Hot Corner 8.8.18 (HR 2)

The Hot Corner with Harris and Lynch
Wednesday, August 8th
The Red Sox are really really good,Mike Barrett took over the Portland Diamond Project Twitter account and answered some questions, ForF, and more!

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They solicit the primetime with Isaak in suit I'm Isaak the cool want to. My aunt if this is our podcasts that welcome to our part as well as regular job though you're not but if do the right things since 1952. The smallest incident here neighbor have a conversation or you can just completely ignore. Baseball spoken here. It's time for the second or radio double header that is you. This is a hard corner will terrorism links deep dive on baseball and hot topics in sports it's time to. Do in the bottom of the sixth and I just can't get my eyes off that man but that's all it is quite a game but they and that gap is ugly you know that guy hasn't blinked this entire game just that did I'd see it out on a Thursday afternoon this is the hot corner where terrorism lynch and are you running on an eighty. And he has. Help us put me somebody help us through it and yeah. I remember. So I don't think they like on regular chess players are boxing size people chests and boxes. I think they're regular boxers who are also went. Good chance of Bob okay azalea and everybody stature and aid they look like boxers when they're honoring do their thing. But the round ends and then the next round starts and boom they hit the chessboard. Power to tutor on the hot clicker. Joseph is to me about ESPN ATO show in the breaker I didn't watch a lot of it today I saw a little bit of DP using only your head volleyball and ping pong saying oh yeah that relieves. Weird that's gone ahead this had just. HE AEI as head tennis and its. Amir talk much has boxing I was very confused about the idea of boxing and chest being shared in alternating route owns yeah because I think of chest guy. Perhaps are definitely started typically as like. He's skinny or like unhappy life is old in the park retired by either or really skinny in our athletic coral old. Sometimes picture those. Chess Leino they make their moves do their thing and and at the round ends and get up and balks normally got the gloves are on and you go for your five minute to minute round what I think ten minute round is what it was and then round two ends you go back to the chessboard. You played chest to pick up where you left off once that brown and yet back to boxing so by the time yet till 910 rounds. Your boxing in any gets an chessboard and you are exhausted. In a like your punter bleed and here. You delirious and say you're trying to make news on these chessboard. Minutes alternate test of mind and strength. I think. Is that a this he has a feeling it. This is the ultimate strength ten stood your mind and your body that's why you've thought of madness that McCain and this is a way to test everything I mean they told you got on TV and you just took it subconsciously you soaked it in now why are your blurring out. I had to put it on new after that Rocha and though commentary on some great throws their use he had put that scissors and last second relic on him off guard. Gather our favor says it's commentary. Was ridiculous and it looked like they literally just pulled people off the street for the rock paper sister one I had like a messenger bag. As if he was like going to work and they ask me can you compete in this rock paper scissors tournament or quickly. It was a as good TV though I was I mean Ngo my son at one point were both just like. Glued to the TV watching her rock paper scissors and I realized what was I doing with my life. Also this Iowa went. Out for a effort to Patrick and on TV was as. Our core hole or back I would've you'd like to call it act hos there. I Cornel personal employment act or corn holed a lot of people in the midwest club bags like normal and it is. I could not take my eyes off it it was fascinating. In May the bartender turned on and went really gonna put on corn hole. Yeah I'll know he went trip to trust me. Just trust him doesn't at least meet other you can you put soccer game and there's a and he did and actually wound up not watching the soccer game and watching Cornel I was glued. To the core hole. Is awesome. Yeah and the court all the yellow is being made today as well as the ability in a plea in like that it's a fun game to play as. Kind of the salary just forfeited thirty we'll talk some Portland Donald I did next sent number one despite a little bit of time praising the Boston Red Sox on our new leaders of all that is good and holy baseball. And there is definite reason why I'm gonna be overtly positive open this segment. You know. Story about a but there's definitely reason. But. Boston doesn't lose. It feels like every day minute there's a game of their close and dole is that I saw this a wrong may have lost three games the all star break our first four games. Including losses to the tigers those end twins so. Or not infallible but. Last night for example they were down I wanna say. Oh. Point 52. There's a 53 or three to one or something like that and Judy Martinez had a huge. Multiple run hit the eighth inning and gave no lead and then they're able to win in extra innings last night after the we just came back to tie and I think it was here to his game is crazy. The reds the Red Sox scored more runs in the eighth inning. Blue jays tied in the ninth in the Red Sox score five runs in the tenth inning to win an extra innings like he kind of games I've seen. Where they have been down but you know. Just know that their score four runs the next name because they're down. Common happen against the Yankees couple times while they were losing four nothing in game one of that series and came back to a fifteen to seven. They've got that special field going on right now. Where no matter what their own game. No matter what there they're bats especially given the chance to meet him Judy Martinez long do we know what to column. Has been. Ungodly good and I will continue to rub it into Patrick's face who said that he was not good moves not going to be designed for the Red Sox. Wrong. He's always getting big hits in his voice super clutch he's never he's always up that big situation which happens whenever used the close guys how would David Ortiz of them all the time to. Whenever you have that clutch guy he beat we seem to be up in the big spot MA. Make it happen more often than not. They've got the best pitchers in baseball and Chris Sale they've got David Price who seems to be being. Figure it out a little bit again and turn out to be a little bit of a better pictured and for the most part. Got a great closer and Craig Kimbrel. They are unbelievable right now. And looking ahead. There are some weakness is of course the starting rotation a little bit iffy after the first two and even those first you're not pre in the playoffs normally and selling price. The bullpen is is suspect. But if they hit like they've been hitting. I can't see anybody stopping them I can't. When you guy that's been in ten. 300. Those guys all in the same lineup. They can send Marti bought Martinez and you mentioned Amare you know I did awesome before app I mean yeah you just listed some names off right there but Martinez wasn't one of it wasn't my phone but that's that the thing is like. They have so many names you can mention 11. 12 and completely for about them the next like Cindy Lee own even gives them some solid contributions from time to time. Gas I ate I retaliate. At the Red Sox are this good because it an app in the one sports avenue with me in the spurs when they'd this. Lou the heat out of the water about 41 series and NBA finals is when they're just really really did. Indeed just can't do anything about it just a respected that's almost more fresh and that's what's happened this year at the Red Sox is that other collapses and they've had. Ears where they were the wild card in the one World Series. But this year they're just really stinking dead in unstoppable seems like and obviously with my Orioles being. Just atrocious. It makes things just and worse yet I mean I'm I'm Charlie my eyes out of this because it's really hard as a Yankee fan watched them win almost all the time it's band aid a rough just a year for a team like her it would going from so what competitive to literally just the worst year ever. Why no but I guess I'm the same for the segment I'm trying to keep the bikes out of the because. I wanna give some blood routine that we don't talk about as much because we just know they're good to become also know that they have some issues in the playoffs recently. But I wanna give them some love because they have been I mean I said this ammunition they're median of 34 they're about to be 81 in third before. Get their loved Mike when they win the World Series there it. And you're gonna stop talking about it now because you're going to be forced to talk about them all know a couple of months look at look if I win the World Series fine. They're good enough to do that yes they're playing the best they're playing the best baseball in baseball minus the aid right now. Which is still weird Nusa. But it's. EO I've had this before on the show in previous years every year there's that one or two teams and has that like. They're gonna win this thing by. Added to me it's the Red Sox this year because of just how they hit it. And how they're always on base. I mean I follow trouble Sox fans on Twitter where went to college with and biscuits amazing how many times during games there's sand like. They have 3M VP candidates I mean make Cink Chris Sale is an MVP is maybe a stretch back. On yet another team. He'd have to make the argument that bans Martina in the Martinez make. Is an avid diet would died just have one of it's just you know. I wanna get on animal respect as we and move on forward you know what might as the Yankees fan. That's very nice to be your take is trying to take a lot better than I am an I an Orioles fan bought lowly auto feeder Orioles fan not taken any. A very well this year I just got off the most disappointing series that I can remember. Now with the four names to the Red Sox which included blowing a for a lead and losing by eight. Including getting one hit our purse element included getting shut up and if any of all the and then and included. Having each them blow through related matter who's in Ashton was at the fourth game yes. That was just kind of like the cherry on copies. You're winning 41 going into the ninth time comes and so you felt obligated so what do you inspection and this is no I don't. How did I just know that we haven't talked a lot of the Red Sox and Patrick likes to prove to unlock DiLeo and Chris Sale and all that. It it was time. To give them a lot of the respect they deserve and I do you think right now they are clear cut American league for us for the World Series I know the Astros have the starting rotation of god. But. I the Sox offense scares the living daylights and they can hit anybody right including Verlander and. Hole in all of them if I take my or ruled by a sad event then yeah it's heart does. Disagree with deal I'm good as say. Announced they can with Patrick Indians. Can't herb for the Red Sox skipper for the Yankees now I can't root for the Astros after everything that's gone down. But you're right the Red Sox right now a book like the clear cut favorite to be in the series usually appear bruised and assigning students were content yes gas says. Not even Astros are happy about special players I mean yeah so right now going ins but at this point the Red Sox like he's had their clear cut. Indians are making by default but they've been by far the weakest of all American League's top teams right so we'll see but they record seizures shall Selig doesn't last. Are coming up next Mike Baird took over the Portland dam project Twitter let's read it. Some of the tree he had and see what we can expect moving toward this is dark corner onto it and. This is the hot corner where terrorism and show you two and 800. So Mike Baird took over the Portland diamond project a winner. Earlier today. Answering fan questions. And just led to panic and every segment here talking about this because he now. My bare it is my spirit and right now he has been very very very cryptic reply to the answer is yes you very careful of what he says. You know there's been a lot of of secrecy about the ownership group of where the guys report in the money behind that I've had a big money guys which are apparently for the Bay Area. Used he's been very good at walking on eggshells not giving away really anything in his answers to the pro about that so. A lot of what he did in mid answer industries is more of a fan service and information finding mission for those of us who. Who were looking for information. But. There's couple things here that I thought a pretty interesting. And the first is law on the Joseph mentioned to me in break and I agree with in about three or four of his sponsors. When asked about his biggest worry in a bowel also were the biggest positive she said timing. Timing was a very big key for him. This adjusting because. He's right. The timing of this is not predicated on Portland has predict in a Major League Baseball. It's mainly baseball your deciding at Oakland or Tampa or whoever needs to move move. Or deciding it's time to expand in Morgan and give cities a team. Now air's biggest concern he said was timing because as. What if say. A local stadium situation doesn't get resolved. And they're done they're done trying to match happens like next year. What happens if Parra is not even close to being ready to accept team. In the timing is wrong and open moves somewhere else right so that's the worry I understand why that's a worry. But. The positive. Mean is this. If bat. Rob Manfred has said that LB wants expansion to expansion. And they desperately do not want to move he is the rays or whoever else the Diamondbacks were were bandied about for a little bit. They don't wanna move those two team or those two or three teams at all they hate baseball keeps teams relocating heated. A happened. Once in recent Marino has been exposed to the nationals. But. They want to expand. And Baird said this one of those responses he goes rob Manfred said they're going to expand to 32 teams. So that's the case this in the wind all timing is perfect. Because right now Portland is one of two cities that is publicly said they wanna team. The other is Montreal. The rest of all been rumored Charlotte. Was one of a Mexico City on bomb. Others a couple of tournaments there. He was in Seattle when someone asked him what Portland a viable destination Eagles won the expansion teams in west. And if you look at the cities that are pretty have teams find the one that doesn't. Sacramento. City let's get. A lessens the relocation or nothing I mean I mean is great. For an expansion team to come. Yeah most apple. Out one tweet that she said where. He mentioned that rob Manfred said he will expand to 32 teams that are at their tells in 08 perfect there's two opportunities. That's nothing is not just one team it's two teams will be adds there's two there. Many got the two influx and as you mentioned Oakland and Basie got. For opportunities here to try and still selling now Oakland's public more logical team you can steal because state wanna. Transfer everything from one corner of the United States to the other I think there are trying keep it more line on the West Coast. So three opportunities at most and that seems. Like the most up to these you've ever had before I remember when they tried to. Back when the Expos went to the Washington and that was the opportunity the one. So the fact that you have. You know this. Commissioner. As whoever does well to bomb for on the ground. I mean. Yeah the I think that is important because it's clears I do we have a lot of opportunities here he can't miss this window. And hopefully everything falls in the plates are city wise goes. That's thousand reaction Rosen and go to maximize so unintentional transition but. The question was asked about. The group been working with city about ease of attending games and include improving roads around the stadium felt like that. And he said the city has been tremendous work myself are we're excited about the ongoing relationship. The positive here is that my biggest worry with all of this is the city of Portland. This this up somehow they're gonna say no or they were gonna make a really difficult for this to work corporate. I mean I guess this'll happen. Because. If any public funding is needed we know how Portland reacts of that especially relation to sports so that might still be an issue but. Generally they've been saying it's all private at all probably going to worry about that. This is in great. I Ted Wheeler the mayor's mounds and has been really positive. I think you name is nick fish she's the city commissioner something he's come out and said that things are going well he thinks it's really thinks of their government good momentum in the really organized. And to meet. Bats all want here I want the city of Portland be behind this figure I want them to help make this an enjoyable experience a lot of the locations. Of the potential stadium sites are. Pretty iffy in turn to get manner. I'm thinking specifically about the one down by just the south waterfront here those are dollars I don't guards down by the the shipbuilding area right on the south waterfront. That is if there is a baseball stadium where they would need to massively change how the road system works down Marist Michigan. Abduction as far as I know a bad area to the family that owns up part pretty dear I'll gain a little in over their heads as far as costs go. So I don't know if that's can be much of viable options I just like here is if I mean it's a write an option yeah you're if data is there they're gonna have to do a lot of work and they want out there they've been freed idolize neck area. For a while now while. So the family does that Philly they wanna put the money into it but their start and Ted. Gets in cost that I think are a little bit too much at that might put the brakes on that well a lot of land there. To be fair. That is the best location in terms of they were waterfront view with stadium most baffling because. You might not be able to because of the hill or the bridge you might need meal to get Mount Hood in the distance from that angle another home plate can't face west that's all ended. Maybe not east either by a preacher cancers west. I'm from the back of that stadium. If they had an all open in the back you would definitely see it. But that that location outside of that positive I think has a lot of negatives that are tied to it. With transportation. Suffered great for us. Get off the air at seven walk right down the street and go right through him to be awesome but. I think teach you the terminal to location is still my favorite of all the ones because it and it's on the right side of the river all the laps on the correct side of the river. Where you can face civil or the city careful saying that my guess some people angry. True now what I meant. Correct side as in yet he can't ease the field west Soviets on the east of the river. The only way to get a city you just based home plate west which you can you not allow because the sum will be selling into the batter's eyes right on the west south side of the river. You can face stadium self. In seed the or north in Cedar City. So to me that's preferred you get a water view because your unemployment NG a city view with some bridges and all that kind of stuff I think Val would be. Option or two for me is the T two site. Doubt they're also not the best in terms of like available roadways there's a lot of space to work went down their words by us. Here in the south quarter front it's really small little lamb between. Essentially NATO in the south for her and it's really narrow spot to build roads. Up there it's tons of factories and trained train yards and all like most of you can really kind of many bad accessible. And thirty also. It's pretty easy to get on and off of thirty's get on the for a five he sped off there it's pretty easy. I think that would be the best location that sense I'm kind of sorry in the PP SI the pro published site because you can't face the city. With the field and it's gonna be super traffic you're thereby promote a senator from its going to be traffic anywhere by the to be doubly so there a kind of souring a map site. Any time the team makes the playoffs though in twice a season starts. Now would be hell. That would be seen. 1 October home playoff game for this ball in the blazers season is like opening her some oh god will be gone so. BS I tell us a lawyer from various. To her session on the PBX star project corner. He talked about a very close to acquiring land him we knew that the spurs beat couple weeks away from being announced if his timeline of for a cease for a six weeks was correct. Also this question was asked if the ballpark is on waterfront what arena being included as a marine on the auto would be fantastic it has been discussed. So to tackle. Kind of a little bit of AT&T park services giant's viva tab in the boat trip behind. As as home runs go to the river something about to be pretty cool it in it's I'm seeing and flash forward to three years. I'm getaway if I'm patient I'm not I don't into flash forward to 34 years in now. Just keep it there but I'm very excited it feels very really talked about the smoke will times it. It feels real. Yes Mike you were here wind HI do the first dead they it will I remember there is like a little commercial on TV of a guy I throw peanuts and pioneer square. You know like it was a baseball gear in the shop was and you know any stone peanuts then zooms out it's just him and pioneer square a regular people. It has like our that's cute that's okay Portland wants MLB team yeah we have the beavers in their OK that's what ever so. This is much more to provide them that I was just kind of little gimmicky IK let's let's try. Now this is like guns ablaze in. We are format it and I said it's like the opportunity is now it's Hudson tweets it's perfect timing corporate opportunity. Oscar don't skip to Gordon. Droplets that are coming a natural 04 for first jealous person who. It's. This is behind a corner with terrorism when John Kennedy program. A little higher than music means it's time to lower portion. Their foul. All right Joseph gives us questions indoor trivia. I don't have to answer and say fair or foul to sell. Just me today would you you can give your fear of violence or for the opinion when if you like as well. Yeah I will I shall bomb our first homer to start over and then nationally we've spent enough time on the AL today. Talking red sauce topped one hale talked spirit. Dad talking Red Sox stuck in Mariner's. And I feel like you did say that three to fourteen have a chance to make the World Series. And then there may yet we mentioned earlier the Red Sox probably our favorites at the moment I mean Red Sox yankees Astros Indians. The way that they gays are playing maybe they can be at fifteen but I feel like the National League it's a smaller select group. Our team's second make the World Series possibly just to use of fair or foul Mike besides the Dodgers and cubs. They are no threats in the National League to make the World Series. Fair. You got teams like Philly Atlanta Milwaukee Arizona Colorado while still in the mix. W Washington still hanging around there as well. Yeah ominously fair. And it's kind of I guess and I had to pick another team I was given the most chance to beat the brewers. Because of how the offense has been playing for them similar to the Red Sox their offense is awesome. But they're pitching staff has a question marks across the board and that to me is a worry frankly I'd I think it's going to be the cubs again and I'm pretty sure I pick the cubs to. When the World Series this year government currently running at the cubs Astros an enclosed by a World Series prediction. On the day they're dealing with the injuries Chris Bryant some DL right now their pitch they're pitching staff has not been as good as it has been in years past but. You know how Jon Lester pitches in the playoffs I want him on my team for sure. And their bullpen is good image of guy Yu Darvish coming off the DL on the got better at the trade deadline and I. I think it's the cubs and Dodgers and everybody else a religion it's also fair amount on. I say fares well I feel like the cubs have been the best team in the NL all season whether their record hasn't shown in or not whenever. Feel like they're just kind of sleeping giants and Joseph Maddon knows how to managing team. The 162 and beyond so they just kind of the war of attrition with them in kind of a San Antonio Spurs approach. Play good when it matters the most and as soon before you. Continue. The in the yankees White Sox game and umpire had a mosque at second easier. Had to go to the trainer in the trainer Doug elect went deep in his here really to dig out. As terrible I hate on so much look at look at up when I'm answering a question yes the industry did their regular count. Watch him pull moth of the zone here in the dugout. That's so firms launches and a cell found through our anti onto our next to one miss Utah today. Yeah I'm moving into subjects and I want on my mom's coming out of people's ears anymore is frightening our next one it. Yeah we're gonna go back to those Boston Red Sox and more importantly one Julio. JD Martinez he's good really good. But is he so good Mike that fair or foul JD Martinez leads to MLB in home runs and RBIs. Do you question mark leaves the MLB here the American MLB. That's the entire league. Home runs and RBIs in his third. I'm gonna say if there. Yeah I mean you don't have to elaborated more on that it's kind of that I don't have the higher. Sometimes I have a guess of who might be second I don't right now I kinda lost track of the news and first in the home run race after awhile I know JD is close. Man you shouldn't keep track because it is fair. He is leading in home runs he's got 34 next closest is Jose Ramirez a 33. Q that's going to be close the two. And the key bed soon. He's 126 actually lower your stuff and yet he's dropped off a bit it right now polling guys over thirty or Joey Gallo not carpenter Chris Davis Jose Ramirez. And Judy Martinez back carpenter can't stop hitting home runs now he can not for like two weeks we will get to him to look at and he's leading RBIs by ten RBIs over hobby by answering our I. Sears AM leading in home runs leading an army guy is. Only needs is averages and well like three point he is hitting. 332. Which is just hide it just find his teammate knew he dances hitting 340. Soon Triple Crown. I think we can start at talked what does homer put him and he just starts taken and it. I think he would I think he would I want it and Triple Crown is on the line I think Mickey distress in light but grounder to second base of the last three years and the series. Isn't. Nancy I mean. Maybe that's what we start talking about months Patrick gets back in town once all famous get to each back to each other you know triple count the crown talk to end the season there who'd a thunk it. Semi needed the last time your Vera. And then before that I was Canada opens Carl Yastrzemski 1967. And I felt like at the beginning of the season I did affair Bauer said movie bets. At this point will be in the kind of braced for Triple Crown and how about that. Powell Powell that same team different players are and our last one or quick as I said we would get to Matt carpenter because he has been in Fuego he homered again today. He's Olmert five times in his last six games as a matter of fact in India three home runs in the game like two weeks ago as well yeah and it was like out five extra base hits which I think tied if I ever arbitrage homers and two doubles and I know you know we don't. Going over your skis on some of these hot months but we kind of that would Giancarlo last year. And it led to an MVP. And obviously those Marlins were a playoff team and he's still won the MVP so fair foul Matt carpenter is your NL MVP. Well. Tom how is he hitting outside the home run streak so within the last thirty days he's hitting 354. About on this season 281. That might is. Is it to you on thirty homers only 62 RBIs have been a lot of solo. Home runs for cardinals team that doesn't really have much of an offense. That's a tough question I'm trying to think of who also be MVP in the National League right now friends or canes haven't really good season wore wise. But his numbers are not like overly spectacular MVP numbers. We may be this is the season that. One of the show's favorite player finally gets that that MVP award knowing. You see what three he's at 304 through four employees the sixth amendment 29 home runs in the second and then now. And then he's got 81 rabies which is good for 4 yeah I am I took out over carbon journalist accused him like this for now. And that's being carpenter he's not a home run hitter sabathia is thirty has long questioning. Also foul. More serious obviously I think it it also fell known nor there are not a man I'd love to see get back MVP finally. Probably cost the nationally right now would be even an MBP contender. Maybe hobby Baez honestly I didn't I want assays and BP. As I mean it's that's a lot of guys on the team there period. I know men met and Colin might do this here. Christian you Alex is at 322 for years yet he's not power I'm just saying he said while. Scooter Jeanette criminally underrated. Yeah might be in Europe might be. Nolan might be Nolan I'd be dope. Any dope house watching I think it gays Rockies game or a ticket to ground. Yeah some day he got a wind today so I guess the 177. You are says that helps the stats I guess. But not Lawson like Iraqis a's game and I know you guys gush about or are not and I know that he's really did that them Rockies. Commentators are saying that I'm comfortable seeing one of the best third baseman of all time. Yeah well I mean he's won the gold glove what five years hero defensive third baseman. Or just third base talk they are saying possibly top 53 baseman of all time. I've. I'm speechless. If you just if you were in the room you disarming eyes wide looking around bewildered Blake what it edges here. We'll slow down Iraqis announcers your bias please thank you. Brett coming up next a musher will wrap up the show here on our corner onto an infant. This is blowing hot corner where it's. Terrorism when John DN AB program. Plus segment to go here on the hot corner tonight. Member Patrick is out next week I am going to be out. Patrick ruby and where's Joseph and remember we wrecked yet of the week after that as well. Does watch in the eighties Dodgers game right now on a movie network is of a 21 lead in the top of the sixth inning. Kershaw was officially gets Mike fires. Dodgers were rallying their in the last inning in the these are able to get out of it. But this is a great series. Two California teams Bolton play opposition's. I'm glad to put it on TV Herbert a watts is well today. I wanna see more VA is especially because they've employing so well on national TV so we have some love as well. Did you let Matt Chapman. Is they're by far best defensive player in baseball this year. By far. Is defensive war like point eight above anybody else. To Wayne for the statistical evidence. Alone. I literally was just thinking and I looked it up last week and I want to go five million. Ethnic ethnic group. The Matt Chapman Beriault defensive war Matt Chapman three he has point six higher than handles and Simmons are to 2.4. And that actually makes Matt Chapman. Have the eighth highest war in baseball. About that's just the defense of war and no. His defense divorced three match Chapman's war six point two which is the eighth highest in baseball got you okay because his defense is so good option. Man. It goes Mike Trout Jose Ramirez Max Scherzer McKee best Erin bola. Francisco indoor Jacobs to gram Matt Chapman. Chris sailing Trevor Bauer. That Wilson and Reggie we hear things is not lag the the looking if you guys see a lot of him playing third base this year he is. Pollen real he's a Venus fly trap he gives everything he gets everything that is his way. If you get go look up a Matt Chapman defense a pilot package she's uses some on at third base he's so good seriously. Like the fact that he is point six higher than Angel since Simmons is one of the greatest offenders are defensive players we've seen him hard in our current generation at shortstop. Remember dad that's how I know a lot and war on when he dropped and Hilton simmons' name sounds like OK. All right and we view that I wouldn't want to be half a cent a there's a lot of guys who were not do not belong in the war period like. Jacoby Jones. Is fourth in defensive war 2.2. Mic comment his fifth. And they come and couldn Wong a seventh. Some guy named. Miguel Rojas from the Marlins as aids. The one point seven. But Matt Chapman seriously. Got some homework for you guys out there were baseball fans so wait now I'm trying to add Chapman defensive objects I'm trying to remember or think now doesn't that matter if he's on top of that list as you just like disregarded the next six guys on the list. So it was a good that is going on there girl opposite Mel. Now. It's great that he's on America's image is a great defensive player I'm assuming the guy I haven't heard of is a great defensive players haven't heard him. What what makes it that much more impressive to me is that he's top ten in. All over wall or or overall war because of his defensive prowess. Now I'm not kidding act I've watched a lot of days based publisher actually which is surprising to me I don't normally watch the is not much don't have. While some locked in Matt Chapman now it's like it's it's a tree watch him play third. God what a way to end this show up. Here's loses out about right now for the Dodgers it be just blew up the third baseline and he dismissed. And all the ground ball or something exists. Primarily speak. Your mishandling ground balls how seniors we have like five errors in the last two games this team really yet today he actually. I don't wanna blame him for but it was a very easy double play ball he thought there were two out so he just stepped on third. And didn't throw the ball for the second out. That would have been the final out next guy to turn on them that's so Robby can no year one play aren't there right exactly Picasa your read two errors yesterday booted one in the first inning today. So not Matt Chapman who Kelsey your. For the Mariners are so yeah that's that's your homer for the weekend is to look at match common defense of pilots and report back. They have those is that they YouTube video. Can you even look that up I mean I try to do it for you are. I'm sure it'll be highlights chapped and Matt and I'll be highlights insurer has that you know I'd in his name and did yield and highlights. There is a five minute video 2017 Matt Chapman defense of north and a one and and and I watch it. With. I'm just trying to find some solid twelve to six scurbel videos on YouTube to some like old Barry Zito curve ball was just making gains with. Foolish watching Clayton Kershaw making the styles or for the days have been told six curve ball yes very much so he has a nav speaker you know the second mile and a topic for the week but. This slider has taken over completely the curve ball a lost art now do I saw this Rockies pitcher I'm trying to remember what his name was that he threw disgusting slider last week that. I was just wash and at the other place of work and I was like oh I had to go take a bathroom break for awhile felt sick to my stomach flat slider disgusting. I was corny dad joke now as father of the year Joseph Fisher is that grass. Like it's also beautiful girls go watch the umpire in the boat people that it is you know don't do that the mobbed cohorts. Let's go there for us today thanks so much solicit your river amount actually going to be in Vegas for six straight days so pray for me. And then be jealous of me at the seams and might not see Mike again Patrick will be in next week when Joseph in the lower back together the week after that. A coming up next is the ducks insider show. Right here on ten PD the offense.