Hot Corner 8.15.18 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 15th
We talk about the Wild Wild AL West, can the Astros hold on to the division, are the Mariners done, and Storytime with Uncle Patrick

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening this is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hood corner and Rivera suddenly and she really didn't like to. Get him to scamper home to want 010. Fit. Well. Okay. I have on baseball waiting call just a hall of fame third baseman isn't much cooler yeah. Slowly destroy the alma. The number of years is actually highly disputed some safe. Eat some say as many as seventy beer which is an absolutely insane and appeared nobody can drink that much. Our attitude like that. Now you're your own for the hot corner of the country terrorists set foot kid that strokes and with the acne on his bag and my twins she didn't really come on 1080 young man. My name out of out of out of out of out absolutely. I laugh. Hey I don't let. We'll domain CD. Hello Gordon her and her. Cora must be a Wednesday as it's always a Wednesday oh what's that my. Oh nothing. Good. So well like you were sans Mike Lynch. This even men and those just for me in joke. Do issuing any body what so it's bin a couple weeks I was gone last week. You Wear. Taken in the sun in central or renewal hot. That and sun river ridden. No just a little town called mop and mop and idea don't think I've heard of it. East west of baton it's south of the Dow's north bend north to Madras so how can halfway between it's Bay's lead out like a ten mile stretch that she can just like booze cruise on party with the rest niece she's out there may be the guy yes I think I think the rise sneeze she's have left the area. But the other some Whitewater rafting there's there's some action there we do a lot me in some friends who do water rafting throughout the summer in the this is our big blowout or bring a bunch people that. That don't do a whole lot of rafting because there's there's a little bit action. But it's hot and can just kind of sit there and get wrong. Sounds wrong I know it it is a really fun I do guy in my own boats. My own votes so what's with stuff as I sit there and let everyone else at room and manage this and the year the designated. Be like that he'd be the designated older yet. I guess I was I mean. I'd love it and and now yeah these so called the person who controls the bony driver or we call them and guide so indeed GE a DG designating guide you out pageant. But it's my bow so I would like my vote not to get destroyed. I mean I have a I have a beard too just like any DD right on all DD's have at least three or four Beers in the five hours their deviant and those oh is that not how does. I think that that that the sole purpose of a DD so man I'm in a DD and a good fifteen years so I'm a little rusty and how this works but you. Use those but there's really no excuse not to have a ADD on call I use those I've used those for sure and I'm more of a lift guy. Seems wolf for a do you like background checks at all. Wasn't there on drivers yeah I guess that was a big thing while ago or bruise I'd screw over her. Lift. Do lift they're looking out for human rights and just like called social media offers that lasted like a week. Men and everybody still is like hey launches in Newburgh Michael could call and that I I bullet the lipped out because they don't have to grab. But it it's like Google in don't just go oh that. Even though you might search it somewhere cause although I don't think anybody surge among being fanned out and now still Iraq and paying now now. Ladies gentlemen Joseph Fisher all opening phase out not at all beaten. My goodness. So when it it's funny thing tell you get to that point. In a lake Kleenex or band aid. Your brand is now what the product called. What does this grab an uber yell implement live step. It's like well just Google. Me whether used Yahoo! back in the day being ask jeeves or whatever you know that common phrase it's as Google. And now everybody just sees Google regardless. And the guy he is I think I did a decent money ask Yves. Asked she needs I think so I mean I I was a Yahoo! kid back in the day kinda imagine like Al elementary school mean high school from mean. John at age difference again just a little bit so you are gonna last week yes and now this week we don't have Michael lynch and Mike. In he's in Vegas was doing in Vegas. I believe his girlfriend has some sort of conference meeting or something special gone out of Vegas for the week. That's his wife. Sorry white Fiat which meant numerous times I don't want to know don't know I said that he has wife is there are doing something for work. And he'd tag along and so when she's doing her work staff Ike is doing his Vegas stuff. Wolf the app I've never been Vegas I zero interest in going to Vegas. Wrote I do not need you serious yeah I do not need to walk around a town in which I can bet on sports. With a half gallon of picker in my hand in effect immediately for for react to pay for I don't not need to be in a town like that yeah we'll see I I was pretty destruct. So listen I'd been to Vegas I went there one time I was too young to do any thing I think I was like fourteen or something in. But it was still really time and the bus czar thing is when you land regardless like let's say you fly any get there in Latin midnight. You would think you're ready to go. To the hotel and call the night you know like oh just gone in from the fly we're gonna Cano party tomorrow started up to move all you get in an eleven man night in used seed. Everything happening lights. And going on people I mean. You stay up for another four hours when I went there we got there at midnight when I have like a full dinner meal. How to rest on the blogs certain and then walked around that Vegas strip before realized it was 4 in the morning. Yes yet being you lost me there. But I was even able to drink that's the worst part you know I obviously has been a young kid I was just taken everything in the sights sounds and smells. And yeah I mean I thought it was a great top rollercoaster was fine ESPN's own all the city to do was a kid Bryant was fun sports is an. And emblematic enemy air got to see where you wanna go to Vegas at least for a couple nights noon might. And go their week is a rough from what I understand yeah I. Especially this heat. He is bad here him graduates like enemy is finally got 110. You have an image it's quite clear and breathe outside. Pastor treading a smoker sucks. Sucks like this every. Nice 10 yes so it's just Nina and I. Have some fun we are allowed to get into tonight some will talk about. What do you wanna get into a Felix goes to the bullpen the Dodgers are exploding we have fair or foul a thirty Felix goes a bullpen and then comes back from owning scheme and take command at the data which can dig ghetto out command. And that's that's one way to put it I don't that really applies I don't really find Felix ghetto impotence or do you just like apply. Starting pitching edge of as the ghetto then you know you can't take that out of Felix because he just went right back to the started job Iran. He still men. Yes we'll do that end up I want debut a new segment. That I have not a run this by Michael lynch who actually runs the show. Just pretend to. But I would like to started some 45 every week. Story time with uncle Patrick where I just tell you cool stories. About the history of Major League Baseball. I like all right yeah I when he told me in overtaxed. Think store EU is about like began the stories about owned. All hasn't exactly I don't know I just is fully embracing old curmudgeon Patrick who. Loves based all in wishes things were the fifties again. Taken trip down memory lane I am and sounds fun hopefully I kind of everybody knows. Pirates pitcher god has this name is blinking me that the ascended the night before the game in CA AM. Doc Gooden no. Dwight Gooden unlicensed in the eighty's yeah this is a little what does that diss him. Everybody knows that is kill. Amy anyways I would love stores like that if you find out that they. You know my AME pitcher and then late ninety's didn't. Did a bunch alliance and then an hour or two later went out through like just an absolute piece of the game yeah dating show on ten strikeouts lets its. We're sort of about one day I'll tell you about David wells' perfect game. Well yes kind of all over the place not every them and not every one of them or drug related joke. I realized that his. Yeah I am pretty fun just distill some cool stories. I guess we can use a suburbs Nino an image and then a couple weeks we will have the boarding coach's show on Wednesday from seven A which will bump the corner. 28 to ten on Wednesdays when we're still earlier Wednesday. A crystal ball and all your organs that news. And will be on right after just an hour later seemed to go with that also Mike and are still working on the Beers and as podcast so three dropped. Last Thursday we live our we recorded live out to add to a storm breaker in saint John's we get into one that drops tomorrow around 4 o'clock. Us and keep checking that out but that's that. Oakley doubly we got this show going into you find us on Twitter you can find me might Arabs who. Whom it has to say that miss him already thousands times thousands Angie can find me on Twitter at PP zero a five. Human Jo-Jo fish three FY SE aged grass is we let you can also hit a sub and the better you today Tex I'm. 55305. That bad boy lets you interact with us throughout the entire shown ABC's complacent or you read it on the air coming up. The most exciting thing in baseball right now has got to be the American League west will do that next this is Portland sports leader. This is buzz corner. Very somewhere John just navy elsewhere and who. Yeah. Yeah. Who disseminate seen here on the fan. Who. Something that's been interesting mean. For the last few days. And can only write him at the. There's assailant got rid them. I got vibe. Something that's been catching my eye over the last. Few days has to be the most exciting thing in Major League Baseball right now and that. No and so are a National League east fans that is not which crappy team is going to win that vision. Or for that matter the National League west which crappy team is going to win that division into that in the second hour. But what. Truly inches mean. Is the American League list. S that is home to your C mayor's. Now my eyes on matters they your Seattle Mariners go right now they are you do you see my Orioles. That is true there are for something he is gonna lose today. There he did thirty din it's not final they're losing like fourteen to two to them so if the Red Sox win which are currently down 7 to 3 evening you be. If NC fifty in any half were going to be down fifty regardless of what happens. In NC fifteen this and if and I think if we both lose do we lose half came on and now you know he's an evening. Now you party law sets lawyer up 49 and a half. If the Red Sox lose you'll be affording written let's go Red Sox. Hash tag race for Richmond that's from the start that it isn't. Screw the royals. Did you you're he's still gonna look at to see who who has the worse. And I'm gonna try and find that I got to read your feeling is it 2003. 116 games. All trying to find it. Many Jews you guys laws ED four. And another month and a half to go through your land solid detracts AO estimates are that are sorry fair net fair net. No size are our number or Els and a start Benton here bright red so there's a lot of different things going on with this. I don't even know where to start edu and so Houston's continuing to lead the American leeway as they pretty much all season. There are 7340. Set and they're currently. Destroying. The Rockies right now ten to one. So we can safely assume we'll chalk that up for a victory. A.'s loss to the mayors today. Which shall give the Astros 82 game lead. Over the T aids and the Mariners are four game is back. That does not include the wild card which wing get into later. But the reality is is this division all of a sudden is wide open. Again. I didn't I didn't expect this to really O pin oak. Hey exactly. I think it started last week you know once the springer injury went down I went down like everybody. Are you out to it was on the DL often likely won't be able to manage and then the springer injury happened and do it well okay we'll see what happens here. So by the mayor's wolf that's why it really may be all eyes open and then obviously days it took two out of the three NO bashers are doing tonight they're all their Killen caller Clinton won yet it off and one they lost last night to make a one game lead. And in just one game at all Oakland had to do is beat the measly masters. And they Beijing that took twelve innings for them to try to be done. So it looks like Houston's got a game that game back on Oakland but man how exactly how the hell did we end up in this position Oakland as a plus six. Five run differential she says imports one windy one. I saw of that last night I was looking at the standings. In the Nassau how crazy that run differential is between those two teams it's a 130 basically it yeah. I mean she's she's 41 and eighteen away from Houston. That's insane right they sound amazing however they've lost five in a row they should break that tonight therefore in their last one. Let's see they've lost five in a row. Which makes him yeah I mean their four of their lasts until the sweep in the Rockies law last night you it's all IE also have to go. Even farther beyond that like where did that mean they lost. Correia has been around for a solid two and a half months thinks fantasy pool it seems like they have these spurts and they just lose a few games like you go back even just a week and a half off and they lost. All three games of the were injures. That's what other Rangers before that they lost to the Rockies and and and after that they lost the manners and that was losing five games right there. So they just kind of have these stretches where it'll going to this ballpark is five games six of seven. Things like that. Right I guess if your shoes stay in the U have to be like. OK okay now two days heard springer's her. We just got Correia back everything's going to be okay right. Mean that's that's how AJ inch house to approach this. You know the great manager. That AJ hinge is nine and twelve since the all star break the Houston Astros are. Wolf. Now and it's only nine and twelve yeah. Nine and twelve. And her lender in cold there's still deal and so he's not scoring runs. I don't wanna make something out of nothing and know how much does union stuff has really affected the clubhouse too much that I feel like at all and I piling on that the injuries and stop I don't hear about that. Well that's what they are saying when the trade happen is like a wall that locker room was a good. What until one guy showed up and Arun decides that I'm so angry enough today it anymore. I'm so angry and not a close you know OK and this in game. Mean here she say in late nobody wants that she OS and team. Unity on a backlash of that you know on the show and its history would necessarily. Bring up. I was kinda guys but you can't tell me that it's just one guy came in months and is a reality Buck Showalter in Baltimore. I said of people in the race now but I answer it if it. Number two it's going to be Bob Melvin of the Oakland Athletics. Has got to get its old Bob okay number three. I quit. Like that's in order to make Scott service. And should know. And then now Aaron Boone ended an hour scorer like I know thanks. And the reason I just don't taken in then as far as those two it's 'cause their teams are in the did so it's making him look good. He. Wolf. All these teams in World Series and Manger. And you add I think with the Astros. I'm not too worried Vegas I guess that's sort of drug say guys get healthy. You've been before. They're gonna fight for the division. In the probably win division. I can't imagine the Astros fall to about wild card position. Well. I think what we might the deal is take a look at their schedule ahead what's to come ahead because me in my grid in this last week with the Mariner's inn. Eighties and what we found is that it's pretty favorable schedule dressed the way for the eights honestly. For the days I don't know yet another and you're now a week later where in the position. Of where word looking at the Astros schedule going four to see if they can even keep their Lee. All right. So they end with Colorado today right they get a day off. And they got three at Oakland three Seattle. Three in Anaheim men home three against Oakland. 3 in 10 o'clock at all divisional opponents three against Minnesota than their that Boston at. Home against Arizona. Home against Seattle. Home against Anaheim they're at Toronto and and and with the homey hook up of four games in Baltimore. Welcome Houston if it is how you like them apples that's stuff that's a lot that it lacked. Of divisional games left Seattle. I think I look at dinner scheduled the other day and it's not that much. Divisional games like they have shots but it's not just like they were closed. Yeah Oakland Houston Texas 43 minutes additional gains 23 divisional games left for the astronauts rose. Oak and Houston Texas Minnesota Houston Seattle yankees Texas Baltimore Tampa. Anaheim Minnesota Seattle and time. I'll take that that's athletics at the rate at DA's yet exactly we are looking last week in his design and dependence played. Could you ask warrior and you could ask for an easier schedule where he'll take that every day of the week right at stroh's they have. I mean if you're look I don't like to count divisional games at opponents. Cheney's in any situation like as far as Texas Anaheim. I think divisible matchups are always going to be tough and that's that's the or bills playing the Yankees or Red Sox at this point. But really the aster is schedule the rest of the way they all he had a few Guinea's Minnesota. Teach her way. And then at the end of the season they get seven Guinea's in a row with Toronto and Baltimore. That's that is huge craft. Those last seven games against Toronto Baltimore granted they're all eight. But that's in the dimple in their best forty more eighteens take a little peek at them. Dodgers Astros Diamondbacks. It's brutal Dodgers Astros Diamondbacks. Padre is Oakland Baltimore yankees. Padres angels. Houston Texas open in Texas that's not too bad you gotta do the rest of August. And then you control your own destiny. That's not too bad. Although I hate that Arizona series in Arizona also the Mariners can't beat Texas. And they're gonna played. Him. Seven time items in eleven games. After coming off the Astros. By the adios see you. And that's kind of where when he gets in next so it if I truly believe that she Singh will be right they'll survive this as will come back healthy when they need to. Right now it's about the other two guys and that's gonna wanna get to next and we'll do that the first yours Joseph was ports. This is an odd corner where terrorism and Sean generated over. He's a man. As we do every single year or next week where have do you let you all know that it said durden sprigs fantasy draft football's greatest football draft party. Touted dubbed big thousand beaver in beaver drawn. I will be there hosed in the show as I have for the last. But as this. It is the 30 June 3 year yeah. It has created the most famous and my absolute fair drop of all time. On his radio station of any program all that wrong I think we might have I don't say I don't know where finding yeah I think do you remember I was having conversations few more clay and I was just kind of enemy Howell. As an ND. Are gonna dirt and it's Derek you know. How much effort do you put into you're okay and a fantasy league Jimmy earned enough in your fantasy team together because you know we have this huge scene up there lake listeners come in all this kind of jazz. And he responded with I don't it would daughter resurface and that is my favorite drop in the history of any the fan and it's not even because I'm a part. You know they're using that drop for you dirt. And then I was like which is kit add drop in brandy rose by show. You got it out of thin layer of all I didn't realize that so yeah will be a big Al's next week do the big fantasy football draft. Com it's a thousand Beaverton in beaver dropped it's it's one of my favorite shows that he's gone he's an element that is sort of my favorite shows of the year and was really funny is that I like despise fantasy all. I like football just fine there's no problem they've of fans who booked on a grinds my gears I retired like five years ago. However Longo Brett Favre retired is when I turn. But I loved the show we did talk to listeners out there. Everybody super friendly. On to drink shaken hands kissing babies on that kind of stuff the goals always to see how dry windy it's wag and yes come on out listen I'm sure I'm sure they I don't know if they have slots available or anything which you can always in my opinion just we'd add to anything in or some who will try to. Turtle you guys up I'm intrigued to see how junk Mike Lynch gets this. Because he literally is ten steps away from dale Beaverton let's just get them loaded Joseph. Well I'm trying to be there or not I have demand positioning here so you guys have agreed to I'm now you know honest let's give the intern are. I will. What intern. It. In turn Casper. Where is he did in we don't really do it. He's been near enough he should not go for India yeah Woolsey if I can maybe get some of the squeezing your I doubt it and it's cell I would he had that would be down to see how loaded league he gave Michael. Yeah let's do that I've seen Michael little tipsy but I haven't seen him loaded. They'll end might say glitz tends to have the eyes so it's not a matter of like on a drive home Marley dogs and take while familiar in. Is the Max right and then. Know. There are bussed in the net to close backstage and you have well I live in north port and so it's like jam them to realtors lingo. While I can be that guy my excellent game I'm working you're gonna be they're taught at least nine. If that sounds fun so tune in I'm really excited that next week should be a ton of fun and that will be the last show that we have from seven and nine. Yes I believe so I believes all of the sudden love how the producer knows this is it. Joseph I found out two days ago. And Mike's been gone and I being gone and yep we'll figure something I'm pretty sure he had 22 next week will be our last 79 show and we will be going to etudes and technically this is our last seven and nine baseball show. Yeah you know it's been a real. While. Nothing mattered and is sent out on the idea that the news Seattle Mariners are straight bone to. It's only fitting it's all only fitting I'll tell you what. My gonna talk about his all the time. I've been rooting for your Seattle Mariners I'm not lying I'm not blowing smoke and literally rooting for this team. To get in the play offs this show is about to reach its five year marks. And we have yet to either mayors in the playoffs so war war on where try it. Trying to get there. On the wind today was big however the like seven losses before to crappy teams is not good. So right now you have have. The Mariners and the days and the Yankees fighting for. Two Ross to playoff spots correct. The Yankees are ahead of everyone and you know beautiful mean the internet's no routine I'm really excited about it. So let's see what are the yanks have a three and a half game lead. Over Oakland. Oakland right now as a tool to half game lead over Seattle. Oakland's else 02 games behind. The Astros assuming they win their blow up they've got today. I don't know. It's getting pretty crunch time it's August 50 K there's still a month and a half full we went through the Mariners schedule. Let's see this okay earners they're seventy and 52. To get to the playoffs. Theme might have to win 95 games. And their seventeenth tee to. And they're seventy and 52 that puts them at a 122 games so far this season which means they're exactly eagle forty thing on a low point five and fifteen. 25 and I mean well now letting your tweets I'm fifteen onion of that'll be enough. The way that they've claim did decide to knock out any confidence that they're gonna take a backup especially when their Easter is at the ten day deal so he's gonna miss at least. Three stars and their races in the bullpen which we into the top 8 o'clock hour. But I mean it's three games against the Dodgers they're receive Rich Hill and Kershaw. Kirsch has been obviously great lately but he's been on the losing end of things Israel. The dodgers' bullpen hasn't really been. Not for them and Gary Jensen doesn't intend they're at it. Did you or did ever a member of we're. Wade LeBlanc on the on the bow out tomorrow. But they're gonna see. And Gary Cole and Charlie Morton and there's for the Astros and there's nobody Liz did. In this August 1 slot. Which makes me think he could be Dallas tackle. Either way that's not good and then when he hit Arizona. Though of the projected starters is rob ray godly and Greinke. Mean you're looking at. 1234. Or 5678. No sign the Mariners could go who to win seven. Three and six easily. In the next nine games. That scares me. That scares me a lot. I don't know. And are ready to wave the white flag right now because they do you believe. That this team has a woman back. But it doesn't look and it really doesn't look and yikes. Joseph you're a betting man would you put money on the mayor's me in the poor house. I wouldn't bet on them not me in the place that wouldn't be. 201 on its. And I would take back. I don't know you know wouldn't. Do you know I'm a muzzle to five on that. Meant sir. I have boom you. And that has made 1000. Act. And then that'll take silence as those still try losing five bucks. Probably the you know I'd lose five books every day from stupid things to purchase. Gas goes that's. This goes that's certain are with the AL west is something you keep your eyes are on the America only wildcard is also something you wanna keep your eyes on as we were ill. Every single Wednesday. Here on the odds choral we come back and debut a brand new segment. Because I liked tell us stories about the history of baseball Mattel in my favorite. Folklore story. The history. Of Major League Baseball I can't believe this is my number one favorite story but it's the story I tell. All the time to literally why do you like baseball's. This is why it's kind of a modern days story to an every week at. Eight for fun I could. Instead of 745. We will do story time with a local tattoo will do that next SM 44 from Portland sports leader 108 event. I'm gone now the rules this. Stop but Bennett say this is the hot corner where errors somewhere enjoyment to enable Israel and I'll let a guy. Well we're in twos story time with uncle Patrick we sit here late at night and we talk about the good old days. The good old days back when things are folklore and there wasn't social media. The wasn't she Yahoo! in many fields. Back when we are smoke is cigars stands and needn't penis. Little kids chase cars with a big fat celebrity home run hitters. I remember those days. I really am not that old that robust. I don't know does that does that mean fun I got so many stories like. I've although. I like to think of myself like a historian of baseball. But I've seen baseball right Ken Burns probably you know when he times so that is one of my favorite things in the world I watched almost every single seat in before the season starts. You hear these stories you know because stories about tiger calming us stories about. Miki and Joseph DiMaggio him. Crazy things like that what were you got uncle Patrick I he Arab story about how you love baseball so much and why you love baseball so much and yeah what caused that PSU canned goods served little child little boy things little boy in the front what's your favorite team by the very team I don't wanna say. If if if if there aren't good stories about the Orioles. But what are starlet probably my favorite story. This is kind of like the all around the folklore behind based off and I think. So many sports. Don't have this kind of folklore I think European football's a little bit of it or like World Cup. So a year for the info blog is there anything like European NF LS I don't buy it in the precise I think world cubs got some stuff like this their history of Euro ascended between. But the NFL that and have great stuff like this I mean NBA's they say like what Willis Reed. Think that's committed and hope he tears rose. But this is my favorite story it was. The 2003. American League Championship Series. Boston. And the New York Yankees. Losing games so there. This bad boy goes to extra innings. Tied Pedro Martinez pitched a hell of a game at any gave up the tying double. Two Jorge Posada. Grady Little comes out and decides they paid dreaded game before that. Grady Little came out state paid dreading. Danger then gave up a double the glory of sonnets tidy gaming and Pedro apple now we get a tie game it's game goes into drag strip innings. The red sock send out Tim Wakefield. To the mound. The notorious knuckleball thrower Tim Wakefield I think I've heard of him uncle Patrick yes he he was great he actually won I. I think Tim Wakefield won something like. 220 games Mike Easley is the most wins for knuckleball pitch at all times while I didn't know that Patrick who's trigger a guy thanks uncle. And the New York Yankees send up to the played a pinch hitter coincidentally she is the manager of the New York Yankees in Aron. Boone. Air moon dust pinching we had a tie ballgame to bottom of the eleventh I believe. And as Aaron Boone is standing in the on deck circle Derek Jeter I'll copy our walks up to them and he says hey. The ghosts. Are here. Earn your pin stripes. Weight. And it's yours. Aaron Boone steps into the play. First pitch. Home run to left field. Yankees go to the world's. Bad domain tourist question. I don't know what. That's my favorite. The ghosts. Horse year. Let's talk about the ghosts of Yankee Stadium and ghosts at the Yankees pat you have like Ruth and mantle Gehrig and Whitey Ford and yogi and read GM and all these dudes Thurman Munson all these dudes. She says sit back wait and its doors now all Kilpatrick this story sound made there's aerial it happened. Install deal. But you see what I mean like the folklore behind it like that's a really crazy stuff and you don't get day in base in any other sport. That's G give him baseball. You know until he's someday about the time and Ty Cobb Walter an alleyway on his way to a Detroit Tigers game. That's a crazy story too by the time Mickey Mantle Linda Joseph DiMaggio played in the the outfield together until about that. I think this is gonna be some cool. Well all I do you have to ask is that really your favorite memory. I think Seoul. Thank all and even Indians memory yeah I mean full story like that just just like full quarters Stan. Because Jeter aux of two releases them ghosts are here. Earn your pinstripes. First pitch act to left field. That's still. Didn't end. What I did not know about that. I'm I'm leaving the child rule but in the story now we're. Do you think it's sad to say that if he doesn't. He hit that home run he is not the Yankees manager today. I think there is good chance that yeah. Because I mean why else would New York Yankees hire somebody with this zero management experience like at least Alex Cora sat on the bench. For AJ hinge last year in the Astros he has been a bench coach. For a World Series winning and Aaron Boone wasn't exactly. Little piece of the yankees' roster during his time not at all not at all. The next season he was wearing basketball in the season and tore his knee in the condom writes that he played for the Indians think they're. Now he's cold air and flipped and lose. I just. I grew up I was becoming anti Jeter guy growing up because you know as like an Omar Vizquel guy in the and I love you Nomar Garciaparra and I thought A-Rod was ready to greatest player ever saw my entire life. I was in the B is Jeter fan knows that got lucky it was kind of crappy who was on a good team. But I remember hearing that story and I think that is when the tides changed. That's how you are the captain of the ink. On the ghosts are here. Who earn your pinstripes. Gave me shivers. Somebody that'll never in pinstripes because they're busy bullpen is Felix Hernandez will do that next that story time with uncle Patrick here are 1080 the fan.