Hot Corner 8.15.18 (HR 2)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 15th
Is this the end of Felix as we know it? The Dodgers are falling apart, ForF, and movie talk to wrap it all up.

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast well I kind of like baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks for listening in this is brought to you by your local less Schwab tire senator doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. Baseball allegiances that your neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely normal peaceful spoke here. It's time for the second game of our radio doubleheader. That is yeah. Plus we're. This is the hard corner where terrorism lynch how deep dive on baseball on the hottest topics in sports. Just alluded to the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my eyes off that man with the tall head is quite a game but then that guys and let you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just a dead eyed idiot out on a Thursday afternoon. This is the hot corner where terrorism and sure. You write on Jenny you can. And in. Help us please somebody help us no friend yeah. Oh plug me into these second hour of the odds corners soon to be first hour of odd quarter we'll do eight to ten and a couple weeks. But for now we're in the second hour in Michael lynch is out he being vague is CD pride dragon. Yeah ready spry like an over watch fenced. Bryant I mean atmosphere but it. My stride like drinking and booze and over watch live party. Andy I mean that might be fun as long to do is involved in them in different. A watch list item my eyes can't keep up neither can I yeah I saw I don't know what was on the road show the other day or something. And I was like hello Mike likes this'll take a peek at this he was going on you know you know I don't know his game and never played before and we know how to if you it was period but but dug they will be good this those like I don't have no idea what's going on like pretty employee. I know how to tie now it's like advanced super smash buttons Jim replacing the smash funds I mean super smash Brothers. Yeah I played smash Brothers every time I ever saw smash Brothers didn't play though is felt like someone is just you know and try to hold this. Remote receive it does anything for you on on the air but I was supposed liked. Think the whole time. Like he he's O and Cinemax Erskine and accelerated in the hash did you seek his pounding on this controller staring at a television it's like. Yeah you're literally just punching buttons they there's no way that's an actual humble. Oh ya dude I did upright Dowdell left Friday ABB BC selects I am tell them well you know if there is any sort of video game activities going down today is Mike would immediately some point down on who you do the it on some soccer. While he was there he popped his sports gambling cherry. And a ban on a draw. To happen. He bet on a draw yeah I don't know who the teams are but he bet for a draw and I happened between them and he was Iraqi heat he was right he hit it at this it's like you see that's Jimmie that's like one the most Michael lynch. Things that happen like them when we first Bennett ever is going to be on soccer. I'm gonna debt on a draw very calculated. Very in measured. And right. I wonder how much money made I think he won like 22 bucks that's yea he bet ours is like five or ten dollars he said the ticket. To Robin suit in their talking amount primetime the other day. But he needs weeded out the game that he ban on. Yet you know like the big screen at the sport if there and and easily taken bore relievers as well as two of you older river for the draw played. He Rego you got muscle up my dad so close to actually calling those geez I there you know it's Burnley. Importantly here. And it's West Ham United. He got close but it wasn't lets him because they got destroyed but Liverpool 'cause. Him or item all right memorandum all right and I would. Say go Liverpool right now but I just showed my soccer prowess that there is so it's all right Liverpool wagon is open and ready for a business speaking of somebody who is not open and ready for business of Felix Hernandez for the thirst time. In his entire career. Are deep that entire career. Came out of the bullpen last night for that is where he lives now. Indeed to them and who how the mighty have phone. The ads. Does it feel. I'm just upset for him he do he gets the best years when they have SE offense and and can't do anything from them and many find the it's a competent offense you know and can't stay healthy and can't pitch anymore and completely falls apart and visible and it's like really. That's a bummer man yeah I was looking at this between those six and fifteen. He had over thirty starts and he's made a lot of money anyway he's won a Cy Young he's been impressive but it just sucks that. At this point when the Mariners somewhat need him at his best. He eats is like listen I've. Having given it Diaz the last 56 years now haven't anymore hey I'm sorry I wish I could I'm doing my best year formidable NC would I can do. And it's it's unfortunate it's like day and the mayor's finally got an offense finally got the bats going. And if they just had a one or two more started pensions and they have Felix and its just not Felix. Well is on pace to have the most. He was on pace to have the most games started. Since. Tony fifteen. Well and that's great I mean that's been the problem lap leaders is stain on the ball hasn't been healthy. But he was demoted to the bullpen I mean he's rock and a 562. ERA yeah. He has given. Let's the only in 06 and 07 when he had thirty starts and pro is like first two years pennies is second and third year of a second there merit. He has given up when he won a home runs he is on pace to definitely give up more than that. On the most home runs he gave up as a tie between fifteen and Tony fifteen and a. This museum last year that he played a full season and 06. So his second year and then the last year that he played Apple's he's certain. But in the year that he gave them 23 home runs and when he fifteen he still only had a 353 ERA and I expect that I the reason why you are saints when he fifteen from a 21 for the year before yes exactly so kind of a drop off that the Los society and Corey clue Renee you're. OK Patrik I just remembered as those on the shows saying he should win it now will. Yeah lasers is gamma bummer for him at this point William hopefully shines in the bullpen. Yeah I hope they've really works out any goes the bullpen and if the Mariners skin. As I think their done. Stand by that because they can't really flip flop from what I said about an hour ago. But if it be awesome if they sent him to the bullpen. They you get starting pitching on in if they made Iran and Felix was a big part of helping closeout games and get colds and stuff like that the recent loss and yeah I mean he's catching a break because Paxson went on the DL today so he'd go right back and back in the starting line up and so that's kind of hook up for him but I imagine that's gotta be brutal on him. Yeah mentally yeah. I mean I'm looking at it. That and I suck so bad that I had to go to the bullpen and now because one of their top guys is injured I have to come back I shouldn't be there because I should already have been there yeah sucks so bad I look at it like. Games plating game starting. 313130303130. And 34303430. Audited audited audited and a 2423. Nearly. Sorry but he he's got it's can you every 562. Who. Has had. His whip is a solid. Twelve points higher than it's ever been. As a member of the trying to control. And I'm sorry didn't. All right. He's the hospice. He's got a career ERA of 332. We'll see you win some we got a 160 wins and those matter teams sucked. She had. I was gonna say that's it and analyze the out that is it would lose their team's twelve and ten with a three point 04 ERA. Thirteen and twelve and point I think you're on the site and this year with thirteen 201013. Twelve with a 227. Its job. That is ridiculous. Thirteen into 0227. Mean is better than Jeter to ground this year. Was that the Cy Young here I think he won a Cy Young it's going to and he didn't win in fourteen I'm pretty sure clover snag that front. And for those of you that think I'm a Cleveland homer I said on the show we go back and finding that I go for Felix. Hutu fourteen ERA. Is fifteen and six. 248. Strikeouts yen thirteen and twelve year 2010 is when he won the side. I guess I guess that the question is is I think now that his starting days might be over whether or not the employee at at. That the mid day RE LR rated trailer. Hall of fame. You know I hesitated in using that means that they're not yeah I think so too. That's you know I felt like Mike is big proponent of that few other guys it's like if you can't. Instinctively right away say yeah hall of fame. And he's not. Yeah and I just think you know Felix Avant a sigh young is nice I mean that's relieved. He's gonna be known for being in dominant pitcher on some bad mariner teams yeah 160 wins no. I know are strikeouts or hearing strikeouts among active pitchers are of the last 2030 years whenever. But. I said I hesitated so that means to me that he's not for sure. Hall of Famer here and stupid they like to let alive and well no not really baseball writers are super stingy you know. Hell the strikeouts. Usually game shouldn't we came shadow 2400. In 43 strikeouts 2443. Yeah. There are 2443. Mean. If five you basically 500 strikeouts away. From 3000. For your 200 days will be behind you. Yes he hasn't yet there is fourth active in strikeouts 41 career. 41 all time rather. All right. If you know it's sad but true I think god snacks that it. And I wasn't announcement that was probably Metallica. I'm gonna go Limp Bizkit. I think is without coming on the better you today Tex I'm 55 through five or do you like this is the baseball equivalent of Tony Romo. Now being able to stale thing was they put a possible Super Bowl roster around him. Gone through this the best rare team we've seen since 2001. And their item negative. Yeah our say I might agree with the last night's economic callous and there isn't good teams around in the last. You know for his whole career but aren't as the last fears is probably the best opportunity in yet rose just dying on the field. Bummer man all right team we love you Felix thanks to being great. You'll go down as a legend in mariner history. When we come back the there is a team in the National League US were heavy US coast today that is in and who served free fall. And I wish Mike was here because he would appreciate as much as I do. Kabul bash on the necks will do that on Portland spores leader tinian fan. Patrick shares Joseph Frazier O'Brien in glass tonight. Anything. This is blow hot corner waiting. Arizona wins on 1080 blow sand. Today's again shorter. You know that means. Colin in two weeks we're gonna and it has not gone after dark corner and here's. Some of favorite Tim do you. I don't know why is cousins sit in this dark room with Mike Knight era just leave the lights of while I'm pretty sure big suit just to lights up as he left. Right. Nobody knows I exist. And social social work Garcia back there by the computer and just flip the light off you know aren't. He's religious issue or Djokovic goes IRA can cut that much taller. I'm a six footer maybe and not a doctor told me a medical professional pulled me outlasts my last check up. That I was six foot even image she is off dated. Put that in and in the Tinder buyout from 56 and a half. So until view them 57 Dow super proud because it's been like 510 and three quarters 511 my whole lives and all this inside just went in there and to some of the country. Mr. Fisher fix Edie and pulling any record this or could there. Now go to the gym and learning how to dunk a basketball right. I'm 57. Otherwise known as 419. Minutes away from the united. The senate today people who are five foot eight are actually four foot to me it was like a little ignite Stoner mention. Damn red and I think that's how works in Berkshire. We call him he's life. I don't know. Mississippi. I know that you and Jessie will appreciate that. Ding and let alone a roomful bad jokes speaking of bad jokes Jessica footage joke can be enough on it. Olivia go to him mark. Can check it out. The Dodgers the Los Angeles and doe lawyers as my Padre nobody likes to say are in a complete freefall right now for they have lost the last five in a row. It said Todd zeros are on the fourth with the with the G Donte' is right now. And they have won three games in the last two and a half weeks. Some might that three out of their last eleven. A pretty bad right. And I think the biggest problem may god is they have no manager and their bullpen is hot garbage. Nothing makes me more excited. Things seemed to Los Angeles Dodgers fail I don't know why. And I think is because Mike and I have no idea whether he would. All the genome the I think their third baseman is a bomb. English are suffering sorry wherever he's playing he's a balmy night and I'd good. Was never really that good in. On yeah you know he's he's hitting not very good for the Dodgers I know he did not start out oil basically like 255. Right now for the Dodgers and a glad it yet he had like I saw I heard this last night Gillick and nine. Again 980. PS. In Baltimore and now he's like 760. Good and I was at war if he's batted 318319. Am Baltimore he's been to 55 in LA trying to remember if it was two weeks ago that you're here I asked in a fair or foul. At this point are the cubs and Dodgers the only threats in the NL couldn't last week I asked Mike this. I said look you know all the teams in the nationally dinner Friday when he got their NL last story got I mean the Rockies. Diamondbacks. And then you've got in the a NL east you've got the Phillies in the brazen essentially got the brewers and cubs. Almond I thought I was like you know daughters there there last year and then the cubs are probably the esteem in and now get a thanks so those were part of beard. Only two threats at this point right Mike and jump for the through these joking said no one ever best home record in the NL I will say that after the game camper got booed in his first home game they now have the best home record in the nationally so he's treated as Philly fans to quite. Quite a nice year anyways. By act he said those would be the only two threats and I agreed with them and at this point. Think he considered the cubs are the only real star and then all the way that the Dodgers have been planned a degree. Tired as soon Dodgers abundance saying that Bryant soldiers the better trade than many in the shot of there's like oh goodness gracious in at this point yes I mean if you wanna look at as you know as a whole you're probably gonna say that. Image on does a better player but then again they gave them. The ransom for that so. Dave Roberts. They are. Killing Dave Roberts right now. Although before you that many Mittal rose eleven of 48 month bloggers. Wolves in June 29 average that's not good. Zero home runs he has yet to hit a home run in a dodger uniform are you sure he's not on the Orioles still didn't think that it. Like you do a good deal nice socked. Is charming nuts yeah I would like to see you at the Orioles would have been like if he was playing like that all season for Baltimore. Yeah right below men imagery like a hundred game is like looking at here is clearly though only one doing anything for them that first part of the season and the Orioles win tonight for their seventh win of the season as it is August 15 good for them thanks for all you 36 people like came out of the park tonight. Home game in Oakland could think if if if it. The biggest thing that I've been noticing with his dodger cut a free fall is Dave Roberts Dave Roberts has taken the most heat for it. And I think it's because of his bullpen management now the reality is is that bull pin is not very good it's not very good intently Janssen. Almost died so he's on the DL. And every single other dude in the bullpen is afraid to take the rock and because of that. Dave Roberts has taken heat. I don't really like the names. In that bullpen. So that's a big problem I don't know if it's all his fault but now he's got these guys. Who were starters. That are now in the bullpen. Because. Walker Mueller is now starting games. And can tell my eight is in the bullpen. Along with Ross Strickland who was a huge success story meaning the year. And it. I think this team is in very very very very. Scary territory. An uncle that. I'm super cool that. They are a lot of news on the DL but yeah I don't care about that. This team dispose school the World Series this team was supposed to win the World Series last year. And now. They can you win games. I mean they were there right now they sit two games behind the Diamondbacks. They can't beat the Rockies became needed became beat anybody they're they're letting their basically letting the giants hang around just only five games back to a division. Did the NL wild card race has the potentially get pretty wild birds and once I Lendale last just look at that and now while terrorism present there's like 67 teams are within five games of the final spot. Yeah you have five teams pirates and giants are pirates giants and nationals are all six. Nationals are six and a half out there's a steep drop off after that. But. Yeah I mean if it's six games is enough for you than you go 12345678. Teams still alive. And if you're the Dodgers are sitting in the middle of that pack. On the Dodgers I don't play the Phillies. And notably the brewers don't wanna play in Iraq gave the Rockies and cardinals won their seven ignorant and I who we. And I don't wanna play that the giants just as a rivalry sake. And I notably the nationals I'm pretty sure they just won two out of three and the doctors. The plane right now so I I haven't checked the score I think it was scoreless last time getting is still 00 in the fourth. So to be won the first two against the Dodgers should. Man I think the reality is I think this team sucks. I don't think they suck and they're just not playing as good as they did the last two years because you guys doing. You guys have been the biggest proponents of the Dodgers are not as good as though as they've been plain. Didn't 'cause they're just know it and I think that what you're seen as what you guys have follow along as a mediocre team. Yeah with some big names on their team because they play in LA that's not good enough. That's not good enough for me. Matt Kemp has batting 279 and that she team leader. Mean just interns but he hasn't played enough. When Brian Dozier is like the best player your team right now that's pathetic. But the image auto. Two huge united. Who. Many Michelle out of mansion to. Mansion due about now than I am I send it. I'm good with a. I don't know this team makes playoffs to be honest with the there they don't know and I'm kind of excited about that. In my kinda I mean like I'm really excited if the Dodgers don't make the playoffs. Dave Roberts goes down. Many match auto doesn't resign. Binary was in recent anyway. Other big trouble. Indians cubs still alive in the World Series. That's exciting to mean much all. We come back we have fair or foul also known as for earth. Which is when my absolute favorite things and we'll do that next this is the hot corner. Portland sports leader we do this and every single Wednesday night but for sure is Joseph was sports who. This is the her word terrorism when John Kennedy is no friend. Take 35. It is said the bottom of these second hour every single week this is fair or foul I turn this over to our fantastic producer. Joseph Fischer who. Would serve. All right so let's get this going up from a today. Ronald SUNY has literally been hitting everything out of the park the comparing him to Mickey Mantle and Hank aaron's insurer A games will do that. Eight home runs and eight eight games including at two. And you need to lead off home runs in the last two games against the Marlins. Which led to sue. I'm gonna get the name correct here Jose uranium. For the Marlins righthander. Will he wanted to make sure that around this union did not get a leadoff homer and a day so what did you do with his first pitch. Even within 97 and a half mile per hour fastball think. And that also happen to be uranium as fast as first pitch ever thrown in his art itself. Hope fund fact there hello down so that obviously led to a brawl senior had to leave the game and as well on that. Missed sell your rainy whatever the amount of suspension is it should be the largest fair foul it should be the largest for a pitcher hitting a player ever. We usually in these kind of things should they get a suspension easily get five games grounds starter to miss the start. Are you asking should it or will it shouldn't showed it. Gimme both of night will it absolutely not no they'll get five games. Don't miss the start. I mean how he might even when you find two windows. Should it I think is a little tough. Because I've seen more egregious things. From pitchers than this so I will say. Owls. Also vows while. I think it should be honestly I mean that you Joba didn't as a blatant first pitch drilling 98 mile per hour. And injuring indeed I mean don't you seen it a lot where guys are able to walk it off but he had to leave any NBA city you know some people say. Suspend him for as long as the Sunni is injured for young. But data. That's total bush league that's as bad as bad as against understand in the seventh inning eighth inning yourself like that later in the game if he's already homered and I understand he's been working them. Caught I'm all for the game regulating itself I don't feel like that's a Marlins manager talent to do that pensive rogue. That's him going on his own doing that Ford agreed Mattingly didn't sound you cannot Odom that suspend his ass is long visit he needs to be I'm I'm all for baseball regulating itself. It's one of my favorite things about the sport of baseball. However this is just a dumb. Dumb thing to do. You know I'm all about unwritten rules like unwritten rules that you know. Story time at Patrick talking right there. But there's no excuse there's no reason to drill him because he's hitting home runs exact don't want an in home runs. Don't let him hit that that isn't to mean not an unwritten rule where not if he's laid off oh lead off home runs the last 23 games you've got to quantum and now I drilled him an oncoming out there it won't view yet and let's face it I mean you want. If you have a guy that's on a streak on a roll like that and is having people kind of tune in and paid tens and a little bit more the last thing you want him to do is miss some games right. This guys on let's hear it now and now he missed days game who knows if he'll miss the next so that's. I'm not I personally think whenever yet the record is for hit the player. Topic by again Marlins suck yes they do. And from one sake team to another. Yes my Orioles that team edition at Loudon I like it'll do during the commercial break somewhere in my Orioles had to commemorate is going down fifty gains on the Red Sox certain. And man bites bikes and as much as people like to talk about how bad the Orioles are. Fair or foul the Kansas City Royals are only a half game better than us. Cool and calm well. The American League central is atrocious. I was singing about this today the Cleveland Indians. Are in first place the American League central. You know that there are five teams with a better record in the American League in the Cleveland Indians. Death Cleveland Indians have a twelve game lead you got all three of the AL west teams in both AL east teams get him. And Indians have the worst record yet they are twelve games ahead. I think Boston is that far ahead in New York saw that last 9000 Kelly Seattle one of the best records and knock a hole because of the as the Indians that might not last long though Obama so if the twins are twelve games back. Mean you wouldn't surprise me if the or royals were that bad for now I'm gonna go fair to give a little love total real plan. Wow thank you I really feel so much better over here at the royals are just they have gained better than us that is fair. That's crazy that is how the mighty have fallen we're talking about Felix earlier. And how Felix is now on the pen the royals went to back to back World Series or less than the number of fingers I have my hand to. Yeah when did they win it. 615. They lost them 141 and fifteen 'cause sixteen Astra seventeen. Indians eighteen. That's baseball though men now they comes at you fast yeah I mean the only person they have a nineteen still is LC is escobar's opera's. And basically I think that's it I can think of yeah well as that I outscored in the outfield and sorry if until our last one because we're up against it. We are an AL American League show here you're an Indians fan my ex yankees I'm Orioles as we all know you. So we liked how mean AL. You know. Who who who. And they haven't quite some offensive juggernaut on their team or in that lead. But is it fair or foul. There are zeroed scenes. With a hundred to run it differential or more in the National League where is the American League has war. So there are four teams used what you're saying is there's more teams the American League that have an over 100 run differential. Possibly yes. And I did that the National League has zero. Those kind of I guess at 2 o'clock AM. We got to figure out one to figure out the other. I mean I just slow steady and like the nationals are six and a half back from the wild card. And they are like eight games behind Cleveland. Run differential. It's. I'm gonna go fare on this are missing the National League is that bad. And that is fair to say price not one team has an above 400 run differential the National League the closest is gonna be the Atlanta Braves. With plus 97. Who knows may with the Ronald a senior homeowner cheated day that could end up with some over the edge bunch of jerks in Miami I tell you that but wanted to Erickson get this she got the Braves the next best run differential on the nationally. Los Angeles Dodgers. 92 plus runs and then the cubs who had tied if we can agree are the best team in the National League at nine B plus runs in the AL. You have. 131. Differential for the Indians won 35 for the Yankees 202. For the Astros over 200 in eleven for the Boston until. Can't wait for the Red Sox lose the first strapped such a huge drop off though between the Indians in the next closest team so 131 for the Indians next closest 65. For the athletics. Whoa whoa and that's funny because there. Leading the crap teams. Down and it's like a sixty runs seventy run differential. I had National League is. I mean. Not put up as much runs where their disclosed in games. Obviously more competitive and which I think you can say is the case this year in the nationally for sure with that bad NL east NL west. And with the birds basically maintain in the lead in their NL central for a lot of the season. And pretty competitive I guess you could say Meier a crappy right it's a similar competitive. American League reigns supreme and that's how we like to do it all right thank you Joseph that is fair or foul we do at the bottom of the second hour every single Wednesday. Soon to be at 930. As we do switch from eight to ten in it two weeks when we come back we'll wrap this bad boy up and Colin and even in this is not quarter and 1080 the fan. This is above hot corner with terrorism when son Jay Nady though sand. So it's safe to say it's dark outside yeah. I really can't see you besides the only thing I can see is like the last senator faced because it's eliminated from the screen it's on the computer yourself. So maybe dark and mysterious. Fit in doesn't move animals moved still single ladies still single. Beers are us podcast episode four drops tomorrow around 4 o'clock Mike and I discuss. How to get crappy beer drinkers to get to start drinking good beer. Pretty straightforward right yeah. And describe if you will. Obviously without without giving away segments and topics and too much you know what. Do you mean exactly basically we just go flawed people would drink American domestic longer it's by. But is actually local reports say it's like. It's the same problem but the complete opposite which I think is game. I liked injuring craft Beers so whenever I had a cooers letter by letter or anything like that it's very hard did you think because it's so that it up. Like I have bled slowly been in I think it is a conditioning thing I think it's a bunch of drinking when you're 16171819. And you're trying to get ax. So laden. Yeah we just gonna discuss for the most part you know somebody that does enjoy a beer but you know it's kind of has seen in Dublin yen has been to get a crash scene we kind of just discuss route she can go. In how to bring people into the crash scene was comical. I'm intrigued don't we talk like beer we talked and we talk multi Mir we talked our beer Thomas Connell over the board it's just. Yeah not to repeat some I said lassie but I'm gonna do it anyways Bailey's tapper and yeah downtown went there for the first time a couple Sundays ago Mike's never heard of it. Oh really. And I don't try to top five beer joint missed see that's what does that's what I thought I had a coworker had the other job told me all you gotta go they've got great Beers aren't happening give Mexican food from sensory across the street which solves the kitchen from Mary's you know that's the most legendary strip clubs in Portland I wish I would have them. No marriage is right there bro. M by the end of a man my Beers I was definitely in pre teen hunger and I said it because you do that on location a Bailey's and be built. Pales would be fun now it is a great place really enjoy going there. IAM. I'm watching 300 right now. You're watching 300 now earlier watching the Shawshank Shawshank might be a top five movie called. I don't wanna admit this period. Now it's not that it's good it's that I don't wanna admit that there's a little while really my dad's like a three hour movie. Yeah you should check yourself for your yourself it's also like a 75 page book by Stephen teen. Your freezer AN security rights and good looks bizarre horror movie. Well anyway it says Stephen King written on trying to think of another movie that he's done that was in war. Green mile. Yeah I was in wasn't it in. Now the movie haven't seen banana that was from and all those Kimberly who's got Tom Hanks seen hosted. Michael Clarke Duncan that's right that's who the big black eye is that movies or am I wrong when Sam Rockwell's and two. Like Sam Rockwell yeah I haven't seen Shawshank I am probably one of the worst when it comes to not seen. Ray movies do Morgan Freeman's I don't. I mean he's hasn't had the best like five months and thrown them. Just some accusations. Though don't they Gloria Freeman from me behind now now. And now I don't believe it is until proven guilty does America may decide to do Blair I just saw that like headliners I'm month warehouse like Yahoo! News now. Are not really about dad and look into a much further via Demi Raymond telling me. Deaths are and a bunny out there brother and it enjoy I keep seeing on read it another person comes forward. About Tom Hanks accusations. That once again he's extremely nice and it's like yes or I we got a later years. We still got somebody. Breaking news Leonardo DiCaprio. A good guy to continue like it's okay it's this does plugs quiz since frozen. Present early gotcha and are that a government is a part of the top five with Josh. If he knew that twists and yeah it's foxy dot no more fog is Shawshank know before is frozen for. Number three is. Super troopers. Number two when Harry met Sally. The number one is definitely the empire strikes back that's actually kind of close to my top alliance say these are on top thousand say that's your first on a Wendy's or as a ball boy empires wanna mean girls to mean girls is to catch it that movies don't that is a great movie but I don't know if I ever. Thought it would be considered in someone's top 50 okay then a 25 to thirty year old woman at this point. You know like 25 to thirty year old women maybe no one is thirty I'll Sam get and the young ones not much of the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it's just you know research. For women that are 25 to thirty that I enjoyed that movie growing. Mean Jake is our I mean girls is a great movie I will agree with you that incest and hilarious. Tim at those tomatoes is great app with his movie he's as harmony cast it was hilarious I feel like that's high school. You know late you forget always the principle to break is in one year is forgot about that. Though like that I don't know I did not grow on the south side for dates. Breaks fire alarm. Everybody. Should know zoom out. Owner. That in all of them yeah let's answer some questions from Clinton and now I can even say what she says probably. Once we are and I can't do this as someone else fleeing we should probably hold him. Oh man much reprieve for this movie called may get the mag and okay. That might be one of those kind of guilty pleasures are like you seated commercial interior like that looks so bad but it's got Jason stayed the minute I may believe they they they convinced him you can't tell me that state them is that far off the edge now now he's not he really isn't I have a lot of respect for decent stadium I think everybody should after watching the transporter news. Now what I'd look let's look at the cast of that group quickly before we had out here because Jason stayed at my nose in it there are some other good names and Rainn Wilson. They light from the author that's right he isn't it right like sure he's a Smart guy assistant and our regional manager. Yet assistant to the regional manager. Cliff Curtis he is on a fear the walking to and he's in it I think and browns in yet he's he's the dad got you he dies it's. That movie's special sucks so really it up up up up and although it's actually getting better but the beginning is the rule. Yeah and then there's this. Being being Lee she the hot corner lies from the mag mile down premier. It's just the magic the mag. Whenever I hear that I just envision a giant sharks and in around with megs phase from failing Qaeda have a slight campaign cat makes phase. And he's a giant shark. I think to a New York Times said it's too grassy park and jaws on steroids. Sign me up looks a little bit more like that shark NATO right demographic. But I way being being lead. It. A babe babe hot babe being being being being Lee or Lee being being I can't tell. Full time as a matter I'll be seeing her in the may glee this week did do though on. World. Hollow for a dollar. Right next week will be live at big house and be retained for the doctor can spray it. Fantasy football draft that would like to do every single week so you come on out or listen on the radio wind. It always is pretty good time what does that Beers and must podcast drops tomorrow around 4 o'clock do you find that and I to school play or the tea fan dot com website. Michael be back next week kind of literal mostly just be merely face the boy heavy but in two weeks will go. From seven and I'm moved to eight intends to keep that are you're charged but also potentially coach's show. With Mario crystal ball Wednesdays from seven to eight will kimono right after that. Thank you Joseph for sitting in with us for Joseph Fisher I'm Patrick cares go do something I would do. Like I'm gonna go see the mag half to being being leaving.