Hot Corner 8.29.18 (HR 1)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 29th
Patrick declares the M's are officially dead, he's angry with Timbers coverage, Josh Donaldson sucks, and Story Time with Uncle Patrick

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Hey Mike Lynch here and I'm Patrick Harris you probably like baseball which is why you're listening to this this is the hot corner podcast look like satellite baseball I guess I'll tune in based. Pretty neat so thanks to its limits is brought you buying your local less Schwab tire center doing the right things since 1952. Baseball. This is the hood corner and Harrison mentioned Raymond would like to. Get him to scamper home to want 010. Fit. Well. Dive on baseball. Waiting blogs as a hall of fame third baseman. And much cooler yeah. Actually destroy the Seattle now. The number of Beers is actually. Highly disputed some say fifty sums up as many as seventy Beers which is an absolutely insane amount of beer nobody can drink that much. Now when an attitude like that. Now here euros for the hot corner Patrick Harris assemblage that strokes into the acne on his back and Mike Lynch me it's really hard on 1080 program. Okay about a man out of out of out absolutely. I laughed. Can't do. You don't want to give them. Own MIB. We'll commence the hot corner yeah repeat them here. Welcome into the hunt Goran and with equipment. And what you said before please don't repeat it if they put. Are out now lone man. So must be a Wednesday. The judge Blair's Reggie no leave me here. Who knew eight to ten during football season it's a new entity time. Why should this have the same time we've been on the air reform but now by 9 o'clock hours a new time. Well I was really pissed off because the timbers are on tonight and the game was at 730. The game was at Savion. Being dangerous Patrick out of totally try to go to the first half and then bomb highway down there are you would have missed the beginning of the show now. You underestimate. Dude you will miss the beginning of the show not if I got one of those little scooters and his trousers down and you wanna tell scooter story today Patrick nine and then you know in the have a good ones they do a good Wednesdays and sat in the moment and the other sad and lonely. Painful. Broke him. Drunk ones yeah I just I mean I'm a lake so down on life for him. But they hated everything. Hussein had officials stood tall guys yet it all hurts. I wanna laugh. You know hard it is to take a poop in the morning. I. I know I don't but. As somebody who has once bruise their ribs pretty seriously. I understand your pain with the laughing and coughing and sneezing and all that stuff. But I have a feeling it was nowhere near as serious as your current predicament. Extra is negative. Basket no broke no broken bones he's been. Outcome still is and how come still incredibly painful you can do it and you know best laid plans. How do you warm up your core. Win it the most important part of that you can't use. That's like I need to use my hand to play the piano. Correct can use my fingers. There are a lot of noises will be just who white keys here and QC near Willard. I played piano once in my life just wants. Yeah it's really hard to get core goal in the morning is doing that once sacred thing that everybody does in the morning. And you are having issues. Yeah you do yeah you basically just wander around for like two hours. In just wait for me to do I can't wait for that mirror I see where you're like I'm sorry to cut of this conversation in fact I shouldn't be apologizing I have to go right now and like I literally have to walk away. But hey whatever it takes to literally a long sent take freer. Your body to feel less. Bus bad yeah anywhere from six weeks to six months. They said the team everybody heals differently. When they said that to you here. Six weeks to six months soon whose name on now. Let's hope for the six weeks okay. I picked up something yesterday that are like two days ago that was like I don't know when he pounds about Q voter who you know hard it is take a left turn. In a car in a manual transmission pick up truck would know powers steering. He's turned like an old man. It is kind of like gravity scratch are very little spurts instead of just making one big wheeled it and it is oranges he left arm is like no letters to an end here. Well for those who are not able to read between the lines of what we're talking about Patrick Kennedy I can't poop. Credit motorized scooter. Incident. He got on when he was wasted as my own them all crashed it. And hit his ribs square on the curb. And this being the official inaugural episode of hot corner after dark true after dark I figured this is the best witnessed I think it's good way to start. Villanova and we've got literally I didn't know I eternal light on in here. I was watching TV before heard the show started because I had an hour to kill a yup I went down and got I got some bird from the ground are guys who was I thinking you were like T won anything in those those immune. And I sitting here like an idiot. Saw some warm Sierra Nevada in the break room you two weeks ago maybe it's still there. A mix that we know is go on the free agent steal something from someone might not have Beers or nobody knows who I am they'll never know it's me. Who knew him cameras in the fridge I could deal I don't even know who runs this building but I can probably go. And poop on their desk and who knows me. Well it would Miller who was at all. Once they found I don't know how Patrick Harris to do it who's that high end. Soap all my life it was an employee right. Yeah Patrick Harris stop lying to me yeah. You can get away from my dad probably well I'm trying to find. I'm on the whole now for the the ultimate. All staff unnecessary email that I should send out. That's mine that's my goal right now they use should send out yeah I ya something that everyone. Could need to know but nobody out all needs to know that should be Q. Because I get like six today. Correct I mean we all get six today technically control staff yeah I would she works here I don't. Well look sometimes the easiest way to get in touch with with somebody who might know the answer your questions to hit. All staff paid has anyone seen my phone charger all staff oh actually it's San Jose San Francisco. Seattle Vancouver BC Boise Spokane. Lopes whatever it is seen my chargers who if I'm speaking of someone just want my scooter random crime and it's deadly urged her to remove left by the I car. In the party why yes it is left to right right outside here Scalia. This is what happens right usually meant gathers that it in the end they make you take a picture. But were you partying. And I intentionally parked it in like at Jack's spot in the middle of my night. Just to see what they would do if it was like is an immigrant police department signal. They're like thanks for the picture Pepsi later Barry goes into Rebecca Reagan and when you go to find the scooters they don't late show you the picture of the person that last part that there. So why might. I could put in a dumpster upside down ticket agent be like tanks. Excellent as noses. Probably curious I think you could do that there is an insert him account. Of people just collecting. Pictures that people are putting scooters in crazy places like all that's incredible late in trees and coming out of coming out of the drain me you know in three states for totals were loves her and it's like to open and they put it on your phone. And it's like oh there's one of these like. If that we're serious things on and I know nothing about a soda and a suitable running them all the time now. CR map and you see you say where you are MM app tells you the nearest scooter TU. Yes there it it's basically like leg Hoover lift touch. Yeah ages eight except for aegis got to say whereas again he's clearly does writing back and forth Macs and windows he's trying to listen as stupid Jose donate that idiot. Other is scooter and you team. I want prisoner of trust me yeah. We Al want to go check out holy and Broadway. Upon. Trinity grad turned wait to fasten your hammered gaggle 24 miles an hour horn Broadway yeah welcome. He is gone and he's gone will be back contends that. Locally go really well we got a fun show lined up free as tonight as it is officially hot corner after dark so anything can arrogance. Ideology was coming back but will get a top of the 8 o'clock hour excuse me Eminem to learn re learn that double the 9 o'clock hour. Old checked in on the playoff races. And any fifteen of the Marlins are doing something crazy to try to give fans to go to their. Hot garbage stadiums slash teams slashed down slash ownership slash whatever you wanna call that. And at 745 we for the second week in and third we can roker as we end of the fantasy draft last week. We bring back up our new segment called a story time with them. Patrick got a great. I'm gonna agree on this week. Oh I didn't realize this is a new thing do when you're gone he had texted me do the run down and I was like I guess here's a story from its video sorry that's new benchmark Kenya via. You were gone and I configure anything to do like normal. And so I was like cage up Sambora back. Well the story telling Patrick of fantasy draft I told the story about the ghosts of Yankee Stadium telling Aaron Boone to chill. Two weeks ago tearing telling Aaron Boone to chill. As Derek Jeter told him earn your pinstripes. In the bottom of the eleventh. O three game seven Ailes yes. Aaron we're open to win you while he's he just traumatized in you know like. The ghosts. Op op there probably are they probably thanks for look yeah. Yeah and I also wanna know if there are also I don't know if Josh Donaldson is dead but speaking of dead. That's where we'll start the beginning. We'll do your. Seattle mayor's yes Michael you or Seattle Mariners and do they have a chance. Like does this show have a chance. I don't know. And there's a light on. We'll do that myself confused this is the hot corner after dark on Jan Adrian. This is the hot corner where terrorism when Sean 1080 Beltran. Say eighteen hero for the sports leader don't you forget it. Better you today tax line 55 through five that sooner activists throughout the entire show Michael is twice and PD zero a five Joseph finished three F by as CH. That's Twitter. Share the tweets. That tweet imaging X I cannot and it's grim though well. I literally never take pictures of anything are you on like old lose them willingly stitcher or Tumblr. No. I'm on stature but that's Mora snapped chattering fifteen mrs. moral way committee Q confessions from friends and occasionally and and my wife loves that cuts and reduced. Tobacco for impeachment and never understood snap Chad it's like a video text messenger and I yeah there's three or more picture tech or use tide to go to this kind of him and everything in one app. You can type via some pictures you send videos yet basically just snapped to send pictures that you're weaned girls since when is. I mean I the most base level yes and I don't use it for that I mean let's just be you know full disclosure here him but Joseph is our and so all of a sudden I'm very curious about what he uses it for. Do you know. My goal on a limb here so are from the sound all we do a story time of the uncle Patrick you're about a half hour. I'm pretty sure I came text. Picture and video. Through my text messages he could yes. But could you. Give funny filters for your face. And oh some awesome like bear ears the up and king you. Speeded up and slowed down impose some filters over it and get scored on a ring. I don't know if that is it's an instant Graham won and also coolers and cinemanow and I was term. Not to get too technical by text messages can only handle so. Larger files. So like videos that get sent in pictures I get sent the picture your weenie is so big. Now I'll need it snapped check all the pictures there again. Does anything else rigorously I reduces the files out mayor of salt like Emery didn't pick easily and stuff like that though. Yeah you can't make it make out the queen in the picture musically then Walsh pixelated. You know when you said it. It's for people to send pictures and they're weaned. I heard Joseph the fourth slam and actually figured out in the same time and you said is for people to send pictures of their wean them. It's a matter of fact as you download joke but it hopefully doesn't know it -- is yet. The band they play edge feel the couple weeks ago two night stay in pretty had been. They go off. I don't know who that is well assemblyman Lou locker South Korea seal later. As big and his CAC a later Michael Lynch's favorite team in baseball known as the Seattle man and I was. So I have my favorite team yet I think it's safe to say that we don't have to talk about the Mariners until we see big joining yet. He asked me so we aren't it does feel like that in this series between the ashes and a is that Feller was a good judge of whether or not mirrors were done. And the a user who played really well despite losing a couple teams are playing really well against the Astros and add to me that was a sign of well. It's over mariners fans. We call Julie earlier in the year and I felt like they were. And then now the Mariners who we knew and loved for many many years showed back up again as you say does any of this we thought that they early stuff Michael. Mean I said it I know you said it but I thought Patrick agreed with me maybe not maybe I was Soledad Minnesota I remember. But either way the Mariners we all know and love showed back up again and the pitching stopped being good in the hitting stopping dead and the only team that was good publisher Diaz. And yeah. That's where your left. Able minus forty eat ruined it for the hip. That's what happens when all your whims of a one run when you lose your run differential goes to the Mets have a better run differential. Well. As do the G gone two days McCarron. But mariners a better record so the twins have a better run differential bears have a better record so. There's still to play out pond so. Okay well last a magenta Cleveland Indians are 75 I'm 57 with a thirteen game lead in applause 135. The Mariners are 74 and 59. And his Cleveland. And what a difference of stuff it's like I we're clear Laura coast in who cares about our record. Does the Red Sox already do this. Mayors are like one game behind us in record and they're like oh boy now it's over and done it. That's the gift of playing in the worst division I've ever seen in my life. Yet it's pretty grape. Murders of las arena row four of their last six. Them and it. The nationals. According to ESPN's percentage. Chance they can make the playoffs are often the people not above the eighties but they're still who. I don't know either nationals or mr. literally selling everybody acts are in the Phil reasons to. I'm. With it was a wild card spot potential. Thinks so. We can't we'll find out the top of the 9 o'clock calorie you liked and I do like windows. Malicious by the fact he's going to be researched and ends of hedges made about step above and it's not none of it's right. I feel really bad for the squad image and I was really pulling for him. C Scott service got a haircut like sugar and tears welled pour boom that was weird he's super weird. If he is weird he is. I mean gives like social but not fattened cool there's baseball managers right there's a generic vibe to baseball manager Skype service seems like Mike Scioscia. The black sheep of the map of the manager. Klan yeah like hey guys what he died about a orderly pot I love inside jokes MM yeah I don't did you borrow one obviously shuffle away. And who don't don't talk don't and let me clear my hair collect my closer that'll be cool can I get involved now. Huge you look good year low any super strange because you like look and it's like. Hope braves Phillies David rebuilding argued that he had there in Arizona Colorado LA that's in the was for years Obama. Chicago's Saint Louis unknown shot with the brewers came to mind. Melanoma. And I got these new people and then you're like. Scott service while salute to recite Keogh who invited the mayor guy. This kicking and say we're that sooner and hit it at the beaches to the season about guys like you know like six games out of a wild card and it's like six games out what. With the wild card. You mean your six teams closer to not making the playoffs. Total. Okay your five and a half out. From the second wild card slot how far you out from the first volume and man like that terrorism is ten games like. You know we care is meant everything is fine. Doing my haircut I'm Eric looks like sure dizzy up these days. Are you mindset there occurred. Deflect deflect deflect yeah and I feel bad too because I was. And so the silly times this year but I don't I don't repeated that the justices I like to make fun of the Mariners for the show I didn't want to gazelle like from a lot it's the team. And I feel bad because I wanted to see them get a chance and made the playoffs for the first time in. What like fifteen years or whatever it is since 2001. So seventeen years yeah I wanted to see that and I AM sat about that for them because I like the players in the team and I have grown to you. Appreciate mariner fan over the years Amanda appreciate the sadness in the excitement in the in all the emotions they go being a murder famine I didn't know where possible same time but it is. And me made me feel bad. This feels like UNG Renault which own a ninja. I think it is a eulogy Patrick I I really. I said there's a couple weeks ago I didn't think the a's are gonna keep telling while I was wrong. The user really good and I don't I still don't understand it fully because they're starting pitching is. Bat on paper you. But it's not bad when the pinch. And they just lost chaminade amber and Anderson injuries in the mail IPO for the year and yet there are so playing all the skin and it. And I don't I don't know it's like this years Dodgers for me I don't I don't understand why they were able to flip the switch like they did. Because remember they were. Eleven games behind the Mariners right yeah and tomorrow. I think since it was like June something June early like third. They saw the best record in baseball some fan you know they were like 4011 over 51 games it's and they just keep winning. And I don't know what they did that was so unique but. In worked so this is America. So we don't have did you even though he should we have to. Blame someone for something especially in American sports whose fault is this. For the Mariners as it anybody's fault is it just. Well he's got hot and don't you know aren't as talented as he thought I mean that is that is part of it but here's here's to mean what happened. How many times do we hear. Jerry to Toto say our pitching is fine. How many times. A lot. Now what were so I mean with Marcos Gonzalez Mike Leake and Felix Hernandez would be worried about Wade LeBlanc yeah oh yeah we'd both. And how many patent act back. How many of the traded players the delight your starters for the Mariners tied into. The GD have. Cole Hamels wildfires only they're a bunch of them. And those. There is a staff that Johnson on prime time I I don't know the exact stab but. Those four or five pitchers that they were tied to you Bauer traded at the deadline. Are like 21 and won the with like a two ERA since going to their new team. Hello in the Mariners were fine with Wade LeBlanc king Felix and mark Gonzales and whatever. Aroused or Ramirez today. So to me. That's for a guy who's known for making great trades or at least making a lot of trades and some of them recently worked out really well. He didn't make the trade dot addressed the biggest need because he swore that they're starting pitching was fine. And snuck. They were patient really well sir appear. Mark organs also fall off the cliff he's hurt now with the blog hasn't looked as good king Felix got taken out of the rotation to get them back into the rotation he hasn't been good. You know that these were signs that I guess maybe you couldn't see coming but I really is GM you should know. The ceiling of your pitchers and I don't think he truly. Understood just how dire the situation would be now on the flip side of that. Mariners' farm systems really bad soon so maybe you just can't. Get those guys may be. For. Cole Hamels again becomes a better farm system so. That could be had tears as the storm systems fast and do you can't make those trades but that's I think gore went wrong is. I was the bass auctioning super consistently but you can get by went back if your pitching is doing well enough and half of them deciding I think I'm gonna blame something amenable to map. Yeah I sit with two things real quick one I just don't think this team is very good. I mean Felix went seven innings yesterday he gave up two runs and they lost to the Padres to one. But that's you're not good I'm sorry. You know lost 83 today yeah and then and they had in the Padres had some kid on the mound who heads was at sixty pitches in the seventh inning you can mean. Some kid on the Padres think Kimi brake my biggest one is I think it was done when you know went down. What can know that the suspension that's what I said to myself. By way but that's when they got hot. Understood but I still new in the end. As this to as my candy buy back as Mike in Kaiser points out on the better you today Tex or five after a five are we surprised the mayor's powers when Camilla came back I'm not. I'm would you Mike I'm not either. I mean sure I guess I'm not surprised. To know has been playing badly by any means either but he's no longer. The power hitter he was I wonder why pull weird weird he's got some baseline is a great hitter right he he's Kim hits almost every game is played all the fields form our. Some little surprise I guess by that because he's just a good after the back in the lineup even if he's not going to be a four hitter anymore the most exciting lazy player may spoke yet. Exactly. Well the nightmares. I don't think there's anything else do you think will bring these guys up against. I hope we do because I mean they got hot Mears got cold in the race is interesting but I have a feeling that's not the case. Yeah I'm with you saw him big John comes back we'll do that. Oh we come back speaking to dead people there's a do over in Toronto that I pitching for guys still in baseball and I'm curious to see where this guy goes. Next in his career in terms of his potential because at one point he was a may ease balls will be done next but first here's Joseph the sports update. This is blow hot corner where there is some wind chill runs and eighty Beltran. Now tortures and receive scares me. It did just doesn't fit well if you have a beer like that it just doesn't fit physically looking did you know but the beard makes him look like. Policy it looks like someone standing in front of him and has no head and his head is behind and he's just standing there. Do you think he's scared that the beard is his identity and now that he's on TV if he loses the beard he loses his identity guaranteed. Joseph did you give the timbers score in the update. Know him for IR not to say because they didn't wanna step on your total no idea I talk about backup core racks instead I get it. Patrick it's NFL season the Seahawks backup. I've seen those he was started this is the middle of a full Major League program that we have a team. That this town Patrick and I don't pre season has done this and and as the station of the Seattle Seahawks. All I'll. Here we golf. He rarely go. Seahawk fans who have been concerned about their backup quarterback position over the last couple Beers because they zero offensive line knowledge that they don't have a backup quarterback they need to know that they as Jamal Boykin conflict terrible terrible human what happened to us Tarvaris Jackson he's terrible human too laughing at the same thing passed so. Jesse I I ventilation so there's bad track record of back and so worried Austin Davis this week cleaning out and I was wondering if I was gonna get a text message like while. Major League team here Portland playing right now we can't get a score update on the sports an update I was waiting for it but concluded I'd catch flak from it was you. Damn right it was me man I mean did you expect any different. Yes I just set I would expect to government tax climate and the one that kidnapping now this is why. This sport won't. Ever recalled something her people like you joke people like you and every else having no love paid big news day in the NFL OK I'm sorry yeah big news when a couple backup quarterbacks are traded. Care about Teddy Bridgewater gone is gone New Orleans it's a big deal did. Why is it. Big deal he's not gonna play eat. It means the saints are all in there it's there and make fools of last year one of breeze gets hurt. They're not the light easy no way for him third rampant well that's Kennedy's name. I'm still contesting that this timbers game they lost four row this big game. Time you know it was in my Upton almost every time. Them. Hooked up but now I see. Now lines. But that's because I'm also a fan of soccer personality Carol bulletin. Yeah I was a little Joseph is a fan of Liverpool I was a little bit more thorough in my NFL tidbits I think it may be added a couple more things and I should've been maybe that's why couldn't get to the timbers alleging that if Jose Mourinho and Manchester United was fired. Today. His name would get butchered on an update any wouldn't even say a week which meant he would not be in an update your. Rural retreat interest rates encourage that be the biggest sports story in my cousins say well I would worry about that paid him. America in just the biggest sports story in the world. An outside of the US and that he could still world. Really get America's cold just awesome second if I could flare just doesn't socks you don't want just don't humble enough to easily forget that he played baseball I did yes the only reason I do it is easy Sonoma ideal as a key for all yearlong. Is ridiculous and and remember there was this like talk like. Bow your turn to sue us so those go to their residents they're really gonna go all the way over there and then you're likely to act as still the league for him. He still sucks too doesn't he have male wizard and don't think he's been hurt. Waksal also injuries you know I blame. Since we're the blame game tonight buzz about Houston. Old was gonna go that route yeah I'm down. And I had no no reason why but yeah I'm down I blame him. And neighboring blame Troy Tulowitzki. And into Iran X each other too bright cup tournament Donald has been her for three years. Ago. And I forgot about to load to death if he's still playing Desormeaux looked at him the other day he broke his foot. If he does not play this year as they know I ever heard a thing about who is the worst part is that the jays have too low for like three more years now the at least Johnson's gonna you know it's great for an oft injured shortstop to trade him to you re turf stadium ya. Where instead of running on grass and he is running on turf so Troy here's thing. We got you out of Colorado. He can breathe better off thank you. We need. And he more oxygen in my lungs with oxygen is important to stay healthy yet but I actually it's there's more oxygen when your ire. When we come back it is a wow story time with uncle Patrick it's my favorite facility started aren't yet no right. As a favor new segment would do that every single week getting 45 this is the hot corner with Ayers and lynch on 1080 defense. Mac are gone now the rules it. Stop it then and volatile and it went out and applause and. This is above hot corner of the Arizona when John Kennedy program. I appreciate. That's excellent text and say they took Donaldson Toney fifth over. Overall only your brother I helped him. The keeper I could've kept Ozzie Al east. Sure it does young's nose. I was like well ahead just Olson's proved to be back. Honestly young finding out that it doesn't matter is proving once and missing young pretty lunch pretty much just go crazy when you say like back. Doubt I'll just you don't want to proven guy you just want. Know that sounds bad TV and you know you. Yet just. New stuff there cats but this will have a bad track record of dating younger women. I know exactly. There is some may have if welcoming into a storyteller with a casual. We dive into these indeed awesome stories that are kind of happening some is my first arrived at littered throughout the history of Major League Baseball basically on this year. To tell cool stories that I think are cool. From originally is from Major League days are you allowing this to enter into cool stories. From your own life. No I've not yet been here this is more of its success story telling Patrick I thought that meant. My own story teller Patrick's life no doubt be laying. My life sucks I mean you could've told the story of bruising hearings in the scooter that was pretty funny yelled that's him or add to that story sucks like you guys laugh at me but it's not fun. They did socks and nobody saw my mama attacks today as she was listening. And she says yeah I could take up to three months or more and then you might not feel a pitcher about to turn the wrong way bring him back to square one and Patrick reflect Momo lynch. Don't tell me that lie and then. Come on mama. So the story for this week is I wanna talk about the 1951. Their World Series. Event featuring. The New York Yankees. Kerik and the shy town cubbies. Yet it is good chance you know one I don't wanna do too heavy yankees have we do yankees story two weeks ago. But you know the reality is is that there's a lot of history of baseball Sherman in this one of war. And mysterious stuff with the Yankees very much so although it I would like the in depth dive in TV curse of the Billy go. I read briefly about it for the cubs. But I think that's kind of fast okay did that next week really all I mean curses in general are pretty interest in the media yet mr. Billy goat next week. The could all right so this week in 1951. Americans are going to Chicago Cubs. And word games is in Wrigley. And the center fielder for the New York Yankees will remain nameless at the moment. Was huge superstars. Big indeed be big time Timmy Jim Kennedy there. And the right fielder for the New York Yankees was it was a young up and cover. And Kyle this is finished and and so a fly ball is hit to center right leans more toward senator you. And you know I'm not gonna catch this ball which forces the right fielder of the kid. The hustle and try to prove themselves a World Series. To be lining try to catch the ball. What the right fielder doesn't know what the center fielder knows is that there's a giant did it. In right center field that senator fielder watched that right fielder put his foot in that dated completely blow out his knee and set him back a year. Simply because. At center fielder was worried about that refuge there taking his job. Wow that's senator feel there was Joseph DiMaggio the right fielder is Mickey Mantle Mickey Mantle where my favorite player. In the history of baseball I think he's making him. Yeah I think that's why I like my travel so much because she is very Mickey Mantle escape from what I heard obviously neither of us some document to play but. I've heard he is basically Mickey Mantle re incarnate in how he plays. And yeah I would love to watch may play because. They did by all accounts say that sound special. Yeah it's weird have you ever seen the I'm. A guy what's his name. Quick real quick I totally messes up what looked up to story to make sure I had stepped down I messed up it is not the cubs is the giants. And I should know that because I was reading about a home run from Lehman's. So my apologies continuing Ken Burns the baseball documentary have you watched that like seven times the the only issue I have is I have a hard time. Maybe issues because really remiss Danny Ainge judging the skills of the players in the clips. From the fifties and and earlier. And yet as you just see you see grainy pixelated is black and why it's always seems all sped up to me. Yeah that was just how the video was only slightly sped up and it's hard for me to appreciate. What they're doing in the same way that I do with like in my. Trial yet when you watch Willie Mays and that. And that famous catch. It's like I structure where did that two weeks here your I had the basket catch but I think customers are HD or is it because. He makes that catch has really made things can. Who's probably the latter. Because he was. And he was such an influence on on great fielders. I also wasn't that wall. Where was that game being played. I think it was probably at and it's. I think it was nervous here. It wasn't edits like the most truly shaped city remember was that wall like 460 feet to you still ran straight back and caught it over his head. And check in Iran now to Asia right now via the split finger on it and Wikipedia it's just attach it does sound right. Is there pilgrims. The pulled growth which was the woman had the reared to. Like really really really short and right left field played right here and mirrors a giant square. That might be pilgrims. And look at appropriate Q2 to Q were in the dark turn retirement to me need to figure this out and Marty way ahead of you. Yeah I mean I think anything in the pilgrims. That I have yet but about the sheep gets to him and it's all jacked. There's like literally people standing at the fence. And he made that Diageo in flight center ish feel great. So that's that's what they expect catch me. Ago. In an extension of 54 World Series against. My Cleveland Indians. Seem like this is going to be fun. I like this I didn't realize it was baseball stories only because. I felt weird is gonna have some fun with when Kilpatrick and his wife we know we're having some fun little baseball stories Mike I got an ego the money doing that big plus my life has pretty boring so good as. I did yesterday but don't they would do breweries got drunk. This super voted you know loan. And their way across street overall and got another drink there and now we're home and had a drink and lodge some WWF Breslin. Think that would be the story every week. And really zero some get. I'm watching to catch now this is a reminder of where in the city you know was. There's you have those apologies for that but. Like this idea and then as soon as did the full. Transparent. Admittance I guess is the word is I love baseball I think MLB is horribly well. The history of baseball like the really old stuff. Mean I have a hard time where you have watched him burns' baseball. I know some of the history but it just doesn't stick in my brain melt while. And this can be great way for me to kind of logic in there as like hey do. Really misses a poll drowns you in years right. Well you gotta be careful as my problem is. I love this stuff and so on constantly reading in ingesting this and try to remembered all. And even though I read I read up on this story because I knew the story but I wanted to make sure I got my facts right and it's a veteran. Because I read this morning and was like ooh yeah Willie Mays hit a home run in that World Series that the youngest player ever you don't run the World Series the time. Of course the giants. And I was like well that's what clubs because the club's go to a lot of World Series. Now so that's probably. Gotta watch out that you just too much and then you're gonna start saying like. Kirk Gibson you know through. You know was a World Series MVP in 1967 when you mean Bob Gibson. And then you're gonna say Bob Gibson hit a walk off home run against gays in the 88 World Series in assembling an idea Mir because you suggesting that was Kurt. Exactly captain Kirk and bar in sixty said news and 69 of rather on the one of those was a World Series and yet because he did stuff. Nobody ever know who I am watching him now by the with a runner at second tagged. They're good on him noodles and because I was straightaway center field play. But just straight back all the way to them back square. So yeah I was that's why I catches pictures protected. Extra spectacular all right that story time we'll do that every single week getting 45 when we come back we'll give you an update on the play our situation since Joseph won't. 00 in the 64 minute timbers. And the Toronto. Idiots who we come back more baseball here on the hot corner and anything.