on me. On the original street I guess that we had was I would pay extra money to watch baseball umpires might. Yeah right yeah imagine Angel Hernandez Mike up into the barking at people for being pissed that a strike zone. But the amazing. Well you're not gonna get. We'll get any of this with robots. On another Lleyton robots call on outs in the fair ball and everything like that that is true no motion I'm very anti iRobot umpire they had robots and computers have no human. Feelings and passion in. Emotions go a little movies atrocities in this country. I would love to see what role has taught us anything that's not true man managers had just out on the field for an hour arguing with the computer. Peters on any given as bleed it this section is growing up in Virginia watching Baltimore channel one it would show Mike to fight some bumps and Earl Weaver. All the time. So we've so we've lost it then didn't we lost to be as Baltimore though that is true patsy you know. There's there is survived that has some grating is over there about the Baltimore area but yeah I. Can bring a pac man if we can get this habit somehow August leaks or your back with Seymour. Let's see what Lloyd. But this wasn't a brawl. Let's get a brawl might up with the umpire in the middle and just here really seventeen guys just screaming curses and leave you with us double so we'll talk. Well it got nervous or your assessment. Yeah I want I want more of that like I want what just happened with the Dodgers and the Rangers I want that yeah Alison you let. What Matt Kemp said that your on most of what you said back c'mon you add that degrade. Due to accident Gentex on 55305. Coming up next this time or fair. Or foul or four as we are now cars it factor fiction. Because sometimes I get bad mixed up too well. I know through him that is joke it's your segment should probably don't know it is my goodness I hear is jealous person. We know. It's. Or risk. This is the final corner Harrison and John Cheney. Music it's time for four. And so yes they're foul. Fair or foul so early jobs was on you guys are Parkinson Mariner's. Claims for it to get the and it. With that being said is when the trade line trade deadline comes around that teams are playing good try to get sand that players to. Be even better and make that post season play so fair or foul mariners will add a starting pitcher. At the deadline. Whom he has personally. I think that is a what they are in need of most. Go out they're getting good starting pitching but I think the media is a good east to push them over the edge to make them very. Good and I give them may deep run possibly. I'm going to say fouled and that's not because they shouldn't try. But because there really isn't. Now many good options out there. Before an ace or good starting pitcher currently. If you exclude decent regard to Brohm. Stuff which we didn't get to show today really so they might be on the market oriented we night. I don't come in synergy can force. Well it may be getting too bad but. And with those to come and ignore them could not sure. And I'm an enormous bump burner because I'm not sure the best starting pitcher available. Is Cole Hamels. Who is doing fine this year old but all in nowhere near his old self. Now. If I always include the bit the better pitchers. I don't necessarily think the Mariners have enough in their farm system to go get a similar guard to drummer Madison bomb garner. When other teams are also going to be going for those pitchers who have more on the farm system mariners to. So I don't want the Mariners to make a trade because it's like to have to the thirty yoga Cole Hamels. Am I never thought I'd say it was that kind of voice of six years ago I feel like Cole Hamels Jabrel get a also I'll say fell because it even met him I don't think you need to do I don't think they're gonna find a deal that that's could turn out RA. And and this is going to be the third one about on this and hot and up to the second one since you mention it magic and LeBron know listen to guard. They've floating around that they might be on the news might be on the market. I don't know if that ends are a legitimate destination like you're saying I don't I personally don't think they are. But with all this is going around this two pitchers in New York fair or foul of the Gromit and cinder garden we'll both be traded before the deadline assists foul. On the Mets who started off murmuring eleven and one everybody was was all over the mats. There and how those twelve games to an MLB season the star really tells Eli now about about how the rest of the season we'll go Moeller twenty and 36 so there are. Seventeen and 35 since that point. They're dreadful. Wildly. And I mentioned earlier in the show a ticket to gram is pitching unbelievable. In his last ten starts events are tuning. Right I've yeah yeah so I much help in some regards currently hurt he's actually getting hurt more often recently which we don't worry but. I do think if the Mets continue down this road they will trade one. Of those pictures I think it'll be. A little bit too much given away at the trade bolt of the pictures aideed died things that tipped in in 11. Trade deadline initially keep one. Look at our system yankees fan I want these going to one of them they needed a starter. They've got a super deep farm system I'd be down to give up a couple of good. Farm players to get Jacob to prom. Yeah out there TBA using gives some run support hopefully it if it so I'm down for that's our policy also fair will trade policy foul. But don't trade one of the two but it did anything that will be. Probably drop because he's older to drums 302930. And largely young and has better stuff decided to try to keep some. All right so those are the two opinion that based ones we moves on to our fact based questions a fair or foul. And it was noted that Paul Goldschmidt wasn't doing too hot to start this season. I even had someone text in about the Finnessey grind whether they should trade him or not but Paul Goldschmidt is definitely turned things around here recently. But Carrefour has he turned things around that in this last thirty days Paul Goldschmidt who leads the National League in home runs fair found. Who hope. Trying to think now. I wanna say it's fair. Paul Goldschmidt spin. Mean he was like hey I'm bad and now is not noted it again now expected to 330. He's not he's in the 240 cellblock. We'll get back to that that arrangement used on this well I wanna say I've seen him hit like seven or eight or nine home runs last thirty days. Some illicit affair I think usually in the National League. It is foul. You are fair on that gas and aides that has been eight home runs there last thirty days which is good for us tied for second siren limit on his nationally let me see if I can guess. Then two that are not just a guy who's in first okay I'm home runs as you have ten I really don't think you're going to pick it. There's the National League. I did you get this might I will. I will be very. Best. I don't tell me I'll give me the next question I'll think about it on one receiver and okay and then we go back to Vail last mariners they beat up on an Astros recently and Dallas my goal. And honestly does tackles hasn't been very good at all over the last thirty days indices general I think history and eight overall record. But over the last thirty days fair or foul Michael has the worst ERA among qualifying pitchers in both weeks both leagues. In the majors and world. There. I know it hasn't been pushing well I know he's the one guy in the entire staff who's pitching really really poorly. So I'll save there. It is now he is second to last them. Off the fact that there's no way he'll do it again. I know I'm being mean by Yankee is second to last let me get a pulled up I just had aids he's got a 733. ERA over the last thirty days might count the only person higher than him injured Cashner of the Baltimore or. A person and Alex Scott is Alex Cobb of the Baltimore Orioles don't go figure I Cobb has been raised 743 ER over the last their gaze react Michael over the last thirty days 73 ERA. 345. Opponent batting average which is second highest in the league ball so he's given up 41 hits which is tied for. Fourth most in the majors over those thirty days so. And it hasn't really given up a lot of home runs or walks in eastern and it just didn't you have a lot of singles doubles as guys get on base. He hits and they leave him in because they know he can heated things epidemics of worst film Poland in the first believed them for six innings and invisibly through Warren's answer them. My guess because you said I would never get it started thinking about the lesser known home run hitters that have happened recently. Is to fill in the way of a guy from the ponderous it is not just now. I was really really really same division. Same division yes god. The Dodgers giants Rockies Diamondbacks and it's not Goldschmidt harper I'd CA's say I had to go. I rally don't they do damage if he's hit ten home runs in the last thirty days. I mean I feel like I should know who it is. Right in honestly I don't player. I honestly don't know I have never heard that this guy in my life before I looked this up today I just tell me it's Max Muncie. The Dodgers yeah with the Dodgers. Third baseman and yes third baseman back months and Max Muncie. Well or might she either I don't Muncie ten runs threat and then Goldsmith's tied with hate Jews and you are. Of the brewers he's also hit eight home runs in the last thirty days. But Max Muncie I would have never guessed Max once like I said the united I didn't think he would and if you did in my god what I've been impressed. That. Yeah Mac and Max months ago apparently good. Ten home runs what do RBIs Treo seven average over the last. Thirty may be looking for fantasy. But just in Turner's back Susie client different position than what thought Justin Turner is also kind of data day with that wrist yet but he came back today. Ought to know you need to find highly colored humor today need to find some time for Macs though doctors. Ax Muncie UR right I would have. I would've never in a million years now well guess Max Muncie out of jobs through the entire Padres roster that I knew. Before I got to Max Muncie there I was even thinking Maurice thank you amber would have Q out of my mouth before maximum SE Fuzzy and forget about getting him like there on the TV right now his team is and I still don't think I would still wouldn't of gotten even with the daughter I might have said Matt Kemp because he's been hot recently right. But and I wouldn't I would miss that a maximum CB eighty while I that's forced to do it every single week at 830. Axel switch gears a college bit organs say once again into the college World Series. And their favorites who says the fans. Yeah. Yeah. This is low hard corner where terrorism when John Kennedy Beltran. Yeah last segment here and they terrorist list addition. The hot corner. Mike and Joseph if you. You can catch a similar shot tires podcast is well if you missed any of the show. A three can find all podcasts of all the fan shows. If you missed that lives. On the evil loves dory say baseball even though I'm slightly conflicting about it. If I can bifurcated. The fact that a certain pitchers on the team that I would like to not support. And that I'd like that oriented is due to baseball and I can support beads were sort of cultural tourist. And they are going to college World Series or to maybe Minnesota in the super regionals. And it. By most places they are either the first or second favorite from what I've seen biggest insider which is you know kind of a compiler of them odds. Says they are second favorites tend to one Florida people won as the favorite. But also a tweet that I saw yesterday sporting media odds to at all I'm not sure that's an actual like. Called bristled magazine or she's talking about generally people we polled are they polled or exceed 27%. Think that they will wind. Cultural series this year. 23% for Arkansas was the second most. On that list Washington in last 3% the other title team that made the college World Series. I do you wanna do what accounted to as dive into it for second though the reason why I have to buyer for Kate. I just I haven't really wanted to support or say baseball this year. You know I haven't wanted to because of the Lou comics off and it. It's hard for me to watch. The team play and separated in my head it's hard. I know the rest of the kids in the team did nothing wrong hopefully. But it's still hard for me to separate it. Although recently as the as the the regional super regional has started going on I've had a an easier time when he wasn't pitching to real root for the bees and say hey. This team is really freaking good. They had two guys I guess technically three guys drafted in the first round of this year's draft I wanna see how I wanna see how they play. A wanna see what they're doing. And I've been able to separated a little bit more. To enjoy watching the B so I am I am very interest in watching them play in the college World Series. Wants the public servant and see if they can pull off again and get their third cultural series finally open up against North Carolina who may be for both their first and the second title. Back Italy thousands. So little bit of a grudge match if you will in my abilities and his players had anything to do with of those ten years ago but. Will deliver grudge match perhaps between those two teams elements of deceit Honda Madrigal and turtle largely due. The first round picks for the leaves in the gulf waters. NN I give and I'll my boy badly freshman from Sherwood high school my hometown school and did you used to be the kicker for the football team right yet an honest say I did I just realizes the other day and I'm glad that I. Realized that it happened and I was therefore open Hugh is kicking for Sherwood. Their football team and had. Viral video went out when he nearly 63 yard field will remember that someone brought about the data like was that the kid in Oz like holy crap yes there was an hour is there for that that is awesome Indiana. So he's down 62 yard field goals and high school. And then giving game winning RBIs. In the super regionals for. The beavers I'm pretty sure he is just a sophomore. I wanna say he is just a sophomore 'cause last year I believe was his freshman year and he's a stud he's going to offer chart next year. And he was. During both finesse fresh from your right didn't you try to go for the football team yes play baseball same time yet and has gone baseball full time yet that's exactly right so. Yeah I mean. Obvious story the big story from lassie has continued over is Lou climate on the team. But I caught myself looking at the roster has asked lagging guy does is all print outs of the team yes is all the events going on in. I was looking at the roster are swagger almost never use I hate I know but it was sitting there so I decided to grab it does look after the roster just check out some stuff and that's what I see a lot of other local kids. On the team from Washington and an organ obviously idea out of state kids but there is a good mix of organ Washington's on this team. And sovereign for them I'm I like to root for the local kids because it shows everyone around the of country hey we got some good baseball players appear in the northwest. Oregon State plays on Saturday. I believe 11 AM money as pinning its North Carolina looking at a bracket I'm assuming it's an eastern time. 11 AM Mississippi State plays in Washington method for. On Saturday then Sunday. You've got Arkansas Texas at ten. And then you've got at 3 o'clock Florida and Texas Tech. So organs they could potentially play a Washington of Washington business of the state. You'll packed twelve matchup. In the second round of the cultural terms that your debacle will be cool. Washington. Today. Costs included an anonymous. They win the soft. All World Series of the pillars of Florida single don't feel like in the it might because I don't know her. Yeah I know who these they're playing Florida statements. In item analysis I felt like if Washington would of one. Noticing a lot more things on my Twitter timeline about it and then probably seen or Saudi of cam. Hoot and Holler and about elements grammar something if they didn't see any of those things I'm gonna say no Washington did not when it imported stayed did. Waiting waiting we want it's not easy to find a couple of I was trying to drag out that sentence is for sale eliminates UCL a will that was from the previous round I don't know there. Joining drag out because cam 20 lead and end of what one that. Washington. Husky alumni. Did not say any thing. I am going to get as they did not win it. We still have found it really there's hundreds of defined. Just Google Florida State Washington and Google softball college World Series 2018. Should that be the same thing. Don't mind me typing GO. Actually and it's not cultural series afford the women I don't believe they called that. Florida State was first softball championship tell her about it. I wanna oxygen loss to Washington made the final I'm sorry for being unity doesn't Murton to follow softball and honestly I think we had two tanks roll in during that whole time that said that. Talk us while we're trying to find well. For. When I'm really speculative attacks like. Yes even even the Washington lost to make it to the final against Florida State in the chemical to see them before it's it does lose to see them go. Foreign cultural servers while I told him that's good presidente soliciting. Thanks for dealing with a us for two hours Patrick should be back next week so we we shall be here then. Seven time for another two hours a popular sports talk specialist. The man.