Hot Corner 7.11.18 (HR 2)

Manny Machado trade talk and Mike being an insufferable Yankee fan, some shifts talk, ForF, and Wolrd Cup talk!

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick terrorists you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening this is brought to you by your local less Schwab tire senator doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. Yeah you baseball allegiances that your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore them. Baseball's spoken here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is a good. This is the hard corner will terrorism whereas she's a deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports it's true. Into the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my eyes off that man with the tall head is bloody game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon this is the hot corner where terrorism and sure it's a dream right now on Jenny you can. India has. Help us please somebody help us both men yeah. Amateur title for welcome into the second hour of the hot corner after missing the first Harry check out the less Schwab tires Hodge asked. It's tweet out on the Twitter thing here. I did star Marco Gonzales tonight. You were pitcher this year you. As CRA is good but is like batting average against is really bad and yet he still gets over things you know well merry go. You know while a ground balls probably. Yeah so we're kind of talking about this it it's funny how. Am I don't think we intended to do this. But I do think it's interesting that. The biggest trade topic in baseball as many which. Yes. And somehow all of a sudden over the last. Or five days in my personal life boy if I brought up Manny Machado locked people. Like not to talk about the trade but just use him as an example. Correct I think that's strange. Man roster on strange results talked about him him as traded everywhere yeah you see it I mean. It is funny how sometimes in sports it's like that's the one thing that dominates everything yet. You know trying to figure other times it may have happened that. I hope I'm I'm I'm too tired up top man I can and I don't think we realize it I think it's something we just don't notice. You know it's like a business like many of a child with the Orioles and yet he does say that yeah exact hurt him. Yeah it's it's you know there's nothing talking about and there's nothing to talk about in the NBA so we're just to keep talking about where LeBron might go next year. And then all of a sudden you start talking about is he better than my caller tell me. I ran ran ran ran ran ran him. So I've agreement. Circuit. Court and its own bone and that's the song was over and over again I was I was just intensely Nellie and Tim McGraw son yeah. 18 nerd of some late bandied on the face rapper Nelly yup yeah Tim McGraw red Solo Cup Friday night I'd see up. What's the name of the song can remember is that it sits on matters from committee so little hope. I've do you look that Tim Graham. I'd say that's our only person I look variety. That is called over Norris a great song. Of London Paula great song to the song. Alec if it was recorded by professionals. Is still question it however it was done. Lorie talk about we have Manny Machado their wares prematurely ago. I don't know I wouldn't touch revise anyway except for the Yankees after what he said yesterday. What do you say yes to a report yesterday it was that low clear free agent choice but he's a free agent X here's the Yankees are heated. Say about the report says that is they are you like very far in the distance front runners signed as a free. Has so it's like. Baltimore's AKA LA we want your number two prospect single man go bleep yourself okay Cleveland can we have your number to be realistic and sensible policy as important and probably say yes. We're just not so we need is an infielder right now. Adamant secondary is to skip the Sox will that's an island though you could Jose it's section employed in the third implicated in the outfield. Or just sit and look at each. I I think they're using. Being used as a waited Jack the price up a little bit like they leaked the story right but that when Jack the price up from me. Oh from the Yankees may be none no I'm saying from her other teams will look why don't wanna Jack of the way I don't agree Jack of the price for rental well. Because in my when you World Series Patrick the cubs differ all the Chapman and one World Series partially because of it. So they won the World Series because it rained. Assuming mariners as my cars and I'm sticking to go. But sometimes if you think you're one player away and the player is the cal remain Machado he's going good you're willing to take the chance and a rental and baseball even if it means giving up top prospect of having that. That is why teams will be interest Sid and I think it was kind of like this weird. Dead period were it was like Dodgers and brewers and their other teams amid offers tutorials and all the offers. And now all of a sudden it's yankees' interest it in the next stay at yankees make a legitimate offer that the Orioles are considering. And all of a sudden you have to dark bruise or wherever it we are men human child. And adjust the price and it's about how the city yankees don't want them they of course and everybody should want Manny Machado but. It's just the way that I think the Orioles could be doing this to try to get the other teams you have given better players. Because I know we Orioles don't want to trade him in the division. You might sign their next year but he Orioles do not want a trade amendment child to the Yankees Red Sox are glitches are poor him an advantage in the any secure their prospects. Ya troop you'll get a better return. Can you like Indy Laura is the the yanks are running out of people late run out of positions play people. You know I mean lights event do hard DD. And Torres and bird like. We we unit we re you put these people. I don't that's your question. There's got to right fielders in the Michael get a third in the office and screw Mike and his smug Yankee like Alan bright days and got so. Uggla gonna talk about does it sounds like not my problem so severe the professor Garnett. We'll know meanwhile he's like. We're gonna play really in it for the Indians at second just chip has sought support is bingo hall. Sorry. Sorry mister 247 titles over there. I am hundred trying to be so I'm trying to be honest to god you know it's just comes with the territory of a smug Yankee fan that. Well the thing is the Yankees do have a whole third arrest me and new cars playing well. Mostly but famous house better. Well I know him when you're the Yankees you can say that about any position you know who we Severino is pretty good chicken dramas better. I mean available. I'm male why you guys have been out of here right now at my age she's says. Serious right now I mean boatload debatable. I think you don't pay you know I think you undervalued Louise over and I see you value illness. He spoke to take like five starters in baseball over Louise Severino medal winner out of our whip out adult and you wash them this year yes. You watch anybody else yes I would take easily I would take. Max Scherzer kept Jacob to gram can Corey clover maybe Verlander this year but not long term. I healthy per shopper shirt. I would take scherzer over him. I would it is likely take to drama over him and I said debatable I didn't say it was true I would likely take him and I would probably take Verlander right now. But she is so. So good right now trust me. Trust me he is our it is then this is partially little bias. Oligarchy comes out of here we go now you're admitting but. Yet to be crazy Adobe used site on material right now I think he is too late late let's let's hold back on the ego stroke. Just seen. And Camille started a starter so much quicker. But anyway. I don't know their trip to the Yankees my child because that's out of your ails him I think they EPA he's in general fire the yanks I wouldn't trade him I wouldn't trade for one. August that's my point to is. I mean why is because if you think he's the one that puts you over the top to win the World Series this year. Been great shortage tools and come back next your basically the same right CC sabathia right but that's I'm saying is if if it's actually the cases. Basically a done deal isn't signed there's a free agent me. Why give up your prospects now for that especially because they're asking reportedly for the number two prospect which is. There pitcher Justin Sheffield yep they're there was there was a little bit rumors are flying around that they may throw Zach Britton in the deal. Just a cunning. Show some saw him throw shed some salary he's learned Contra and also to get to. To comment. Emphasize needing those top prospects I can see the yanks and Bauer on the table and sure why not grab another bullpen arm. It looked that would be that would be stupid. For like I I I can picture myself as another fan going Hugh F Ing kidding me and parity have been ten assists Robertson Chapman Chad green well I mean Elliot Zack Britain every I would really like brag about telling the tense us. Early yeah he's been in same this year both for like a month on the entire season known not not the entire season yeah okay take off the glass. A two month period outsider like the second week he's been great tune Kamal moment. Who do you think what do you videos. Honestly the Dodgers in losing Corey see here that's like the perfect time to your rental you've lost your star shortstop for the entire season. And you might get him back next year which ought to that is B you are getting Corey see your back next year. And the Dodgers do need that little extra push I think to kind of get back him into the into the playoff picture when it's earned their World Series picture. Go about I just don't know where the Dodgers gear all of these prospects to trade. I vote yes or number 20. He's like to sever its overall prospect in baseball or to send him and go get outlooks wounded nearly. Which keep getting you that was a great trade either consent we would have been good but he's not Wear commemorative I don't know so it's like I'd I don't instantly you know he's gonna hit a lot of international signings which are usually. Give us the backup Mike on I don't the Kansas does he get of the walk off the nanny yesterday or eight. Really name a yes it was him yesterday SL before that his last earned run was me twenty years. When is he too many games. He's had like twenty opening when he appearances since then to make some. Why are you outta minute line. Ism that you right now. They hate you and your stupid team. Well get the chance taken out of us from its fortieth day said that nineteen appearances since that earned run and it's usually about an inning of work every time. An update for everybody out their own discuss still has given up three runs. Still many Americans still don't have they given laboratory spot then it is nineteen to two. Coolers and escorted him and you know Goldschmidt with the ready and seized. The fifth. Exempt for all to go on as well. Yeah outlaw goals it was probably like yelled coach. But not in the sky also still pitcher and are now well actually it goes in and do. Is he gonna go the rest of the game they gonna throw went eat pigeons why no one else Leonid duty is nineteen it is actually easily got 34 pitches are now. Look at him rolling through that he's given a three year old students. Better than what the other marinas line. Do you Marquez though they'll throw him terrorist some Geithner here Rondo came in and 13 inning gave up four runs there's also a two and a third is given up three blow he threw seventeen pitches you know four runs. Or to do the rose at 65 and you sat near the sky also better than the rest of efficient staff sort of the put another addition I'd like this a like this un nice nice matchup decision TJ McFarland. One it. Point one a third inning pitched it up ahead. That's it at five pitches situational. Peninsula when you're losing by fifteen runs got to be situation all that's really terrible. Are we come back there's an interest seeing I found some some quotes from some players that are talking about the shift and I know that's kind of controversial in the nerd fanned him but I thought some of these are quite in choosing. We'll get to that next that's Michael and some taxpayers this is the hot corner on 1080 different. This is hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy both Israel and. We're playing who the hell is this guy's. The Diamondbacks right now well. I thought I just saw on treaty here up to bat for the time packs. He looks very heavy. And they're having good at it if it's such a big blow us they haven't even put up a bottom third for this header is no they have it were trying to figure out where in the box score they are. We will keep getting out before you figure it out and this is stupid was that. Rockies broadcast. Are we on the Rockies Bryant has much homers have my you call me you don't you tell him how to be a homer you do really well. You gotta be a little bit less obvious about it a whole really hip. Or somebody you so salty the Caracol on the pop black there salty about that so there's John JOK. All right you really I don't go. So John Jay's of the top August doesn't opus at all. I. Alex and via I I think I was no I think Alex a video was the Chris Owings maybe. Those Chris Allen's. They didn't even put Georgia up on this. You know bottom third for the hitters. This department. Okay he does anything can happen show. What does she know if countries who were still more yeah yeah act. You. You to go. I'll meet you it's important. There's a message out to be still what is pretty charisma you know ranked were seized need to tigers. Nissan yes please do tigers and and I think the White Sox to. He's old. You know I don't know. Catchers man let's us sentiments someone out to the ticket and expand the segments wasted or it's. A racing article that I came across. On and saw some of the things in other places and unfortunately it's a fine right now what it kind of got me thinking. There's a school article basically about kind of hitters reacting to. Oh what's his article called reacting to the shift and will be hitters explain why they can't just beat the shift and so it's uninteresting but also. Brings up a lot of other situations that we've talked which are now lead led to. Higher strikeout ratios. Things like that Matt carpenter said something in this that I thought was really interesting. He says quote I think he gets blown out of proportion people just say. Just hit the ground ball to short because the ship design. You can't just take a nanny five mile per hour cutting fastball in on your hands indeed that. Let's just say as sellout tonight and I tried four times the likelihood of meeting forestry ground most short. An ending a four for four are very slim if I ask C once or twice at best I'm going two for four with two singles where if I just play the game I'm like 02 for four with a. Homer a double. And it's a good point I think the one thing with shifts that nobody talks about is it's not just the ship the pitcher pitches into the shift so. What he's saying there when he says the color running in from on his hands. That's because his shift is out I don't know which way you balance but whatever whatever side of the field that is. They're pitching him inside so that he has to hit it that way. That is almost. Universally how to pitchers pitch now there's a shift. Either it's a guy like Chris Davis who refuses to go the other way or it's or they pitched them him completely inside image just. May be forced him into either popping it up or headed idiot throughout ultimate go to Lambeau Field so it's not just the hitters being back with. Or being stubborn. The pitchers are doing a tour. Yeah and I think I mean I've been guilty of this myself in the sense of 01 is just laid out above it. There's known on the on the third base legislate Downey you know amazed there's a Kyle seeger had to say about that. If you're facing David Ortiz any bond solely there against a single he may have just done us a favor if we let Ortiz beat us with a bunt as opposed it. He and hitting a home run maybe that's okay. And that's probably why did hitter at the plate isn't dropping that bush because once walked especially in the current age of baseball one base is nothing yet exactly. Murphy Daniel Murphy from the nationals was kind of talking about that he was like. He was like if I bumped up I'm paraphrasing he was like if I bunt the ball and get on first. I have now forced my teammates. To hit more singles. He said every time he steps up to the plate. His goal is to touch second base. If he can tell at second base he increases chance to score and oh that sounds like of course our retirement which there you go plea cougar. But he's saying like meeting a single is not good enough because. Two other guys have to get hit before I score. Yeah but here's the thing imminent attacks and if you don't like the shift to Ben learned about the never put the shift on you again I've seen Arizona Carlos Gonzales. Cargo boat against the ship to make it a walk to first base from prying your pro. Quit crying your growth quit trying your crow. Although. In theory that's true they don't stop putting the shift on you if you bought right. Dear gory is funded with four straight games against the shift they just slightly moved to third baseman close from the line this just in case yeah and guess what he can't but to that because you'll be thrown out. Yup so now all of a sudden you have a shift on the right side and a guy playing closer to third base for your bond. And then you're stuck again. And in the current MLB a single is. It's good you're on base. But. People are known for doubles and home runs. Yeah I wonder. Because. Pink house he says in this article to heat and scroll. It's one. When I debuted in 2011 ships were nonexistent. Now when they play you straight up and almost strange other that's another reason why guys are trying to hit the ball in the air ground balls to the infield aren't getting through now the people upstairs. Or putting players in these positions are Smart they know all the numbers and there's obviously a reason why they do it. That's why they have. Launch angle is such an important stat mountain because you're right. If you hit a ball through the ground are on the ground through the infield. You better have been a rocket yup because they're playing as so many guys straight metal now you know use database up the middle quarries who got ahead. The amount of times I've seen a hit up the middle robbed by the shift this year. I wanna say it's almost like 50% of the Thomas and it would be a single up the middle. There's a shortstop standing right there behind second base so it's really hard hit area of the infield which is why launch angle became such thing which is my pleasure to change in the swings from the get him to be fair to. Why strikeouts are up but your home runs yeah exactly I won connected so I wonder you know. Hitters were becoming so methodical and basically placing the ball wherever they want that the shift came into. Existence on on ammunition it's been around for a while longer than 2011 but not as much used as it as it is the stain agent when he eighteen. But I wonder as the shift created. As the shift kind of became a staple. And then batters had to adjust. With launch angle. I wonder if they'll ever be something that moves the shift back. To elect traditional. Because of launching a becomes that big of a thing. Then. I don't like that it could be cyclical. Or is the shift. What we see for the next sixty years old that I mean everything's cyclical but I don't know if it's going to. I don't know if it's gonna be cyclical in the way you're thinking I think. The only change your gonna see is if MLB. Forces have changed and I don't think if they say you have to stay in the infield dirt and a shift I don't think it will because of the night not to go down that hole percent but. I don't think they will do that because what is the shift done. Create it launch angle. What's on singles on mores wells once more runs scored and people don't I guess I guess the casual fan doesn't like sings singles anymore they'd rather see you strike out our home runs and that's not me but effect seems to game going then dispose after the onboard with it right I mean you know I'm real fans like to see him strike out but. Ellen we have had on a second accident here in matches than me vomit in my mouth single turns missile shot an interim blast. Singles are good I provide choir robe but I'm saying it doesn't mean as much as he used to anymore based on the way baseball guy you're just. People don't view the singles him out. Ya under sisters to fact it DI it's almost like the single is the cheating way out you don't have to be the guided make something happen right because now it's like I gotta get three singles in a row instead of maybe a double or home run. Dude killing us over here and the tour I don't know I just come from metal school forwards like guild of the goal is to get on base here under owners numbers like that was by users when does people like walks are great while walks and almost walk. Yeah replica singled out right is that not a different yeah that's why it I don't care for each row haters they're like totally slab banana reasons fasteners like yell the objects to get on base right. So now or here for. If the object were to hit home runs why have fielder's. Rip ran over we come back we have fair or foul. I like fair or fail it's fun for four as it's known around these parts will do that next but first here's Joseph was sports. Overall ring. This is below the terrorism when John Cheney yeah. Fifty minutes and finished the show how little explain to you and globe heavily YR I am the greatest role of predictor in this little world. But first this is fair or foul we turn it over the memo and a glass was Joseph Fisher for the third. Yes as talked about earlier one Baltimore memorial Manny Machado. There's been this subject of trade talks nonstop this week when the teams and instead they have try to go after we got a pattern brewers asked brewers Dodgers Indians yankees Red Sox. My I think that's it that's the I feel like that's the list I've heard Mariner's may be question mark I think after mayors. That might just be pursue for which you have to take stylesheet. It and now mammoth shot those like you nasty gram pictures of himself and yankees jerseys. So fair foul Manny Machado will finish out the season in the AL east meeting at the Orioles are dumb enough to not trade him and all. Koreans up with the Red Sox where US. My game the first meal for Mike's busy with his fourth night losers so although aggressors. I will say that this is failure. Because it would be the most Oriole thing in the world and not get a deal done very little bit at that. Are you know I think editorials are asking for a lot I think they should be asking for a lot but they should have moved in last year. They knew there going to be bad this season they could've gotten what. Ever they wanted if they would have moved in last year and they didn't I think that was a mistake and I think they're stuck with a. Com. I'm gonna save foul because I really do you think they're using the Yankees drop the price up. And I think that. The Orioles are gonna do everything in their power. To not trade him to be here with the Red Sox the Red Sox also reportedly got into boot into the talks today at southern and Bleacher Report for the most Red Sox Yankee thing ever on the X one and yet we want him screenplay I don't know result of New York. That's good DH or is JD please shut up we're just get him. It's funny but that is so right there and he's earning closer maybe China that's probably how it goes in his back rooms between those two teams. I really do you think Dodgers were to play the I think super or another outside and bring them up in the other segment whose abuse sickness and but they can use amendment there have been no source opera and Joseph Russo goes and says there shortstop is the stock as the starter from her. That is true. To south later but still. And but yes so I think he'll wind up back with the Yankees the Red Sox next year but I'll say felony who go in the National League. We're gonna play Bogart's to keep ethnic shot. What do you do rev Al devers whenever sentiment in Mello east you trade him time. He does need this guy you sell loaded politely said Red Sox can just make him a closer as Dahlia. In speaking up closers there's a one up in Seattle is really good shudder. Edwin Diaz. All star Edwin Diaz. I mean aid. I won't even say career year like eight MLB. Like all time season really. And easy having such a good season that he has a fair or foul a ten that save a cushion over the next closest. Closer listen is a fact based question yes it is ten. Ten saves. More. That's number two. He's number two in baseball I imagine Craig symbolism there. Probably it probably Cody Allen's up there. I know ten Giles is not up there. Chapman's probably up there. Just The American Legion or the hole and all the formal Woolen mill we lose well here's the thing does not great closers in the National League ball here's the thing there are. Only so many teams had a fifty plus wins and now sixty blossoms are through the Red Sox right. So. Tim mead could only be those teams the Astros have no come competent closers. Jim roller Chapman would be the options I think as the only guys who would be up there. Counter where Diaz. And resident tens say leave it. I'll say I'll say fair. Because the Yankees Red Sox Lola teams out to him. Imus say that Imus say it's fair as well and I'm gonna double down on this and say that sugar Diaz. Will not only gain some Cy Young votes but may have set the record for most saves this season and bats. Are laying down on and I think senator Diaz is having himself one. Hell of a year and his nickname assure your DS and over and he is a role as Chapman 24 saves and India as 35 wade gave this 25. Craig Kimbrel what he seeks Craig Kimbrel with when he eight for the Rockies so he has that seven less and and would be it and they forget my boy we did we Davis. I'd forgotten. Winning nineteen to two and don't medium range and we are against the clock civil crank up these next two much when you're ever cared about the clock. I tried to prime time made it started 703 therefore I hit a three minute position. And avenues and it all night our home run derby field is announced it was announced around 745 ish I think some around their worst home run derby after all we are being meted upon sheets battlestar black fair or foul the home run derby field this year is that men. And you got pages you are recent Hoskins Alex Bregman cows warmer Javier Baez snacks Muncie Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper it's. There I mean I think for hardcore baseball fans there's a lot of really good power hitters here I think regulars going to be good ending months he's going to be good. When this and there's kind of politely apologized to Joseph for just stomping all over his course to grow up. I don't know who's gonna say hey great minds think alike and I think that there's a lot of really good power in Hoskins here there's a Rottweiler religion power hitters in the home run derby. So I think you might be a good show but the names are awful. Awful awful awful with the biggest name in the home under his chair beside my guys harper probably bias. Yeah yeah. Bryce Harper yeah harper eighty cows were burned. Maybe. So to me is carriers very very insects I'm super IA. Sure okay maybe it's fair but Alex fragments to avoid a like hobby Baez. Com I imagine Bryce harbors gonna put on a show or at least attempt to. And if it means that he sucks for the rest of the year then I'm I'm rooting for Bryce Harper who this camaraderie. And then back to ten for the rest of the season you know like he's been doing. Man you are you're just taken the crap all over my fair foul because I go to our last one. Bryce Harper. Fair or foul over the last thirty days. 180 average three home runs 34 strikeouts there are you know this is spared a thousand specific salsa and I don't I don't I know it's fair because I saw something that they were trying to did this reds pitchers that had never heard of no shock very pleased for the reds. Into the home run derby because in the month of June he had three home runs and Bryce said to Michael Lorenzen yes. Wow. So I guess fair sour quickly then Bryce Harper just overrated. There I mean you know how I feel about. Rice harper it's fair look it's fair as much as I don't wanna say that because I do like Bryce Harper I think he is really good. He's had two years that matches type. I think he is a Carmen example carbon copy example of how your brand. Can overtake the actual production on. Field court pitch reviewers could you know there's always that guy that you like you why is this gonna keep making money he's not any good. A low. He's got hair in his helmet flies off any news on the cover Sports Illustrated sixteen and while bodies crazy Morin from bay is follow Lola. I think he's got to match but he has been very underwhelming the last ball coupled last fierce as as a very wise monk. Used to say ball don't lie. And that's why as mode and it's a favorable as multiple times shot I Rasheed Wallace. All right we come back a little glow about how animal World Cup predicting genius this is the hot corner on to any event. Yeah. This is not hot corner where terrorism when John Kennedy program. Fun show today I was level what do you a moment to bash on Bryce Harper. And you'll never show that you do want to show us you really only some consistent with the unlike in new. Study. A little warmer future yankees. And there'll you know it. I don't know where on earth they were you employ them but you just hold the shift might shift is really big they're gonna start shifting in the outfield and just play three right fielders in the right field OK what do they've played them all in less feel the same time to see who was the best left fielder to increase ratings among the young demographic we're not gonna add to people to the field so the price yankees and oil they're clear and specific. I was ready because they can who else they all play in right field because the Porsche is so short they can get punished the shoulders council runs. Like Jerry Jones is the top guys like huge six foot nine guy trying to catch a home run sitting on top of its harper and see him with. Who's the middle assailants that price are produced now are up goes Harlow has had seen him slowly shuffling left to right. It. Oh man well. I I waited for 850 Vijay is no one's listening and they won't get met him he's talking about the World Cup. But I just wanna throw this out there that we can Douglas good Brooklyn's really a man and a we and then we can talk about like quick predictions on this does I'm jacked I think has been one of the best World Cup's if not leave this World Cup I've seen in my lifetime that I remember. The first World Cup Byron there remembers the 02. But this one's Angelos in Japan and South Korea and yes that definitely Brazil or Germany badly miss World Cup since going fourteen so that much thinks. Dynamite drop in market. And broadcast schools really an option I think I was laughing so. Com so but I just wanna say I'm genius. Before this tournament people as he got a pick France love Julian Bob Paisley affair player in the world. An amazing day too much talent sure they're young but at the give passage to be great. And then during the group stages people were like who do you like I was like. Well France kind of bothered me exam looks great but it's still picked him to win some state with them a man that Croatian team. Super good. And boy did they show today I was surprised as the vice president. Croatia. Has gotten by on the error of their tradition champ in the knockout rounds and penalty when the penalty when and last time innocence of extra time win yet. It's weird because Croatia played really poorly for like sixty minutes this game against England today. And in the second they scored that goal England just crumbled and Croatia have full control him and obviously that in scorned him. Boy got the full time in regulation but connection coming up the goldmans and catch. It's been a great World Cup. This final has no appeal to me how watching of course really but if I think I might even be flying I'm an appeal lawsuit. I think France has been dreadfully boring to watch and Jim Bopp is awesome. But their style is. Awful. It's so boring there in the World Cup final so look. I know sometimes it's how you do I know Obama is saying as easy as a neutral viewer but they have not been fun to watch at all. At all they haven't fair and Croatia one could argue that queuing Zimbabwe makes them fun to watch yep but she's only touching the ball one. Each of the time or whatever. You know Giroux has been through is often very good. And agrees there's not a very good reason has three goals and chooses but the last few games he's not encourage unity can orders you've looked lost in the locker rounds. Pod was an okay. Committed defenders have been brilliant actually yeah competes in the treaty but. I mean I think that he said don't city you know MM Croatia. Really doesn't. Having sex kilometer sea I love the Croatian team and had they not played back to back extra time and penalty shoot out games I would give him a chance in the singling game and you know chance because that is something be exhausted. A means he gets to barely walk at the end of the rushing game. Romances pitch outside of his goal he's been not great yeah there he is almost like he doesn't match their style of play because he's kind of a big slow plodding target man. And there midfielders are all really fast and pass the ball a lot and spend Wallace about him they're midfield the best from. In the world feel like the Dalmatian a midfielder Luka mark rich and racquets hitch a year at those guys are good news about Paris said Chile is more Winger. Yet parents say she was man again today that I thought he played the best she had a goal he had an assist on the Manzi kitchen could've had like two other goals I thought he was phenomenal today. And if you're an England fan don't. I wouldn't take this loss too bad I really wouldn't I think England's gonna return in four years. With basically the same squad unknown expected them to go to semifinal he went to a semifinal I'd be very happy if Gary. Yeah I wouldn't this and I don't think this England choking. I talked to mark Hamilton today from my 47 he even wasn't upset I was like Canadian good UP came back from. He even went away a watch in the colors back. Because now I'm happy remains of semi finals we are chancellery in complete in convert but I have to remember that. So and letting the fans after the initial burst of like almighty dollar loss. Are trying to do it right there's a summit from. Yeah England is notorious for blowing it in the World Cup this was not blowing it I think they were look I think yeah I think you know it. I'd be having I'd be happy for them and I don't root for England. Because you know 1776. My right I just we will on the war. I just don't. France plays colonel Boris I'll Croatia. Has been kind of fun to watch. But they're gonna be so guests. That's Arafat today and they played well Baltimore grass for seventy minutes and that in turn it on both friends is a lot faster than England in this case is actually a slower one. And right teams except for right teamster ruling that he sucks so when he doesn't. But he did in this World Cup and we didn't yet he didn't gossiping have been bothers me. England fans are designed bragging on sterling because he's not a very good enough scoring but she's the only reason they're getting space behind the defensive line every time you have every time he gets to that two behind the defensive line turns the ball over. Not necessarily I disagree. Are you in the same games. As it. Many years I've been woman are you selling missile tournament like I know he has had some mess ups and from that. But he is he's been a menace. Or had now been a menace. To any team that he was playing Nim a lingering in behind alliance and they reduce their home from the ball field middle. Working well it also didn't help that your peers was basically done the last ten minutes of media extra time he wanted to play with him and them. Well we'll take friends to one in the final I expect finally get a difference when Mel. In extra time Milf. Those earlier in the sixtieth minute and in the all summer ball for remembered at a mosque in France wins Didier jumps to become the third. Person ever to the World Cup as a player and a coach who. If for the I don't know who the third's. It's throngs of Beckenbauer. It was a Germans. MB DD eighty shops and Leo and is redirecting to bring into. Bruce career had just gotten my dad right. This taxes and Bobby is what sterling should be taking mood. Sterling was ever consider that my world class player in nineteen bit. It is a satellite into. Reason and is like stupid like celebrations. PS dance usable celebration we grabs Nazi like dances like this you know an extraordinary thing you can never played for I don't Libyans I mean girls. It. That's all folks will see you next week for Joseph Fisher my good jump that scares singing go do something I would do come amendment.